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Ocala, Florida, is a sprawling community in Marion County; officially declared the Horse Capital of the World in 2007. Whether you're a Florida native, a transplant, or a tourist all are welcome to participate. Mind the rules and let's keep it civil. Be the change you want to see.

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All things Modest Mouse.

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A place for discussion about the Broadway musical, *Wicked*.

2023.06.02 01:30 Mossy_Lichenator Rolling out the All-New Regional Business Pride Collection

Hey y'all! Welcome back! I'm finally able to make videos again, and you know what that means, new sponsors!! So, without further ado, starting off this first week, we'll be covering LGBTQ+ owned and operated businesses in the Hydroelectric City Metropolitan Region, which of course includes both Upper and Lower Duck Pond!
Starting off our list strong, we've got Tubbies' Sherbet! Co-founded by Ron and Greg Williams in 1987, Tubbies' has been producing unique delicious frozen desserts ever since! As they have in years past, they are re-releasing a pride month special flavor with Watermelon, Mango, Pineapple, Kiwi, Blue Rasperry, and Blueberry stripes!! Head on down to your local grocery store today to pick up a pint!
Next on our list is Miles Automotives! Originally not the most inclusive of spaces, with their newest owner, and a personal friend of mine, Bridget Sherman, the company has changed their tune! They proudly boast a chain of locations around the HEC area, and even have one in LDP!! Be sure to take advantage of their June sales: up to $150 off new tires, and 10% off brake and wiper fluid checks!!
Ending on a strong note, we have RadCatz! They produce toys for older children that not only help the kiddos have fun, but also normalize diverse people, from gender expression, to ability, to race!! Their founder, Taylor Sharpton emphasizes how important it is for kids to grow up exposed to people different from themselves, and personally, I think they've done an amazing job in doing so!
There are plenty more local and small businesses that I didn't get a chance to name, so feel free to use the comment section to promote your own LGBTQ+ owned and operated businesses!!
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2023.06.02 01:28 xstarlesseyess Is this variegated?

Regardless, she’s gorgeous and I got her for a steal at $8 at a local plant sale!
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Courses for 02 June 2023

Note : Coupons might expire anytime, so enroll as soon as possible to get the courses for FREE.

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2023.06.02 01:05 smartybrome Free Courses for 02 June 2023

Courses for 02 June 2023

Note : Coupons might expire anytime, so enroll as soon as possible to get the courses for FREE.
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2023.06.02 01:03 JoshAsdvgi The Four Creations

The Four Creations

The Four Creations

The world at first was endless space in which existed only the Creator, Taiowa.
This world had no time, no shape, and no life, except in the mind of the Creator.
Eventually the infinite creator created the finite in Sotuknang, whom he called his nephew and whom he created as his agent to establish nine universes.
Sotuknang gathered together matter from the endless space to make the nine solid worlds.
Then the Creator instructed him to gather together the waters from the endless space and place them on these worlds to make land and sea.
When Sotuknang had done that, the Creator instructed him to gather together air to make winds and breezes on these worlds.
The fourth act of creation with which the Creator charged Sotuknang was the creation of life.
Sotuknang went to the world that was to first host life and there he created Spider Woman, and he gave her the power to create life.
First Spider Woman took some earth and mixed it with saliva to make two beings.
Over them she sang the Creation Song, and they came to life.
She instructed one of them, Poqanghoya, to go across the earth and solidify it.
She instructed the other, Palongawhoya, to send out sound to resonate through the earth, so that the earth vibrated with the energy of the Creator.
Poqanghoya and Palongawhoya were despatched to the poles of the earth to keep it rotating.
Then Spider Woman made all the plants, the flowers, the bushes, and the trees.
Likewise she made the birds and animals, again using earth and singing the Creation Song.
When all this was done, she made human beings, using yellow, red, white, and black earth mixed with her saliva. Singing the Creation Song, she made four men, and then in her own form she made four women.
At first they had a soft spot in their foreheads, and although it solidified, it left a space through which they could hear the voice of Sotuknang and their Creator.
Because these people could not speak, Spider Woman called on Sotuknang, who gave them four languages.
His only instructions were for them to respect their Creator and to live in harmony with him.
These people spread across the earth and multiplied. Despite their four languages, in those days they could understand each other's thoughts anyway, and for many years they and the animals lived together as one.
Eventually, however, they began to divide, both the people from the animals and the people from each other, as they focused on their differences rather than their similarities.
As division and suspicion became more widespread, only a few people from each of the four groups still remembered their Creator.
Sotuknang appeared before these few and told them that he and the Creator would have to destroy this world, and that these few who remembered the Creator must travel across the land, following a cloud and a star, to find refuge.
These people began their treks from the places where they lived, and when they finally converged Sotuknang appeared again.
He opened a huge ant mound and told these people to go down in it to live with the ants while he destroyed the world with fire, and he told them to learn from the ants while they were there.
The people went down and lived with the ants, who had storerooms of food that they had gathered in the summer, as well as chambers in which the people could live.
This went on for quite a while, because after Sotuknang cleansed the world with fire it took a long time for the world to cool off.
As the ants' food ran low, the people refused the food, but the ants kept feeding them and only tightened their own belts, which is why ants have such tiny waists today.
Finally Sotuknang was done making the second world, which was not quite as beautiful as the first.
Again he admonished the people to remember their Creator as they and the ants that had hosted them spread across the earth.
The people multiplied rapidly and soon covered the entire earth.
They did not live with the animals, however, because the animals in this second world were wild and unfriendly. Instead the people lived in villages and built roads between these, so that trade sprang up.
They stored goods and traded those for goods from elsewhere, and soon they were trading for things they did not need.
As their desire to have more and more grew, they began to forget their Creator, and soon wars over resources and trade were breaking out between villages.
Finally Sotuknang appeared before the few people who still remembered the Creator, and again he sent them to live with the ants while he destroyed this corrupt world.
This time he ordered Poqanghoya and Palongawhoya to abandon their posts at the poles, and soon the world spun out of control and rolled over.
Mountains slid and fell, and lakes and rivers splashed across the land as the earth tumbled, and finally the earth froze over into nothing but ice.
This went on for years, and again the people lived with the ants.
Finally Sotuknang sent Poqanghoya and Palongawhoya back to the poles to resume the normal rotation of the earth, and soon the ice melted and life returned.
Sotuknang called the people up from their refuge, and he introduced them to the third world that he had made.
Again he admonished the people to remember their Creator as they spread across the land.
As they did so, they multiplied quickly, even more quickly than before, and soon they were living in large cities and developing into separate nations.
With so many people and so many nations, soon there was war, and some of the nations made huge shields on which they could fly, and from these flying shields they attacked other cities.
When Sotuknang saw all this war and destruction, he resolved to destroy this world quickly before it corrupted the few people who still remembered the Creator.
He called on Spider Woman to gather those few and, along the shore, she placed each person with a little food in the hollow stem of a reed.
When she had done this, Sotuknang let loose a flood that destroyed the warring cities and the world on which they lived.
Once the rocking of the waves ceased, Spider Woman unsealed the reeds so the people could see.
They floated on the water for many days, looking for land, until finally they drifted to an island.
On the island they built little reed boats and set sail again to the east.
After drifting many days, they came to a larger island, and after many more days to an even larger island.
They hoped that this would be the fourth world that Sótuknang had made for them, but Spider Woman assured them that they still had a long and hard journey ahead.
They walked across this island and built rafts on the far side, and set sail to the east again.
They came to a fourth and still larger island, but again they had to cross it on foot and then build more rafts to continue east.
From this island, Spider Woman sent them on alone, and after many days they encountered a vast land.
Its shores were so high that they could not find a place to land, and only by opening the doors in their heads did they know where to go to land.
When they finally got ashore, Sotuknang was there waiting for them.
As they watched to the west, he made the islands that they had used like stepping stones disappear into the sea.
He welcomed them to the fourth world, but he warned them that it was not as beautiful as the previous ones, and that life here would be harder, with heat and cold, and tall mountains and deep valleys.
He sent them on their way to migrate across the wild new land in search of the homes for their respective clans.
The clans were to migrate across the land to learn its ways, although some grew weak and stopped in the warm climates or rich lands along the way.
The Hopi trekked and far and wide, and went through the cold and icy country to the north before finally settling in the arid lands between the Colorado River and Rio Grande River.
They chose that place so that the hardship of their life would always remind them of their dependence on, and link to, their Creator.

