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Kokomo Crew - Part 2

2022.06.17 21:24 Chickpea_salad Kokomo Crew - Part 2

⚠️ Trigger Warning ⚠️ Topics discussed include: CSAM, human sex trafficking, drugs, murder, dead body parts, physical and sexual assault.
🛑 If anyone is rude to u/HuntingEvilTrueCrime, I will remove your comments without explanation.
⚖️ The information has not been verified except for those claims that have a link to a source.
Kokomo Crew part 1 is here: https://www.reddit.com/DelphiDocs/comments/r93x0w/the_kokomo_crew_part_1/

As was stated in Part 1, a local man named Michael Phillips is the person who originally came up with the “Kokomo Crew” theory. His YouTube channel, “Fight for Justice”, is where he spoke out about the Kokomo crew and missing girl, Karena McClerkin.
He has a new YouTube channel called, “Hunting Evil True Crime Investigates”, where he builds on his “Kokomo Crew” theory to include people associated with Garrett Kirts and Kegan & Tony Kline. Michael has met Kegan and has been able to provide more information about his associates.
Michael is in our group under his YouTube name u/HuntingEvilTrueCrime. Everyone please be respectful to Michael. He is a military vet, was an FBI informant, and has information that can possibly help solve multiple cold cases in Indiana. He is putting his life in danger by speaking out.
______________________________________________________________________________ Kokomo Crew part 2
⚖️ My notes from the“Fight for Justice” videos:

⚖️ People involved in the drug ring:






⚖️ The Kokomo Crew may be responsible for the deaths of the following people:
Karena McClerkin, Nicole Bowen, Jeremy Peterson, Justin Buffum, Jaime Beasley, the Flora Fires, Daniel Hite along with 6 members of his family, and Javon Blackwell along with his two children.








People associated with the Kokomo Crew :
Name Notes Convictions Links
Alan Tinker Drugs and homicide Convicted felon 1234
Blake Hicks Son of Tina Convicted felon 12
BHo Abby’s boyfriend’s father 1
Dusty Hooper Convicted felon 1
Dustin Prater Possible revenge motive Convicted felon 12345
Elijah Cook - TJ’s brother Rumored to have been at the trails Convicted felon 12
Gabriel Ellis Possible revenge motive Sex Offender 12
Heather Faris Convicted felon Mugshots
Joshua Lee Hewitt Rumored to have been at the trails Dealing 12 3
Josh Weaver Rumored to have been at the trails Convicted felon 1
KM Karena’s brother Mugshots
Kieghan Callis Rumored to have been at the trails Felony conviction 1
Kristy Lynn Martin Sister of Tina Convicted felon 12
Kyle Stacy Blood brothers with Gabriel Ellis Convicted felon 123
MA Daughter of Tina Criminal record 123
Mike Jones Involved in a local drug ring Convicted felon 123
Paige Turley Gabriel Ellis’ female associate Convicted felon 1
Raymond Wilcox Convicted felon 12
Robert Teschke Rumored to have been at the trails Convicted felon 1234
Tina One of the people behind the Kokomo crew theory 12
TJ - Elijah Cook’s brother Rumored to have been at the trails Possession 123
Tyler Jo French Rumored to have been at the trails Convicted felon 1234
Source - https://www.reddit.com/DelphiDocs/wiki/pois#wiki_the_kokomo_crew

People associated with Garett Kirts:
Name Notes Convictions Links
Ashley Garth Murdered Nicole Bowen Murder Post
Christopher Mathis Participated in murder of Nicole Bowen Accessory (plea deal) Post
Dale Babcock Jr Married to Libby’s cousin (MHB) Convicted felon 12 3
Garrett Kirts Murdered Nicole Bowen and Ray Hanish Murder Post
Harley Babcock Friends of Libby’s Dad Convicted felon 12
Jasmine Parker Participated in murder of Nicole Bowen Assisting a Criminal Post
Jason Palladino GK claimed JP made the decision to kill Nicole Bowen Convicted felon 1 23 4
Jeffrey Sneath Testified at Ashley Garth’s trial Convicted felon More info
MHB Libby’s cousin More info
Mikey Hittle Garrett’s drug ring buddy Convicted felon 123
Mark Palladino Jason’s father Convicted felon 123
NE Rumored to have seen a snuff film 12
Sheena Cottrell (aka Dillon, Ford) Rumored to have seen a snuff film Convicted felon 12 3 4 5
Talitha Beckley Participated in Nicole Bowen murder Felon Post
Tamzen Rehwinkel (aka Mikels, Black, Cole) Allegedly said there was a hit on GK Convicted felon Public records
TG Ashley’s dad and friend of Derrick German Drug charges Mugshots
Source - https://www.reddit.com/DelphiDocs/wiki/pois#wiki_garrett_kirts.2019_associates

People associated with Kegan and Tony Kline:
Initials Name Connection File
AH - KK’s step-dad File
AH - KK’s step-brother File
AP Libby’s cousin’s ex-bf KK shared AP’s post File
A_S Anthony_Shots KK’s alter ego File
BK Bart KK’s half-brother File
CC - KK’s friend File
CD - TK’s friend / Ex-Police Chief File
CS Calista Shotts Kline’s neighbor File
DHH - KK’s friend File
DH Friend 1 Kline’s former neighbor in Peru who moved to Vegas in March 2017 / KK’s roommate and business partner in Vegas File
DH - KK’s step-brother File
EA Emily Ann KK’s alter ego File
Family Friends of KK Ski mask window peeper incident File
Girl AC - KK was staying with her when arrested in 2020 / Friends with Libby’s ex-boyfriend File
Girl AV - KK’s girlfriend in 2017 File
HC - KK’s friend / Brother of Girl A File
JG John Golitko Friend of TK File
JM - KK’s ex-stepmom / TK’s ex-wife File
JK/LK KK’s grandparents Lived on CC Road & PP Drive Obit
JK Jan Kendall Ex-LE friend of TK in Peru and Vegas Obit
JW - TK’s nephew File
KK Kegan Kline Charged with CSAM File
KT Friend 2 KK’s best friend / weed dealer Mugshot
LS Lance Shotts Kline’s neighbor File
MB Michael Bradley Friend of Kegan’s and Tyler French Mugshot
MH - KK’s half-sister File
RH - KK’s mom File
RK Richie Kline TK & KK cousin / connected to Kokomo crew File
RN Ryan Neher KK’s friend / Dad (DN) was a deputy. Mugshot
SP - Female friend of Friend 1 (DH) File
TC Travis Cunningham Friend of KK Post
TK/JAK Jerry “Tony” Anthony Kline KK’s father and roommate in February 2017 File
TT Travis Trexler TK’s cousin on CC Rd File
Source - https://www.reddit.com/DelphiDocs/wiki/pois#wiki_kegan_kline_matrix
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