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Day 2

2023.03.24 08:22 Adventurous_Bat6733 Day 2

I’ve been with him for nearly 3 years. Tomorrow is day 2. No contact. My drug is him. He’s my heroine. My drug of choice. The one I can’t let go without the feeling of a ball of cement trying to crush me from the inside out.
His mother and I cry. I have to calm her down. He’s at the bar singing Karaoke. He could give two fucks .
He loses his place to live soon. See he had gone to rehab. It was appointed by the courts. ( I should have taken note ) and he was sober for 6 months. Relapsed. Cheated on me. Went to detox went back to rehab. Stayed clean and sober . Got out 5 months later. I let him live in my parents house . 3 bedroom in California for free for a year. He gets a job with the union he’s doing amazing. 5 months later back to the Meth mistress. The one he can’t give up. Loses his job, gets another, loses that. Cheats on me more in the house I provide to him for free. He’s now been with like 5 women since we were exclusive and I just keep forgiving him. I eventually cheat back and throw it in his face in hopes he’d stop. He didn’t . The last straw was he thought it would be a great idea to do speed with my brother who relapsed. And let’s not forget he owes 1.75 months rent of $1800. He barely paid from the lease made after a year. A lease that charge more the less than half the rent if a normal three bedroom. Kept bringing bitches there and fucking them. Doing dope with them. Collecting shit in the house. Not working and getting your hair braided and buying clothes and karaoke shit and going to the bar. What do I do? Well after not paying rent and the fiasco with my brother he wakes up after relapsing and is like this mother fucker is behind in rent, doing dope in my moms house , having tweekers come through beee. Not working and my brother has someone who will pay full rent and on time and take care of the place. So dude has to go. I’ve been telling him he has to get clean. I can’t do it anymore. Active rehab / program / therapy equals working towards a relationship. He bails. He’s going to be homeless with a dog no job. No me. Losing his license. It’s not my problem. I’m heartbroken and crazy for being heart broken. I have my shit together and a 12 year old daughter I won’t let him near. I have so much to lose and I love an addict. I’m broken … he’s my drug and it hurts and I still see him with other women and it hurts . And he’s not even good looking really. I mean he can be but he makes himself look like a limped out tweaker willie Nelson. Thinking he can sing karaoke when really he sounds like shit most the time. And I love him. I love his heart and his fearlessness and he’s not worth it. And I have self worth issues apparently. And this sucks . I’m too old for this nonsense . And if you saw the things he wrote to me. The awful things. And now now that the house is gone…. Or will be. He’s out. I’m nothing anymore. And it’s kind of a hard pill to swallow. Realizing he didn’t love me. He’s incapable of love. But it was even worse than I thought. I really was nothing to him.
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2023.03.24 08:21 SunOk2674 Looking for a friend!

