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Does daydreaming goes away as we mature?

2023.06.06 03:30 Matchamilk123 Does daydreaming goes away as we mature?

When I was younger I used to daydream about life and the things I could become. But as I got older I stopped daydreaming and imagining situations.
Now that I am 28, I still detach from reality but mainly because of overthinking about how my life currently is. This comes in endless loop without arriving into a decent analysis and practical solution. And on somedays, I feel apathetic and don't really care about how things are.
As much as I want to imagine and daydream a future for me I somehow can't. I can't define a long-term goal for me. Or have the urge to imagine a possible future.
Maybe I am craving for more stability in my life that's why I am inclining more into my Te which I am struggling to utilize properly because I don't know what I want.
P.s is Ne the function that makes us daydream?
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2023.06.06 01:57 itsmoonbow Calling all people familiar with Plutonium

I have been experiencing constant hitching on these servers.
So, this varies on playtime. It could happen either as soon as I join, or after about 30s-2min of playtime. Ill be playing smooth as butter, then everything will stop and I'll be running around a bunch of statue players and get teleported back to where I was, forced to leave and rejoin, or timeout. My internet is fast enough to handle anything I throw at it, and have no issue with other games. Its only been an issue with plutonium, and IW4X before it died (rest in peace).
The console will tell me :
Hitch Warning: 820 msec frame time
not allowing server to override saved dvar "cg_hudGrenadeIconHeight".
not allowing server to override saved dvar "cg_hudGrenadeIconWidth".
not allowing server to override saved dvar "cg_hudGrenadeIconOffset".
not allowing server to override saved dvar "cg_hudGrenadePointerHeight".
not allowing server to override saved dvar "cg_hudGrenadePointerWidth".
not allowing server to override saved dvar "cg_hudGrenadePointerPivot".
not allowing server to override saved dvar "cg_fovscale".

And then, will proceed to loop on "not allowing server to override saved dvar "cg_fov". that may be where the hitch is coming from. As once it smooths itself out (if it does at all), it adds another string of it.
This is what the issue looks like. I didn't show it but averaged between 70-80ms which is still playable, so no reason for the spike. Usually during spikes it still is around 75ms.

It wasn't always an issue, though. My ISP before was spectrum, and I never had an issue with connectivity with these clients. But, we upgraded to a local fiber optic provider, and these p2p servers are very messy now. I'm sure there has to be an easy fix/ work around, but I can't find anything online so far
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2023.06.05 21:56 KingOfDog Streak 245 : Le Petit Musée

Pourtant que je ne suis pas un visiteur habituel des musées, je trouve absolument fantastique que ce soit possible de voir tellement d’œuvres culturelles sur Internet. Comme ça, l’art et la connaissance est accessible pour tout le monde dans le monde entier.
Moi, j’ai choisi cette œuvre d’Otto Bache qui montre la retournée des soldats danois à Copenhague. La foule exulte pour les soldats qui portent tous des uniformes en bleu foncé avec un col rouge. En arrière, on voit plusieurs drapeaux, surtout ce du Danemark, mais aussi ceux de la Suède et de la Norvège. Au-dessus de la troupe, il y a une guirlande avec le texte “Velkommen” (”Bienvenue” en français) pour saluer les soldats. Sur un mur à droite du tableau, il y a le texte “Tak i, som faldt, og i, som blev tilbage” (environ “Merci à ceux qui sont tombés et à ceux qui sont revenus”).
Le fond historique de cette œuvre est Treårskrigen (Première guerre de Schleswig en français) qui a duré de 1848 à 1851. Le tableau se situe en 1849, pourtant qu’il n’est créé que 45 ans plus tard, en 1894. C’est intéressant comme les soldats sont exultés bien qu’ils ont perdu la bataille. En plus, je trouve intéressant comme il y a les drapeaux de la Suède-Norvège qui a aidé le Danemark dans la guerre.
Peut-être que j’ai malentendu quelque chose, parce que je ne sais pas beaucoup de cet événement historique, mais de toute façon, l’œuvre démontre le patriotisme du peintre. Toute cette jubilation des soldats ne semble pas appropriée à une guerre dans laquelle 11 000 soldats ont battu contre les 28 000 soldats de la Prusse.
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2023.06.05 20:29 DIANUJNIMA le chat noir

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2023.06.05 18:23 FalseMockingJay Tertiary is your "opening up" function

I noticed that tertiary function can manifest in different way (relaxation, growth, loop) but there's something else i noticed, when people "finally" opening up to certain person they have been "suspicious" before and finally letting their guard and "mask" down to that person, they somehow start to interact with them using their tertiary function.
so when X type open up, this what happen :
IxTJ: They'll commiserate with you with their 'strong morals and passion' dilemma talk (Fi).
ISxP: Get ready for surprise 'deep insights' attack (Ni).
ExTP: become empathetic, supportive and warm as they can get to you (Fe).
ESxJ: Watch out for their wacky and experimental side (Ne).
ENxJ: noticed how observant and 'I really feel this vibes fr' they could get (Se).
INxP: Prepare for nostalgic and a comfort 'zone' discussion (Si).
IxFJ: reveal their sharp analysis and logical consistency over some matter (Ti).
ExFP: be amazed at how organized and structured they can be (Te).
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2023.06.05 16:26 brielkate New interchange on the NE side of Birdville (FH-62/Loop 830)

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2023.06.05 15:18 Lavesta0 Whenever I start totk with vulkan, my games crash on launch with error message shown below unless I use software mode on memory manager. Since i'm using software mode, I keep crashing every 5 minutes or so. OpenGL isn't an option, because everything gets messed up if I use that. Anyone know a fix?

