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2023.06.02 00:56 Swimming-Line-8041 First Error? Hopefully the last one.

First Error? Hopefully the last one.
I preloaded last night then about an hour before launch I got and Update notification. I click it and get an error message. Super disappointed.
Maybe it will go away after servers go live? idk
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2023.06.02 00:54 PoyuPoyuTetris Significance of certain Hints for lore and supposed secret rooms for Omega Mart?

So fam and I recently went to Omega Mart and loved as ARG and game fans. We completed the resistance path and understand the main story, but we would love for people who were able to try these things and those who plan to go to answer a few things!
Spoiler warning!
We just want to solve the mystery of the supposedly code that fans have yet to answer to find the hidden rooms as said in MEOWWOLF's interviews.

  1. I heard you can ask for more side missions (such as finding all mascots). Is there anything to be found from this lore wise? We didn't have time nor patience to do so due to how crowded it was and how people were pushing us all around.
  2. Does anyone think the purple glowing fridge is important? It is high lighted in so many training videos. It was locked with a literal pad lock and there was a sign on it saying out of order, but I wonder if this is a secret passage? I wonder if you ask an employee about putting a blue cone in front of this and a cuse cone in front of the melted products on the floor (difficult spill) would do anything, as the cones were a big part of the training.
  3. Does calling the number on the missing poster do anything? The line for the telephone booth was too long so we never ended up trying there. We called other numbers and got voice boxes, the most interesting ones being in the office near the source door. Even using the number in the TV ad of the TV in the office leads to a voice mail. However, the space was loud and we were being rushed by the people behind us, so we couldn't hear a lot of the messages nor could explore every phone number...I wish less people were in per session.
  4. Is the photo on the L'Omega drinks supposed to be Mr. Dram, if so, why? Mr. Dram (CEO) was in the source door as part of the ascended. Is this of any importance?
  5. Are the numbers on the factory walls of any importance? Can it be used to log in to the Omega Mart employee log in?
  6. The server farm in the DRAMCORP looks acessable even though a worker told us it is literally for crew only. The other crew only doors are blacked out. Why is the server room decorated if it is crew only? No boop cards work and it is only accessable by Omega Mart staff.
  7. Any significance of the bar in terms of Omega Mart lore?
  8. I read some where that the mascots (products with eyes and that are basically alive) were created to protect the source. Does this mean if there was a secret room/entrance that it could be near the produce and slushee area as there are many mascots there (such as the Ice chest)? I know the idea is there is more behind the source door, but I have no idea what can trigger that opening. I assume this area will open in an expansion, as the resistance route tells you there is more to come. Still, MEOWWOLF said there is a secret fan haven't found, so assuming there is rooms in addition to the source door expansion, where could it be?
  9. Not a question, but check out the gift store! Pretty cool! reading the instruction book in there revealed that most workers need to be robots because any thoughts of what you like can create things (mascots) from the source river. Workers must be thoughtless, as things you desire are made from the source. Explains why the boop profiles are androids.
  10. Not a qesution too, but shout out to Scientist Spore head (really tall scientist guy with long dirt blonde hair) and his assistant (side shaved green hair woman)! They had so much character without talking and even helped us understand the science behind the source and it's use of the human element. They were awesome. Wish we talked to them more to find more about the lore. Please talk to them if you see them!
I can not longer find the interview clip, but I think it was a part of Food Theory's videos (MatPat).
Anyway, please let us know if you found anything interesting even apart of this! We don't live in Nevada and don't visit often, so we would love to know what you find and how your experience was.

