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Young, sweet cat. Moral/ethics advice needed.

2023.06.07 11:07 -JJ-153 Young, sweet cat. Moral/ethics advice needed.

 I 23M have had my now 5 year old cat since he was a few weeks old. Very sadly, i've come to realize that keeping him is unfair to both of us. I live with my family, who does not like animals in the home, but were kind in letting me keep him here with me when I had to move back home 2 years ago.My cat and I share my bedroom and he is not allowed outside of the room unless crated and leaving the house; such as for a vet appt. My room is larger than many, but not enough for him to get any real exercise in. (I do not possess the finances to move out, or I would do so and keep him. Nor do I know anyone willing and able to take him in for any length of time). I am gone 10-18 hours every day and he is alone without sufficient stimulation aside from what he sees out the window, which is still fairly entertaining, but primarily a brick wall and the sky. My window faces a sideyard, so there isn't much activity. There are lizards and birds, but no cars or people he can see. I don't have the time to play as much as ideal and i'm getting to the point where I don't have the energy for him because his zoomies keep me up at night, like now as I am writing this. He is well fed and has a decent life compared to many house cats. My ethical concern with rehoming is that I know he is a very finnicky and sensitive cat, but also lacks much survival instinct. Which is why I took him home from the barn I worked at. He wouldn't get out from under my boss' car even while she was honking the horn. Because of this, as well as his personality, I don't see him being safe in any household that has children, he would get hurt easily. He also would be difficult to place in a home with dogs for similar reasoning, and I just don't see shelters being a valid option as he would just be terrified and likely get placed in a home with children. At that point I would just try to continue tolerating minimal sleep and seeing him upset he can't chase the bird like he did as a kitten. I may be exhausted, but at least he is safe from injury at that point. I have tried to just let him do his thing, but it is not sustainable long term. I cannot afford an exercise wheel, extra toys or anything I have not already provided. My financial position shows no chance of improving unless I get a second job or pursue higher education which would both essentially make him alone 24/7 because at that point I would not even be able to make it home for him. I would have to live in my car purely for logistical reasons. Another thing to note is that I dread living here. It is not good for my mental health to live here. My friends have expressed a drastic difference between living at home vs living on my own. Home being far worse. While I will do a lot for animals, I can not come home any more than I already do for my own sanity. 
TL;DR Would you consider it negatively selfish for me to euthanize my young and healthy cat that would be difficult to rehome safely and that I just cannot realistically keep while being fair to and safe for both of us? Seeing I have limited income and options for placement.
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2023.06.07 11:04 lechatheureux The Tonpa Kingdoms Part 2 (The Kingdoms of Jangshun and Monyul)

