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Things that make you go AWW! Like puppies, bunnies, babies, and so on... A place for really cute pictures and videos!

2016.05.16 23:36 Grammar-Hitler Hostile Architecture

**Hostile architecture** is an intentional design strategy that uses elements of the built environment to guide or restrict behaviour in urban space as a form of crime prevention or order maintenance. It often targets people who use or rely on public space more than others, like people who are homeless and youth, by restricting the behaviours they engage in. Also known as defensive architecture, hostile design, unpleasant design, exclusionary design, or defensive urban design.

2010.05.19 17:23 Tarasosx Otters: For all your otter needs

The only place on the internet where you can go to, the ONE PLACE for all your otter needs, otterly awful otter puns, and adorable images of the finest the Lutrinae family has to offer.

2023.06.07 11:47 Lumpy-Scientist-2012 [Online] [5e] [18+] [Level 5 One Shot][2 sessions] [Wednesday 630pm PST] [LGBTQ+] [$8] The Murder in the Shielding Peaks

This adventure sets you on a trail of cold blood leading you onto a glacier just as chilling as the supernatural murder mystery you’re about to uncover. The silent snow here covers many ancient secrets. Testing your survival and investigation skills - and not to mention your sanity as well. Will you continue to look for answers in the freezing lands or will the cold and horror of the aurora fields overwhelm you?
Doing a game of this Level 5 One Shot.
Anyone is able to join, but I do prefer to have a mix of genders male, female etc... to balance out the table. LGBTQ+ friendly. We will go over session zero, backstories, character creation, rules, foundry tutorial and table manners, and any other questions you may have before play.
  1. Have a Clear mic for voice & video via Discord with a quiet background audio while playing. Phones are not acceptable as an audio source (Video is not required, but I like to use it as I am a very social person and I like to Roleplay with the players).
  2. The game is played over Foundry VTT (Virtual Tabletop) via Molten Hosting, as such it requires a good network connection & bare minimum specs of a laptop or pc that can play a game via this generation if you're using a chrome book or very weak or old laptop it will not run good and will lag out or crash constantly. The higher specs you have of a better rig the better it will run.
  3. Looking for 5 players, also looking for feedback after the game if any is appreciated if you have any insight for me afterwards if something perhaps needed more context or explaining or if you think I can somehow run it smoother let me know 🙂 always open to constructive criticism.
  4. Character creation will be done on DnDBeyond, Point Buy, Standard Equipment, Sticking to traditional races and classes, No Homebrew. 650gp to spend on items. Any more questions on character creation or anything else can be discussed during the session zero.
System 5e Participants 0/5 Cost $8 per session or $16 total via PayPal, venmo, or zelle. Sessions two to finish maybe one if we really grind it out. 3-4 hours each Time Wednesdays at
Feel free to message me for an interview and more information on the game. Or add me on discord @ LiquidSn8ke#7350
A bit about myself I'm 34 been a forever dm for the past 6 years. Professional DM for the last 3 and I’m a big rp dm love doing voices and getting into characters. Rule of Cool DM, but I still try to follow raw (rules as written) as much as possible.
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2023.06.07 11:46 perfectionistruins My ex (23 M) of 2 years contacted me (23 F) after 1.5 years. Should I get back together although I still have doubts?

