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Shower Orange. We are dedicated to the consumption of various citrus fruits whilst taking a shower. I know, I know it sounds weird. Just give it a try. and post about your Experiences

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A community only for trading, not an official reddit for the game nor affiliated. A place where you can find others to trade in Blox Fruits, I know there is already a way you can find people to trade with flairs in the original reddit although I think this makes it easier so you will only see trading posts. Not having to scroll through irrelevant posts.

2023.06.07 10:12 simonxvx Seeking recommendations for a bag that would allow me to travel 7 to 10 days.

Hi everyone,
As the title says, I'm seeking a bag that would allow me to travel for 7 to 10 days. I have an Osprey Daylite Travel (old model, capacity is 18L, getting to 26L when expanded) and it suits me fine for weekends trips (went to Vienna last year for 4 days and it was fine) but this year I'd like to go on a longer trip and I don't think it would work out.
I've been looking at the Fairpoint 40L but this might be a tad too big, I'm thinking of thing around 32L-35L instead.
Things to consider:
- I'll travel either by train or by plane, and in the plane I'd like it to fit the compartment above the seat as to not have to put it in the cargo. - I'll use it as well for daily excursions in the city for anything above 40L wouldn't work out in my opinion. - I have no idea if I'll be able to find a washing machine where I'm staying so I'm thinking of bringing enough clothes for the week. Now that I type it, I realize how dumb it sounds and I should find a solution to wash my clothes if I travel for a week or more. - No budget in mind but I don't want to break the bank either.
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2023.06.07 10:12 Frolicking-Fox B of A wouldn't cash my check because of low account balance.

I realize this is a small subreddit, but I don't really know where to post.
I've been with Bank of America since the late 90's.
In all honesty, I fucking hate the bank. I've lived through them itemizing transactions according to amount, instead of date, so they could maximize the NSF charges to my account, all the way to when I found out they recycled account numbers and allowed a person with checks from the 80's with my recycled account number, but a different name, cash the checks and run my account to -$3500.
Yesterday, I went to B of A to cash a payroll check. I wanted to cash some, and deposit the rest. Teller says I can only cash it, and if I want to deposit, I have to take the cash and put it into the ATM.
OK, whatever, I can do that.
I put my card in, and enter my PIN so I can cash it.
The Teller sees my account amount, and then gives me the check back saying she can't cash it because I don't have enough funds in my account to cover the check if it bounces.
This is a payroll check from my work, on an account that has been owned by me since the late 90's.
I mean, I get trying to dissuade fraudulent checks, but seriously? They won't cash a payroll check from an account that is over 25 years old?
What happened to make this shit bank so much worse?
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2023.06.07 10:12 triteandtrue 'Vampire'

Not about an actual vampire. Wrote this a bit ago. It's a short story thats not quite done, but I'm looking for some feedback on how it's gone so far.