Check out part 1 for context
The Tonpa Kingdoms Part 1 (Overview and The Gods) : worldbuilding (
There are 5 connected Kingdoms that have Tonpa as their main religion these are.
A Place of snow-capped Mountains and green Valleys, said to be built upon the ruins of the ancient Jungar people who controlled much of the area of Jangshun and the nearby kingdoms of Monyul and Taishigang.
Very little is known about the Jungar, their ruins are scattered throughout the landscape of Jangshun, and are often characterized by simple stone structures, pottery shards, and other artifacts. Based on these remains, it is believed that the Jungar were a relatively simple society, with a lifestyle that revolved around farming, herding, and other basic activities.
Despite their lack of sophistication, the Jugar are an important part of the history and culture of the region many myths and legends have grown up around them, the people of Jangshun often see the Jungar as a symbol of the enduring spirit of the region, and take pride in the fact that they were able to survive and thrive in a harsh and unforgiving environment. In addition to their physical remains, the Jungar have left a lasting impact on the people of Jangshun in other ways. Their language, customs, and traditions are thought to have influenced the culture of the later kingdom, and many people still feel a strong connection to the Jagun and their way of life.
The Capital of Jangshun is called Druktse, founded by Dragon Priests and the legendary Namgyal dynasty the city is known for its unique architecture, with buildings made of wood and stone, intricately carved and painted with colorful designs and motifs, the streets are narrow and winding, with prayer flags fluttering in the breeze and the sound of temple bells ringing in the air.
At the center of the city is the Royal Palace of Jigme Wangchuk, a majestic building that serves as the residence of the Royal Family, the palace consists of several wings and halls, each with its own specific function. The main hall is the center of political and ceremonial activities, where the king held court and received important guests. The royal family's private quarters were located in a separate wing, with opulent living spaces and lavish decorations.
One of the most impressive features of the palace is the Eagle Tower, a tall structure that houses the elite Eagle Guards, who were responsible for the king's security the tower is covered from top to bottom with intricate carvings of the bird of prey.
The palace is surrounded by lush gardens and fountains, and it is guarded by soldiers in traditional Eagle attire, the Eagle Guards of the palace of Jingme Wangchuk are an elite group of soldiers tasked with protecting the king and the royal family, known for their fearsome reputation and exceptional combat skills, the Eagle Guards are considered one of the most prestigious units in the Jangshun army.
The guards are named after the majestic eagles that inhabit the mountainous regions of Jangshun, and they were trained to emulate the hunting tactics of these birds of prey. They are adept at using the terrain to their advantage, and are particularly skilled at scaling steep cliffs and mountainous terrain to surprise and overwhelm their enemies. In addition to their exceptional combat skills, the Eagle Guards were also known for their loyalty and dedication to the royal family. They undergo rigorous training and were selected based on their physical prowess, intelligence, and character, to become an Eagle Guard, applicants must be graduates of both the School of the Father and School of the Dragon.
The Eagle Guards are outfitted in distinctive uniforms that featured a stylized eagle emblem, and they were armed with a variety of weapons, including bows, spears, and swords. They were also known to use eagle feathers and talons in their armor and equipment, as a nod to the unit's namesake.
Druktse is a hub of cultural and religious activities, with several monasteries and temples located throughout the city.
The most famous of these is the Tashicho Dzong, a stunning fortress monastery that serves as the seat of The Gyelpa (The Duke) the secondary ruler of Druktse and the center of Druk-Ta worship. The dzong is surrounded by high walls and towers, and is accessible through a grand gate that is guarded by soldiers. The interior of the dzong is a maze of courtyards, chapels, and offices, all connected by narrow passageways and staircases.
One of the most impressive features of Tashicho Dzong is its towering central fortress and monastery, which rises above the rest of the complex and can be seen from miles around. This fortress is home to the Dragon Priests and is one of the most important structures in Jangshun. The fortress monastery is also famous for its beautiful architecture and intricate artwork. The walls of the courtyards are adorned with colorful murals and paintings, while the chapels are filled with statues and other religious artifacts. Visitors to Tashicho Dzong can tour the complex and learn about Jangshun history and culture, as well as observe the daily routines of the monks who live and work there. The Monastery is open to the public during certain hours of the day, and visitors are advised to dress modestly and remove their shoes before entering the chapels. Even though the current royal family of Jangshun are connected to The Father, The Dragon holds a special place in Druktse.
The people of Druktse are known for their warm hospitality and their strong sense of community. They celebrate several festivals throughout the year, including the annual Tshechu festival, the 3 Gods Festival which features colorful dances and rituals performed by monks and laypeople.
To the north-east of the Kingdom lies the second biggest city in Jangshun, the city of Lhagyal, often called “The Fire-proof City”
Lhagyal is a mass of stone walls and buildings with precious little wood being used at all, the walls of the city are imposingly high and even the central palace is relatively flat and does not rise above the walls, there are 4 gates made of pure steel and those are the only entrances and exits.
Inside the city walls, the streets are narrow and winding, with tall, tightly packed buildings constructed from rough-hewn stone. The architecture is distinct, with flat roofs and ornate metal doors decorating the doorways and windows, many of the buildings are built into the city's walls, their backs resting against the ancient stones.
There is more to the city than what meets the eye. Beneath the streets lie a labyrinth of tunnels and catacombs, built for both practical and spiritual purposes. Some are used for storage or as escape routes, while others are filled with ancient artifacts and sacred relics. The catacombs are also home to a complex network of underground temples and shrines and busy streets that are home to underground residences and businesses.
Despite its rugged appearance, the city's architecture is a testament to its resilience. It has withstood numerous attempts at invasion over the centuries, including attacks by powerful enemies armed with the latest in siege weaponry. The city's fortifications are a marvel of engineering, designed to withstand even the most devastating attacks and yet, for all its defensive prowess, the city has never lost sight of its cultural heritage.
The most famous instance of this was when the neighbouring Confucian Kingdom of Jinyun attempted to invade Jangshun with its impressive military might, scores of loyal foot-soldiers hardened by decades of conflict and advanced siege technology that included weapons that used fireworks.
The city withstood months of warfare with Lhagyal earning its nickname of “The Fire-proof City” The stone structures withstood the fireworks and the hard rock of the walls withstood the Jinyun catapults, outside the city several guerilla efforts by the Eagle Guards, The Company of the Hand and The White Tigers from Monyul lending their support repelled attempted on-foot invasions by the hardened Jinyun soldiers.
In the south-west of Jangshun, near the borders of Monyul and Taishigang lies the town of Gyalpeling, a place revered by monks and pilgrims alike. Gyalpeling, meaning "Abode of the Victorious" is a small yet vibrant town located in a remote corner of the kingdom. Its strategic location, surrounded by imposing mountains and blessed with fertile lands, has made it a crucial hub for spiritual activities and monastic life. The town is centered around a grand monastery, which serves as the heart and soul of the community. The monastery, known as Samtenling Monastery, is a majestic complex of ornate buildings adorned with colorful murals, fluttering prayer flags, and the sound of chanting monks echoing through the air. It is a revered place of worship and learning, drawing scholars, practitioners, and seekers of wisdom from far and wide. The streets of Gyalpeling are lined with modest housing for monks, adorned with intricate woodcarvings and colorful paintings. The locals, known for their warm hospitality and deep reverence for Tonpa, every activity the townspeople engage in helps the monastery in some way, whether trading, farming or craftsmanship, every resident of Gyalpeling helps out the monastery in some way. The town also boasts natural hot springs, believed to have healing properties, which attract pilgrims and visitors seeking solace and rejuvenation. The pristine rivers and lakes surrounding Gyalpeling add to its enchanting beauty, serving as places for meditation, ritual ablutions, and scenic walks. Gyalpeling is not only a place of spiritual significance, but it also serves as a center of learning, with numerous scriptoria, libraries, and meditation caves where monks engage in intensive study, contemplation, and meditation, prospective monks come from all over the 5 Kingdoms to study in Gyalpeling, as monks educated within its walls are valued in any court of the Tonpa Kingdoms.
One of the most valuable cities in Jangshun isn't far from the capital, a short 1 hour horse ride east of Druktse stands the city of Jangtse, a jewel in the crown of the kingdom. Jangtse, meaning "Silver Peak" in the local tongue, owes its fame and prosperity to the rich veins of silver that run through the nearby mountains, making it a thriving center for mining and trade. At the heart of Jangtse rises a magnificent conical palace, known as Jang Potrang, or the "Silver Palace." The palace, glistening like a beacon atop the tallest hill in the city, is adorned with silver-plated roofs, walls, and pillars, reflecting the sunlight and casting a mesmerizing glow over the surrounding landscape. It serves as the royal residence, where the Count holds court and conducts affairs pertaining to the area between Jangtse and Druktse. The streets of Jangtse are lined with buildings that boast silver-plated facades, creating a surreal and shimmering sight as one walks through the city, often shining gold from reflecting the sunlight, the wealth of the city is evident in the intricate silver filigree work that adorns windows, doors, and rooftops of temples, mansions, and markets alike. The silversmiths of Jangtse are renowned for their craftsmanship, producing exquisite silverware and jewelry that are sought after by collectors and traders from distant lands. The city is a bustling center of commerce, with a vibrant market square where merchants from across the region gather to trade in silver, gemstones, textiles, and other precious goods. The sounds of bartering, laughter, and the clinking of silver coins fill the air.
The Armies of Jangshun are known for their ferocious foot-soldiers, the every-day rank and file soldiers of the Jangshun armies are regarded as the best in the region and are a feared prospect to face on any battlefield.
The soldiers of the army of Jangshun are highly disciplined and skilled in the art of warfare, and are renowned throughout the region for their courage and loyalty. They are trained in a variety of weapons and fighting styles, including archery, swordsmanship, and hand-to-hand combat.
It is said that the success of the army comes from the fact that many men and women who fight in it are from mountainous regions and are conditioned from a young age to move over mountainous land with ease, their armies can easily traverse land that would be impossible for normal armies to travel over, due to the fact that the soldiers know the land.
The army of Jangshun is led by a commander-in-chief, who is appointed by the common foot-soldiers and is responsible for the overall strategy and tactics of the army. Under the commander-in-chief, there are several generals and officers who oversee different units of the army, each with their own specific roles and responsibilities. The soldiers of the army of Jangshun are equipped with a variety of weapons and armor, including shields, helmets, and chainmail. They are also skilled in the use of traditional weapons, such as the da and the gochu, which are types of swords. In addition to their skills in battle, the soldiers of the army of Jangshun are also highly respected for their loyalty and devotion to their ruler and country. They are known for their strong sense of duty and honor, and are willing to lay down their lives in defense of their homeland. The army of Jangshun is often called upon to defend the kingdom against invading forces, and has a long history of successful battles and campaigns. Their reputation for courage and skill has earned them the respect of their neighbors and allies, and they are a source of pride and inspiration for the people of Jangshun.
One of the most famous regiments from Jangshun is the “Wheel of Steel” A heavily armored longsword unit founded by Princess Jamyang Daughter of King Kunga and Sister of King Yangchen of the Yeshe Dynasty after she travelled to Europe and witnessed people fighting in full suits of armor, this was a foreign concept in the areas around her and she implemented the idea with her Father's (And later Brother's) full support they were first deployed in aid of Taishigang who were experiencing an invasion from a nearby Dharmist Kingdom. The longswords cleaved through the invading forces lack of armor and their steel plates deflected blows.
Monyul is a land of vast open spaces and stunning natural beauty. The kingdom is home to a proud and fiercely independent people, who have built a rich culture and a strong military tradition, its plains are green and warm during the summer but snow is not uncommon in winter. Dharmaling is the capital city of Monyul and is nestled in the hills, surrounded by winding rivers and vast grasslands. It is a city steeped in tradition and culture, with a rich history that stretches back centuries.
Dharmaling was built as the northern most outpost of the Dharmist Indraprastha Empire but was conquered by Tonpa forces from a tribe that would eventually become known as the Monyul. The city is built around a central marketplace, where merchants from all over the known world come to trade their wares. The marketplace is a bustling hub of activity, filled with the sounds of bargaining and haggling, and the aromas of exotic spices and perfumes.
The Company of the Wind have their main offices in Dharmaling and use the bustling 10 storey wooden building to plan its operations throughout the known world. The streets of Dharmaling are relatively wide due to the constant horse carts that pass through them. The buildings are made of stone and wood, with intricately carved facades and ornate balconies. Many of the houses have flat roofs, which are used as outdoor living spaces during the warmer months. At the heart of the city lies the great monastery of The 3 Gods, unlike in other cities which have separate monasteries for the three Gods, this temple combines them as a display of unity between the three sects. The massive structure dominates the skyline, with its towering walls and intricate carvings. The monastery is home to a community of monks, who dedicate their lives to the study and practice of Tonpa. Surrounding the monastery are the homes of the nobility, who are known for their wealth and power. These grand estates are filled with beautiful gardens and courtyards, and are often adorned with intricate carvings and colorful murals. Outside the city walls, the landscape is dotted with small villages and nomadic encampments. These communities are home to herders and farmers, who make their living tending to the region's yaks and sheep. Despite its remote location, Dharmaling is a city of great importance, both culturally and politically. It is a place of pilgrimage for Monks, Merchants and laypeople from all over the world, and is also a hub of trade and commerce. The people of Dharmaling are proud of their heritage and their way of life, and are fiercely protective of their city and its traditions.
A 30 minute walk to the west of Dharmaling lies the Temple of Tong Thang, the Beehive Temple, as visitors approach the temple, they are greeted by the gentle humming of bees that buzz around the entrance, seemingly inviting them inside, the entrance is adorned with ornate wooden doors intricately carved with depictions of bees in flight, the temple is home to hundreds of bee colonies. The interior of the temple is a marvel of craftsmanship.The walls are adorned with honeycomb patterns carved into the stone, creating a mesmerizing visual display. Soft light filters through small openings in the dome-shaped ceiling, the centerpiece of the temple is a large altar made of honey-colored stone, adorned with intricate carvings of bees and honeycombs, where devotees offer their prayers and offerings. The Temple of Thong Tang is a place of worship dedicated to the reverence of bees and their significance in nature and the cycle of life, every day priests and priestesses of The Mother make their way to the temple to tend to the bees, bringing them water and sliced fruits, every year there is a festival outside the temple where priests and priestesses of Caihong distribute honey gathered from the bees.
Monyul is home to a large lake called Jangchub Tso, the lake is bordered by lush green forests and snow-capped mountains to the south-east, a product of Monyul's border with Taishigang.
On the edge of the lake there is a large city called "Gangri Thang", which is known for its fish markets and skilled boatwrights, nobles from the surrounding Kingdoms often commission boatwrights from Gangri Thang to build grand freshwater barges for them.
Several villages surround the lake, mostly fishing and farming communities, every spring fishermen from these villages make their way to Gangri Thang with hundreds of fish, hoping to hock their catch to fishmongers, tourists and Company of the Wind officers.
The fish they carry is mainly the several species of trout that live in the lake but a few of the lucky ones carry the Golden Mahseer, a gleaming fish variety that is said to be very difficult to catch, although the taste of the fish pales in comparison to the trout, the Golden Mahseer is revered for its scales that give off a vibrant golden glow, these scales are often used in ceremonial dress of the region adoring clothing and jewellery.
The people of Monyul are also skilled artisans, known for their intricate weavings and pottery. The kingdom is home to many workshops and marketplaces, where merchants sell their wares to buyers from all over the region. The people of Monyul are known for their skill at horsemanship, and the kingdom is home to some of the finest cavalry units in the region. The army of Monyul is also composed of archers and spearmen, who are trained in the art of mounted combat and guerrilla warfare.
The most prestigious regiment of Monyul is a cavalry unit called the White Tigers, the horsemasters of the White Tigers are known as the strictest in the Tonpa Kingdoms, if a horse fails a single training drill both the horse and rider are deemed unworthy. The White Tigers main weapon is a thick spear, painted red with a bronze spearhead, it has a heavy counterweight at the back that also doubles as a blunt weapon. Their secondary weapons are a heavy sword and a short bow.
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2023.06.07 11:02 Mamagirl1990 Am I the asshole for cutting my mom off

