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2021.12.12 02:46 VBS_Official Suburban_Gothic_Art

Art that captures the haunting spirit of suburbia. Check out the "Suburban Gothic" entry on Aesthetic Wiki for more.

2009.06.01 19:29 Springfield, MA

Welcome to /Springfield! A community for Springfield, West Springfield, Wilbraham, Agawam, Chicopee, Holyoke, East Longmeadow, Southampton and other surrounding areas in the Valley!

2023.06.08 01:09 porcelapin S1E19 - "There were no survivors of oceanic flight 815" vs. "We're the survivors of oceanic flight 815"?

I recently began watching for the first time using Hulu. When Boone is in the old airplane and calls into the radio, and whoever is on the other end responds, the subtitles on Hulu say "there were no survivors of oceanic flight 815". I was looking for an episode summary for something else and realized on Wikipedia and the Lostpedia Wiki, it says that they responded "WE'RE the survivors of flight 815".
I've noticed lots of typos in the subtitles so far so I'm wondering if this is a typo as well? It's difficult for me to tell which is correct by listening.
Without any spoilers past this point, can someone tell me which is correct?
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2023.06.08 01:09 danjosefz What is the truth behind V5 Forex Global Trading Signals?

What is the truth behind V5 Forex Global Trading Signals?
Uncover the truth about V5 Forex Global Trading Signals. Known for attractive forex signals, the broker has allegations of fraud and deceptive trading tactics. Stay informed with WikiFX. https://www.wikifx.com/en/newsdetail/202306078464556467.html?gip=TGal61
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2023.06.08 01:08 geopolicraticus Étienne Pasquier

Étienne Pasquier

Part of a Series on the Philosophy of History
Today is the 494th anniversary of the birthday of Étienne Pasquier (07 June 1529 – 01 September 1615), who was (perhaps) born in Paris on this date in 1529. Pasquier’s exact birthdate is disputed.
Happy Birthday Étienne!
I learned about Étienne Pasquier from Paul Veyne’s book Did the Greeks Believe in Their Myths?: An Essay in Constitutive Imagination, who opened the book with a discussion of Pasquier’s Recherches de la France:
“Let us return to Estienne Pasquier, whose Recherches de la France appeared in 1560. Before publishing it, G. Huppert tells us, Pasquier circulated his manuscript among his friends, Their most frequent reproach concerned Pasquier’s habit of giving too many references to the sources he cited. This procedure, they told him, cast a ‘scholastic pall’ (‘umbre des escholes’) on the book and was unbecoming in a work of history. Was it truly necessary each time to confirm his ‘words by some ancient author’? If it was a matter of lending his account authority and credibility, time alone would see to that. After all, the works of the Ancients were not encumbered by citations, and their authority had been affirmed with time. Pasquier should let time alone sanction his book!”
We see here the origins of the source criticism that would come to maturity in Ranke and which would come to define history has it is practised today. Further to the above from Paul Veyne, the following is from Huppert, The Idea of Perfect History: Historical Erudition and Historical Philosophy in Renaissance France, cited by Veyne:
“Some of Pasquier’s friends accepted the principle of referring to sources but advised against quoting lengthy extracts from the documents. Their argument, that this practice came close to plagiarism, did not convince Pasquier. To be sure, many of the documents he was quoting had been seen by his predecessors, but ‘seen without being seen’; that is to say, they may have seen them without understanding their significance. For this reason, Pasquier did not think it at all superfluous to quote his sources at length. Since his interpretations had nothing in common with those of the traditional annalists, people might think he was making up a new history of France. Therefore he adopted a method which consisted in ‘saying nothing of importance without proving it’ and in showing his readers the ‘sources which were at the root of his conjectures.’ He found it necessary not only to show what France had been like in ancient times, but almost to have his readers ‘touch it with their fingers’.”
The idea of touching history with our fingers speaks to the historians’ dilemma of making the past seem real to readers. Natalie Zemon Davis in “History’s Two Bodies” cultivation of obscure sources to penetrate more fully into the feeling of the past:
“Pasquier argued that one had to learn to read known texts for their contradictions and silences and to find new texts close to the events ‘as guarantees.’ On gypsies and on tennis games in the fifteenth century, Pasquier could quote from ‘an old journal, fallen into my hands, written on paper by a Paris Theologian, who was careful to collect all the things he saw’; on Jeanne d’Arc, he could cite not only copies of her trial in two libraries but the original record itself, with all its seals and signatures, in his possession for four whole years. The resulting Recherches were not organized in a single chronological narrative but in Books, each held together by a common theme—political, ecclesiastical, literary, or cultural. Like Montaigne with his Essais, Pasquier kept revising and adding to them after his first edition of 1560, a project continuously in motion over the years.”
Despite the focus on historical methodology, James H. Dahlinger in his Etienne Pasquier on Ethics and History said of Pasquier that, “he is not primarily a historian but a moralist who uses historical sources at hand to make his moral and ethical points.” I don’t have the sources to dig into this at present, but perhaps I can revisit this next year for Pasquier’s birthday (fate willing).

