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This is a space for the vegans of Panama to share good restaurants, recipes, rants, and meetups. Este es un espacio para que los veganos de Panamá compartamos buenos restaurantes, recetas, quejas, y posibles reuniones.

2023.03.20 23:33 tff500 What songs/artists are you hoping to hear in Season 2’s soundtrack?

The soundtrack to Yellowjackets is probably this show’s secret weapon!
Season 1 played us a ton of really cool tracks: Smashing Pumpkins, Hole, Dinosaur Jr., The Cranberries, PJ Harvey, Liz Phair, Mazzy Star… Honestly, this show’s soundtrack is practically every alt girl’s dream come true!
What musicians or songs are you hoping to hear in the soundtrack this upcoming season?
Personally, I do hope that Sonic Youth, Pixies, Bikini Kill, De La Soul, Pavement, or Alice In Chains make a soundtrack appearance in the coming episodes!
I highly doubt that we’ll get a Nirvana needle drop, but something off of In Utero would be pretty sick too!
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2023.03.20 23:33 Uptowner26 I Need to Get Away from My Narc Parent's for Good. Advice & Support Needed

A few years ago I moved back in with my narc parents after living on my own in NYC for about 5 years. I had a job (it only paid about $30k, which isn't really enough to live there honestly, friends and a boyfriend) My former boyfriend breaking up with me sent me into a depressive spiral and my father's conditioning that I couldn't make it in the adult world and that it is a scary, dangerous and unforgiving place (especially New York where my dad would tell news stories about crimes and terrorist attack attempts every chance he got) sent me packing back to their house in the burbs in a very regretful move back with them. I think it brought up other childhood traumas like being emotionally abandoned and rejected but that's something for a good therapist and I to work on.
I'm ashamed to say I've been stuck with them for about 5 years now with unsuccessful attempts to get financially free and break free for good..... way longer than I should. Possibly getting cPTSD working at an incredibly toxic job didn't help which put me into a sort of depressive freeze mode I would like to get out of also. I realized though in the past few months due to my father's antics getting worse and worse and realizing my mother has been enabling him all along, especially after he accidently drove into opposing lanes during a heavy rainstorm with all of us in the car coming home from a restaurant since he was speeding and my suggestion to take his keys away her saying "Well, he's very hard to talk to. What am I supposed to say?" and other kinds of chaos narcs create daily I need to get a job and get out of here for good. For myself and my sanity. In addition to getting into therapy when I can finally afford it.
My long term goal is to travel the world and possibly teach English. But right now I need to get my money together since financial freedom is the only way to break free from them beside going no contact.
Something holding me back though is the fear of falling into the hands of another narc boss and thinking what if this happens or I run out of money and become homeless? Or even just practically what do I say about my resume gap, recognize a good workplace and not let bieng nervous/ anxious on interviews? (I used to actually look forward to them but now I dread them) I think these 'what ifs" are my father's fear mongering propoganda about the "big bad scary real world" though which I know is BS but it's still holding me back from appying to jobs and just getting out of here.
How can I overcome this feeling of being hopelessly stuck with them forever and get going? Or if other people here experienced this how'd you overcome it? It's especially difficult since narc parents don't support us becoming independent adults, don't teach us skills or even sabotage us trying to move out.
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2023.03.20 23:32 Evening-Pilot-737 I am too bad in finding good stock images, or isn't it my fault?

I have this client, who has usually just some minor "update" jobs for me. It's a restaurant, they need to update menus etc once in a while.
Now they wanted me to create a poster for their gifts cards.
They can't provide any pictures. They just have some for their website. They don't want to hire a photographer or an illustrator (they cost money, imagine that). They had custom made illustrations for their stuff years ago, but they lost the files and don't like their corporate style anymore anyway.
Now I am supposed to create this poster without any pictures whatsoever. "Be creative", the client says. What I am supposed to do?
I am not an illustrator myself, so the only option is to buy stock images, but they can only be cheap (client pays of course).
But I can't actually find any good pictures at all.
I mean, I can't use any images about restaurants in general, because it's not the same room. I could use some images about happy people getting gifts, but they are usually not available at "cheap" stock platforms. I could use pictures about food in general, but it always looks wrong: they don't have the right "corporate" plates on the table, they eat wrong food, it just looks wrong.
I have no idea if I am just too bad in finding stock images or is it just a dumb project?
I know that in a perfect world, they would hire a photographer or an illustrator. But I don't know, is this even normal for an average project? I worked in an agency before, and we had big clients and they actually only bought stock footage and let that photoshopped for thousands of bucks, because it was just ever so slightly cheaper than a photoshoot. We searched day and night for stock images in this agency. But they had the budget, I mean a photoshoot might have cost 10,000 bucks for this big client, so if we could photoshop some stuff together for 9,000 bucks, they rather wanted to do that (we had to fight against the cringe-ness).
Is it normal that you need to create deliverables without any pictures? Or what am I supposed to do here?
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2023.03.20 23:32 Tillmedic Bunch of Questions.

3 person family going on the Fantasy in October. All 3 adults, no kids.
Is there any way to get Wifi on the ship that you don’t have to pay for?
May be a stupid question but for the Adult only rooms you don’t have to show ID do you? I’m 21 and I’m not going to be bringing or drinking alcohol at all. I just don’t want be be around screaming kids.
So all the little cafes, buffets and outside food places (not bars) are free? Just not the indoor, sit down restaurants.
Anyone have a photo of the Standard 3-person Stateroom? I’m having trouble telling which kind of room I’m looking at when I look it up on Google. That’s the one we’re getting since the Deluxe is $400 extra.
Since we’re going on Fantasy, I saw on the Menu “Ships” page saying “AFT helpers”. I know AFT means back of the boat but whats an aft helper?
I don’t have a fish extender and doubt I’ll buy one. Are there any other gift exchange things like it?
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2023.03.20 23:32 mitchell-hart Huge take in LA! Dirk Diggler with 108km!

