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Stardew Valley

2013.02.12 12:51 Morticide Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is an open-ended country-life RPG with support for 1–4 players. (Multiplayer isn't supported on mobile).

2015.01.20 08:23 NicholasCajun Fear The Walking Dead

Official subreddit of Fear The Walking Dead.

2009.10.05 00:16 SoftwareMaven Product Management

Product Management is the art and science of building the right product for the right people. It encompasses understanding what to build, why to build it, and how to position it. Part marketer, part engineer, part sales, and part project manager, the product manager needs to understand the business, marketplace and customer to make sure they come together to form an amazing product.

2023.06.07 12:06 yadhuluxyn07 VAYALADA BEST RESORT IN KOZHIKODE

best resort in kozhikode

Escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and experience a unique retreat at Vayalada Valley View Resort, one of the premium resorts in Kozhikode, where nature and adventure merge to create an unforgettable experience. With its serene surroundings and abundant wildlife, our resort in Vayalada provides a peaceful escape for all types of travellers, whether you're on a romantic honeymoon, a family vacation, or a corporate get-together. Immerse yourself in the wonders of nature and indulge in a once-in-a-lifetime resort experience. Stay at one of the hotels near Vayalada and make the most of your holiday in Kozhikode. Vayalada Valley View Resort is an ideal choice for a honeymoon or weekend getaway, providing the perfect ambiance for an unforgettable stay.
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2023.06.07 12:06 CuntinentalBrekkie 29M UK/Anywhere [Chat] - Looking for someone with decent conversation and decent banter to hang out with.

Heyyy, thanks for taking the time to check out my post & I hope you find at least part of it interesting enough to send me a message. Anyway, without further ado...
I'm coming at you live from the sunny UK (no joke, it's literally blistering this week for some reason and I AM SUFFERING). As much as we can all appreciate a good bit of sunshine, it's nice in moderation but our houses are designed like little hotboxes, the heat stays in so i'm currently typing in shorts and a wife-beater whilst an industrial fan that I got cools me down - hot, right?
My sleeping pattern is just as inconsistent as Marvel Studios is with their quality. I'm usually up at all hours (I do work but it's flexible to a degree) so am happy to speak with anyone from anywhere. All I ask is that you're patient and understanding of timezones in general. I've spoken with individuals in the past who have flew off the handle if you don't reply on their clock, so I appreciate someone who's horizontal levels of laid back please.
I like to travel and enjoy snowsports, both of which go hand in hand. As a result, I've been fortunate enough to travel all over Europe many times. Aside from travelling for that, I like to visit new places from Greece to the Czech Republic to Spain and so on. Also been to the US a few times but would really like to visit Japan or Norway one day, maybe Brazil but my pale self would probably incinerate over there. What's your dream destination?
Gaming is a big hobby of mine and I currently play on PS2/3/4/5, Switch & PC. I'd say what games I play but I hop between far too many at once, though I've been blasting Diablo IV and Street Fighter 6 recently. Phasmaphobia is always a good laugh and if you know of Hunt, you're an absolute champ. If you play, what are some of your favourite games?
When it comes to music, i'll listen to anything and everything, really, so feel free to be the DJ on any and all future road trips whilst I drive. Which brings me on to the next one - I love driving and going on the occasional road trip or spontaneous day/weekend out. Any song recommendations?
Movies too, anything and everything, though I do have a bit of a soft spot for horror despite the genre being completely dragged through the mud time and again. Fallen off of Marvel movies recently since they seem to have ZERO SENSE OF DIRECTION following Endgame, but I'll gladly re-watch SOME of them. The BIG BALLER Franchise is, and always will be...Star Wars (despite what Papa Disney did to the movies with VII-IX). Tell me your favourite movies!
I have a keen interest in the paranormal despite being mostly skeptic, I'd say more of an optimistic skeptic would best describe my outlook. Got any scary stories to share? Also enjoy learning about animals and different periods in history. Conspiracy theories are always a good laugh too. What's the wildest one you've heard of?I like to practice martial arts and watch the UFC and Boxing on occasion & as always, good olde WWE is never a dull time, can always stick it on for a little and have some degree of entertainment. Do you watch or play any sports?
Cats, dogs and nope ropes, I have all the pet pics for you. If you have any pets/fur companions, I would LOVE to see them.
I also like to cook and experiment with food. I'll try anything twice and am an average food challenge enjoyer, though I'm not quite Man V Food levels of food challenge.
Please send me your name, age and location in your opening message. A photo would also be appreciated BUT I do understand that this is Reddit and some degree of apprehension/caution is understandable, so don't worry if you aren't comfortable right off the bat. Ideally if we get on well, I would like to move platform preferably to Discord. If you actually read all of this, I appreciate you. Have a great morning/afternoon/evening & I hope to hear from you.
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2023.06.07 12:06 LutyForLiberty What should (and probably won't) happen in the warfare update