Purple freezer
purple freezer
The number?
Purple freezer with padlock
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2023.06.02 00:49 Augustus_B_McFee Looking for recommendations re retaining wall landscapers

I’ve had bad luck recently with getting quotes to landscape my back yard. Most recent experience has jaded me so much that I’ve decided to give up and do much of it myself. But I want the retaining wall to be done professionally (approx 14 metres in length, 60-80 cm in height.) I’m looking for recommendations for businesses servicing Adelaide metro area.
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2023.06.02 00:48 Barry_144 Help finding u-bolts for Winegard DS2000 mount

Help finding u-bolts for Winegard DS2000 mount
I'd appreciate help sourcing square u-bolts to fasten a Winegard DS2000 J mount flange to a 3" square pole. The U-bolts need to be approx. 3-5/8 inch center to center spacing between threaded bolt arms. I know somebody makes these bolts but can't for the life of me find them. Thanks for any help.
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2023.06.02 00:46 Ultim8_Lifeform Respect Clint Barton, Hawkeye! (Marvel Cinematic Universe)


"Clint. You should not be here."
"Really? I retire for, what, five minutes and it all goes to shit."
Clint Barton worked as one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s top agents for a number of years under the codename Hawkeye, being put on various assignments from keeping an eye on notable items like Mjolnir and the Tesseract to the mysterious Budapest mission where he recruit Natasha Romanov to S.H.I.E.L.D.. These experiences led to him becoming a founding member of the Avengers despite his own claims of just being a regular guy with a bow. Hawkeye worked with the Avengers for several years, from Ultron's attack to the superhero civil war that saw the group falling apart at the seams. However, his life as he knew it was snatched away after the invasion of Thanos, which saw 50% of all life in the universe being erased including Hawkeye's entire family. Hawkeye took up the alias of Ronin, a vigilante that roamed the globe in a vengeful rampage to kill the many criminals that had survived Thanos' snap. He eventually rejoined the Avengers after they discovered a way to bring back everyone that had been erased, but the guilt from what he had done as a result of his grief still weighed on him even after his family had been brought back. It wasn't until he met his future protégé Kate Bishop that Clint's faith in himself and his efforts as a superhero were restored.

Source Key


Av - The Avengers
AoU - The Avengers: Age of Ultron
CW - Captain America: Civil War
End - Avengers: Endgame

Other Sources

AI - The Avengers: The Avengers Initiative
OH - Avengers: Operation HYDRA
SM:HP - Spider-Man: Homecoming Prelude
H - Hawkeye (Disney+)








Fighting/Close Quarters


Trick Arrows
Pym Particles (Size Changing)


"Nice shot."
"Yeah, no shit."
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2023.06.02 00:44 JetGamez103 How do you keep yourself functioning

This might be a little long and boring sorry but I need help! For some context I'm 16 years old with like most of you a list of complications longer than my arm. My main problem is my period. It's 21 days and has me vommiting and passing out and has ruined my life. I've been dealing with abnormally severe periods since I was 9. The past two years my school attendance has been under 20%.
I love school unlike most kids. And I feel pretty caged by my body and even though I try not to, I sometimes wonder what I would be doing now if I wasn't sick. How much more accomplished I'd be and how average I'd be at the same time. I want to be an Innocent teenage girl like most.
I've been working for almost a year on a passion project doing research and advocating for teenage care in my country. I've completed and I also did my first year of part time college. I am doing a course in women's health. I want to leave here and go to somewhere with an ivy League school. I've got dreams and ambitions. I don't mean this in a conceited way but I feel like my intelligence is wasted in such a broken body.
I've been trying to get up and do things on bad days. Even if it means crawling around the floor for five minutes. But I just don't know what to do with myself now. I'm at a point where I'm waiting to hear back from people for my project. I can't seem to focus on reading. I don't like TV but I feel so bored. I'm stuck staring at the white walls of my room not wanting to be stuck to my phone. Not wanting to sleep all the time.
So what do you guys do on days where you can't get out of bed. Because I just want to feel productive and not like I'm wasting away my teenage life being nothing more than a sick kid.
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2023.06.02 00:38 Purple_Ad_8774 Need help: AC Coil Froze and water dripping throgh ceiling

Need help with my HVAC problem.
I received an alert from ECOBEE yesterday which basically said this. "For the past 4 hours your thermostat Main Floor detected that your home My Home has been calling for cool, but the room temperature has increased by 3.1 degrees."