I came across this sub today, and decided it’s worth a try! Back in Minecraft hunger game days, I met a friend who was nearly the same age as me (young) and his gamertag included “EvilestHydra” (not sure if there were numbers) but we became pretty good friends for being little kids on the Xbox. My GT was Panicknifer22. Hope I can find you man!
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2023.03.24 08:21 LemmeSmash_Please Judge: Evidence supports guilty verdict in Vinton child's drug overdose death
A Vinton woman’s account of her toddler’s death just did not agree with the medical examiner’s findings.
That was the central conflict hammered out again and again Wednesday in Roanoke County Circuit Court. After five hours, the trial of Christiana Leigh Justice ended with a judge’s finding that the evidence supported guilty verdicts on charges of child neglect and felony murder.
Justice, 36, was accused of killing her 15-month-old son Jireh on October 21, 2021 by giving him methadone, a drug that Justice’s attorney, Suzanne Moushegian of Salem, said had been prescribed to Justice for years. Methadone often is used to treat opiate addiction.
Judge James Swanson said that while he was finding that the evidence supported Justice’s guilt, he would delay formally issuing a verdict. He scheduled a sentencing hearing for July 25 and ordered that a pre-sentence report be prepared.
Justice’s trial was a bench trial, with guilt or innocence decided by a judge rather than a jury. The case against her was largely circumstantial but included detailed statements that Justice gave to police, first on the morning her son died, then in a recorded interview two months later.
Justice did not herself testify Wednesday — and the defense put on no evidence — but her words to police became a main focus of the trial.
Roanoke County Commonwealth’s Attorney Brian Holohan called Vinton police officers who testified about being called to Justice’s apartment with emergency medical workers, and about the struggle to revive Jireh. By that point, though, the baby was limp and his face was a blue-gray color, Officer Jeremy Shrewsbury said. Jireh was rushed to Carilion Roanoke Memorial Hospital, but was declared dead there.
Lt. Scott Hurt recounted the story that Justice told officers that morning: that the night before, Jireh and his twin brother were congested and running low fevers; that she gave them a painkiller, either Tylenol or Motrin; and that she also gave Jireh, but not his brother, an antibiotic called Fluconazole that was left over from a prior illness.
Hurt testified that Justice told him the boys were put to bed in side-by-side cribs at about 6:45 p.m. and that she slept in another room until Jireh’s crying woke her up at 4:45 a.m. Justice said that she went and calmed him with a bottle of juice, then returned to bed — but Jireh began crying again and continued until about 5:45 a.m., Hurt testified.
Hurt and Vinton detective Sgt. Valerie Cummings, now retired, testified that Justice said she got up at 6 a.m. for work and that when she went to check on the boys at about 6:15 a.m., Jireh was unresponsive and cold to the touch. Justice said she put him on a bed near the cribs and tried to give him CPR, the officers testified.
Holohan played a recording of Justice’s 911 call, in which she repeatedly asked medics to hurry, saying, “My baby’s dying, he’s dead.”
Mark Bennett, a forensic scientist with the state crime lab, testified that investigators sent him the Fluconazole bottle. It held only a pink residue, which proved to contain 10 times as much methadone as it did Fluconazole, Bennett said. More pink residue on the tip of an oral syringe, which Justice told officers she used to administer the antibiotic, also contained methadone, Bennett said.
The inconsistency at the center of the case was highlighted by the testimony of Dr. Amy Tharp of the state medical examiner’s office.
Tharp said that her autopsy found that Jireh was killed by a lethal dose of methadone — and that his death occurred hours earlier than Justice said.
The boy’s body temperature when he reached the emergency room was too low for him to have died not long before that, Tharp said. Also, the contents of his stomach were too intact for death to have occurred in the morning, Tharp said.
Death probably was “closer to dinner than to when he was found,” Tharp said.
Holohan highlighted the discrepancy between Tharp’s findings and the accounts Justice gave to police. Jireh could not have been crying at 4:45 a.m. and 5:45 a.m. — because if he still was alive, his body would have been warmer and his supper would have been digested, Holohan said.
And if Justice was not telling the truth about the timing of the boy’s death, could her denials that she knew about the methadone in the antibiotic bottle be believed, the prosecutor asked.
Holohan said that perhaps Justice gave methadone to her son because she thought it would make him sleep, but gave him so much that it stopped his breathing. Or since the clinic where she obtained her methadone each day limited what she could get, perhaps she had hidden some in the medication bottle, then forgot about it, he said.
Holohan emphasized that he was not accusing Justice of planning her son’s death, but of an “accidental or inadvertent poisoning.”
Moushegian protested that Holohan’s theories were only speculation and said there was no evidence of willfulness, which was needed to support the charges. Holohan countered that in exposing her son to methadone, Justice was showing a willful disregard for his safety.
Justice was charged with felony murder, meaning a killing that occurred during the commission of another felony, which in this case would be child neglect.
“Why couldn’t this somehow be an accident?” Moushegian asked.
The judge scoffed. “How could this be an accident?” Swanson asked. “You’re discouraging speculation but now you’re inviting me to do the same thing.”
In her recorded questioning by police, which was played in court, Justice told Cummings that the father of her children must have put methadone in the bottle to frame her.
Holohan noted that the father, who had his own legal problems, was jailed a week before Jireh’s death. To accuse him of planting the methadone before then in a bid to injure Justice by harming his children, was “fanciful,” Holohan said.
Holohan noted that Justice wasn’t able to tell Cummings when or where she got the antibiotic or which boy it had been meant for, but that she knew it was in her refrigerator.
“She’s giving her child a medication that she has very little knowledge of where it came from. That’s according to her,” Holohan said.
Swanson said that he was finding that Justice put her son in danger.
“She should have known that what she administered contained methadone,” Swanson said.
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2023.03.24 08:21 PleaseWork-Throwaway Gigabit Ethernet Download Speeds Worked (for a few minutes) When New Modem Was Installed - Now, Ethernet Speeds Have Been Half As Fast.

I've finally reached my last resort which is begging for help from you lovely beautiful people here at HomeNetworking
I will say that I am not the most tech savvy nor do I know the most about networking, yet I can say that I've spent the past 4 days of my life losing my mind trying to solve this silly issue and attempting to learn and read as much as I physically can.
I'm going to attempt to format this as cleanly as I can along with all the equipment I use and every single thing I've already tried.
Here goes everything:



My ISP (Xfinity) recently upgraded my plan to Gigabit Internet with expected download speeds of ~1,000Mbps and upload speeds of ~20Mbps. Because of this I had to upgrade my modem from an older DOCSIS 3.0 Netgear modem which could not handle these speeds. I replaced it with a Netgear DOCSIS 3.1 CM2000 Modem that can handle these speeds from my ISP.


(My problem only has to do with ETHERNET DOWNLOAD SPEEDS as my upload speeds are maxing out. WiFi speeds are not as much of a concern to me given their limitations and the fact that they have consistently been in the 250-350Mbps range.)
The installation went smooth at first!
Right from the start, upon connecting my modem to my router (Netgear R6400 - AC1750) and then my router to my Laptop via Ethernet, I was reaching download speeds between 800-900Mbps.
This wouldn't last long... After an hour I ran another set of speed tests with my laptop connected to my router via Ethernet (the same setup as earlier) and my average download speeds were down to ~300-400Mbps.
My WiFi download speeds on the other hand were fast and consistent too. This was for all devices as my average WiFi download speeds were, and still are, 250-300Mbps in areas near the router and slower in other areas including dead zones which is expected and a non-issue for me.
When I connect my Laptop directly to my Modem, however, I get max speeds averaging around 900-940Mbps.
This is where my troubleshooting journey began...



So far, this is everything I have tried... There may be a few other things that went over my head, yet I will probably remember them if one of you end up mentioning it.
In the meantime, there are a few other things that I am currently going to test in order to try and solve this issue:
I'm not sure what else to do from this point onwards, honestly. I'm exhausted from thinking of this problem and I barely have any experience with networking which is why I'd love to learn from others with more experience! Let me know if there's any other information that may help out too.