A lot of people here want something like the HOI4 battle planner in V3 where the player can set objectives. I would like this as well but we know it almost certainly won't happen. But other good changes would be:
Drastically lower supply limits in bad terrain. The real-life Soviet garrison in Afghanistan in the 1980s was just over 100,000 strong. Marching 700,000 men over the Himalayas was utterly impossible and yet the AI does it like it's a walk in the park.
Naval rework with coaling stations limiting steam ship range and lower troop transport capacity. Allow pressing civilian shipping into service to move ships in wartime so merchant navies have military importance. No more Qing landing in the Gambia.
Rebalance ship combat power. No number of sailing boats will defeat a dreadnought. Also, allow buying expensive ships as minor powers like the Ottomans and Argentina did in real life. Those countries could never build a dreadnought shipyard but still had comparatively strong navies.
Make advanced shipyards far more expensive and hard to build.
Asymmetrical warfare. This would probably be best represented by resistance in occupied territory damaging infrastructure and slowly killing garrison troops which cost money to maintain. This will put a stop to Spain reconquering the Americas for instance (ask Napoleon III) and create the chance of quagmires like the Boer War where irrelevant tiny countries were extremely stubborn for major powers to conquer.
This absolutely will not happen but conscription and mobilisation systems. Terms of service can be set (1 year, 2 years) and this creates a pool of pops with reserve training which can be called up quickly in wartime. Mobilisation speed depends on rail network density (again, ask Napoleon III). Countries that don't use peacetime conscription like the British empire will have smaller, cheaper armies and will take years to train a massive force. In reality Britain got away with this by being an island screened by its massive navy.
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2023.06.07 12:05 mydogsniffy Any feedback on this floorplan?

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2023.06.07 12:05 AutoModerator Todd Valentine - Verbal Academy (Todd V)

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2023.06.07 12:05 AutoModerator [Top Quality] Todd V - Verbal Game Academy

Chat +447593882116 (Telegram/Whatsapp) to get Todd V - Verbal Game Academy.
Todd Valentine's Verbal Game Academy Course will teach you his top strategies for effective communication.
Todd V is known for the extreme high quality of his content. In Todd V - Verbal Game Academy you will learn how to:
Be the guy that speaks to her emotions
How to walk up with absolute confidence
Make conversation FUN and PLAYFUL
How to ignite her sex drive
GET HER on a deep emotional level
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2023.06.07 12:04 drdickgraysonjr What’s your favourite lore pieces?

Hey Guardians of Reddit. I’m currently trying to collect the most elegant and interesting pieces of Destiny lore to translate it to my native language, so my friends that are uninvolved into the Destiny universe could understand why I find this so fascinating.
Could you please help by providing some of your favourite pieces of lore?
One of my favourite comes from Terminus Horizon: "AI-S: No. I am eager to begin my final test.
Dr. MS: Start with something easy. Plot each of the Andromeda simulations you've been constructing.
AI-S: Andromeda Galaxy. Several million habitable worlds, 2.5 million lightyears. Estimated ECHO travel time: twenty-five-thousand-year average with Neutrino Sail and gravitational sling-skipping. I have selected over three hundred preliminary colony targets, with one favorite. Shall I…
Dr. MS: Hm? Soteria?
AI-S: Anomaly detected. Chronoscopic variance scanning… Viability refactoring… Analyzing potential mission threat… Redetermined Andromeda world viability… New target number: twenty-seven viable worlds.
Dr. MS: Can you define the anomaly?
AI-S: Negative. I cannot rectify this data with known quantities. It may be a computational error. Shall I perform a self-diagnostic?
Dr. MS: No. First, adjust probability fork and search distance to open. What is the farthest safe galactic route you can determine?
AI-S: Engaging query… Chronoscopic lock… Forking branches… Reining distance… Reining chronology. Unbroken trajectory lock determined. Route established: one select point in Triangulum Galaxy retains safe approach vectors. All other simulated potential targets are perilous due to indeterminable anomalous risk. Travel route hazards range 87–100% mortality rate across expeditions in all predictive branches.
Dr. MS: All the simulant expeditions?
AI-S: Yes. I… hold… Query refined. There are now two safe destinations with Triangulum.
Dr. MS: Is that a correction or a change in data?
AI-S: A change, an update in real time.
Dr. MS: Real time? This anomaly is mobile?
AI-S: Unclear. I require further information and analysis.
Dr. MS: Thank you, Soteria. We're ending this test early, but you did well. We will continue the next test on schedule."
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2023.06.07 12:04 iamonreddit2020 I made a list of companies that employ remote data analysts

Hey guys,
I’ve been curating a list of companies that employ remote data analysts from anywhere. As I’ve seen some people on this subreddit asking about remote jobs, I thought it’d might be interesting to share here.
If this is interesting to you, let me know. I’ll continue building this and might try to source some jobs from these companies as well. Maybe I can start an e-mail list or something similar to keep you updated.

1. ConvertKit
ConvertKit empowers creators with a robust email marketing platform designed to build and nurture meaningful relationships with their audience. Their user-friendly interface and automation tools make it easy to create engaging email campaigns, landing pages, and forms. With ConvertKit, creators can effortlessly segment their subscribers, track their engagement, and drive conversions like never before. The company's culture thrives on the spirit of innovation and a deep understanding of creators' needs. They foster a supportive and collaborative environment where individuals can unleash their creativity and shape the future of email marketing.