This story comes from the Hopi people of northern Arizona. "Hopi" means "People of Peace".
The stories here were recorded in the 1950s by Oswald White Bear Fredericks and his wife Naomi from the storytelling of older Hopi at the village of Oraibi, which tree-ring dating indicates has been inhabited by the Hopi since at least 1150 AD.
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2023.06.02 01:00 Tyranitron [Fanfic[ A Beast's Heart Ch.40

Hey everyone! I managed to finally do what I planned and alternate fics with each chapter xD. I don't know what it is, but I get hyper focused here and there and then I can get such writer's block with certain things while writing but then get in a zone after managing to get past certain sections. Anyway, this is the second of three planned Linked Souls Day chapters, the next one being the last and from there just hopefully one more chapter that serves as a prelude and transition into the canon events. But don't quote me fully on this as it MIGHT turn into two chapters depending on if I can fit everything in it. But I'm excited to get into the canon material as I've had plans for it since 2020 xD. Anyway, I'm going to likely swap back to my Helluva Boss fic to do a chapter than swap back to this as I want to try to prevent any burn out. Fair warning, I might get a lil hyper focused on the HB fic, but I will do my best to keep a good balance and get back to this as soon as possible.
As I've said before both of these fics are passion projects that I intend to finish no matter how long it takes as I love writing in both worlds. Also, I'm still sticking to this being set pretty much in Japan given everything in canon and sticking to those sensibilities and laws while not neglecting my own western ones and other westerners. I know I've put the disclaimer bout the Nazomi and Sebastian relationship on every prior chapter focusing on then, I just want to make it clear each time this is being handled with care and the maturity it demands. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy and I might get the next chapter out maybe early next month or near the end of this one depending on how things go, but I WILL get it out.
Also, curious what everyone thinks about my introduction of a Valentines equivalent.