Thank you so much, if you made it this far, and I will keep this thread updated in case anybody else may be having this issue in the future~
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2023.03.24 08:20 Oprost I’m Feeling Pretty Hurt by Some of the Posters in This Sub

It took A LOT of courage for me to even start posting here. Maybe it sounds delusional but even as I write this and all my other posts I have a constant underlying fear that my ex might somehow stumble on my posts somehow and figure out who I am and try to ruin my life.
I'm not going to go into the specifics of my relationship they're in my post history if you want but I left an abusive relationship that lasted about 4 years. The abuse was predominantly verbal & emotional but eventually, it did become physical as well. She was my first real love so I kept telling myself if I just kept loving her it had to get better, I didn't want to lose her. It only got worse as time went on. Eventually, I realized that it wasn't ever going to get better.
By the time I left my mental health was nonexistent. I was in a near-constant state of panic. For the last few months, I spent most of my time confined to the spare bedroom to avoid her as best as I could. I ate only once a day and tried to use the bathroom as little as possible in an attempt to not make my ex even angrier at me because even seeing me would be enough at that point. My heart rate was having issues, it would skip beats, or I had the most intense and terrifying palpitations I've ever had to where I felt like it was trying to jump out of my body. I started to struggle with a lot of other issues that I know now were due to the relationship. My skin was peeling seemingly overnight no matter how much lotion I used. I was so scared of her making my life even worse that I waited until a day she was gone for most of it to move out & even then I left her most of my belongings in hopes that it would be enough to have her not care about the few things I did take.
I've tried to share my story here & also provide encouragement and help to others with their own breakups. Posting here has made me more hopeful than I ever have been previosuly, and having others thank me for my advice has made me feel good too. But the select few that have nothing better to do than make mean comments have really hurt my feelings. Being accused of being the problem or reading things like "it's no wonder she left you" even though that isn't the case makes me wonder why some people are posting here in the first place.
Idk, it just sucks when you're in a community that's supposed to support people and you get an ignorant few. For a long time, I wasn't sure I wanted to be alive anymore after all of the stuff I dealt with. I did truly think I was the problem for so long until I learned about narcissism recently and realized I had dated one. Throughout the relationship, I constantly apologized because I believed her manipulation. It was my fault every time. Even when she did finally decide she could get away with hitting me I apologized because it was my fault. So to finally start to climb out of the haze I was in has taken a lot. As a guy a lot of society very much views talking about you being in an abusive relationship as taboo. "You're stronger than her you can't get abused by a woman" is still something a lot of people thoroughly believe. Especially in the very conservative area I live in. As a result, this has been the only place I've shared this with. Everyone else in my life has been given a simple 'she wasn't nice and I wasn't happy with the way she treated me' and no one will probably ever actually know anything I dealt with.
So go ahead, accuse me of being the problem if that's what you need to make yourself feel better. Accuse me of being the red flag. Accuse my feelings of not being right despite not knowing anything about my experiences. Victim blame if that's what gets you off. I've gotten through worse so it doesn't matter to me at this point.
But just maybe consider the next person you do it to might struggle even more with your premature judgment and short-sighted comments. Maybe they don't deal with your bullshit ignorant remarks as easily as I will. Just something to keep in mind. Luckily this has been a small minority but even still I think this shit is disgusting.
Just needed to get this off my chest after noticing a few idiotic comments today. If it goes against the rules to post it delete it
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2023.03.24 08:16 cartocloud [TOMT] Video sketch about “going green” on a (defunct) TV channel

When I was in middle/high school (sometime from 2010 — 2013) an English teacher showed my class a clip from a comedy parody about a guy going green that’s always stuck with me.
The video, to the best of my recollection, starts with a dude running into an old friend/acquaintance at a supermarket. His friend has dyed himself a minty green color. As they talk, the friend starts talking about all the difference he’s going to make with this new change. The first guy is quickly unimpressed and starts to lecture to his friend about how going green means more than literally “going green” which causes the friend to drive away angrily.
I’ve searched high and wide for this video. Near as I can tell, the publisher closed up shop and took down everything with it. If it’s on YouTube, it either exists in a partial format or as a private video.
Things I’m less sure about include the sketch being apart of a larger episode with other sketches, the friend’s name being Terry, Terry driving a hummer, and the hummer containing a polar bear.
Idk if that’s too much detail to work with, but I wish you luck. I’d love to get my hands on the full sketch, if possible!
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2023.03.24 08:13 lemonhyacinth Daily Song Discussion #1: Beautiful Head

These have been pretty fun to discuss in some other subreddits I'm in, and I think we could have the same sort of fun here!
This is the first track from the National's eponymous debut album. How would you rate it out of 10 (decimals allowed)? How do you feel about this song? Do you prefer the original or the remaster? What are some of your favorite lyrics? Do you have any memories/stories about this song?
YouTube Spotify
The National Song Ranking:
  1. Beautiful Head:
  2. Cold Girl Fever:
  3. The Perfect Song:
  4. American Mary:
  5. Son:
  6. Pay for Me:
  7. Bitters and Absolut:
  8. John's Star:
  9. Watching You Well:
  10. Theory of the Crows:
  11. 29 Years:
  12. Anna Freud:
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2023.03.24 08:12 Eager_Question Love Languages (2)