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2023.03.20 23:30 beginswithanx Itinerary Draft Check: Toyako and Sapporo with family

First draft of our 8 day trip over early August to Hokkaido. We’re a family of 5 (2 adults, 2 grandparents, one 4 year old). Everyone except grandparents live in Japan, one of us is fluent, two speak some Japanese, and the 4 year old is fluent but is… 4.
Goal is chilling, eating tasty things and some exploring at a slow pace (due to 4 year old). Mainly excited to go north during August. Not renting a car, will either use public transport or some taxis (due to grandparents and kid).
I tend to try and plan a dinner each day (which can get swapped to lunch) just to hit some key food moments. But otherwise we keep everything flexible. Resort hotel has food taken care of, so don’t really need to plan that. And there will be ice cream every day due to 4 year old and Hokkaido milk!
August 1 (Tuesday) Fly from Tokyo to New Chitose Airport Train to Toyako and check in at resort hotel.
August 2 (Wednesday) Resort hotel in Toyako. Chill at hotel, play in pool, explore lakeside art and walking path Fireworks at night!
August 3 (Thursday) Resort hotel in Toyako Uzusan Ropeway Fireworks at night!
August 4 (Friday) Train to Sapporo Settle into hotel Beer Museum, play at Hop Park, dinner at Beer Garden
August 5 (Saturday) Takino Suzuran Park or Susukino Festival? Kid would love the park, but it is a bit farther away and I think the festival is going on that weekend.
Kaisendon dinner
August 6 (Sunday) Flower fields— Farm Tomita? It’s a bit of a big day trip, but we really want to see those huge flower fields!
Dinner at hotel (farm to table restaurant) likely due to being exhausted from big day trip.
August 7 (Monday) AM: Moerenumakoen PM: pack and chill
Ramen dinner
August 8 (Tuesday) Return to Tokyo
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2023.03.20 23:30 SoleSurvivor893 Thoughts on his future performances?

I understand and support his decision to not tour anymore, however do we have any idea on whether he will perform future shows outside of England? I know his manager mentioned that if he did perform live it would be a residency in a specific place. But does anyone think there is a possibility he would stay in a place like New York for a week or two, then a few months later in a place like LA for a short time? Or do y’all think he would probably only perform for special events or in England?
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2023.03.20 23:30 RainbowForHire Can they make me come in for my paycheck?

I've been receiving direct deposit paychecks since I started at this restaurant which I am now leaving. They told me that if I want my last paycheck, I have to come in and pick it up (no doubt so they can grill me more on things that led to me quitting). Can they do this? What if I, hypothetically, moved and could no longer reasonably get there?
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2023.03.20 23:28 zanonhgh56 Elisabetta Canalis è rimasta in buoni rapporti con Brian Perri dopo la rottura: le immagini che lo provano -

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2023.03.20 23:27 calinative07 Extra $5 on batches today!

In LA I was chilling in the lot with many of my fellow shoppers, orders on the screen going ignored…all for $10 or less, or far away…then all of a sudden we see a ping extra $5 per batch until 5pm…is this happening anywhere else? P.s the extra $5 isn’t helping much.
I think the batches with the $5 promo should be the minimum we see normally….then go up from there with the promos, tips etc.
Is instacart getting the hint that no one will drive 1miles for $12? 😂 Are they getting complaints from customers asking where are their orders?
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2023.03.20 23:26 afuf7z7yffh Elisabetta Canalis è rimasta in buoni rapporti con Brian Perri dopo la rottura: le immagini che lo provano -

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2023.03.20 23:26 Historical-World-537 Profile evaluation (non-traditional background)

I'm targeting schools in the DC area (married and spouse has a career). I'm curious about what you think my chances are at these programs:
  1. UMD (I think it would be a waste of time to apply) - IDEAS rank 22
  2. Georgetown (top pick) - 52
  3. GWU (I'd be happy with this) - 86
  4. GMU (not sure if I'd actually go. Anecdotally, I know a few people who went here they currently aren't doing research) - 97
  5. American University (I like the placements, so I'd probably accept despite the rank) - 251
End goal would be to do research a think tank, global finance institution, or work in industry
Undergrad: Econ (4.0 GPA) - average liberal arts college
Masters: Masters in applied stats (4.0 GPA) - low rank public university (this was a non-rigorous terminal degree, no real research component. I just did it during the pandemic because my employer paid for it)
Math: Calc 1-3, LA, DE (all A's)
Stats: Business Stats 1 & 2, regression, design of experiments, categorical data analysis, time series, machine learning (all A's)
Programming skills: pretty good at R, Python, SAS, SQL
Relevant experience: 3 years at a federal statistical agency (just production, no research)
GRE: 170 (good at these kind of tests)
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2023.03.20 23:26 Upstairs-Argument-92 Critique would be helpful, and also appreciated

This is just the intro, and the 1st chapter of the book I'm working on, I'm going for a adventure/supernatural kind of thing, I haven't asked many people to read what I have so far, so I was hoping I could get some help here, thank you, and enjoy what I think I'm gonna name Lineage of Sin

