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This is a subreddit to discuss all things related to VFIO and gaming on virtual machines in general.

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Get the Best idea about Male Enhancement Natural Sex pills. Discussion to discus about sexual Enhancement pills/Sexual wellness.

2023.06.02 01:23 Parqcxsm69 Anon cant handle teasing-

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2023.06.02 01:22 BlackIrishRedPencils Prayer that GOD will stop all abuse now and that He will bless me and destroy the wicked works that are destroying me

Please pray for me that GOD would please rescue me now, permanently from all abuse and abusers, PLEASE! If GOD doesn't provide the blessing of complete, full, and PERMANENT deliverance from ALL abuse and from ALL abusers, there is nothing I can do. I cannot stop Satan's children, only GOD can change His will, from allowing them to have ANY power or control over ANY aspect of my life anymore, and that includes stalking and FAR WORSE! I do NOT want to go to Hell or go to evil works, like my enemies (are headed toward, according to Scripture, and like they do with and in darkness). But I have no ability to go anywhere but Hell in this abusive situation, because, eventually, I sin, as a direct result of having been sinned against for life, and not having ANY way out, etc. It is also hard to not feel like s complete and abject idiot to continue in prayer. GOD HAS answered prayer requests, oand willed blessings, but this I cannot continue for decades, as I have done EVERYTHING I COULD, but there is NO getting away from the Devil's people, if they will to continue destroying and stalking you (OPENLY)! And if in GOD's will, He wills the same. This is why I beg that GOD will mercifully please deliver me. AGAIN!!!!!! GOD HAS WILLED that there be help in His will against my life. I am THANKFUL! I just am not able to continue being destroyed, and being given palpable hope, only for GOD's will to then be again, that Satan's children destroy me (the ones that are .y abusers).
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2023.06.02 01:21 AbbreviationsMotor12 How childhood helped Barbara Corcoran and will it help you ?

I just finish listening to Barbara interview and of course with here long year of experience there is a lot she has to teach us. I wrote an article on all the lesson I learned from her but one that I found it amusing is with all the experience she had, she constantly said the condition of he childhood live shape into who she is now.
As I said she have decade of experience and she focused on her childhood. Does that mean childhood is what determine how successful you will become ? In her story she said that she have dyslexia and this helped her think differently and that is what make her more creative and innovative in business.
Also she have nine siblings which she need to learn to compete for attention which knowing how to grab attention is a valuable skill.
The similar story you will heard from a lot of successful people where because of their upbringing, good or bad have crafted who they are now and this make them successful.
They question now is does childhood play important role for success ? For me yes because it very hard to unlearn things that have been instilled in you since childhood. What do you guys think ?
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2023.06.02 01:21 Select_Ad_9400 Is this a good wheelie bike?

Is this a good wheelie bike?
Looking to get started in wheelie bikes wondering is this a good bike to go with
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2023.06.02 01:21 schoolgirltrainwreck Birth control seems to change my dysphoria

I’m so confused, and wanted to gather if anyone else has experienced something like this, but I also want to be careful that this post doesn’t come across as me suggesting that BC can change or “cure” dysphoria.
For background I’ve been questioning for a long time and I’m at the stage where I’ll get really angsty for a month or two and then put the idea of transitioning to bed only to revisit it a few months later.
I’ve never had any clear indication of trans-ness in childhood, I don’t really remember thinking much about my gender but I do remember being painfully shy & not sporty at all, so most of my school circles were female. I started getting thoughts wishing I was male, and occasional crossdressing, around teenage years but had no ideas of taking any real action towards those feelings.
Cut to where I am now, 25 years old. Ive been trying different methods of birth control and found that my dysphoria was pretty bad on the IUD (low amount of localised hormones) but seemed to almost vanish once I got on hormonal BC. Just recently the dysphoric feelings & distress returned and I realised I’ve been off any BC for almost a month. Has anyone experienced a similar thing relating to their hormone levels? I might be totally crazy to think they’re correlated in this case.
I wish I knew who I was
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2023.06.02 01:20 Fantastic-Pear7117 24[F4M] Anyone down now to fuck and I give body massage with happy ending,bj and anal…..if you’re interested HMU for rate on snap:rossynea Or kik me:: Victoriarossy22

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2023.06.02 01:20 mastercreamerinurmom What am I doing wrong?

I'm right now in Beta grove and I got the bridge deployed to enter the security room. But in the room there's a lift that won't let me get down and i've been running around the map trying to find a switch to turn it off. Plz help i'm losing my mind.
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2023.06.02 01:20 SuddenBlock8319 19hrs migration later…and complete.