After Shinoku and Vega left to meet up with Anya and Sheila, Sebastian took the time to finish getting ready for when he’d meet up with Nazomi. Just like his friends, Sebastian took his time to make sure that he looked good enough for their rendezvous, putting on some clothes he had that looked very similar to the Cherryton uniform aside from differing colors and other minor things. Also like Shinoku and Vega, he had gotten Nazomi a gift as well. After making sure he was good and ready for his meet up with Nazomi, Sebastian went back to reading to pass the time till he needed to head down the hill to meet up with her. As he waited, Sebastian heard his phone ring, quickly going to see who it was and answering it when he saw it was his mother.
“Hello Sebastian.” His mother said as he answered the phone. “I hope you’re well.”
“Hi mom.” he replied. “Yeah, I’m doing well.”
“That’s good to hear. How are your grades, I trust you’re keeping them high like you always do.” His mother inquired.
“I am.”
“That’s good to hear, you always do your best. Though, I’m not sure why you don’t do cram school like your brother did and your sister is doing. It’s nice that you work hard, don’t get me wrong, but I just want to make sure you’re living up to your full potential.” She said, her tone carrying that always subtle pressure of a proud lioness with high expectations.
And there it was; while she did care for him like any lion mother, she always wanted him to live up to the standards and the image of what a lion should be. Not that she was any different from any other lioness towards her kids, they all knew they had to make sure that the reputation of the king of beasts was maintained. It was an ever present driving force for lions; to stand apart, set the example, excel and push yourself to ever higher points and positions. It was both the greatest driving factor, and the most dangerous threat to a lion. While most would manage to get by and repress the toll it took or even thrive; for others, it would be far too much pressure. It was what lead to so many lions to go to the back alley, to form the likes of the shishigumi or join it.
Sebastian took a moment, the pressure of his mother’s expectations briefly showing before he quickly composed himself. “I understand mom, don’t worry, I have everything planned out.” he assured her. “I’m just tackling things in a way that allows me to give my full attention to my grades here. It’s not that I’m not interested in cram school, I just think it’s more logical to not have my focus split too much.”
“Always the analytical one my little Seby.” his mother commented. “But you only focus on your schoolwork and your reading, even your brother managed to handle doing cram school AND being on his school’s baseball team. He always did so well, even as a cub. Your sister’s also excelling in her gymnastics.” She added. His mother never overtly sounded disappointed, but the subtle nudges and constant reminding of his siblings’ achievements spoke volumes of her wanting him to be like them and every other lion. Why couldn’t she just understand that while he had the potential like every other lion, he just didn’t have the interest? Wasn’t it enough that they were bringing home trophies to show off?
Sebastian let the pressure he felt slip slightly once more before regaining his composure again. “That’s good to hear they’re doing so well…” he said in a cheerful voice. “You don’t need to worry though mom, I’ll make sure I get into a good college, plus all my teachers like me. Getting a recommendation good enough to be accepted won’t be hard to get.”
“True, your teachers always liked you.” His mother said. “But it’s just so rare for a lion not to do cram school. At least, in terms of the ones wanting to make a good life for themselves.” she commented in a veiled implication that a lot of the lions who chose not to were always trouble makers and bad seeds.
“I know mom.” Sebastian replied. “But I do have a career path set and I’m not going to stray from it.”
“And given the way you study and your grades I have no doubt. I can’t wait to hear what prestigious college you become the head over. But you might decide to be something equally important to society.” his mother commented. He never dared once to say he wanted to just teach, he didn’t even care where. All he ever said when what he wanted to be came up was something potentially in education and just smile and nod when his mother would suggest stuff. “By the way, have you found a nice lioness yet?”
“No, not yet mom.” Sebastian replied. He didn’t even dare to think about giving her a hint that he had found someone, knowing full well the questions that ensue about her and wanting to see a picture of or talk to her.
“That’s a shame, I hate to hear that you’re alone on Linked Souls Day. Are you looking?” his mother asked.
“Yes mom, I am.” Sebastian lied. “I’ll find someone, it just takes time for some.”
“But you’re so handsome, are you sure you’re looking or giving good impressions?”
“I am…” Sebastian replied as he held back a sigh.
“Alright. But just know that I have a few friends with very nice daughters, I could always introduce you to.”
Sebastian pinched his brow. “Thanks...but I’m sure I’ll find someone soon.”
“OK, just don’t get so caught up in your studies that you forget.” his mother commented. “Anyway, I need to get going, your father’s going to be taking me out for a romantic date. He says hi by the way.”
“I won’t.” Sebastian said as he composed himself once more. “And that sounds nice, tell him I say hello.”
“Sure. And Sebastian, keep working hard and making us proud.” his mother said before hanging up.
Sebastian let out a sigh as he hung up his phone, putting it back in his pocket. As he did so, Hassan looked at him. “I get the whole familial pressure, it’s not fun. I can only imagine what it’s like with being a lion.”
“She means well…” Sebastian replied.
“Clearly given the expressions you let slip.” Hassan pointed out. “I’m not trying to say your mother’s horrible, but her intentions aren’t exactly selfless.”
“It’s just how it is for us lions.”
“Well if you ask me it’s a bunch of bullshit.” Jax commented.
Hassan just shrugged. “Like Sebastian said, it’s just what it is. All we can do is just not let it get to us and forge our own paths the best we can when it comes to expectations.”
“Anyway, I better start heading out, it’s getting close to time for me to meet up with miss Nazomi.” Sebastian said as he stood up, walking over to get the flowers and gift for Nazomi.
“Sure you don’t need any help?” Hassan asked.
“I’ll be fine.”
Hassan nodded. “Alright.”
“Keep living the dream dude, maybe you’ll get to spend the night with her.” Jax said with a wide grin.
Sebastian just rolled his eyes at Jax before walking out to meet up with Nazomi, not even wanting to respond to the comment. As he headed down to the main floor of the dorm, Sebastian felt a combination of excitement and nervousness. It was his first time celebrating Linked Souls Day with anyone, not that he was ever really bothered about not being able to do so in the past. Sebastian also felt a bit guilty due to the fact that because he was a student and Nazomi a teacher, he couldn’t really do anything publicly with her let alone the fact that she was preparing the meal for them to eat.
Deep down he was a romantic at heart, much maligning the fact that he couldn’t be the one to treat her to a cooked meal. It didn’t really feel right that on Linked Souls Day she was doing most the work. It was just something that he would make sure to do in the future if things got that far with them. Although he still worried about being the potential cause of her losing her job. That, and exactly when and how he was going to introduce her to his parents when he was no longer a student. Hopefully he’d have it figured out when the time came.
Sebastian let out a sigh as he exited the boy’s dorm. Despite all the worries, he still deep down found himself hoping that this would work out. Even with the returning thought of this being just a potential rebellion against his parents and their expectations, he could not deny how he felt about the older feline. Especially with their first date still ever present in his mind. No matter what challenges or obstacles they might face, he was willing to face them, his resolve hardening all the more. Even if it ended up with them having to end things before something bad happened, he’d rather live knowing he tried his best than giving into the fear and not trying to fight for his own happiness.
It didn’t take long for Sebastian to leave the school and get down the hill to where Nazomi said she would be waiting for him, and as he got to their rendezvous spot he stopped. His eyes widened as he felt his heart about to beat out of his chest. Before him stood Nazomi next to her car, dressed in a rather nice satin button down green blouse and black business skirt with a slit on the left side that fit her perfectly. She looked beautiful, so much so that Sebastian felt his cheeks were on fire and his heart was about toleap out of his chest as he blushed, unable to really say anything for a few moments.
“W-wow…” he managed to say as he managed to walk over to Nazomi. “You look...amazing.”
Nazomi smiled a bit. “Thank you, I did try.” she said as she blushed ever so slightly. “I would have worn a dress, but I didn’t want to arouse any real suspicion…”
“It’s fine, there’s not a time I’ve seen you where you didn’t look beautiful.” Sebastian said as he continued to blush, rubbing the back of his head as he did so.
Nazomi blushed more. “You look quite handsome yourself, and just as professional as I do.” she commented. “At least it won’t look too suspicious...I hope.”
“I’m sure it won’t.” Sebastian commented before blinking. “Oh, right, I got you these.” Sebastian added as he handed her the bouquet.
“Awe, thank you love.” Nazomi almost cooed as she took the flowers. “They’re beautiful, I can’t remember the last time I got flowers...Thank you.”
Sebastian smiled as he then handed her a smallish wrapped box. “I also got you this.”
Nazomi blinked as she took the gift, opening it to see it was a bottle of perfume. Taking it out of the box she gave it a sniff. “It smells wonderful, I can’t imagine how much this was…”
“It’s nothing, I saw it one day and thought it’d suit you. So I saved up to make sure I could get you it for today.”
Nazomi smiled, tail flicking as a purr emitted from her throat. “You really are too sweet.” she said as she moved to put the gifts up and then hugged Sebastian. “Again, thanks.” she added as she gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Shall we?”
“Yes.” Sebastian replied, giving Nazomi a nuzzle.
The two got in Nazomi’s car, Sebastian first asking if he should maybe hide out of site like in the trunk only for Nazomi to insist that he sit in the passenger seat. Despite his concerns she said if anyone asked, she was just helping him get to Linked Souls Day meet up. Which, in the most technical sense was not a lie. Sebastian nodded, getting in the passenger seat before Nazomi started her car up and drove.
As They drove through the city to Nazomi’s house something hit Sebastian that he could not believe he didn’t think about even when he had first seen the female cat. “Hey, Mrs. Nazomi?” he asked as he looked at her.
“Yes love?” she asked.
“I just’re a bit tall for an oriental shorthair. It’s something I should have realized sooner, are you…”
“A mixed species?” Nazomi finished asking for him with a slight smile. “Most don’t really take note until they hit their growth spurts and outgrow me by whatever their heights usually are depending on species. But yes, I am.” she answered. “I’m one third panther on my mother’s side.”
Sebastian blinked, that would explain why she was a bit more ebony in her fur color and why she was taller than the typical shorthair. In fact, her coming up to just under the mid point of his chest hadn’t come off as odd until he thought about it. With some growth still to come, odds are she’d likely be at his gut or just over his waist by the time he finished growing. Not that it was really a problem or he minded, it was just an observation he made.
His eyes glanced over at the scenery as they drove, taking in the buildings and noting that they were sticking to a fairly nice part of town. He then glanced over at Nazomi, taking in how beautiful she looked with a blush, she really was quite something. Sebastian found himself moving his hand closer to hers when they stopped at a red light. Nazomi smiled as she noticed, her hand moving towards his as they held hands for a moment before the light turned green. It did become a thing though with each stop they had to make, both of them enjoying the sign of affection.
It didn’t take too long until they had entered in a rather nice looking neighborhood, about the kind Sebastian assumed Nazomi might live in. It was nice and modest and the house that Nazomi pulled in to was just as nice looking. Thankfully, most of her neighbors were either out celebrating the holiday or doing so in their homes.“Here we are.” Nazomi said warmly.
“It’s a nice looking home.” Sebastian said as the two got out.
“Thanks. It’s really nothing all that special, but it’s nice and cozy and it’s really all I need.” Nazomi replied as she got the gifts Sebastian had gotten before heading to the door with the lion, both their tails flicking and even entwining a bit as they approached it. When they got to the door Nazomi fumbled a bit as she got her keys to unlock it.
“Allow me.” Sebastian offered as he helped her unlock the door, opening it for her.
“Thank you.” Nazomi smiled as she took a quick look around before pecking his cheek. “I’ll put these up while you make yourself at home. I haven’t quite started what I was going to fix, so it will be a bit longer before we eat.”
“You haven’t?” Sebastian inquired. “Then mind if I help? I feel bad that you’re doing a lot of the work and it’s only right that I do everything I can for you today.”
Nazomi smiled as she looked at him. “You’re such a kind, sweet, animal Sebastian. I don’t mind, really.”
“I insist.”
Nazomi chuckled slightly. “You really are a gentleman aren’t you?” she mused.
Sebastian blushed a bit as he rubbed the back of his head. “I just...I want to do whatever I can. You’re a wonderful woman and a great teacher. And, well, I want to take any and every opportunity I can get to treat you right because you deserve it.” the lion said as he blushed some more, conviction clear to see in his eyes.
Nazomi couldn’t help but blush, his words having touched her more than anything in her past relationships. “Alright, how about this? If you want to help me then let’s make it a thing and finish cooking it together?” she offered with a smile.
“I’d like that.” Sebastian agreed with his own smile.
“Alright, just give me a moment.”
Sebastian nodded as Nazomi went to go put up the gifts that Sebastian jad gotten her. As she headed off, Sebastian found his eyes wandering over her form, taking in her figure that was shown off by her attire as well as lower, noting her slightly swaying hips and…tail. Sebastian cursed himself as he moved his eyes to something else. Sure he was still a teenager, a boy, but he prided himself in being better than most. Sure he had his...moments, as Jax so brazenly pointed out. But the last thing he wanted was to be that inappropriate towards Nazomi, even if he did, at times, allow some indulgences here and there.
When Nazomi got back she smiled. “Alright, ready?”
Sebastian nodded. “Yes.”
“OK, should be done in half the time with both of us working on it.”
Nazomi lead Sebastian to the kitchen to show him that she was preparing, a fruit lasagna with the usual accompaniments. After Sebastian looked over the recipe she was using, one from the cooking show Happy Happy Cooking that was toted to be one of their more popular ones among carnivores. he set to work helping her, working side by side as they prepared the fruit, making sure that everything was layered properly. Like in the car, ever now and then Nazomi and Sebastian would briefly hold hands as they prepared the meal, satisfying their feline proclivity for touch contact. It wasn’t too long before they had the lasagna in the oven and the accompanying bread.
“Alright, shouldn’t be too long for it to fully cook, thanks for the help.” Nazomi said as she nuzzled Sebastian, giving him an affectionate hug as well. “In the meantime, we can go over some of my old notes and other things while we wait to help you out with your career path if you like.”
“Sure.” Sebastian smiled as he nuzzled and hugged her back, the two staying like that for a good minute.
“I’ll go get them then.” Nazomi said as she finally and somewhat hesitantly separated to go get her old college notes and study material, returning shortly after with them.
While the food cooked Nazomi went over various things she had to study and learn with Sebastian, covering things they hadn’t gone over from prior times and quizzing him on material they had. To Sebastian, this was like cram school in a sense, getting ready for what he’d need to know to excel in college, only with a more...personal and romantic one on one touch. While he never had issue with paying attention to any of his teachers, Sebastian always hung on every word Nazomi said. To him, her voice was just as beautiful as everything else about her. And just like all the times before, they shared affections with each other.
It seemed like no time at all when the food was done, the two of them chalking it up to them just enjoying each other’s company so much. As Nazomi got the lasagna and bread Sebastian set the table before helping her prepare their plates. As he finished helping her he noticed her take out some wine glasses and a bottle of wine and pouring some of the red liquid in each, although one was more of a sample serving compared to the other, before putting it up and placing them on the table.
“Wine?” Sebastian inquired.
“Just to help things feel a bit more normal.” Nazomi explained. “You don’t have to even drink it. But I was your age once, Rex it only feels like yesterday, and even back then sampling wine wasn’t wrong. That first date we had where you encouraged me to not deny myself any wine, where we acted like a teacher and student just having a meet up to discuss things, stayed on my mind for a while. It wasn’t right that there was some inequality, a full romantic atmosphere. So, I figured sense we’re in private I’d have us on an even level or give the feeling of it. But as I said, you don’t have to drink it.” she said before sitting down.
Sebastian blushed, smiling as he sat down. “Thank you, love.” he said with a fair bit of warmth in hid voice.
It never ceased to surprise the other that both worried about the other’s feelings and the challenges they had to face with their secretive relationship. Something that mad each grow more attached to the other was when a few days after their first date Nazomi had confessed to Sebastian that she was far more hesitant and worried than she let on. Revealing she had been hiding the anxiety of them being a thing and was actually on the verge of suggesting they just call the attempt off out of fear as well as the revelation of his uncle. But she had decided to go through with it because of how truly genuine and good a man he was among other things that made her want to try. Sebastian himself had also confided in her his own concerns and worries about it and her, which made her just feel all the stronger for him over time.
“By the way, how has your day been so far?” Sebastian asked as he began to eat, taking a bite of the lasagna. “Oh, this is delicious.”
“It is.” Nazomi agreed as she took a bite of it. “It’s all thanks to you though, doubt it would have been as good without a little help.” she said with a smile. “As for my day, it’s gone well so far, just the usual grading of papers and preparing for the coming weeks’ lessons. Same old, same old, really. So far the rest of the students I have are nice and do there best. Despite what issues some might cause outside of the classroom I don’t really have to deal with any troublemakers really. Maybe a few slackers or an unmotivated student, but that’s about it.”
“Well you’re a great teacher, I find it hard to believe that any pf my peers would want to cause any trouble in your class. Not only that, but you’re very nice and helpful too.” Sebastian commented.
A smile formed on Nazomi’s mouth as her ebony fur darkened. “Thank you, you’re always so sweet Sebastian.” she said as she purred a bit. “Honestly, I think you’re one of the best students at the school, you work hard and are always so polite. I know you’ll go far with being a teacher.”
Sebastian blushed heavily. “Thank you…” he said with a half smile. “Though I will admit, keeping it up can be a bit— stressful. Comes with being a lion, expectations and familial pressure.” he admitted
Nazomi blinked as she looked at him. “Is it that hard?”
“It’s, well…”
Nazomi moved her hand to rest on top of his. “You can tell me if this is something negatively effecting you Sebastian.”
The lion sighed a bit. “It is hard. Being a lion you’re seen as the king of beasts, someone who’ll go far and have high positioned jobs or in some form of leadership. That image both helps and hurts us, becoming a driving factor of pushing ourselves as much as possible to keep to a standard. It’s something that permeates every lion family, the mothers and fathers pushing their kids to do something worthy of being a lion. Cram school is seen as an expected and normal thing to do and those who don’t do it are mostly looked down on as they are often those that end up in gangs or didn’t try hard enough.”
Nazomi’s hand gripped his, squeezing gently. “Is your family pressuring you?”
“Not...entirely. My mother often brings up what my older brother and my sister are doing and keeps suggesting I try to do the same. She doesn’t seem disappointed, but there’s just something about her voice…” Sebastian admitted. “She is happy that I’m doing well, but I know she expects more. She thinks I’m planning to go into an education position that’s high up, or at a prestigious university when I don’t care where I teach so long as I do some good.”
Nazomi squeezed his hand again, feeling bad for the lion. “That’s not all that good Sebastian, have you thought about bringing it up to a councilor?”
Sebastian shrugged. “Somewhat. But as I said, this permeates lions as a whole, it’s far too ingrained to really be dealt with. Thankfully my situation isn’t too bad, it cab be far worse. Plus, I like learning so it’s not that big of a deal. I also have my friends and, well, you.” he smiled.
Nazomi blushed heavily. “I see…”
“I hope I didn’t make things awkward or anything…”
“No, no! You’re fine Sebastian.” Nazomi assured. “It’s good you have a support system and you don’t really let it get to you, you’re very strong for that. Will you tell your mother you’ll try to teach anywhere?”
“Eventually, yes, when I’m nearing the end of my higher education and am about to apply to various places.” Sebastian answered. “Just like how I’ll tell her about us when I’m a bit into my freshman year at college or before I get into college if we get that far, which I hope we do and keep doing. You are an amazing woman and to be honest, to me you are far more exceptional than any other.”
Nazomi blinked, her fur becoming more dark red than ebony black as her heart melted. He was the kindest, most genuine soul she had ever met and continued to prove he was mature beyond his years. “I— thank you Sebastian.” she said with a soft purr, falling a fair bit more for the lion.
From there the two continued to talk as they ate, taking their time and enjoying each other’s company as they swapped stories about their childhood. Nazomi found herself surprised as she learned that even as a young kid Sebastian was well mannered and somewhat bookish. She felt comfortable around him, able to share with him more embarrassing things like the time she was so nervous to do a presentation in high school that she messed up a word or two or when she practically face planted when she was looking at a crush. It just felt right and natural to be so open with him.
When they had finished eating, Sebastian even having drank the small bit of wine, he and Nazomi cleared the table. Sebastian even helped her with the dishes before they went back to going over some more of Nazomi’s old papers and work to help prepare him. It seemed like no time once more as they noticed the sun was start to set.
“Is it really that late already?” Nazomi asked as she looked at her clock, taking note of the time.
“Looks like it.” Sebastian commented.
“My how time flies, it seems to go so slow until well…” she blushed. “I’m around you.”
Sebastian blushed heavily. “Yeah…”
“Thank you for the lovely time, as well as the gifts and helping out, not many guys are as considerate as you.” Nazomi commented.
“Well, you’re worth any effort…” the lion blushed.
Nazomi smiled, blushing as well. How could this lion keep finding ways to make her heart feel like it was a puddle? She hadn’t really met many guys with the ability to do that over the years, more so not in recent years. It had gotten to the point where she just really stopped looking. But then Sebastian came around and made her feel things she hadn’t felt in a long time. His gentlemanly studious nature and willingness to be so considerate, among other things, just had her more enamored with each time they were together. The fact that he was willing to take things so slow, deny himself the most basic of typical teenage experiences that most his age were having just made him seem too good to be true. And yet, there he was proving to be just that good.
Then there was the fact that while she did do a fare share for the holiday he had not only helped out, but went out of his way to get her flowers and a rather nice gift, not expecting anything special in return and just wanting to treat her right. As the lion got up from where they had been sitting she stood. “Sebastian, before I take you back to Cherryton...I think you deserve another kiss.”
Sebastian blinked as he blushed. “I don’t want you to feel obligated to…”
“No, I want to.” Nazomi admitted with a smile. “The only true thing that’s tricky with our relationship is that you’re a student and I’m a teacher. You’ve proven time and again just how good a man you are and that you are someone I...have looked for.” she blushed. “So I don’t see us kissing, at least in private and while off school grounds as being an issue. I know you’d never take advantage of me and I want to reward you for such, and for treating me to one of the best times I’ve had in a while.”
Sebastian’s tail started to flick happily as he smiled. “Alright.”
The two approached each other, embracing as they leaned in to share a kiss. Just like with their first, it was utterly electrifying for Sebastian. The feel of Nazomi’s lips unlike anything he felt before as his heart beat out of his chest as he started to purr. Sebastian enjoyed every second that the kiss lasted, his hands starting to subconsciously roam along her back a bit, though he would catch and restrain himself before they went too low.
Nazomi for her part pressed a bit firmer than last time, what with it being a holiday for love. As they kissed she noticed that Sebastian’s hands roaming along her back, taking in her form and the feel of her body and causing her to purr a fair bit. She smiled as she noticed he restrained himself from doing anything inappropriate, knowing her trust in him would never be misplaced. Although she promised to herself one day when he was no longer a student, she’d allow him to no longer restrain himself.
As she finally broke the kiss Nazomi smiled. “That was a wonderful kiss, possibly better than the first.” she giggled.
“Y-yeah…” Sebastian agreed, his cheeks a dark red.
“Thank you for being such a gentleman and not taking advantage.” Nazomi commented as they stayed embraced.
“I’d never.”
“I know love.” she smiled. “And that is why I will make you this promise. If we manage to make it to when you are out of school, then you have permission to not restrain yourself anymore as we’ll be in the clear. Not that you’d need my permission at that point” Nazomi giggled. “Anyway, we best get going before it gets too dark.”
Sebastian’s blush deepened all the more. “Yeah…”
The two headed back out to Nazomi’s car, first checking for anyone that might notice before getting in and driving off. The ride back went much like the first, the two briefly holding hands here and there as they made their way through the city. It was something that both Sebastian and Nazomi seemed almost unable to resist doing. Hell, when they had walked back to Nazomi’s car their tails entwined again.
When they got back to the bottom of the hill that Cherryton rested on the moon had not been fully risen for too long. “Thanks again for the lovely Linked Souls Day, I haven’t really celebrated it in so long.” Nazomi said as she parked the car.
“No problem, hopefully our next date can be somewhat soon.” Sebastian replied with a smile. “I hope the rest of your weekend goes well.”
“Thank you Sebastian, you too, I’ll see you Monday.” Nazomi smiled.
Sebastian was about to get out when he stopped. “Nazomi?”
“Mind if we...have one more kiss?” Sebastian asked as he blushed.
Nazomi smiled as a giggle escaped her lips. “I suppose not, it’s only right to have a goodnight kiss after a date.”
The two leaned in close, sharing in one more kiss as they rested a paw on the back of each other’s head, purring loudly as they did so. When the kiss broke a few moments later Sebastian smiled. “Good night.”
“Good night love.”
Sebastian got out of the car, walking back up the hill as Nazomi turned her car around and left. The lion smiled as his heart continued to race, he was as happy as he had ever felt and was all the happier that Nazomi felt the same way as he did. While it was true their relationship had a strong possibility of stopping if they were ever in great enough danger of being found out, it seemed that she was daring for it to work as much as he was. Whether it did or not, only the future knew.
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2023.06.02 01:00 Navillus62604 Plot Hook: The Superhero Serum Heist