2. Automattic
Automattic is the driving force behind, WooCommerce, Jetpack, and several other popular web development tools. This globally distributed company is fueled by a passion for empowering individuals and businesses to create impactful online experiences. With a vibrant culture of remote work, Automattic encourages autonomy, flexibility, and continuous learning. They foster a collaborative environment where diverse perspectives flourish, fueling innovation and the creation of exceptional products. At Automattic, you'll find a dedicated team of professionals united by their love for the web and a shared mission to democratize publishing and make the internet a better place.

3. GitLab
GitLab revolutionizes the way software development teams collaborate and streamline their workflows. As a complete DevOps platform, GitLab provides a single application for code versioning, CI/CD pipelines, project management, and more. With a culture of transparency, inclusivity, and remote-first principles, GitLab fosters a sense of belonging and encourages collaboration across teams and continents. They embrace the values of efficiency, iteration, and open communication, empowering individuals to contribute and make an impact. At GitLab, you'll discover a community-driven company where innovation and continuous improvement are at the core of everything they do.

4. 10up
10up is a full-service digital agency that combines strategy, design, and engineering to create exceptional web experiences. They specialize in WordPress development, crafting custom solutions for clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. With a passion for innovation and a commitment to quality, 10up delivers cutting-edge solutions that push boundaries. Their company culture thrives on collaboration, creativity, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. They foster an environment where talent flourishes, ideas are celebrated, and employees are empowered to take ownership of their work. At 10up, they're not just building websites; they're creating digital experiences that leave a lasting impact.

5. Zapier
Zapier is a game-changing automation platform that connects apps and simplifies workflows, empowering businesses to automate repetitive tasks and focus on what matters most. With Zapier, users can seamlessly integrate their favorite apps and create custom automated workflows without any coding knowledge. The company culture at Zapier is driven by the values of empathy, transparency, and a strong emphasis on work-life balance. They champion remote work and believe in giving individuals the freedom to work from anywhere while fostering a supportive and inclusive community. Zapier is the go-to solution for those seeking efficiency, productivity, and a touch of magic in their everyday workflows.

6. Groove
Groove is a customer support software that helps businesses deliver exceptional customer experiences. With its intuitive ticketing system and collaborative features, Groove enables teams to provide timely and personalized support. The company culture at Groove revolves around empathy, customer-centricity, and a passion for continuous improvement. They foster a work environment that encourages innovation, growth, and open communication. Groove believes in the power of human connections and strives to create a positive impact on both their customers and employees. Join Groove, and you'll be part of a team dedicated to transforming customer support into an art form.

7. Banzai
Banzai is an event marketing platform that helps organizations drive engagement, expand their reach, and deliver exceptional virtual and in-person events. With Banzai, event marketers can streamline event planning, maximize attendee participation, and measure the impact of their efforts. The company culture at Banzai is driven by a passion for events, innovation, and collaboration. They value creativity, adaptability, and a deep understanding of their customers' needs. Banzai's team is made up of experienced event professionals who are dedicated to providing the tools and expertise needed to create memorable and impactful events that drive business growth.

8. Zyte
Zyte (formerly Scrapinghub) is a leading web data extraction and scraping platform, enabling businesses to gather valuable insights from the web at scale. Their powerful tools and services make it easy to collect, structure, and analyze web data for a wide range of applications. Zyte's company culture revolves around curiosity, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. They foster a collaborative environment where individuals are encouraged to explore new ideas, embrace challenges, and push the boundaries of what's possible. Join Zyte, and you'll be part of a dynamic team dedicated to unlocking the potential of web data and empowering businesses worldwide.

9. Sonatype
Sonatype is a software supply chain automation and security company, helping organizations build secure and reliable software faster. With their advanced tools and insights, Sonatype enables developers to make informed decisions about open-source components and mitigate risks. The company culture at Sonatype is driven by a passion for innovation, collaboration, and creating a secure software ecosystem. They value diversity, inclusion, and the power of continuous learning. Sonatype's team is united by a shared mission to ensure that software is always secure and dependable, empowering developers to build with confidence and deliver exceptional results.

10. Podia
Podia is an all-in-one platform for creators to sell online courses, digital products, and membership subscriptions. With Podia, creators can build beautiful storefronts, market their offerings, and connect with their audience—all in one place. The company culture at Podia thrives on creativity, entrepreneurship, and a commitment to helping creators succeed. They foster an environment where individuality is celebrated, collaboration is encouraged, and big ideas are turned into reality. Podia is more than just a software company; it's a community of passionate individuals who are empowering creators to monetize their expertise and make a meaningful impact on their audience.

11. Doist
Doist is the creator of Todoist, one of the world's leading productivity apps, and Twist, a communication platform designed for remote teams. Doist is driven by a mission to help individuals and teams achieve their goals and find work-life balance. Their company culture emphasizes autonomy, remote work, and a focus on personal well-being. They believe in creating a positive and supportive work environment where individuals have the freedom to do their best work. Doist values simplicity, efficiency, and the power of collaboration, making them the go-to choice for those seeking productivity and harmony in their professional lives.