I noticed condensation in the side walls of the AC unit and the condensation water was dripping through filter inside the duct.
The technician came today and found icing in coil(image in comment). Technician coming again tomorrow to check the outdoor unit as it was raining today) . I can wait for the AC to be fixed, but I am concerned about the condensation water dripping into AC duct.
Now I see water is dripping through a light fixture in 1st floor which is few feet away from where AC is mounted. I have collected about 3 cups of water which dripped through light fixture.

My questions are
  1. The water is dripping through light fixture in 1st floor ceiling - I was expecting to see water dripping through AC vent but not from light fixture. Does this mean something wrong with ductwork installation?
  2. The technician asked me to keep the fan running until tomorrow - I see more water dripping after the fan is running. Is this normal and OK?. By running the fan I think all the ICE is turning into water and increasing the dripping.
  3. Is this a big problem. How bad is this.? The AC will be fixed by warranty so I am not worried about AC but I am worried about water getting into ductwork. Is this a problem now or in future.? What should I ask warranty team. I called them and they said its no big deal as it will dry out once the AC is fixed and condensation stops.

Location Florida / New Construction / 6 month old installation / Carrier AC
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2023.06.02 00:35 Microuxys Buying a 60 Hz TV - is there a way to definitively check if it will drop down to 48 Hz for 24p playback?

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2023.06.02 00:35 demonsver Fuck incels but this is annoying as well

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2023.06.02 00:34 Ashamed_Session_2224 Grandfather wall mount clock

Grandfather wall mount clock
I bought a grandfather wall mount clock for $25 at the thrift store. I looked up the serial number and it is going online for $1,299. So excited. I don't know if I should try to sell or just keep it.
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2023.06.02 00:31 Agrolzur What did I see as a child?

So I have this really weird memory that I'm positive actually happened, even though I tried to convince myself it may have been a dream or a hallucination, or flat out denied it ever happened as it was so fantastical and unbelievable.
I was in bed. I must have woken up not so long ago and I think I was watching TV. My aunt may have told me to ask her for breakfast when I wanted it, and left me in the room. So after a while, I think I saw this ghostly thing entering the room through the half-opened door. It looked very similar to an enemy in an old PS1 game called Gex: Enter the Gekko, which, if you took out it's helmet would reveal some sort of head made of blue lightning, only the whole ghost was this kind of blue lightning I think. It walked in my direction, and I must have closed my eyes and opened them again to see if it was gone, but it wasn't, and it must have been closer and closer to me. So I called out for my aunt, and it must have been really close to me by then. I felt powerless to stop such a ethereal, invincible looking thing to hurt me, and I must have been terrified, while simultaneously trying to hide my terror from my aunt so no one would think I was crazy or I didn't creep anyone else out. I must have called her out in a casual, matter-of-fact, I'm ready for my breakfast kind of thing.
So I remember I closed my eyes, thinking it would hurt me, maybe pick me up, throw me to the wall kind of thing. I don't know. I fully expected to feel the thing touching me or picking me or affecting me. Only it didn't. Nothing happened. It was taking too long for the thing to do anything to me, and it was right next to me when I closed my eyes. So I opened them again and it was gone. Not too long after my aunt entered the room, I think, and I must have asked for breakfast or she asked me if I wanted it now, and then she left and nothing happened again. I never brought it up to my family. I don't think I ever talked about this in such detail before. Maybe because I'm afraid if I recognize what happened as a real thing I might encounter it again, so I must have been in denial for a long time.
In fact, I am now living in the same house where it happened and I'm terrified of ever encountering that thing ever again, to the point that I even adopted a cat a while ago in the hope it would "help" me by warding off spirits or simply in the hope that another being's company would ward off such things (I'm not living with my cat atm anymore for reasons, another family member is taking care of it). I think I believed that what drove the ghost away and stopped it from hurting me was the presence of my aunt, that if she come to witness what was going on she would be as surprised and shocked as me and I wouldn't be alone and looking crazy by shouting in fear at something that could disappear just as she got there. There must be a explanation to all of this, maybe it reflects my state of mind at the time and maybe the fact I'm bringing it up reflects my state of mind now. The only things I know for certain is that I have this memory and have had for a long time. I think it really happened. Perhaps it was a hallucination. But I've also had a couple of other weird events and one of them was recent and undeniably weird (a wireless mouse on/off mechanical switch turning itself on and off at random times without any reasonable explanation for how it could have been happening). I'm open to all possibilities.
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2023.06.02 00:28 New_Parfait_8229 (WTS) Magpul bipod, Acro plate, RMR plate, B5 type 23, Burn Proof Gear cover