Further Resources

Davis, N. Z. (1988). History’s Two Bodies. The American Historical Review, 93(1), 1. doi:10.2307/1865687
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2023.06.08 01:07 WoodlandWizard77 M22 Spanish Pyrenees (Monte Perdido) Sept 3-5

I'll be studying abroad in Spain and wanted to go up a mountain in the Pyrenees. Monte Perdido is the range's third tallest mountain and, with Ordesa Valley, Spain's oldest national park. While I'm doing other things in Europe, this is the one I'm the most hesitant to do solo.
I'll be landing in Barcelona on the 2nd and heading to the gateway village of Torla the next day. I've reserved a place to sleep for 2 nights before I need to leave to the next thing. Although most apps won't show it, you can get to Torla from Zaragoza using public transportation. Because of my timeframe, I've been looking at guides (which get cheaper with more people). They range around $150/person.
About me: queer (usually) solo traveler, into hiking, backpacking, camping, and photography. I'm still learning Spanish and don't expect to know much by the time I'm in the Pyrenees
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2023.06.08 01:05 TripleM1075 You would never read my diary, right?

You would never be foolish enough to read my diary. The cuntseqwences would result in me visiting your mother 😈
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2023.06.08 01:04 NobleHedron What type of haunts drive the most traffic?

My buddy is reworking his haunt and we both really like the most terrifying and darkest forms of horror. We know that haunts have to appeal to everyone though so...
View Poll
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2023.06.08 01:03 Ryugar The Alchemical work, Stone, and is Phosphorus the Key element?

I wanted to discuss my theories on this whole mystery behind the alchemical work, the philosphores stone, and why urine always seems to be brought up. The idea that urine is the starting point seems both silly but also makes a weird kind of sense.... the whole idea that urine is like a filtered extract "liquid gold" that we process from what we eat/drink. I always see it mentioned with just vague comments on what you are supposed to do with this urine. I also think phosphorus being found and identified first by an alchemist in urine is a pretty cool and interesting fact. Also, for the philosopher stone... things like a kidney stone being like a crystal or pearl like substance that calcifies and forms in our bladder (and sometimes so large it gets stuck in there). So our body in a sense is actually like a transforming agent that produces a stone/crystal/pearl. It could be possible there is something to extract from it.

I have probably thought way too much about this.... but I often thought Phosphorus was one of the key elements that is supposed to be worked on. It is found in ATP, the basic energy molecule in our body. Phosphorus is a greek name which means "light bearer", and has ties to the name lucifer in latin, as well as the "morning star" being the planet Venus which is the brightest star in the night sky. There are also interesting simlarities in the names of phosphorus and sulfur, pho-sefora and sulfur is either sefora or sul-fora. Another naming similaritie between "phosphorus" and "philosopher". Sulfur and Brimstone has an obvious tie to hell. I am not christian and don't pay much attention to the whole "heaven hell" and various sins, but the idea of this "lucifer" as a fallen angel, perhaps there is some hidden symbolism here about trying to purify this element, or "remove the sin" from this element. Sulfur being like the fallen angel, while Phosporus is either before the corruption, or a purified version. Sulfur the element is also important in the body, as it creates an important bond the sulfur bridges in dna, and sunlight (aka God in this metaphor) sunlight will actually break the sulfur bridges and can break the bonds of these dna protein structures which can sometimes be good but also bad as it is how things like skin cancer are formed. But I find it funny and interesting that sunlight can effect sulfur like that.

Back to Phosphorus.... it has various stages or forms it can take, depending on how it is extracted and heated. The colors are white (or yellow) > red (or scarlet) > violet purple > black. It actually reminds me of alchemy and the different stages like albedo, citrine, rubedo, and negredo. Which is another interesting correlation. Each colophase has a different chemical structure and everything too, which you can look at in the wiki link I have below. Some of the phases are hard to achieve and need to be prepared carefully and at certain temperatures. IF I had to take a guess at which phase is the possible goal, it would prob be the Violet color as it seems to be rare and difficult to achieve as it needs a specific temp to achieve that state.