A human can do many things, some good, some bad, but they cannot comprehend the world that was given to them by god, but the men and women we’ll be talking about are not of this world, nor were they created by god. Well, I can’t say they are just men and women, they are more than that, I suppose you could call them beings of sorts. Powerful beings, so powerful their very own birthplace couldn't contain them, the pits of hell itself.
Chapter 1: Friendly Reunion
A man is walking down the streets of New York City, he was someone you would notice if you walked past him, his outfit was slightly unusual, but he was well-dressed. He wore a big black coat with fur on his sleeves and on his collar, underneath he wore a white dress shirt over a gray vest and a black dress jacket, with black tailored pants with gray dress shoes, Unusual looking rings on each of his finger on his left hand, and a large black briefcase with a white inlay in his right, and long white hair that went past his shoulders. The man was walking to his favorite restaurant, five-star of course, he had a craving for meat. The man hardly had a care in the world, just thinking about whatever he desired, but while lost in thought he managed to notice something that didn’t belong. Something he was hoping to avoid during his stay in New York, he realized he was being followed. The man realized he probably won't be able to make his reservation on time, so he looked through the corner of his eyes to see who or what was following him. A man dressed in formal attire, as if he is a lawyer, or an important company's Ceo, but the man knew better, he knew he wasn’t some average joe you’d see on the street. The man looked around his surroundings, he walked towards an alley he spotted on his right, the strange man continued to chase after him down to the alley, but when he looked down the alley there was no one there. The stalker carefully, yet casually walked down the alley, the stalker was worried he would be discovered, so he wanted to end his business quickly, he walked down to the end of the alley, nothing but overfilled garbage cans. The alleyway was a deadend, so he assumed that he may have climbed out of the alley, but he doubted it since there wasn’t much time for the man to do so, he was starting to to believe that he actually climbed out of the alley, since he was nowhere in sight. He decided to turn back around to continue to search for the man he was tasked with stalking. As soon as he reached the entrance to the alley, he heard the sound of rocks, rocks falling on the ground. He turned around to face the man he was stalking, who was standing in a hole in the ground. “You were hiding underground? What are you, a mole?” The stalker mockingly said. “More demon than mole, really. You smell human, but I sense a strong flow of magic coming off you, are you a mage?” The man questioned the stalker, hoping he could find the reason why someone sent a magic user to follow him. He had few people in mind who would do this, but he knew none of them had a reason to do it, so he will have to question the stalker to answer the questions he needs to know. “I’m a Conjuration Mage, a fairly good one, if I do say so myself, and I’ve been charged with escorting you to my employer.” The man sighed, he scratched the back of his head a couple times, it appeared to be a nervous habit, which is very unbecoming for someone like him. “Well, I guess it can’t be helped, you should know the chances of you making it out alive are pretty low, nothing against you, of course, I just think maybe we can both agree that I’m far stronger than you, that is of course, if you know who I am.” the stalker tsked, he had loosened his tie, so that he may toss it onto the ground. “Do I know who you are? You are one of the seven deadly sins, Mammon, the sin of greed, correct?” The man known as Mammon softly cackled, almost like a maniac, but more subtle, more like the craziness is under control, yet slowly leaking out. “Yes, you know who I am, but I don’t know who you are, you told me you’re a mage, but that isn’t a identity, that is a affiliation, and besides, I can tell just by looking into your eyes, that you take no pride in being a mage, you desire more than that, you want to be stronger, you want to be the strongest mage of all, an archmage.” The stalkers eyes widened, he had never told anyone his one true desire, the last time an archmage was alive was nearly 3,000 years ago, but he had read books upon books on how to become an archmage, but it all pointed nowhere, he has been trying to become an archmage for almost 20 years, but has failed in every attempt, granted that even if you trained your entire life to become a archmage, the chances of you achieving it are incredibly low, it requires true talent to become an archmage, but there just aren’t any genius around anymore. “It appears you aren’t called the sin of greed for nothing, you know exactly what my heart desires, what I have yearned for all my life, and my name is Samuel, Samuel the Golem Tamer.” Mammon whistled, as if he was impressed. “If you specialize in golems, than all that training to become an archmage wasn’t all for nothing, the last time I saw a mage who was actually good at controlling golems was about a thousand years ago, controlling one golem is immensely difficult on its own, but judging the quantity of magic I sense from you,you can control at least three of them at once, but I’m guessing they’re size is smaller than a normal golem.” “It’s like you can read my mind, yes your right, I can summon up to three at a time, but the size of them isn't all that impressive, so that's why I’m just going to make one big one to subdue you, I’m not ignorant enough to underestimate someone like you, a sin I mean.” Samuel had studied more than your usual mage, he knew very well who the seven deadly sins are, Lucifer the proud, Satan the furious, Leviathan the jealous, Beelzebub the voracious, Belphegor the indolent, Asmodeus the lascivious, and finally Mammon the avaricious, that is the demon that stands before this human mage, and he is also one of the five founder demons of hell. At the beginning of creation,god first made heaven, and then the earth, and finally he decided to create hell, but what god did not expect was that he would not be the only creator that day, out of some unknown source hell itself created the five founder demons, Satan, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Mammon, and Belphegor, one of the benefits the founder demons discovered is that when they gained the powers of hell, or dark magic, they gained the power of the five elements, Mammon is the soil of hell, or also known as the earth, meaning he has complete mastery of earth magic, which is how he helped humans discover and mine gold, that is also how he was hiding in the ground, but when god learned that his own creation would follow his example, he was impressed and decided to let them be, later on these demons would consist of the majority of the seven deadly sins, Lucifer and the Leviathan would later be exiled to hell, after Lucifer rebelled against hell, with the Leviathan aiding him, god left the seven of them alone, he believed that they would figure something out on their own, and they all fought to see who would reign over hell, Lucifer ended up being the winner by a small margin, but what should be mentioned is that Mammon and Satan, the sin of greed and wrath, did not participate in this bout, they thought it would be a waste of time, but if the two of them did join that fight, the winner might not have been Lucifer, It may have been one of the two who did not participate for the thrown of hell, but we will never know for sure, but regarding all that, the demon who is standing infront of this human mage, is more far powerful than he realized. Mammon had walked towards Samuel, his left hand in his pocket, his right holding on to his, what appeared to be a briefcase, while he was walking towards him, Samuel had recited an incantation, when he had finished a barrier appeared at the entrance to the alley, leaving no way to escape, Samuel had done this for two reasons, one was to hide themselves from normal humans, on the other side of the barrier is an illusion, showing no one standing in that alley, when regular humans learn that a mage and a demon clashing in a small alley, there tends to be a bit of a panic, the second reason was to shorten the moves Mammon could make, he could not retreat or try to hold a human as a hostage, of course Samuel didn’t know that Mammon wouldn't have done either of them, he wouldn’t want to waste time like that, he decided to let it be and just let him continue with the whole good samaritan thing, letting him think he was helping people. “Mammon, I told you I specialize with summoning golems, which I do, but what I did not tell you that these are the golems of the ancients, a elemental golem, but I took that old magic and added something else to it, the fusion of elements.” Mammon had ceased his advancement, so he decided to jump back a couple steps, with an excited, yet slightly nervous grin on his face. “I summon a golem made of water and lighting, with the earth as its base.” He gripped his wrist with his left hand, he raised it to the sky, then slammed it onto the ground, which formed a magic circle, and