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Lore Week: The Collected Adventures of Fergis Failout

2023.03.29 02:18 somewherein72 Lore Week: The Collected Adventures of Fergis Failout

These are some things I wrote about one of my characters a while back.

Fergis Failout's Lucky Day at Big Bend Tunnel
I began a new character, Fergis Failout and got him to lvl 8 and I took him through Big Bend Tunnel to look for Santa Scorched. Well, it's going pretty well for the first half of the tunnel, some lvl 6 and lvl 14 scorched, but suddenly the bells, bells, bells, bells start ringing and here come 2 lvl 68 Santas, a Legendary Non-Santa lvl 68, and a couple of their lvl 68 ugly best friends - Fergis put up a good fight, but not a match, and he lost all of his junk in the tunnel. Fergis is a loser, but not one to give up, so he trekked right back down the tunnel to retrieve his bag of steel, lead, and other assorted sundries to get out the other side of the tunnel into the Cranberry Bog and certain death, but the group of lvl 68 scorched aren't happy about him tresspassing in their tunnel, so murdered again and another trek back to retrieve his sack of goodies. Rinse and repeat, until Fergis lies in wait just long enough for the hero of the Wasteland to show up, none other than Grahm, lord of the grill, master of trades, and his war drum slay the sleigh bell dangling legendaries, and every other scorched in the tunnel. Fergis is saved and has tons of loot to trade with Grahm, enough to relieve the overencumbrance, and acquire the plan for the Meathook -plus, a sweet lvl 5 Quad-Explosive Pump Action Shotgun, a few blood-soaked Christmas goodies, and a new love for our lord and savior, Grahm with his trusty sidekick, Chally.
Who is Fergis Failout: An Origin
Fergis Failout found himself and his family at fourteen living in Flatwoods, attending the high school and helping at the family business. In the days before the bombs fell, Fergis's family moved into Vault76. Fergis's father had a thriving atomic repair business, that he inherited from his father who emigrated from Ireland to the hills of Appalachia to set up shop in Pre-War America. As Fergis grew up, he worked alongside his father and learned the family trade inside Vault76. He learned to repair vault equipment, small home appliances, weaponry and other items. The years passed, and sadly Fergis's father and mother passed away in the months before Reclamation Day. Since then, Fergis has had little time to mourn their passage, instead he has tried to survive in the Savage Divide and repair some of the equipment he has been able to find laying about using the skills that his father and grandfather taught him.
Fergis Failout: The Mothman Portent of Doom
In this episode, we join Fergis putting the finishing touches on his renovated camp teetering atop a unique rock formation in the Savage Divide. Hungry for adventure, and not content to reside under a bridge near Morgantown.
Fergis packed up his C.A.M.P unit and headed out into the Savage Divide, he heard from a friend about unique rock formation near Autumn Acre Cabin and had to see for himself.
Finally on the scene after an arduous journey, young Fergis, only lvl 25 perched his camp atop the rock formation and set about to unpack all of the mounted animal heads, crafting benches, stuffed animals, and decaying body parts in jars.
As he worked along, he noted how nice and quiet his new surroundings were, "Wow, not getting attacked here. This is swell," Fergis thought to himself. Just as Fergis sat down his prized Mr. Pebbles plushie, he heard his small turret begin whispering outside and wandered out to see what was the ruckus.
Following the hail of bullets into the forest, there in the distance, he could see two red eyes, peering at him from the brush. He snuck toward the creature, but in a whoosh of black smoke, the Mothman disappeared into the ether. Fergis prepared for the Mothman to attack, but he was gone. Not to return.
But, it was not to be a quiet night, for the public address announced a Nuclear Attack had been launched; and in the distance, a mushroom cloud blossomed.
Then, without warning, from the sky a screaming and the patter of many feet, two scorched winged beasts descended upon the teetering camp and a horde of scorched men and women rained hell down upon Fergis and his camp.
Sadly, Fergis died in the melee - only to return to find his camp was beset upon anew by a new threat lvl 62 charred ghouls! Fergis, no match for the ghouls met his end yet again, taking a final breath as the walls of his camp crumbled under the assault from the creatures.
Yes Friends, the Mothman, he came with a warning of terrors to come, presaging death, destruction, and a nuclear holocaust!
Beware, when the Mothman fails to attack - it could mean that dark days are ahead!
Fergis Failout's Weighty Welch Adventure
Fergis wandered down to Welch after spending the day at Camden Park eating expired hot dogs, tossing dross, and lucky muckin'. He recently turned 50 and found himself in possession of a fine shiny suit of armor suitable for mining and fightin'.
As soon as he walked into Welch, a whole swarm of men in cloaks started shooting at him, completely unprovoked! Not to be deterred, Fergis started in to defend himself but found he was overwhelmed by the host of garbled grunting Mole Miners. He had to run away from Welch and get bandaged up, when he got back there, he found all the things he dropped and started in to stealthily eliminate the rude bastards that live in Welch. Directly, Fergis had cleaned out that whole town, liberated it of the rude cloaked men and made his way up to the little shop only to find that the shop was closed due to lack of funds. Not a cap to be had here, the Protectron vendor squawked.
"Well", Fergis thought, "this is an awful lot of salvage to just turn into scrap, I think I'll head up the tracks and find my way toward Lewisburg." The Protectron, stared at him with it's one eye and said, "May I be of assistance?"
Fergis just turned and walked out.
So, he started out of town, only to find there was a terrible-looking beast fighting some ugly green-skinned giants, "Holy moses!" He said to himself, but he was too late to avoid being spotted. Fergis shuffled through all of his junk and managed to get a weapon out of the mess and returned fire on them mutants and that giant goat, the thing damn near put out his eye with a flurry of spikes off it's back. Lucky thing Fergis was wearing welding goggles, otherwise he would've needed an eyepatch.
Finally, the mutants killed that 'Squatch, and Fergis was able to put them down one by one. Some of them, up close and personal-like with a claw he made out of mole rat teeth!
After the smoke cleared, Fergis made his way over to the killing ground and found even more salvage on the bodies, that huge goat thing had a weird weapon on it, said 'Cryolator' on the side and it appeared that it holds four times the normal amount of ammuntion. "I bet this will at least freeze an arm or a leg off, too!"
Well, Fergis turned to look back at Welch dreading the road ahead, realizing they were broke and had no caps for all his salvage, he turned back toward Lewisburg and headed on down the tracks tugging a sack of guns, scrap parts, and missile launchers behind him.
Fergis Failout : The Ghoul Puncher
It was a dreary day in Appalachia, and Fergis was free of Welch and done with breathing the dust of the Ash Heap. He finally made it back to his home in the Savage Divide after weeks of hard-worn foot travel. He was ready for some good sleep under his Mothman blanket in his own bed for a change, sleeping under bridges and old tents was a hard life for a scavenger and he was dreaming of that bed for days on end and the fresh air of the Divide.
