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Nothing feels better than pulling out a mega hair or something that just does not belong in your flesh. Post videos here. (Active again as of 4/23/16)

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This is a subreddit for teeth cleaning videos, photos, similar to deep black or small black dot like /brown/yellow hard dental plaque dissolve & tartar buildup removes (rich in (signs of) calcium deficiency/discoloration in adults) scrape, clean dental hygen & heavy stain remove by dentists. Teeth tartar remove, yellow stains before and afters teeth whitening fix hard calculus plaque on stained blacken teeth remove, preventing dental tartar, breaking plaque off, prevent plaque between stains..

2017.11.12 04:02 Mary_Pick_A_Ford RottenProduce: pictures of rotting fruit and vegetables. recommendations, news, or thoughts

Posted pictures of rotting produce. Recommendations are welcome on how to select and take care of produce.

2023.04.01 21:28 I_Can- Weed Withdrawal and Narcolepsy

This has been an INSANE series of unfortunate events, and I’m hoping that someone has any sort of advice on how to get through this.
I want to start by saying that I am not positive that I have Narcolepsy, however after talking with my Therapist and Psychiatrist, some things have really added up. I used to experience really bad daytime sleepiness when I was in high school until I started taking a depression medication that actually worked, and a lot of that went away. I used to fall asleep in every single class, fell asleep while driving many times, and was constantly tired. I have also experienced Hypnagogic Hallucinations for as long as I can remember, horrible Insomnia at night, what I can only assume are Sleep Attacks during the day, and more (these I still experience).
I am currently a 21M and I recently decided to stop taking edibles, I wasn’t a smoker because I have other throat issues that I won’t get into, but I took edibles at a bare minimum once a week for 2 years. Almost 2 months ago, I took a large amount out of a tincture and felt nothing for around 8 hours (these have basically done nothing for me in the past). I decided to go to sleep and woke up at around 1:30 in the morning, absolutely out of my mind. I was experiencing a hypnagogic hallucination, but because I was as high as I was, it triggered something a lot more pattern based which I haven’t experienced. It was essentially like I was seeing crazy moving geometry all around me, this was an extremely intense experience and I had a severe panic attack, but I got through it and thought that would be the end of it. I was extremely wrong.
After this experience I stopped for about 2 weeks, and then went back to just taking one edible a week (also, these were not strong edibles, they were almost always 10mg of D9). About 2 weeks after this, I woke up to a panic attack because I experienced similar triggers from the last panic attack and struggled through this one, I had another hallucination and could see every decision I was making and watching it split in the opposite direction simultaneously (I was not high). This messed me up and I had another the next night, although this one was a more normal hallucination, the hallucinations had become a trigger, so I felt like I was actually losing my mind.
This was when I decided to quit for good, and this is where things got really intense. I had a few things to finish up with school and luckily that went fine, I finished my final projects, and started my spring break. I was barely sleeping at night at this point due to hallucinations and just general panic. This just happened to occur just before my bachelor party and we were supposed to go to to New Orleans, but I was so anxious and sleep deprived that I had to basically pivot and have my friends come to my place. I handled things decently well while they were here because I had distractions, although I was still ridiculously tired and basically not functioning when they left.
Things got a lot worse from here, I was having some panic attacks a few times a week, I was ridiculously on edge all the time. I had so many different types of hallucinations, everything from wild patterns, to event based hallucinations (thinking I was in a situation I wasn’t in), to normal visual and auditory hallucinations. My dreams have been off the walls, some of the most disturbing nightmares I’ve ever had, from creepy pasta esc cults to pulling rods of glass out of my legs, it’s been absolutely insane. Between the first week and the second I had my spring break so I could sleep a lot more. Then classes started again because my school is on a quarter system. This was terrible, I would wake up for class and would be very anxious after a night of no sleep, I nearly had a panic attack in one class. Immediately I knew I had put way too much stress on myself, I was basically collapsing under all of the pressure. I just decided to drop my classes for the quarter so I can get my head straight.
On top of all of this, my fiancé has started to snore very loudly due to allergies and she has started a new job where she has to wake up between 3 and 4 in the morning. I have to have absolutely perfect conditions to sleep right now, and she has begun to sleep in our guest bedroom (yes, I feel horrible about this, but I am running out of options). My dog is also terrified of me at night and will not stop shaking when she is around me in our room once the sun goes down (dog with insane anxiety, how ironic for the situation).
I also had a crazy lady bang on my door at 6:30 in the morning one night (morning) and I had to get up and check it out. This lady was yelling at me that I had to move out of my house because there was some sink hole to ANOTHER DIMENSION in a neighborhood nearby. She also said she was running from the police because she was being chased with an energy weapon, because she was Russian? This would normally be something I could deal with, but unfortunately I am in the middle of losing my mind, so perfect timing, right? I have essentially decided that the entire Universe is now plotting against me for whatever reason.
I have tried everything from calming breathing/meditation, calming walks in parks/botanical gardens, to facing my panic directly. I would essentially let the panic consume me, and then do EMDR (basically a non intrusive self induced hypnosis), I would try to logic out everything that was going on and sometimes it would work, but everything I did ended with this insane panic. I have horrible anxiety during the day and feel like I am actually being enveloped in hell at night. This is by far the worst anxiety I’ve had in my entire life and I am losing my mind.
I have read Reddit forms on both Narcolepsy and Weed Withdrawals, lots of people have experiences this kind of anxiety, and people that have talked about hallucinations, but never both together. If anyone has ever experienced anything like this, I’d love to hear how you got out of it, this is literally my personal hell, and hope somebody has some advise.
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2023.04.01 21:27 Taurus-91 Pen turning