what came from it was a golem, made of rocks, infused with the power of water and lighting, a good way to subdue someone, a good shock could knock one out, so long as they aren’t human, if they weren’t they would surely die, but despite being a golem with more than one element, the size of it completely towered over a small building, to the point that it could hardly fit in the alley. “Your golem seems a bit cramped, since I’m nice I’ll help it out.” Mammon placed his hand on the ground, the space between the two buildings that made up the alley had expanded, he had shifted the earth under the buildings to expand the space of the alley. Samuel seemed surprised, it was the first time he’d seen the earth move buildings, so who could blame him? But he did not let that make him drop his guard, he knew who he was fighting, he knows that he could be killed, he commanded the golem to attack Mammon, the golem swung its arms around, splashing water in every direction, Mammon, however, stomped his foot on the ground, causing a pillar of earth to shield him from being splashed. Samuel had forced the golem to turn it up a notch, to where the golem was shooting a condensed ray of water at him, causing the pillar t quickly erode and collapse, while the water beam had managed to hit him, he seemed fine, his clothes were soaked, which appeared to make him lose his temper, he swung his arm over in front of his body, and like magic, his clothes were dried, after he fixed his outfit, the golem had launched an assault of lighting magic in his direction, even though he himself was not drenched in water, the ground was, and with water being a good conductor for electricity, shocked Mammon to a extreme extent, if it wasn’t a demon standing in the middle of that, any other being would have been vaporized. Samuel had canceled his spell, in which made the golem fall apart, leaving nothing but rocks soaked in water, with electrical sparks coming from it, Samuel who seemed tired from using a large quantity of magic, managed to limp himself over to Mammon, who was lying on the ground, completely motionless, Samuel had assumed that he was unconscious, only to discover after he knelt to the ground to confirm it, that Mammon was not unconscious, he was faking it to lure him closer and make drop his guard, and as Samuel tried to back away, Mammon plunged his hand into his stomach, and piercing it clean through, he pulled his arm out which was soaked in blood, when he then cleaned it the same way he dried his clothes after the golem had drenched him. As Samuel was about to collapse to the ground, left to bleed out, and die, Mammon had grabbed him by shoulders, setting him against the wall, where he then sat next to him, hoping he could chat with him slightly longer, before he will ask him who his so-called employer is, Samuel does not have long left in this world, as one would expect after a hole was left in there stomach, for humans at least, Mammon had placed a magic circle on his fatal wound, causing it to slow the bleeding, to keep him around slightly longer, he didn’t want him to die mid-conversation, that would just be rude. “H-how did y-you resist the electrical shock? I didn’t hold back against you, I put just about everything into that.” While gasping for air, he wanted to know what made him fail, what led to him with a hole in his gut, while talking to a demon. “I am one of the seven deadly sins, unlike normal demons, I can’t just possess someone so easily, there are two conditions if one of the sins wants to possess someone, one, they must permit them to possess, like how angels do it, and the second is that they have to be part human, a sin cannot possess someone if they are human, just part human at least.” “So? What is the guy you are possessing?” He asked out of pure curiosity. “His name was Victor, and he is a Homunculus, a human that has been altered with alchemy, and since his whole body has been altered with a fusion of science and magic, this body is magic proof, sure you can place a spell on this body, but you can't harm it with magic.” After he finished explaining himself, he reached into a pocket inside of his coat, he pulled out a box of matches and pulled out what appeared to be a joint. It's better than cigarettes, but it’s a bad habit nonetheless. When Samuel saw him smoking it he chuckled. “I wouldn’t have pegged you for a smoker, marijuana no less.” “Are you kidding me? This is by far my favorite of humanity's creations, the only thing I hate about this thing is that I didn’t discover it, I would have killed to take credit for this, but as soon as I smoked this I was head over heels for it.” Samuel and Mammon laughed, almost as if they were long time friends, but Mammon knew the spell he placed on him wouldn't last any longer, so he decided to stop beating around the bush and start being serious. “You said that you would escort me to your employer, but I don’t suppose you know who and where this employer is?” Samuel sighed. “I didn’t get a name, but I did get a location I was supposed to leave you at, and in return he would give me a journal, the journal of Solomon, who was an archmage, and I was sure that I might be able to become one with it, but I’ll never know now.” Mammon had looked at him perplexed, he then thought to himself and then realized who was the mysterious employer. He let go of his briefcase he was holding with his right hand, and rubbed the ring on his middle finger on his left hand, and suddenly a black portal appeared, he reached into it and pulled out a book, the portal closed after his hand was out and he tossed the book over to Samuel. “That is the journal of Solomon, I bet your employer would have just gave you a knock-off, and regrettably it doesn’t tell you how to become an archmage, it’s just filled with him complaining about his responsibilities, don’t get me wrong, he was an archmage, but he was also a manchild, I too thought it would contain some juicy information, but nothing.”Samuel flipped through the pages in the journal, and Mammon was right, nothing but useless garbage, he placed the journal on the ground and looked to Mammon. “Thanks for being honest.” After his final words, thanking the one who killed him, he drew his final breath, while facing the sky, which he had hoped to reach with his own strength, but all things must come to an end. Mammon stood up, turning around to face Samuel once more, he had almost regretted killing him, but what's done is done, he flicked the joint out of his hands and faced the shadows of the alley. “I’m curious to know how you knew where I was, I thought I was being careful, wouldn't you agree, Mephistopheles? From the shadows of the alley, a man emerged from the dark, a man who appeared to be somewhere in his mid 60’s, but his look was more than just intimidating, mid-length gray hair, wore formal attire, similar to the outfit Samuel wore. His facial expression and the glare from his eyes said that you do not want to engage with him. “I would, if you hadn’t killed him, if you didn’t I wouldn't have found you, sin of greed, Mammon.” “Well it’s his own fault, wait a moment, now that I think about it, why was a human mage, out of all the creatures on earth, following me?’’ “He was cheaper, and more ignorant than the other mages I spoke to, so I placed a tracking spell on him, in case he died, and it appears he did, as well as stall for time.’’ Mammon had been annoyed about what he said about Samul, but he stopped caring as his suspicions grew of Mephistopheles, he wanted to know why this dangerous demon had a mage follow him, and try to kidnap him. “Stall, for what, exactly?” The tension between the two of them was thicker than steel, so tense that no one would dare step between them. “Why her, of course.” Mammon had felt a sting on his neck, he knelt to the ground, he pulled what was jabbed into his neck out, two vials with red stains in them, it appeared to be blood, but it had such a draining effect on him. He turned around so that he may see who just stabbed him in the neck, a woman with long scarlet red hair, wearing plain clothes, such as a hoodie with jeans and an old pair of sneakers on. “My, oh my, didn’t know you have such a bland taste of fashion, my little lustful Asmodeus, by the way, the hell is this stuff? It’s giving me a headache.” “Bland? I’ll have you know I'm quite comfortable, maybe you should follow my lead and try to fit in, I would be able to tell it’s you just by your outfit, also that stuff I pumped into you, is the blood of a priest, turns out it’s very harmful to demons, the blood of a priest won't kill you, but it can at least knock out a demon on your level .” First of all, I’m comfortable and stylish as well, hell, second of all, what do you want? I highly doubt the two of you, out of all the demons in hell, would team up just because you missed me, s-something important g-going down? As he was trying to act calm and keep his composure in check, the blood finally hit him, and his vision became blurry, the only thing he could do was listen to Asmodeus. “Yes, something is going down, and we’re gonna need the help from the rest of the sins.”
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2023.03.20 23:25 _v_2saccvg Elisabetta Canalis è rimasta in buoni rapporti con Brian Perri dopo la rottura: le immagini che lo provano -