Whenever I start totk with vulkan, my games crash on launch with error message shown below unless I use software mode on memory manager. Since i'm using software mode, I keep crashing every 5 minutes or so. OpenGL isn't an option, because everything gets messed up if I use that. Anyone know a fix? submitted by Lavesta0 to Ryujinx [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 14:37 SadBrick5049 Borsa loop LV : che ne pensate della qualità ? Questa è la versione duty free inserti pelle di vacchetta, 650 yuan

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2023.06.05 13:23 TELMxWILSON New Music! Pendulum, Metrik, Satl, Amoss, Workforce, DJ Sofa and more! Review include some Hiddem Gem bleeps & bloops as well as some deep liquid from Geostatic. [+weekly updated Spotify playlist] New Music Monday! (Week 23)

Weekly updated Spotify Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass
Soundcloud Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass Soundcloud
Youtube Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass Youtube
Youtube Music Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass YT Music
Apple Music Playlist H2L: New Drum & Bass Apple Music
Retroactive Playlist H2L: Retroactive New DnB
Last Week's list http://reddit.com/13urrql
Follow us on Instagram TELMxWILSON, lefuniname, voynich

Picks Of The Week (by u/lefuniname)

1. Niallo - Dreamland EP 💎 [DIVIDID]

Recommended if you like: [BORDERS], The Caracal Project, Tom Finster
It's no secret I'm a big fan of the innovative, all-around strange sounds that come out of the newschool movement, spearheaded by the likes of IMANU and The Caracal Project. While these two, especially the latter, already come up with some truly puzzling sound design that would cause your nan to lose the last bits of hope she might have had for future generation's music, the up-and-coming artists inspired by them arguably push the envelope in that regard even further, making even millennials scratch their head sometimes. Or should I say millen-nial-lo? You guessed right, we're once again talking about Bristol-based badboy Niall Overend, better known as Niallo!
After talking about his introspective debut EP in 2021 and taking a closer look at his unsettlingly good follow-up EP in 2022, it has basically become an annual (an-niall?) tradition to expose you guys to the weirdest of bleeps and bloops that the scene has to offer. However, since we last talked about him, he has been expanding his sound even further! After an excursion on Incurzion and a double tracker on Surveillance Music, he realised how hard it was to find a home for his most out-there stuff, eventually leading him down the path of self-releasing earlier this year. Still not quite creatively satisfied, he even started another alias called Everdone just last month, for the less club-oriented side of the Niall. In the midst of all this (positive) creative turmoil, he managed to reinvent himself and his sound once again, this time dreaming up a whole new, more uplifting aesthetic, while still retaining the otherworldly alien-esque sound design he has become known for at this point. That unique combination of flavours got the attention of an imprint Niall has been looking up to since basically forever, DIVIDID, promptly resulting in label manager ABIS signing him on for a full EP! Let's see what the fuzz is all about then, shall we?
We ascend into the ethereal sky islands created from Niall's wicked sound design wizardry, with the title track Dreamland. After easing into it all by synths so dreamy they immediately earn the track its title, a most wonderful, distinctly retro-futuristic and otherworldly choir makes it clear that this release is different from most others. I can't quite explain why, but this whole intro gives off such strong retro-futuristic dystopia vibes that I just can't help but picture BioShock Infinite in my head. Following this unique introduction to it all is an equally, if not even more so, eccentric drop, driven forward by a syncopated, ever-changing flow and brought to life by all sorts of different bleeps and bloops.
As residents of the sky islands, we of course don't have any clouds blocking out the sun, so we end up becoming early risers and Niall already has the perfect anthem prepped for us: Holding On (6AM). With slightly dissonant chords, injected with strong white noise, creating a real sense of unease in a matter of seconds and the heavily processed, high-pitched vocal expanding on this experimental atmosphere, the rather strange journey continues. While I already kind of love this intro, the real highlight is what follows. Slow-moving, swinging drums act as the foundation for an incredibly catchy melody, whose each and every hit carries multiple waves of dissonance with it. Might sound weird, but it absolutely works. Throughout the drop, Niall effortlessly switches back and forth between this swinging, multi-layered madness and the chords from the buildup, with the occasional fake-out thrown in for good measure, really pushing the levels of dissonance to their limits. I absolutely love it.
With what sounds like a Japanese vocal sample, which has of course been slammed through various processing pipelines, and dissonant piano chords, Niall welcomes us to the next level of existence: Hyperreality. Even more syncopated than before, with little rolly bois chiming in every now and then, and an avalanche of melodies falling over each other, somehow forming a coherent rhythm in the process, this third stop makes you feel like you are living inside the glitchiest but simultaneously also prettiest videogames out there. EP closer Blue Snake takes this glitchy idea and runs with it. You know that sound you get, when you are watching something and your OS crashes on you, that millisecond-long snippet of audio just looping forever? That's what the buildup is like, but somehow melodically pleasing! As if that wasn't enough, we continue by hopping on a fast-paced joyride up and down the bleepy bloopy scales, with seemingly randomly appearing gaps in the melody creating an unpredictable yet well-flowing rhythm that will wrinkle your brain. Not only do we get loads of variation in the same tempo this way, Niall even pumps the brakes in the second half so hard we end up in a Half-time rhythm!
I have been a fan of Niallo's sound from the start basically, but this new direction is such a bold departure from the norm and just so wonderfully strange that I can't help but be even more ecstatic about his future projects than I already was before. Undenia(llo)bly one of the most unique releases of this and probably also previous years.
Other bleepy and bloopy things from this week: - skantia - Politics - A.way, Moment - Inception - B3D3-R, Asli, SEMPLE. - Summer Bounce EP

2. Geostatic - Worth Fighting For / Unpredictable [Celsius Recordings]

Recommended if you like: Sub:liminal, Invadhertz, Alix Perez
While he's slowly gaining a more sizeable audience and thus technically not a Hidden Gem™️ anymore, Geostatic is still incredibly underrated in my eyes. So, let's talk about him a bit!
Straight outta Austria's second largest city and one of its many DnB hotspots Graz, Philipp Hochegger aka Geostatic has been making geological, expressedly non-static waves in the DnB scene for years now. As part of the ehrliches BUM BUM or EBB crew, he is responsible for all sorts of ablaze Dancefloors not just in the area, but also at festivals like Outlook, Break & Lake and LakeSide. Inspired by the likes of Alix Perez, Phil of course also eventually wanted to fill up his playlists with tunes of his own. Around 2020, it was then finally time for the Geostatic project to ascend to the next level, with debut releases on Italian imprint Delta9 and its sister label DLT9. In the same year, Phil also participated in a competition for Graz-based artists, organised by springfestival graz, and managed to become one of the winners, with his track New Horizon even being used to promote the project on national television! After this first, already quite successful year, the Geostatic project swung into the next few ones with quite a lot of momentum, leading to releases on Transparent Audio, where he became a pivotal part of the ensemble, Ekou, Incurzion and, of course, Delta9, and collaborations with fellow Austrian talents Moekel, Screamarts and Anthropic.
After his arguably biggest EPs so far earlier this year, the Power Of Knowledge EP on Transparent Audio, which I kind of regret not covering here, Philipp continues his hot streak with some double trouble action on legendary Dutch label Fokuz's sister label, Celsius Recordings. And that's what we're here to talk about today! For the opener, Worth Fighting For, Phil recruits a certain someone, who has been making some serious moves in the scene lately: Dresden-based Scurrow. Together, the newcomer powerhouses craft a rather lovely roller of a tune, with soft pianos tugging at your heartstrings, a gentle vocal allowing your mind to drift away from the dreadful problems of day-to-day life, and warm bass to soothe the most anxious of souls. Speaking of bass, the flipside Unpredictable shows the polar opposite side of the Geostatic sound: Uncompromisingly huge, goosebump-inducing basslines, with a menacing atmosphere and forward-driving, rolling drums for maximum effect. What remains from the opener, albeit amped up to 11 here, is the soulfulness of it all, thanks to the wonderful vocal sample and its sublime processing.
Magnificent vibes, precise production, simply great! This is your invitation to also jump on the Geostatic hype train. Trust me, you won't regret it.
Other liquid and deep stuff from this week: - Trail - Resident EP - Satl, Brandy Haze - Today - Duskee, Deadline, Slay - CHICA - Reburf - In Deep EP 💎 - Amoss - A Stroke Of Luck EP - Waeys - Objection VIP / Simula Remix - Apparition - Guardian EP