The Raven Kid tapped its spindly fingers against the glass of my kitchen window. Its small, smooth face was grinning, it’s feathers matted and stained with old blood. The face of a toddler grafted onto an old carrion crow. I opened the window reluctantly, and winced as it leapt down onto my nice, clean counter, right next to the cutting board on which I was chopping onions for my curry. “Message. Heh.” It tittered in a high, girlish voice, hopping a couple steps towards my dinner. I put a hand on the counter in between it and my nice pot of curry that I had been looking forward to eating all day. That hand happened to also be holding a knife. “Let’s hear it.” I said, “No food for a poor li’l birdy that flew all the way here to deliver you a message, Miss?” It said, eyeing the knife, and then the stove where my pot sat, and then back down at the knife. “No.” “Am so hungry.” It whined. “Perhaps if you give me the message.” I said, sighing. These things didn’t eat food. They fed off of misery. It could feel me looking forwards to eating my curry. If it could eat it, or at least get its nasty little feathers into it, it knew I wouldn’t be able to have it and I’d be disappointed. It wasn’t misery, exactly, but it was enough for a single Raven Kid. “You is lying.” It said, “I know you wont give me the eats even if I gives you the message.” “Correct.” I said, and began tapping one of my nails on the hilt of the knife, gently, so I wouldn’t mess them up. I’d just gotten them done. “But I’m giving you an easy way out. You can tell the other Raven kids you were tricked. If not, we move onto intimidation and then, if that fails, I can start plucking your feathers. I’ve never tried putting a Raven Kid in my curry.” And I never would. They weren’t strictly material creatures, they were manifestations of guilt, despair or a host of other negative emotions that never got big enough to turn into something truly threatening. But I’m sure I’d catch some sort of psychic disease if I tried to eat one. The Raven Kid muttered something caustic under its breath, hopping from side to side, like a songbird on the sidewalk. The ugliest songbird on the planet. “‘S just another schmuck who heard old rumor bout calling you through us, that you is honorbound to help.” “Lovely.” I said, “When I figure out who started spreading that around I’m going to find them and make them wish they had never been born. What is it they want?” “Not sure.” The thing continued to sulk, but a gleeful, sharp edge entered its voice, “But it smelled like misery right enough. Horatio Cortez it name is. In a li’l town called Gansfield, in Arizona.” “Well, I suppose I’ll be calling on Mr. Cortez soon, then. But first I’m going to finish making my curry, and then I have to call the school to make sure they have a substitute teacher to replace me tomorrow.” ------ Eight hours later I checked into the dingy motel 5 on the outskirts of Gransfield, a town which, at its densest, felt like it should have been the outskirts of somewhere else. I unclasped my big leather suitcase and carefully donned my harness, and then over it my suit and my tie. 
Then I removed my mask from it’s place at the base of the suitcase, and turned to the mirror before carefully affixing it to my face. Today I’d chosen a black and white mask. It covered my nose, eyes and the top of my head, leaving my mouth free. It had little horns at the top and the eyes were big and dark. Most of my masks were a little melodramatic to be perfectly honest, but for idiots that were expecting to see something like this it lent to my mystique, and I couldn’t have any old person see my face. I didn’t want to bring work home.
A pair of old men gave me a funny look from where they sat drinking outside the motel’s office as I stepped out into the hot Arizona sun. But of course they would. That was part of why I chose these ostentatious masks. People would give me odd looks, but nobody would think I'd be, say, robbing a bank. I'd get a lot more negative attention if I went around in a ski mask, or with a hood up hiding my face. That was normal shady behavior, this was bizarre shady behavior, and so was an object of curiosity rather than suspicion. No one called the police on a woman in a strange mask and a suit. I used to avoid staying at hotels, too. People didn’t like it when you booked places while wearing a mask, odd or not, and it was so painstaking to wipe peoples memories of my face as a safety precaution. But now, even all the way out here, there was a remote booking option. Sometimes, they would just leave the keys for me in a little box! No need to talk to anyone! Throw in a fake name and a credit card in that selfsame identity, and no one had to know you’d stayed there. I scanned the sky, searching for the Raven Kids and spotted them almost immediately. High up in the air, more like a swarm of locusts than a flock, circling what turned out to be a Taco Bell. I sat down in the parking lot, near the exit, and lit a cigarette. It was fucking hot, but I’d slapped on a heaping helping of deodorant, and I didn’t sweat much anyway. I'd wait for my caller out here. Hopefully I’d look suitably mysterious and not like a sweaty mess in a suit. They wouldn't let me smoke inside, either, and as I only let myself smoke while on jobs, I wanted to be somewhere I could savor it. A few people passed me by with their to go bags, shooting me strange looks. They weren’t Horatio. Horatio would be looking for something strange, and if he really needed my help, he would approach me. After about ten minutes sitting outside in the sun, I ground out my cigarette and decided that maybe I should head inside. Hell, I’d order something. It was hot. Fuck being mysterious, I wanted a burrito and a drink that was mostly ice cubes. It was pretty obvious which one Horatio was when I stepped inside. He had wedged himself into the corner of one of the booths and was looking down at a half eaten quesadilla when I entered. He glanced up at me and his eyes went wide. I looked in his direction but didn’t adress him. “Large Sprite and a Burrito Bowl, thanks.” I said to the girl at the counter. She stared at me for a moment, before looking down and inputting my order. “Are you going to a… costume party… miss?” She tried, “I am. Yes.” I said, crossing my arms. She smiled and nodded, looking back at one of her coworkers, her facial expression hadn’t changed an inch. She was making an effort to either keep the smile on her face, or prevent that smile from turning into a laugh. 
When I got my burrito bowl and my sprite I sat down across from Horatio. He had been staring at me the whole damn time, more intensely and longer than the other patrons had.
He was a skinny young man, probably not done growing, with wiry arms and legs and curly brown hair. His face was drawn and pale, with heavy bags under his eyes. Beneath his nose was an unpleasant moustache-adjacent growth that those incapable of growing facial hair produced when they insisted on trying anyway.
“You, uh, you’re…” His voice became almost a whisper. “The Bruja that’s supposed to get rid of… problems.” Bruja? It meant witch, sort of, but with less of the positive connotations that had been associated with the word ‘witch’ thanks to Harry Potter and other popular media.
“I don’t like to put labels on what I am. You can call me Vampire.” Again, a stupid, melodramatic name, but along with the mask its the kind of thing people expected from the mysterious problem solving stranger. It had been my nickname at the Seminary, too. It was easier to just accept the name.
“You’re a Vampire?”
“Not a Vampire.” I sighed. “Just Vampire. It’s my name, not what I am.”
“Yea. You were out in the sun. Had to have been, to come in here. If you were a vampire you would have burned to a crisp.”
“I’m also not currently ripping your throat out.” I said, mixing up my burrito bowl with a fork. I wished that the food looked as good in real life as it did on the advertisements. It annoyed me that I wasn’t getting what I paid for. “That’s another good way to tell. Real vampires don’t ‘help’ people, unless that person happens to be suicidal, and even then it’s just coincidental.”
When I began to eat Horatio tried to pretend like he wasn’t staring at my mouth.
“I told you, you won’t find any fangs.” I said, pulling my upper lip up with one finger, showing him my perfectly normal canine tooth.
“Yea. Right.” He said, “I know.”
“What do you want, Horatio?” I said eventually, after picking around the tomatoes in my burrito bowl. I hated tomatoes.
“You don’t know?”
“No. Did you actually tell the Raven Kid’s about your problem?” I said impatiently, “Mind reading isn’t one of my skills.”
“I just… I thought you’d know.”
“I don’t.” I said flatly.
“Well.” He began, when I didn’t say anything further. “I’m being haunted.”
“Haunted? That’s… not really my area of expertise. The Raven Kids told you what I do, yes? I can try to help you, but usually you need to solve your own ghost problems. If they’re haunting you, it’s usually for a reason. And while I don’t mind being cruel when the situation calls for it, even I don’t hold with exorcisms.” “The… kids… told me that you didn't do ghosts. But this is different. They aren’t people. I’m being haunted by bugs. Huge beetles with sharp teeth.” An edge of panic crept into his voice. “Every night they come crawling out from under my bed and start biting me, taking big chunks out of my flesh. But no one believes me, because…. Because…” “You have no scars,” I noted. “Yes.” He said, deflating. “Insects don’t leave ghosts.” I said, sticking my hand into my suit, grabbing something from my harness, and bringing out a tiny, empty vial no larger than my thumb. “So you aren’t being haunted. At least, not by what you think you are. Interesting. Alright. I’ll see what I can do. But if this does turn out to be a ghost, I can point you in the right direction, but you’ll need to sort it out yourself.” I held out the vial. “Give me some blood.” He eyed the vial warily. “What are you going to… to do with that? You can make me do whatever you want if you have my blood.” I frowned. What he said wasn’t entirely true, but it meant he’d had experience with the old magics before. They weren’t secret or anything, but it was rare the Raven Kid’s sent anyone my way who already knew about magic at all. People just didn’t believe in it anymore. It wasn’t as useful as snapping your fingers and creating a big pile of cash. And there hadn’t ever been a lot of people that could do magic in the first place. “I’m going to help you. It’s what you called me here to do.” “You are a Brujas.” He said, “A witch. A real one. T-that’s what people say.” I cocked my eyebrow up at him. “What people? Who around here could possibly know me? How do you know about the Old Magic’s, Horatio?” He apparently decided that the last question was the safest to answer. Or perhaps this was his answer for all of them. “Mr. Banderas. He is a Curandero. He healed me a few years ago. I was… sick. I didn’t know where else to go, but he healed me. Made me believe.” I nodded. Medicine men could have magic, on occasion. The good ones. Doctors had it, too, sometimes. The ones that truly believed in saving lives, though they usually didn’t know it. “But he couldn’t help me with the bugs, so I came to you but he told me not to. He-he said---” “What?” “That you were a Bruja. That you stole peoples shadows and made them wander forever. That you had no soul, because you sold it to the devil. That you die if someone shoots you with a silver bullet.” I barked a laugh that was loud and sharp enough to cause everyone in the restaurant to turn and stare at me. Someone had been telling tales. Tales close to the truth, but not the truth. And close only mattered with horseshoes and handgrenades, as my father used to say. “Well I’ve nothing for you, then. And most things die if you shoot them, silver or no.” I pushed myself to my feet. “I guess this was a waste of time---” “No!” He said, and I saw desperation in his eyes. Interesting. “I can’t take one more night like this!” “Well, then.” I proffered the vial. After a moment's hesitation, he took it from me, and before I could hand him the pen knife I kept in my pocket, he had split his palm open with his fingernails, filling the vial with much more blood than I needed. I blinked at him, surprised, but took the vial back when he tried to hand it to me, and began wiping the sides down with a napkin. What a waste of good blood. “Good boy. And do you remember what I said about labels?” I said, leaning forwards, making sure he was looking into the black holes in my mask's face. “Call me a Bruja or a Witch again and you’ll wish you hadn’t. Other than that, we’ve a deal. I’ll stop these bugs for you, if I can.” He nodded, and then paused. “How much money do I owe you?” “I don’t want money.” “Then what do you want?” He said, gritting his teeth. “I’ll do anything to stop the bugs, but my soul is sacred, I will not---.” “Go to walmart and pick these up for me, please.” I said, handing him the piece of paper I had prepared. He looked down at it. His eyes scanned the paper, slowly becoming more and more confused. 
“Construction paper? Glue sticks?”
“Yes. Any sort of glue and paper is fine, but you’ll notice that I also asked for twenty boxes of crayons, and I think I’d like to insist on Crayola for those. I don’t trust the quality of some of the off brand kinds that are floating around these days.” He looked at me like he wanted to say something. “Is there a problem?”
“N-no. I can get these.”
“Good. Make sure you get everything on the list.” I hated shopping for school supplies myself, and my students were absolute fiends when it came to crayons. I needed to constantly resupply.
I had resolved not to be paid for the work I did, when I first started this years ago, but school supplies for twenty students were surprisingly expensive, especially on a teachers salary. I didn’t feel bad for this.
Horatio stared at the vial still in my hand, so I tucked it into my suit.
“Now get going. I’ve things to do. Meet me here tonight. I’ll tell you what I find and if I think I can stop it.”
He nodded, and slid out of the booth, stumbling to his feet as his knee caught on one of the legs supporting the table. I watched him walk out of the restaurant, and then stood up and left the opposite way. Everyone in the restaurant watched me go, though they pretended they weren’t.
Back outside in the sweltering heat I walked a few hundred meters away from the Taco Bell, underneath a billboard that advertised a sex shop a 34 miles up the road. No one was foolish enough to be walking around in this heat, so aside from the occasional car rumbling up the road, I was totally alone. I removed the vial of Horatio’s blood from my suit. He had been right. I could steal his shadow, or even sell his soul with this. Blood, freely given, was a powerful thing. But I had no need nor desire to do anything of the sort. I licked my lips.
My magic, my gift, was a tad different than the usual blood magics. For one, while it was polite to ask, I didn’t need the blood to be given freely. For the other, I could do all sorts of things with a vial of blood that other people couldn’t. It’s how I got my nickname from the other students all those years ago. A tad obvious, but all that you needed to have in Seminary was power. Imagination was not a requirement.
I unstoppered the cork and tossed the blood back like a shot.
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2023.06.07 10:11 universalquantumzen What is Living Awareness? — Awaken the Living Awareness Within — Discover the Keys to Happiness, Inner Peace & Harmony by Sambodhi Padmasamadhi