12. Articulate
Articulate is a leading e-learning software company that empowers organizations to create engaging and interactive online courses. With their suite of tools, including Rise 360 and Storyline 360, Articulate enables instructional designers and educators to build impactful learning experiences. The company culture at Articulate is centered around creativity, innovation, and a passion for education. They foster a collaborative and inclusive environment where ideas thrive, and individuals are empowered to make a difference. Articulate's mission is to transform how people learn, equipping organizations with the tools they need to deliver compelling and effective online training.

13. Epic
Epic is a digital reading platform designed for children, offering an extensive library of books, audiobooks, and educational resources. With Epic, kids can explore a world of stories and develop a love for reading. The company culture at Epic revolves around a deep commitment to education, imagination, and fostering a lifelong passion for learning. They believe in creating a safe and engaging space where kids can discover new worlds through literature. Epic's team is comprised of passionate individuals who are dedicated to providing children with exceptional reading experiences, empowering them to become lifelong learners.

14. TaxJar
TaxJar is a leading provider of sales tax automation solutions, simplifying the complexities of tax compliance for businesses. Their robust platform automates sales tax calculations, reporting, and filing, allowing companies to focus on growth and profitability. The company culture at TaxJar is built on a foundation of expertise, efficiency, and customer-centricity. They value transparency, collaboration, and a deep understanding of the challenges businesses face when it comes to sales tax. TaxJar's team is committed to providing exceptional service and ensuring that businesses can navigate the ever-changing world of sales tax with ease.

15. Arcadia
Arcadia is a leading population health management company that leverages data and technology to improve healthcare outcomes. Their platform integrates and analyzes health data from various sources, providing insights that enable healthcare organizations to deliver personalized and effective care. The company culture at Arcadia is driven by a passion for improving healthcare, innovation, and data-driven decision-making. They foster a collaborative and inclusive environment where individuals are empowered to make a positive impact. Arcadia's team is united by a shared mission to transform healthcare through advanced analytics, ultimately improving the lives of patients and communities.

16. Harvest
Harvest is a leading time tracking and project management software designed to help businesses streamline their operations and maximize productivity. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, Harvest enables teams to track time, manage projects, and analyze data for efficient decision-making. The company culture at Harvest is rooted in simplicity, transparency, and a commitment to work-life balance. They value collaboration, personal growth, and creating a positive impact in the lives of their customers. Harvest fosters an environment where individuals are empowered to do their best work and find harmony between their professional and personal lives.

17. Ad Hoc
Ad Hoc is a digital services company that partners with government agencies to design and build user-centric digital experiences. They specialize in creating intuitive and accessible websites, applications, and platforms that enhance public services. The company culture at Ad Hoc is characterized by a deep commitment to public service, innovation, and collaboration. They value diversity, inclusivity, and the power of human-centered design. Ad Hoc's team consists of talented professionals who are passionate about using technology to improve the lives of citizens and create meaningful impact in the public sector.

18. Fyusion
Fyusion is a computer vision and deep learning company that develops cutting-edge technologies for creating and analyzing immersive 3D visual content. Their solutions empower businesses in industries like automotive, e-commerce, and real estate to leverage the power of 3D imagery and augmented reality. The company culture at Fyusion is driven by a spirit of innovation, collaboration, and a deep passion for visual storytelling. They foster an environment where creativity thrives, ideas are nurtured, and technological boundaries are pushed. Fyusion's team is dedicated to revolutionizing the way we interact with visual content and unlocking new dimensions of human perception.

19. Dandy
Dandy is a modern insurance company that offers affordable and customizable home and renters insurance. With a user-friendly online platform, Dandy simplifies the insurance process, providing individuals with the coverage they need and a delightful customer experience. The company culture at Dandy is built on the principles of simplicity, transparency, and customer-centricity. They value innovation, integrity, and going above and beyond to exceed customer expectations. Dandy's team is committed to reimagining the insurance industry, making it accessible, straightforward, and tailored to the needs of the modern consumer.

20. Addepar
Addepar is a leading wealth management platform that provides comprehensive data aggregation, analysis, and reporting for financial advisors and investors. Their intuitive platform brings together complex financial data, enabling users to gain insights, make informed decisions, and optimize their portfolios. The company culture at Addepar is driven by a passion for empowering financial professionals, integrity, and a commitment to excellence. They foster a collaborative and inclusive environment where expertise is valued, and ideas are encouraged. Addepar's team is dedicated to transforming the wealth management industry and helping clients achieve their financial goals.

21. Pachama
Pachama is a technology-driven forest carbon marketplace that connects forest conservation projects with companies and individuals looking to offset their carbon emissions. By leveraging advanced satellite imaging and machine learning, Pachama ensures accurate measurement and monitoring of carbon sequestration efforts. The company culture at Pachama is rooted in environmental stewardship, innovation, and a commitment to combating climate change. They value collaboration, transparency, and the power of collective action. Pachama's team is composed of passionate individuals who are dedicated to protecting and restoring forests, making a significant impact on the health of our planet.

22. Clipboard Health
Clipboard Health is a technology platform that connects healthcare facilities with qualified healthcare professionals, simplifying the staffing process in the medical industry. Through their innovative platform, healthcare providers can efficiently fill shifts, while medical professionals gain access to a wide range of job opportunities. The company culture at Clipboard Health is centered around compassion, reliability, and a commitment to improving patient care. They value teamwork, adaptability, and providing support to both healthcare providers and professionals. Clipboard Health's team is united by a shared mission to transform the way healthcare staffing is done, ultimately making a positive impact on the lives of patients and medical professionals.