So I’m going to try and make this as short as I can. Me and my mom used to be thick as thieves until she met my stepdad which is now her ex husband (still my stepdad though he’s a great man) and idk if she just got older and did a whole 360 or I got older too and just started realizing how much I don’t like her as a person. I’m 33 she is 54 soon to be 55, and she irks every ounce of my existence. She is narcissistic selfish dramatic past obsessed she lies and twists things tickle her fancy and NEVER takes blame..she is also extremely intrusive. My husband and I have a son now who is 19 months old. She always claimed she wanted to be a grandma but the times when we are speaking she hardly ever asks about him..doesn’t buy him anything (which isn’t really important it’s the principle) when she does stop By it’s always and I mean ALWAYS either before any of us are awake or RIGHT when I’m getting him down for a nap. Hell she beats the damn door down like the feds finding the biggest drug dealer ever. Then she stays for 5-10 mins long enough to take forced pics with my child so she looks like a real grandma on Facebook 🤦‍♀️ she’s always in a hurry or some bullshit. She never even calls to see if she can come over or if we have something else going on and I’m a big fan of at least a text ahead of time..but God forbid we not be home or have company then it’s “oh I see you or you keep him away from me” she doesn’t work she has like a thrift store and my Sons other grandma who is extremely involved btw my mom always acts like she’s in competition with her because she owns a well known restaurant in our area and she does A lot for my Son. She doesn’t offer to help me do anything like babysit or help me clean when she says my house is “filthy” and she’s always got something negative to say or has something to blame me For like being close with my nana who is her mom and she always tries to tell me Things she supposedly said About me trying to get us against each other. Mother’s Day I spent all day with every little dime I had made from a yard Sale which wasn’t much to try and find her the best present and get some Pics of my son printed for her as well and it took forever and I wanted one on canvas for my mother in law they then come up and tell me they have to redo that one. Btw we had been sick the previous week and so I did a yard sale the Saturday before from 7-4 and I was too tired to go shopping afterwards so I went when we got done seeing my MIL who was at work. My mom is very big on gifts and is hard to please with them so I really wanted to find something great well I got home about 6pm and she refused to see me I took my Son to her house anyway we banged on doors and windows my phone was dying so I sat on her porch charging it trying to call her she never answered my calls texts or the door and I broke down crying because I wasted my own Mother’s Day trying to make hers special and didn’t even get to spend much time with my own kid. So am I the asshole for ceasing contact with her after that? There’s so much more I could write and I have so many texts of her narcissistic behavior but this is long enough lol now She’s trying to get me to apologize and I’m so just confused and exhausted by her.
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2023.06.07 10:58 mso1990 I (33m) and thinking of breaking up with my (23f) girlfriend bc of how she talks about me to her friends