New Releases

General DnB / Mixed



Deep / Tech / Minimal

Jump Up


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2023.06.05 13:05 NoaVM Planet Zoo Free Update 1.14 Is Coming 20th June!!!! (LINK IN THE COMMENTS)

Planet Zoo Free Update 1.14 Is Coming 20th June!!!! (LINK IN THE COMMENTS) submitted by NoaVM to PlanetZoo [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 04:25 Holly_Daisy What should I make using the colors of the ace flag (black, gray, white, and purple)?

What should I make using the colors of the ace flag (black, gray, white, and purple)?
Using this book but not sure what I should make, this shows how big they are going to be. In order by photos; Raccoon, frog, dragon, jellyfish, sea otter, sloth (don't know who he's trying to impress with that pose 😆), red panda (slightly different build than the raccoon), or alligator. I had to add a photo of the giraffe cause it looks like a creeper to me with all the legs on the bottom like that. And I couldn't leave out the mothman! I don't know which to make and I would also need to figure how what color all the small pieces would be. Let me know your thoughts and ideas!!
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2023.06.05 03:37 CHALKSCARWIZ Playing just the pedals

Playing just the pedals
Without using any music theory - I played a fun part on guitar that looped really well. Once it was repeating off my looper I put the guitar down, smoked a bowl and just sat on my couch twisting these knobs around to make it sound different kinds of demented and dreamy. Do you have a set of pedals you like to do this with?
I only like playing a few pedals at a time.
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2023.06.04 23:57 SeverelyHarshedVibe Holy shit it sounds so good!

Holy shit it sounds so good! submitted by SeverelyHarshedVibe to guitarpedals [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 22:09 JayPsycho [WTS] Spring cleaning mega-sell off (43 items!), AR and Glock parts and more

Timestamp: https://i.imgur.com/hJVSlNi.jpg
Hello, I've gathered a lot of items that aren't being used anymore and need a new home--this might be the perfect opportunity to start your new build! There are 43 distinct items, which include:
I have the items listed below, but since there are quite a few items, I've also put them in a Google Sheets document here to keep everything organized. The Google Sheets will have more details/notes and links.
Pricing: PayPal F&F or G&S (buyer pays fees). Shipping is a FLAT $7, regardless of quantity; prices listed do not include shipping unless indicated otherwise. Shipping for an item that can be mailed as a letter will just be 50 cents.
I don't like haggling, though I am open to hear reasonable offers. Please let me know if you have any questions or would like more detailed pictures.
Items for sale - more details/descriptions in the Google Sheet:

AR Upper Parts

Receivers and Handguards
Quantity Item Condition Price per quantity Pictures
1 BCM MK2 11.5 ELW MCMR Upper w/ BCM BCG Used $660 shipped https://imgur.com/a/lX2qtE9
1 ADM UIC Billet Upper Receiver (FA+PC), FDE Cerakote Lightly Used $260 https://imgur.com/a/LfwV8wI
1 ADM 10.75" Handguard, FDE Cerakote Lightly Used $200 https://imgur.com/a/LfwV8wI
N/A Combo: Both the ADM upper receiver & 10.75" handguard Lightly Used $445 shipped https://imgur.com/a/LfwV8wI
1 Expo Arms 15" Combat M-LOK Handguard, Black New $120 https://imgur.com/a/8mTggbZ
1 Aero Precision Atlas R-One 15" M-Lok Rail Lightly Used $140 https://imgur.com/a/b2oeecj
Quantity Item Condition Price per quantity Pictures
1 SOLGW Combat Grade 5.56 16" Mid-Length Barrel Used $130 https://imgur.com/a/vRZp7Zq
Charging Handles, Gas Blocks, & Small Parts
Quantity Item Condition Price per quantity Pictures
1 SOLD Geissele SCH (DDC) Used $90 https://imgur.com/a/OofTzDl
1 Aero Precision Carbine Gas Tube, Melonite New $12 https://i.imgur.com/hhwYjJm.jpg
Muzzle Devices & Suppressor QD Adapters
Quantity Item Condition Price per quantity Pictures
1 Dead Air Omega Adapter (DA428) Lightly Used $190 https://imgur.com/a/E7GEDXQ
1 Lantac Dragon, Keymo Used $75 https://imgur.com/a/S6IfC8i
1 Lantac Dragon, Keymo Lightly Used $90 https://imgur.com/a/vG6hKeI
1 SOLGW NOX 5.56 Keymo, RH New $90 https://imgur.com/a/gE0XET4
1 YHM Phantom QD Adapter New $70 https://imgur.com/a/IHXB6UL
1 Daniel Defense Birdcage FH Used $30 https://imgur.com/a/vG6hKeI
Mlok Accessories
Quantity Item Condition Price per quantity Pictures
1 SLR M-LOK Handstop Mod2 - Barricade New $30 https://i.imgur.com/XxtcHHo.jpg
1 SOLD Railscales KARVE Polymer, M-LOK, Black New $25 https://i.imgur.com/r4cXLeG.jpg