23. Illuvium
Illuvium is an open-world, decentralized game that combines blockchain technology and captivating gameplay. Players can collect, battle, and trade digital assets within a vibrant and immersive fantasy world. The company culture at Illuvium is driven by a love for gaming, innovation, and community engagement. They value creativity, inclusivity, and the power of shared experiences. Illuvium's team consists of passionate game developers and blockchain enthusiasts who are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible in the world of blockchain gaming, creating a truly unique and thrilling gaming experience for players worldwide.

24. Overleaf
Overleaf is an online collaborative writing and publishing platform that simplifies the process of creating scientific documents and academic papers. With its intuitive editor and seamless collaboration features, Overleaf enables researchers and academics to focus on their content while streamlining the writing and publishing workflow. The company culture at Overleaf revolves around creativity, academic excellence, and a commitment to accessibility. They value collaboration, continuous learning, and supporting the global scientific community. Overleaf's team is passionate about advancing research and education, providing researchers with the tools they need to communicate their ideas effectively and make a lasting impact.

25. Hopper
Hopper is a mobile app that uses artificial intelligence to predict and analyze airfare to help travelers find the best deals and make informed booking decisions. With its user-friendly interface and personalized recommendations, Hopper takes the stress out of travel planning. The company culture at Hopper is centered around innovation, simplicity, and a passion for wanderlust. They value diversity, data-driven decision-making, and delivering exceptional customer experiences. Hopper's team consists of travel enthusiasts and technology experts who are dedicated to revolutionizing the way people discover, book, and experience travel, making it more accessible and enjoyable for all.

26. Percona
Percona is a leading provider of open-source database software and services, specializing in MySQL, MongoDB, and other popular database technologies. Their solutions help businesses optimize their database performance, scalability, and reliability. The company culture at Percona is built on a foundation of expertise, collaboration, and a commitment to the open-source community. They value innovation, knowledge-sharing, and empowering customers to achieve exceptional results with their database infrastructure. Percona's team consists of highly skilled database experts who are dedicated to helping businesses succeed by harnessing the power of open-source technologies.

27. Pocket Worlds
Pocket Worlds is a blockchain-based gaming platform that allows players to collect, own, and trade virtual assets in a variety of engaging and immersive games. With its decentralized infrastructure, players have true ownership and control over their digital items. The company culture at Pocket Worlds is driven by a passion for gaming, blockchain technology, and community building. They value creativity, inclusivity, and fostering a sense of belonging among their players. Pocket Worlds' team is dedicated to revolutionizing the gaming industry by leveraging the power of blockchain, creating unique and rewarding experiences for players around the world.

28. Mailerlite
Mailerlite is an intuitive email marketing platform that helps businesses create, automate, and analyze effective email campaigns. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, Mailerlite enables companies to connect with their audience and drive engagement. The company culture at Mailerlite is rooted in simplicity, innovation, and a customer-centric approach. They value transparency, continuous improvement, and providing exceptional support to their users. Mailerlite's team is passionate about helping businesses succeed in their email marketing efforts, empowering them to build meaningful connections with their subscribers and achieve their marketing goals.

29. Xapo
Xapo is a digital banking platform that provides secure storage and management of cryptocurrencies, making it easy for individuals and businesses to buy, sell, and store digital assets. With their advanced security measures and user-friendly interface, Xapo offers a trusted and convenient solution for cryptocurrency management. The company culture at Xapo is centered around security, innovation, and financial empowerment. They value privacy, trust, and providing a seamless user experience. Xapo's team consists of experts in blockchain technology and financial services who are committed to revolutionizing the way people interact with and manage their digital wealth.

30. Superside
Superside is an on-demand design platform that connects businesses with a global network of talented designers. From graphic design to branding and illustration, Superside offers a wide range of creative services to support companies' design needs. The company culture at Superside is driven by creativity, collaboration, and a dedication to delivering exceptional design solutions. They value diversity, customer satisfaction, and empowering designers to showcase their skills. Superside's team is committed to making top-quality design accessible and affordable, helping businesses elevate their brand presence and stand out in a visually competitive landscape.
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2023.06.07 12:04 cosmicmisfit At what point did 2k

think that the walking talking introduction to the game was a good experience, it's a walk grind the minute you're in with load screen after load screen.
Beat Pippa but you must play in quicksand and most of your shots will miss due to the mystical timing we're not gonna show you regardless of your controller settings. Oh a little early, a little late, poor shot selection.
I'll probably try again and not hating on it but feel like gaming is fast becoming a negative feedback loop, where's the fun at?
Off to rinse my soul with a bit of live19 while I wait for the skill issue brigade 🤪
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2023.06.07 12:03 Budget_Purple123 [F4M] first date / boyfriend