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2023.03.20 23:25 afuf7z7yffh Elisabetta Canalis è rimasta in buoni rapporti con Brian Perri dopo la rottura: le immagini che lo provano -

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2023.03.20 23:23 10throwawayantsy How to help friend with ED? TW

My friend we will call Jana has really disordered eating. She used to be blatantly bulimic(apparently not anymore), now she is just disordered. We are in our 20s btw.
Jana had a myriad of random health problems that don't make sense, like random kidney infections, acid reflux, severe facial bloating even though she isn't overweight, random muscle pain, idk. Chronic issues. She's unhealthy.
Here is what she does not eat:
  1. Gluten (at all), so no bread or pasta
  2. Soy (she is "allergic" but this means she will get a pimple)
  3. Any kind of meat because it's "too heavy"
  4. Chickpeas/beans
  5. Most dairy, until recently
  6. Bananas/avocados (for a time period)
I will say, Jana definitely binges in secret, because while she isn't overweight, she's not underweight. What that food is, I don't know.
Jana won't notify events of her dietary restrictions and gets upset when when they don't have food catered towards her, she gets upset that a restaurant "doesnt have options for her" before she even looks at the menu. Jana talks about her dietary restrictions/mostly-made up allergies once every other hour, it's almost an obsessive topic of conversation for her. I say mostly made up because it may be an intolerance, but definitely nothing more. She doesn't have an EpiPen, coeliacs, or any other kind of serious disease.
It's extremely annoying to travel or go anywhere with Jana to a degree, because she self-restricts and gets upset that she's hungry and can't eat. I don't know what to do. It's also just really unfortunate because her body keeps malfunctioning, in my opinion, to tell her she's grossly unhealthy, and she's blatantly ignoring it
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2023.03.20 23:23 titritmoroccotours 6 days imperial cities of morocco tour

