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Welcome to GlitchInTheMatrix! This is a sub for posting pictures and videos of strange occurrences which are colloquially called "a glitch in the matrix". This includes but is not limited to: Lighting illusions, out of place object, duplications, implausible looking scenarios and 'broken' textures. Want to share a story? Go to Glitch_in_the_Matrix!

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2023.06.06 05:59 ShatteredBlur Increasing UPH Suggestions

I'm trying to get quicker and reduce my run times. I've only been an In-Store Shopper and Curbie for about a month, so I'm sure I'll improve a bit, as I already have, but to help give some perspective into my thought process: I try to be at or beyond the upper echelon of people in my department when it comes to work in my previous career experiences, so it is pretty demoralizing watching people when I'm on a dry run pass me, despite me having started at least 20 minutes earlier at times (might be a slight exaggeration).
Today was the first day I had a dry run that was sub 1h20m, but the total units for the run wasn't even at the 160 cap, I think it was more like 137. Some runners in my store had like 157 UPH last week, but I can't hit the requested minimum of 120 UPH.
That's just on dry, too. On frozen, I think I've only ever had a sub 30m and that was today on a relatively low unit run in terms of what I'm used to getting, when that pace is the requested maximum completion time for frozen altogether. Cold, I've only done two or three of, so I need to get to know that environment more, and same can be said for production runs. It seems like it would be cheating to feel good about fast bulk because they're rarely ever over even 30 units, so I'm able to knock those out in usually under 30 minutes, sometimes 20 now, but if it isn't "cheating" to feel that way about those runs then I guess I'm comfortable with bulk.
I try to incorporate things I see others be successful with, so here's two things I can think of that I've definitely started using more, regardless of how little it feels like they improve my overall pace.
I also try to move pretty fast physically speaking. Even if a partner doing a run at the same time as me takes what feels like 50 seconds to narrow down where an item is that they are having trouble finding, they catch back up to me within minutes if not seconds.
I know it's not that big of a deal, it's just a job and I'm still figuring life out so this isn't my end all, be all career by any means. I don't need to be the best, but I want to be good, and exceed quotas. What are some suggestions to improve my pace on runs? If there is different advice for different run sections, please, enlighten me.
TL;DR - What can I do to get faster on runs?
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2023.06.06 05:59 TheRedneck95 Rotisserie

Is there anyone here who thinks the fact that the Rotisserie department at Sam’s club is more important to the company than other departments is fucking ridiculous? Because my club could not have a closing rotisserie associate and they fuck another department (in my case the meat department) just to cover for rotisserie. If you look at how much they spend on chickens and how much they sell them for they make close to ZERO profit, when my clubs meat department is constantly making >$12k on a normal day to upwards of >$25k on a busy day just in cut meat alone not counting the seafood or prepackaged product such as chicken, pre packed hamburger etc. Then they want to go change the schedule around and give both rotisserie associates the same days off and forcing the meat dept to cover it along with doing all our normal production.
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2023.06.06 05:59 Marilburr Laptop: Windows Lenovo Yoga 7 14ITL5. Black screen upon starting, can hear fan and turn on keyboard backlight, but nothing else seems to work.

This initially happened last year.
One day my laptop turned on, but didn’t start up. The Lenovo logo popped up and the keyboard backlight turned on for a bit like normal, but afterwards the screen went black. I could tell the computer was still on, because the screen wasn’t completely pitch black like it usually is when turned off, plus I could hear the fan and turn on the keyboard backlight. I tried increasing my brightness, restarting the computer, but nothing worked. I followed this tutorial which did work, but only for about a month.
I’ll be needing my laptop for school so I tried fixing it the same way, and it doesn’t work anymore. The symptoms were the same as last time, but after following the steps in the video again, the screen stays completely off. It’s not black and on like last time, because that black has a slightly gray look to it. There’s no difference when I turn it on this time. The keyboard backlight still turns on like usual.
I tried updating the graphics card driver by holding the F8 key during startup, but the screen doesn’t change. Trying to open Task Manager does nothing either.
Here’s what everything looks like on the back, with the battery removed. Does anything look abnormal? What should I try next?
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2023.06.06 05:58 chipbitch my friend compared her period pains to my failed-epidural labour