AR Lower Parts

FCG and Small Parts
Quantity Item Condition Price per quantity Pictures
1 SOLGW Milspec Trigger Lightly Used $54 https://i.imgur.com/Cq3fWVS.jpg
1 ADM Low Head Trigger Pin Kit New $10 https://i.imgur.com/pNeL89X.jpg
1 SOLGW Milspec style Ambi Safety Like New $24 https://i.imgur.com/NZcQBe2.jpg
3 Milspec AR15 bolt catch New $4 or $10 for all 3 https://i.imgur.com/e0iWczo.jpg
Buffer System
Quantity Item Condition Price per quantity Pictures
1 Milspec Buffer Retainer Detent, no spring New $2 https://i.imgur.com/e0iWczo.jpg
1 Midwest Industries Endplate New $25 https://i.imgur.com/zzfTTao.jpg
Stocks & Braces
Quantity Item Condition Price per quantity Pictures
1 LAW Tactical folder Gen 2, Black Used $210 https://i.imgur.com/s6Di2ep.jpg
1 SC Irregulars FEER V2.5 .75" Cheek Riser (FDE) Used $65 https://imgur.com/a/9ABKUhv
Quantity Item Condition Price per quantity Pictures
1 Magpul MOE+ Grip Used $15 https://imgur.com/a/ACQDwVp
1 Magpul MIAD Gen 1.1 Grip Kit - TYPE 1, FDE Like New $25 https://imgur.com/a/0E7FRWO

Glock Parts

Quantity Item Condition Price per quantity Pictures
1 Triarc G19 Threaded Barrel Lightly Used $200 https://imgur.com/a/cE0gd7T
1 Apex Glock Action Enhancement Trigger Shoe New $75 https://i.imgur.com/ghqSFY1.jpg
1 Glock 43X OEM Mag Catch New $3 https://i.imgur.com/RQFjzfl.jpg
1 Glock Gen 5 MOS Cover Plate for 17/19/45 New $5 https://i.imgur.com/ht0jq3x.jpg
1 SOLD Glock 43X OEM "iron" sights New $5 https://i.imgur.com/SXMvGku.jpg

Weapon Light Accessories

Quantity Item Condition Price per quantity Pictures
1 Cloud Defensive Light Mount, Black (from Rein 2.0) New $23 https://i.imgur.com/sOia07s.jpg
1 Cloud Defensive Light Mount, FDE (from Rein 2.0) New $23 https://i.imgur.com/sOia07s.jpg
1 Arisaka Inline Scout Mount, M-LOK New $34 https://i.imgur.com/IEUHbwI.jpg

Holsters, Kit, Slings, and Similar Accessories

Quantity Item Condition Price per quantity Pictures
1 T1C Standard Large Wedge New $5 https://i.imgur.com/XG7T16s.jpg
1 T1C Standard Extra Large Wedge New $5 https://i.imgur.com/XG7T16s.jpg
1 Safariland 572 Double Mag Carrier, FDE Used $35 https://imgur.com/a/YMiv78v
1 Safariland Midride UBL Used $20 https://imgur.com/a/weaOMNg
2 Esstac Kywi belt loops, set of 2 New $7 https://i.imgur.com/y0LBje2.jpg
1 Drop6 Sling (Black) Used $30 https://imgur.com/a/dtyirpO
1 Shaw Concepts Arc Placard V3, Coyote Brown New $55 https://imgur.com/a/YEHXobx
1 Magpul(?) QD Swivel New $13 https://i.imgur.com/PIWstVi.jpg

Optics and Mounts

Quantity Item Condition Price per quantity Pictures
1 Sig Romeo 5 on Reptilia 1.93" Mount (FDE) Used $200 https://imgur.com/a/ZN982PP

Freebies w/ an Order

Quantity Item Condition Price per quantity Pictures
4 Howard Leight Impact Stock Earpads New $0 https://i.imgur.com/4zhHMIM.jpg

submitted by JayPsycho to GunAccessoriesForSale [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 10:19 Sweaty_Efficiency730 14 year old dmt experience

(long story) hey i am a 14 year old male and wanted to share this to see if anyone had similar experiences. 2022 on new year’s day i had some close family over, and planned on doing mushrooms with them, i had chocolate mushrooms bars and i had eaten 6 peace’s and on the bag it had said “pe6 mix” idk what that means but whatever i ate 90% of the bar and sat on the couch and around an hour later another friend showed up and had offered me liquid lsd i turned it down as i’ve never done it and have a fear of doing it, she also brought dmt with her and had offered me it, i said no because i said that’s a little crazy o i’ve heard a lot about that and i don’t think i’d wanna try it, around 2 hours later i was tripping pretty hard from the mushrooms i ate and i seen her smoking the dmt and once again she offered, i said fuck it and got up, she gave me the lighter and said “stay calm take a deep breath and once you inhale it hold it in for as long as u can, i remember lighting the pipe and the second it hit my lungs i remember intense euphoria and excitement, i then blew the smoke out looked at her and said “woah” as her eyes had looked like pointy and green when before they were blue i remember looking at her and saying “hey *** this is to much i’m super high” she then says hey it’s okay sit down and relax enjoy the ride man there’s nothing u can do now so deep breath and chill out i remember sitting down and i looked at the floor and it started levitating and moving upwards but only the one spot of the floor i then remember seeing all kinds of colours and shapes moving around me and the music i was listening to was one of my favourite songs and i knew the lyrics by heart and i vividly remember the words “shifting and moving” if that makes sense it’s as if the words didn’t make sense and the music started to overwhelm me and i was hearing things the song changed into a different song every second and it was making me giggle but also anxious as i’ve never auditory hallucinated before i then looked at my arm and seen my veins gushing very slowly and it fascinated me, after this i then recall loooking at the wall and seeing mario coins floating, at this point i was overwhelmed and closed my eyes from this point on i remember seeing gold loop rings and i was flying through each and every ne of these rings i was flying at a rapid speeed and the rings never ended they were gold and pretty and i felt amazing i was so high like never before i then opened my eyes again after this wierd flying through space rings moment which felt like 10 years time had passed when i opened my eyes i noticed the dmt was wearing off and i started to come back to reality i remember feeling like wow i really just did that that was amazing i felt a sense of calm and peace like no other and that i could really accomplish things i remember looking at my frind and said “i have to pew but i can’t get up she said it’s okay take your time let’s go upstairs and u can pea” i remember it taking me a solid five minutes to get up and when i did. i noticed my leg was shaking uncontrollably i then went upstairs and looked in the mirror in the bathroom and see all kinds of colours on my face and felt insane feelings of happiness i then did my buisness and went back on the couch and finally realized i am still tripping and this is odd i then remember oh shit i took mushrooms earlier i then remember the mushrooms setting in harder then ever and i started hallucinating again and seen colours and everything looked like it was breathing and i seen people walking outside on the camera system and seeing colourful mushrooms on the tv that i knew weren’t they beofre and long story short i basically sat on the couch and didn’t sleep and felt extremly paranoid as i was tripping so hard i remember asking my aunt am i gonna stay like this forever she then said no ur just a kid that did too much dope lol and then i stayed up for a few days unable to rest even tho i stopped tripping after the first night had passed and my leg still unable to stop shaking this ended after i slept though this was six months ago now (sorry if it’s not written well it’s super late and i’m tired anyways i still think of this as a positive experience i love dmt and plan to try it again sometime soon all though i definitely ate too much mushrooms and was put off after the dmt trip ended i still enjoyed myself and had a great night and it was the biggest trip of my life and it felt fucking amazing
submitted by Sweaty_Efficiency730 to DMT [link] [comments]