After he returned home and checked the messages on his terminal, he found a cryptic call for help, one of the new Responders found themselves in a mess with a ghoul infestation and they were calling for anyone to come and help out.
Now, Fergis had come up against ghouls before, nasty sort of creatures, and he weren't fond of them at all. But, it was a fella he knew from the Vault and he thought he ought to go help as he could. So, after a short rest, he found his way down to the station in Berkley to get outfitted to face some nasty ghouls. Most of his guns were broken, he was practically out of ammo, and all he had was an old Miner's gauntlet with one broken claw.
He had a handful of scrip left over from Lewisburg and after he talked to the shopkeeper there in Berkley, and said where he was goin', the shopkeeper, real unpleasant sort, shoved an odd-looking glove through the window to him. He wasn't sure, but to him, it sounded like she said this was what he needed, he looked down at it and read the label on the side, 'Ghoul Puncher'. It were some kind of powered glove. Now, Fergis was already none too happy about getting close to any ghouls, but he figured this would do as good as anything. He got the rest of his gear on for travellin' and headed down toward the deepest part of the Mire, some old Church where his friend was. Well, he put that glove on, and immediately he felt better about what he was about to face. That glove had a hell of a kick to it, and he could see that it would put a hurt on a ghoul and you wouldn't have to get too close to them after all.
After a few days of plodding through the muddy mire of the swamp, Fergis found the church and could hear his buddy shouting from the window, it wasn't long after that when he saw the ghouls milling around the yard of the church, and not long after that they caught the stink of Fergis. Them ghouls started toward Fergis, and he raised that glove at them, POW, caught the first one right in the face, plumb dented it's face to pulp and it went down, another right behind it, smacked down to the ground, and they kept coming at him. He kept on dropping them with that glove, one after another, there must have been about 20 of them fall under that glove.
After all them ghouls were down, Fergis looked down at that 'Ghoul Puncher' and wondered what else it could do. "Could it take down one of them big flyin' bats?" he thought to himself.
Directly, he heard his friend coming down from the steeple of the church, "So glad to see you, I thought I was done for. I've been up there for days, and I was starting to wonder if anyone was going to help me. What's that on your arm?"
"Well, it says it's a ghoul puncher, and I believe it is."
Fergis followed his friend home, punched a few more ghouls along the way, and felt good for lending a hand, and didn't mind the jingle of a few more caps in his pockets.
Fergis & The Stubborn Camper
After Fergis left his friend, no safe from ghouls in his little bungalow in the cranberry Bog, he thought he might take a look around the Bog and get an idea of what might be there.
"Awful nice place," he thought, "But seems awful dangerous."
While Fergis was roaming around the Bog he had a message on his Pip-Boy from a gal he knew from the Vault, Yasmeen McGillicuddy. "She was a sweetie, and awful pleasant to look at, too."
Turned out Yasmeen's camp had been facing constant attacks from them flyin' scorchbats and she needed to find a new place to set up shop. Fergis had roamed far and wide, and he had a few suggestions for good places. But he was a long way away from the Forest and all of the safe places he might suggest for her to take a look at, but Fergis replied to her call and directly she came to greet him near the old Appalachian Antique store.
"Well, Fergis! Look at you. You look rough and smell rougher - what in the world are you doing in the Cranberry Bog!?"
"You know, Yasmeen - just roaming around, doin' some scavengin' and trying to stay in one piece."
Fergis and Yasmeen took to the road and headed toward the mountains. There were some nice safe areas way up in the hills and Fergis thought he could help her set up a nice place there. Well, over the next few hours, morning wore into the afternoon and they ventured over toward Kerwin Mine and right there they found a place that Yasmeen was just wild over.
"This place looks a lot like where I'm stayin' near now, Yas."
"It's gorgeous! I love the archway, so unique! I've got to move here."
"Well, don't you want to stake it out, find out if it's safe or not? You're gettin' beat down with scorchbeast already. We'll just pitch a little camp here and stay the night."
It's a hard tale to tell when tough-headed people get it in mind to do somethin' stubborn, and Yasmeen was stubborn as they get. She wouldn't have reason or logic, and she just wanted to move there to that archway. She put a call in through her Pip-boy, and before you knew it there was the C.A.M.P unit flickering to life right there on the edge of a cliff under that archway.
"I sure hope this works out for you, Yasmeen. You call me if you get into some trouble. It sure was nice to see you again, been a while since the vault."
"You take care out there Fergis, if you want to stick around a bit, I'll get mutfruit juice and corn soup cooking up!"
Fergis would've stayed, but he felt like getting back toward his own place back in the Divide. There was plenty he needed to see to back at his own house and setting up the conduits on another house wasn't worth a bowl of corn soup.
"I'll keep an ear out for you, Yas...if you need me give me a shout girl."
Fergis looked back over toward the where the Monorail used to be, "sure would be nice to hop on the rail, this walking is for the birds" he thought to himself. Over the week through the Mire and the last few days in the Bog, he had quite a bit of salvage, too much for easy transfer; so dragging it back or abandonin' it was his only choice.
Fergis made it up to a decayed satellite dish, seemed deserted, aside from a few old robots that were easy to hide from, they were slow and had just one eye, so not a threat at all. He was just about to unpack his sleeping bag when his pip-boy started to chatter.
It was Yasmeen.
"Fergis! Help me, there's Super-Mutants, Robots, Ghouls and Scorched people all around this place! Come help get me out of here!"
Fergis rolled his napsack back up, not even getting a wink of rest, strapped it all together again, tugged his bag full of junk parts, and pulled out that ghoul puncher and an old black powder rifle he found in the Mire and started back toward Yasmeen's camp.
Not even a full day and her camp were already under attack from every manner of unnatural deviance Appalachia had spit up since the world ended.
"I just got my house set up, and these mutants showed up - they smashed my tatos! They ripped my corn right out of the ground!" her voice squawked over the tiny pip-boy speaker. "I had one turret set up and an old rifle, I got them chased away, but it wasn't 20 minutes later that the scorched people showed up and start shooting at me and throwing mutfruits at my house. I'd rather have the scorchbeasts!"
Fergis listened to the static-squawking of the speaker and his frantic friend, he pressed the talk button, "I'm 'bout 10-12 hours away, I'll be there as soon as I can."
Fergis grabbed his pack, tugged it over his shoulder and put and turned around, "You can't tell stubborn people anything," he grunted to himself as he headed back through the woods toward Kerwin Mine again.
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2023.03.29 02:16 by_CLC Something I’m Working On Screenshot