Phosphor is interesting too as it is what causes the glow in fluroescent/phosporescent organisms. There is this quote from the wiki:
""Since its discovery, phosphors and phosphorescence were used loosely to describe substances that shine in the dark without burning. Although the term phosphorescence is derived from phosphorus, the reaction that gives phosphorus its glow is properly called chemiluminescence (glowing due to a cold chemical reaction), not phosphorescence (re-emitting light that previously fell onto a substance and excited it).[31]""

I remember reading in alchemy about monks sitting in a dark room and told to find the fire that burns in the dark (or something vague and mysterious like that), and phosphors will glow or shine in the dark without burning.... so a cold fire not a hot one, that glows from within and not just reflecting or reemitting a light from an outside source. Do humans have an aura? Do we emit some kind of bioilluminesence? Can we change or alter this glow, and gain some benefit from it? All very interesting point to think and ponder about IMO.

All very interesting points that to me seem to suggest a possible greater purpose for this element Phosphorus. Only thing is that if extracted from urine, I am sure you would only be able to get a small amount of the salt extract. So you would need alot of urine, or get it from other sources which is why I thought of something like cows which probably already are a source to refilter and reuse farm animal waste for fertilizer and manure. The wiki says phosphorus was mainly found thru urine, bone ash, and bird guana..... all basically waste products that can be reused to get a useful element for things like fertilizer. One mans waste/trash is another mans treasure right? Also could be seen as another example of "purifying the sin", with sin being just waste products of humans or animals. It is like the cycle of life, the cycle of resources, and getting the prima materia or whatever from what we excrete and reusing it for our benefit.... turning this waste/death into energy/life.

Anyways, any thoughts? Here is the wiki link for anyone interested to read up more about this. I would love to hear some actual opinions on this, with real discussion and not just vague answers.
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2023.06.08 01:01 AutoModerator [Monthly Post] WELCOME TO SABAH! Questions about Sabah / Places to visit in Sabah / Being a tourist in Sabah

Welcome to Sabah! We hope you will enjoy your star here :)

Are you a tourist thinking about visiting Sabah, Malaysia?