In short, Living Awareness is the creative ground of intention and intuition, and at the same time, it is the source of the sparkle, joy and vitality that we enjoy when we are in touch with our own being; it is our bridge to the creative ground, in which all things abide and from which they spring. More in-depth: to answer this question properly, we need to introduce another closely related term, that of Living Consciousness, as they go in tandem - Living Awareness and Living Consciousness, that is. Before going more into the details, let me say this: there is a whole book written around this area called Awaken the Living Awareness Within, so creating an all-encompassing answer in a relatively short space is quite a task - you can learn more about it here.
The terms Living Consciousness and Living Awareness arise from personal experience that best describe the aliveness of the experience of being alive, of being fully awake and aware whilst exploring the physical reality, the world around us, and the possibilities of human life by occupying the vehicle better known as the human body. Living Awareness is all about experiencing our core essence, experiencing life directly, experiencing reality directly, experiencing humanness in the most direct way possible; and Living Consciousness is all those experiences put together – from cosmic to galactic, to human, animal, plant, and so on.
In terms of consciousness, at the deepest level, there is but Oneself – One undivided Self; hence Oneself. There is but One all pervading Spirit; there is but one First Cause that has its Being of itself, and on which all other beings depend; there is but one Infinite Being, so there is but One Awareness. This is where Living Awareness comes in, for you see, both the individuation – the experience of being an individuated human being – a person, as well as Oneness of Life, Oneness of Reality, are experienced through Omnipresent Awareness. In this respect, Living Awareness knows itself by itself, in itself, as itself, through itself. It is this very recognition and acknowledgment through many different facets of the same that can be called Living Consciousness.
And because both Living Consciousness and Living Awareness are closely related to Self-Realization and its natural progression, Self-Actualization, let us add a little more perspective and context. Advaita Vedanta (Ancient Non-Duality Tradition) defines Self-Realization as the knowledge of the True Self – beyond both delusion and identification with material phenomena, defining the manifest material world to be temporal – an eternal play of shakti or energy; the immutable principle or the Ultimate Reality is beyond space, time, and form – therefore, it cannot be described, quantified, reasoned, or explained – all that exists on a differentiated basis can only be directly experienced as itself. Hence, the “outside” world that we perceive with our senses as being solid, and believe to be made out of a dense material – is actually existing in consciousness, which goes on to say that everything is happening within consciousness where the mind appears.
In other words, the mind is a localization of consciousness – believed to be located in the brain and situated in the head, which in turn is a part of the human body. The body itself is an image in the mind, and everything in the mind is happening inside consciousness. Therefore, the individuated, solid, dense, located entity called “I” – is the manifestation of an idea – created by the mind as a form of an image; this, in turn, takes place inside the mind – residing in consciousness, inside which a flame of Living Awareness infinitely flickers, you see? And if one pursues to find the ultimate nature of the mind, they would end up realizing that the ultimate nature of mind is that aspect of the mind which remains constantly present in its experience – this is the Eternal Essence that cannot be removed or excluded in any circumstances; in other words, it is pure presence – Infinite Living Awareness.
Living Awareness is too close to itself to know itself as Infinite Living Awareness, and therefore the only way to know itself is through individuation and the creation of the finite mind. The finite mind isn’t an entity as such, but rather an activity through which the Infinite is able to know the world. Therefore, the finite mind is the activity of Infinite Living Awareness, which has the ability to vibrate within itself – creating the form of the finite mind. This activity then makes it possible for the Infinite to know the objective experience – enabling the Infinite to know itself through the finite mind. This knowing is Living Consciousness, you see?
Living Awareness is the creative ground of intention and intuition, and at the same time, it is the source of the sparkle, joy and vitality that we enjoy when we are in touch with our own being; it is our bridge to the creative ground, in which all things abide and from which they spring. Living Awareness is shared with every particle within All Life, and thus Living Awareness is the Heart of Living Life – this eternal, Infinite Awareness observes every part of the Creation by utilizing Living Consciousness as the means; consciousness arises when awareness observes the Creation or any part of its many emanations – so in this sense, Living Awareness is also aware of itself as the other (mirror). In order for the Infinite to know itself as something that is finite, it has to pretend to be separate from itself – this is the way in which the Living Awareness creates consciousness through which we perceive the world around us.
If one were to ask how does Living Awareness differ from awareness, they would get an answer along the lines of: not by much, other than that of emphasis being placed on the experiential aspect of it – to differentiate between mere idea and something truly alive. Living Awareness is all about experiencing our core essence, experiencing life directly, experiencing reality directly. This type of experiencing is beyond all indirect methods we commonly depend on for knowing about our experience – such as thinking, sensing, reasoning, feeling, and believing. Just in the same way as intuition doesn’t need reasoning for it to work, so in the same way is the case with direct experiencing, you see?
Hence, it goes without saying that indirect experiencing is limiting in more ways than one. You see, our senses only give us indirect information, which means that we filter in the things that we are familiar with, and filter out the things that we have no prior knowledge or comprehension. And so it goes that the mind and the senses filter out the reality of pure presence – that of Living Awareness. And this is where the difficulty comes in: there is more to experiencing direct connection to all Life than any language could ever describe – language can only convey an idea of what direct experiencing is like, and because language cannot ever describe the true essence of our existence and our experience of it, we are forced to use sounds, signs and symbols in an effort to re-connect with the Life-force that runs through everything.
Learn more: https://www.infinitequantumzen.info/2023/05/what-is-living-awareness-beyond-consciousness-pure-presence.html Book on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08NDT3GMH
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2023.06.07 10:10 TouchSilent27 Travel plugs to Bali (Honeymooning)