Memory transcription subject: Larzo, Yotul doctor and geneticist at the Venlil Rehabilitation and Reintegration Facility.
Date [standardized human time]: December 1, 2136
My father died of despair when I was ten years old, and my mother could tell by the time I was twelve that I would follow in his footsteps.
I too was a thinker. I loved to take machines apart and put them together again. My most beloved area of knowledge was that of living things, and I read book after book on the vast beautiful worlds beyond ours, and the creatures they held. None could compare to my home in their scope and their variety. Not until I learned of Earth. Our land was special, even as the cruel Federation sought to ravage it. Life was the greatest mystery to me, the most fascinating of puzzles.
I had his joy for the world. The joy that led him to the stars.
My mother saw this, and made me swear that I would not let the Federation take me away. That I would not go to an alien university, and learn alien science, only to be drugged and sent to a re-education camp like my father. That I would not allow despair to take me.
"Swear to me you will not lose yourself, my child. Swear to me that you will not listen to their lies," she demanded, gripping me by the shoulders.
"I swear, mama."
When I was older, I picked one of the more rural universities, with less Federation influence. I became a naturalist and a physician, with an interest in genetics research.
My small-town university did not have the tools for genetic sequencing, but we did have the information on how genes worked. So a lot of my work was theoretical. My professor and I both knew that my thesis (about the potential for viruses to be used as vectors for medicine) was probably old news in the Federation. She didn't care. I had arrived at it largely independently, and produced a comprehensive model of how such a system might work, without a single alien instructor.
My mother was proud. My supervisor was proud. I, however, felt hollow. Was that all I could achieve? All I could dream of? To replicate from first principles the ancient knowledge of the Federation?
Still, I kept my oath, and began working at a laboratory when the news came. New aliens! Ones that wouldn't think we were primitive! Ones everyone else found frightful for some reason!
Aliens that were not part of the Federation.
My mother's hensa had kits the same week. She gave me one of them, as a reminder I think. I could not possibly keep a hensa in a Federation laboratory or space station. And I could never abandon a little hensa. She loved me from the moment her eyes laid upon mine.
But the humans were another matter. A hensa would be no trouble for a human space station, would it?
I watched the proceedings obsessively, viewed and reviewed Ambassador Noah's address to the Federation. He had no idea of what cruelty they were capable of, even as he faced it head-on. "Friendship". Laughable. I wanted to shout at him, "run! Run and block all contact from those cruel beasts! Lying, prejudiced monsters will do nothing for you!"
I was proud that my people were among the few who would seek relations with the humans. It was the perfect option. I could keep my oath to my mother and find a true frontier. I sent a digital letter to one of their coordinators asking if I could engage in training directly on Earth.
Esteemed Dr. Larzo,
We have contacted a few universities, and received unequivocal acceptance of your proposal from multiple professors. You are welcome to board a transport to Earth at your earliest convenience. Attached are the projects you could participate in, along with descriptions of your potential supervisors. For the purposes of Earth credentials, what you seek would be considered a post-doctoral fellowship, the details of which are also attached.
Please respond with your earliest availability for live communication in between the following dates so that we may discuss this at greater length.
It was an ordeal to arrange for the trips (let alone with a "dangerous predator" amidst my luggage!). I made my limited access to communications clear, and we settled on meeting in Venlil Prime for speed, as it was closer than Earth and had a UN embassy.
I eventually called in enough favours to get an uncle's friend's brother's wife's father's private space pilot to take me and my hensa so long as I covered the air tanks and the food. I spent three weeks in space with nothing but research. Antoinette Tremblay was my chosen supervisor, a brilliant researcher at McGill University in a nation state called Canada on Earth. She was beautifully interdisciplinary, and researched the human brain and "gene therapy". Therapy that used viruses as vectors!
I arrived on Venlil Prime to refuel, and only then did I get the news. I learned after landing that the Krakotl had already amassed their fleet. They had already beaten me to Earth. The Arxur had even rushed in, to triumph over them!
McGill University no longer existed.
I immediately contacted the UN. My case was bounced from department to department like they were playing hoopball with my information.
"I'm so sorry, Larzo," said a human who introduced herself as Petra Andropova. She was eventually the sole authority in charge of my case. "Antoinette Tremblay has not been answering any calls. She is probably alive, but may be injured or otherwise indisposed. NYU and the University of Sydney were also bombed."
I could not respond. I merely fell back against my seat and stared into the new abyss that had become my life. All my efforts gone to waste. My sorrow seemed to physically wound the UN representative.
"...There is, however, an opportunity," she said. I could tell by her face that she had not planned to say that.
"There is?"
"Yes. We have been planning a cultural exchange between humans and the Yotul people. Perhaps you could be involved in that?"
I frowned. "But–I do not mean to offend, Petra Andropova. It is only that what I sought was research. I appreciate friendship, but is there no researcher I could work with?"
She frowned and shifted through some files in her computer.
"If you'll stay for a few days–um. Well. A few paws I think it is? I can think of something."
I nodded. "Yes. Yes, of course. Could I have access to more of your human research?"
She moved her head up and down. "I'll get you access to a few genetics textbooks."
I did my best to keep my hensa indoors. She was crafty, and I had to make toys for her myself, as the Venlil did not have pets, but I managed. I stayed in a motel for a few days, and as promised, Petra Andropova made herself known to me through a datapad moving picture meeting.
"Well, I have good news and bad news," she said, "the good news is that we will be contacting a researcher who worked directly under Antoinette Tremblay to work at a new facility that has just begun construction."
"And the bad?"
"Whether you do any cutting-edge research will depend entirely on them."
"...Thank you."
"I'll send you more human research on genetics," she added, "and if you're interested in working with this researcher, we will pay for upskilling in the form of using Venlil genetic sequencing technology over the next couple of weeks."
I accepted the offer, and used the advance to secure an apartment. The Venlil were not Federation anymore. But with their disdain, they might as well be. The two weeks were exhausting, not because of the programs and machines with a hundred different settings and docks and menus, but because they were driving me mad.
"Even the uplift knows how to do this, Kenla!"
"Leave it to the uplift to ask the stupid questions."
"If the computer is too hard, we could probably make you an abacus!"
In the second week of training, I found myself at a pro-human bar, surrounded by bizarre and entertaining death-worshipping humans dressed in all manner of ghastly clothes, when the news broke. Governor Tarva appeared on every television screen at once.
“--I am about to share with you an interview from Aafa, revealing a centuries-long conspiracy against Federation member races–”
An elderly gojid off in the back shouted “I knew it!!” before anyone had any idea what the news actually was.
“--The humans are not the only meat-and-plant eating race to have existed.”
What followed was a horrifying video in which Nikonus declared that not only were other species omnivorous like the humans, but that the Federation had been the ones to instigate the conflict with the Arxur!
“I told you all!” the Gojid continued, waving a half-empty bottle in the air. “You didn’t believe me! These claws exist for a reason!”
The Kolshians had destroyed the Gojid, the Krakotl, and so many others, just as they were destroying my home! Governor Tarva had some further comments, but I mostly observed the bar with care. Many of the venlil were crying. I wondered if they would weep for Yotul losses as much as they did for the humans’ suffering.
I finished the weeks of training with a perfectly respectable grade and a rage I did not know how to quell. Thankfully, I was soon introduced to the human scientist in a visit to the UN embassy.
“Larzo, this is Director Andes Savulescu-Ruiz,” said Petra, gesturing to a human, probably 30 to 35 years old, who’d been reading through some papers. She lightly tapped the papers, nearly causing the other human to fall to the ground.
“Oh! Oh, shit–Hi! Nice to meet you, Larzo,” he said, jutting out a hand for me to shake. I presumed he was male, for he lacked the glans I so often saw among human females. I was never corrected.