These are some interesting places in Sabah you probably want to visit while you're here:
  1. Mount Kinabalu
  2. Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre
  3. Mabul Island
  4. Danum Valley Conservation Area
  5. Kinabalu Park
  6. Metaking Island
  7. Poring Hot Spring
  8. Tabin Wildlife Resort, Lahad Datu
  9. Masjid Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu
  10. Mari Mari Cultural Village
  11. Tanjung Aru Beach
  12. Pulau Pom Pom
  13. Pulau Tiga
  14. Borneo Sun Bear Conservation Centre
  15. Maliau Basin Conservation Area
  16. Boheydulang Island
  17. Ladang Tenusu Desa Cattle
  18. Gomantong Caves
  19. Sabah State Museum
  20. Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Santuary
  21. Lok Kawi Wildlife Park
  22. Tun Sakaran Marine Park, Semporna
  23. Atkinson Clock Tower
  24. Kundasang War Memorial
  25. Tawau Hills Park
  26. Ranforest Discovery Centre
  27. Polumpung Melangkap View Camp Site
  28. Mount Trusmadi
  29. Sosodikon Hill Kundasang
  30. Pulau Sapi
  31. Sandakan Memorial Park
  32. Kelambu Beach
  33. Agnes Keith House, historic house museum, Sandakan
  34. Kota Kinabalu Wetland Ramsar Site
  35. Dalit Bay Golf & Country Club
  36. Mengalum Island
  37. Timpohon Gate, Kundasang
  38. Deramakot Forest Reserve
  39. Kiulu White Water Rafting Centre
  40. Teck Guan Cocoa Museum
  41. Meragang Hill
  42. Mahua Waterfalls
  43. Dinawan Island
  44. Tanjung Aru Perdana Park
  45. PuuJih Syh Temple
  46. Sepanggar Island
  47. Coral Flyer Zipline
  48. Hounon Ridge Farmstay & Camping
  49. Bukit Tengkorak Archaelogical Heritage Site
  50. Sabah Art Gallery
  51. Bukit Bongol
  52. Crocker Range National Park
  53. Sabah Agriculture Park
  54. Ranau Rabbit Village
  55. Aquarium & Marine Museum, Universiti Malaysia Sabah
  56. Klias River Cruise
  57. Mesilau
  58. Bodgaya Island
  59. Kokol Hill Elf
  60. Pulau Mantanai Besar
  61. Langanan Waterfall
  62. Mount Tambuyukon
  63. Balung River Eco Resort
  64. Tuaran Crocodile Farm
  65. Sg. Moroli Fish Spa
  66. Borneo Rainforest Lodge, Danum Valley Conservation Area
  67. Madai Caves
  68. Murug-Turug Eco Tourism (MTET)
  69. Gombizau Honey Bee Farm
  70. Tamparuli Suspension Bridge
  71. Usukan Cove
  72. Kabili-Sepilok Forest Reserve
  73. Orang Utan Sanctuary, Sepilok
  74. Sandakan Rainforest Park
  75. Imbak Canyon Conservation Area
  76. Sandakan Heritage Trail
  77. Monsopiad Heritage Village
  78. Bombon Kg. Marakau (Fish Spa)
  79. Mandalipau White Water View & Fish Pond
  80. Tadzmahal Travel & Tours Jetty
  81. Upside Down House Sabah
  82. Sinurambi Tambunan (Tambunan Viewing Point)
  83. Gemok Hill Forest Reserve
  84. Tanjung Parapat
  85. Kokob Rafflesia Conservation Garden
  86. Mesilou Highland Strawberry Farm
  87. Chantek Borneo, specialist in Sabah's ethnic textile design
  88. Peak of Hope, Tuaran
  89. Ulu Kionsom Waterfall
  90. Pitas Bay View
  91. Tegudon Tourism Village
  92. St Michael's Catholic Church, Penampang (100+ yrs old historic Church)
  93. Borneo Ant House, Tuaran
  94. Tanjung Lipat Beach, Likas
  95. Handicraft Market, Kota Kinabalu (Pasar Filipina)
  96. Alpaca Club, Ranau
  97. Gaya Street Sunday Market (Morning), Kota Kinabalu
  98. Kadazandusun Culcural Association (KDCA), Penampang (May - Harvest Festival)
  99. The North Borneo Railway train ride (functional wood-burner train)
  100. Luxury yacht of Puteri Sutera sunset cruise, Sutera Harbour, Kota Kinabalu
  101. World Highest Via Ferrata Mount Kinabalu

Do you have some questions about Sabah?

Post your questions in the comment section or make a standalone post in the main page!
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2023.06.08 01:00 AutoModerator Questions Thread - June 07, 2023

Questions Thread
This is a general question thread on. You can find the previous question threads here.
Remember to check the community wiki first.
You can also ask questions in any of the questions channels under the "help" category in our official Discord.
For other discussions, please find the Megathread Directory at this link.
The idea is for anyone to be able to ask anything related to PoE:
No question is too big or too small!
We encourage experienced players to sort this thread by new.
We'd like to thank those who answered questions in the last thread! You guys are the best.
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2023.06.08 01:00 AutoModerator Throwback Thursday 2.0 - [2023/06/07]

Grab yourself a knee rug and a mug of hot chocolate, it's time to reminisce those old time dramas from days gone by of pre-2019. Maybe you were around when they aired for the first time and want to take a trip down memory lane by watching them on the box. Maybe it's your first time through.
This is our weekly discussion exclusively for those older Korean dramas on your currently watching list. We don't want to hear about the currently hyped dramas here, so please keep it to the older stuff on your watch list.
Reminder, we advocate the use of legal streaming sources wherever possible. Any comments mentioning illegal sources will be removed and links will lead to bans as per our rules. As it is very hard to find many of the really old dramas rather than asking users "where are you watching?", we suggest you instead ask "did you find a legal source?". See our policies on streaming sites and VPNs here.
Crazily enough not everyone has watched these classics yet so please remember your spoiler tags when discussing major plot points or anything you think should be redacted. If you are using Markdown and not Fancy Pants Editor, the easiest way to create spoiler tags is to use > ! spoiler content ! < without spaces to get spoiler content. For more detailed guidance on spoiler tags and when to use them, check our Spoiler Tags Tutorial.
Just In Case Resources
FAQ and Netflix FAQ Glossary Latest On-Airs and On-Air Roster Rules and Policies Where To Watch aka Legal Sites Everything In Our Wiki aka Wiki Homepage Get Recommendations For Your Next Watch
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2023.06.08 01:00 Sad_Conversation944 Yumina, Akira and Sheryl