Back then. I recall using Macintosh computers in the 90s as a kid in either elementary or preschool. Fast forward to 2007 where I finally got my first MacBook Pro for college for the following year. Had that Mac for 11 years until it gave out on me. Then I sold it. Fast forward to 2017 where I bought and upgraded a mid 2012 MacBook Pro non-retina with 2 SSDs. 1tb each. One for the main bay and one for the optical drive replacement. Fast forward to now in 2023 (5 years later with the 2012 model). Money I saved up for the past 5 years. And I finally got an up to date model. I wanted 4TB but 2TB will be fine for me. 16” MacBook Pro.
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2023.06.02 01:20 No_Pomegranate_1494 Legal Repercussions of Taking A Family Members Ethics Test While a Minor

Obligatory throw away account so my family doesn't see.
Several years ago while living with my step mother she asked me to take her ethics exam so she could be licensed in the field she was going into (not medical). I did this for three reasons: 1. To this day I am scared of her and especially of telling her no. 2. She said she would pay me $20. 3. Even if I said no I do not doubt she would have found a way to make me do it eventually, by coercion or force if necessary. I was a minor at the time and I didn't have anywhere I or my sister could go temporarily if things went south. So I took it and passed with flying colors, and she got her license.
Fast forward to now, a person outside of my family filed a report to the governing body about this issue and directly named me in the report. While I wasn't originally worried when I heard this news, multiple family members have expressed concerns about the legal repercussions I may face, and how it may affect me in the future as I am exploring Federal employment. The regulatory body already has my information but has not contacted me so far.
I have grown worried recently about these ramifications, as while I think this would be a clear case of acting under duress as I was a minor, I am far from a lawyer. I am also worried about what may happen if I testify against her, as before she left the house for the last time she threw my sister and relatives out before taking nearly everything she could, including one of my firearms and some custom woodworking I did. Due to some issues like figuring out the serial number of the firearm I have delayed reporting it, as well as hoping to get it back through diplomatic means, however I will be reporting the theft tomorrow to the sheriff. I am the definition of a broke college student, and will barely be able to pay for my next semester, let alone a lawyer.
So I ask you this reddit: What is your advice for dealing with this situation, and how worried should I be?
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2023.06.02 01:20 vanessa8172 Drywall or drugs?

I’ll spare the sob story. Mom has been an alcoholic for at least ten years but now she’s become addicted to crack. I don’t live with her or have much of anything to do with her due to that and other things. But it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt when she reaches a new level of addiction. She broke into my dads house cause she was convinced there were drugs hidden in the house. And literally examined chunks of drywall from the hole in the wall she made. Checking to see if it might’ve possibly been drugs. Just really hurts to know that’s what has become of the woman who raised me. That person is basically gone and has been replaced with a crazed addict that resembles my mom.
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2023.06.02 01:20 Ganda1fderBlaue Double barrel does less dmg than combat shotgun?

Just got me a neverending double barrel shotgun and thought I'm golden now. But fully upgraded it does less dmg than the combat shotgun? So what's the point? Is it just straight up worse in every way?
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2023.06.02 01:20 Easly_Distracted I have some questions about approaching females.

I have some questions about approaching girls. I am over being a bachelor and would like to get back into the dating pool. I have decent social skills but if it is a girl I am interested in then I struggle. I am the type of person who feels like I would be bothering a girl if I was to hit on her. I am 20 and I go to a community college. I have 2 questions:
Right now I am taking a summer class so I am thinking about talking to the girls in my class. I like constructive criticism so I will list three cases of girls that I have hesitated to approach and one that I did. Let me know if I made the right decisions or not.
  1. Case 1: I was walking to my car and I saw this girl with a great figure walking far ahead of me. I wanted to talk to her but I would have to close a distance of 25 meters to initiate conversation. I decided to go about my business. Never saw her again.
  2. Case 2: I was walking to class this morning and a pretty girl was also walking to class a short distance in front of me. I made note of her attractiveness and continued to my class.
  3. Case 3: There are a few cute girls in my math class I would like to befriend the girl that sits behind me but she always leaves in a rush. Next week I will ask her how she did on the test we took today. I did not do well btw : (
  4. Case 4: There was a cute girl in the chem tutoring lab. I needed to sit next to her because there are only two computers in the room and I needed to use one because I don't have a laptop. I initiated conversation by asking her if she would like a credit card to remove the large and cringe air bubbles present underneath her laptop screen protector. I then made small talk with her but she didn't seem excited or impressed by our conversation. I did not offer her my number because she went to tutoring to get help on her chem HW not to get a guys number. I also could not help her with the problem she was stuck on.
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2023.06.02 01:20 Timmaayy77 Open the Gate is the Sequel to Garth Brook’s Beaches of Cheyenne