Give me honest feedback and how you would fix or change things around
Plot Hook: The Superhero Serum Heist
In a world where superpowers exist, a brilliant scientist has successfully developed a revolutionary serum capable of granting ordinary individuals extraordinary abilities. This serum, known as "Infinity Formula," has the potential to shape the balance of power among heroes and villains.
However, before the formula can be properly tested and regulated, a notorious supervillain organization known as the "Shadow Syndicate" launches a daring heist on the laboratory where the serum is stored. They manage to steal a significant amount of the Infinity Formula, and chaos ensues as criminals and aspiring heroes alike try to get their hands on this potent substance.
The party of superheroes receives a distress call from the remaining scientists, who desperately plea for their help in recovering the stolen serum. They explain that if the Shadow Syndicate successfully reverse-engineers the formula or sells it to the highest bidder, it could lead to a surge in superpowered crime and endanger the entire city.
As the party delves deeper into the investigation, they discover that the Shadow Syndicate has divided the Infinity Formula into multiple vials, each with a different power enhancement. These vials are now scattered throughout the city, hidden away in secret caches. To retrieve them, the heroes must solve a series of puzzles, overcome dangerous traps, and confront both minor and major villains who seek to exploit the serum for their own personal gain.
Meanwhile, a rival superhero team known as "The Vanguard" appears on the scene, claiming that they have been authorized by the government to retrieve the serum. However, their methods are questionable, and rumors circulate that some members of The Vanguard may have ties to the Shadow Syndicate. The party must navigate the murky waters of trust and betrayal as they decide whom to align themselves with while racing against time to prevent the serum from falling into the wrong hands.
In this action-packed superhero campaign, the heroes must use their powers, intelligence, and teamwork to track down the stolen Infinity Formula, confront the Shadow Syndicate, and ultimately decide the fate of superpowered individuals in their city. The choices they make along the way will have lasting consequences and shape the future of their world.
Session 1: Introduction & Laboratory Assault
• Character Level: 1
• Villains: Shadow Syndicate Thugs
• NPCs: Scientists
• Objective: The heroes receive individual notifications of a break in at a well know research laboratory. Heroes must rescue the scientists and prevent the theft of the serum.
• Milestone: Heroes rescue the scientists and thwart the initial assault. Level up to 2.
Session 2: Investigating the Heist
• Character Level: 2
• Villains: Shadow Syndicate Informants, Bounty Hunters
• NPCs: Police Investigators, Informants
• Objective: Heroes gather clues and investigate leads to identify the location of the stolen serum.
• Milestone: Heroes gather enough information to pinpoint the general area of the stolen serum. Level up to 3.
Session 3: Tracking the Stolen Serum
• Character Level: 3
• Villains: Shadow Syndicate Thugs, Informants
• NPCs: Innocent Civilians, Informants
• Objective: Heroes follow the trail of the stolen serum, encountering minor villains and obstacles along the way.
• Milestone: Heroes discover the exact location of the first cache of serum vials. Level up to 4.
Session 4: Confronting Pyro
• Character Level: 4
• Villains: Pyro (Minor Villain)
• NPCs: Innocent Civilians, Informants
• Objective: Heroes face off against Pyro, a villain who possesses fire-based abilities, guarding the cache of serum vials.
• Milestone: Heroes defeat Pyro and recover the first set of serum vials. Level up to 5.
Session 5: Investigating the Shadow Syndicate Hideout
• Character Level: 5
• Villains: Shadow Syndicate Lieutenants, Elite Thugs
• NPCs: Captive Heroes, Underground Contacts
• Objective: Heroes infiltrate the Shadow Syndicate's hideout to gather information and rescue captive heroes.
• Key Notes: The hideout is heavily guarded, requiring the heroes to devise a stealthy plan of infiltration. They encounter various traps, puzzles, and challenges within the hideout. They must face off against powerful lieutenants and their elite thugs in intense battles. Along the way, they discover clues and gather valuable intelligence about the Shadow Syndicate's operations.
Session 6: Showdown at the Hidden Lair
• Character Level: 5
• Villains: Shadow Syndicate Boss, Shadow Syndicate Elites
• NPCs: Former Shadow Syndicate Members, Renegade Scientists
• Objective: Heroes launch a full-scale assault on the Shadow Syndicate's hidden lair, confronting their boss and his elite guards.
• Key Notes: The heroes storm through the various chambers and corridors of the hidden lair, facing off against relentless waves of the Shadow Syndicate's elite forces. They encounter formidable traps, security systems, and powerful enemies. Along the way, they rescue former members of the Shadow Syndicate who have turned against their leader and join forces with them. The final battle takes place in the boss's inner sanctum, where the heroes confront the Shadow Syndicate's leader and his most loyal elites in an epic showdown.
• Milestone: Heroes engage in a climactic battle against the Shadow Syndicate, striving to defeat their leader and dismantle the organization once and for all. Level up to 6.
Session 7: The Vanguard's Offer
• Character Level: 6
• Villains: The Vanguard (potential allies or foes)
• NPCs: Government Officials, Vigilante Heroes
• Objective: Heroes must decide whether to collaborate or confront The Vanguard, a rival superhero team with ambiguous motives.
• Key Notes: The heroes receive an unexpected offer from The Vanguard, who propose a temporary alliance to take down the remaining forces of the Shadow Syndicate. The Vanguard claims to share a common goal but their methods and intentions remain unclear. The heroes engage in discussions and investigations to determine The Vanguard's true motives and whether they can be trusted as allies. They interact with government officials who provide insights and advice on the potential alliance. The session culminates in a pivotal decision by the heroes on whether to accept or reject The Vanguard's offer.
Session 8: Evading Capture
• Character Level: 6
• Villains: Bounty Hunters, Mercenaries
• NPCs: Innocent Civilians, Media Personalities
• Objective: Heroes must evade capture while gathering evidence to expose Shadow Syndicate operations.
• Key Notes: With the Shadow Syndicate aware of their activities, the heroes find themselves being hunted by skilled bounty hunters and mercenaries. The session focuses on intense chase sequences, stealthy evasion tactics, and resourceful problem-solving to stay one step ahead of their pursuers. Along the way, they encounter innocent civilians who can provide valuable information or assistance. They also navigate the complexities of dealing with media personalities who may be helpful or potentially dangerous depending on their alignment with the heroes' cause. The session concludes with the heroes successfully gathering evidence to expose the Shadow Syndicate's criminal activities.
• Milestone: Heroes gather sufficient evidence to expose the Shadow Syndicate publicly, bringing them one step closer to dismantling the organization. Level up to 7.
Session 9: The Underground Auction
• Character Level: 7
• Villains: Criminal Buyers, Shadow Syndicate Defenders
• NPCs: Underworld Contacts, Unscrupulous Dealers
• Objective: Heroes disrupt the black market auction where the stolen serum is being sold.
• Key Notes: The heroes infiltrate the underground auction, navigating through a den of criminals and shady characters. They must blend in and gather information while keeping a low profile. The auction features powerful criminal buyers vying for the stolen serum, and the heroes must prevent its sale at all costs. They face off against the Shadow Syndicate's defenders, skilled fighters tasked with protecting the auction. The heroes engage in intense combat and use their wits to outsmart and outmaneuver the criminals. The session culminates in a climactic confrontation to seize control of the serum.
Session 10: Tracking the Remaining Vials
• Character Level: 7
• Villains: Enhanced Criminals, Corrupted Heroes
• NPCs: Innocent Victims, Investigative Journalists
• Objective: Heroes embark on a series of missions to retrieve the remaining serum vials hidden by the Shadow Syndicate.
• Key Notes: The heroes follow leads and track down the locations where the Shadow Syndicate has hidden the remaining serum vials. They encounter enhanced criminals, individuals who have used the stolen serum to gain superhuman abilities. These criminals pose a formidable challenge for the heroes. The heroes must navigate through perilous situations and confront their own doubts and weaknesses. They also interact with investigative journalists who are uncovering the truth about the Shadow Syndicate's operations. The session ends with the heroes successfully retrieving a significant portion of the remaining serum vials.
Session 11: Showdown at the Hidden Lair
• Character Level: 7
• Villains: "Shadowstrider" (Supervillian with Teleporting powers), Shadow Syndicate Elites
• NPCs: Former Shadow Syndicate Members, Renegade Scientists
• Objective: Heroes storm the Shadow Syndicate's hidden lair to confront their leader and his elite guards.
• Key Notes: Armed with the knowledge of the Shadow Syndicate's secret lair, the heroes launch a full-scale assault to dismantle the organization once and for all. They navigate through treacherous traps, encounter fierce opposition from the Shadow Syndicate's elite guards, and engage in intense battles. Along the way, they rescue former members of the Shadow Syndicate who have turned against their leader and join forces with them. The session culminates in an epic showdown with the Shadow Syndicate's boss, where the heroes must overcome incredible odds to emerge victorious.
• Milestone: Heroes engage in a climactic battle against the Shadow Syndicate, striving to defeat their leader and put an end to their reign of terror. Level up to 8.
Session 12: Unmasking the Traitor
• Character Level: 8
• Villains: Betrayed Heroes, Vanguard Traitor (1 member of the Vanguard)
• NPCs: Underground Resistance, Government Agents
• Objective: Heroes uncover the identity of the traitor within their ranks and expose their actions.
• Key Notes: The heroes discover that there is a traitor among them who has been leaking information to the Vanguard and the Shadow Syndicate. They investigate the actions and motives of their fellow heroes, piecing together clues and engaging in interrogations. The session is filled with suspense and tense interactions as trust is put to the test. The heroes must confront the traitor and gather evidence to prove their guilt. The session concludes with a dramatic reveal and the traitor's apprehension.
• Milestone: Heroes successfully unmask the traitor and ensure their treachery no longer poses a threat. Level up to 9.
Session 13: Assembling Allies
• Character Level: 9
• Villains: "Frostbite" Superpowered Criminal, Vanguard Operatives
• NPCs: Retired Heroes, Supernatural Beings
• Objective: Heroes gather a team of allies to aid in the final battle against the combined forces of the Shadow Syndicate and The Vanguard.
• Key Notes: The heroes reach out to retired heroes, seeking their wisdom and experience in preparing for the upcoming battle. They also seek out supernatural beings who possess unique powers and knowledge that can assist them. The session focuses on recruitment efforts, negotiations, and building alliances. The heroes face challenges in convincing potential allies to join their cause and must prove their worth. They engage in battles against Frostbite a superpowered criminal and encounter operatives of The Vanguard who aim to disrupt their plans. The session ends with the heroes successfully assembling a formidable team of allies.
• Milestone: Heroes gather a diverse group of allies, increasing their chances of success in the final battle. Level up to 10.
Session 14: The Final Showdown: Citywide Manhunt
• Character Level: 10
• Villains: Shadow Syndicate, Vanguard
• NPCs: Innocent Civilians, Media Personalities
• Objective: Heroes evade capture, gather allies, and expose the true nature of the Shadow Syndicate and The Vanguard to the public.
• Key Notes: The heroes find themselves in the midst of a citywide manhunt as both the Shadow Syndicate and The Vanguard target them. They must navigate through a hostile environment, evading capture and engaging in tactical maneuvers to stay one step ahead. The heroes gather support from innocent civilians who have come to recognize their heroism and media personalities who are willing to expose the truth. The session is filled with intense action, chases, and skirmishes against the forces of both organizations. The heroes strive to expose the true nature of the Shadow Syndicate and The Vanguard, unveiling their hidden agendas and ensuring justice is served.
• Milestone: Heroes successfully evade capture, expose the true villains, and rally public support. Level up to 11.
Session 15: The Final Showdown: Confronting the Leaders
• Character Level: 11
• Villains: "Umbra" (Shadow Syndicate Leader with shadow manipulation), Vanguard Leader (1 Member of the Vanguard)
• NPCs: Government Officials, City Authorities
• Objective: Heroes engage in an epic battle against the combined forces of the Shadow Syndicate and The Vanguard, confronting their leaders.
• Key Notes: The heroes face their ultimate challenge as they confront the leaders of both organizations. They engage in a monumental battle, employing their newfound powers and alliances. The session is filled with high-stakes combat, tactical decision-making, and dramatic moments as the heroes strive to defeat the masterminds behind the chaos. Alongside the physical confrontation, the heroes must navigate political complexities and gain the support of government officials and city authorities to ensure a decisive victory. The session culminates in an epic climax where the heroes confront the leaders and their forces head-on.
• Milestone: Heroes engage in an epic battle against the combined forces of the Shadow Syndicate and The Vanguard, bringing the superhero campaign to its thrilling conclusion.
Session 16: Unveiling a New Threat
• Character Level: 11
• Villains: Emerging Villain, Henchmen
• NPCs: Investigative Journalists, Paranormal Experts
• Objective: Heroes investigate and confront a new emerging threat that poses a danger to the city.
• Key Notes: As the city begins to recover, the heroes become aware of a new threat emerging from the shadows. They engage in investigations, working closely with investigative journalists and paranormal experts to gather information. The session focuses on unraveling the mystery behind this new villain's motives and abilities. The heroes face off against the villain's henchmen, combating their criminal activities and trying to prevent their plans from escalating. The session concludes with the heroes discovering the identity of the emerging villain, setting the stage for future confrontations.
• Milestone: Heroes uncover the new emerging villain, setting the stage for future encounters. Campaign Ends
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2023.06.02 00:55 Superb-Ad4997 Wildflower Weekend Wedding - Budget/Recap May 2023