“Nice to meet you as well, Andes Savulescu-Ruiz” I said, moving his hand up and down as I had been instructed.
"Just Andes is fine."
“Andes will be the director of the Human division at the new facility, so you’ll be working directly under them,” said Petra. “I’m sure you’ll make wonderful colleagues.”
“May I engage in research?” I asked immediately. Andes tilted his head to one side, like a curious hensa.
“I mean, if you find something worth researching, go for it,” he said with a little shrug.
I nearly leapt with joy. I could decide the very direction of my research! He let out a strange noise and brought a hand to his lips as he smiled.
“Let’s go check out the site,” Andes said, and stood. He was not tall for a human, marginally shorter than Petra Andropova, but he had a large presence, and a thickness to his muscles that did not make him look as gangly and stretched out as so many humans do.
Over the last few days we set up my office and the lab I would share with some Venlil and Zurulian doctors. Andes would come from his own additional education every few shifts to help with construction. It was astonishing, how much an untrained human could lift, how responsive their muscles were to the demands of labour. I would catch myself on occasion staring as he helped with the construction efforts of the southern housing units.
Art has meant less since the arrival of the photograph, but I found within me a desire to sketch him regardless. Human muscles moved with a dexterity unbecoming of their size. Their legs looked bizarre, with tiny feet and five toes on each. I did not exactly voice my desire to cut him open and look at his tendons. Still, I would not have refused an offer to dissect a similar human specimen.
We were not close at first. My greatest companion remained my hensa, but I found I was right about humans. They were cordial, curious, comfortable seeing me as an equal. The experience was emboldening. One time, after a particularly arduous shift, Andes decided to show me a human game called “connect four”, and we commiserated about our loathing of the federation.
“Ugh, when Cilany’s news broke last month, it was the worst!,” they said, placing a piece off to the side. I placed my own token between two of his, only to be thwarted by a third piece atop mine. He now had an incomplete diagonal, and had removed an entire row from my strategizing. “There was this Krakotl prisoner freaking out. Lady had never even eaten cheese and she was going on about monstrous she was.”
“Ah, so it was the meat-eating ancestors that were the problem, not the attempted genocide against innocent primates new to the stars?” I commented.
"Right?! I swear, you guys are the only sane people in the galaxy."
He had placed another red piece next to one of mine. If I moved to block it, his original diagonal could be completed. If I did not, he would have a second row under his power. I moved to threaten my own diagonal set of three. He blocked, and so I won another turn to decide what to do about that treacherous spot.
"Really?” I asked, glancing back and forth between his face, now visible with the visor on the table, and the game. “You would not place humans as our equals?"
Andes laughed. I blocked his second diagonal, and in the process destroyed any prospects at halting his first.
"Buddy, we are a lot of things. But would you characterize a species that launches into two massive concurrent wars within six months of first contact as sane?"
He placed his piece directly atop mine and won. I laughed.
"You make a compelling argument."
Over the next few sleep/wake cycles, which I tried to align with Andes’, we became well-acquainted with the other’s games of intellect. He showed me checkers, and then “Chinese” checkers, which I was assured were “actually German” but had never had their name corrected after an advertising campaign. I showed him River-Crossing Bridges and Hop-Stones.
I was delighted when he showed me "Chess".
"Ha! Finally!" I shouted when I won. He’d been scurrying away from my forces for much of the eating period, and I eventually captured his queen with a pawn, after corralling her with my bishop and knight.
"Yeah, yeah, you got me," he said with a roll of his eyes, and a smile. "Little [evil spirit] [joyous marsupial]."
At another time, with another human, I may have taken offence to such a remark. Andes did not cause it, however. No matter what I asked or said, whether I won or lost, he would never call me a primitive. There was something fundamentally reassuring about that, and no number of comments about how “cute” he found me would move me to suspicion. The relief was an order of magnitude grander than if he “wouldn’t dare”. He would dare, but it did not occur to him. His comical hostility simply fed my joy.
"I have conquered the great predator! Perhaps you need more muscles here," I said, tapping my head. He laughed.
"Perhaps indeed. How's the gene sequencing going?"
Andes had a way of blurring the lines between leisure and labour. He did not seem to notice when he switched topics so starkly. I steadied myself into a more businesslike posture.
"We've identified several clusters. We're trying to figure out what to do about them. Whether they have an instinct against incest and should be kept together, or whether to segregate them by gamete, or..."
"I'd assume put them all in reproductively incompatible groups with their closest kin, and then put those groups close enough they can talk to their brothers and sisters, but separate enough you can keep an eye on something like that."
"That's the current plan. How are the implants?"
"They're honestly the easiest part. The problem is developmental. They're... Well, they're fucked up. No kid should have to go through that. Their brain scans remind me of warzones. I have hope for the younger ones, but... Well, I guess the long and short of it is that I'm pretty sure a lot of them are not leaving this place anytime soon. "
"Does it give you pause? About the Arxur?" I asked. It was no secret that Andes had continued to contact the Arxur, even as they seemed to grow more hostile to his own species.
"I mean, I think I know a [genocidal, oppressive, prejudiced] croc when I see one, pal," Andes said, leaning back. "And maybe it makes me want to puke a little more now, to see the consequences. But I kinda knew what they were going in."
I looked at him with a careful gaze. It was as though he could wall off different aspects of himself, depending on who he talked to in the moment.
"I don't understand how you can stand them," I said eventually.
"At this point, Larzo, neither do I," he had the decency to admit.
The small device pinned to my coat made it known that I had a new emergency patient to tend to. All of us with medical training were required to use it should the need arise. "I should go. Talk to you later, Andes. We'll play Upper Salwick next time. You can't possibly lose."
"I'll hold you to that!" he shouted as I hurried off back to my office. Since my arrival in my earlier shift, children had been coming into the facility in waves. Though most had been set up with temporary lodgings while we decided on permanent ones, a handful wandered about this way and that.
My patient was a prepubertal venlil girl with black wool and large white spots around the top of her head, down her neck, about her [clavicle-equivalent] and down her [sternum-equivalent]. Her tail was also white, in contrast to the rest of her. She had a scratch on her temple. I knew immediately that I had not been called because I was necessary, a nurse could easily handle a scratch. I had been called because she’d caused trouble.
“How did you get that scratch?” I asked, pulling out the healing tape and a numbing agent.
She looked at me with suspicion and said nothing. Was she one of the mute children in the files? The ones Andes was so concerned about, as the implants might do nothing for them?
“Were you in a fight?”
“What were you doing? Did you fall by yourself?”
Nothing again.
I know not what the nurses expected of me, but I considered that a stellar interrogation that yielded no fruit regardless. Once I had placed the numbing gel on her scratch and the healing tape on top, she seemed to understand that my work was done, hopped off her seat and ran back out the door.
It was interesting to witness. A large majority of the children were skittish and very fond of the herd. They liked to stick together as tightly as they could, to the point of us ordering weighted blankets that would arrive in a couple of days, in order to test if that could be used to interact with them individually.
Perhaps a fifth of them, though, seemed to be quite wild and individualistic. They would roam the building, hide behind shelves or under tables. Most of them were prepubertal girls. Almost every injury we had seen in the past six hours could be traced back to disobeying a nurse, hiding somewhere dangerous, fighting, or some other escapade one would not expect of the Venlil. Not that they would provide this information willingly. Only the nurses would discuss the events, and they were always so distraught about them.
Perhaps they did not wish for me to interrogate the wilder injured children. Perhaps they simply thought me more expendable, should they turn violent.
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2023.03.24 08:11 Kiriyu_Otouka [HIRING] Legal Connect Consultancy is now hiring for the Philippine Office!