Honestly, the title does not even begin to explain the relationship that I had with this person and what transpired after. I think he uses Reddit as well so I'm just gonna hope that he doesn't see this. I really need help. I have been thinking about this so much that I'm unable to go on with my daily life.
I met him when we started high school. In the beginning I thought he was kinda dumb and quirky so I wasn't really friends with him. But then one day, when we were returning home from school we started talking about philosphy and he was very insightful. Me being the dumbass with teenager with 0 EQ at the time (literally 14 years old) told him : "oh wow, you're actually smart!" (we joked about this moment a lot in the later years) Throughout high school we were great friends. He lived abroad with an exchange programme for a year in third year of high school but we kept in contact. When he came back we became closer than ever. We have supported each other through ups and downs and we had a lot of fun together. By the time we graduated, he was my closest male friend.
After graduation, we went to the same university. Naturally, we introduced the friends we made in university to each other and we were in the same extended friend group. However, our friendship has always been more about spending more time one-on-one. I started liking a guy when we started university from that extended friend group. He didn't like me back. I was left heart broken (but honestly the whole liking him and confessing took like 2 months so it really wasn't a big deal but I was sad at the time, because I firmly believed no one would ever love me, very much tied to mommy issues) After that, I kept saying that I wish I could start from the middle of a 2 year relationship where the love and the trust is already established. Now at the time we started this relationship my relationship with my parents was SHITTY and I considered myself to be unloveable. The fact that one of my best friends, who really knew who I was, and still loved me, whom I trusted, was like a miracle. (it is safe to say that I learned that I was loveable thanks to him loving me so dearly.) Up until then, I had never considered him like that. I asked for some time and exactly 2 days later we were a couple. We didn't tell our mutual friends about the relationship for about a month because I did not want to deal with the drama and just wanted to have sort of a honeymoon. Some of our mutual friends really questioned why I would be with him when I told them but by then my feelings for him were sorted, I liked him. (their reasoning lied in him not being conventionally attractive they thought I was in a different league, and him not being manly enough. It is true that I never thought of him as handsome at the time as well but I did not care. And as for manliness, I wasn't into manly guys at 19 anyways) As we started our relationship, I was kind of scared for two reasons : First, I did not really have any relationship experience my longest "boyfriend" having lasted two months, whereas he had a long relationship one after another 1 year long one, and then a 6 months one and then a 1.5 year long one. Basically he had never been single since 16. He was sure of me because he had previous experience under his belt to compare. I, on the other hand, was very inexperienced. Second, I knew that our relationship would be very serious since it evolved from a long friendship. I wasn't sure if either of us were ready for that kind of a relationship. (see how dumb and anxious I am?) I would say we had a good relationship, despite most of it being during COVID. We lived close by so we could spend a lot of time together. We mostly spent time alone and indoors or we went out to swim in a boat, again mostly alone. We even had a summer vacation together with my friend group. (the ones that didn't really approve of my choice at first) In the end, we dated for 1.5 years and it was mostly filled with good memories. On my part, there were a couple key problems: first of all, every time I shared how something he said or did upset me, he would cry. Literal tears. Or he would bash himself so much that I would end up consoling him. This was not because he was knowingly trying to manipulate me. I think it was more because he put me on a pedastal and wronging me in any way hurt him a lot and he couldn't deal with it. Second, Last but not least, I was very anxious in general.
After we broke up I had a period where I would just sleep around with only athletes and models for about three months. What followed was a period of non-stop relationships that lasted somewhere in between 1 to 3 months. I was either dating someone, was in a relationship or liked someone. I also had the opportunity to realize I was bisexual at the time. Ever since I broke up with him, I never had a time to really cool down
When we met, I realized what I lacked in my relationship. I wasn't growing. Although I had emotional support, I couldn't talk about what I'm passionate about. People in my life would listen to me but htey were unable to contribute to the conversation. (for example, recently I was very interested in sustainable finance
I don't know if you can tell from the way I write but I am a very analytical person and an overthinker. Now I need to know if I should get back with him. Something in me tells me that I shouldn't, that I need more time alone and that I will "settle" and regret not waiting for my perfect person. In a sense he is perfect for me (really knowing me well, getting along well, having fun together, similar life goals except for where to live, supports me), but on paper he is not (looks and family wealth-wise although not so striking that we cannot go on trips together or something my parents are well-off to buy me an appartment in a nice part of town, his are well-off enough to buy him a smaller appartment in a not so well-off part of town. Some things that I consider very normal are not normal to him like having jewellery that is passed down from generation to generation. I am kind of worried little things like this would create expectations on my part, that he wouldn't be able to meet, creating friction).
TLDR; should one get back together with their ex after most problems are solved?
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2023.06.07 11:46 kwonyuri1991 [US-NJ] [H] PayPal [W] EURO staples

looking for a playset of Dark Ruler No More but let me know what staples you have as EURO
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2023.06.07 11:45 tarksie Wednesday 7th June - What’s on your RFY list today?