Tl;dr my gf irl and when she’s online (and the immensely hurtful things she’s said about me to her friends) seem like two totally different people and I’m thinking about breaking it off with her.
Emotionally, breaking-up seems like all I can think about rn even though I do love her and care about her. Logically, I don’t know if it’s worth giving her a shot to explain herself or if that would just solidify a break-up.
We’ve been seeing each other for 6mos, exclusive for 4. House sitting for my GF while she’s out of town for work for a week. Hopped on her comp to do a little gaming. She had a browser window minimized with her FB logged in. Got a little curious bc things have just felt weird for a little bit. The ways she talks about me to her friends just hurt so much. Whether it’s hating some of the things we’ve done on around town on weekend (when she’s voiced no objections nor offered any alternatives). Saying how she wasn’t sure how she felt about hanging out with my kids and I (I have an ex wife) when I’ve asked her about it and she said she’s cool with it. Saying how she doesn’t really want her own kids, when she knows I eventually want more. Talking about not wanting to be stuck here, when I’ve told her I want to stick around the area for my kids until they’re adults. Talking shit about where I live (rents $$$$ here but I’m looking to upgrade some time in the near future). Talking to them about my past and using a label to refer to me instead of my name. Complaining that I’m not comfortable with her having very close guys friends when she’s said she wouldn’t want me having female friends. Talking about not wanting to be too attached (yet told me she was falling in love with me after seeing each other not quite 3mos at that point). Just so many hurtful things that she’s not once voiced any of it to me.
The way she acts when we’re together and the way she talks about me to her friends it’s like she’s two different people. After all that and hurting the way I was I did more digging. I also discovered she has?/had a profile on AdultFriendFinder that her browser history said she last got onto after about a month of being exclusive. She also had an account on Seeking Arrangements but don’t know when she was last on it, but I saw a short message thread with a woman on FB just before we started seeing each other about her maybe being her sugar baby. She’s also mentioned about some of the kink discords she was in and some of the nude vid chats people would do, which she (for all I know) stopped only when we became exclusive and I told her I wasn’t ok with it.
There’s not too much more to it, but I think this is the most I can coherently put together rn. I don’t want to say anything while she’s out of town out of a fear she may do something out of spite and serious conversations are best left to be had in person. I have a REALLY hard time opening up to and being vulnerable with people and she’s one of the VERY few people I’ve let ALL of my walls down for so this all just hurts so much. I’m just really at a loss as to what to do.
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2023.06.07 10:47 vonGustrow Trying to access/interact with a .jsf website and getting runtime error 462

Hello everyone, Foa: I'm on mobile so please excuse the bad formatting, I will try my best.
So I need to access a .jsf website, enter a part number, select the part, and download the file. However, I always get runtime error 462: Remote Server machine not found, even when I'm just trying to set a variable as the site's HTML document.
My code is currently as follows (it changed throughout the last week obv, but always had the error when I tried to actually do anything on the website):
Sub Test2()
Dim appIE As Object, UserN As Object, GetIE As Object
Set GetIE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")
Set appIE = GetIE appIE.navigate ("https://[redacted].jsf") appIE.Visible = True
Application.Wait (Now + TimeValue("00:00:05")) 'I've tried a DoWhile-Loop, didn't work
Set UserN = appIE.document 'This is where the error occurs
appIE.document.forms("dsgvoHinweis").elements("dsgvoHinweis:dsgvoHinweisSchliessen").Click 'Every time one opens the page a window pops up that needs to be closed before interacting any further
End Sub
appIE.document is, according to the watch window, a Variant/Integer Type and has the error value, I.e. Remote Server...
If I run the exact same code but with Wikipedia instead of the .jsf site, and searching for e.g. "Runtime Error 462" it works perfectly. I am therefore not sure if this actually is an issue with .jsf or if I just missed something. Any help is greatly appreciated as this things has been driving me mad the last week, I literally cannot sleep :(
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2023.06.07 10:42 itsallalittleblurry Who’s First?

We were in the field, training. Anti-tank/armor techniques. With the LAW this time. Light Anti-tank Weapon. The baby brother of the Dragon, so to speak. Less punch and penetrating power, but (in theory, anyway) capable of taking out a tank, if you hit one in the right spot (or at least disabling it some).
Disable a track, and you’d have a more or less stationary target to follow up on.
Get a shot into the fuel tank: Score!
And the armor was thinner in the rear, as a general thing. With that consideration, a particular tactic was to be practiced:
A spider hole to have been surreptitiously dug on an expected avenue of approach. Wait for one of the Bad Guys’ metal behemoth beasties to come lumbering along. Hunker down in your hole and let it pass by or over you. Pop up and put one up its hiney-hiney: Score!
And immediately with the questions from various concerned parties:
“What if there’s more than one? He ain’t alone, his buddies probably take offence.”
“Well, then, I guess you’d wait until the last one passes to take the shot, wouldn’t you, you dumbass?”
“Ok, that computes.”
“What if one, like, runs over the hole and it caves in?”
“That won’t happen.”
“And you know that how?”
“What’s wrong with you Nancies?! You think you’re all gonna make it anyway?”
“Well, I’d fucking prefer to!”
“All right, I need a volunteer to go first - Jameson.”
“Fuck that.”
“I’ll have your ass on duty for a week!”
“I don’t give a shit! I ain’t gettin’ in the hole!”
“I’ll take duty with Jameson.”
Then a big smile came over his face “…….OP.” I owed him, you see. I usually did.
And I’d never seen the underside of a tank.
And he’d recently reminded me of just how expendable he considered me to be:
“Why me?”
“I have a dangerous job, I pick the one I’d least mind losing to do it. That’s you.”
“Why the hell you mad at Me?”
“You know why.”
So why not?
It worked like a charm, of course. And afterward everyone else wanted a turn.
Call me Pathfinder.
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2023.06.07 10:37 Enerkek Bad things in Job very irritates my mind

I work in my job, washing windows, i do not bed Chief always was telling me words like „perfect work, good job“ in the end of work day, but yesterday told „Thank Youu☺️☺️“ it‘s I don‘t know a bit strange maybe I worked a bit slowly…( but from all factors I do well but when I work like now, having 1-3 mins a rest I‘m afraid that I do bad and always when i‘m having a rest I have really lots of Bad thoughts ( it‘s bad I think by bad way I can‘t by another one((. And i have big aims every day I do 5-6 hours my tasks like reading books , learning 2 languages german and english. Yeah it‘s 7 day since I started achieving goals. I do every day 14 my routine steps for it. But my emotional status today bad also because a person whom I recently met on Instagram reached great heights at the age of 23, I want the same, I am completely in love with him, and I am 17, and yesterday I thought that I bored him a little, although he did not show it at all, and I was very upset after that, but despite this, he got up in the morning and taught himself English. I need support it’s really hard (
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2023.06.07 10:34 thedrunkrealtor Is there anything I can do about this cop situation?