Pen turning
I need help. I have a Wen wood lathe. I also took a pen turning class from woodcraft. Didn’t have any issues in the class, but I’m having issues now. I’m pretty sure I’m doing everything right but don’t know why my pen blanks keep shattering (see picture).
The one with purple epoxy was a blank that I’m trying to save by putting it in a pen mold and using epoxy so that I can try and turn it again. Still shattered.
The square tip isn’t the issue. I’m able to get blanks down to a cylinder. It’s the circle tip tool that keeps shattering my blanks when I go to shape it. They are carbide tips. Anyone else experience this issue and know how they fixed it? I’m frustrated cuz I don’t know why it keeps happening.
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2023.04.01 21:27 coolin68 Level One - Board Game Meetup hosted by u/OttawaLoftMeetup

Hey all,
Hope you’re having a great weekend so far!!!
What are you up to today?! Let me know, down below! :)
I wanted to give a quick little review on the Level One - Board Game Meetings on Thursday’s @ 6 pm! (Im not sure if this is weekly, but I believe it is!)
$8 for entrance, + whatever for your food : drinks !
Maybe you’ve noticed the posts before, (example here - ) — I really am unsure how old that post is , I googled and pasted! …or saw someone mention it in their post / comment!


As much as I enjoyed trying something new and different … at the end of it, I was pretty burnt out !! (and honestly had a rest day the next day - yesterday)
So here’s the stars!
Board games? - 5/5
Lots of board games to play!! I mean, its a board game pub! They got pretty much everything!
Staff - 5/5
The people workin away were friendly, and fast!
Layout - 2/5
I wish I could rank this higher. I just can’t! Even when there were ~30 people, its hard to hear!! (Maybe I’m just hard of hearing!?) but you either had to talk in the other persons ear or talk really loudly!!! Sometimes left me really confused as to what another person is saying — and felt really bad when that would happen!
… its just something about the layout that makes it off…
To improve this, I’d definitely make walls and separate sections for groups with doors on it. Would probably lower the noise level down a bit, hopefully!!
People - 5/5
I mean there’s a ton of people to talk to if a person wishes to, or sticks with their “group” and gets to know them better! Everyone seemed bubbly and happy to be there!! Wasn’t much of people lookin at their phones and actually connecting with the game / mingling away and enjoying the night… so it was really nice to see that!! (and get less screentime in, as well!)
Overall Experience - 5/5
Yes, the layout is bad… but its really not something I think the people hosting the event can change?!
It was a fun experience, different something to do from what I normally get up to… helped me socialize and meet some people!! It really elevated my crummy mood !

Do I think you should go?

Honestly, why not try it? I mean, it may be out of your comfort zone, but when you push past that comfort zone — you’re actually connecting with your true self… and when that happens, you might find out if you truly enjoy being out and about… or alone… or maybe you like both! It’ll push you to possibly be more comfortable socializing away if you aren’t already !
It doesn’t hurt to try it out and enjoy the Board Game Meetups! Dont have to stay for long if you don’t want to!! Your call!! You do you!
…. Theres also a discord, if you use it!! (So if you didn’t talk to someone or wanted to talk more — always can on the discord if you didnt get their info beforehand!)
Maybe I’ll see you there next time! Who knows!! We shall see!
Little bit more of a read, if you wanted to read more of my first time going!
It was my first time going to Level One in general, as well!! I was super unsure what to expect!! I was really, really, really anxious at the start of things… but honestly, I’m really unsure why!
I went at 6:30 and stayed til 9:30! Somehow I managed to stay out and mingle for 3 hours!
I didn’t try the food, but will definitely have to next time around… just wasn’t hungry as I ate previously!! (What’s everyone’s go-to at Level One?! Let me know, down below — I’ll have to try it at some point!)
The group that I met were all super friendly and welcoming!
As the night went on, the place got loud!! Tons of talking away, laughter, and people came in like flocks! It didn’t feel super overwhelming as I went when it was quieter - got comfortable - and was happy seeing everyone enjoy playin board games!
It started out with a decent amount of people ~30 … and probably had at most ~45? people… (I didn’t obviously count, but! There was a lot!! .. I learned from another person that it doesn’t get super busy like that)
Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your day!!
Take care,
Stay safe!
— review —
(repost, because I don’t know why I thought the loft was also called level one, lol..big oops!)
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2023.04.01 21:27 Healthinspiration How the Keto Diet Can Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals : From Flab to Fab

How the Keto Diet Can Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals : From Flab to Fab
Are you seeking to shed pounds and get in shape? The keto food plan is a terrific alternative for everyone seeking to shed a few kilos and enhance their fitness. In this article, we'll discover the advantages of the keto food plan, how it works, and how it lets you attain your weight reduction goals.
How the Keto Diet Can Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals : From Flab to Fab

What is the Keto Diet?

The ketogenic food plan, also called the keto food plan, is a low-carb, high-fat food plan proven to assist humans in shedding pounds and enhancing their regular fitness. When you observe a keto food plan, you significantly lessen your consumption of carbohydrates and update them with wholesome fat. This reasons your frame to go into a kingdom of ketosis, wherein it burns fats for gasoline rather than carbohydrates.