I wanted to discuss a bit about the fandom's opinion on Yumina.
In the light novel, I really liked Yumina as a person until part 1 of volume 6, it was very good when she defended Akira and the truth is that the interaction of both of them during the light novel was very good. Akira was identified with yumina because of his dependency on the support system and Akira on alpha
Akira saw her as a friend and I think she was even a possible romantic interest.
Akira knew and was aware that she didn't see him that way and even so he didn't care, he felt comfortable with Yumina since the pickpocket event.
Akira was aware that she didn't get along with katsuya but it was thanks to katsuya himself that Akira got irritated
Akira at the end when his connection was down with alpha and Katsuya overloaded the connection he didn't feel irritated with Katsuya
If I felt upset, it was along the way and Yumina's decisions in part 2, she knew that Akira didn't want to hurt her, let alone kill her. Even so, she took advantage of this to try to have an advantage over Akira, which didn't work.
In the end she didn't even see Akira as a friend or someone important but someone dangerous for katsuya and the only thing she regretted was that she decided to fight someone as strong as Akira not for making Akira kill her.
Katsuya saying fighting Akira was also something quite simple brought on by udajima even she didn't make sense why she didn't stop to think about how many times Akira saved him and helped yumina.
Sheryl is a very good character in the light novel and she has a lot of growth as a character.
I think that yumina, Katsuya and airi will return but mainly yumina as an antagonist of Akira
Their bodies were not recovered and in old world standard I think it is possible to save them maybe using the scientist yatsubayashi.
And maybe Shizuka is in danger Akira introduced Yumina to Shizuka and she was the only one who knew about their relationship and rapes maybe she ignores or doesn't know anything about Shizuka.
anyone who touches even a hair of Shizuka Akira will haunt him to the ends of the world. plus the next volume Akira returns to the kuzuzuhara ruins
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2023.06.08 00:55 AerisMagia 2015 Jetta 1.8L TSI engine an EA888 (Gen 3)?

The wiki says it’s BASED off of, which I get probably does mean it is. In any case, wouldn’t wanna have the wrong information based on a technicality. Also, it is a PQ35 chassis too, right?
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2023.06.08 00:54 mvoviri Crowdsourcing updates to r/Omaha sidebar pages #2: Where to Eat

Hi all.
I'm back again seeking assistance in updating our sidebar links! The vast majority of the suggestions in the last thread have been implemented on the What To Do wiki page, and this time we're updating...

Where to Eat

Please check out the existing entries on the page and suggest removals and additions a comment. Bonus points are again awarded to people who provide appropriate URLs for each restaurant, and indicate which category on the existing Wiki page their suggestion best fits. An extra special bonus point is awarded to the suggestion I enjoy most when I go there one day.
While you're here, upvote the best suggestions to help determine what is added/removed. Thanks in advanced for your help in making the subreddit more useful to your fellow Omahomies. I'll work through edits to the wiki pages after these threads wrap up.
Also, act fast: because we are locking the sub in protest of Reddit's third-party app shenanigans in just a few days.
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2023.06.08 00:54 mvoviri /r/Omaha will be joining in on the June 12th-14th protest of Reddit's API changes that will essentially kill all 3rd party Reddit apps.

Why do I give a shit? This is a subreddit about Omaha.

At the end of the day, this sub (like every other) lives on a terrible website with many terrible users, which seems to be run by terrible people with seemingly terrible intentions. We try to make this sub a useful resource for Omahans and Nebraskans for fun activities and local events (recently updated!), the best restaurants (suggest updates [here])(https://old.reddit.com/Omaha/comments/143rsi6/crowdsourcing_updates_to_romaha_sidebar_pages_2), and vehicular offerings to Rocko to maintain our meteorological protection via the OmaDome.
We mods also rely on third party apps and services to keep our moderately-sized subreddit free from spam, hate speech, and vulgar content. Ergo, locking the sub.
Below is the template provided by the folks at /ModCoord, which we agree with and fully support. At the end of the day, reddit is nothing without the users providing free content, the moderators providing free janitorial services, and the very good third party apps that make this hell-site usable. I mean Christ, have you seen the official app? My god.

What's going on?

A recent Reddit policy change threatens to kill many beloved third-party mobile apps, making a great many quality-of-life features not seen in the official mobile app permanently inaccessible to users.
On May 31, 2023, Reddit announced they were raising the price to make calls to their API from being free to a level that will kill every third party app on Reddit, from Apollo to Reddit is Fun to Narwhal to BaconReader.
Even if you're not a mobile user and don't use any of those apps, this is a step toward killing other ways of customizing Reddit, such as Reddit Enhancement Suite or the use of the old.reddit.com desktop interface .
This isn't only a problem on the user level: many subreddit moderators depend on tools only available outside the official app to keep their communities on-topic and spam-free.