Magpul MLOK bipod FDE: $80
TangoDown/FCD Acro plate for P320 models- $60
Badger 12 top 30mm RMR FDE- $30
B5 Coyote P23 grip (x2)- $30
BurnProofGear Heavy Cover (Wheat/5.5”)-$100
All of these items are like new and have only been mounted. The suppressor cover has about 100 rounds fired with it on with no deformation just a tiny bit of carbon on the end which could come off if desired. Comment dibs and it’s yours!
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2023.06.02 00:24 The_Liamster03 20 [M4F] Brighton, UK - I want to meet my soulmate and fall in love

This is going to be a long post but here I go anyway. My name is Liam, I have never been in a romantic relationship before. I literally have no love life whatsoever, I’ve tried Tinder but I hardly get any matches and I got rejected by my crush when I was 16 but that’s a story for another time. I’m quite desperate at this point and I’m really lonely. This will sound cliché but when I was younger I always imagined that I’d get married to a beautiful woman, have one or more children, go on holidays to different countries, own a nice car and live in a big house. Fast forward to today and that idyllic lifestyle is more of a dream that probably won’t ever come true. Life isn’t a stereotypical romcom as much as I wish it were true. I know I’m young and I might get lucky one day, no one knows what the future holds. Anyway moving on. I’ll be honest and say I’m not that good looking but I am mature for my age. To describe my appearance, I’m white, 5’5, average build, blue eyes and have black hair. I’ll be happy to share pictures in chat if anyone is curious. I’m very shy and introverted but I do try my best to have a conversation. I’ve been told I’m funny and nerdy but also have a nice personality as well. My star sign is Capricorn but that’s all I know about it. My favourite hobbies (if you could call them that) are playing video games, watching movies/tv shows and occasionally reading books. I’m a very big Star Wars fan and my favourite Netflix show is Wednesday. This might be embarrassing to admit but my celebrity crush is Jenna Ortega lol. My music taste is pretty much just anything mainstream but I like Lewis Capaldi. My favourite Pixar film is WALL-E. Call me lazy but I love to just chill and relax at home in my pyjamas. I’m a family oriented person and an animal lover with two cute dogs who I adore. I’m looking for a woman who will love me for who I am, to build a special bond with and to have a future together. As cringe as it sounds, I just someone to love me as much as I’d love them. I guess I’m a hopeless romantic lol. I don’t know if I should say this here but I do really want to have children one day but that would be something that would happen in the long term and I’m no rush anyway. I am a great uncle to my niece and nephews and fatherhood is something that appeals to me. I’d like someone who is close to my age but that wouldn’t be a deal breaker. I don’t want a long distance relationship as I can’t travel and I want someone who is not too far. I’m not bothered about appearances as personality means much more to me but my “type” would be a white, petite, hot, curvy woman with black or blonde hair and blue eyes. I want us to get to know each other first and then possibly meet up for a date. Hopefully we can “click” right away but I understand it might take time. Anyway I don’t want to keep on rambling so this goes out to any women out there, if you want to talk or ask me questions then feel free to DM me. I look forward to hearing from you all and thank you for reading my post
Liam x
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2023.06.02 00:24 Shkmstr How difficult is it for a hang DIY person to be able to plaster/concrete this wall to look similar to my house? (More info and photos in post)

I’m an electrician and moderately handy DIY guy. My new home is this gray color and smooth texture. The wall in-front of my house is this rough and bumpy block type material and I’d like it to be smooth like the home and at least a similar color to the home as well. How difficult is this to do myself and if it is, what is a ballpark cost for something like this. The wall is about 60 feet long and I would prefer to do it myself as I enjoy home projects and learning new things. However if it’s something that is likely east to mess up then i prefer to do it right and hire. Any and all advice is greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.02 00:20 wonkyOnion Can 4k TV replace 4 fhd monitors?