So I was driving home around 3am from work and I had my kid in the car. I noticed there was a car behind me with their brights on. I was having a hard time seeing so I slowed down a bit. Long story short, it ended up being a cop. I was stopped at a red light about to turn and then he turned his lights on. I turn into a parking lot and two cops are now behind me. I roll down the windows and the cop proceeds to ask me if I have been drinking because I was serving and then proceeded to say that it was under the lines for a DUI. I tell him that I don’t drink and haven’t been drinking, but he doesn’t believe that. So I get out of the car and walk around for proof. He then goes “why would you do that? “You’re being suspicious.” “Normally people don’t do that at traffic stops.” He then proceeded to ask about my kid, etc. And then goes on to talk about the car I’m in. He then asks to search my glovebox so I comply because I have nothing to hide and I just want to get home. It’s obvious he was looking for something because he didn’t put anything back. He then goes back to the whole DUI thing and how I was swerving lanes and I proceed to tell him that I was having a hard time seeing because he had his brights on behind me, making it hard to see. He declines and says he doesn’t know what I am talking about and says “oh it must have been the LED’s.) He then calls up whoever for just in case backup and then reads to them my license # etc. After that charade the other officer is just like “yeah I didn’t see anything so idk what he’s talking about”. He seemed pretty cool, but also just like there just to be there. Idk. But the officer who pulled me over came back and said “well you’re obviously not drunk, but I’m gonna let you off with a warning for swerving lanes. My name is …., so you can call the station and make a complaint if you’d like. Have a nice night.”
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2023.06.07 10:29 FuckMargaretThatcher Need help for facescan on mac

Hi all, I am attempting to do a face scan using RealityCapture, with the intention of using the mesh created there to create a metahuman in UnrealEngine. I am currently on an M1 mac (my PC is back home so i'm stuck with this for a while). I ran a windows virtual machine (parallels) to install RealityCapture, uploaded the face scan video, and now have all of the vertices or whatever. Problem is that I cannot create the mesh because I don't have the Nvidia CUDA drivers necessary, and therefore cant export it into unreal engine. Does anyone know any workarounds, or any other software this could be done it that would work on an M1 mac. Unfortunately these CUDA drivers were only supported on the old macs that had intel chips, not the M1s and M2s. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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2023.06.07 10:28 aocabs cab / taxi Service in Delhi9

cab / taxi Service in Delhi9
Cab/Taxi Advertising Service in Delhi.


Lucrative ads with meaningful taglines displayed on taxi tops, taxi bodies, audio ads played for the taxi passengers
AO Cabs is proud to announce its new advertising initiative that will revolutionize the way businesses reach their target audience. With a tie-up of over 5000 cabs, we are offering a unique opportunity for businesses to advertise their products and services through our fleet of cabs. Our innovative advertising strategy allows you to reach a large number of potential customers without breaking the bank. We are charging a nominal fee of Rs. 6 per kilometer for advertising in our cabs. This means that businesses can reach their target audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising methods. We will also ensure that the advertisements are displayed prominently and attractively, ensuring maximum visibility and impact. HOW WILL IT BENEFIT YOU?Our advertising initiative will benefit a wide range of businesses, from small startups to large corporations. We are confident that our advertising strategy will help businesses to reach their target audience more effectively and efficiently. Our tie-up with over 5000 cabs means that we can cater to the advertising needs of a large number of companies simultaneously. At AO Cabs, we understand that every business is unique, and their advertising needs are different. Therefore, we offer tailor-made solutions to cater to the specific requirements of each business. We will work closely with our clients to understand their business objectives, target audience, and budget constraints to provide them with the best possible advertising solutions. ADVERTISEMENTSThe cost of the advertisements will be borne by the client, and we assure you that it will be a worthwhile investment. Our advertising initiative has been designed to ensure that businesses get maximum value for their money. We are committed to delivering the best possible results for our clients and helping them achieve their business objectives. Here are some of the types of advertisements that businesses can choose from: In-Cab Advertising: This is the most popular advertising option, where businesses can advertise their products and services inside the cabs. This includes placing advertisements on the back of the front seats, on the dashboard, or on the window panels. In-cab advertising is an excellent way to reach a captive audience and create a lasting impression. Exterior Advertising: Businesses can also advertise their products and services on the exterior of the cabs. This includes placing advertisements on the doors, roof, or rear panel of the cabs. Exterior advertising is an effective way to increase brand visibility and create brand awareness among a wider audience. Digital Advertising: AO Cabs also offers digital advertising options, where businesses can display their ads on in-cab screens, tablets, or mobile devices. This includes displaying video ads, banner ads, or interactive ads. Digital advertising is an excellent way to engage with customers and create a memorable experience. Sampling: Businesses can also distribute samples of their products or services to the passengers. This includes providing flyers, coupons, or product samples. Sampling is an effective way to create a direct connection with customers and promote brand loyalty. COME JOIN US AO Cabs is excited to offer this innovative advertising initiative to businesses across the country. With our tie-up with over 5000 cabs, we are confident that we can cater to the advertising needs of a large number of companies. We invite businesses to partner with us and take advantage of this unique opportunity to reach their target audience more effectively and efficiently.
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2023.06.07 10:25 Dynasty__93 How would you interpret a conversation I had with a city cop?

So I am sure many will read the title but not the body. I will say I have my opinions of cops, prisons, etc and it is mostly a progressive view but not entirely. I believe the entire United States has a lot of roots still tied to slavery and segregation. To look at the big picture we have made slavery and segregation illegal on paper but we just hoped over time the reproductions of slavery and segregation would go away... And they have not. Black people make up approximately 12% of the US population is black. Yet nowhere near 12% of large corporate CEOs or founders are black. So I get that the entire system is still rigged against racial minorities.
Now on to my recent conversation with a cop. I will just summarize by saying I asked their opinion of the social unrest in 2020 after the murder of George Floyd. They quickly answered what happened to Floyd was a murder, the cops deserve the prison time they got, but that did not like they did not like having to work 14 hour shifts 7 days in a row during social unrest in their city cop job because of people looting, along with people throwing bricks at the cops. Mind you this cop is a city cop in a city in the east coast. In their exact words they said people should be more upset with not law enforcement but instead be upset with the people who maintain the status quo: Politicians, CEOs of corporations, banks, etc. In their view the ideas that became popular in 2020 like defunding the police are things the white supremacists, the ultra rich, etc all want because that means less cops, which will then lead to more crime and will disproportionately affect the poor, minorities, etc.
So basically this cop gave me some perspective. They are a friend of a friend I met in college and just casually did a 10 minute FaceTime with them. They said they fear not enough people will want to go into law enforcement because the news reports every time a cop does or does not do something wrong. For example they explained that the chief of their city has said but not put in writing to not pull people over for traffic violations. This eventually gets discovered and speeding/street racing/etc rise and leads to injuries = People then get up and arms about "where are the cops"? At the end they summarized their beliefs with an example from 2021 where they responded to a person breaking into someone's car parked on the street at night. A lady called it in because it was her SUV that got the window broken, and the thieves stole her AirPods from the center console. It took this cop 9 minutes to get there because of critical vacancies and when they got to the residence the woman was yelling it took so long... The icing on the cake in their opinion was that she had a "defund the police" bumper sticker on her car. Their last comment to me was that prior to George Floyd's murder police departments were already running short staffed. Many cops quit within the month of the Floyd murder and now mandatory overtime is constant.
How would you interpret what this cop said? It definitely gave me some perspective and I agree mostly that people throwing things at police during protests is wrong. I do completely agree that a lot of people who want to defund the police seem to just give a pass to corporations, the judges, politicians, etc who are the ones who delegate funds/actually make the laws to keep institutional racism going. Cops are needed because even in a clean, progressive, educated society there will still be home invasions, carjackings and murders. I myself will close by saying that there are probably few jobs out there that suck as much as being a cop. You are hated by many people on the left because they think you are a pig, a racist, etc. You are hated by many on the right, just for different reasons. Take a look at January 6 and how the Trump GQP assholes treated capitol police.
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2023.06.07 10:23 spacemarineVIII Search in Windows 11 Settings App not working

When I type anything in the "Find a setting" search box in the Win 11 settings app, I am always presented with "No results for x".
My windows search works normally. I'm fully up to date with Windows Update. Running 22H2.
Any advice and fixes?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.07 10:21 bevster70 Residents of terraced house with next door (end terrace) neighbours having house completely gutted and extended side and back and loft, how do you cope with noise, lack of privacy etc?