How Does the Keto Diet Work?

When you consume carbohydrates, your frame converts them into glucose, which is used for electricity. However, while you significantly lessen your carb consumption, your frame has to discover an opportunity gasoline source. That's wherein the keto food plan comes in. When you observe a keto food plan, your frame enters a kingdom of ketosis, which begins to evolve to burn fats for electricity rather than glucose.
One of the essential advantages of the keto food plan is that it allows you to experience complete satisfaction, even while consuming less energy than you generally would. This is because the high-fats content material of the food plan will enable you to feel full for longer intervals.

Benefits of the Keto Diet

The keto food plan has been proven to have several fitness advantages, consisting of the following:
Weight loss: When you observe a keto food plan, your frame burns fats for gasoline rather than glucose, which lets you shed pounds.
Reduced infection: The keto food plan has been proven to lessen infection withinside the frame, which may assist in enhancing average fitness.
Improved intellectual readability: Many humans record advanced intellectual readability and consciousness while following a keto food plan.
Reduced threat of disease: The keto food plan has been proven to lessen the danger of positive diseases, consisting of coronary heart disease, diabetes, and upbeat styles of cancer.

How to Get Started at the Keto Diet

If you are inquisitive about attempting the keto food plan, there are some stuff you want to recognize to get started. First, you will want to significantly lessen your carb consumption and update it with wholesome fat. This method reduces sugary, bread, pasta, and carb-heavy meals.
Next, you will want to ensure you get sufficient wholesome fat for your food plan. This includes meals like avocado, nuts, seeds, and healthy oils like olive and coconut.
Finally, you will want to ensure sufficient protein for your food plan to increase muscle and repair. Good assets of a protein encompass meat, poultry, fish, and eggs.

Is the Keto Diet Right for You?

While the keto food plan has been proven to have several fitness advantages, it can now no longer be the proper preference for everyone. If you've got positive scientific conditions, inclusive of diabetes or kidney disease, you need to communicate with your physician earlier than beginning the keto food plan. Additionally, the keto food plan may be tough to paste into the long term, so it can no longer be a pleasant alternative for everyone.


The keto food plan is a terrific choice if you seek to shed pounds and enhance your regular fitness. By significantly decreasing your carb consumption and changing it with wholesome fat, you could assist your frame input a kingdom of ketosis and burn fats for gasoline. The keto food plan has been proven to have several fitness advantages: weight reduction, decreased infection, advanced intellectual readability, and reduced threat of disease. However, it can no longer be the proper preference for everyone, so speak with your physician earlier than beginning any new food plan.
Now it's your turn to take a steps for live healthy life and looks confidence.
Must See:5-Second Nepalese Cold Water Method Eats Through 62 LBS of Chunky Fat
Wishing you health and happiness,😍😎🌿
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2023.04.01 21:27 Bulky_Insect648 Another delusional short story. I figure time to use this imagination.