OMG if you have never experienced childbirth please don't compare any pain you've been in to someones childbirth experience! Especially if you know someones birth was awful. This same friend asked me if I was bored 4 days post partum...
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2023.06.06 05:58 LoveMePlease___ Dear god please do not let me wake up

I can’t take another day. I’m tired and I just want to die. I won’t kill myself so please just do something. What was the point of letting me live after that crash if everyone was just going to abandon me and leave me alone in this abuse. I’ve asked many people please help me before the world breaks me so bad that I take my own life but everyone asks, “Are you suicidal now?” And when I say no I get some version of them telling me to suck it up and shove it down.
God I don’t even care about missing out on happiness and healthy relationships. If you could just kill me right now we will be square. I love me and the best thing for my well being would be to work your magic and kill me. I know you won’t and that I’ll be back here again in a few days wishing for the same thing. So? What is the point of this torture? This is my own personal hell. All my worse fears have come true and I now have nothing to lose that could make life any worse than it is now. Things can’t even get worse. Just indifferent.
Please from the bottom of my do something. Whether that’s kill me off because I didn’t sign my contract or rewrite the script so that I’m not to the point where everything I go to bed I’m paying I don’t wake up and every time I do wake up I’m crying because I don’t know where I am.
I’m tired of suffering while the whole world laughs while it uses me as it’s puppet.
I have no fight left in me. I fought for years and inside I’ve changed,I’m a better person,smarter, kinder, stronger but nothing else about my life has gotten better, only worse.
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2023.06.06 05:58 thelonelyvirgo Has this ever happened to anyone?

Tagging as humor because I find it a mixture of hilarious and weird for some reason lol but I solo q 98% of the time. I don’t necessarily play at the same time every day (or even play every day), but over the last two weeks, I’ve been put in trios with the same random guy five different times. His username is kind of unique and he always chooses the same legend so I’m pretty confident it’s the same person at least 🤣
Idk why it made me laugh as much as it did tonight
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2023.06.06 05:58 hexenfern Am I being too hasty thinking about surrendering my GSD?

OVERVIEW: I have two dogs currently, one is a male coonhound I adopted February of 2022, who is a bastard sometimes but a great and sweet dog. I felt bad when I was single leaving him alone while I worked all day, he’s so energetic, so I got another dog from the same place in July of 22. We walked them together at the shelter and the worker was surprised how well they did, she (the GSD) didn’t do well with the others generally. Well other than growling at my hound for being near while she ate once (never happened again after I reprimanded her) when I got her home she wasn’t aggressive towards him at all. But there were issues. 1. She growls and lunges at other dogs on walks, which has made my other dog start doing it too. She has ran out when guests opened my door twice, and I had to chase her down, which scares me because what if she had ran into another dog? 2. She, within minutes attacked other dogs at the dog park, so we can’t go there with her at all. She is great at non crowded parks. 3. She can’t be crate trained right now. I’ve seen $1000 crates online that look like they would work, but can’t afford them. She ruined a standard crate and I had to sand the sharp edges and zip tie it together. Bough a $200 “ultra tough” crate, she chewed a hole and escaped, then chewed another hole and got her head stuck in it. Had to get her out and it felt dangerous to her neck. 5. Most concerning once my hound yelped and I went out to see a hole in his snout the size of her tooth, around his whiskers down to the flesh. They do play pretty rough and it was months ago. 6. She bit my budgies cage when she slipped past my partner into the bedroom. Twice. 7. My partner has two cats who have been staying with a friend for almost a year because of the household, but she’s moving and we need to take them back. She has gone after a cat before and I know for a fact she will want to attack. We’re going to keep them separated at first and try anxiety meds (she has sever separation anxiety and whinges loudly when crated.) and introduce them slowly through bars while she’s medicated, but I’m worried. 8. She has broken into the kitchen and turned the stove on while I was gone for hours, twice. Almost started a fire.
I’m not sure I can even afford her right now, the constant equipment replacement, anxiety medication and vet bills and everything else. Even with how pretty of a dog she is and her breed and how sweet with people she is, I’m worried because of her temperament to dogs and cats, her separation anxiety and incredibly destructive behavior, she wouldn’t get adopted, at least for a long time. I feel like I need to see if I can correct her overtime, because she wouldn’t do well in most homes, but I’m not giving her as happy of a life as most people could, either. I’m broke and don’t have enough time for her. Had dogs my whole life but never this rough. I’m just so stressed.
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2023.06.06 05:57 SentientRockPeople Accidentally friendzoned a girl while drunk, apologized, she felt better but, later called her and failed to make it clear I actually like her. Too late?