What's the plan?

On June 12th, many subreddits will be going dark to protest this policy. Some will return after 48 hours: others will go away permanently unless the issue is adequately addressed, since many moderators aren't able to put in the work they do with the poor tools available through the official app. This isn't something any of us do lightly: we do what we do because we love Reddit, and we truly believe this change will make it impossible to keep doing what we love.
The two-day blackout isn't the goal, and it isn't the end. Should things reach the 14th with no sign of Reddit choosing to fix what they've broken, we'll use the community and buzz we've built between then and now as a tool for further action.

What can you do as a user?

What can you do as a moderator?

Thank you for your patience in the matter,
- the /Omaha Mod Team
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2023.06.08 00:53 imochidori "Please activate nid:1484016773090 then delete this card" -- how do I activate 1484016773090? (AnKing V12)

So, for all of these "delete" (see tag) cards, I probably plan to suspend them just in case ("suspend" just in case I want to look at them out of curiosity to keep track of the history/changes and see what was new)... Or, what do you like to do with them? Just delete them? What do you recommend?

So, when we sync with AnkiHub, does that mean our deck can receive new cards and media from AnKing V12? (I am subscribed to it.)
However, does that also mean the AnkiHub cannot automatically delete cards for us per se, but the moderators/editors on the AnKing V12 can just tag the card as a "delete card" to let us know it is OK to delete or suspend this card manually on our side if we want to delete/suspend the respectively tagged-for-deletion card?
Sorry if these are silly questions -- just trying to learn and adapt to all of this -- kind of new to this.
(Summary: I plan to suspend these cards which are tagged for deletion it seems by the AnKing V12+ system, just in case, but I am also confused by why this one says "Please activate nid:1484016773090" -- how do I do that?)
Thank you and apologies for any confusion!


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2023.06.08 00:52 coolstarorg This Subreddit will be shutting down temporarily between June 12th - 14th (in solidarity with hundreds of other subreddits) to protest Reddit’s new API changes.

The moderation team of chrultrabook wants to share some serious concerns we have with recent changes to Reddit.
A recent Reddit policy change threatens to kill many beloved third-party mobile apps, making a great many quality-of-life features not seen in the official mobile app permanently inaccessible to users.
On May 31st, 2023, Reddit announced they were raising the price to make calls to their API from being free to a level that will kill every third party app on Reddit, from Apollo to Reddit is Fun to Narwhal to BaconReader.
This isn't a problem just for users; many of the staff and moderators depend on tools outside the official app to keep tabs on the subreddit, as well as to keep it on-topic and spam free. In addition, the official mobile app is a massive data hog which readily chews through mobile data like it's nothing.

What's the plan?

The moderation team of chrultrabook is declaring its opposition (along with hundreds of other subreddits) to this API pricing change, and will be shutting down the subreddit in solidarity for 48 hours on June 12th through the 14th (and may even shut down indefinitely) until the tools to provide effective moderation are available once more. This isn't something any of us do lightly: we do what we do because we love Reddit, and we truly believe this change will make it impossible to keep doing what we love. This subreddit is honestly one of my pride and joys on Reddit.
Do note that the two-day blackout is not the goal. If the 14th is reached without any sign of fixes from Reddit, we may take further action that could involve potentially even permanently shuttering the subreddit and moving elsewhere.

What can you do?

  1. Complain. Message the mods of reddit.com, who are the admins of the site: message u/reddit: submit a support request: comment in relevant threads on reddit, such as this one, leave a negative review on their official iOS or Android app, and sign your username in support on this post.
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Find out more at Save3rdPartyApps, or if you moderate a subreddit, its sister sub ModCoord.