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2023.03.29 02:15 Snazz03 Fancy Restaurant Ideas in Manchester

Alright so I've been seeing this girl for a little while now, and I'd really like to impress her before she goes back to her home country for a few weeks. I've tried googling for suggestions, but very few seem to be quite hitting my criteria. I thought I'd ask here as my knowledge of Manchester's restaurants is very limited, and written experience beats photographs and videos any day.
The general criteria is as follows: Somewhere relatively old (specifically interior wise- she loves archaic shit), quite fancy (maybe like £15-30 per person?), vibes similar to the refuge, preferably independent, preferably relatively central - but happy to travel too, somewhere where she wouldn't look out of place in a dress. Maybe somewhere with plants too??
Or, alternatively, just places that have good reputations.
This is a clunky post, apologies.
Many thanks xxxx :)
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2023.03.29 02:14 Memma05 Am I the bad apple for not inviting the whole kindergarten 🍎🍏🦀

I 26 female am my husband 27 male are known for big party's and birthday party’s. Me and my husband have one little girl named Lila. Lila recently entered kindergarte and her birthday is the first one in her class. Me and my husband were sending out invitations for her party and realized that two of the kids my daughter wanted we had no idea what their phone number, email, address were so we had no way to contact them. So I had my daughter tell the two girls to sit with her at lunch so she could give The invitations to them so know one would see. The next day I got a email from a mom giving a listed of what her daughter liked so I could make a customize goody page for her. A custom goodie bag means I’ll take things they like and put them in goodie bags for them. I asked if she could send me a photo of the invite only because her daughter like things like jewelry and electronics. She said that her daughter saw my daughter give two girls invitations so she does not have one. I then asked if her daughter was in my daughters class.I Only asked that because if her daughter was I probably would’ve gave her an invitation. She then told me no . I then said why do you think your daughter is automatically in the party if she’s not even in the class. She said because she knows us from preschool. I said i have no idea who you are and you’re not coming to the party I’m sorry, she did not respond after that. One hour later I see your Facebook post, it said how racist I was because her daughter was not invited and how unfit I was to be a mother because I was so young. all the people that were invited were angry. They started saying things like just because you’re 40 and she’s 26 does not mean that she’s too young to have a five year old, and just because you weren’t invited doesn’t mean she’s racist. after a while the principal heard about this and he was angry. he call me in to the school the nexted day to talk. he said dose not tolerate racism in his school and that I need to invite the whole class. I Reminded him that she was not even in the class.he Stopped for a few seconds and then said that my daughter was expelled till further notice unless I invited everyone who wanted to come. I was pissed and told him he does not dictate what i do and told him to F off before exiting his office. her birthday was on Saturday and it went great but she still missed three hole days of school because she was expelled on Tuesday. anyways Monday rollaround and all 11 kids that were invited were raving at school how great it was and showed off all the new items they got. by the end of the day it got back around to the principal with all the complaints on the kids coming home being sad they weren’t invite. The next day the principal said if anyone was talking about that they would be expelled. all 11 kids were still talking about it the next day and were all expelled. The guy who employed The principal was pissed that he was expelling tons of students just because they were talking about a birthday party. The principal was fired the next day and everybody’s Who was expelled was allowed back in the next day. That day that all the kids were allowed back in two kids in kindergarten started fighting about how one was invited and one was not. The next day fourth and fifth graders started fighting because their little sibling was invited and theirs was not, it got so bad they had to call the cops on to fifth-graders because they would not stop fighting each other. They decided to shut down the school so everybody could just calm down over the stupid party! Two days later everyone was back in the school but some moms are still angry at me because their kids were not invite. some my family is saying that I should have invited anyone who wanted to come. my husband and my mom said that I was right because if I would have invited everyone who wanted to come the whole kindergarten would’ve been invite. Also I the mom who texted me was part of the PTA .So am I the bad Apple🍎🦀🍏
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2023.03.29 02:14 Artistic-Sugar-6037 Is there any hope after a bad first date