I acted very stupid. So I did 2 dates really confidently and the first half of a 3rd date really confidently. She brought up super-long-term relationship stuff. She was very touchy feely, scratching up and down my thigh, etc. We kissed multiple times on every date.
Waiting for the restaurant on our third date (about 40 minutes before I friendzoned her), she put her head on my shoulder, I kissed her on the forehead and called her a cutie, she held my hand. This wasn't anything new but it just made me friendzoning her worse.
So I got drunk and really passive while being in a weird sleep deprived mood. So I friendzoned her accidentally by having no filter. I was talking about embarrassing stuff expanding out from dealbreakers and also about dating other girls, then she said "So you're friendzoning me, right? That's what's happening?" Then I ended up saying yes to that, and then she expanded some other questions and I was just overly rude in how directly I answered them, while being agreeable at the same time so I didn't divert any questions. For example I gave crappy advice on how to meet other guys that wasn't asked for (suggested a specific group activity). I went too into TMI detail on a night I spent with another girl.
I apologized multiple times in person, and drove her home.
So over text I apologized in detail, we were writing walls of text to each other.
3 days later, I said I'd call her and clarify something and just re-apologized again. She said she appreciated it, but she just needs a few days to be pissed off and then go back to being friends again.
So she thinks I friendzoned her, but I also friendzoned myself.
So... the idea of "confess that you like someone" barely works, but what if I was the one who friendzoned that person? How should I go about it? Or should I wait a few weeks and suggest a coffee date and flirt in person?
Thing that sucks is. It turns out she viewed me super romantically. When she didn't have to impress me and thought she was friendzoned, she said she wasn't pursuing anyone else and hadn't dated in a year. She said I was extremely cute. She said she was nervous because I seemed so perfect and never felt she had to impress a guy more than with me. I was so stupid, man.
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2023.06.06 05:57 12to17 Having a hard time

I graduated with a business marketing degree back in 2021, I have applied to hundreds and hundreds of jobs through indeed, ziprecruiter, LinkedIn, etc and it seems like the only calls I’ll get are sales related. I know it’s all kind of under the same “umbrella” but I’m not really interested in making cold calls all day and only getting paid if I make a sale. I currently work in office administration which is the same job I’ve had throughout college. Just kind of discouraged how I can’t even find something entry level even years later. I’m starting to think I need to change career paths into something in more demand. To all my other fellow marketing graduates how’s it going for you? Am I just looking in the wrong places?
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2023.06.06 05:57 BSW_YT The new iOS 17 Looks beautiful!!! 🤩🤩🤩

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2023.06.06 05:56 DaNubie000 Building insecurity around my erections

I was always insecure about my erections because of an incident. So the erectile dysfunction was always on my mind. But recently I got into a sexual relationship. The first time went good and for a week we were doing it twice every night. Then one afternoon I was horny and hard (which was surprising as I was too insecure before this relationship to get hard randomly) but we weren't alone so couldn't do it. Same night she wanted to do it and I was mounting her, but for some reason the thought that it might not get hard enough was on my mind. And I started worrying and so it didn't get hard. I panicked. Got restless, nervous and anxious. She was understanding. I told her I just dont feel well. And deep inside the whole day I was depressed, just thinking about it made a wave of fear and restlessness go through my brain and body. But next night she touched it well and we did cowgirl fabulously. I was happy but for whatever reason part of my brain was just fixated on the sadness and panick I felt and did not recover from it. So we met yesterday after two weeks, I did foreplay and got hard. Then we undressed and my dick got softer as were undressing. Again I panicked a little and it went full soft.
Now we will be meeting this Friday. But everytime I'm thinking of sex Im uncertain about my erection. I feel literal wave of fear and sadness go through my brain and even my body. I'm nervous. We will only be meeting for one day before separating for over a month. She is horny. Even this time she was literally asking for it. She was reminding me that if we don't do it then we have to wait a whole week. I don't know how to calm my mind. I am unsure if this time will again be disappointment... What should I do.
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2023.06.06 05:55 Frez2373 Life is torture