My RFY list updated just before 10:30 this morning, and just like yesterday it’s filled with items from the AI lists! Still, it’s a chance to continue with getting caught up on reviews today, I’ve got 21 outstanding which makes me twitchy - I prefer to have no more than 10 items (1 page) outstanding to review.
I hit the 100 review mark yesterday for this evaluation period so that means I could sit back and not order anything else until mid October and hopefully remain gold! 🤗
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2023.06.07 11:45 ThisIsTheWayUK Divorce - House and spousal maintenance

This is a second account for the purposes of anonymity.
We are in England and have 3 sons, one of which is Autistic. We both work yet salaries aren't similar and I earn a lot more than she does (close to min wage I believe). We have quite a large home for which I pay the mortgage and all the bills for.
We are heading towards a divorce (I would like equal custody of our children) and I am trying to get an idea of what that should / would look like. There are two areas I just can't work out and am hoping someone might be able to assist please.
So obviously half of the equity in the house + half of savings - half of debt (credit cards) is hers. The house itself has a claim from both parties. I don't believe with her income she would be eligible to get a mortgage on it. There is a possibility that I might be able to get a second mortgage on it (or a sizable loan) in order to provide her the money due but without me having to sell the house.
I don't know yet if I could afford to pay off all those debts yet but its an area I would like to explore. I wouldn't need a house this size but its more for a consistent environment for my children. If her income would make her eligible for a mortgage on it I would happily allow the reverse.
So my questions is if that is something that could work legally? Or would the court insist the house is sold anyhow and we both find new places to live?
Spousal Maintenance
Not really sure what this would or should look like. I don't mind giving her some more each month for a period of time if that is required but can't work out how much or for how long. If she didn't work I would get it as I would basically be covering her for a period to give her time to find a job but she is working so not sure.
Plus with her income she would be eligible for some benefits but those come with catches. The first being they are reduced if you have savings (which given I have or am about to give her a large sum of money). Now the interesting part on that is we are a one car family. So one of us would need a new car. She might spend a lot of what she gets on that.
The second catch is for every pound she gets in spousal maintenance her benefits are reduced by a pound so I struggle to figure this out.
How should I be thinking about this? Should I just work on the basis that she gets no universal credit and offer to give her enough that our incomes are the same for a period of a year or something and then after that UC would pick up the shortfall?
I am very confused by all of that.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks very much in advance.
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2023.06.07 11:45 Udontknowmesi Under extrusion (i think)

Under extrusion (i think)
Hi all, i’ve had my X2 for about 3 months now and it’s being running perfectly. I recently picked up some more fillament, a brand i’ve never used before, and i started getting these awful layers. What’s pictured is the better half of it, it usually gets much worse. I’ve calibrated my Esteps, my extruder (all metal) is tight enough, no clogs (changed nozzles and hotends). I have a belief it is the filament, is that a fair assumption? I did have 1 good print with it before this started occurring. Are there any other issues it could be apart from the fillament? Thanks
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2023.06.07 11:45 SpacedSkaterBoy rule

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2023.06.07 11:45 Shayiella INTJ or INFJ?