This subreddit allowed me to plan our wedding. I am so grateful and found these breakdowns especially useful, and now a cathartic experience for me and hopefully a way to give back!
First step that helped us the most was deciding as a team early on what we wanted our wedding to bring to us and our future.
We were inspired early on by This Post and the comments.
We have both been through a lot of life and have a lot of gratitude for the people that have gotten us to this point and wanted to make space to celebrate with all of them in a big way. This inspired the rest of our wedding planning, committing us to a big guest list, requiring a big venue. We invited 304 people (154 households), 179 RSVP’d yes, and had ~10 no-show. Our family and friends live all over the country and some abroad, so we decided to pick a location close to us, but that had multiple houses on site to host our family/bridal party for the weekend (thurs-sunday; saturday wedding) so that we could have more time with those people closest to us.
Total: $69,407 (MCOL area)
Venue: $28,250 “Weekend Package”
Additional Lodging: $3965
Paper: $845
Decor: $992
Florals: $2322
Food: $8133
Alcohol: $3752
DJ: $1925
Photography/Videography: $9839
Clothing: $3930
Other: $3349
Tips: $770
Our wedding was amazing for us. It felt like an event that truly encapsulated who we are as individuals and as a couple, and that chance to celebrate with so many people we love was priceless. It felt like all the spreadsheets we’d worked on for the last 2 years turned into reality. This is the main master spreadsheet I used:
Google Spreadsheet Wedding Planning
It’s created from all sorts of different helpful spreadsheets I found here and from other wedding websites. The “Checklist” really doesn’t start until I realized how easy it is to get lost in needing to capture so many personal little details that would keep me up at night feeling like they were slipping through the cracks. But if you’re starting from the beginning, you will need to include the big ticket “check boxes” that are in the budget portion. Hopefully it can help some others! Happy planning Weddit!
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2023.06.02 00:55 AutoModerator [Download Course] Robert Kyosaki Ultimate Collection Bundle (