So I (25M) met this amazing girl(24F) on a dating app and got her phone number on our second match when I decided to just use my own sense of humor. We started texting and all was going good we had plenty of things in common and had a nice little bonding moment by sharing our favorite type of music with each other. Occasionally I would throw in a flirty text but she did not respond in a flirty way so I didn’t think anything of it since she said she liked to take things slow. I asked her out on a date a few days after texting since everything was going so well she said yes but we did not go out on our first date until the third week due to life. The week leading up to the date was just very stressful for me and I should have just rescheduled the date but I wanted to just finally meet this girl. Now it’s the night of our date and on my way there I was just saying to myself I have a feeling this is going go terribly wrong, I got there first and waited for her to arrive. She arrived and came up to me and hugged me and I was just absolutely floored by how stunning she was in person, the type of girl you see at a airport and never forget about kinda stunning. We walk inside and start our first activity for the night which was ice skating, I paid even though she offered to split it. We didn’t skate for long since we both weren’t very good at it and we couldn’t really talk once they started playing music. So far the night is going pretty good but I could tell she was very nervous, we ended up going to the arcade and at this point I could feel myself shutting down from all the negativity that was on my mind. We get to the arcade and I was trying my best to be present but something just wasn’t letting me open up. We started playing the games and I could tell she was having a great time by the way she was giggling non stop. I was getting really frustrated with myself because I couldn’t pull myself out of this rut I was in, I wasn’t even walking next to her I would just lead and she would follow. We ended up taking a break from the games and sat down at the bar and I was trying my best to get myself to open up and speak to this beautiful girl that wanted to be there with me but I just couldn’t, she ended up taking the lead and started to ask me questions and I was giving her the most basic terrible answers possible, at this point I was just screaming inside because I had this girl in front of me that checked off all the boxes for me and I was just being a terrible person I couldn’t even look her into her eyes and hold eye contact. I could tell she was getting fed up with me by her body language and lack of effort, now we were just sitting in silence and she asks what time the arcade closed and my dumbass says we can leave if you’re ready too. We’re leaving the arcade and Im just feeling so ashamed and disgusted with myself that I treated this wonderful person so terribly, we hug and say our goodbyes and head our separate ways. She ended up texting me the next day thanking me saying she enjoyed our time together but she did not see a romantical connection happening between us, I responded to her thanking her as well and that I respect her decision. 2 days go by and it’s just not sitting right with me with how I treated this girl, I ended up texting her and explaining myself and apologizing for how I was acting and politely asked her for a second chance to show her who I truly am. To my surprise she responded telling me she’s sorry even though she had a great time together she could only see this turning into friendship, I told her I respected her decision and haven’t reached out since.
Did I ruin my chances by not showing her who I truly am? Do just take my loss like a man and move on? Or do I just wait some time and try to rekindle something because I don’t think I will find someone quite as great as her for a while
And for some more context I’ve gone on a lot of dates in multiple states and put this girls miles ahead of others and it’s rather hard for me to find someone I’m this genuinely interested in
Any feedback and advice is appreciated
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2023.03.29 02:11 slurm_lord "Made Up" Spelling

I know how this sub feels about spellings that are too altered, or altered to be modern/trendy/different. I can't tell if this is the same and need opinions!
I am in love in love in love with the name Aoife. Irish girl's name. We are Irish descendants in the US. Not crazy far away (grandparents born in Ireland, came here as children) but that culture is certainly not a part of our daily life.
I posted my names list on another account and (fairly) got feedback that Aoife is just too difficult to pronounce in US. That it would cause a lot of trouble.
So, I am circling around "Eepha" or "Eefa". Am I crazy? I love it and love the sound. It's so soft and short and vowel-y. Can I name my daughter Eepha?
If it helps / hurts we are in southern Appalachia where sort of out there names are actually quite commonplace with the old folks (love our neighbors Zebulon and Ezzie if that adds anything) though of course who knows where the little one will end up.
I'm not worried about having a child with an unusual name or eye rolls from my family (some of our other names are sort of hippie/out there), but I of course don't want to be unkind or make my daughter's life difficult.
Thanks for your opinions.
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2023.03.29 02:10 BedroomFantastic3922 Am I in the wrong for wanting to get out of a 5+ year friendship?

Me (F15) and my "friend" (M14) have been going to school together for as long as I can remember. We didn't start talking until about five years ago, when I made friends with him across the isle of our bus. Initially, I thought he was a little strange, but he was funny and made me and my other friends laugh. We never really got close until around three years ago, and even then I wouldn't consider us best friends.
For those past three years, he's considered himself one of my best friends, and for a while I even agreed with him, seeing as we spent a considerable amount of time together. But then, we entered middle school, and things started to go downhill.
As expected in most boys, he changed a lot and started making a lot more inappropriate jokes. At first I thought it was funny, because usually his jokes weren't offensive and just the typical thing you hear in middle school. After a year or so, his jokes started to get more sexual and he also started sexualizing women, from famous actresses to people we knew in real life.
I've always known him to be a little bit weird like that, chasing women and all, but in the past few years, it's gotten to be too much. In fact, it started to be too much when he continuously tried to get in a relationship with me when he knew I was lesbian.
I rejected him multiple times, but that didn't stop his persistence. He continuously made remarks on my body, and even talked about some of the things he wished to do to me and other women he didn't even know. On top of sexualizing me and other girls we know, he also does inappropriate and disgusting things during classes and around me and my friends. From admitting to jerking off, to pretending to do it in the middle of class, he makes everyone around him uncomfortable and hunts for attention. Recently, he was diagnosed with autism and ADHD, which could explain why he is always making obnoxious attempts to get other people's attention, but that doesn't excuse his actions.
Not only does he make me uncomfortable, but every time we hang out, he either puts his hands on me in a violent way, or he takes my personal belongings, or just flat out makes fun of me. He's invaded my personal space and privacy on multiple occasions, including reading my texts which he was not allowed to see. Recently, he found out that I had a girlfriend, but not only did he not respect me and stop making vulgar comments, but he even said that my girlfriend was hot aswell. For several months of our relationship (the timeline is a little spotty here), he had a boyfriend, usually in an open relationship, and continued to call me and other women/men hot, whether it was behind their backs or right to their face.
I feel bad ending a friendship that has lasted so long, and he even refuses me and my friend's efforts to tell him that we don't like him, but I'm also just wondering if this is to be expected and if he'll eventually grow out of it. It's gotten to the point where I avoid hanging out with him as much as possible, and don't tolerate his behavior as much as I used to, and I fear that at some point I'm just going to explode on him instead of ending this in a calm manner.
I'm not a confrontational person, but I don't want to put up with his behavior any longer. Yes, I've told him to stop multiple times and that what he does upsets a lot of people, but he played it off as "just a part of his personality" and made no effort to change.
Am I wrong for wanting to end our friendship?
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2023.03.29 02:10 Castinmyass You have to be sick in the head to justify this