Day 1: Casablanca-Meknes-Volubilis-Fes
You will be met on arrival at Casablanca airport or at your hotel and then driven the short distance to Casablanca, Morocco's largest city and the modern, economic capital. here you'll be welcome to enter the impressive Hassan II Mosque, one of the largest in the world and one of only two in the country that allow access to non-Muslims. In the afternoon, you will travel west towards Fes, stopping off at Meknes and Volubilis. Meknes, surrounded by vineyards and rich arable land, is an important, historic, Imperial city of the Sultan Moulay Ismail of the 17th and 18th centuries. Here you can see the mausoleum of Moulay Ismail himself, the Bab Mansour gate with its beautiful zellij mosaics and marble pillars, and the Sahrij Soanni Bassin, a huge reservoir that supplies the city and the Imperial gardens. Next, are the nearby Roman ruins of Volubilis dating from the first century BC and you'll be able to walk through the Triumphal Arch and see many beautifully preserves mosaic floors depicting scenes from the Roman myths. Then onward to Fes, through fertile valleys in the foothills between the Rif and Atlas Mountain ranges. arriving in the early evening to check into your traditional riad in the heart of the ancient, medieval medina where you will stay in B&B overnight.
Day 2: Investigating Fantasic Fes
After a traditional breakfast in your riad, it will be time to explore the cultural capital of Morocco, the ancient medina (old city) of Fes, passing though its narrow, winding alleyways among the hustle and bustle, donkeys and horses, the exotic sights and smells of a working, medieval city; the largest urbanized pedestrian area in the world. Here you can see the delicious fresh fruit piled high, mountains of aromatic spices and intricate. You will visit the famous traditional tanneries and to the Al Qaraouine university which is the oldest in the world. In the afternoon, after a satisfying lunch in an authentic Moroccan restaurant in the heart of the medina, Your journey will continue with a visit of the Jewish quarter, the King's Palace, ceramic factory and the Merenid Tombs, perched on a hillside overlooking the medina and providing a breathtaking panoramic view of the old city. Then you will return to your riad home for the night.
Day 3: Fes - Middle Atlas Mountains - Sahara Desert
Following breakfast, it's off to Ifrane, a charming Alpine-styled, chalet filled town, nestling prettily in the mountains and known as the " Switzerland of Morocco", Catching tantalising glimpses of both the Middle and High Atlas mountains as you yourselves ascend into them, you'll next stop at Azrou, "The Rock" in the local Berber language, a lovely village in the heart of the magnificent cedar forests, the most extensive in the country. Here live the Barbary Apes, actually a type of macaque monkey, who may steal your lunch. As you get nearer to Merzouga, your destination for the night, you will see a gradual change in the landscape as the desert begins to creep in. On we go, through the mountain pass of Tizi Ntalghamt to Midelt and then through the verdant Ziz valley, carved by a river through volcanic rock. There will be plenty of stops for photo opportunities along the route. Passing through quaint Berber mountain villages and then the larger settlements of Erfoud and Rissani you will come to the village of Merzouga during the evening to spend the night in a Kasbah/hotel where dinner and breakfast are provided as well as delicious, hot, sweet, mint tea on your arrival. Very refreshing.
Day 4: A Camel Trek and a Night Camping in the Sahara
First, a sumptuous breakfast and then a chance to visit the village of Khamlia and interact with the Gnawa, the local people who are descended from slaves brought to Morocco from the Sudan. They have a unique lifestyle and they will play their delightful, traditional music for you. Later you'll get the chance to explore Rissani, the original home of the Alaouites who created a dynasty and are still the ruling royal family in Morocco to this day. Rissani is a walled town, or ksar, with numerous high towers and has a large open nomad market. Then you will be driven back to Merzouga, where your camel awaits! An experienced professional guide will take you on an unforgettable ninety minute camel trek through the shifting desert sands and ergs (dunes). After you arrive at your desert camp you will have the opportunity to watch a spectacular sunset over the glittering desert dunes. It's the wonder of camping in the desert tonight, where the stars are so numerous and so bright that you really feel that you could just reach out and touch them. Dinner and overnight in a berber camp.
Day 5: The Gorgeous Gorges of Todra - Ouarzazate
An early start, as you are awoken to experience the splendour of the sun rising over the sand dunes, then you will ride your camel gently back to a hotel for breakfast, during which ride, you cannot fail to notice the shifting and changing of the shadows cast by the dunes, lengthening and shrinking as the day progresses. After breakfast, the journey to Ouarzazate begins with a drive through the 300 metre deep canyon of the Todgha Gorges cut through the easternmost tip of theHigh Atlas Mountains where you can enjoy some hiking around the pretty village of Tinghir. The Tinghir and Todgha gorges are the highest and narrowest in Morocco and, some would say, the most beautiful. The next stop is "Rose City" the Berber town of Kelaat Mgouna, where every year, usually in mid-May (though the times may vary), at rose harvest time, there is a celebration of the Festival of Roses. This provides an opportunity for the local growers to meet up ans sell their wares, most notably rose water which will leave your clothes, body and bed linen smelling sweetly long after it is applied. After this you will travel on to the fertile oasis of Skoura, surrounded by huge groves of palm trees with stunning views of the mighty Atlas mountains. Finally, you'll finish your day with an evening arrival in Ouarzazate where you will enjoy your dinner and stay overnight in an hotel.
Day 6: Rose City - Kasbahs - Marvelous Marrakech
After a hearty breakfast explore the film sets and studios of Ouarzazate, "Africa's Hollywood" whose astonishing scenery and topography have lured some of the world's leading film-makers and directors to make use of the landscape. These are the most famous and largest film studios in all of the African continent. You may visit the studio museum where you can see props and other items of interest from films such as "Gladiator", "The Mummy" and "Indiana Jones" as well as parts of the popular TV series "Game of Thrones". Afterwards, you will visit Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah, the biggest in Morocco. Take a stroll to explore the traditional Moroccan architecture that composes the kasbah, home to the Glaoui people, descendants of one of the last great Berber chieftains, Et Hami El Glaoui who ruled in the 18th century. This central region of the country is vibrant and exciting and surely one of the most romantic areas of Morocco, huddled between fertile, green river valleys with their extensive palmeries and burnished red mud-brick houses, roasting under the blazing Moroccan sun in dazzling colours beneath an azure sky. Then it's time to continue on your journey, through the astounding Tizi n'tichka Pass, over two and a half kilometres above sea-level, along twisting, turning mountain roads dotted with picturesque Berber villages until you reach Marrakech. The tour ends when you are safely deposited at your hotel or riad.
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2023.03.20 23:22 HedgeHagg Beer in your house?