We live in a mid terraced 1930s house in a quiet street, our neighbours have moved out while they have extensive renovations they knocked 3 weeks ago and said the work would be starting the following week they made the job sound a lot smaller than it is. My husband is at home all day as works part time from home due to long term health issues, I work full-time hours over 4 days a week and 1 day of those days from home so we're home when the builders are here they are also here Saturday mornings. Our neighbours knocked to tell us about the work the day after I came out of hospital following some heart problems so we feel a little sorry ourselves as the timing sucks a bit as I'm adjusting to being back at work and need rest. We can't use our garden during the week because of the noise, we've had pretty much two weeks of concrete being dug up, scaffolding etc being woken by skip lorries at 6.30am, and having to keep the blinds and windows shut to reduce noise and for privacy as often there is someone right outside our window. I have Aspergers so I'm aware that I don't adjust to change as well as others and I do realise "it is what it is" Its not uncommon these days for this kind of work to be done and so I would like some insight from those who have been through similar situations, does it get easier? Do you get used to it? Just feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of months of this ahead 😢 For context, we've lived here 18 months and plans were passed before we moved in - I inherited the property and didn't initially intend to live here but circumstances made it necessary.
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2023.06.07 10:20 DistrictCharming2727 Are your games not Launching/Downloading?

I think I have a fix that works!
Disclaimer: these worked for me they may not work for you but I will share my findings anyway.
So, for games that are having download errors, Simply do a reinstall of windows. I know that sounds bleh but it worked. Simply go to:
Settings- Reset this Pc- Keep my files-
And then begin the reset, which will reinstall windows. Don’t worry, all your files will be safe but you may need to reinstall your game launchers and other applications (ex. Spotify, chrome) as for your game downloads, well, they’re going to stay installed.
Now for the game launching error.I’ve only had this issue while using frosty mod manager & frosty fix, so if your issue pertains to this I’m here to help. Simply open the frosty fix app, choose any of your games and select disable all mods in the bottom left hand corner. Even if it is not the game you had installed the mods on it will still work. (For some reason)
Hope I was able to help someone :)
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2023.06.07 10:17 Beneficial-Hawk-9228 Independent sleep skills

Hey guys, I’m silently following this sub for a long time but I think now its my time to finally ask for an advice😅I have a 14 week old daughter and so far we didnt really have any major sleep issues..she always slept great..until now haha..I think its still not that bad compared to other babies but its bad compared to what we were used to. I’m trying to introduce some independent sleep skills aka drowsy but awake did work when she was younger but now I feel like its just contra productive…at first she is up but calm..then she starts to fuss and then she cries and I feel like she just gradually gets overtired…I also do pick up put down which worked quite well until now but again I feel like it takes such a long time she just gets I always give up and basically just rock her to sleep when I see how tired she is..I know she isnt ready for sleep training yet but I definitely want to sleep train as soon as its possible (thats why I’m slowly trying to introduce independent sleep) because my husband travels a lot cause of work so 70% of the time its just me..and good sleep would make the overal experience 1000x nicer for me..what do you think I should do?? When she sleeps she sleeps well I would say..the problem is it takes ages for her to fall asleep…
1.just wait until she is 4m old and try then? 2.maybe I am just not waiting long enough and eventually she would fall asleep?? 3.her wake windows are also pretty short for her age..and maybe I am missing on her early tired cues and she is just too overtired to settle??
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2023.06.07 10:16 WireyWhenWet AITA for being pissed that my ex came and took my daughter for the day whilst - was asleep, and didn't give me the chance to say morning or goodbye?

Sorry its a long one
Context: Me and ex split, She lives with her new BF, I live at home with my daughter. Trying to be amicable. [Additionally, Ex still has a key for my house]
Arrangement is- Mon & Weds, Ex picks her up from mine as they're her non-working days, so I can head in to my office instead of working from home.
Usually I'm up for about 7:45, she's at mine for around 8-8:15ish, as luckily work is flexible with my start times to accommodate.
This morning I stirred, hearing kiddo crying downstairs at about 7:17 long before my alarm, and sounding like she's getting her hair done but crying at her mum - I sort of woke to that, but being that it was early and I was still in that 10 secs of confusion that you get when you're disoriented sometimes when you first wake up. I laid there a moment trying to deduce if I was dreaming or if something was actually wrong.
I gave it another few secs, notice my door was still closed, hear nothing and put my head back in my pillow. I then hear the front door go.
I got up, saw that kiddos bed was empty. I ran and looked out the window to see the Ex's car outside, and got a message to say:
'Right weve gone. Let me know what time your picking kiddo up thnx'
...I always see kiddo every morning to say hey, get hugs, etc. Regardless of what day it is.
I sent a clip over WhatsApp saying morning to my daughter, have a nice day and Daddy loves you.
As I did that, I saw that I had a message to me at 06:27 from the Ex saying she is heading my way in 10 mins, because she isn't feeling well and doesn't want to sit in morning traffic..
Of course, at this time I'm usually asleep, so in any regard didn't and wouldn't have normally seen that, but regardless of that message still feel like I've basically had my child taken from me, and had no idea or being anywhere near aware of what's going on.
So my question is..
AITA for essentially losing my shit about this? And at essentially being dismissed for how I felt about things?
Context messages:
Ex: You heard her up, you could have opened door. Dont get arsey with me for no reason. You want to say bye then come say bye if not i want to go home
Me: NO REASON?? You basically just pretty much kidnapped her and didn't give her or me a chance to say hi or bye, I heard her but thought you'd have at least let her see me, tell me you actually aren't that stupid to not get why I'm pissed off??
Ex: What the fuck...Either come say bye or dont. Im not waiting all day. Stop been fucking arsey. You coule have opened door. I didnt know you wanted me to open your door. Im not a mind reader. Stop been like this. Apologies we didnt barge into your room. Next time we will make sure we will There was no need to continue this conversation. Weve said our parts. Ive apologised. End of.
Ex: Dunno if you can read let me say it again!.... APOLOGIES THAT WE DIDNT COME IN TO YOU! NEXT TIME WE WILL MAKE SURE WE DO.
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2023.06.07 10:13 lyndon85 Nightbreed (1990) dir. Clive Barker - the Alternative Cut

This is a project I've been working on a while and originally posted about on ( but it's got to the point where I'd love for some people to see it and feed back.
In short, my goal was to make a version of the film closer to what could have been released had the studio had faith in Barker's vision, using the Director's cut, theatrical cut and Ultimate Cabal Cut. As well as restoring cut scenes I've removed about 15 minutes filmed in the reshoots and as such my cut is just short of 2 hours.
This cut is currently listed on The Fanedit Network.
The main changes are as follows:
All of the clips taken from the Ultimate Cabal Cut have been colour graded, as well as select shots from the Director's cut.
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2023.06.07 10:13 AstronautPrimary2048 Windows 11 random BSOD and freezes