Current state of mind. Anxious, curious and alone with my thoughts.
While sitting at the computer my mind starts to wonder. I am unsure on which journey I will be going on today. My imagination has been running wild. But it continually comes back to one thing. Religion and the ongoing spiritual war between God and the Devil. I look up videos for hours and extract all the “messages and paths” that I am able to. I know this is likely unhealthy and delusional thoughts but I believe what I am experiencing is larger than myself. I am deeply entrenched in the fact that I am being led by God on my destined path. It is truly frightening.
The question I guess my mind keeps replaying is why am I here. Then my mind goes into overdrive assessing all the wild theories. I sit everyday and watch youtube videos and look up conspiracy theories, current events and anything else that will feed my overactive mind. This goes on for years(around 15 -20 easy). Trying to answer a question that seems to have no answer. Then I have a mental breakdown due to stress.
Now things just seem to look different and everything has a significance that I cannot explain. I know what I just experienced according to my therapists were delusions but it was the most real thing I have ever felt. As much as I try not to think about the events that happened during my breakdown it seems as though it is my destiny to do so. To replay them, analyze and try to understand what occurred. To everyone else it looked as though my mind had malfunctioned and shut down. But to me, it was the exact opposite. I felt spiritually awake and things have never made more sense.
I never knew if God truly existed and it ate at me my entire life growing up. I was a very sick child growing up and very religious. I saw poverty all around me and consistently wondered why God would allow this to happen and why won’t he come and help. I would pray every night and ask him to help. I always yearned to understand why things were the way they were and would regularly attempt to communicate with God. I don’t believe I ever got an answer. I tried less and less as the years went by and eventually at the age of 14 I gave up my devotion to God for selfish purposes. I became envious of those with success and was sick of being looked down upon by the successful judgemental people in my community. I turned to weed heavily and began selling to fuel my addiction.
Then I went through a home invasion and got a spinal injury and PTSD. I withdrew from society but would still maintain social ties through weed sales. I quit school due to the PTSD and money from selling weed. I worked hard labor jobs(masony,roofing,factories). Then I went into the service and got kicked out for…you guessed it weed. I was also a loan shark in the Marines but they never caught that lol. I withdrew from my family after I got kicked out due to the shame that came along with my discharge. I had two friends-one my cousin and my parents(my mom and step dad). I would sell weed and job hop to try to increase my bank account. I did pretty well and landed a job for a big pharma company that helped me save up a decent chunk. Then I was offered a management position there. I almost took it but instead gave it to a co-worker that was horribly mean to be. I learned that his wife had cancer and that he was having a horrible time. For some reason I got it into my head that I needed to resign and make sure this man gets this good paying job. I believe this was the first time god was using me to get a desired result on someones life. Long story short I made sure the dude got the job and I left.
Fast Forward to my mental breakdown. During this time I believe I was led by God to the mental hospital to escape a demonic group that was trying to kill me. While at the mental hospital I felt surrounded by this demonic group. I believed they drugged me and planned on sacrificing me initially. Then further into my stay I was able to gather that for some reason I was important to them and that they were afraid of God. I began reading the bible again and putting on the armor of god on a daily basis. I would also pray and use positive music to make the demons cower while I was around. I noticed they would always try to use sound as a weapon. Like have someone just talking nonsense when you were trying to talk or distract you while you were trying to think…etc. I met a couple other residents there that I believed were sent there to help me. The oddest thing of my entire stay was that I felt like I knew everyone.
One morning while waking up the entire room showed a hue of green. A nurse walked in and there was an aura around her that I cannot explain. Nothing you could see, but feel. I asked her if she was God and she said yes. I then asked her if I could walk with her and she allowed me to. We walked up and down the hallways admiring the art on the hallway walls. We came to a picture of a wooded area that contained a dock that led to a lake. For some reason I believe that she wanted me to jump into this lake. I asked her if it was real and she said yes. I asked her if there were other ways and she also said yes. I humbly declined to jump into the lake at the time and told her I wanted to try to save everyone else( I don’t know what I meant by this).
There was an rn there with the name of **** that was the devil. He wore tactical clothing and wore a masonic ring. Through conversation with him when he was attempting to get me at my weakness he revealed himself and his motives. We had a conversation and he was attempting to terrify me that he was going to torture me. I stayed stone faced knowing that I was now walking with god. And was not afraid anymore. This earned his respect and I believe he was at a loss on how to get my soul. I showed him how powerful God could be by destroying his demons that were laid before me. I did this by protecting myself with the armor of god and using prayer and positivity to get rid of the darkness that existed in that place.
After talking with God I went to the devil to tell him about my encounter and my plan. I told him that there was another way that was not written and that God had confirmed things could change. I told him I was not making a deal with him and wanted to be a mediator between him and God so they could potentially reason with each other. My ultimate goal was to save the devils soul. I believe that if I could do this that his minions would follow and that we would change the current paradigm on how things “have to be”. Imagine a world where the Devil understands the errors in his ways and aligns himself once again with God. This would eliminate the evil period. Something that imo needs to be done. We spend our energy fighting with each other and competing with each other on a constant basis. I can’t get it out of my head the possibilities of a perfect world. I know with God this is possible due to all things being possible with God. Revelations is terrifying to me and I think through diplomacy maybe, just maybe that could be avoided. He just laughed, shook his head and then shook my hand. I told him no hard feelings and that my ultimate goal was to erase the evil that plagues this world.
Not like I had the answer though. But with my new found abilities I felt like I was able to communicate with God on a daily basis and follow the path laid out to complete this mission. I got out of the mental hospital and for the first month I would receive heavy messages through youtube videos letting me know I was on the correct spiritual path. The friend I was staying with initially was very helpful. Eventually The messages and disinformation started appearing on my screen again and I instantly knew it was the devil. I would be selective in what I chose to watch and read and never give him the time of day like I did in the past. I believe this angered him and eventually he had no choice but to hit me in an unexpected manner.
Two months into my treatment I was well enough to the point where I no longer needed the medication. I communicated this to my doctors and therapists and refused treatment. I was doing very well and was positive and hopeful on most days. Then my friend who initially was helping me started to turn on me. I would attempt to talk to him but I would only receive negative attitude and demeaning statements from him. I attempted to help him to the best of my ability and made the choice to move out to a more positive environment. I told him this and he personally attacked me a lot. This ended our friendship. I thought to myself how can i not help him? I used the same tactics that I used in the mental hospital but it seemed to have no effect on him at all. Then it hit me, he was possessed by a powerful demon. Which immediately led me to another realization. I am being set up.
I believe my entire life since I have been a child is a facade. The possibilities are endless but the most likely scenario is that I was brought up as part of a cult that I was unaware of my entire life. Like everyone is in on it. It all hit me when I was able to get this from a different post on here. Now my brain sits and attempts to pick apart who am I and why am I here. I believe this is the path that God currently has me on. To figure out the rest of this story.
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2023.04.01 21:26 OkPast4562 [Academic] Recruiting for Childhood Experience and Adult Well-Being study (18+)

Hello! I hope that you are having an amazing day!
I am a researcher at Western Carolina University studying how childhood experiences, including difficult and stressful experiences, relate to adult physical and emotional health. We are looking to survey people with many different backgrounds, beliefs and experiences. If you would like to participate in the survey, please follow the link below for more information and the survey questions. Some of the topics may be uncomfortable for you. Besides the demographic items, you may skip any questions you don’t want to answer. The survey takes about 45-60 minutes. Feel free to share this survey with others if you think they are interested in participating. If you have any questions about this study, please contract Dr. David Solomon at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
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2023.04.01 21:26 lizakent Please Help. Leaky cat eye discharge