We had a get together for St. Patrick’s Day, my husband and I made a gluten free spread. I asked guests not to bring anything because I’m nervous about having people consume gluten in my house that don’t understand Celiac. I mentioned prior to the party via text that we are essentially gf in the home.
My brother brought beer, and I got scared. I didn’t realize that I got a little uppity with him according to my husband, (I apologized to my brother for this afterward), and requested that the beer be drunk from the cans and to please let me know if it spilled anywhere so I could clean it sufficiently.
The next day my mother came over and attempted to call me out on being extreme with my restrictions and concerns about cross contamination, under the guise of “trying to learn”. She would not believe that I couldn’t safely eat at her house and was almost rude saying things like, “so you can never eat in restaurants again?” And “you trust a restaurant that claims to take allergies seriously over your own mother?” I felt awful, defeated and was left questioning myself, my intelligence and my understanding of celiac. I’m newly diagnosed and I’m sure she’s grieving too, and probably sad thinking that she can never feed her child again.
What do you all think? I guess I’m questioning my level of protecting myself from gluten.
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2023.03.20 23:21 KeithAuditore99 El mimado de la familia

Así está la cosa y necesito desahogarme, actualmente tengo 23 años (24 en unos meses) y uno de mis hermanos menores cumplirá 15 el mes que viene. Durante años tanto mi madre como mi abuela materna me han echado en cara que por ser el hermano tengo dar el ejemplo, que tengo que ser como su padre, yo siempre estuve en contra porque solo soy el hermano y esa responsabilidad no me corresponde (antes era el del medio pero mis hermanos mayores murieron hace muchos años). A ellas las quiero mucho y me gustaría decir que me llevo muy bien con ellas, pero estaría mintiendo, la relación es... regular, pues discutimos de vez en cuando hasta llegar el punto que la gran mayoría de las veces me tachan de malcriado, malagradecido y falta de respeto, yo digo las cosas tal y como son pero ellas se empeñan en callarme, que no me dijeron que hablara, y todo termina en una acalorada discusión hasta llegar al punto en que mi madre me echó de casa en una ocasión
En cuanto a mi hermano de casi 15 años (lo llamaré Willy), siempre le tuve cierto aprecio pero siempre es un maldito hipócrita, siempre ha sido el consentido, el "chiquito maltratado" por 2 de sus hermanos, cada cosa que decía o hacía (hasta lo más insignificante) se lo contaba a ellas y yo terminaba en problemas, no podía hablar con nadie porque ya creía que estaba hablando mal de él e iba directo a acusarme, cada palabra que sale de su boca se la creían. Yo siempre he sido alguien carismático, alegre y con una facilidad para hacer reír a la gente aunque cometí errores en mi adolescencia como decirle a mi tío materno que no es mi padre. La noche en que le dije eso estábamos discutiendo y yo estaba muy enojado con él, con mi madre y con mi abuela (mi papá biológico es un tremendo hijo de puta, manipulador, ladrón y asesino, pero mi abuelo materno siempre fue el padre que necesitaba y lo adoraba, pero cuando le dije eso a mi tío no había pasado ni medio año desde que mi abuelo falleció), después de eso me disculpé
Reconozco mis errores y me disculpo si lastimé a alguien pero Willy es el resultado de una aventura que tuvo mi madre con un ex novio y mi madre lloró cuando supo que estaba embarazada; a mí nunca me importó que Willy sea medio hermano pero se ha pasado de la raya, ha asegurado que estoy orgulloso de tener el apellido del desgraciado de mi padre cuando la realidad es todo lo contrario, y le dije la verdad, le dije que no se preocupara por eso porque él es medio hermano por parte de mamá. Ahí ardió troya porque todos se me vinieron encima (no literalmente), les expliqué que no fue por hacer daño, sino para aclarar y admito que fui un vago en cuanto al estudio porque aún debo un examen de bachillerato y mis otros 2 hermanos menores son universitarios pero al menos volví a retomar los estudios y tengo varios títulos por los cursos que he llevado
Willy es como Percy Weasley y los que leyeron los libros de Harry Potter saben que fue uno de los personajes más odiados. Willy me ha echado en cara que al menos él sigue estudiando y que tendrá un muy buen trabajo, que al menos no es un nini y que yo no soy ni hermano ni familiar suyo; me lo ha dicho en más de una ocasión hasta por lo más insignificante, si me siento cerca de él durante el almuerzo o la cena se va a comer a otra parte, siempre me ignora, siempre anda con aires de superioridad, si yo ando bromeando con alguien ellas me dicen que madure y que hago el ridículo, pero a Willy no le dicen nada, si hace escándalo como si estuviera en un carnaval y le pido que no haga tanto ruido me dice "Usted no me calla" o "Callese usted primero" y mi abuela y mi madre me dicen "Déjelo es solo un chiquito. Él es más maduro que vos y debería darte vergüenza que un chiquito de 14 años sea mucho más maduro"
Según ellas a los 4 nos quieren por igual, pero sé que no es así, Willy siempre ha sido el favorito y a sus ojos soy un acomplejado y un resentido con la vida. Son hipócritas, doble moral y su palabra palabra es la única verdad, las veces en que ellas me han defendido son muy contadas y me han comparado con mi papá varias veces y que soy una desilusión; por eso tengo mis propios principios, no soy hipócrita, soy leal, no me hago la víctima y si mi hermano Victor (nombre falso pero es el de 17 años) me cuenta algo o si mete la pata, yo trato de ayudarlo y no lo delato, a diferencia de Willy que es una rata traicionera. Para muchas cosas no confío en ellas, poco a poco me fui distanciando, siento desprecio por los hipócritas, los que se hacen la víctima, los que son doble moral y los que se creen mejor que uno solo por tener más estudios cuando son un asco de persona
Hasta he llegado a preocuparme por la novia que tendré algún día, porque a mí me gustan un poco mayores que yo (al menos unos 3 año, aunque también gustan las de mi edad y un poco más jóvenes) y sé que en el momento en que se enojen me restregaran en la cara solo seré mantenido por ella, que debería darme vergüenza si ella tiene más estudios que yo, etc. Sé perfectamente de lo que soy capaz de hacer si me provocan lo suficiente porque una vez que discutimos, Victor se metió en la discusión que tenía con mi mamá, me torció los dedos y mi reacción fue darle un izquierdazo (quedó con el cachete morado y un diente astillado) y no mentiré, lo disfruté; la expresión de Victor no tenía precio, se puso como loco a decirle a mi mamá que tenía que sufrir las consecuencias pero lo que más le jodió a él fue ver mi expresión de satisfacción
Yo nací con fuerza desmedida, por lo que para mí sería dar una palmada en la espalda, la otra persona lo sentiría como un buen golpe. Hace unas semanas discutí con mi mamá y no es la primera vez que me dice que si no me gusta como son las cosas, que me consiga un apartamento, y yo le dije que si me alcanzara el dinero lo habría hecho hace tiempo. Vi en su cara que eso le dolió y se sintió bien, rara vez me arrepiento de herirlas diciéndole las cosas tal y como son porque soy la clase de persona que sabe donde "apuñalar" a la hora de decir la verdad. Sé que si las cosas con Willy siguen así acabaremos llegando a los golpes y que yo ganaría porque, aunque él es un poco más alto que yo y presume ser muy fuerte y todo, yo sé pelear y cuento con la fuerza desmedida, sé que es posible que lo disfrute y que él acabará como Wilson Fisk después de la paliza que le dio Peter Parker en Spider Man: Back in Black
A estas alturas desconfío hasta de mi propia sombra, hasta debí grabar las cosas que me dice Willy solo porque le pido que no cierre la ventana (lo de que no soy ni hermano ni familiar suyo y todo eso). No es mi culpa que el bastardo viva resfriado, yo necesito que entre el viento porque hay momentos en que me cuesta respirar hasta por olores fuertes, pero a él le importa un carajo, y agarra el celular para decirle a mi mamá que lo ando amenazando, se pone matón y como siempre tengo tragarme esas ganas de golpearlo, reventarle la cara contra y ahorcarlo. De algo estoy seguro y es que cuando me mude solo iré para los cumpleaños, navidad y año nuevo, pero él no existe para mí
En cuanto a mi madre y mi abuela, estoy harto de que a él siempre lo defiendan sabiendo como es él, pero si Victor o yo nos sentimos mal por algo que él hizo o decimos lo que de verdad pasó terminamos siendo el hazme reír. Y tanto Victor como yo estamos muy de acuerdo en algo: sabiendo como es nuestra madre no nos sorprende que el infeliz de nuestro padre le haya visto la cara de idiota por más de 14 años
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2023.03.20 23:19 Chris2kN Ce parere aveti , sunteti de accord ?