2023.06.04 08:38 obientx Biggest surges this year

Biggest surges this year
Seriously. They capped out market in January to $5 maximum
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2023.06.04 04:06 EngagePicard [Release] Powershell script to easily find overlapping cells when installing a ton of map mods!

Preface: As a general rule, ~NEVER~ blindly run code that you find online, mine included. Please read through the script itself before running to make sure it's safe, or ask someone who can. I'm providing this because I found it useful, but wanted to notate this as I don't expect anyone on ProjectZomboid to be knowledgeable on this.
Hey ProjectZomboid! This is a fairly simple powershell script that will allow you to pop in a ton of cell coordinates and see if any of them overlap.
This isn't a huge issue when you just have a few map mods, but it becomes super useful when you're adding a map to your server and don't feel like looking through 30+ workshop pages (especially where some of them leave it up to users to post the cell coordinates 😑).
The coordinate data was all hand-gathered by me, in this order of availability: 1) Mod description, mod comments, then the Spreadsheet for the Project Zomboid Maps collection on the workshop.
Powershell is specific to Windows, so you'll need to be running (or have access to) a windows machine to run this. This was quick and dirty, so feel free to steal it and use it however you see fit. If you're unfamiliar with powershell or scripting at all, here's exactly how you can use this:
1) Click Start
2) Type "Powershell ISE" and open it. (You can alternatively use VS Code or any other Powershell compatible IDE)
3) READ the script and make sure you know what it does, for your own safety. I've added comments generated from ChatGPT to explain exactly what it's doing, but you should still read through it and verify.
4) Copy and paste the script into Powershell ISE (Or VS Code)
5) Hit F5 (Or the green arrow in Powershell ISE, arrow on the top right in VS Code)
6) If there are any cell overlaps, you won't get any output. If there are, you'll see red output in the console below.
################################################### # List of all maps to compare cell data between. # To add a new map, copy one of the existing lines and replace the data EXACTLY how you see below, or use the following format: # 'MAPNAME' = @('11x22','33x44','55x66') # If you get any errors, make sure that the coordinates are surrounded by a single quote (') and not a backtick (`). Alternatively, you can use double quotes (") as long as you use the same quote on both sides. ################################################### # Define Maps to compare coordinate data from $maps = @{ 'Hopewell' = @('49x11', '49x10', '49x9', '50x9', '51x9') 'Trimble' = @('50x10','50x11','50x12','50x13','52x10','52x11','52x12','52x13','53x10','53x11','53x12','53x13','54x10','54x11','54x12','54x13','55x10','55x11','55x12','55x13','56x10','56x11','56x12','56x13','57x10','57x11','57x12','57x13','58x10','58x11','58x12','58x13','59x10','59x11','59x12','59x13','60x10','60x11','60x12','60x13','61x10','61x11','61x12','61x13','62x10','62x11','62x12','62x13') 'AdamsFamily' = @('37x31') 'Ashenwood' = @('38x38','38x37') 'BedfordFalls' = @('42x36','42x37','43x33','43x34','43x35','43x36','43x37','44x33','44x34','44x35','44x36','44x37','45x25','45x26','45x27','45x28','45x29','45x30','45x31','45x32','45x33','45x34','45x35','45x36','45x37','45x38','45x39','45x40','45x41','45x42','45x43','46x25','46x26','46x27','46x28','46x29','46x30','46x31','46x32','46x33','46x34','46x35','46x36','46x37','46x38','46x39','46x40','46x41','46x42','46x43','47x25','47x26','47x27','47x28','47x29','47x30','47x31','47x32','47x33','47x34','47x35','47x36','47x37','47x38','47x39','47x40','47x41','47x42','47x43') 'BetsysFarm' = @('30x31') 'BigBearLake'= @('16x23,17x23,18x23,19x23,20x23,21x23,22x23x16x24,17x24,18x24,19x24,20x24,21x24,22x24x16x25,17x25,18x25,19x25,20x25,21x25,22x25x16x26,17x26,18x26,19x26,20x26,21x26,22x26') 'BreakPoint' = @('42x16') 'CONResearch' = @('31x42') 'CathayaValley' = @('31x30') 'CedarHill' = @('16x19') 'Chernaville' = @('32x34','32x35') 'Chestown' = @('15x22') 'Chinatown' = @('37x29') 'FarmHouse' = @('32x25') 'Coryerdon' = @('24x18','24x19','25x19','26x20','26x21','26x22','27x19','27x20','27x21','27x22','27x23','28x19','28x20','28x21','28x22','28x23','29x19','29x20','29x21','29x22','29x23','30x19','30x20','30x21','31x19','31x20','32x19','32x20','33x19','33x20','34x19','34x20','34x21','34x22') 'DeadInHongKong' = @('44x20','44x21','45x20','45x21') 'EvacMuldraugh' = @('38x31','39x31','38x32','39x32','38x33','39x33','39x34','39x34') 'EastRiverside' = @('23x17','23,18') 'EdsAutoSalvage' = @('29,28') 'ElysiumIsland' = @('35x22','35,21') 'FinneganAsylum' = @('13x31','13x32','14x31','14x32') 'FortRedstone' = @('18x37','18x38','18x39','18x40','19x39') 'FortRockRidge' = @('22x20','22x21','23x20','23x21') 'HeavensHill' = @('25x26') 'HilltopManor' = @('10x19') 