If you need help with your chromebook during the shutdowns, we are still around on discord: https://discord.gg/tkPTk5w and we'll be opening a github wiki/issue tracker here: https://github.com/chrultrabook
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2023.06.08 00:52 ToBeOrNotToBeOnADiet I got a question about self-ionization of water

Do different hydronium and hydroxide ion concentrations in water tend to balance over time or they will remain like that since mathematically their product is still the value of Kw? I used to think that in equilibrium same stoichiometric coefficients meant same concentrations.
Sorry about this stupid thought that's haunting me lately.
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2023.06.08 00:52 ZJP31 Lionel Messi’s Career Has Played Out Like a Movie

A humble boy from Argentina blessed with other-worldly football talent committed himself to a Catalan club with his signature written on a napkin. He would eventually debut with the first team and shock the world with his phenomenal ability.
Coached by one of the most genius managers in history and mentored by arguably the greatest midfield duo ever, Leo would go on to shine for his club which he loved so much and deliver numerous trophies and magical moments.
Eventually FC Barca would be overseen by idealists obsessed with star-power similar to the club’s bitter rivals Real Madrid. Over time, this transfer policy would erode the identity of Barca and result in extreme financial mismanagement leading to degrading team performance after expensive transfers that were not effective. Leo and the rest of the aging core would continue to carry the responsibility of leading the club to consecutive league titles in difficult times.
After an embarrassing 2018 CL exit, Leo Messi at the age of 31 would single handedly dismantle a strong Liverpool side in the first leg of their 2019 CL encounter as he promised the Camp Nou he would do everything in his power to bring the trophy home once more. Despite his best efforts, the team collapsed at Anfield and were once again embarrassed out of the competition.
Two years and three managers later, things would only get worse. More embarrassing CL ejections, pandemic financial turmoil, and consecutive defeats for the league title. Leo was frustrated, he was getting older and his body wasn’t what it once was. He tried leaving Barca but the board was ready to take the matter to court. Leo stayed because he loved his club too much to endure a legal battle.
After the appointment of a new board and president, Leo was assured his contract would be renewed and he was committed to staying under new leadership. It wasn’t until the eleventh hour that Leo was informed the club could not afford him and that he could not continue at Barca. Feeling broken and betrayed by the club he gave his life to, Leo would take his family to Paris to begin a new chapter.
Little did the Argentine know what was to come, as the football gods looked down upon him and smiled, writing his destiny of greatness into stone. Leo endured great suffering with the Argentinian national team never having won a trophy with them, and many Argentines questioned his capability and loyalty to them. The appointment of a visionary coach and a team willing to die for their captain would see Argentina to their first international trophy in 3 decades, the Copa America. This victory would set Leo’s soul free and set the stage for the greatest triumph of his career.
During his 2nd season at PSG, Leo Messi would captain Argentina to their first world cup in almost 40 years. Leo played with ice in his veins surrounded by young and energetic players and brilliant tactics which resulted in overcoming the French powerhouse. The economically turmoiled nation was celebrating, because the little boy from Rosario gave them a reason to smile again, and cemented himself as the greatest footballer of all time.
Leo’s contract at PSG ran down and he was excited at the opportunity of re-joining Barca for one last ride. Unfortunately, the club was still recovering from financial turmoil and had to go to extreme lengths to attempt to re-sign him. In the end, Barca could make no guarantees and Leo was still haunted by his previous exit from the club. He chose to join the MLS and move to Miami to ensure consistency for his children, relieving Barca financially, and securing his own financial future.
Lionel Messi has reached immortal status, and is loved endlessly by the Catalan and Argentinian people. He has achieved everything possible with both teams and has nothing left to prove.
In life, closure is never a guarantee - even for the greatest footballer of all time. Let us not dwell on how he left, but celebrate the magical moments he gave us. Nothing is forever, but his name will live on through us. The phenom, the legend, the chosen one - Lionel Andres Messi.
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2023.06.08 00:52 Nathanw425 r/CrazyFuckingVideos will be joining the blackout from June 12-14 to protest the proposed API changes which will end 3rd party apps.