O trebuit sa scriu referat din semnificatile iubirii si a tradarii , asta e ce am scris :
Ce înseamnă iubirea și tradarea pentru mine
Iubirea poate fi un simplu lucru care ne împinge, ne insipiră către un viitor mai bun sau ne îneca și ne distruge reducîndu-ne la niște forme la care nu ne-am așteptat niciodată sa fi ajuns.
Din punct de vedere biologic iubirea, în psihologie e fix opusul urii, care asemeni terminalelor unei baterii în creierul uman se grupeaza în grupuri de opuse.
Dacă ar fi să judec din perspectiva relațiilor dintre oameni, iubirea, este un sentiment schimbator**, o stare care** mai devreme sau mai târziu se va modifica,si va suferi un set de schimbari care va definitiva conexiunea dintre cei doi(sau mai mulți depinzînd de situație)oameni care se află într-o relație.
Se spune că iubirea ar dura doar câțiva ani după care oamenii se obijnuiesc unii cu alții și rutina de zi cu zi tinde sa ducă la o stare de pictiseală în relație, un punct al relațiilor în care acestea în din urma pot apărea certuri sau conficte de diferite feluri care fie poate duce la o ranfortare a relatiei sau la o despărțire dureroasa din care multe realții nu se mai pot recupera și duc la ceea ce se numește „dor”.
Iar legat de trădare, se bazează fie pe o rautate propriu-zisă sau pe fenomenul enumerat mai sus,plictiseala aceasta din relație, în care nu se mai întâmpla nimic și tandrețea se pierde, ajungîndu-se ca unul sau ambii parteneri să simtă ca au nevoie de ceva nou, de ceva mai bun, o posibilă nouă relație, cu cineva nou,necunoscut!
poate e o perspectiva cam trista , dar mno , neavand niciodata cu adevarat o prietena nu prea ma mai putut sa ma refer la cum e in viata de zi cu zi
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2023.03.20 23:18 SPECPOL Best bars/ locations around WDW hotels and Disney Springs to work out of

Coming down in a few months, and I have to work for a few days of the trip. Laptop, phonecalls, emails, some Teams meetings. I am used to working out of bars/cafes here at home so I don't mind restaurant noise. But I also don't want to be the jerk at a place that takes up a table for too long. I know the resorts have business centers (i will be staying at Yacht Club), but I specifically want to avoid those. Any places that make more sense to spend 2-3 hours at a time in? I'd love to snag an out of the way table at Raglan Road and camp out all day and drink while working, but I assume most places have a table time limit regardless of how much you are spending. Thoughts?
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2023.03.20 23:18 Girlpoops Warm, affordable cities that are easy to make friends in as a young adult?

Currently in Charleston, SC but grew up in South Florida. I make $50k a year and work remotely. More expensive places like NYC, LA, Miami, etc. are out of the question.
I am a Hispanic person and am looking for a more diverse area. Would prefer to stay in the southeast or at the very least not experience brutal winters like in the Midwest. Honestly, I'm a super lonely 25 y.o. in Charleston and want to move somewhere else to try to make friends.
My interests are dancing, edm, music events, singing, and reading, but really, I like to make friends with varied interests so it's not super important to me.
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