I am 18+ and all participants and characters must be 18+
First the awkward bit: I'm a male playing a female.Now to the fun bit. I'm looking for a male to roleplay with to become my boyfriend. It would start at the pre first date point.
How do we meet? Tinder, via friends, in a pub/bar, supermarket? You can be as boring or creative here.
How old are we both? Tall, short, large, slim? I'm open to all. I'm flexible on who I can play too.
This has can lead to a long term relationship or a one night stand or even a booty call.The options are endless, I don't mind you being creative as possible or as simple as you want. I'm fairly open to most ideas, but we can discuss kinks before we start.I like to use pictures from the internet as reference points.A little about me, I'm in my late 30's, professional, and missing something in my life. As I am working and have a personal life, I see this roleplay being an on going one, replying as and when we can. This also doesn't make timezones a problem.My writing length is short but descriptive. Usually 2-3 sentences and paragraphs when required. Prefer first person and " " when speaking. I tend to like a 70:30 split between story and smut.
One example would be: I'm a 28 year old professional woman who has recently split up with her boyfriend. I'm a good looking curvy woman who's low on confidence.I'm down in the dumps and looking for a rebound. I get setup on a blind date with an older dominant man. He knows about how to treat a lady in public. showers me with affection and gifts, but when the bedroom door closes, he becomes the dominant man that he is and treats me like the person I am .Ideas for scenes could include; shopping, restaurant date, pub/bar dates, and as things progress moving in together, going on holiday and even eventually cheating. I would want this to be a slowish burner over multiple sessions. Of course time skips would occur, but only have a good back story has been established.
Please PM if you are interested in this and have read it properly.
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2023.06.07 12:03 SubtleSubversive Truman delusion + erotomania, anyone else? Help supporting bf.

Hi peeps, If anyone don't mind reading, need some help with boyfriend's delusions, I love him deeply and things are great between us, but life itself is rough. He got diagnosed 10y ago and I knew he had some paranoia-related issues when we got together 2y ago (my mental health ain't great either) although he told me the details a year later.
He says there's this girl who liked him when they were kids, but he kept pushing away as he didn't like her. In high school he saw her again and realized she's always been watching him, reading his mind, and judging him, along with a group of his closest friends, as a revenge for rejecting her.
It started suddenly, as he moved from a school to another. It was actually the first time seeing her but delusions convinced him they met before with these false memories, also felt like everyone in the new school knew and hated him already because of thoughts broadcasting. He thinks the cause was too much weed, his mum suspects sexual abuse might be involved. Likely had issues with rejection as he was a mistake child and his father always made it clear that he only cared for his 'wanted' brother, parents divorced when he was 4 and moved on the other side of the country with mum.
Anyway, he thinks she comes from a rich family who made a reality show where he's the main subject: he has to find her, but she will show herself only if he loves her and is worthy (he looks in every room multiple times a day). If he wins she's gonna stop watching him and broadcasting his life, and he's gonna get plenty of money.
He's been checking her Instagram daily for 10y, because he hates that she knows everything about him while knowing nothing about her (they were just in the same school for 2 months then he dropped out, never talked, dont even know if she knows he exists) but she recently made it private. He hears lines in tv and music that tell him to go on looking for her, voices of his old friends offending and saying he made a big mistake rejecting her, that he should've just accepted her instead so he'd have money to help his family. He talks back offending them, her, and himself.
Sometimes he can recognize what isn't real even if it feels real, and tells me I shouldn't worry or pay attention to it, as it's just the ramblings of a crazy man. At worse times he thinks his family and I are reading his mind and are also part of the show, actors paid to spend time with him because no one would be able to cope with him otherwise.
He attempted suicide multiple times but not in the last years, atm not being always sincere with psychiatrist as he's afraid of going to the psych ward again. Taking clozapine and doesn't want to change again. Can't find a job and doesn't want to apply for disability, so feeling even more like a failure atm. I talked him into being more sincere and starting psychotherapy, and hopefully that will happen after the summer.
I've rambled a lot, and even if we're anonymous and all I might delete this later as it's someone else's delusions, I just wanted to see if anyone who had similar experiences can give me some insight perhaps? (yeah I know it's an odd word to use in these cases) I want to support him the best way I can while keeping my already precarious sanity.
TL;DR. Want to support bf with 10y of schizophrenia, Truman Show-ish with possibile erotomania. Need tips, similar experiences, opinions, hope, or anything you have to navigate this and stay sane.
Thanks 🖤
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2023.06.07 12:02 Budget_Purple123 [F4M] First date / Boyfriend

I am 18+ and all participants and characters must be 18+
First the awkward bit: I'm a male playing a female.Now to the fun bit. I'm looking for a male to roleplay with to become my boyfriend. It would start at the pre first date point.
How do we meet? Tinder, via friends, in a pub/bar, supermarket? You can be as boring or creative here.
How old are we both? Tall, short, large, slim? I'm open to all. I'm flexible on who I can play too.
This has can lead to a long term relationship or a one night stand or even a booty call.The options are endless, I don't mind you being creative as possible or as simple as you want. I'm fairly open to most ideas, but we can discuss kinks before we start.I like to use pictures from the internet as reference points.A little about me, I'm in my late 30's, professional, and missing something in my life. As I am working and have a personal life, I see this roleplay being an on going one, replying as and when we can. This also doesn't make timezones a problem.My writing length is short but descriptive. Usually 2-3 sentences and paragraphs when required. Prefer first person and " " when speaking. I tend to like a 70:30 split between story and smut.
One example would be: I'm a 28 year old professional woman who has recently split up with her boyfriend. I'm a good looking curvy woman who's low on confidence.I'm down in the dumps and looking for a rebound. I get setup on a blind date with an older dominant man. He knows about how to treat a lady in public. showers me with affection and gifts, but when the bedroom door closes, he becomes the dominant man that he is and treats me like the person I am .Ideas for scenes could include; shopping, restaurant date, pub/bar dates, and as things progress moving in together, going on holiday and even eventually cheating. I would want this to be a slowish burner over multiple sessions. Of course time skips would occur, but only have a good back story has been established.
Please PM if you are interested in this and have read it properly.
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2023.06.07 12:02 Serious-Message4594 Fa Jin is kinda OP