[Download Course] Robert Kyosaki Ultimate Collection Bundle (
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2023.06.02 00:40 blee_7 Touring band coming through LA/ Vegas/ SLC

Hello! My band from Denver, CO is on tour for the first time! We’re playing shows at The Mint in LA tonight, Backstage Bar in Vegas on Friday, and the Beehive in SLC on Saturday.
We’ve never been in these cities before so we’re hoping to meet some friends and invite y’all to hang out at our shows and rock out with us. We have show info + ticket sales on our website.
Tips for touring are also greatly appreciated since this is our very first ever. Thanks so much!
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2023.06.02 00:33 ParsleyTime5521 [FS]-Koreatown LA-$90-10g setup(Need gone ASAP)

[FS]-Koreatown LA-$90-10g setup(Need gone ASAP)
Hello. As I need to focus on my studies, I am downsizing for the time being. What I have for sale are the following:
10g Column tank
Nicrew Light-(Have a finnex light that I can switch out upon request)
Aqueon quite flow 10g with bio balls
2-3 inches of Ada amazonia
Petco decoration rectangular prism and ball
Phillipine java fern
Regular java fern
(i have some extra stem plants I can provide upon request)
20-25 bloody mary shrimp
2 orange shrimp
2 red neon blue eye rainbowfish
Bunch of snails(can provide assassin snails upon request)
miscellaneous items:
Aquarium co-op all in one test strip and ammonia test strip
Very easy to maintain. Fully cycled and only needs feeding once or twice a day.
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2023.06.02 00:22 midasmouse My Applebees parents and vegetarian wife. And no one drinks but me.