Hi all need some help looking to go on honeymoon in a few weeks .Bali is the destination of choice , could I please get some advice on where to go and which (sites, travel agents) I could possibly get the best deal from . As getting married is expensive 🫰😂
Thank in advance 😊
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2023.06.07 10:09 zinc-182 How do you tame dry/frizzy hair on your way out the door?

Often I'll be getting ready to leave the house and see that my hair is too frizzy or dry looking, and I don't have time to shower (and even if I did, 90% of the time my hair dries weird after showering). I have some argan oil I use that's supposed to help keep it more sleek looking and tame frizz down, but if my hair is already messed up then argan oil won't save it. I have a styling creme that can tame the top of my head (I use it mostly to add height to the front since it tends to stick up towards the back) but it's not meant for the middle/end part of long hair.
Routine is one of the old spice gentlemen's 2 in 1 shampoos (ik about the 2 in 1's but I swear they work better for me somehow) and the wavy curly leave in conditioner. I used to have the moisturizing conditioner also from the wavy curly line but I haven't used it in a long time since it's been out of stock where I am.
So what can I do if I'm on my way out the door and need to tame my hair frizz/dryness down quickly? And preferably something without a strong or feminine scent
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2023.06.07 10:09 Opaquely-Clear Kittens keep ending up at our Door, need some insight. Lots to get into