Hello CrazyFuckingVideos,
As you can see from the title of this post It’s not related to our normal stuff that you see posted on the sub. For those who don’t know Reddit is making some pretty big changes to their API and how 3rd party apps access their API. For context you can read more about it here. The TDLR of this post is:
· 3rd party apps are going to be very expensive to run. Ad supported tiers are will be prohibited and using Apollo as an example would cost the devs of the app $2 million per month (source). This will ultimately put 3rd party apps in the grave. If you are using a 3rd party app you will no longer be able to use it.
· The NSFW API will be getting shut down so the only way to access NSFW content is through Reddit’s app. This means even if 3rd party apps do foot the bill They only get 40% of the content. This also means that bots and moderation practices that prevent, for example someone that comments on gonewild post rom commenting on teenagers selfie posts will break.
Why this matter to you
Many mods on Reddit use 3rd party apps to moderate because the tools on Reddit’s app are worthless. Contrary to popular belief that we all live in basements, most of us mods have day jobs and a lot of moderation happens during our lunch breaks or downtime in our real lives. We moderate because we care about the community. Forcing moderators to use the official app would probably slow down moderation and force more of the work to happen on the computer. This means your post/commnts will sit in the queue unseen longer. It will also take longer for a response in modmail and harmful toxic users will be more prominent and will remain rampant longer.
In discussions with other mods, these changes will probably cripple most NSFW content on the site. It will be extremely hard to keep child sexual abuse content and non-consensual intimate media off the platform with their mod tools practices crippled by the NSFW change. A lot of work has been put into this including parts of the NSFW community paying enterprise prices or access to private libraries that are meant to detect this kind of media.
Then, on a more basic level those who are using a 3rd party app will be forced to switch to Reddit’s official app to browse content as it will be unaffordable for 3rd party apps to maintain their apps.
The Open Letter & backout
The broader moderator community have been discussing this situation and we have released an open letter here.
Part of this initiative will be a subreddit blackout. We the mod team have discussed and have come into an agreement by joining this protest and CFV will blackout for 48 hours and maybe longer.
One large factor we need to take into account is you the community. In the end our goal is to make this a healthy community. We don't want this protest to be something where Mods are beating their chests and inconveniencing everyone because we don't like what's happening. We want this to be something that the community cares enough about that we can come together and say something with our actions collectively.
There are far larger communities than ours preparing to join this movement. 2500 communities have signed up for this in the last couple of days. The moderator team wants to join that and hopes that you will join us too. If you have questions please comment and we will respond to them!!
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2023.06.08 00:51 Useful-Bad-6706 Can we make some noise for this please? A lesbian couple was murdered by a homophobic misogynistic man in broad daylight.

As a disabled lesbian I’m begging people to make noise about this. Protest, scream, talk, pass it along, anything. Please don’t forget their names. Liu Jixi and Fang Xiaoton were publicly murdered and no one helped them. Liu Jixi died trying to save her girlfriend.
Good thread with a lot of info:
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2023.06.08 00:50 MatchThreadder Match Thread: Independiente del Valle vs Corinthians CONMEBOL Libertadores

51': Independiente del Valle 2-0 Corinthians

Independiente del Valle scorers: Michael Hoyos (17', 24')
Venue: Estadio Banco Guayaquil
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Independiente del Valle
Kleber Pinargote Lara, Cristian Pellerano, Richard Schunke, Anthony Landázuri, Lorenzo Faravelli, Jordy Alcivar, Yaimar Medina, Matías Fernández, Michael Hoyos, Junior Sornoza, Julio Ortiz.
Subs: Alexis Villa, Gustavo Cortez, Kevin Rodríguez, Mateo Carabajal, Beder Caicedo, Nicolás Previtali, Marcelo Moreno, Patrik Mercado, Esnaider Cabezas, Lautaro Díaz, Ray Páez, Alan Minda.
Cássio, Gil, Murillo, Bruno Méndez, Maycon, Fausto Vera, Renato Augusto, Matheus Bidu (Roni), Fagner, Róger Guedes, Yuri Alberto.
Subs: Biro, Pedro Henrique, Adson, Rafael Ramos, Ruan, Caetano, Matheus Andrade, Felipe, Carlos Miguel, Fábio Santos, Giuliano.
21' Anthony Landázuri (Independiente del Valle) is shown the yellow card for a bad foul.
24' Goal! Independiente del Valle 2, Corinthians 0. Michael Hoyos (Independiente del Valle) left footed shot from the right side of the box to the bottom right corner.
45' Substitution, Corinthians. Roni replaces Matheus Bidu.
Don't see a thread for a match you're watching? Click here to learn how to request a match thread from this bot.
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2023.06.08 00:50 ciuccio2000 Void seeds can delete buttons in the desert?

As the title says.
I get in the desert map as my second location, and after clearing the level I start looking for the two buttons to obtain the free bands. I find the first button and somehow manage to roll a pot onto it. Then I spend 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes... But I can't seem to find the second button. I then notice that a void seed was located where one of the buttons could have been.
Apparently void seeds can despawn the desert buttons, which is very unfortunate. Is this a known bug?

EDIT: I spent 10 minutes loading the photos of all the buttons locations with a description of the zone, but apparently Reddit decided to just not upload the images, so now you get 'em without description (you can check the wiki to make sure they're the correct locations). The second-to-last and last pics depict the (empty) button location in the middle of where the void seed was, and the only button that I found.


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