Headed to your amazing city soon to see the lookouts and fall the falls. I’ve googled and searched for restaurants, but rather than ask for suggestions (I’ll still take them tho), I’m looking for feedback on these specifically. Will they satisfy the plant-forward appetite and relieve meat & potatoes hangriness?
Common Table. 1885 Grill. Hello Monty. Tupelo Honey.
We’d love to support the local gems, but don’t necessarily want a place that requires reservations. Am I on the right path?
THANK YOU. I know you get tons of posts from out-of-towners. We all appreciate your insights.
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2023.06.02 00:08 NBAjjchamberlain NBA Finals 2023 - Five Strategies to Watch

This year’s NBA Finals is already historic. The Heat are the first play-in team to claw their way out of a 44-38 record and 8th seed to land themselves in the NBA Finals. The Nuggets have never made a Finals, had the best record in the battle hardened West and the city is absolutely stoked. What are NBA heads saying about the series? What are fans around the world hoping to see? How are coaches going to keep these ballers away from Denver’s number one trending story of the year: Shotgun Willie’s Gentleman’s Club, which infamously siren songed the Grizzlies’ Ja Morant into stacking cash on every inch of the private dance room? Slap a booty and get ready for the last NBA basketball of the year.
1 - How to stop Nikola Jokic?
The two time MVP is having yet another killer season. He’s been, arguably, the best player in the playoffs of all time. He’s averging a triple double on 29.9 points, 13.3 assists, 10.3 rebounds and around 1 block and 1 steal per game. This guy can do it all and has undoubtedly contributed to the Heat coaching staff’s lack of sleep. Luckily the state just decrminalized a fanny pack of plant based drugs that may help.
Everyone knows how much the Heat love running zone defense. Can the zone even stop Jokic? Doubt it but the Heat are going to try. They run a fluid 2-3 zone which can flow directly into a 1-3-1 formation. The Heat need to pack the middle of the floor and push Jokic to the sidelines on the pick and roll using their 1-3-1. If the Heat can keep Jokic out of the middle of the floor that limits his options on the center-point guard pick and roll that he runs to perfection with Jamal Murray. Look for easy rebounds and putbacks on the weak side from Aaron Gordon and Michael Porter Jr.
Can the Nuggets outshoot the zone? Damn right they can. Will they? We’ll see. The Heat run out and defend every single three point attempt. They held the sharp shooting Boston Celtics to 30% from 3, down from 37% during the regular season. However, this series may be won from the three point line if the Nuggets can run and the Heat can get Butler into the lane for kickouts.
2 - Who can guard Jimmy Butler?
Aaron Gordon most likely. We will see if he’s too slow to stay in front of Jimmy. If Butler still has that nagging injury he’s been battling the past two series that will help out AG. There are a couple bodies that the Nuggets can throw at James Effin Buckets. Kentavious Caldwell-Pope is an underrated defender with sneaky strength. Reggie Jackson is rusty but used to be able to defend at a high level. Bruce Brown has the heart of fiesty chihuahua but he’s too small. Jamal is too small too. We’ve all seen what Jimmy’s done to smaller guards, he’ll bully his way to the lane and make defenders look stupid with his pump fakes, footwork, interior passing and little chip shots. If Jimmy gets stuffed this series, who will show up for the Heat?
3 - Malone vs Spo
Erik Spoelstra has solidified his standing as one of the greatest coaches of the era, possibly all time. This will be his 6th NBA Finals since taking over the reigns from Pat Riley in 2009. I have no doubt that Spo has some tricks in the bag and having the Godfather on speed dial doesn’t hurt either.
But Malone is no stranger to NBA legacies. His father Brendan was an assistant for the champion Pistons in the late 80’s and then again with the Knicks Finals run in 1999 and the Reggie Miller Pacers in 2000. Michael himself was an assistant during LeBron’s first Finals in 2007. So he does have some experience here in the promised land.
This coaching matchup will come down to, you guessed it, in-game adjustments. Each coach’s ability to change on the fly will be crucial to finding the weak points in each other’s schemes. Every possession will matter in these games. Look for Malone to push the pace with his crew and try to get some quick transition buckets before the Heat can set up their defense. Jokic excels in the rebound-and-go game. In the half court, Malone will try to move Jokic around to different points on the floor and it will be especially interesting when he puts Joker back to the basket in the post. He has the passing, vision, strength, length and creativity to be dangerous that close to the basket.
Spoelstra on the other hand will walk the ball up, play through Butler and try to swing the Nuggets defense from side to side. Expect him to set up Duncan Robinson and Max Strus on the wings where they can be dangerous driving or shooting the three off the Butler-Bam Adebayo pick and roll. Kevin Love can still knock down an open jumper and may have some post move tricks up his sleeve. But he’s so old he can’t even drive a golf cart anymore. Love can be another big body that Spo can put on Jokic to give him different defenders.
4 - Bench Scoring - Who will shine?
The bright lights may burn the bench guys but some will bask in the glory. Kyle Lowry is due for a big game after struggling against the Celtics top tier wing defenders. The Nuggets don’t have the bench defense to hold down all the Heat shooters so we will see a game won by a Heat backup, like we’ve seen in plenty of games so far this playoffs.
The Nuggets bench has issues. Jeff Green is too old. Christian Braun is too young. Reggie Jackson and Thomas Bryant have yet to work their way into the rotation. DeAndre Jordan is a mascot. However, expect some decent minutes from…Vlatko Cancar if the Heat bench is outperforming Green, Brown and Braun. Cancar can guard Love and Robinson. Really this Nuggets bench goes how Bruce Brown goes. If he has a hot game on both ends, the bench looks unstoppable. If he withers like a winter flower then the Heat bench will dominate like they’ve done all year.
5 - The crowd, the altitude, the experience, the refs
Intangibles. The stuff numbers can’t measure. The Nuggets crowd will be loud, fired up and intense. The Heat crowd, not so much. They’ve been spoiled over the years, show up late and leave early. They do wear the white shirts though which looks nice but makes the empty seats even more noticeable.
Do players play worse at altitude? Short answer, yes. Long answer, it depends. The altitude will effect the Heat at the beginning and end of games. The biggest concern is dehydration which means keeping the Heat out of the club and focused on basketball. Heat culture will play a big role here with everyone, top to bottom, 100% ready for each game.
The Heat have much more experience in the Finals than the Nuggets. They have two NBA champions in the rotation in KLove and KLow, three if you count the corpse of Udonis Haslem. They also have a few returning from their 2020 bubble Finals against the Lakers where they lost a heartbreaker to an Anthony Davis fall away three. This grizzled Heat team will be angry and hungry but what else is new? Their Finals experience may end up being the overriding factor in this series, especially among the coaching staffs. The Heat will stay calm and collected even with the intensity through the roof.
Finally, the NBA’s middle management, the refs. Who does the NBA want to win? What will revenue more? This is a coin flip. With the Lakers, Knicks, Celtics and Warriors all on the couch, gone fishin’ or 1-2-3 Cancunin’, the refs will likely call this series as even as they can. A Jokic ring would be the icing on the cake for Eastern European basketball which hasn’t ever had an MVP champion.
So who ya got? The Nuggets in 5 seems like a solid bet at +225 against a hobbled Heat team. But if the Heat push it to six and get back home expect them to finish hard and force a game 7. Heat in 7 is +1000 and it’s tough to bet against them the way they’ve defied all odds.
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2023.06.02 00:06 ThrowRAhelpfrien My (31m) girlfriend (29f) thinks my behavior towards my best friends girlfriend is inappropriate. Is it?

TLDR: My girlfriend of 6 months feels like I treat my best friends girlfriend inappropriately, like more than a friend. I have been friends with her for years and I feel like I just treat her like all my other friends. I am dreading an ultimatum and want to know if i am really in the wrong.
English is not my first language so sorry if I make any mistakes.
I feel like a little background is necessary. So I (31m) have been best friends with "Gabe" (33m) since university. About 6 years ago he started dating "Lizzie" (26f). I was really happy for him, they are perfect for each other and their relationship is really loving and happy. Even though we met Lizzie as "Gabes girlfriend" our friend group loved her immediately and she became a friend too. We do not invite her with us just because she is Gabes girlfriend, but because everyone loves her. If they were to ever break up we would still stay friends with Lizzie too.
Throughout the years she became one of my best friends and we are very close. They live 2 buildings away from me so we meet a lot. I had a horrible period 3 years ago where I was very depressed and both her and Gabe were there for me 24/7. She hooked me up with a good therapist, they helped me clean or cook when I couldn't because of the depression. I think you get the idea...
I am not necessarily a relationship kind of guy, these past years I only had shorter or less serious relationships. But I started dating "Mia" (29f) 6 months ago and I feel like I do want this relationship to become serious. The only problem is that it turns out she has a problem with how I treat Lizzie. She freaked out on me about it on Sunday and we are not on good terms since then. Here are some specific things that she finds inappropriate:
-We go to places together, just the two of us. It's not like I organise things like this, but if I want to go out for drinks and only Lizzie wants to come, I will not cancel. If we are the only ones interested in a concert than we will go together. Or if we need to go shopping for an upcoming holiday/trip we will not wait until a third person is available. One of us needs a ride home? We are practically neighbours so we will pick eachother up etc. These things were never awkward for us and Gabe doesn't mind at all.
Mia also mentioned some other small gestures that she thinks are signes that there is more between us.
In my opinion nothing I say or do to Lizzie is inappropriate, I never thought of her as more than a friend. She is an attractive girl but I don't think we have any chemistry. I just treat her like I treat my male friends. Gabe and I have a very strong and open friendship, so I feel like he would have told me long ago if my behavior towards Lizzie was not okay. Also, none of my past dates or girlfriends mentioned any of these. But maybe we've been friends for so long that I don't even realise them.
Now I am worried that Mia would give me an ultimatum that it's either her or Lizzie. I know for a fact that I would choose 6 years of friendship with the person who practically saved my life over 6 months of dating. But this is my first relationship in years that I feel like could be serious. Is there any way to prove to her that these things mean nothing? Any advice is appreciated.
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2023.06.01 23:55 AutoModerator [Download Course] Robert Kyosaki Ultimate Collection Bundle (