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Job Requirements
If interested, please give me a message and I’ll get back to you shortly.
Join our team and be part of our success!
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2023.03.24 08:11 wocem47 Bolt pickup

I think prompts for bolt pickups that are stuck on walls higher than Leon should be on the ground. It pains me to see it stuck near a wall and I can't pick it up.
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2023.03.24 08:10 Specialist_Dot3066 Split AC Maintenance Services in Sharjah

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2023.03.24 08:09 Smooth_Range4207 [Letter] Saviour of young minds

After a very long and gruelling journey dedicated to self improvement I decided to clean my room, and whilst this is probably a gross oversimplification of the rule. It is the only thing that has genuinely made me feel so much better that I can now sit down and say, yes, that is the most beneficial thing I have ever done in recent memory. I’ve tried everything as simple as physical exercise to as complex as biohacking and micromanaging my blood content. Yet my hubris was the thing in the way, I thought I knew better and I didn’t, I felt so much better when my room was 40% cleaned that I was genuinely shaken to my soul, I’m nearing 100% and sitting and admiring my perfectly made bed whilst the sun rises on my not only clean room but cleaner mental state and I just knew I had to say thank you to one of the greatest male influences in my life. Thank you Dr. Peterson.
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2023.03.24 08:06 apollo1147 Are there any commands your dog just can't get/understand?

We've had our nearly 3 year old boy for 9 weeks, a mega mutt from Romania who is very cute, probably with some sort of herding dog in him. I know this isn't long in the scheme of things.
He's done really well. He never messed in the house (a few wees when scared or excited) and he loves a groom and a cuddle. We can bathe him and wipe his feet down no drama. A miracle considering he was harrdened Street dog! (Maybe? We don't know but it was unlikely he was a pet) He seems to have really taken to me and I am honoured.
Training is fun! I love it, a few short sessions a day and the same when walking. He knows sit, lie down, in your bed, out (of the kitchen), stay, touch, up, and he is just starting to crack "Middle" which is adorable. But he can just can't get "stand" or "spin" which I have been trying to teach him for longer than middle.
I'll persevere and if he never gets them it isnt that big a deal, but it made me wonder, are there any commands that your dog could just not get, no matter how much training?
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2023.03.24 08:05 Aware-Towel-9746 There should be a new looking at of the second sentence of Stylish Executioner. This it it.

Edit: It's been only 10 minutes since I posted this, and I just saw that someone else talked about this a bit earlier today. Kinda wish I saw that before posting this but whatever. I started writing this probably 12 hours ago, and finally posted it now, so I probably could've seen that post but I didn't. Go over and read u/-TrevorStMcGoodbody 's post before this one if you want. It's a lot shorter, so maybe start with it. He has some ideas about changes, and I have basically a complete description of how the second part of the aspect works. They complement each other well.