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2023.03.29 02:10 ndncreek I would trade her life for all the spineless GOP legislators who failed her. RIP😢

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2023.03.29 02:09 Negative_Crazy_1396 Boyfriend (21m) trying to make me(20f) jealous?

My boyfriend (21m) and 1(20f) have been together for almost two years. He just moved to a new town and recently he's been saying things that make me feel weird about our relationship. At his new job he tells me about all the girls that compliment him and he even gives his number to customers and peers that ask him for it. I'm not a jealous person and I have no problems with him making new friends, especially in a new town, but it does feel a little disrespectful to me. It's obvious to me that some of these women have romantic intentions but he always brushes it off whenever i bring it up. It seems like he’s trying to make me jealous or upset when he tells me about his flirtatious experiences at work or the gym. What should i do to stop over thinking about this?
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2023.03.29 02:07 birdtracerz i (20f) feel neglected by my boyfriend (20m) and i don’t know what to do

so to start off, we first dated when we were 18 for a few months. i ended up breaking up with him because i was unhappy in the relationship for similar problems. (got together with my ex, i know) not too long after, he joined the military and started to text me a little bit on the days he got his phone during basic. after he graduated and went into ait, we continued to text regularly like we were rekindling our old flame that we had. i even flew down to the city he was stationed in several states away to see him, he had all these plans he wanted to do with me but never went through with it. a few months after that, i found out he was in an off and on relationship with a girl he met down there that he neglected to tell me about. he then proceeded to tell me way too much information about their relationship which made me upset but i didn’t wanna say anything. after that, i still had some feelings for him but he didn’t seem to be all that interested, talking about how he plans to find somebody else. it wasn’t until he got stationed closer to where we were able to see each other more often that he started to seem interested in a relationship again. he would come up to my place every weekend but that eventually turned into me coming down there every other weekend. jump forward to now:
now, anytime i go down to see him or just in general over text, i feel pretty neglected by him. he kinda seems uninterested in the relationship but i can’t tell if he actually is or if that’s just the way he is. examples include: taking hours to reply, failing to acknowledge/respond to the things i say to him, being weird about me touching him too much, being on his phone or computer all the time whenever i visit, never saying i love you first, never giving his full attention to me when i’m there besides sex, etc.
i feel really stumped and i feel like i’ve dug myself too far into this hole. i really want things to work but i’m so unhappy with these conditions and i almost always end up crying whenever i’m down there.
i’ve mentioned a few of these problems in passing and he usually uses the same excuses such as “i have a busy lifestyle” or “i expect you to know i love you” etc.
how should i bring it up in a way that’ll make him understand more and do you think the relationship is worth salvaging?
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2023.03.29 02:06 TROWRA_ladybug97 1 (22 f) and fiancé (24 m) have been having some issues and I have no idea what to do

My fiancé and I have been together for almost a year and a half and living together for a little over 8 months. At the beginning of our relationship everything was awesome, we were really close and we were in love. About 5 months ago things started to get a little rocky.
He stopped helping to pay the rent and doesn't help around the apartment. I've tried to express to him that l'm a little frustrated at times as I work full time hours pay all the bills, clean the apartment, cook our meals and take care of the puppy. when I asked if he could help out a little more by maybe picking up after himself and do the dishes sometimes he got mad and said " well I'm tired when I get home from class and just want to play on my computer." That made me frustrated because l'm exhausted when I get home from work ( I'm a p.s.w that works nights). I'm expected to take the dog out, feed her, clean up after him, make his lunches for him and then have dinner ready when he gets home from class. ( he's currently in college)
When we got engaged in December it got a little worse.. He is constantly on his computer gaming. He rarely eats dinner with me and when I ask him to spend some time with me even for an hour he tells me no. Recently I found out he has a porn addiction. I get it, men will look at porn and naked pictures of women that's fine that doesn't bother me. What bothers me is I found out he was looking at onlyfans accounts. I made it very clear to him that I don't feel comfortable with onlyfans because it's to intimate. I made that a clear boundary and he broke that boundary.
(TMI) Sometimes I get a little frustrated because we don't have sex really , it's maybe one a month if that. sometimes we go a couple months without. He constantly tells me that he's not in the mood but will please himself to other women. Sometimes it makes me feel unattractive as I'm a bigger girl and he looks at females who are skinny.
It’s starting to feel like a one way relationship..
At this point I have no idea what to do. Any advice is appreciated
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2023.03.29 02:05 InverseFlash VN Rin








Azoth Dagger
Bounded Field
Command Spells
Usage - Objective
Usage - Scaling
Gear - Jewels
Top Gems
Gear - Other
The Blade of Zelretch
Magic Crest
Bad Ends


Martial Arts



Hollow Ataraxia Stuff

Gear - Jeweled Sword
Gear - Kaleidostick
Gear - Other
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2023.03.29 02:00 Captain_Bo_Bob_Bobby My Friend Rates The TWST Cast!