I can’t be the only one who thinks this when they hear the lyrics. I understand the song is about the fool heartedness and pride being a man’s downfall.
But I just imagine the first part of the song is about the son of Bull Rider who died in Beaches of Cheyenne. “He drew a bull no man could ride. He promised her he’d turn out. Well, it turned out that he lied.” In that song it is focused on the wife and in her grief she runs out into the ocean and dies.
To me, Open the Gate picks up with his son looking to avenge his fathers death and prove he can ride, To Hell I Go. Only to make the same mistake his father made, leaving a wife and child to be. Despite his wife not wanting him to ride.
I just can’t hear one without thinking of the other now. Both are about bull riders in Cheyenne not making it out alive. Being to proud to admit they aren’t capable of riding. Both with loved ones back home who wish they wouldn’t ride. It’s beautiful coincidence at the least.
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2023.06.02 01:20 Showstonker5309 Two tubs, same strain (golden teacher), 2nd attempt at growing. Would love more advice.

Two tubs, same strain (golden teacher), 2nd attempt at growing. Would love more advice.
This sub helped me a lot with my first batch and they were a success! I only did one tub last time and this time I’m doing two tubs. I also broke apart the blocks once colonized to fill more of the tub. I know they’re a little fuzzy right now but the pins are just starting to come up.
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2023.06.02 01:20 DancingWithWolves_ Asking for ANY advice, please!!!

Asking for ANY advice, please!!!
She seemed happy when we 1st put her out (2nd photo) a few weeks ago, but now she looks sad to me. Does she just need time to acclimate to being outside. She usually loves it.
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2023.06.02 01:20 momvoyage Did not receive refund after INR

Hi! This is my first time using buyer's protection so I don't know how the conflict resolution is going.
I did a transaction with more than 3000€. A day later, the seller told me that she no longer wants to sell the item, then asked me to report a problem. After that, she only sent me 48€ refund instead of the full amount. I contacted Paypal to complain about this via everything I could but their answers were the same: Paypal is still on the investigation process to check the problem and I needed to wait. Today (after 22 days waiting) they closed the case (without even send me a notification nor email). And they said I already received a refund (which was only 48€), so the case is solved. WHAT?!? Can anyone tell me what should I do? I can’t think clearly now. It’s more than 3.000€ that I lost…. 😭😭😭
I was confident of using Paypal with buyer's protection because their claim about the refund process sounds so trustworthy. But in reality, it is so hard to contact them. Everything is just based on bot chat.
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2023.06.02 01:20 Frogeems Viibryd makes my boyfriend a different person.

A bit of a rant I guess…
My boyfriend and I are over the moon for each other. Or so I thought at least. I’ve noticed his medicine makes him really cold, uncaring, and just straight up intolerable. He’s starting to treat me unacceptably now. When I would nicely talk about my emotions and feelings to him, he’d open a safe space right up and carefully address each one. But now he’s blatantly shutting me right down. If he doesn’t hang up, he’ll shame me with sentences like “let’s not get so dramatic…” or “just stop”.
That’s just a tiny peek into what’s going on, but I no longer feel safe opening up to him. He begs me to talk to him about my worries and feelings. He practically won’t leave me alone until I do. But when I start doing it again on my own accord, he will act bewildered or as if he doesn’t even care. He won’t even take accountability for his hurtful actions anymore, and this is a man who stayed up all night unable to sleep over a conflict where he didn’t mean to hurt me.
He’s a different person now. He behaved very poorly to me last night shortly after taking his Viibryd. He promised he wouldn’t act like that anymore, he felt so guilty he basically cried. But then he did the exact same things again today to me. I politely called him out on it and said “these are the things you just did to me last night that really hurt… please take accountability”. And he just replied “You are starting to make me feel like a very bad person because of all of these things you say to me. I’m taking some time.”
I’m not even eating anymore. I feel sick. He’s a completely different person on those medicines. He used to feel so deeply for me but now he’s a robot. He doesn’t even laugh with me anymore. I feel like the old him has died. I’ve never felt lower. My depression has come back, as have my suicidal thoughts. My antidepressant isn’t even working anymore.
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2023.06.02 01:19 brownhumper a dream full of layers