'Homepie' = @('29x26','29x27','30x26','30x27') 'Hopefalls' = @('32x22') 'Kingsmouth' = @('10x14', '10x15', '10x16', '10x17','11x14', '11x15', '11x16', '11x17','12x14', '12x15', '12x16', '12x17','13x14', '13x15', '13x16', '13x17') 'LakeIvy' = @('29x32','30x32','31x32','29x33','30x33','31x33','29x34','30x34','31x34') 'LittleTownship' = @('27x28') 'LouisvilleLakehouse' = @('48x8','48x9') 'MarshRidgeExpansion' = @('32x42') 'McCoysBunker' = @('44x14') 'MilitaryFuelDepot' = @('34x43','34x44','35x43','35x44') 'MonmouthCounty' = @('39x26','40x26','41x26','42x26','39x27','40x27','41x27','42x27','39x28','40x28','41x28','42x28','39x29','40x29','41x29','42x29') 'MuldraughShippingCo' = @('32x32') 'MuldraughFireDept' = @('35x35') 'NettleTownship' = @('22x30','22x31','23x30','23x31') 'OldParkTown' = @('29x29','30x29') 'Orchidwood' = @('27x32','28x32','27x33','28x33') 'OverTheRiver' = @('38x20','38x19','39x20','39x19') 'OverlookHotel' = @('15x21') 'Petroville' = @('35x39','35x40','35x41','36x39','36x40','36x41','37x39','37x40','37x41') 'PelesMansion' = @('32x31') 'RabbitHash' = @('30x24','31x24') 'RavenCreek' = @('0x37', '0x38', '0x39', '0x40', '0x41', '0x42', '0x43', '0x44','1x37', '1x38', '1x39', '1x40', '1x41', '1x42', '1x43', '1x44','2x37', '2x38', '2x39', '2x40', '2x41', '2x42', '2x43', '2x44','3x37', '3x38', '3x39', '3x40', '3x41', '3x42', '3x43', '3x44','4x37', '4x38', '4x39', '4x40', '4x41', '4x42', '4x43', '4x44','5x37', '5x38', '5x39', '5x40', '5x41', '5x42', '5x43', '5x44','6x37', '6x38','6x39','6x40', '6x41', '6x42', '6x43', '6x44','7x37', '7x38', '7x39', '7x40', '7x41', '7x42', '7x43', '7x44') 'RedbirdRangerStation' = @('20x36') 'ResearchFacility' = @('18x41','18x42','19x41','19x42') 'RiversideMansion' = @('18x17') 'RosewoodCabins' = @('24x38','25x38') 'RosewoodExpansion' = @('27x36','28x36','27x37','28x37') 'RosewoodVHSandGunStore' = @('27x40') 'Seaside' = @('41x3') 'Speck' = @('30x41') 'SpencerMansion' = @('21x19') 'Springwood' = @('34x26','34x27') 'SuperGigaMart' = @('12x21') 'TeraMart' = @('36x37') 'SouthMuldraughMall' = @('37x37') 'Museum' = @('35x27') 'UncleRedsBunker' = @('36x36') 'WestPointTrailerParkVHSStore' = @('38x24') 'Wilbore' = @('15x33','16x33','15x34','16x34','15x35','16x35') 'Winchester' = @('7x22', '7x23', '7x24', '7x25', '7x26', '7x27', '7x28', '8x22', '8x23', '8x24', '8x25', '8x26', '8x27', '8x28', '9x22', '9x23', '9x24', '9x25', '9x26', '9x27', '9x28', '10x22', '10x23', '10x24', '10x25', '10x26', '10x27', '10x28', '11x22', '11x23', '11x24', '11x25', '11x26', '11x27', '11x28', '12x22', '12x23', '12x24', '12x25', '12x26', '12x27', '12x28', '13x22', '13x23', '13x24', '13x25', '13x26', '13x27', '13x28') 'CorOTRRoad' = @('25x19','35x20','36x19','36x20') 'GreenLeaf' = @('21x34','22x34') 'LincolnAirport' = @('13x30') 'OverfieldBunker' = @('44x21') 'Refordville' = @('11x23','11x24','12x23','12x24') } # Compare all map data and verify that none overlap. If an overlapping value is found, it will output in the console in RED. It will output two values for each "match". I could probably fix this, but it's not a huge deal. # This line starts a loop. `$maps.GetEnumerator()` retrieves all key-value pairs in the `$maps` hashtable. Each pair is then piped (``) to `ForEach-Object`. $maps.GetEnumerator() ForEach-Object { # This line assigns the current key-value pair (referred to as `$_`) to the variable `$map`. $map = $_ # This line starts another loop. `$map.Value` retrieves the value of the current key-value pair, and each element in this value is piped to another `ForEach-Object`. $map.Value ForEach-Object { # This line assigns the current element (again referred to as `$_`) to the variable `$coord`. $coord = $_ # This line retrieves all key-value pairs in the `$maps` hashtable and pipes them to `Where-Object`. $maps.GetEnumerator() Where-Object { # This line is a conditional statement. It checks if the current key (`$_.Key`) is not equal to `$map.Key`, # and if the current value (`$_.Value`) contains `$coord`. If both conditions are true, the current key-value pair is piped to another `ForEach-Object`. $_.Key -ne $map.Key -and $_.Value -contains $coord # This segment starts after the `` operator. } ForEach-Object { # This line writes a string to the console. The string contains the keys of the overlapping elements and the overlapping element itself. # The `-ForegroundColor red` part sets the color of the text to red. Write-Host "$($map.Key) and $($_.Key) overlap at $coord" -ForegroundColor red # These lines close the corresponding loops and conditional statements. } } } 
Ideally, if the map coordinates were standardized and posted in the same place on the workshop, you could automate this process and automatically parse out which maps conflict with other maps, but unfortunately that's not the case. If you're aware of a tool that already exists that does this in a better way, please let me know!
I hope someone finds this useful!
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2023.06.03 20:01 Customer_Different Shuumatsu no Jonesy