So, I got an online friend from a different fandom/community into TWST, and they barely started the game. I asked if they could please rate the characters, and they agreed to letting me post them on Reddit!
(Note: I'm keeping my friend anonymous, please do not harass me if you hate any of their opinions. These are their ratings with little to no context given about the characters. Thank you.)
"Qualifications : I'm an animation student with a hyperfixation on character design."
"Riddle: kinda looks like Ciel from Black Butler if he was a boy pretending to be a girl pretending to be a boy. Looks bratty. Probably starts ugly crying whenever you say no to him. Design wise he's just a girl with red hair who is trying really hard to look like a twink. 6/10 because different body type but generally kinda plain looking."
"Ace: again, looks more like a regular dude than an interesting looking magical guy but at least this one looks fun. Like he's probably really funny and makes you feel less insecure about yourself. Also looks like he gets friend zoned in favor of a less interesting male lead. 7.5/10 rizzmaster"
Me: "I mean, TWST isn't an otome or a dating sim but go off"
"He looks like he belongs in one. He's Kukai Soma from Shugo Chara"
"Deuce: looks like they tried to make an edgy guy but they didn't push the concept far enough so he just looks bitter and slightly emo. Probably wears a fedora and calls women selfish for not fucking him because he held the door open. 3/10 basic design."
"Trey: now this guy GETS BITCHES. He just does. Doesn't matter if he's an asshole or not, he's the rizz lord and they all fall for him. Definitely bicurious, especially obvious because of that haircut. His soulmate is probably a male. 8/10 simple design done well."
"Cater: this guy looks like he could get bitches but doesn't because he pulls horrible pranks and uploads the videos on TikTok. He probably doesn't actually like anyone, not even himself. 6/10 douchebag swag."
"Leona: I know that is a male, but hear me out: that is a butch lesbian, okay? And I would definitely let her ruin my life. 10/10 Catra from Shera."
"Jack: I think his design suffers from "trying too hard disease". Everything from the pose to the tiniest details screams "LOOK AT MY BIG MEAN TSUNDERE BAD BOY WOLF GUY". Well I've seen it before and I'm tired. 6/10 still looks kinda unique, I might remember him."
"Ruggie: get that boring ass catboy out of my face before I commit murder. He looks incredibly annoying. I want to put him into a meat grinder. 1/10 you could not pay me to care."
"Azul: so, I just checked the official website and that boy is 17. Which is a fucking crime because that means they made one of their best looking characters a whole ass minor. That man looks 25 don't fuck with me. And he looks perfect!!! Stylish with a lil something shady... Sure, that's stereotypical, but who cares he looks amazing 9/10 I would let him kill me."
"Jade: oily. Greasy. Smelly, probably. Doesn't wash his hair. Untrustworthy. Would not make a good boyfriend or friend. Will stab you with a rusty knife. 5/10 repulsive."
Me: "Oh boy, don't let the Jade stans hear you say that lol they're obsessed with their mushroom man"
"Floyd: WHY ARE YOU 17 TOO. What's up with that?? Anyway just Jade but better and doesn't have a stupid girl name. Washes his hair... Sometimes. 7/10 he's there and that matters."
"Kalim: oo, all that orientalism just to end up ugly! What a shame. It's telling that there's a lot of detail and yet I don't even know what to say about any of it. It's messy. 3/10, wear something else."
"Jamil: you're 17 why do you look like a whore. Anyway definitely transgender but I don't really know which way to be honest. 7/10 genderbender."
"Vil: hey that's the fucking girl from Violet Evergarden! Wait no! The rose of Versailles? You get the point, he looks like a lady. Always a good thing in my opinion. Nice outfit, unique design. 8/10."
"Epel: also looks like a lady except this time it's giving nothing. Looks like he cut his own hair with a knife while blindfolded. His outfit has fake sleeves??? 5/10 go away femboy!"
"Rook: high fashion femme lesbian. Dominatrix. Definitely transgender. Model. Serving. Slaying. Gaga rediscovered. Queen shit. We stan. 9/10 stop banning drag shows we want to see more of her!"
"Idia: I don't know why but it's giving Sans Undertale. They didn't really exploit any concept here, they just gave some emo guy cargo pants and flame hair. Mixed together it doesn't really mean much? 7/10 I don't hate it."
"Ortho: messy. Blurry concept. I don't really know what he's supposed to be nor do I care. That's a child in cosplay. 4/10 Forgettable."
"Malleus: DADDY. I mean it's a simple design that works, holy shit!! Finally. The outfit is original. The pallette is pretty. He has horns!!! 10/10 eviscerate me please."
"Lilia: if you think that's a guy you are fucking blind that is a transgender woman she even has the name and everything!! She's slaying the outfit and the hairstyle. 9/10."
"Silver: yeah he exists. 5/10 for the effort."
"Sebek: what in the god damned fuck are you doing to your hair?? Cease. You are 16??? You look 30. Please seek help. 4/10 I am scared of him."
"The school staff are all baddies especially Mozus. DILF. GILF, even. I don't care. I will do it."
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2023.03.29 01:59 allium-ion What's the coolest technical theater show right now?