So, this is going to be a long one. I live in Hawai’i and we’ve had cats living outside for quite some time now. One cat named glitch had a litter about 5-6 months ago now.
One of her kittens named Tux grew to be a mother herself and gave birth to 5 kittens 2 weeks ago. We found out because Tux’s mother ( Glitch ) brought one of them to the carport and just set him down. The mother was around and seemed disinterested and my roommates left him there for hours. After a while of the mother not doing anything, my friend brought the boy kitten we named Oso inside to take care of him. My roommate and I have been bottle feeding him since.
We tried getting the mother to take him back in a day or two later, she still was disinterested, so we decided we will keep him and have been taking care of him. He has been healthy thus fan and it’s been very rewarding, yet stressful. Later on, I discovered the rest of her kittens in a shed behind our house. The mother was distracted by roommate eating at our side door of the house, and that’s when I found them. We assumed he either is sick, or the runt and she can’t feed all of them. Now, I am not so sure.
Reason being is it’s always been the young mom’s (Tux) mother Glitch, moving the kittens from their little nest as well as the fact that she now has brought two different kittens to the side door where we feed these cats and give them water. The first time was 4-5 days ago, we named her Osa, she was put on the concrete somewhere outsides by Glitch like she did with Oso. They look identical, brother and sister.
The kitten was placed back in the shed by a roommate and none of the other kittens were there any longer. When I woke up, I went to get Osa from the shed and bring her to the Mom (Tux) who was outside the house, and she immediately started cleaning her and feeding her, within minutes. Which was quite different from how she was with Oso. We never did know where she took the new kitten Osa as she walked off with her after feeding her, thankfully. However we did not know how the other kittens that were in the shed were doing, if they were alive anymore.
Just about an hour ago a different kitten, was dropped off by Glitch at the side of our house where we feed the cats. So Glitch the grandma keeps moving the kittens for some reason, I assume to keep them out of danger? It’s odd it’s not the kittens mother Tux doing this. Tux is currently no where to be found, but we know she has been taking care of the kittens as they have both seemed healthy.
This is very long winded, but I’m curious as to any insight into why the grandmother Glitch, keeps moving her baby Tux’s babies? The mother doesn’t seem to be rejecting them aside from Oso who we have rescued. We don’t have the capacity to take in another kitten, as much as I would like to. I’m hoping the mother Tux comes to get her kitten Osita like the she did with Osa days ago. Tux may be confused and maybe Glitch doesn’t think she is fit or is trying to help?
Do you think she is bringing the kitten to a safe place or something? It’s all very confusing and a bit stressful because I want the kittens to be okay.
We have had an appointment to get the first mother fixed but it isn’t for another 6 weeks.. now the new mom Tux has an appointment shortly after. Any insight would be much appreciated. Mahalo
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2023.06.07 10:09 helloo_its_me Starting my FIRE journey - any tips/ advice on how to start and invest ?

Like the title suggests, I'm trying to start my FIRE journey but dont know where to start. I've been a part of this sub for a few months now, and looking at the rising prices of just about everything / cost of Living, would like to generate an amount wherein I can live comfortably, if not retire early.
Details of my income / investments till now are below. If any info is missing, I'll keep updating in the description as well.
Age - 27 F Income - 11 LPA Savings - 11LPA in FDs 1.5L in MFs 1.5L in SIP Spendings - 2.5LPA ( accounting monthly expenses, medical/car insurance paid yearly and misc. expenses)
Background - Have been in the workforce for only 3 years. Stay with my parents, so majority of my salary gets saved as no rent /bills to be paid. Dad has his own business, so was heavily influenced to invest in low risk instruments ( debt instruments, FDs).
Any pointers or direction of how to go about this would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.07 10:09 karaokechameleon Wildly itchy throat from wildfire smoke

I have one big air purifier running 24/7 in my apartment, but it’s no longer enough. Just ordered 2 more air purifiers from Amazon because I woke up dry hacking and then saw the news headlines about how this is going to get even worse the next few days. Think I found the main source where the smoke was getting in though… I have a window A/C unit. Covered the whole thing with a towel and stuffed the edges around the borders. But the biggest hole was further up where the top of the bottom window is— there was a 1/2” crack. So I stuffed that sucker up with a hand towel.
On another note, my cat has asthma and now I’m worried we’re gonna have to evacuate somewhere, somehow. Anyone have any tips for how to help our pets through this? I’m not getting my mack-daddy air purifiers delivered for a couple more days. I also bought some kitty-sized masks just in case. Should get those today, but I feel so bad for the delivery guys.
Good god my throat is so dry.
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2023.06.07 10:08 Forsaken-Witness-108 Keep cutting or it’s enough? Also what are my weak points from someone else’s perspective?

Keep cutting or it’s enough? Also what are my weak points from someone else’s perspective?
Hey all, both photos are without a pump after eating in evening. I also posted a workout photo to see the pump as then I look much leaner.
I am 5ft11 78-79kg roughy 171lbs) lifting for around 7 years natural, had a small break inbetween but mostly been dedicated since the start, the last 5 years have been solid.
I am now getting to the point where building muscle is extremely slow as I’m doing it for so long, so each year I do a cut, but always get stuck around 77kg or so and can’t seem to get that last bit of abs, mostly because cals end up too low and my body just wants to stay at this weight idk why, despite calorie counting ect. My arms and back get very lean; but my abs are always not looking great, so I was get demotivated to go further once I get to this point.
So I’m wondering if you think this is a good place to lean bulk from or should I try and get leaner and under 10% (this is mostly personal preference to see how I would look at low body fat, I know it is a very taxing and silly task to do for a natural).
Also I was wondering as I am a long time lifter, what you guys would say are currently weak points for me that I can work on.
Thanks all!
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2023.06.07 10:08 MarthinusViljoen AITA for wanting to have father's day my way?

For some context, I have a son of about one and a half years of age, so this will be my second father's day as a dad. Last year, we spent father's day with my wife's family at her oldest sibling's house, which included my wife's siblings, parents and her oldest sibling's in-laws. My only sibling doesn't have kids and my parents are far away, so that's not the issue, but I had spent my first father's day among many people, focused on the older dad's and in activities that was not my choice, and I didn't like the loudness of it all. I was also recovering from post COVID issues at the time, so it wasn't fun, but I went along with it because it's what everyone else wanted. This year, for mother's day, my mother in law invited the whole family along to a picnic at the old age home where her mom is. We ended up cancelling that morning, as my son was ill, yet my mother in law suggested we leave him with someone else and still attend the event, on mother's day... So my wife was upset about this, and said (to me, not her mom) that she is also a mom, and wants to spend mother's day with her own son and me, which I understand. We couldn't do anything special at home, since she was preparing for exams, so I mainly focused on putting a lot of thought into the gift, which she appreciated. Now father's day is on the way, and one night out of nowhere, my wife asks me if we could "host" father's day at our house, meaning that her parents and siblings would come to our house for the day, and we would prepare food and all that. We had not had any discussion about our plans for that day, no mention that there would be a gathering like this at all. I was taken aback and quite frustrated that she wanted to do this, knowing how she reacted on mother's day, and the fact that my first father's day was not to my liking. I expected that she would want to do something for me, but now she wants to host this big thing that will be focused on everyone else. Am I expecting too much? Or being irrational? She knows I don't like crowds, and that I get stressed hosting so many people. I just thought that this would be the one day that's more about me. I generally sacrifice a lot of time and effort, and just wanted some appreciation for that. I wasn't able to explain all this to her, as the shock on my face upon her question had led to an argument, in which I was blamed as being self-centered in conversation, and that I avoid interaction with her family at gatherings, which is quite unfair in my opinion, as I usually miss out on the conversations because I'm running around looking after our son. Am I wrong? AITA? Or am I right to expect something more towards my way of thinking?
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2023.06.07 10:08 Wolven91 Humans are seen as lower beings to aliens, but its not all bad, we get free cuddles!