Alright, Fa Jin is basically storing energy with every repetitive thing you do, so walking, chewing, clicking/pressing button, talking, mastu-. Now my understanding might be flawed as i haven’t read nor watched it in a long time. So everything you do as long as it’s repetitive accumulates energy you can release. So say you do kendo, based on what i’ve seen to practice it you need to swing a bamboo stick/sword replica multiple times, so you can stack that energy, boxer with the amount of punches they can throw in quick succession would allow them to accumulate a lot of energy, just basic walking if you do it enough can allow you to have a lot of energy perhaps equal to a certain percentage of OFA. I also said talking, perhaps the release would cause you to have some sort of scream akin to banshee from the X-men i’m pretty sure.
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2023.06.07 12:02 PorridgeCranium2 Top mind calls for "something drastic" to be done about LGBTQ people before they turn the harmless game of kiss, marry, or kill into a much more dangerous version known as twerk, educate, or murder!

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2023.06.07 12:01 coffee_dealer 33M looking to make more friends

Hi! Between moving, work and life in general I’ve lost contact with friends and thought I’d give this a try.
I’ll tell you a little about myself, I’m working in IT and I’m interested in everything tech related. I’m also into games and I currently play on PC & VR. Some of the games I’ve played recently is stardew valley, beatsaber, VRChat, osrs. If you’re into games it’s something I’d love to share with someone.
As a person I’m a good listener, I like to be supportive. People would describe me as relaxed with a chill personality and I don’t mind hanging out in vc.
Feel free to reach out and tell me a little bit about yourself:)
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2023.06.07 12:01 FallaciesJesseP I just got borderlands 3, whats the earliest way to get more speed?

I got it on my PC and all i want is speed. Any way to get what i need (early in the game on steam)
Ignoring that rhyme, im around level 7-8 and just finished that eridian digsite mission. Im playing zane because i heard he has the most potential for movement.
In my current stage of the game, is there anything i can do to run faster more practically (im not talking about things like running faster after getting a kill, considering how 90% of my weapons slows me down upon firing anyways)
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2023.06.07 12:01 tora_sage I don’t want to lose my cat

I have four cats, two male and two female. Mother and three babies. One is 6 and the rest are 5. She was already pregnant when I rescued her. They all get on fine.
I feed the stray cats and noticed a black cat (Ozzy) would always come and have a bite to eat despite having a home - which is fine. Overtime, Ozzy stopped going home and stayed with me in my house. I know the owner and she stated it was fine and easier for her as she’s struggling with her kids. She told me her youngest would pick him up and annoy him so he never liked going home so it was fine that he stayed with me. She pops in when she’s walking past or smooths him if he’s outside. He’s been living with me for a few months. This cat DOES NOT LEAVE. He’s here now. He’s comfortable.
He is such a loving cat and is funny, full of life. The only issue is, he fights with one of my other cat (Kora). He is fine with the other three apart from her who is the smallest one and female. All of my cats are spayed / neutered but not sure if Ozzy is. There is no issue with the male cats or the other female, it’s always just Kora.
She is terrified of him and won’t go near him. When he sees her, he pounces for her, chases her and will corner her. I have no idea why he does this only to her but I’ve tried everything with him. They don’t interact that often as Kora likes to stay outside and the Ozzy likes to stay inside but I’ve had enough of it and told the owner she needs to take him back. She stated she’s moving soon and will take him when she goes but I feel so guilty.
I know I have to prioritise Kora but Ozzy has really made his home here. He sleeps with me, follows me around everywhere and wants to be with me. I don’t think his owner showed him the love I do or plays with him. I’m going to be heartbroken when he leaves but it’s not fair on Kora to be terrified to come home.
Does anyone have any advice as a last resort? If not, unfortunately Ozzy will have to go but it’ll be hard.
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2023.06.07 12:00 Change_username1914 Kinda cool