L'isola di Fortnite è in pericolo, non per l'ultima realtà o per l'ordine immaginario, ma per colpa di Sonkeymimon, MonkeySimon, Lord Unk e Pazzox decidono allora di sfidare Sonkeymimon, ma come? Grazie ad una persona sconosciuta Simone decide di creare un "Ragnarok" aka un torneo di per tra 13 combattenti per team, Mimone and Simone dovranno creare dei team con diverse skin di Fortnite, Simone dovrà fare sacrifici perché i duelli sono mortali, e se un combattente perde esso muore, dopo la preparazione dei team, nell'arena creata da Lele, Jonesy Arbitro inaugurerà gli scontri, Chi vincerà? Chi perderà? E soprattutto sarà meglio Cano o Bubi? Tra queste domande ai due capitani dei team arrivano le liste dei combattenti
Squad. Di Simone. L'Atemporale. Evie. Ark. Lexa. Jules. Ruggine. Jonesy V. M. Jonesy il 2°. Drift. Slone. Gualty. Cuor D'oro. Don Torsolone.
Squad. Di Mimone. Mida. Paradigma. Kondor. Malik. Grizz. Tony Stark. Byte. Cristallo. Alli. Superman. Rosa Lennox. Deku. Helsie.
Tra le tante domande che si fanno Lord Unk è l'unico che fa la più importante tra tutte, Ma perché Lexa? Ma prima che ci possa essere una risposta, Jonesy Arbitro urla:
Jonesy Arbitro: BENVENUTI AL RAGNAROK! il destino dell'isola è nelle mani di questo torneo, Per la squadra del nostro Simone abbiamo nel Primo round lui! Il re! Il Campione! Il Geno non Reale ma migliore! Lui è L'ATEMPORALE!
L'Atemporale entra nell'arena, mentre Jonesy Arbitro annuncia l'avversario
Jonesy Arbitro: Dalla parte di Mimon Abbiamo, l'eroe senza problemi! è la rappresentazione della perfezione! lui è SUPERMAN!
Superman entra nell'arena, i due combattenti si guardano con area di sfida.
Intanto Paradigma e Mimone
Sonkeymimon: cosa vorresti dire?
Paradigma: c'è un sospetto, in mezzo a noi c'è un traditore che sta donando Armi a Simone e i suoi compagni comunisti, cosa devo fare?
Sonkeymimon: nulla, per ora prepara il progetto Gatto Animato
Paradigma: si mio signore salvatore
E mentre Paradigma se ne va lo scontro sta per iniziare
Jonesy Arbitro: DIAMO INIZIO ALL…. Shuumatsu no Jonesy!
L'Atemporale: mmmh, beh tu sei il mio avversario, sai non me lo aspettavo
Superman: sai neanche io, ma adesso è ora di pareggiare i conti Geno!
(Intanto negli spalti)
Gualty: ma Simone, perché hai deciso di fare combattere Superman contro L'Atemporale?! È UN SUICIDIO!
Simone: NO! Devi sapere Gualty che L'Atemporale ha già battuto Superman in passato
Pazzox: COSA?!? QUANDO?!
Simone: beh, 2 anni fa'...
Narratore: in un regno oramai lontano L'Atemporale si stava allenando, in quel momento un Clark Kent entro nel suo palazzo, per via della somiglianza con Geno, Superman scambio L'Atemporale per un cattivo, ci fú uno scontro tra i 2, ma il vincitore fú inaspettato, L'Atemporale vinse grazie al fatto che la sua spada era fatta per il 0.05% di Kryptonite, Tutt'oggi però Superman continua a pensare che L'Atemporale sia un cattivo, ed è per questo che l'eroe si è alleato con Mimon sperando di sfruttare la situazione per uccidere il Campione
Angel: me che cretino che è quel Superman
Simone: nulla è perfetto, neanche l'eroe più perfetto della storia
Lord Unk: ma quindi la spada del Cavaliere è fatta di Kryptonite?! Ma come è possibile?!
Simone: perché Epic voleva fare una seconda collab con la DC per Superman cercando di giustificarla con questo fattore, ma tutto è saltato ed questo è quello che rimane
Jonesy Arbitro: Lo scontro è finalmente iniziato, Superman attacca L'Atemporale con un soffio congelante, sembra già finita, ma NO! L'Atemporale scalda la sua Nova armatura rossa ed arancione e scioglie il chiaccio!
L'Atemporale: per il mio Regno esegue un salto ed inizia a roteare su se stesso, la sua spada si scalda è diventa infuocata di un fuoco rosa Planetarum gladius tabescet!
Lord Unk: ma che-
Simone: Planetarum gladius tabescet aka la spada che scioglie i pianeti, una tecnica della sua spada capace di distruggere un pianeta intero, L'Atemporale la sviluppata negli Anni per poterla usare contro il suo più grande Rivale, Il Cavaliere Axion, ma non l'ha mai potuta usare in uno scontro
Jonesy Arbitro: OH MIO DIO! L'Atemporale è riuscito a colpire Superman! Creando uno squarcio sul suo petto!
Superman: suoni di dolore atroci Maledetto Geno
L'Atemporale: te l'ho detto, io non sono Geno e non provare ad accostarmi a lui, io sono una sua copia del loop
Superman: come se io dovessi crederci, avete la stessa voce e la stessa ricerca della perfezione
L'Atemporale: io voglio ottenerla per il mio Regno, io sono il Campione Atemporale e non posso deluderli!
(Intanto su gli spalti)
Stellan: sempre il solito attaccato al suo regno
Selene: si, ma questo è uno dei tanti motivi per cui mi sono innamorata di lui
Cavaliere Omega: hahaha! Lui tiene tanto alla sua gente! Ed è per questo che è il più grande re!
(Intanto nelle stanze dei combattenti successivi un uomo grasso sta parlando con una ragazza Anime ed un uomo più smilzo uguale a lui)
Jonesy V. M.: Ne sono sicuro Jonesy il Secondo, tu sarai il prossimo re dei Jonesy
Jonesy il S.: Capisco grande Jonesy Vestibilità massima, Re attuale dei Jonesy, ma avrei una domandaz come mai ti porti qell'inquetante ragazzina in self-shading
Lexa: Hei! Ho 19 anni io!
Jonesy V. M.: Mi fido di lei, è per questo che ho chiesto a Simone di farla entrare tra i combattenti per il nostro team
Jonesy il S.: Sei troppo buono mio Re
Jonesy V. M.: Ma non è meglio? Meglio un buon re con tutti che un re cattivo ed arrogante, poi io conosco Lexa meglio di chiunque altro, io conosco tutti meglio di tutti
Jonesy il S.: Continuo a non fidarmi
(Tornando allo scontro)
L'Atemporale: Fatti sotto Superman, te lo farò capire a suon di schiaffi che io non sono il Geno che ti credi
Superman: Fammelo capire se ne hai il coraggio!
Jonesy Arbitro: lo scontro continua! Superman usa i suoi raggi laser dagli occhi! L'Atemporale cerca di difendersi col suo Scudo! Ma esso viene distrutto dai Laser! L'Atemporale ha perso un occhio!
L'Atemporale: grr, non mi arrendo
Jonesy Arbitro: Superman attacca L'Atemporale e gli perora il piede!
L'Atemporale: non mi arrendo!
Jonesy Arbitro: Superman attacca L'Atemporale e gli danneggia il petto!
Jonesy Arbitro: NON MI ARRENDO!
Superman (mentre): non è possibile, più lo attacco è più sembra determinato! Cosa ci otterrebbe dal vincere?! E se… avesse ragione lui… magari è davvero una semplice copia del loop del vero Geno, forse ho fatto un errore
Superman: beh, mi sa che hai ragione tu Atemporale, ma non posso arrendermi così, è ora di fare sul serio
L'Atemporale: allora non ti piacerà cosa starò per fare indossa la sua armatura da cavaliere atemporale 2.0 fatti sotto
Simone: mi sa che qui finisce male
(In quel momento una ragazza entrò nella stanza, era Evie)
Evie: L'Atemporale perderà
Lord Unk: Hey non-
Jonesy Arbitro: lo scontro sta diventando più emozionante! L'Atemporale sta per affrontare Superman frontalmente!
Selene: VAI GENO!
Cavaliere Omega: tu puoi farcela!
Stellan: a bassa voce dai
(I colpi furono tanti e veloci, l'armatura dell' Campione è capace di replicare la velocità di superman, pugni e attacchi con la spada furono le principali armi, ma solo uno dei due ebbe la meglio)
L'Atemporale: ho ancora l'altro- Superman gli spacca anche l'altro
Selene, Cavaliere Omega e Stellan: 😨
Simone: oh no
L'Atemporale: beh, è finita, devo dire la verità, io sapevo di essere già morto da molti minuti in cui abbiamo combattuto, beh, sei stato un Grande avversario Superman-
(L'Atemporale iniziò a sgretolarsi in piccolinpezzi di ologramma azzurri)
Mimone: bene
Jonesy Arbitro: signori e signore, il vincitore del primo round del Shuumatsu no Jonesy è… SUPERMAN!
Evie: come avevo predetto
Lord Unk: ed ora
Angel: piange
Simone: ed ora chiamiamo lui
(Intanto in una stanza)
Jonesy V. M.: Pronto Simone, ah, è il mio Turno, bene, io Jonesy il Primo mostrerò di cosa sono capace!
PS: questo capitolo si è rivelato il più difficile, non ero legato al personaggio di Superman, quindi se è stato frettoloso è perché ho cercato di allontanarmi dal primo round il prima possibile, è la prima volta che scrivo uno scontro su carta, ma adesso vi saluto lasciandovi con questa curiosità, la principale ispirazione di questa Fanfiction è Record of Ragnarok, ma credo che i fan l'abbiano già capito, Paye bye!
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2023.06.03 13:59 4dv1c3_s33k3r Mi rivolgo a chiunque abbia tanti interessi, hobby e passioni: COME FATE???