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GOLDLEAF is happy to announce we have Live Rosin Solventless Vape Cartridges available now!!
In addition, we will be at CANN ABYSS in Largo, FL with Patient Pick up available.
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Rosin cartridges are the purest on the market. Our Goldleaf Rosin cartridges are made without any fillers, emulsifiers or added terpenes. You may be familiar with distillate cartridges, which unlike rosin cartridges, have reintroduced terpenes to their cannabinoid mix to enhance what would otherwise be a flavorless product. Our rosin cartridges have only one ingredient; rosin that is made from freshly frozen cannabis. The frozen cannabis is then put into an ice water bath, which helps to collect trichomes. From seed to sale our Live Rosin is produced with NO additives. Produced from Ideal's ethically and organically grown flower, our Live Rosin is the cleanest on the market. Our rosin cartridges taste just like the strain of cannabis it was extracted from and do not include any artificial additives, flavors, or terpenes.
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2023.06.01 23:39 MonarchFluidSystems WIP -- How do we feel about this resume, in terms of both content and design? I know design is a very subjective area, trying to be very muted and unbusy in terms of that. Super stressed right now with my career stuff going forward, so please be kind -- thanks in advance!

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2023.06.01 23:35 OutlawLogic 2023 Bolt 2LT Ordering/Buying Experience Report

As of yesterday, my wife and I are the owners of a new 2023 Bolt 2LT. We made the purchase through Simpson Chevrolet of Irvine (California). I'll break down the timeline and more below:
What did I think of the dealership?
Overall I'm very happy with my experience. We were given the option to purchase an extended warranty and a paint/interior protection package, and declined both. No pressure from them. When we were doing the paperwork we were also informed that SchoolsFirst had some other protection packages that we could optionally add on. We declined those as well, no pressure from their end to accept once again. We communicated only via text until yesterday, they kept me updated on the status of the Bolt and also let me know about other Bolts that came in, in case I wanted to pick one of those up instead. It was pretty easy getting everything wrapped up once it came in. They did mention that they were doing a dealer markup on Bolts now (2k I think?) but apparently we got in under that wire. No "bait and switch" with the price at the end of the day, no BS, so they have my two thumbs up. On a bit of a funny note, the sales associate I was working with mentioned that they were aware Reddit talks about them. I didn't even bring Reddit up, but apparently they are well aware that people are upset about dealer markups. So that happened.
What do I think of the Bolt?
I'm very happy. The Bolt is just fun to drive. One pedal driving and utilizing the regen paddle wasn't as hard to adjust to as I thought. I can charge for free at work (plenty of level 1/2 chargers and some DCFC available), which was a big factor in considering an EV for me. The HOV lane sticker is certainly something I am looking forward to as well. I think the 2LT interior is amazing, and I'm satisfied with the Bose sound system upgrade. I'm 6'2 and I find that I have plenty of space in the drivers seat. I haven't really driven in EV's before and how quiet it is (comparatively) is a bit hard to get used to lol. It's a pretty big difference from what I was previously driving. I was commuting in a 2004 4runner until today. Don't get me wrong, I love my 4runner and Toyota makes great cars but for my purposes the Bolt is just way more appropriate. We need to keep it for surfing excursions as well, and I'm happy to run it into the ground, if such a thing is possible. Anyways, I think it was a great purchase so far especially with the CA rebate and tax incentives still to come. And that's about it!
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2023.06.01 23:23 The_Purfected_Shot I accepted a job offer and moved states, but the terms changed on arrival... can I sue for damages? (FLORIDA)

I accepted a job offer in Florida while living in Virginia in a service job. I was offered a $24/hr rate plus 50% sales commission. This was an increase over the $18/hr plus 40% I was making in Virginia, which was nice given similar CoL with the areas. This agreement was made between two stores of the same national company, verbally on the phone.
When I moved and arrived, day 1 of work my employer told me that I would not be paid hourly at all, but only the 50% sales commission. I spent $2,242 in moving costs and to secure housing in the local area. Can I sue the employer for violating their original agreement due to promissory estoppel laws for the costs I incurred moving?
Would the below be an appropriate letter seeking the damages before contacting a lawyer?
Subject: Notice of Breach of Employment Contract and Request for Damages
Dear [Employer],
I am writing in regard to the terms of my employment at [Store], specifically relating to my hourly earnings, which we had agreed would be $24 per hour plus a 50% commission on all sales. It has come to my attention that the actual pay being offered is only commission based, which is significantly less than what was agreed upon.
In reliance on your promise of those specific entitlements, I incurred substantial costs and obligations, including relocating to [City], Florida. The costs associated with this move amount to $2,242. Given the reduction in the agreed-upon wages, I am now in a position of financial hardship as a direct result of my reliance on your promise.
Under Florida law, this is a clear instance of promissory estoppel, which applies when one party makes a promise, knows or should know that the other party will rely on that promise, and the other party does rely on it to their detriment. In this case, the elements of promissory estoppel appear to be met.
At this juncture, I respectfully request reimbursement of the $2,242 I spent in reliance on your promise, which represents my moving costs. This remedy would serve to partially mitigate the hardship I am now experiencing due to the unanticipated reduction in my pay.
If we cannot reach an agreement, I may have no choice but to pursue a claim for damages, potentially including not just my moving costs but any additional losses I have suffered as a result of this situation as well as legal fees. I hope, however, that it will not come to that, and that we can resolve this matter amicably and promptly.
Please consider this letter as a formal notice, and kindly provide a written response within 14 business days from the receipt of this letter. Your prompt attention to this serious matter is appreciated.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
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2023.06.01 23:15 Spend-Extension KODO ASSETS

A large number of investors dream of being able to invest in properties and receive income from their rental and sale.
But most do not do so due to high prices, rates and requirements to buy a property.
So because of that problem a group of people have created a project called Kodo Assets.
They have found the solution to eliminate this entry barrier, and that members can invest in real estate without having to have a high capital.
How have they done it?
Applying Blockchain technology
Through Blockchain technology for smart contracts, it is possible to create new cryptocurrencies that can be given parity with any existing physical asset, such as real estate and gold.
And this is what Kodo Assests is all about, tokenizing properties and giving their holders all the rights that derive from that property.
Only 25,000 KODO1 tokens will be issued for a unit price of $140 dollars and through the acquisition of the KODO1 token each investor will receive in the form of quarterly dividends, their corresponding part of the income received from the rental of the property, and later by the capital gain at the time of its sale.
This generates a series of advantages and one of them is that since the token is part of a smart contract, the dividends and any other earnings will be distributed in USDC through the Polygon network directly to the wallets of the KODO1 holders, which allows a higher profit margin since all types of fees and values ​​paid for registrations and any other existing commission between the purchase and sale of real estate would be avoided.
As the first project, it was decided to tokenize a property located in Sao Paulo in the financial center of the city, in the Faria Lima region, which is a great find since the country and the state of Sao Paulo is in a great economic improvement.
So do not waste time and follow us on our social networks for more information and how to be part of this safe, profitable and innovative project.
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2023.06.01 23:13 NotLikeOtherHumans They know.

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2023.06.01 23:07 fdkorpima Signed a second multiyear fixed-price offtake sales agreement signed by Royal Helium (RHC.v RHCCF) with a multibillion-dollar private North American corporation for the remaining capacity from its helium processing facility at Steveville!

Royal Helium (RHC.v RHCCF) has signed a second multiyear fixed-price offtake sales agreement with a multibillion-dollar private North American corporation for the remaining capacity from its helium processing facility at Steveville!
For more information, check out RHC CEO Andrew Davidson on AGORACOM discussing this news:
The agreement is for 36 months starting on the first delivery, is for ~50% of the Steveville capacity and has the same terms and conditions as its August 2022 helium supply agreement with a major North American space launch company.
With this, RHC has essentially sold 99.99% of the production from the facility before it has even gone into production, plus, this contract is ~39% above the value of the first contract, meaning 39% more revenue for the same product at the same cost of production.
RHC has additionally updated its investor presentation, providing insight into the helium market & industry, the Steveville Production Plant and more:
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