Hi everyone. Last couple of months I have a thought of replacing my monitors with 4k TV and I would like to ask if any of you did it? What is your experience? If I'm not mistaken splitting 43 inch TV into 4 squares should give similar feeling to 4 fhd monitors right? ATM I'm using 2 27 inch qhd monitors plus 2 screens on my laptop (Asus Zenbook duo), but it's really uncomfortable for me to turn my head around whole day, not to mention that 4 monitors are actually making everything more messy for me. I'm often loosing a track what I have on what screen and I'm ending up on dragging everything onto one, especially after meetings where I had to share my screen and keep switching between browser, code and terminal. So obvious solution is to ditch some of the monitors, but (as most of us) I'm using browser, code editor, terminals and slack at all times, and it really helps me out when I can display the browser on full size with open dev tools but in the same time see what is happening in the terminal especially after I edit and save the code. So I simply think it would be a perfect solution to use TV that would be like 4 monitors in one, but I'm scared I'm a victim of my own stupid idea and there is something about it that I'm missing. So is any of you is using this solution on daily basis?
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2023.06.02 00:19 Shkmstr Im a handy DIY guy and an electrician. What’s the likelihood I can do this or the cost for someone who can? Description in body of post.

Im a handy DIY guy and an electrician. What’s the likelihood I can do this or the cost for someone who can? Description in body of post.
My new home is this gray color and smooth texture. The wall in-front of my house is this rough and bumpy block type material and I’d like it to be smooth like the home and at least a similar color to the home as well. How difficult is this to do myself and if it is, what is a ballpark cost for something like this. The wall is about 60 feet long. And and all advice is greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.02 00:17 SchityCityGangBang Does shaft length matter? Volvo antenna upgrade swr issue.

Hello all. I just upgraded the antennas on my Volvo VNL from stock to the Wilson 5000 series. I’m running them with the co phase coax and my president McKinley. Before upgrading I was getting swr of 1.2-1.4 and now after I’m getting readings of 4.4-6.0. I’m using the 10 inch shaft that came with the antennas because I thought height = might plus the further from the cab the better. But now I’m wondering if it’s causing an issue.
I realize these antennas need tuning but I figured I would get something a little better than that out the box. The reason I went with these over the Wilson 2000 is for future proofing. I also have an external swr meter I could plug in however in my experience in the past it usually is in line with the built in meter.
So I guess my questions are: should I try swapping the shaft for the smaller 5 inch one? How do you even go about tuning with a factory co phase cable that’s routed through the mirrors? And just in general where could I start to try and diagnose this issue?
This is a company truck so I’m not trying to do too much modification because I never know when I might be moved to a newer truck or whatever. I previously had a cascadia at my old company with mirror bracket mounts and my own co phase coax but that isn’t really the setup anymore.
Sorry if that was long winded I appreciate your time reading whether you can help or not. Cheers.
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2023.06.02 00:13 quala97 Thinking of trying to add an AC unit for 1 room in a house. Is this possible and what is the cost I should expect?