Sam hadn't quite got used to his circumstances yet.
He was currently stood in a room that was the same size as an aircraft hanger. However, instead of the echoing emptiness of a warehouse, the finely crafted room was warm and comforting, if not a bit ostentatious.
The opulence on display made the man from humble origins baulk. He had stayed the night at a palace for the first time in his life and it was an alien serpent's. His 'bed' was an emptied pool. A bowl of some sorts that had been filled by a team of slithering aliens with pillows of various sizes. They apparently usually slept in a heated depression in the floor. The man assumed at least, based off what he knew from Earth fauna any way, that this would be enjoyable for them. To him it felt like he'd fallen into a trap.
During his fitful sleep, someone had snuck in and stolen his clothes. In their place was a length of fine silk. A scrape at his door confused him for a moment before he realised it was their 'knock'.
"Come in!" He said, grasping the length of silk and pulling it behind a moveable wooden wall. He assumed it was where he was to get dressed. He had no doubt it was yet another servant to give him more stuff or drop food off or something!
"How are we this morning?" Asked a pleasant voice.
"Fine, just... just figuring out if I'm wearing this or if I've grabbed a curtain by mistake."
A polite laugh.
"It's a semi-casual outfit of a male taurian. You share similar builds."
"Taurian? The horned ones?" Thinking of thr large brutes that had stolen him.
"Horned taurians are females, hornless, or ones that have their horns hidden are male."
Sam was still struggling. Was he meant to wrap the silk around himself? Over a shoulder?
"Ah, I may need some help before your queen sees me. I'm not quite getting it."
"I can certainly help."
The voice came from above. Looking up, the iridescent scales of her Majesty glimmered as she smiled down at him.
Oh crap, the queen herself had come to see him and he'd assumed it was a servant without looking. How can something that colossal move so quietly?! The ssypno race grew and grew as long as they had access to ample food and heat. Being the queen, every corner of her territory offered her tithes to allow her titanic proportions.
"Allow me, arms to the side." The lower set of arms reached out and masterfully plucked the strip of fine silk from Sam and straightened it before perfectly flicking it over and around Chris's body.
He had been 'gifted' to the queen after being abducted from Earth. The moment she had figured out that he was sentient, or sentient enough at least, she had immediately refused to treat him as an object. Although, some acting on both their parts was needed. There were other humans on the ssypno homeplanet and if the queen outlawed humans, they would be put into danger.
"If we can make it so that every noble on the planet wished to 'have' a human, the criminal elements will not waste humans on using them or selling them to the undesirables. It will be better for them to market their 'stock' to the nobility." She pulled away after securing the toga to review her work. She rested a finger to her chin as she gazed down at him.
Only a fraction of her was in his room, her bulk, blocked the door. Looking up at her, it was as if some great statue had come to life. Like he was a tiny rabbit stood in front of some gigantic anaconda from the depths of the amazon rainforest.
"Once the supplies of humans on the planet dwindle or we know who is holding them, we can begin our raids. I already have my royal guards beginning a quiet organisation specifically for the search for unregistered offworlders." She explained.
"But in the meantime, we have to act as if you're totally into humans as accessories?" Sam finished, a crick in his neck forming.
"Quite. Are you still willing to adorn me for a time? You can still say 'no', I will not force you."
"If you don't condone it, humans will start being used elsewhere?"
"I'm afraid we're quite certain. It's happened before I'm ashamed to say." She confirmed with a nod.
Sam sighed, he wasn't afraid of snakes, but her size intimidated him.
"The ball is in a couple days, we must begin preparing you. I'd rather not have to rely on methods of calming such as gas or suggestion. First, we need you to be comfortable with me."
"I'm comfortable." Sam tried to convince her. She gave him a withering look before leaning down suddenly and pushing her face towards him until she was inches away and still coming.
Her skull was as wide as a single mattress, realistically she could swallow him whole and her eyes were focused solely in him. He took a step back and bumped into the wooden divider he'd been hiding behind. A tongue flicked out and wiggled infront of him causing him to flinch.
Her eyes watched him, unblinking.
"I do not doubt your bravery, but do not doubt my intelligence. We must be as one, I must be able to trust you and likewise you must be able to trust me. With your life, if necessary. "
"How do we start then?" Sam asked, glad when her head pulled away.
"First, is touch. You will be my crowning jewel of the evening. Many will be focusing on you. It must look as if you are comfortable and are not meeting me for the first time, let alone being used as a veil."
Sam was to be draped across the giant queen's snout during the ball. Better than the alternatives that could leave him batter, bruised or motion sick.
"I want you to climb into my coils."
"Climb in?"
"Humph, make no mistake, I could simply grab you and drop you in, but that would be counterproductive."
So, shortly after, Sam began to climb up the Queen's body. The coils were huge, each section taller than he was, but her brilliant scales gave him plenty of handholds. Reaching the top, his legs dangled into the centre of what looked like an organic black hole.
Without hesitation, he let go and slid into her coils feet first.
He discovered quickly that she had expert control over her tail. It writhed and rolled with the same flexibility and control as his own tongue.
He briefly even felt the strength that lay there too. She gave him one good squeeze and that was enough to remind him that was could have killed him with ease.
All that said, by the time he got accustomed to being held, he and her Majesty were having a conversation. All around him, she pressed in against him, he should uave been afraid, but instead he was calmed. She promised that she would protect him and... he believed her.
Tip Jar
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2023.06.07 10:08 Thepolkadot7 Please read the following text below.