Looking for a show with interesting, innovative, immersive, only-on-broadway technical aspects. Puppetry/animatronics and lighting are particular interests. If it's a real feel good show too, that would be perfect! We are already seeing Sweeney, Funny Girl, and Kimberly Akimbo. Have already seen Wicked, Hamilton, Hadestown, and Six on tour (and loved all). This is for a mature 16 year old technical theater nerd and parents in April.
Considering Life of Pi, Lion King, Little Shop, Wicked (again), something else? TIA!
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2023.03.29 01:58 hereforpplsopinion can anyone tell me if these two situations was abusive? thank you

im 16 years old female . 1 . back when I was in 5th grade so 11 I had a friend (J) she was two years younger than she was around 9 or 10 . We had a sleepover and we really didn’t do much we ate some rice that my mom ordered and played teacher and she was sleeping so I was begging her to stay up because I liked staying up..but we ended up going to bed but usually I sleep naked so I had asked her like “I’m sorry but I have to” and was pulling my shorts down with my underwear on , (I didn’t have shorts on just underwear ) and she said she was fine with it but im thinking she only said that bc she was uncomfortable. so I fell asleep and that was that .
2 . She has a little sister named (S) and I was still 11 but her sister was around 5 or 6 , so we all decided to have a sleepover at my house which was fun but we went into my sisters room and we were jumping on her bed and falling down and we kept doing it but me I took it far and started pulling the little sisters pants down , she was laughing at first but she starts to cry but I was still laughing . But after I realize like I have to stop bc she’s crying I did and i apologize to her . This situation effects me the most because the older sisters friend have been giving me weird looks , saying stuff smart , like just been very snarky . One of the girls me and her were good friends but she started to ignore me completely like would ask other people at the table if they have something but would stop if she gets to me , she took my chair that I was obviously sitting in and put it on her desk . There’s this new girl that came to our school and she’s a really pretty girl but she as well have been giving me weird looks , saying stuff smarty , like I don’t even know the girl but anyways . I skip school for this reason actually my anxiety just can’t comprehend with me , if anyone one my the people I hang out with do something that like triggers me , like giving me dry texts , or don’t like answer my texts or something my anxiety thinks like they hate me or the think I’m weird for what I did , and I complete understand it was wrong but I just don’t know if it was abusive . If you guys could help me out it would mean everything to me 💝 . And would you guys explain to me wether it was or not abusive . Thank you
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2023.03.29 01:53 Miyon0 Has no one realized yet that Baron Deross is almost certainly Orpheus?

Has no one realized yet that Baron Deross is almost certainly Orpheus?
I feel like no one has talked about this yet. Or even put two and two together.... Because from what has been revealed so far... There is almost no doubt Orpheus is Baron DeRoss. And I just need to share my thoughts.

  • Alice was pictured as an only child, and the sole survivor of the family other than her is supposed to be Baron DeRoss.
  • Alice was the one who messed with Bonbon and gave him his name
  • Orpheus's parents were Alive and had ties with the DeRoss's
  • Orpehus was best friends with and constantly associated with the DeRoss's only daughter, despite his poor background
  • Mad Eyes lore mentions that the two children of Deross were present in the manor.
  • Orpheus's last name is purposefully omitted and kept hidden
  • Orpheus has access to and controlled the DeRoss estate.
  • Despite his poor background and lowly origins, Orpehus as the novelist is extremely cultured and well educated. Wearing clothes befitting of a nobleman- giving the implication that he himself had been brought up and trained as a noble
  • This entire freaking video( and this one(
With these in mind, you have to also consider that other than Orpheus... No one else was ever present in the manor: despite the existence of the 'missing' Baron Deross. But because Orpheus himself was taking drugs and likely forgot: it is very likely that he himself is Baron Deross. The heir to the Deross family.
Now before some of you say 'ewwww Orpehus CAN'T be adopted if he and Alice are lovers' or anything like that... There is a really logical and rational explanation for how Orpehus could both be Alice's love interest/Husband as well as being a member of the Deross family.
And that is.... He was adopted by the Deross's with the sole intention of having Orpehus take the Deross name and marry their daughter. In order to carry on their family name. An arranged marriage.

You see, family names are EXTREMELY important to Nobles, and this is why the obsession for male heirs was so prevalent in nobility circles. If all a noble has is a daughter.... those daughters will take on a different name and join another family. Causing the extinction of their birth family's name, business and house. In Alice's case, she was an only child. A daughter. This is a problem for the Deross family, as they lacked a male heir.
Soon, the Deross's started associating with a much poorer family; Who had a son with above average intelligence. He and Alice became best friends, and Orpheus clearly was clearly then brought up and educated like a Nobleman. Coincidence? I think not.

From mad eyes letters, we know for a fact that there were 'TWO' Deross children... And because Orpheus ended up so well educated as the 'Novelist'... It paints a picture of what the Deross's actually did and who orpehus's true identity is.
Orpheus was perfect. He came from a poor background, so he had claim to nothing. And he was extremely intelligent. He had potential. So it seems that the Deross's and Orpehus's parents arranged a marriage between Alice and Orpheus to benefit both their families. Orpehus's parents likely received compensation for their son(and with orpheus being extremely intelligent, it is likely that he also agreed to these terms to help his parents) and the Deross's would have their heir. I've seen this sort of trope before in manwha/manga- so it can definitely happen.

Of course, this would mean that Orpheus and Alice were never raised as siblings. They would've known from day one that they were to be married. And Orpheus being adopted wouldn't have made a difference- they would've always been conscious of the fact that they were not siblings. This is also a common trope in Manga/manwha with nobles in it. Children who are arranged to be married, are made to spend every waking moment at their fiance/fiancee's house. So Orphus actually living there wouldn't make a difference. He would've been made to spend every day with Alice regardless if he was adopted or not.
But Orpheus being adopted, would've given him the name Deross. Making him the defacto heir of Deross. Aka: Orpheus by extension would be the identity of Baron Deross.

Keeping in mind that Orpheus is Baron Deross, it puts Little girls background story into perspective.