My cat has been having leaky eyes for the last few days. It started in only one eye and I thought it was just eye boogers (like the ones humans get) and I ignored it and wiped it away. The second day there was more pus and I started to get concerned. It is greenish and goopy. He is not sneezing or acting very different. I asked my partner and he said the cat has had this happen before (but it did not last very long when it did happen). We don’t have any medical history because he was a street cat. Later in the day, the goop was in 2 eyes. I heard from some friends that it may be cat herpes and there is no use going to the vet because it is incurable. I also heard that it could be a totally different infection. I am debating about taking him to the vet because it is expensive (No insurance) but also worried it may be something serious. Should I take him to the vet? ( I have an appointment set up for monday) or should I wait it out , because it may be a herpes outbreak or allergies which i can’t do anything about.
I also don’t have good pictures that show how much goop there was but here is the best I have
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2023.04.01 21:26 NeighborhoodSalt564 AITA for not letting my dad hold my daughter?

Alright, so I'm young I'm 19M and I have a daughter "Deliah" who's 1 year old. Yes, I had her young, as I and my gf messed up. My gf didn't want to take care of Deliah, which is whatever and I cannot change that. So I'm basically a single dad. I love Deliah, she is my life. She means everything to me, and I'd give a life and take a life for my baby. That's how much I love her. She's my world.
When i informed my mom & dad that i had a daughter and i introduced my baby girl to my parents. , my dad's first move was to run upstairs and barge in my room grab all my stuff and go to the door and throw it out on the ground, he then pointed outside and yelled, and snapped his finger "GET OUT RIGHT NOW!" my mom was crying telling my dad "no let him stay let him stay, we finally have some good news, etc" and my mom was happy about my daughter as the last few years in our family, was not good. So announcing a new family member on the way brought a smile to my mom.
My dad put all my belongings outside, while I held Deliah on my shoulder. I grabbed my stuff and left. I then walked to my local motel holding Deliah and we stayed there for a few days, till i figured out what i need to do and everything. It was rough. I didn't have enough money, and I had a daughter but I knew that i have to give my baby girl a good life regardless. I called my best friend "Deandre" who then gave my number to "John" and a lady named "Janice" who runs a daycare at her house which was super cheap so i could drop deliah off before work
John owns a small warehouse. He offered me a job for $14/hr and he hooked me up with one of his connections to offer me a small studio apartment for cheap. So the baby was taken care of at daycare, and i got a job. I worked daily, and using the money i had after taking care of Deliah, the bills, etc. I started saving it up and whatever i saved i started a business. I started an e-commerce arbitrage-based business which took a lot of work and months. A lot of time, and money was lost but i eventually succeeded and my life changed completely. Moved into a new apartment, bought a car, got the best for my baby, and changed my lifestyle. Now i'm living good, i get to work from home. Take care of my daughter and life is amazing.
I recently invited mom to my new home to see her granddaughter, and she was excited and came over instantly i open the door and it's my dad with mom. I ignore dad, and let my mom meet deliah and hold her. dad wanted to hold her and i said no. Don't touch my daughter. AITA?
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2023.04.01 21:26 Worth-Tutor-2994 i need advice

i was doing great finally, i was hanging out with friends and laughing and didn’t want to die anymore, but then the school activity that kept me out of the house and gave me a reason to live ended, and my formerly-abusive dad moved back into our house and i just feel like i’ve hit a dropoff. i feel trapped in my room, i still haven’t even seen my dad yet because i’ve been completely avoiding him. i’m scared to go upstairs because i don’t want to see him. all i do is lay in bed on my phone (when i’m not at school). my mom got me food to keep downstairs so that i wouldn’t have to go upstairs and see him but i’ve still barely eaten because nothing sounds good and it takes so much effort to get out of bed to use the microwave. i also have nothing to look forward to anymore because i’m graduating with no plans for the future. it hasn’t even been a week of this but i hate it and i want it to go back to how it was before. i spent all waking hours on my phone yesterday and today which i feel terrible about but i don’t know what else to do. i want to go out and do something but i’m glued to my bed and phone. i feel like i’m wasting my life away and i need advice on how to get out of this before it gets worse because i feel lost
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2023.04.01 21:26 makedonska_kubasa Fear and hunger dungeon penis enlargment.

how long would i have to stay inside the dungeons of fear and hunger to increase my penis/stinger length and girth? from something like 5 inches to 7 for example. How much time does it take to grow 1 inch. Does the body change while your sleeping inside there, does light prevent the darkness from changing you or does it have to do with sanity. Could you just camp on the roof of the dungeon on the surface and passively increase penis diameters. It seems the deeper you are inside the dungeon the more likely you are to receive scrotum mutations. Is it possible i could end up increasing only in girth and not length? or get some other kind of unwanted penis result. Hypothetically, if you stole 1 genital from the human hydra, then went to a ritual circle and performed a Sylvian ritual with it, would it get absorbed into my penis, thus increasing my overall shaft, scrotum and head size? Im a novice to the dark arts so sorry if this is an obvious question explained in the darkness master Enkis guides.
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2023.04.01 21:26 34zpothke Tramadol Homebrew

i have like 1000mg of Tramadol pills (10 pills per pill has 200mg) how can i make homebrew with it? can i do it like with the codeine pills or is there something another stuff to do? And i don't want to take the pills because everytime i take tramadol i Just puke and can't enjoy my high
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2023.04.01 21:26 lBrownbeard Something important to anyone new