I know some other people have discussed this but that was the past. I don’t know everything about the aspect (I think), sue me. I've tried to figure it out myself just now. I think I got everything correct but who knows. Apparently there's a damage buff that just isn't mentioned anywhere. The community is aware of it, I know. I would like it if Bungie would put it in the description but that’s beside the point. I have no issue with the first sentence of Stylish, don't worry. That part is the part everyone uses it for, so most of you won't care if the second sentence changes unless it gets a big buff. This is about “After performing a Stylish Execution, your next melee attack while invisible weakens targets.” This'll be long, so bear with me. Also I apologize if I've misused/overused the bold and italics in some way, I haven't really done this before. If I get anything wrong in here feel free to put it in a comment.

What the second sentence of Stylish even does.

Stylish Executioner's second sentence, as written above, gives a weaken debuff to the next "melee attack" while invisible after an "Execution" as is worded in the first sentence of the aspect description. This is very vaguely worded, bravo Bungie. There is also a large damage buff that is not mentioned anywhere in-game or in commonly seen API stuff, like DIM, the official companion app, or This effect is complicated in a simple way. I will explain it further in depth later. For now I'll speak generally. In order to use the damage buff of 2.5x and weaken, the melee attack (what qualifies will be shown later) must be initiated while in invisibility during which Stylish Execution triggered invisibility. This can include the initial invis from an Execution. This melee buff can be maintained by staying invisible entirely (sorta). You can reproc the second sentence while already invis, though you do leave invis to get the kill most of the time. However, there is a cooldown for this. Too Stylish is a 3 second cooldown preventing the first sentence of Stylish from working.

The methods of possibly maintaining invis, and how/if they work:

How the different melees interact with Stylish Executioner's second sentence.

I am 100% certain that there aren't any bad variables (like a mod being removed between tests) at play here, and the numbers back that up. These numbers should all be good.

Uncharged melee.
The Stylish buffed uncharged melee does apply the weaken (15%) on hit. It also can get the 2.5x damage buff.

Charged melee smoke bomb.
Note: As this already applies weaken inherently we are only checking for the damage buff.
The damage buff clearly does not apply to the only charged melee available on Void Hunter. Also I would like to point out that our uncharged melee does (rounding up to) exactly 20% more damage than our charged melee (on a direct hit). Do with that what you will. Kinda silly.

From what I’ve seen online, glaives don’t consistently count as melee attacks for abilities and exotics. They do not work for this.
For the record: I used Vexcalibur. None of the damage tests included any overshields. Glaive melees don't benefit from Void Weapon Channeling, so that isn't an issue either.
This does not get either the melee damage buff nor the weaken on hit.

For the record: I used a Half-Truths with relentless strikes and eager edge. No damage perks. This test used only light attacks.
This does not apply either the weaken or get the damage bonus.

Basically, only uncharged melees get any benefit from the second half of Stylish Executioner.

What are its uses?

With how strong Gyrfalcon is there isn’t much reason to use Stylish without also using Gyrfalcon, which almost entirely removes any reason to use this part of the aspect.
And with the only Hunter void melee already applying weaken at base there isn’t really any reason to use this part. Even if there is a 2.5x damage multiplier why would I want to use uncharged melees? Maybe if you want to use a different exotic and have a (not really) similar effect at the same time you would use it for this. I for one have never seen someone use it for that purpose. I’ve only ever seen volatile rounds stuff with void weapons, mostly with Gyrfalcon or volatile flow (and maybe collective). Sure, volatile flow is going away at some point but this version of Gyrfalcon isn’t. Even if Gyrfalcon is for some reason nerfed I doubt Bungie would change how it works. They’d probably just lower some numbers or something.
As for non-Gyrfalcon exotics someone would maybe (realistically not) use I can’t think of many. Most of the Hunter melee exotics aren’t super spectacular. The ones that are mostly wouldn’t work with this. A melee kill to make you invisible? Assassin’s Cowl already does that, so why use both? Liar’s handshake? Only on arc melees. Khepri’s Sting? You already get truesight from Stylish, and why use something that gives melee weaken if you already have that. Sealed Ahamkara? Who even uses that? Why would you in this situation? Other Hunter exotics don’t really pair great with it either. Omnioculus? Just use the other two aspects. You already need trappers. Graviton? Maybe. Still no.
Basically, what is the point of that part of it? Why not give us something we’d use? The first half of the aspect, “Defeating a weakened, suppressed, or volatile target grants Invisibility and Truesight” is 100% of what people use the aspect for. I’ve never heard someone say they use Stylish because of the invis weakened uncharged melee, even in addition to the first part of the aspect. Most people probably forget it exists.
I’d appreciate a change of some kind ONLY to the second sentence of Stylish. Pretty much every other aspect in the game gets fully used (people use every effect, cause they can all be good in one situation or another, or they just don't have nearly useless effects) when people use them, whether they’re used often or not. Please just give us something useful in any way, preferably that synergize with the rest of the aspect well. Maybe something that has some general use without needing Executions but that benefits from it. I don't really have many ideas for a change, or any solid plans at all but still. Please look at all of the aspects. None of them should have 1 fragment slot. But that's beside the point. Please Bungie, look at this aspect a little closer and reconsider if it needs that second sentence the way it is. Don't just remove it. Change it.
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2023.03.24 08:03 Old_Neighborhood_383 Need assistance identifying wood