Hello folks,
I have been having troubles with my system lately and I cannot get behind whats causing these issues.
My problem is the following: I upgraded my AM4 System to an AM5 and already had problems with the Mainboard (Gigabyte X670 Gaming X AX) recognizing and booting with 4 sticks of RAM, so I am still to this day running only 2 sticks of RAM until they fix their BIOS. But thats not the problem, after I kinda band-aid fixed that problem with the RAM, first there was no issues at all but then random BSOD with a different error code each time started appearing and first I didnt think something of it but when they started occuring day after day I kinda got worried so I started Memory diagnostics and the sfc /scannow stuff in the cmd. Everything came back negative and Windows didnt find any flaw with the system but it just kept on going with the BSOD's. So I thought okay, maybe the switch from AM4 to AM5 messed something in my Windows up so I completely wiped everything and reinstalled Windows on a fresh drive. First the problems seemed to be gone but then after some gaming and literally just watching videos on youtube, the system BSOD with a Memory issue. So I swapped out the RAM sticks, couple hours later it BSOD again with another random BSOD code that I cannot remember. Now I'm kinda out of options and dont know what to do. My PC just froze again without a BSOD and I couldnt do anything and needed to wait for the System to recover on its own. While it froze a loud beep noise came once and then couple seconds after that the System recovered again. I dont know what could cause this, I switched out RAM Sticks for completely new and unused ones and I did a complete fresh install of windows. The drives are working fine I am assuming, allthough I didnt find any tool to test the integrity and functionability of the drives, but they have been working in the old system without any issues. My very last assumption could be that with the new AM5 CPU's, my PSU wouldnt be enough but its a 750W 80+ Gold PSU from Corsair (TX750M I believe) so from my understanding it should be plenty.
I am on the newest BIOS, I dont overclock or anything, I reseated CPU and RAM, looked for bent pins but there were none and my system is running cool enough with the graphics card at 70-75°C peak and the CPU at 60-65°C peak while playing Diablo IV atleast (only "benchmark" I have rn).
What else could the problem be? Am I missing something? Surely this isnt usual behaviour and there has to be another thing that is messing with my windows right?
My PC specs are as the following: Ryzen 5 7600x Gigabyte X670 Gaming X AX 2x16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR5-6000 RTX 3070ti Corsair TX750M 750W PSU
Thanks alot in advance for everyone that can help me!
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2023.06.07 10:11 AstronautPrimary2048 Windows 11 random BSOD and freezes

Hello folks,
I have been having troubles with my system lately and I cannot get behind whats causing these issues.
My problem is the following: I upgraded my AM4 System to an AM5 and already had problems with the Mainboard (Gigabyte X670 Gaming X AX) recognizing and booting with 4 sticks of RAM, so I am still to this day running only 2 sticks of RAM until they fix their BIOS. But thats not the problem, after I kinda band-aid fixed that problem with the RAM, first there was no issues at all but then random BSOD with a different error code each time started appearing and first I didnt think something of it but when they started occuring day after day I kinda got worried so I started Memory diagnostics and the sfc /scannow stuff in the cmd. Everything came back negative and Windows didnt find any flaw with the system but it just kept on going with the BSOD's. So I thought okay, maybe the switch from AM4 to AM5 messed something in my Windows up so I completely wiped everything and reinstalled Windows on a fresh drive. First the problems seemed to be gone but then after some gaming and literally just watching videos on youtube, the system BSOD with a Memory issue. So I swapped out the RAM sticks, couple hours later it BSOD again with another random BSOD code that I cannot remember. Now I'm kinda out of options and dont know what to do. My PC just froze again without a BSOD and I couldnt do anything and needed to wait for the System to recover on its own. While it froze a loud beep noise came once and then couple seconds after that the System recovered again. I dont know what could cause this, I switched out RAM Sticks for completely new and unused ones and I did a complete fresh install of windows. The drives are working fine I am assuming, allthough I didnt find any tool to test the integrity and functionability of the drives, but they have been working in the old system without any issues. My very last assumption could be that with the new AM5 CPU's, my PSU wouldnt be enough but its a 750W 80+ Gold PSU from Corsair (TX750M I believe) so from my understanding it should be plenty.
I am on the newest BIOS, I dont overclock or anything, I reseated CPU and RAM, looked for bent pins but there were none and my system is running cool enough with the graphics card at 70-75°C peak and the CPU at 60-65°C peak while playing Diablo IV atleast (only "benchmark" I have rn).
What else could the problem be? Am I missing something? Surely this isnt usual behaviour and there has to be another thing that is messing with my windows right?
My PC specs are as the following: Ryzen 5 7600x Gigabyte X670 Gaming X AX 2x16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR5-6000 RTX 3070ti Corsair TX750M 750W PSU
Thanks alot in advance for everyone that can help me!
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2023.06.07 10:08 xMrPink85 [USA-CA] [H] Nintendo/Playstation/Xbox Games/Consoles [W] Paypal F&F

Prices are negotiable but do not include shipping. I will offer better deals and priority to those looking to bundle. Minimum purchase is $10. Add $4 S&H for individual games. Let me know if something doesn't seem right.
ONLY accepting PayPal Friends & Family for payment. Might be willing to meet in the Sacramento area for a larger purchase, and would then also accept cash. If you would like to trade, come check out my GameSwap post!

PlayStation DarkStalkers 3 BL - CIB - Minor Staining $69
PlayStation GranStream Saga BL - CIB - Water damaged rear art $28
PlayStation Legacy of Kain "EIDOS" Collectors Edition Triple Pack SEALED - This one does have some minor wear to the corners/seal as seen in the pics. $320
PlayStation 2 Final Fantasy X Brady Games Strategy Guide Very worn. Has tear in front cover. No poster.
PlayStation 2 Final Fantasy X -2 Brady Games Strategy Guide Moderately worn. Has smaller tear in back cover. Includes Poster. Both Guides for $20
PlayStation 2 24 The Game BL - CIB $8
Playstation 2 Crazy Taxi BL - CIB $10
Playstation 2 .Hack Infection BL - CIB - Cover art has some water damage $18
Playstation 2 .Hack Mutation BL - CIB - Missing DVD $35
PlayStation 2 Guitar Hero II BL - CIB $5
PlayStation 2 Guitar Hero Guitar Hero Encore Rocks the 80's BL - CIB $6
PlayStation 2 Myst III Exile BL - CIB $6
PlayStation 2 RPG Maker 3 BL - CIB $15
PlayStation 2 Wheel of Fortune BL - CIB $5
PlayStation 3 Ace Combat Assault Horizon BL - CIB $13
PlayStation 3 BlazBlue Continuum Shift Extend Limited Edition Big Box - CIB - Includes Soundtrack, Art Book, and Calendar. Box has heavy wear. Everything else is pretty minty. Game case has some minor shelf wear. $13
PlayStation 3 Dark Souls II BL - CIB $6 PENDING
PlayStation 3 Diablo III BL - CIB $5
PlayStation 4 500 Million Dual Shock 4 Controller Loose - Has crack in center but otherwise, pretty nice with very low usage. $60
PlayStation 4 7 Days to Die BL - CIB $10
PlayStation 4 Call of Duty Infinite Warefare BL - CIB $5
PlayStation 4 Dead Cells [Action Game of the Year] BL - CIB $25
PlayStation 4 Evolve BL - CIB $5
PlayStation 4 Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 BL - CIB - Spine damage/tear $9
PlayStation 4 Middle Earth Shadow of War BL - CIB $5
PlayStation 4 Nascar Heat 3 BL - CIB $6
PlayStation 4 Resident Evil Village Deluxe Edition BL - CIB $25
PSP PSP 3000 Box and tray only No PSP included. Box has moderate to heavy wear with some creasing. $25
PSVITA Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus Loose $22
PSVITA Wipeout 2048 Loose $18
Take both Vita games for $35 shipped