My life feels so meaningless. Everyday my mind goes through the same shit. I wake up, hate living, want to do nothing all day. So I stay at home and do nothing all day. Then give it like 4 hours and then im suicidal cos my life is going no where. I’m stuck in a cycle I just want it to end. I want to be able just do life. It feels like im being tortured. I can’t even experience life, there’s no point of being here. Soon I won’t be.
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2023.06.06 05:55 AutoModerator [Download Course] Arielle Phoenix – Bulk Publishing System (

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2023.06.06 05:55 bro_bergdahl Just unsubbed from r/anarchychess. Am I doing this right? Am I cool now?

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2023.06.06 05:55 Durateus_Cithara LFP - looking for 4 more players

I have been looking to join a DnD game for, well years – unsuccessfully. If you are in the same boat, consider us! Rather than try to find an existing game to join, I’ve decided to host my own at my house: I have a dedicated gaming room with a table that sits 6 – so, we are looking for 4 more players (the two occupied seats are for myself and the DM).
If you are also tired of trying to find an existing game to join, send me a message with the following information:
Below are a few details to consider:
What’s the catch? Well, for most people, I suspect it will be my location: I live in Lago Vista. If you are new to the Austin metro you probably have no clue where that is. That’s okay, I didn’t either until I moved here. :P I am roughly 20-25 minutes west of Cedar Park/Leander. (As a point of reference, the Costco on 1431 is about 25 minutes away).
I have a good friend who has agreed to be the DM. He has considerable experience being a DM for a variety of game systems, and is an exceptional story teller. We will be starting off with the Hoard of the Dragon Queen adventure module [which for those of you that care is a 5e module]. Our ideal is to run the game 2 nights a month. We will take a (more detailed) poll among the selected players to determine precise day/times for what works best for the most people, but our initial thoughts/preferences are to play on the weekends, twice a month, for about 3-4 hours each session. Just a little bit about me, the DM, and the space we will be playing in:
I’m male in my early 40s, unmarried, 1 dog (who cannot access the dedicated gaming room), business owner, former musician, lover of all things fantasy. (I’ve lost track of how many terrible B films I’ve watched just because they had dragons in them). While I have not played a DnD game before, I am familiar with some of its lore - having read a good number of the Dragon Lance books, all of Salvatore’s work, and I enjoyed all of the Neverwinter Nights video games (as well as myriad other fantasy worlds books & games). I’m an Excel geek, organized, clean, and just in case you are a true unicorn – a massive Battletech/Mechwarrior fan (the reason I have a dedicated game room). I even managed to work a few dragons into a Mechwarrior campaign I DM’d for a friend a while back. It was an unusual campaign for the Mechwarrior setting, but pretty fantastically integrated. If you like, or know of Battletech, you may need a towel for all the drooling when you visit the game room – it’s almost embarrassing the collection I have amassed.
A little bit about the DM (as described by me, not him): Male, also in his early 40s. He is a married, successful businessman working for a ridiculously large company with 2 girls that live with him and his wife part time, lover of animals, sci-fi, fantasy, and a gifted charismatic story teller. He excels at drawing people in and has a true gift for improvising on the fly as needed.
Both of us love beer, cocktails, wine, sci-fi, fantasy, good company, and lots of laughs.
We are both open minded. We don’t care if you are a he, she, we, them, they or whatever. People are people, and that is all that really matters. If you are a purple alien that only eats peanut butter you are more than welcome to join as long as you enjoy having fun and promise not eat us!
A little more about the space: I have plenty of parking – my two separate driveways can park six cars easily (I’ve hosted parties with 20 people or more here). The dedicated game room is not enormous, but can easily fit 6 of us. If we decide we need more room, I do have a very open dining area with a large table. There are refrigerators located close to both of those rooms if you want/need to keep drinks cold, and when we decide we need a break, there are 3 bathrooms in the house. [This place was built for entertaining]. I am fine with discreet vaping indoors [no huge clouds please], but any actual smoking will need to take place outside.
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2023.06.06 05:54 BSW_YT The new iOS 17 Looks beautiful!!! 🤩✨🌌