Need assistance identifying wood
Hello once more. This is a somewhat different post but I think it s a question that might either be on the mind of other amateur starting wandmakers or just people with no access to order materials that resort to foraging them.
I have a park relatively near my house and when in need for wood I visit and make use of fallen branches (either due to wind or due to storm or due to the city s employees pruning them).
I have been fortunate to usually find my branches near their respective trees (although that s not necessarily very helpful if one is not at all knowledgeable regarding flora).
I will post a picture with my recent forages, I am fairly certain the first branch is from an olive (due to the foliage it had and the location, found it on the ground near an olive tree and i think it has the same bark). The second i think is cypress (i researched it based on the fact that the branch i found had a sort of spherical (open) pinecone). That being said i d love it if someone was able to verify that and also assist me in identifying the third wood (the four wood pieces on the right are frome the same branch, it was very long and thus it was discarded further away from the park so I have no clue what it might be). If it helps, the wood itself is a rather saturated yellow and cutting it shorter with the saw it was very fragrant (granted i think it s the least dried from the lot, but it still was very noticeable).
If there s a medium for identifying woods that people utilize, that d also be an amazing resource to have!
In any case, thank you for your time everybody, sorry for the huge wall of text!
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2023.03.24 08:03 delphiccarrot Does NAC mess with Cb1 and cb2 receptors??

I swear I don't get nearly as stoned if I take an NAC...just me? I don't find it curbs my cravings like it does for say morphine or cocaine (works amazing for stimulant come down and dulls next day use if you took NAC day before). I have the body feeling but my mind just doesn't feel like it should (especially high lol)
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2023.03.24 08:03 Primary-Share-569 I think I might have Personification Synesthesia

I’m in a theatre class and right now we are learning about diction. Today we spent a lot of time working on imagery. My professor instructed us to make certain consonants one at a time and see if any feelings or images or anything else came up. I found myself creating personalities for each of the sounds. For example, V was this kind of mean girl character who thinks she’s really cool but she’s actually just really mean, but she’s highly influential. And Z is really nice and fun to be around, but he’s highly influenced. When he’s near V, he becomes a worse person. But when he’s paired with certain vowel sounds like “eee” he has some character development and he can become a good person again.
After the exercise we all shared our experiences. I shared this with my class and no one else seemed to experience feelings or images quite as strong as I did. I also shared that when I was a kid learning how to play piano, I did the same thing and gave personalities to certain notes or different parts of the songs. I was really bad at reading notes so I had to memorize everything. The characters and stories came to me as I practiced, and I never had to try to come up with them. I also never had to really memorize the notes, I just remembered the characters and played their stories. After I shared all of this, a girl in my class said I might have synesthesia. I had heard of it before, but thought it only applied to colors and numbers and that sort of thing.
I did some Googling and it seems like I might have personification synesthesia. However, there are a few reasons why I feel a bit unsure still. 1. I play a few other instruments and I only experience this when I play piano. 2. I was only able to associate personalities with the consonants because I had been focusing on trying to find any images or feelings. 3. I only seem to experience this when I am the one producing the music or sound. If I listen to a song, I don’t associate any personalities with it, it’s only when I’m practicing a song that I’m playing on my own.
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2023.03.24 08:01 ukinternational-4343 Beauty parlour course Beautician Course in Delhi Near me beauty parlour certificate

Join UK International for Beauty parlour Course certification for best beautician courses. Enrol in beautician course near me in Delhi. Our beauty parlour course is available at our academy in Delhi and Noida.
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2023.03.24 08:01 garysernstzen Renew your faith with Christian Events!

For My Soul in Luton features various activities, including live music, inspiring speakers, prayer and meditation sessions, workshops, walks in nature, etc. Join us for truly unforgettable Christian events near me that will renew your faith and for personal growth.
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2023.03.24 07:59 mono_mon_o Need advice on camera tracking a tough shot

Hi Everyone -
Looking for advice from anyone with experience camera tracking green screen footage. I’m going to preface by saying I can’t share the image because it is for work and is private behind NDA etc.
I’ve got one shot I’m doing background replacement for with moving camera and moving subjects. The big issue here is all but 1 of the tracking markers are obscured, and the green screen is very evenly lit (as it should be), giving me very little pixel data to track. I have moved to Mocha Pro since AE native tools were not cutting it. I can get a decent track on the ground, but in order to solve for a 3D camera I need to get a second planar track, and that has proved near impossible with the back of the gs being so evenly colored and void of more than a single marker. There is nothing else fixed and visible in the scene.
Does anyone have any tips or suggestions of what to try? Matching it by hand seems pretty unrealistic, as the camera move is not simple enough. I am generally more on the animation side of things, but it’s not my first rodeo doing this kind of compositing work either. Open to other workflows, plugins, tips, software, anything you go to when you’re having a difficult time getting a camera track.
Thank you for reading this far!
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2023.03.24 07:59 TheGr3aTAydini How do I maintain my willpower? [M20]

I know it may sound like a stupid question at face value but let me explain. For the last few months or so, I’ve felt like I’ve been the best I’ve been in a while: no lack in confidence, satisfied with my life, feel like I can do anything, felt free to talk to anyone, etc. but now I feel like that’s slowly slipping away, as though I’m losing morale slightly.
My situation at the minute:
So yeah that’s me, does anyone know how I can keep my willpower up? How can I find better women near me? Should I consider a new career?
Thank you
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2023.03.24 07:59 Mean_Bus_7304 New to physical comics (advice please)

I have been reading comics on and off for years now, I have some physical DC ones I got from a second hand book store near me but they aren't in order or same variation of timeline. I'm a fan of TMNT after watching the 2012 and 2018 shows and some of the earlier movies but I want to go back to the basics. What series or version would be easiest to digest and actually have a physical copy? Are there series of TMNT that are not 'worth it' to buy?
I recently bought the director's cut of JTHM after looking for a bargain for years and I found it. I like the Ninja Turtles enough to spend money on copies and think I'll get a similar feeling once I have the turtles.
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