In my process of healing and becoming my authentic self, I’ve been hanging out more with people from my job. This past weekend, I went to a coworkers b-day party and had a really great time and look forward to hanging with them in the future.
Here’s the cool part. I opened up to them later via text about my background and what I used to be, detailing the ins and outs of this crazy high control religion/cult we here all are too familiar with. In their reply they said some of the warmest, most welcoming things that really made me feel good. I’ve enjoyed time with them before but not an extensive event like this past weekend and they kept saying in their replies, “you’re our family and we love you no matter what.” Then they shared something that really made my day. One of the people at the party that I really got along well with, is a DF’ed person also, with no plans of returning to the crazy, unloving cult either!
I only say this so the person who might be reading this might have a bit of comfort in knowing that, yea, there are good people in the world out there, really good. And you never know, one of those people you meet on your new journey might be walking with the same kind of past as you. My point is to just take the first step. I’m highly introverted and even to consider doing this was a challenge, but I’m glad I did it and I hope that you can face any challenges to your new journey with success as well. And don’t forget, there’s an entire community on here that’s got your back and wants nothing but happiness to come from your life, not a life blueprinted by other people but a life YOU want to live.
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2023.06.07 12:00 itsallalittleblurry Lion In The Yard

Nugene come runnin’ in the house, hollerin’ “Lion in the yard! Daddy, git your gun! There’s a lion in the yard!”
Old man Versy looked outside and saw that it was just the neighbor’s collie dog. It was hot summertime, and they’d clipped the fur short except for the scruff around the neck.
“Boy, I don’t know what I’m gonna have to do to you to break you from this habit of lyin’ all the time. I done talked to you, an’ I done whooped ye for it. Nothin’ seems t’ work.
What I want you to do is go upstairs an’ pray on it. When you feel like God’s answered you sufficient, you come an’ let me know.”
A little while later, Nugene was back:
“Did you pray on it like I told you to?”
“Did God answer you?”
“What’d he say?”
“He said the first time He seen that dog, He thought it was a lion, too!”
(Jerry Clower)
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2023.06.07 11:59 lilyolky AITA for cutting my friend off after he made us leave a festival early?

I’ll try my best to summarise. I (f21) have a close friend (m24) who shall be named ‘D’. Context: D and I have known each other for years. I desperately wanted to attend a tech/edm festival, didn’t have other friends who were interested so i asked him to go with me. I bought us both VIP tickets. We drove his car to where we were staying (8/9 hrs away).
Night of the festival, we got there around 7pm. It goes from 12pm-2am so we weren’t late but i was keen to get in and dance. We had some drinks before we went so we were slightly drunk but hadn’t talked about doing other substances. We got there and suddenly was insistent on finding drugs. I wasn’t worried because i rarely drink nor drugs so i knew i could enjoy my night anyway. We get in and he is like a wild animal on the loose, annoying everybody he comes across for drugs. Being ‘that guy’. Relentlessly asking stranger after stranger while I had to follow him around. I was getting annoyed because we were missing out on things in the VIP room that i was looking forward too. He wouldn’t listen to me. He barely acknowledged me. I was scared to go do my own thing because I only had him and he was already in a somewhat inebriated state. I tried to convince him to go dance. But no, he dragged me around until he found a man kind enough to give us a bump. He then pestered this man until he eventually sold him a bag. I tried to talk to D about being safe and careful, to keep me updated on how much he’s doing (it’s not his first time). I went to the toilet. I came out and he was against a wall, a mess. Absolutely zoned out. He snorted half the bag. I tried to help walk him outside but he is a pretty solid guy, it was incredibly hard. Once outside he decided to run towards the crowd and fall into a bunch of people. Knocking women over, spilling drinks. He did this a few times and the last time he pulled me down with him, i fell on my face in the mud and I was wearing a skirt. Men grabbed him and it nearly got hostile. I had to shamefully apologise and get him out of there. He couldn’t talk or walk properly, he wouldn’t respond. Some men and then security came to my rescue and carry him outside. I sat with him, feeding him water and helping keep him conscious for about an hour. Paramedics checked him out. I realised he wasn’t going to get any better soon and so I called us an Uber home where i then took care of him. We left at 10pm.
In the morning I barely spoke to him and told him I was incredibly disappointed and hurt that he ruined our night. I told him I hated him and that he was in the wrong for not considering how his actions would affect me. He told me i’m a shit friend for being mad at him because he didn’t know what he was doing, and to find my own way home. I paid $450 to fly home.
I can see why he is upset with me. His safety is more important than missing out on a festival and I can’t exactly hate him for doing things under the influence. But i feel so wronged. AITA???
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2023.06.07 11:59 Any_Bicycle684 I’ve finally figured it out

Well only the half of it. I don’t need the crowd, I just need their skills. My dream is to have my own video game company. How am I gonna start one well my plan is to get my hsd .. then I’ll look at the whole of it more closely , because I realized a lone wolf has the upper hand at most things. Just picture it like this, emperors years and years ago never partied . They played chess in solitude and had their 50 maids serve them their lot of booze , well what’s it different now, the same SHIT NOTHING changed man I just need to play my move on the board
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2023.06.07 11:58 Still_Hat126 Are There Summer Fragrances That Are Suitable for Both Daytime and Evening Wear?

Summer is a time for fun, relaxation, and getting out and about. It's also a time to experiment with new fragrances. If you're looking for a fragrance that can be worn during the day and evening, there are a few things to keep in mind.
Here are a few of our favorite summer fragrances that are suitable for both daytime and evening wear:
No matter what your style or personality, there's a summer fragrance out there that's perfect for you. So go out and experiment until you find the one that makes you feel confident and beautiful with GenericPerfumes.
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