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2023.06.06 05:54 th3-sil3nc3r AITAH For hitting my ex best friend with a bat

Before I begin I just want everyone to know that this happened in elementary school and the bat was a plastic bat.
Me and Emily met in pre-k and our parents knew each other. I always kept to myself and didn’t really speak back when someone was being mean to me. We were friends for about three and a half years and those years have been amazing with her. I got to see the sweet side of her. She was loving, caring, kind, and smart which attracted me to her. Me and her had this bond that was extremely rare to have. She was trustworthy and we told each other everything. One day that all changed…it was the beginning of third grade when her entire personality changed and her family slowly drifted from us as well. The teachers started calling our names and I noticed Emily was no longer in the same class as me. I never thought much about it because we had lunch and recess to talk to each other but she ignored me during those times as well. She became friends with these girls we used to hate because they always acted like they were better than everyone else in the school. They knew how to show off which attracted the boys in our grade. Silly, right? A bunch of kids liking each other and doing grown up things. Anyways, there was this one boy who everyone practically drooled over. He was in my class and he was always the top of the list when I came to cute guys in our grade. On top of being cute he was also a gentleman which made him more attractive. I never liked him but I did have a crush. My feelings died for him because of the amount of times we spoke and I noticed that I rather have him as a friend than boyfriend. Me talking and sitting next to him drove those girls crazy. That’s when things got worse. She started bullying me and each day grew worse. Her and her friends would always find a way to make me feel uncomfortable. They would point out how my paint on my shoes were fading. The food stains on my shirt, how my hair looked, how I wore glasses, they pushed me, Kicked me, threw things at me, and slammed me against the walls. It got so bad that I decided to each lunch in the bathroom. This continued until the ending of fifth grade. One day as I was roaming the hallways I noticed her friends were talking and pointing at me and someone came rushing to me saying how I got on my knees for a bunch of boys in an empty classroom and ran away. I stopped in my tracks and tears started flowing and those girls laughed at me and throughout the day everyone wouldn’t stop giving me dirty looks. I headed downstairs to PE and as I was walking I noticed Emily making her way in the gym. I slowly walked in and was contemplating on what to say to her. I tried reasoning with her but that didn’t work and she said something I’d never forget and my entire body went numb. I saw a bat resting against the wall and picked up and before I knew it she was on the floor. She was crying and I ran away and didn’t look back. She was taken to the nurse office and treated for her injuries. So, AITAH for hitting her with a bat?
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2023.06.06 05:54 Laxxxar Career Informational a good niche?

I am very knowledgeable in a specific niche of my profession and want to share my successful case studies and best practices. My expertise supports business development and may be valuable info to others in my field.
Hope to monetize my expertise with passive income. I am not expecting to replace my day job, and would be happy with passively earning a few hundred bucks a year, if that.
Would self-publishing on Amazon be a good route? I have yet to find a similar book on this specific subject so seems to be untapped.
Are career-focused informational books a popular genre? Have a few other ideas for writing about my profession.
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2023.06.06 05:54 wholefoodsgrocer Should I see an immunologist?

After feeling ill for several days, on the first of May I went to an urgent care. I had fever, chills, profuse sweating, diarrhea, and lack of appetite. The urgent care told me I had the flu (strain A).
On the 7th of may, after several days of no fever, my symptoms came back, this time with occasional vomiting added to the list. Went back to the same urgent care, was told I had the flu again (strain B).
I felt a little better, thought I was over it. Then all of my symptoms came back again. By this point I had noticeably lost weight (I don't keep track of my weight for mental health reasons, but I did check my weight and it was lower than my last known weight by 5 pounds), I had no energy for anything and finals were in a matter of days. Went back to a different urgent care on the 17th of May. Was told they believe I had gastroenteritis, which apparently takes two weeks to get over, and that if my fever spiked over 100 I needed to go to the ER. I kept careful track of my temp, but it never exceeded 100.
I'm finally over the last of it. After a month of never feeling comfortable with any room's temperature, hardly eating, feeling sicker than a dog, I'm finally back to normal. However, this doesn't seem normal to me. To get three illnesses back to back, regardless of how common and minor they may be, feels abnormal.
I'm wondering if this is grounds to see an immunologist, or at least have my GP do some blood work. I'm unsure if I should be concerned about this, as I've never had anything like this in my medical history before.
Any advice would be appreciated
Edit: adding information: I'm a 22 yo white female, 5'4. My most recent weigh in was 154 pounds (this was in late may). I have Von Willebrands disease, and that's my only real medical issue (aside from my mental health disorders, which are Bipolar, Social anxiety and PTSD). I am not the most compliant with my medications, but I am on Lybalvi (antipsychotic) and hydroxyzine as a PRN for anxiety. I am currently adhered to my medications.
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2023.06.06 05:53 jameSCabritaxd I had a mental breakdown, just wanted to get it off my chest