Hi, I'm a 21 year old man, recently something happened and I haven't been able to get it out of my head, I can't sleep, I feel threatened, I feel guilty, I live in a third world dump where mental care isn't accessible, I feel like I've been such a burden to my own family, I haven't been able to afford my own place because I have no income and I'm still a student, I've applied for deferment of my final semester due to unseen circumstances, Which I've also been depressed about because I'm further delaying when I'm able to graduate and get a job like everyone else, all my classmates that went to highschool with me seem happy, I haven't gotten the chance to make much friends in HS, so I really have nowhere to pour out my emotions, by the standards of our society, I'm a piece of shit living in the comfort of my parents and whining about it on the Internet, but I really can't take it, I'm hurting, I feel like I want to say a million words but I absolutely have no clue where to begin with. I don't want to die. I'm scared. I'm hurting.
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2023.06.07 10:08 Comic_Guy Best dry pasta brand

I want to bring home some dry pasta. Any suggestions for the best brand and where to get it in Rome?
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2023.06.07 10:05 bigdogdame92 Why do people who eat meat think that vegan alternatives are probably less healthy

I saw a video where someone tasted chicken nuggets and then vegan nuggets to compare. But what made no sense is that he compared nutrition information when the test was about taste. And kept saying he might die from eating the vegan ones when the same can be said about the regular chicken nuggets due to how processed they are.
Basically, why are vegan alternatives getting backlash for being unhealthy when their regular versions of that food is often processed and literally increases your odds of getting cancer
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2023.06.07 10:05 RononDex666 man vs wild, i put Sopranos AIs with a chimp and a horse, they have been trying to kill/help the chimp for 20 minutes

man vs wild, i put Sopranos AIs with a chimp and a horse, they have been trying to kill/help the chimp for 20 minutes submitted by RononDex666 to CharacterAI [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 10:05 HaileySanny Advantages for Buying Telegram Members Package

You can take advantage of the following benefits when you buy Telegram Channel Members package:
Telegram is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with more than 200 million users. If you have a Telegram account and start using it actively, people will notice your activities and join in as well. This will increase your brand awareness and make it easier for potential customers to find you on social media or elsewhere online.
You can attract new fans by getting more followers on Telegram because this app has millions of active users all over the world who are interested in joining groups and conversations about different topics related to their interests and hobbies, so they could become potential customers for your business if given great information by someone like us who provides quality services such as buying telegram members packages at affordable prices so that everyone can afford them easily without any hassle whatsoever!
Telegram is a messaging app that allows you to create a group or join an existing one. With the help of this app, you can communicate with your family members, friends and colleagues. This app offers several features that allow users to share photos, videos and documents with others in real time. In addition, Telegram provides end-to-end encryption for all messages so that only those who were intended recipients will be able to read them.
Telegram has become one of the most popular social media platforms in just a few years. It was first launched as a messaging app but it has grown to be much more than that. You can share your thoughts, pictures and videos on this platform. There are many groups on Telegram where you can find like-minded people to chat with about any topic or interest. If you want to attract more people towards your group then buy Telegram members from us at an affordable price.
You can easily buy Telegram members from mamafollowers.com
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2023.06.07 10:05 SAMiAM4490 Manic bipolar brother with a gambling addiction is reeking havoc. Broke into house, stole checks, threatened family. Cops and bank won't take action.

My boyfriend's (33) brother (35) has been reeking havoc for the past few months. We are at a loss as to how to tackle the issue legally to get his family peace and his brother help. The initial incident occurred in 2020 when he was placed on a 5150 hold after taking too many psychedelics. He was diagnosed with Bipolar II while in treatment. He was taking his Antipsychotic meds until a few months ago. Since then he has quit his job, started gambling again, goes days without sleeping, runs around partying and doing drugs, has threatened family and friends, stolen tens of thousands of dollars, broken into houses and damaged property. We have offered to get him help in various ways but he is adament that he does not want anyone "controlling him."
The family consists of Mom (67), Dad (81), and the brothers: Tim (33), Sam (35), and Ron (37).
Sam has a gambling addiction and has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in the past 3 years. Last year Sam came to the family asking for assistance to pay off an $80k debt. Tim agreed to wire Sam the money if Sam signed the title of his house over to a trust controlled by Mom and Dad. Sam agreed. Right now the mortgage is in Tim and Sam's name. Sam has not made a mortgage payments in years. The payments have been made by Tim and their parents. There is a lease agreement for the house between Mom and Tim.
Last week Sam came to the house where Mom, Dad, and Ron live. He broke items around the house, attacked Mom, stole money orders made out to Dad's business, along with some blank checks. Sam wrote himself a $22k check, signed Dad's name, and cashed it. Dad is the primary on the account and Ron is the signatory. Ron called US Bank to report the forged check. US Bank said they needed the primary (Dad) to submit a police report before they could do anything. Dad is in his 80s and does not want to get involved. Is there a way for us to handle this on behalf of Dad?
Today Sam came to the house Tim lives and broke the front door to gain entry. Tim called the cops but they did not arrest or take a report. Tim, Ron, and Mom all begged the cops to remove Sam and that they felt unsafe. The officer told them to work it out as a family and that it is a civil suit. The officer did recommend a restrainer order which Mom and Tim are planning on requesting tomorrow. Sam is currently in the house that he is not longer on the title of nor has lease for and Tim is staying with me.
There are numerous other instances of Sam threatening harm and stealing from family and friends. These are just the most recent highlights. There are close to 10 people, including myself, who are ready to make a statement/file a police report. Sam's harassment and desperation for money are escalating and we feel like the support from law enforcement is dwindling. The entire family has been living in fear for years but I'm most concerned for Mom and Dad, who are both elderly.
Mom and Tim are going to the police station tomorrow to file a request for a restraining order. Is there a better option to get Sam out of the house and/or to leave the family alone? Have there been any crimes committed or is this all civil? Is there any action we can take in regards to the forged check on behalf of the primary account holder?
We are in Orange County, California. I can provide more information, if needed.
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2023.06.07 10:05 chief_buddha31 Job-hopping and salary raises in NL?

Hi all,
It's widely known that the best way to grow one's salary especially in the early career years. How does this hold true exactly?
In my current situation, I am currently making 75k a year (incl 13/14th month) as a IT Project Manager with around 4 years experience? I've been told that the company I am with is known for being one of the better paying companies here in NL, and beyond that, I don't really know what industry standard salaries are in my role or field, due to the culture of not talking about income here. With that said, does that mean that I am better off staying where I am or with my current salary potential, that I will still be able to get more by moving around? I am also considering the US in terms of salary potential but would much rather stay here in the EU.
Thank you!
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2023.06.07 10:05 iamMori T4 unlocked lvl 55 barb. I'm pretty happy.