The fear that Bitcoin will eventually become almost impossible to get. I remember the golden days mining casually some bitcoin and being able to use it. That already starts to fade away it’s almost impossible to compete nowadays with the huge miners out there.
Now think of an unlikely scenario of a hyper inflation. Who will sell their bitcoin if everyone only wants to use it? And nobody wants to sell for a high inflating currency?
This is a constant fear I’m living in for almost a decade now since my first Bitcoin. I’m scared of selling. I’m scared that I wake up one day and it will be impossible to get Bitcoins because the demand sky rocketed overnight.
Once you have a larger amount of fiat you realize how easy it is to make fiat with fiat but how hard it is to make bitcoin with bitcoin. The difference between soft & hard money.
We are still very early. I don’t know how long it takes it might be decades but you have already seen what a little hype can do to BTC value in USD in 2020-2021. Inflation doesn’t go away. Things don’t get cheaper - only more expensive. That’s how fiat works.
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2023.04.01 21:26 The_Octopode Some thoughts after playing half a dozen p20 games with foxes.

Hey, I've been slamming some p20 games since foxes came out in experimental branch, and I wanted to get all my initial thoughts in one place:
The early game is much easier for a few reasons, especially if you have foxes:
Tea Doctor:
Some random thoughts/opinions:
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2023.04.01 21:25 HolyFckingSht Mirena or Nexplanon?

Hi, I’m currently on DEPO but I’m looking for something more permanent, my doc recommended an IUD.
I tried getting the Mirena inserted and the pain was absolutely horrendous (I’d rather break bones) so the OBGYN is trying to schedule an insertion under general anaesthesia, this might take a while though.
I did just discover that PP offers Nexplanon in Ontario, Canada and I’m wondering how that is.
DEPO has been really good to me, I’ve basically not had my period in about 2 years, there was only some light “shedding” a couple of times.
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2023.04.01 21:25 AquariusAmani Hello 👋🏽, I’m looking for help on building a website with a user credit system

Hola mi amigo
I’m looking to create a website that will implement a credit/coin system for users.
Users can then use these credits to do different things and take actions around the site.
I have experience in web design with Wordpress, Webflow, Wix, Weebly, and Shopify.
However, I’ve only done simple small business sites with information or e-commerce sites selling products. Never something like this.
Does anyone have any recommendations on how I would be able to build a website like this? What do you think would be the best website builder?
Thank you and stay lit 🔥
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2023.04.01 21:25 Europeangirl101 Don't know if I should ask my parents to stay

TRIGGER WARNING: depression!
I am so heartbroken right now.
My parents came to the country where I live in the hopes my dad would find a job (mom is a SAHW). He hasn't found anything yet and their deadline is until this Monday. There's almost zero hope.
They still asked me if I wanted them to stay so mom could help me with the kids (2 years old and 7 months old).
I want so badly to ask them to stay but I'm very afraid:
  1. The last time my Mom stayed with us after I gave birth we had a huge fight. I'm angry a lot of the time and she's an explosive person too, so we will end up fighting again at some point.
  2. Even if they stayed, they would not live that close to us... About 50 minutes drive (that's the only place my father could get a job).
  3. My husband is not at all happy about them staying and I am so heartbroken that I'm disappointing him once again. I promised I would choose him and here I am again failing again.
The reason I want them to stay so badly is because I'm going through a horrible time. I'm really depressed, to the point that I don't do anything all day except being on my phone and crying. I'm failing to take proper care of my children, I feed them and change their diapers but that's all... I don't even cook, what's in the fridge goes for me and the toddler and formula for the baby. Gosh, I hate myself for not taking proper care of them, but I just can't!
There are better days, but most of the time I.just.can't.move!
My husband doesn't really realize how bad this is and he downplays it saying that it's normal to be sad and overwhelmed with two kids this young, but I'm drowning here!
I'm determined to seek help as soon as next week, but if my parents don't stay, going to the appointments will be 100 times harder.
At the same time, my parents don't believe in depression and explaining to them why I want them to stay is as excruciating as getting up from bed and cooking.
Additionally, I want so bad to be able to take care of them by myself and I hope that once left alone with them, I'll step up a little bit. But my biggest fear is that the exact opposite will happen and I'll stop doing even the bare minimum and I will harm my children.
I'm going crazy, I need help and I have no idea how to ask for it from someone who thinks I am making it way worse than it is and I should just "stop being sad".
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2023.04.01 21:25 tuesdaynot reddit journal vibe

My friend died almost 2 months ago. He was the sun in all of our worlds. Now it makes no sense when I wake up each day and the sun still shines when he’s no longer here. It hurts so deep that I’ve naturally bounced higher. I laugh too much, say inappropriate things, and have unnecessary energy. I’m lost on how to live in a world that is no longer as good now that he’s gone. I guess I stay high to honor who he was, or because I can’t afford to go too low. Maybe both. I work with kids. He was 23. When the kids are joyful it sometimes hurts me. Maybe thats fucked up. I think it is. I think of how much time he had ahead. How new he still was to life. While he was an adult, he was a kid. I watch them laugh and live on each day and I internally mourn. How can someone so young be gone? How can someone who LOVED being alive not be anymore? I miss him, and it’s hard to validate that because others miss him more. I wasn’t his wife, sister, or mother. But we were friends and he was my brother. Leaving room for your own grieving when those around you are grieving bigger feels wrong. idk… taking to the void i guess.
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2023.04.01 21:25 Ray_y_y Where do y’all get your snakes?