We now know that 'Memory' (The Little girl) is not actually real. This means that throughout that video, she is actually an adult. Which is reflected in her more adult appearance that stands beside her.
This means that when she was pulling on Orpheus, and when she watched him leave. She was an adult. Both their parents should've been dead by this point- and they were still living together, heavily implying an intimate connection. Afterwhich; Orpheus abandons her for an undisclosed reason once receiving a letter. The official comments on LG's background video cites that Alice was 'abandoned', which explains why she is present at the manor in the upcoming Ashes of Memory. She's there to find the man that abandoned her. This would mean that the residence where Orpheus and Alice lived previously was not the manor, it was their home they shared when they left the manor. Supporting the idea that they were lovers, or that she was already his wife.
In this video Orpehus also calls her his 'Nightingale'. An affectionate way of referring someone who always tries to help and comes to his rescue. The Nightingale is repeatedly brought up over the course of IDV's story, which signifies the Nightingales symbolic importance to Orpheus.

He also says to watch out for 'him' which either refers to himself that he no longer remembers; or the sender of the letter. Which is more unclear.

There is also a story from last years event that directly supports this theory:
This story always stood out to me since the day it came out, but we did not have all the pieces of the puzzle until recently. If we piece together all the information we have gotten over the last year... And consider that Orpheus is Deross and his wife was Alice.... then the 'When I was very Young' story suddenly makes sense. Whereas before, it was completely cryptic.
  1. The Nightingale he described is 'little girl' the version of Alice that remains in his memories where she is a child.
  2. His wife, wearing the same colors as the Nightingale, is the real Alice. (And the manor pictured in all four panels is Manor Deross, which also has the same colors of the Nightingale until it is charred and burned- showing their connection).
  3. After the death of Alice's parents(and his adoptive parental figures), he and Alice traveled 'Afar' to build a new life together.
  4. Orpheus would return to the Deross estate every so often to manage it, and would constantly be reminded of his childhood memories with Alice. Which would bring him joy.
  5. The part where Orpheus describes his wife as being "Ill" is misleading. This is where Orpheus abandoned her and lost his memories, as seen in Little girls own introduction video. While its still possible that Alice herself had become sick, and Orpheus was seeking a cure... This is ultimately the part of the story where he returned to the manor, became the nightmare, and accidentally killed her. The nightengale's cries were bleak and unnerved him: because he could not fully remember Alice at all. He only could vaguely remember her younger self, and found this "memory"(and her adult self) vaguely familiar. What actually played out here: was what happened in 'Unending Nightmare'. She chased after him, and Orpehus killed her.
  6. Orpheus, without his memories returns to the manor as the 'detective' searching for the 'missing girl' which is what remains of his memories. The nightingale sings no more; because Alice is dead and will no longer search for him.

So yeah.
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2023.03.29 01:52 no_face332 Normal to sound 'childish' in higher range?

I'm new to singing and when practicing the higher range I sound almost like a little girl. I know sounding nasaly is common but I sound like a straight up child. Is this normal? Am I doing something wrong?
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2023.03.29 01:50 ShinyLily1 This little girl wants to show you something

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2023.03.29 01:47 JanLee57 Missing Summer Wells

My name is Janice Harvey and I live in the Northeast area of Tennessee in Kingsport in Sullivan County. In the rural area of neighboring Hawkins County on June 15, 2021 5 year old Summer Wells disappeared from her Hawkins County home/property. Area police agencies including the TBI and the FBI have assisted in the search in this very rugged area. There is an active Amber Alert still in effect for Summer. This case is still active and I believe you would be able to tell this little girl’s story with great compassion. If you choose to investigate I will let you research the very unusual, complicated stories behind this case. Thank you for the chance to share the story and maybe it will help bring Summer home or at least closure to everyone who has come to think of Summer as one of their own.
A fan of the strange, dark and mysterious, Janice Harvey
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2023.03.29 01:45 Midnight_Limp My rant with dog breeders who do this for a living

My husband and I love Golden retrievers. Before we purchased one, I did alot of research, spoke on forums to learn as much as I could. My mantra has always been dog breeding is a business. So on a forum, I said that. Well, they all but came after me with a pitch forks. They badmouthed me and formed a little coalition against me. I just figured it was no big deal. Then about a month ago, my husband and our adult son wanted to joint the GRCA. The put their names in and were rejected for being detrimental to the club. Then I began thinking, we belong to the group 20 years ago, what has changed? Then today I commented on an instagram post because I thought she was one of the women. She proudly boasting she wished it was her and then another breeder boldly said it was her and it was a “group effort”. Then the other one said “we made sure all the golden community knows about you!” These dog show breeders are in a class all their own. They love power. Most of them all look the same. Middle aged woman, chunky, no hairstyle and wear sweat shirts. Then I thought, this is a power game. I would dare to say, since they live off the money the sales of their puppies bring them, have no formal education. I have one dog who I plan to breed one time. My daughters want to start showing dogs. They are teenagers and we homeschool. They purposely came after a nobody, because I must of said the truth. Who does this? Kids got shot today, and these people get pleasure out of blacklisting a nobody. I breed two litters as a hobby and let me tell you, I made money! Is our world so corrupted that it infected dog breeders. Not all of them are like this, I am sure. I have meet many kind breeders, who spent a lot of time with me. Please, please when you go to buy a puppy, do your homework. Check google reviews first. Know about the clearances a reputable breeder must have and what they mean. Try to find a small breeder, who is breeding for the betterment of the breed and not doing this as a business. I am just appalled by this.
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2023.03.29 01:44 Ok-Water-5485 Lashay Hinton: The rise & fall of the apple star girl.

Lashay Hinton: The rise & fall of the apple star girl.
So to little Miss Lady that said she was making a biopic of this girl's life, I just wanted to throw a few idea's out there. So Eddie Murphy should play Lashay, he's his best when he's impersonating big people (professor Klump/Nutty Professor) & the REAL uncle Elroy should play Elroy... duh! (From Friday after Next/Next Friday) & I haven't thought of anyone to play Myson so just let him play himself! OH yeah and don't forget to add that status when Lashay Hinto said "Fame isn't all what it's cracked up to be, everyone knows me now and at first..." She never finished it, it was on Facebook though & make sure all proceeds go to Myson and his new life and possibly finding his bio father. Thanks!
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