T4 unlocked lvl 55 barb. I'm pretty happy.
I wanted to limit test before going to bed and get reality check on where I am in terms of strength.
On the first blind attempt it actually looked clearable so I went to the town and built up fire resistance, and changed my skill tree to be more boss fight oriented.
After four tries, Elias is down to his last bit of hp, enough bleed stack to bleed him out to death. All I had left to do was to run around, and wait.
With only sliver of hp left on Elias, I drop my guard thinking it is over. Elias, however, doesn't go down without a fight casting his one last 360 degree of fireballs. Fireballs where each of them does 60% of my hp even through 80% fire resistance guard I had set up. I panick spacebar into one fireball to avoid getting shotgunned. I summon my barb bros again to put a finishing touch on him before he does anything else and boom I emerged victorious \o/.
Bit lucked out here and there but hey win is a win, and I honestly was underleveled and undergeared. This for sure was my favorite fight in game G_G

Is my heart beating this hard at 3am or is that low hp warning sound.
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2023.06.07 10:04 LISCoxH1Gj Would IntersectionObserver perform better than a scroll eventListener?

I'm working on a project where I want to update CSS custom property as I scroll past an element.
So far, I've been doing this with event listeners on scroll, which works, but arguably runs too often. I'm already trying to throttle this with requestAnimationFrame, but at the same time I'm using getBoundingClientRect(), which I'm reading triggers a reflow. I'm trying to avoid this, if possible.
I was thinking I could handle this with IntersectionObserver instead, and have a threshold for each vertical pixel on the screen. This would result in a array of quite a few entries.
Here's a reduced example:
``` // Define the callback function function callback(entries) { entries.forEach(entry => { console.log(entry.boundingClientRect); // This is where we would apply a value to the element itself }); }
// Define the number of steps function buildThresholdList() { let thresholds = []; let numSteps = (window.innerHeight * 2);
for (let i = 1.0; i <= numSteps; i++) { let ratio = i / numSteps; thresholds.push(ratio); }
thresholds.push(0); return thresholds; }
// Define the options for the IntersectionObserver const options = { threshold: buildThresholdList() // Array of threshold values };
// Create a new IntersectionObserver instance const observer = new IntersectionObserver(callback, options);
// Select the target element to observe const targetElement = document.querySelector("#target");
// Start observing the target element observer.observe(targetElement);
My question: Is this a massive performance-hit compared to scroll events? This reuns async, and shouldn't trigger a reflow if my understanding is correct. Is this a bad way of doing things?
PS: I know CSS solves this soon with scroll-timeline, but until then, here we are.
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2023.06.07 10:04 lablabai Falcon LLM: Open-Source Language Model Explore the power of a state-of-the-art language model

Falcon LLM: Open-Source Language Model Explore the power of a state-of-the-art language model

Hey there, AI enthusiasts! There are some exciting news to share: the Falcon family of large language models has landed in the LLMs ecosystem, and they're ready to take your natural language processing/generation to new heights 🦅. This post will give you an in-depth introduction to these impressive models, showcasing their capabilities and how to use them in your own projects.

The Falcon Family of LLMs

The Falcon family, created by the Technology Innovation Institute in Abu Dhabi, consists of two base models: Falcon-7B and Falcon-40B. With 40 billion parameters, Falcon-40B is the first "truly open" model, rivaling the capabilities of many current closed-source models. Meanwhile, Falcon-7B is the best model in its weight class, with 7 billion parameters.
What makes these models outstanding? Firstly, they are available under the Apache 2.0 license, which means they can be freely used in commercial applications. Secondly, their architecture is optimized for inference with features such as FlashAttention and multiquery attention. Lastly, they perform remarkably well, consistently topping the charts on the Open LLM Leaderboard.

Unique Features of Falcon Models

RefinedWeb Dataset

The key to the high quality of Falcon models is their training data. The models are primarily trained on RefinedWeb, a massive web dataset based on CommonCrawl. TII has focused on scaling and improving the quality of web data, leveraging large-scale deduplication and strict filtering to match the quality of other corpora. Aditionally, they've publicly released a 600 billion tokens extract of RefinedWeb for the community to use in their own LLMs.

Multiquery Attention

Falcon models use multiquery attention, where one key and value are shared across all heads instead of having separate ones for each head. This results in increased efficiency during inference.

Getting Started with Falcon Models

To use Falcon models with Hugging Face, you'll need PyTorch 2.0 and transformers. Here's some example code to generate text using Falcon-40B:
from transformers import AutoTokenizer, AutoModelForCausalLM import transformers import torch model = "tiiuae/falcon-40b" tokenizer = AutoTokenizer.from_pretrained(model) pipeline = transformers.pipeline( "text-generation", model=model, tokenizer=tokenizer, torch_dtype=torch.bfloat16, trust_remote_code=True, device_map="auto", ) sequences = pipeline( "Your text prompt here", max_length=200, do_sample=True, top_k=10, num_return_sequences=1, eos_token_id=tokenizer.eos_token_id, ) for seq in sequences: print(f"Result: {seq['generated_text']}") 

Finetuning and Evaluation with PEFT

To adapt Falcon LLMs to specific tasks or domains, you can use Progressive Embedding of Fine-Tuned Tokens (PEFT), a new technique for finetuning large language models. PEFT improves the efficiency of finetuning, allowing the model to focus on the most salient tokens in the input sequence and adapt quickly to new datasets.
Check out Hugging Face's tutorial on PEFT to learn how to use it for your specific use case!


Falcon LLMs offer significant advantages over closed-source models, providing powerful language modeling capabilities within an open-source framework. As Falcon models continue to improve and grow, their potential for real-world application becomes even more promising.
So, what's stopping you? Give the Falcon models a try and see how they can transform your NLP projects! And remember, join the lablab.ai events or the discord server for engaging discussions and community interaction.
Happy experimenting & building! 🚀
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