Hey! I’m trying to get a bp sometime in the next two years or so, and I’m not sure where to buy one from. I was thinking about rescuing, but I’m not sure that’s the best choice since it’ll be my first bp and I don’t know if i’ll be able to take care of one that was previously malnourished, neglected, wtv. I’ve also considered buying from my local reptile expo so i’ll be able to get a feel for how the snake interacts with people, yk? But would buying from a breeder online be better? If so, should I buy from someone on MorphMarket or somewhere else??
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2023.04.01 21:25 Tall_Citron_4535 Coming out advice... work specific

Gonna be a long one folks!
Some background: I'm a 31 y.o. transgender female, who is out "publicly" on fb which I never use, and some friends and my parents. I'm masculine presenting for safety and comfort reasons, but I hate it. I have long hair which I take good care of, and just started a skin care routine. I mention this because being part time out is killing me and I'm trying to do things to get myself ready to come out full time, full female presentation.
I have been with an amazing company for a little over a year now, and have become so much more comfortable and relaxed that the pain from the repression has been coming on stronger and stronger. I know I need to be true to myself, but I'm not sure how it will go over. I live in California, but I'm in Sacramento. To its credit there's the Lavender district, and I work with plenty of openly gay people. I believe, but am not sure, that one or two of my coworkers could possibly be trans, NB, or something along those lines. In orientation, and in a recent meeting on harassment, transgender identity and expression were both mentioned as protected statuses, and I know that I have legal protection out the wazoo, but it's about things happening behind closed doors that I'm afraid of.
For the first time in my life I feel like I have something to actually lose and risk, and I've found myself considering the possibility of losing it for the sake of being as close to happy as I can ever be. This company is HUGE and there are positions open to employees all over the place. Currently I'm taking my vacation to check out Oregon to see if I like it there, because my idea is to be introduced as my full self, rather than feel like everyone that already knows me has to transition with me. Not on HRT yet, and I don't even go out as myself anymore because doing it part time has really been tough emotionally.
I've decided that I would like to give 2 years at my current location as a way of showing gratitude for the amazing opportunities and training I've been given. In that time I want to start doing my "feminizing" routines again in terms of physical health, voice training, appearance, etc. After 2 years my idea is to call new locations for postings and when they ask "do you have any questions for us?" gently ask something to the effect of how trans friendly is this location, and would it be an issue to be full time out from the moment I start there, if offered the position.
I guess my question is am I overthinking this, because I pretty much have my mind made up, or am I right to he nervous? In discrimination cases, I assume, there needs to be direct evidence of discrimination and, again, I fear what people with power can do that isn't blatant and out in the open. Has anyone else had experience like this?
The Chloe Connection did a video on this and in her case it was mostly perfect. I guess I'd just like some feedback from the community.
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2023.04.01 21:25 OlliverClozzoff MacBook Pro 13" (Early 2015) & iPad 6th Gen ($400 for all)

Macbook Info 12.6.3 Monterey Early 2015 with 13” screen 120GB SSD 2.7GHz Dual Core i5 8GB DDR3 RAM Intel Iris Graphics 6100 1536 MB Has a small dent on the cover of the laptop that does not affect performance at all, merely cosmetic. It is in pretty good shape apart from that (see pics in the CL Post). It has been reset and all ready for a new owner. Comes with original charger, box, and Apple store bag.
iPad Info 6th Gen running iOS 16.3.1 in Like New condition I’ve always used Wi-Fi but it has cellular capability too. It is unlocked for any carrier. Comes with two cases: one case is the foldable type cover and has a spot for the apple pencil. The other case is a Bluetooth, backlit keyboard. Also comes with the apple pencil in its original packaging with spare tip and something else that I’m not sure what it is (look at the photo). Also has a long lightning cable and charging block for charging, but not the original. Also includes charging block and short micro-usb cable for charging the keyboard case. Has been reset as well and ready for new owner.
I'm selling all of it because I really just don’t use them anymore and they could be better used by someone else instead of just sitting there taking up space.
Here is the Craigslist Post for pictures of the laptop and iPad.
Asking $400 for everything. I would really like to sell them both together.
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2023.04.01 21:25 UndiscoveredToy Grand Theft Auto Pinel Pinel Paris Briefcase

(I am reposting this from the other lost media subreddit to get as much knowledge as possible)
My boyfriend and I stumbled upon this briefcase at a pawn shop back in February of 2018, and other than the worker showing us it on the company's website we don't know anything about it. It's no longer on the company's website, but thankfully we did get a screenshot of it at the time. I don't have a full description of the the item, but I've zoomed in on the part you can see. Thankfully it captured the important part of the description that says "Series limited to 3 models". My boyfriend and I have debated in whether this means there's only 3 in existence or if there are 3 versions of this somewhere in the world.
Our case is unfortunately pretty beat up and doesn't come with any of the included contents; just the case itself. We can see from the picture in the website it was supposed to come with a baseball bat, a $ necklace, and some poker chips. We've gone back in the Way Machine to try to get the description but have had no luck.
We're very excited about our case, it being 1 of our most prized things in our collection, and we would love to know more about it. If anyone has any more information or ideas we would greatly appreciate it.
Thank you!
Ps I'm brand new to reddit and I can't seem to post pictures in this subreddit, so if anyone can tell me how I can post the pictures, I would happily do so.
Edit: I also forgot to mention that somehow we came to the conclusion that this was made around GTA 3 or San Andreas.
I have a link that should hopefully include the pictures of the case and the website.
Brief Case
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2023.04.01 21:25 AutoModerator [Get] Cole Gordon – 30 Day Closer