I had a mental breakdown today, wanted to write it somewhere and I didn’t know where, so thought might aswell do it here. First time writing an actual meaningful text instead of commenting on random memes.
So I’ve had 2 girl related situations, which both ended badly. But before going into that, I want to give a little backstory. Back when I was 15 (I’m 20 now), I dated a girl. The relationship lasted for 4 years and a half, which flew by so quickly. It ended at our 2nd year in uni, because we studied too far apart and both of us needed more attention, so we ended in good terms.
It’s been a bit over a year now since our relationship ended, and I feel like I’m completely over it, I’ve been trying to be more outgoing over the time, and, in the meantime, I’ve been talking to other girls, ending up getting more serious in one of the cases. And there’s where the situation 1 comes in. I met this girl when on vacation. We were in the same situation. We had ended a relationship exactly at the same time (1 day difference, we discovered that a while later). Funny enough, only girl I spoke to that night, had seen her the night before aswell. Another crazy coincidence, even though we were at about 400kms from the city I live in, her house was only a 15 minute drive from mine. And I swear that night I had met the person I identified with the most in my entire life. Thought she would make a great friend. Long story short, we fell in love but there was a problem. We had an age difference that, for me, wasn’t an issue, but for her it was, and since nothing was official she wanted to start seeing other people, and so she did, so I took a step back and got out of the problem. It hurt, but the truth is, since I ended my real relationship, I’ve been capable of turning myself cold when I can and when it protects me, something I couldn’t do before since I’ve always been so submissive. She tried reaching out to me but I didn’t really want to talk to her since I think her approach wasn’t respectful towards me, as I had already told her.
After dealing with that issue, I met the girl best friend of my girl best friend. We went on dates together, but there was no actual story. Just that we spoke 4h a day on the phone at certain point and all of a sudden she started ghosting me, and I confronted her, saying that ghosting is never the best option, that if someone wants to stop talking the best way is actually saying that, and she started attacking me with no reason. Situation number 2, which I don’t want to go more in depth because I don’t really want to put my friendship in jeopardy neither do I want it to be ruined on the other way around.
Today, I went to my brother’s school, because there was a party, and, it’s actually my ex’s brother school, and I never thought this would happen but I saw my ex’s mom. I tried avoiding her at first but then I realized she had done nothing wrong to me, so I went and talked to her, you know, regular cheap talk, how’s everyone at home, how are the dogs etc… but, when I got home, I felt weird, I had a realization, everything I’ve been doing lately, trying to be cold to protect myself and pretending everything is okay is just a way of hiding every problem I’m facing. It’s more than just my love life, it’s also my student life, I just used these stories as examples. Somehow I feel like my mind is imploding and I feel like I’m not being myself, just because I’m not the guy I was when I met the mother of my ex 5 years ago… I’ve been looking at the ceiling for over three hours trying to process everything and the only solution I came up with was to write something. It isn’t that I don’t have friends, it’s that I already know their opinions on everything before even talking to them. If you have any similar stories or anything that I could compare to I would appreciate. I’m biased in my own stories and I know that if someone else offers to tell theirs I could take conclusions for myself.
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2023.06.06 05:53 ghostwriter1369 I posted the first episode of my webtoon the other day but I really don't like my thumbnail. So far its been doing pretty well and I don't want to mess with it if it's working, but at the same time it's really ugly.

I posted the first episode of my webtoon the other day but I really don't like my thumbnail. So far its been doing pretty well and I don't want to mess with it if it's working, but at the same time it's really ugly. submitted by ghostwriter1369 to webtoons [link] [comments]