It is around 4:37 am here and I just woke up. I had this very wierd dream. I was living a life an a celebrity (shahrukh khan) and was having fling with two different women and both of them were have different perspective about my job and my side business. Which is kind of true with respect to my real life. And suddenly I'm back at my side business where I need spare parts to get something fixed...
Then it turns out into this very real haunting scenario where I have go across this heavy fog and forest( sort of) .. I see my dead grandfather sitting at the porch waiting for me, he was sick but was okay to go with me. We get on cycles and there is a very special way to reach that place.. it related to some book that family (in the dream) had for ages. The book is in complete but people figured out you need to take ride close your eyes and read last line.. it with set you a direction which lead to a water source either a river or canal .. you will find the thing you need it there.. use a nvg to find the things lurking in the dark but you will end up sick and dead when you would return.. my grandfather is okay sacrificing himself for me..but the thing is in reality he died last year. He was sick for a very long time. Seeing him walking again was overwhelming. And now I'm sitting on my bed. Thinking about the dream again and again... Hoping to see him again.
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2023.06.02 01:19 BurritoUzumaki123 Minoxdil really worth it this young?

I'm 16M (17 in a few days) and loosing hair. I still have a year to go until I'm 18. I don't want to start finesteride and minoxdil because I've heard that I'll have to use it for the rest of my life everyday. I don't want that type of dependency especially since my life is literally just starting out I'm fucking 16 and have hairloss. In what world is that fair? I've always had a dream of having luscious thick hair. But never achieved it because my school didn't allow long hair. Now getting into college my genetics aren't allowing me. What can I do to slow it down or recover it. I want to fix it. I have that softboy nerd sort of look which is dependent a lot on my hair. It's messing me up completely.
Tldr: As stated earlier. I want to grow my hair but don't want to become completely dependant on minox and fin for the rest of my life. I'm nearly 17M.
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2023.06.02 01:19 Lonecard19 My [27M] New girlfriend [26F] won't sleep in the same bed as me.

We saw each other for a month and a half before we decided to make things official last Thursday. She stayed over for the first time last Saturday, and while we didn't have sex, there was sexual contact. When it came time for bed, she said she'd rather sleep on the couch than sleep in my bed with me, which is king sized, and this really hurt my feelings.
This is my first relationship in over ten years and she is a very sweet girl and I really like her, but this made me feel super unattractive and unwanted and really hurt my feelings. We have a wedding out of town this weekend and the only room available was with one bed, ans she knows this. She's told me this wouldn't be a problem, but I still feel very hurt. What do I do? Am I overreacting? Ladies, is this normal in a new relationship? I feel very uncomfortable right now, especially before a big trip. Please help.
TL;DR: new GF won't sleep in the same bed as me and I'm super hurt and don't know if I'm just being dumb about it or if there's an issue.
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2023.06.02 01:19 JoshAsdvgi The Friendly Skeleton