Xbox Blowout BL - CIB $5
Xbox Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban BL - CIB $10
Xbox Indiana Jones and The Emperors Tomb BL - CIB $15
Xbox Pac Man World 2 PH - CIB $8
Xbox Return To Castle Wolfenstein Tides of War PH - CIB $5
Take all 5 XBox games for $35 shipped
Xbox 360 4GB - 360 Slim Console Includes OEM power supply and controller. I can probably include an HDMI cable if needed. $69 - I will include one free game listed below priced $10 or less and I will toss in a couple free mystery sports games (CIB)
Xbox 360 250GB - 360 Slim Console Includes OEM power supply, controller and Kinect. I can probably include an HDMI cable if needed. $89 - I will include one free game listed below priced $10 or less and I will toss in a couple free mystery sports games (CIB)
Xbox 360 Dead Space 3 PH - CIB $5
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Xbox 360 Fable 3 BL - CIB $6
Xbox 360 Forza 4 BL - CIB $6
Xbox 360 Grand Theft Auto 5 BL - Boxed w/map $5
Xbox 360 Halo 3 Limited Edition Steel book BL - minor damage. Includes sleeve and manual, but no book.. $15
Xbox 360 Hitman HD Trilogy - Premium Edition BL - CIB - With slipcoveartbook. Moderate-Heavy wear. $20
Xbox 360 Mortal Kombat BL - Boxed (No Manual) $5
Xbox 360 NBA Live 2010 BL - CIB $5
Xbox 360 NBA 2K18 BL - CIB $20
Xbox 360 Portal 2 BL - Boxed (No Manual) $5
Xbox 360 Test Drive Unlimited BL - CIB $12
Xbox One Battlefield 4 Steelbook Edition CIB - Has some dings. $10
Xbox One Battlefield Hardline CIB $5
Xbox One Call of Duty Black Ops III Loose Free with purchase of other XB1 game(s).
Xbox One Dark Souls 3 CIB $9
Xbox One Madden 22 CIB $5
Xbox One Prototype BioHazard Bundle CIB $36
Xbox One Rare Replay CIB $10
Xbox One Skylanders Trap Team CIB $30
Xbox One UFC 3 CIB $5
Xbox One Watch Dogs 2 CIB $5
Xbox One Wolfenstein The New Order CIB $5

Gameboy Ren and Stimpy Veediots Manual Only $5
NES Bart vs The Space Mutants Manual Only $8
NES Gradius Manual Only $10
NES Mega Man 1 Manual Only $60
NES Mission Impossible Manual Only $5
NES NES Advantage controller Manual Only $5
NES Zodas Revenge Manual Only $10
NES Kung Fu Loose $12
NES Ninja Gaiden II Loose $12
NES Skate or Die Loose - Worn/snagged top label $4
NES Wizards and Warriors III Loose - Worn/torn top label $24
NES Game Genie Loose - Chip in handle $15
SNES Buster Busts Loose Manual Only $7
SNES Hey Punk! Are You Tuff E Nuff? Manual Only $10
SNES Lawnmower Man Manual Only $5
SNES Mega Man X Manual Only $17
SNES Rocko's Modern Life CIB (box, cart, manual and tray. No other inserts) Box has some heavy wear and the manual has some creases. Cart is nice. $125
SNES World Heroes Manual Only $8
SNES Game Genie Loose $29
N64 N64 Console Loose - Includes OEM expansion pack and gray controller. No poweav cables.. yet. $80
Wii Just Dance 2017 BL - CIB (Inserts) $14
Wii Just Dance 2018 BL - CIB (Inserts) $14
Donkey Kong Country Returns BL - Boxed (No Manual) $14
Wii Goldeneye 007 BL - CIB $12
Wii Metroid Other M BL - CIB $15
Wii Rec Room Games BL - SEALED $13
Wii Red Steel BL - Boxed (No Manual) $4
Wii Red Steel 2 BL - CIB $12
Wii Wii Sports - Resort BL - CIB $30
Wii Trauma Center Second Opinion BL - CIB $8
Wii U Draw Studio BL - CIB $Free w/ Instant Artist
Wii U Draw Studio Instant Artist BL - SEALED $13
Wii U Legend of Zelda Twilight Princes BL - SEALED $160
NDS Red Super Mario Bros 25th Anniversary Edition DSi XL Loose - With charger. Does have some minor wear and teascuffs on corners. $80
NDS Spiderman Shattered Dimensions Loose $10
NDS Spyro The Eternal Night Loose $10
NDS DS Lite Car adaptecharger NEW - Power A branded, Nintendo officially licensed. $9
NDS DSi XL Stylus 5 packs. One of each color set available NEW - Power A branded, Nintendo officially licensed. $5 ea. or both for $8
SWITCH Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Edition OLED Switch NEW $350
SWITCH BloodRayne Fresh Bites NEW - Includes card $45

DREAMCAST Crazy Taxi Loose - Lots of scratches but works! $15

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2023.06.07 10:06 No-Reason-4348 Theft in ‘secure car park’ - pls help!

Hello, and thanks in advance to anyone helping.
We have rented a flat that was marketed as ‘secured with code entry’ and paid for a parking spot that is ‘secure’ as it has a a remote access system.
On the 17th of May, we have reported the car park gates are damaged and won’t close to the mangment company of the building. Till this day nothing has been done. We have given different reports through their telephone system and their website still no update whatsoever. I even emailed the visiting manager directly and no response. We then contacted the letting office because from my understanding they are the ones hiring the mangment company- told them about the issue but they said we are trying to chase them.
We then saw homeless people in the car park which is expected as it is not secured anymore, this has been reported to the letting agency and mangment company and their response was ‘we reported it to the police and they will come and take a look’.
We then emailed the letting company saying that we are feeling unsafe as anyone can now acres not just the ‘secured’ car park but ALL flats through the parking area. And that we are worried about our car and bike to be stolen. They said we contacted the mangment and they are working on getting a quote,
Last night, someone broke our car window glass and stole my husbands university laptop. We don’t have an insurance to cover this we only got accident insurance. We have reported it to the police and letting agency.
My question is, can we hold letting agency accountable? Mangment company? The park was marketed as secure and due to them taking ages to fix the issue this has happened. I realize we must not leave items like this in the car but my husband was tired and rushing home and thought he will go back down in few hrs to get.
Please advice if there’s any thing that can be done about this? Thank you in advance for you help.
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2023.06.07 10:04 pawpbawb RWD trike conversion

I have a Schwinn Meridian pedal trike (this one) and have been looking to convert it to electric. I want to use a hub motor designed for the front wheel like this one with no gears on the hub. However, I would prefer a rear-wheel drive layout, and I noticed that the rear wheels of my trike look pretty similar to the front one and are driven by an axle in the center, not a chain to the wheel itself.
So could I just take that front wheel hub motor conversion kit and slap it on in place of one of the rear wheels instead? Would it even fit, or are the rear wheels actually different from the front ones? If it did fit, would it work to spin the wheel on the other side at the same speed, or would having only one rear hub motor make the trike pull to one side?
Sorry if these are dumb questions, I'm completely new to this.
Any help would be great, thanks!
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