Se sei una persona appassionata di tante cose diverse, che vorrebbe provare di tutto, fare tante esperienze, tanti sport, coltivare tanti hobby, leggere tantissimi libri, vedere tantissimi film, provare tanti lavori diversi, appassionata di tanti argomenti e ogni tot salti da un interesse all'altro... COME FAI? No seriamente. Sono anche io così: ho talmente tante cose in testa che non basterebbe una vita per provarle tutte, figuriamoci approfondirle. Scegliere una sola cosa mi è quasi impossibile e continuo a ruota a passare da una cosa all'altra e poi ricominciare il loop. Il punto è che non mi sembra mai di costruire niente e di rimanere, alla fine, sempre al punto di partenza (il che è abbastanza paradossale perché una persona che vuole fare tutto alla fine si ritrova a non aver fatto niente). Per esempio, mi piace praticare quattro sport diversi, ma ovviamente non posso farli tutti! Ne inizio uno, poi sento la mancanza dell'altro e smetto per ricominciare, poi dopo un tot smetto di nuovo e passo all'altro... Ma alla fine non miglioro in nulla, ovviamente!
Quindi mi rivolgo a voi: come fate a scegliere a cosa dedicare il vostro tempo e le vostre energie? Come fate a dare una direzione alla vostra vita? Come fate a mettere da parte il vostro incontenibile entusiasmo per qualcosa e dire "no questo devo lasciarlo da parte"?
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2023.06.03 12:17 cyberchonkkk Kas kellelegi meeldivad Loop kõrvatropid?

Kas kellelegi meeldivad Loop kõrvatropid?
Tahaks ära anda 3 paari Loop kõrvatroppe (uued) postikulu eest!
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2023.06.03 12:01 oreshek09 Decided to rank the series I've read in a different manner

Decided to rank the series I've read in a different manner submitted by oreshek09 to litrpg [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 11:13 Majestic_Till_6888 ENTP weaknesses, loop and solutions

Hello dear reader and interesting commentators,
Please feel free to share your knowledge, thoughts and experiences.
I think it could be interesting and potentially useful to try to identify common weak points and other loops that ENTPs (or others) are likely to encounter, and collectively come up with solutions that have already been tried and tested or listed in order to get a big picture.
I'll start with this extract on loops from: https://www.psychologyjunkie.com/what-youre-like-in-a-loop-based-on-your-myers-briggs-personality-type/#h-the-entp-ne-fe-loop
The ENTP Ne-Fe Loop ENTPs, like ENFPs, are often the “visionaries” of the type community. They enjoy exploring ideas, thinking-outside-the-box, and generating alternatives. When ENTPs get in a loop, they chase after ideas but they’re also easily swayed by outside opinion. They get stuck in idea-generation and buzz from the people around them without accepting input from their thinking side.
How this can show up:
Jumping from project to project and quitting when things get tedious Trolling other people for a “reaction” Putting other people’s needs ahead of the most logical course Using emotion to defend against criticism (cracking jokes, appealing to emotions) Distrusting their own logic Seeking praise rather than determining their own sense of self-worth Using people as “tools” for self-centered gains Struggling to admit when they’re wrong The solution? ENTPs need to get in touch with their introverted thinking side. They should identify the logical path forward for their life and eradicate lifestyle choices that don’t align with their goals and principles. They should examine their behaviors by looking into their beliefs and choices and examining the roots of those choices. They should get comfortable sitting with boredom and working towards their personally important goals because it makes sense to do so even if it’s tedious.
So what do think about it ?
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