The Friendly Skeleton

The Friendly Skeleton

A little boy living in the woods with his old uncle was warned by him not to go eastward, but to play close to the lodge or walk toward the west.
The child felt a natural curiosity to know what lay in the forbidden direction, and one day took advantage of his uncle's absence on a hunting expedition to wander away to the east. At length he came to a large lake, on the shores of which he stopped to rest.
Here he was accosted by a man, who asked him his name and where he lived.
"Come," said the stranger, when he had finished questioning the boy, "let us see who can shoot an arrow the highest."
This they did, and the boy's arrow went much higher than that of his companion.
The stranger then suggested a swimming match.
"Let us see," he said, "who can swim farthest under water without taking a breath."
Again the boy beat his rival, who next proposed that they should sail out to an island in the middle of the lake, to see the beautiful birds that were to be found there.
The child consented readily, and they embarked in a curious canoe, which was propelled by three swans harnessed to either side of it.
Directly they had taken their seats the man began to sing, and the canoe moved off.
In a very short time they had reached the island.
Here the little Indian realized that his confidence in his new-found friend was misplaced.
The stranger took all his clothes from him, put them in the canoe, and jumped in himself, saying:"Come, swans, let us go home."
The obedient swans set off at a good pace, and soon left the island far behind.
The boy was very angry at having been so badly used, but when it grew dark his resentment changed to fear, and he sat down and cried with cold and misery.
Suddenly he heard a husky voice close at hand, and, looking round, he saw a skeleton on the ground.
"I am very sorry for you," said the skeleton in hoarse tones.
"I will do what I can to help you.
But first you must do something for me.
Go and dig by that tree, and you shall find a tobacco-pouch with some tobacco in it, a pipe, and a flint."
The boy did as he was asked, and when he had filled the pipe he lit it and placed it in the mouth of the skeleton.
He saw that the latter's body was full of mice, and that the smoke frightened them away.
"He lit a pipe and placed it in the mouth of the skeleton"
"There is a man coming to-night with three dogs," said the skeleton.
"He is coming to look for you.
You must make tracks all over the island, so that they may not find you, and then hide in a hollow tree."
Again the boy obeyed his gaunt instructor, and when he was safely hidden he saw a man come ashore with three dogs.
All night they hunted him, but he had made so many tracks that the dogs were confused, and at last the man departed in anger.
Next day the trembling boy emerged and went to the skeleton.
"To-night," said the latter, "the man who brought you here is coming to drink your blood. You must dig a hole in the sand and hide.
When he comes out of the canoe you must enter it. Say, 'Come, swans, let us go home,' and if the man calls you do not look back."
Everything fell out as the skeleton had foretold.
The boy hid in the sand, and directly he saw his tormentor step ashore he jumped into the canoe, saying hastily, "Come, swans, let us go home."
Then he began to sing as he had heard the man do when they first embarked.
In vain the man called him back; he refused to look round.
The swans carried the canoe to a cave in a high rock, where the boy found his clothes, as well as a fire and food.
When he had donned his garments and satisfied his hunger he lay down and slept.
In the morning he returned to the island, where he found the tyrant quite dead.
The skeleton now commanded him to sail eastward to seek for his sister, whom a fierce man had carried away.
He set out eagerly on his new quest, and a three days' journey brought him to the place where his sister was.
He lost no time in finding her.
"Come, my sister," said he, "let us flee away together."
"Alas! I cannot," answered the young woman.
"A wicked man keeps me here.
It is time for him to return home, and he would be sure to catch us.
But let me hide you now, and in the morning we shall go away."
So she dug a pit and hid her brother, though not a moment too soon, for the footsteps of her husband were heard approaching the hut.
The woman had cooked a child, and this she placed before the man.
"You have had visitors," he said, seeing his dogs snuffing around uneasily.
"No," was the reply, "I have seen no one but you."
"I shall wait till to-morrow," said the man to himself.
"Then I shall kill and eat him."
He had already guessed that his wife had not spoken the truth.
However, he said nothing more, but waited till morning, when, instead of going to a distant swamp to seek for food, as he pretended to do, he concealed himself at a short distance from the hut, and at length saw the brother and sister making for a canoe.
They were hardly seated when they saw him running toward them. In his hand he bore a large hook, with which he caught the frail vessel; but the lad broke the hook with a stone, and the canoe darted out on to the lake.
The man was at a loss for a moment, and could only shout incoherent threats after the pair.
Then an idea occurred to him, and, lying down on the shore, he began to drink the water.
This caused the canoe to rush back again, but once more the boy was equal to the occasion.
Seizing the large stone with which he had broken the hook, he threw it at the man and slew him, the water at the same time rushing back into the lake.
Thus the brother and sister escaped, and in three days they had arrived at the island, where they heartily thanked their benefactor, the skeleton.
He, however, had still another task for the young Indian to perform.
"Take your sister home to your uncle's lodge," said he; "then return here yourself, and say to the many bones which you will find on the island, 'Arise,' and they shall come to life again."
When the brother and sister reached their home they found that their old uncle had been grievously lamenting the loss of his nephew, and he was quite overjoyed at seeing them.
On his recommendation they built a large lodge to accommodate the people they were to bring back with them.
When it was completed, the youth revisited the island, bade the bones arise, and was delighted to see them obey his bidding and become men and women.
He led them to the lodge he had built, where they all dwelt happily for a long time.
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2023.06.02 01:19 Akumaka Need some advice from you professionals

I have several concerns about this tree, and I was hoping the folks in this subreddit might be able to give me some advice.
It consistently has black spotted leaves every year, the trunk is split and damaged, and something is boring into the exposed wood and leaving sawdust.
In addition, prior to my buying the property, two other trees that used to be nearby died of some kind of rot and nearly hit a neighbor's house falling over. I am anxious about the possibility that this tree will follow suit.
Any advice or information would be appreciated.
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