1 Room in the house is several degrees hotter than the rest and is due to a computer. I was thinking of adding an AC unit (the wide ones mounted on the wall near the ceiling). I was wondering what the cost would be for the unit and installation. I am located in Canada and this is a detached house. Alternatively, would it be more cost-effective to have a multi-zone system installed, and would haveing an older house affect this option?
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2023.06.02 00:13 brokebrunette Caregiver vent session

April 8th of last year, my 60 year old mom was suffering from face and neck swelling, and was eventually diagnosed with SVCS (superior vena cava syndrome) due to Limited Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer. She had a tumor at the top of her right lung that was 4.5 inches in diameter. She moved in with me, my husband, and my then two year old son for the duration of her treatment. It was rough, but we did our best to take care of her and support her as best as we could.
5 rounds of chemo, 33 days of radiation, the loss of 30+ lbs and her hair and her appetite, a bad bout of pneumonia and a drain tube for 4 weeks, and a collapsed lung that was repaired surgically and then collapsed again, later…she went into partial remission (cancer stable, not gone) in December of last year. We (including her) honestly didn’t think we would see the day! She went on immunotherapy, Tecentriq, every 21 days and things were good. Great, even.
She got her own place 2 miles up the road and went on to enjoy her independence. Her hair grew back stark gray and curly as heck (very different than before), she started going for walks regularly, bought concert tickets for later this month and another concert in Sept. We see her almost everyday and have truly made the effort to enjoy every moment we have with her.
A few weeks ago she started having trouble with her right leg. “It wasn’t doing what her brain was telling it to do” was how she put it. She went to an urgent care and they said she pulled a muscle and gave her muscle relaxers. It progressively got worse over the last three weeks. After calls to her oncologist went unanswered and unreturned and her PCP couldn’t get her in for a week, she finally agreed to go in to the ER.
Yesterday we found out her sclc has metastasized to her brain. Two small spots- one a few inches above her right ear that’s 2cm, and another in the back of her brain that’s the size of a pencil mark. Localized radiation therapy is scheduled for Monday, and they’re doing a CT scan to check her other organs right now.
She’s devastated. I’m devastated. I haven’t cried this hard or this much in a very long time. She’s remaining super positive about this, which is wonderful, and we are all reflecting that positivity right back at her. But I know the statistics. I lost my dad 7 years ago suddenly to a massive heart attack. I’m terrified to be parentless. My son, now 3, adores his Nana. All he knows is her always being here, seeing her daily. It hurts my heart that he’s My youngest sister is pregnant with her first child after 7 years of trying and IVF. It’s not very likely my mom will be here when she gives birth.
I know there’s still more time. I just thought we’d have more. I’m so utterly heartbroken for her. For myself. For my sisters and my son.
This sucks so badly.
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2023.06.02 00:13 DownOnThePharmRD Dear Plateau

Kindly bite me, mini-plateau. I’m well within calorie restrictions. I just hit stagnant spots for a few weeks every ten pounds or so. Inches are dropping, and movement is far better - I’m like a home remodeling project where my owners get distracted redecorating, then say, “oops, yeah, better fix that gaping hole in the wall,” and get back to construction.
Bring on the flush!
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2023.06.02 00:08 Raralith Quote for Attic Refit - Unsure If It's Good Or Not?

I'm having AC issues and a coworker recommend me a company. I'm located in Los Angeles, CA. The work done so far was:
He got back to me Tuesday and his scope of work was to replace the evaporator and move both the evaporator and old furnace to the center of the attic where there's space. He would build a platform, move the units over, redo the coppedrain/refrigerant/gas/electrical lines, and reroute the ductwork and exhaust pipe to the new area. Total all in cost was $8k. I've been shopping around, but many companies are fully booked for the next month and can't even drop by to take a look to give me a quote any sooner. I thought I would give Reddit a try so here I am. How does the quote sound? Do I need to ask him any questions pertaining to the work? Should I consider placing the furnace at the same time? Thoughts on how much that addition would be? Thanks again for reading this.
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2023.06.02 00:04 blackboxdoorstop Could use help finding 600 x 600 wall mount

Trying to find a wall mount for a new TCL QM8 85" TV before I make the plunge. The vesa mount specs appear to be 600 x 600 pattern. I've been finding quite a few mounts that support the 600 in one direction but only 400 in the other. Anyone got any ideas for a mount that could work?
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