[Get] Cole Gordon – 30 Day Closer
Download course here:
[Get] Cole Gordon – 30 Day Closer

What You Get:

Start Here: Intro & Onboarding

🧠 Phase 1 – Onboarding & Orientation
🧠 Phase 2 – Certification
🧠 Phase 3 – Sourcing Contracts
🧠 Phase 4 – Ramp
🧠 What is Remote Closing
🧠 Tax Strategy For Closers

Sales 1o1 Crash Course

👉 Intro
👉 Sales First Principles
👉 The Belief Ladder
👉 Setter Crash Course
👉 Call Review Breakdown (Setter)
👉 Closer Crash Course
👉 Call Review Breakdown #1

Sourcing a Gig

📖 Landing a Setter / Closer Contract – Intro
📖 Where to Source contracts
📖 Landing a Gig on LinkedIn
📖 Filter Good Gigs From The Bad
📖 Shooting a Good 1 Minute Video
📖 Creating Standout Applications
📖 Nailing The Screening Interview
📖 Screening Interview Breakdown
📖 Mock Call Intro
📖 How to Conduct Mock Calls
📖 Mock Call Breakdown

The Ramp Up

🤩 Overview of SOPs Pt. 1
🤩 Sales Success Tips & Common Pitfalls
🤩 Salesperson SOP Overview
🤩 30 Day Ramp Up (In Depth)
🤩 Beginning of Day Process Pt 1
🤩 Beginning of Day Process Pt 2
🤩 Beginning of Day Process Pt 3
🤩 Middle of Day Process
🤩 End of Day process

Sales Philosophy & Inner Game

🚀 Overview of Sales Philosophy and Inner Game
🚀 Sales First Principles
🚀 The Belief Ladder
🚀 The Inner Game of Sales
🚀 Subcommunication & Tonality
🚀 Keys to Consistent High-Performance

Setter Training

💰 Overview of Setter Training
💰 Prospecting 1o1
💰 Curated Opportunity Streams
💰 3 Types of Messenger Scripts
💰 Indirect Script
💰 Indirect Script Adjustments
💰 Direct Messenger Script
💰 Cold Messaging Script
💰 How to Create a “2-Step” Post
💰 Outbound Calls – Intro
💰 Outbound Calls – Script
💰 Triage Call – Script
💰 Example Call: Outbound & Triage
💰 Example Call: Triage Only

Closer Training Part 1: Intro & Discovery

📈 Overview of Closer Training Pt 1
📈 Sales Process Overview
📈 Adjustments For 2-Call Closes
📈 Sales Best Practices
📈 Call Introduction
📈 Two Syntaxes Explained
📈 Discovery Syntax #1: Problem-First Syntax
📈 Discovery Syntax #2: Goals First Syntax
📈 Want to Become a Master At Asking Skilled Questions? Watch This
📈 How to Take Notes On Your Sales Calls
📈 Transitioning to the Pitch
📈 Transitioning to the Pitch (Alternative Method)
📈 Example Call: Goals First Syntax – Biz Opp Offer
📈 Example Call: Problems First Syntax – Business Offer

Closer Training Part 2: Pitching & Closing

📈 Overview of Closer Training Pt 2
📈 Pitch Codex – Intro
📈 How to Pitch
📈 Creating Your Pitch (w/ Example)
📈 Committing Phase

Objection Handling

🚀 Overview of Objection Handling
🚀 Objections 1o1
🚀 Pacing The First Objection
🚀 Financial Objections
🚀 PartneSpouse Objection
🚀 Uncertainty-Based Objections & Reframing Patterns
🚀 Closing Patterns & Risk Mitigators (Looping)
🚀 Deposit Closing
🚀 Setting Follow Up Calls
🚀 Pre-Close Reframes

Follow Up & Pipeline

🚀 Follow Up & Pipeline – Intro
🚀 Pipeline Set Up
🚀 The “Re-Offer”
🚀 Leadership Based Follow Up & Conversion Strategies

Asking Skilled Questions – Advanced

💰 Overview of Advanced Closer Training
💰 Getting Clear On The Pain
💰 Background Questions
💰 Doubt Questions
💰 Finances & Resources Questions
💰 Solution Questions
💰 Consequence & Cost Questions
💰 Vision & Desire Questions
💰 Prospect Giving You Super Low Goals? Watch This
💰 Support Questions (Partner & Spouse)
💰 Trust & Transitioning Out

Bonus Training

👉 Cole Breaking Down His Own Call #1
👉 Cole Breaking Down His Own Call #2
👉 Cole Breaking Down His Own Call #3
👉 Consulting Offer Breakdown
👉 Fitness Offer Breakdown
👉 Pre-Pitch Method
👉 Upgrade Calls & Back-End Offer
👉 Assessment Form Training
👉 Selling w/ Case Studies

+ Bonus
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