I did a lot of reflecting on how and I am. I was told that my people-pleasing habit is considered as Fe, and I tend to do that a lot, which can be my Dom/Aux function since I tend to use my Fe more than my Ni. It is because I can set my personal preferences aside for what is more rational and the more practical solution or what will serve the world's greater good, which can be quite beneficial for many as I try to give things a more unbiased approach and still tolerate despite being more convinced by my own insight and perception of things that I believe are considered Fi? Pardon me. It would make a lot of sense for me to be an INXJ as my Se is my weakest function, and I don’t use my Si as much as I do with Ni or Fi based on the regular function stack. I prefer abstract concepts and ideas by a ton to tangible and physical objects and activities. Yea, this person did compare Te and Fe; though I may be a people-pleaser, I’d still pretty much prefer the facts over the people, depending on which will serve the greater good and may judge and base based on the factual criteria. I stated earlier that I might have a well-developed Fi and may appear selfish for exalting what I need and want for myself over others. Despite appearing cold and reserved in person, I still do have an internal moral code and a good sense of what is wrong and right, but the way you said that people-pleasing is a defense mechanism as Fe kind of contradicts that it is Fi for me.
Ti is used when I base on my own understanding and insights when it comes to the subjective criteria of being interested; I can find myself being curious and wondering how one thing is interrelated with another, wanting to know the whys and hows. INFJs usually have: Ni > Fe > Ti > Se, if I’m not mistaken, right? and I feel like I can be a fit for this one considering that my people-pleasing habit is Fe, then my hunches develop over time, which is Ni, and then my tendency to be curious and wanting to know why and how something works for myself. INTJs have: Ni > Te > Fi > Se I use Ni and I have a tendency for Te; I have a well-developed Fi; Se is my inferior function; and it all makes sense for me to be in between INTJ and INFJ does it not? Though I have a well-developed Fi, my people-pleasing habit (Fe) makes it to my auxiliary function as it affects my life on a daily basis. Though I may seem logical and have a tendency to approach things with an unbiased approach, there is no doubt that I’m inclined to follow and believe in my own perceptions and insights, therefore appearing closed-off to new concepts and new ideas that are not well structured and supported by external sources. My hypersensitivity to criticism, judgement, being disliked, and tone of voice may be considered Fe. Though I cannot fully empathize with or understand the emotional situations and needs of other people, I still prefer facts over collective consensus, even if I end up choosing people over facts to avoid disputes and drama, which may be a pain in the neck later on, as I’d rather keep the peacefulness and calming atmosphere rather than being involved and engaged in arguments and disagreements over a specific matter.
But my ability to set my personal preferences and feelings aside may be considered as Te, I’m aware of how the world works and yet I want things to be in order and organized which includes peace, stability and harmony.
I can also fully express my own feelings, preferences and insights quite easily to other people. and I can be driven by personal values and beliefs which can be considered as Fi since I’m more inclined to believe in my own personal beliefs, perceptions, insights and experiences while trying hard to be more unbiased and rational though it’s difficult.
I happen to use Te and Fi too.. which makes it a lot harder for me to identify which one I am between INFJ and INTJ.
Another possibility I can consider is that I’m ENFJ since I personally think that if my people-pleasing habit as a defense mechanism and a method of playing safe against harsh judgements and criticism coming from other people is considered as Fe.. then I definitely use it a lot on a daily basis whenever I’m outside home especially when I’m at school or any other public places that may require me to mask my real identity to protect myself from harsh judgements as my hypersensitivity takes over and might trigger some of my insecurities and may cause my self-esteem to fluctuate. However, I am not people-oriented and I dislike being around others whereas I am forced by some people who consider themselves as my “friends” which I don’t really due to my lack of capability to commit and trust other people’s motives where they all seem suspicious to me.. but at the same time It may also be my enneagram 6w5 that are the causes of it. I also have a hard time trying to understand other people’s emotions and feelings, and emotional situations tend to drain me out a lot, causing me to withdraw in social gatherings and situations as I prefer to be solitary despite being engaged in my own inner world.
Please do correct and enlighten me if I’m wrong, I’m only a beginner when it comes to typology.
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2023.06.07 11:44 maanSRT8 Ideas

Hi, I have this area between the concrete patio and the shed, I want to dress it up but not sure how, I'm not that creative I guess. I'd still want a path to the shed of course but I don't want the whole place to be patio blocks. I was thinking along the idea of irregular shaped patio blocks that are separate apart and fill that in with rocks?
I still have more work to do and continue the fabric to the front of the sheds with a slope tapering to the second shed.
There is no chance that grass will grow there as there was a huge maple tree that we cut down.

Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.07 11:44 a_complicated_soul Me(m) and my best friend(f) have weird ass relationship

We met in college. Instantly became close. She had a boyfriend back then and with her being older and looks much better than me, from day 1 i decided i have no chance romantically with her. Since i am extreme introvert and mentally in dark place back then enjoyed her company and she became my best friend. Even i helped her a lot and she also consider me her best friend. We are extrmely close and everyone in our college thought we are a couple.
So then college ended, covid came but we still used to talk daily all through lockdown. Then we got jobs in same city and we moved in to same appartment. We got even more close. And these days she even changes her dress infront of me, even i started doing it. We sleep in same room when her boyfriend isnt staying over. We even cuddle sometime.
But thing is i have no interest to be her BF or marry her. As i feel she is with someone who is good for her. We both will most probably get married by end of this year. But i surely miss living with her and this weird relationship.
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2023.06.07 11:44 What-the-dog-do [Rant] First week at a govt job - What the actual fuck?

Just started a new gig in a government agency on Monday, and my mind is completely blown at how little gets done around here. It's honestly like stepping into some kind of weird twilight zone where time is abundant and productivity is optional. We're talking an hour or two of actual work a day, tops. Everything else? Seemingly endless coffee breaks, chit-chat about a show or movie, spending 30 minutes on an email asking a single question, talking about their investments, or just staring blankly at the computer screen.
I mean, I'm no workaholic, and I totally get that expecting people to work at capacity all day is unrealistic, but come on! This is just taking the piss. These colleagues are starting at $100K, probably closer to $120K a year or more.
So, now I'm sat here, bemused, typing this out, wondering if this is just the reality of working in government IT, or have I ended up in The Office (NZ)? I worked in a different ministry a few years ago and it wasn't like this at all - some people were more or less productive, but people were still working for most of the day.
The worst part to me is how badly so many areas of NZ government are crying out for more budget, but these sods are sitting pretty without a care in the world, pretending their pay and job is justified.
Is it like this everywhere? Is anywhere worse for it? Any advice for surviving?
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2023.06.07 11:44 autotldr Yemeni activist who revealed Houthi sexual abuses ‘detained by Saudi Arabia’

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 70%. (I'm a bot)
A prominent Yemeni human rights activist who revealed sexual abuse by Houthis in the country's jails has been detained for more than a year by Saudi intelligence and her whereabouts is unknown, her friends have claimed.
Albukhaiti drew parallels with the case of Jamal Khashoggi, the murdered Saudi journalist and dissident, saying although he had no evidence about her fate he feared for her safety.
A Saudi-led coalition has been fighting the Houthi rebels for the last eight years, but the Houthis have gained control of much of the country, mainly in the north, and the war is at a standstill.
Albukhaiti added: "Only 5% of Houthi crimes have been revealed, and their attitude to women is not far different from the Taliban. Houthi leaders support arbitrary detention, and have detained many women in Yemen, but they do not endorse sexual crimes as policy. Within their detention centres there is sexual abuse and harassment by officers, and trade-offs to get sexual benefits in return for release."
Shortly before her arrest last year, Albukhaiti said Houri had rung him in tears saying she wanted to leave Saudi Arabia and go to Europe, but she did not know if it was possible.
The story raises issues about Saudi Arabia's influence over some Yemeni activists.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Saudi#1 Houthi#2 Houri#3 Albukhaiti#4 claim#5
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2023.06.07 11:44 Past_Technology_9080 Should i start flushing?

Should i start flushing?
First grow… Week 8 Flowering (day 52). Watermelon zkittelz and kosher cookies
Still have 80% white pistils
Trichomes are 80% white and 20% clear. No amber in sight.
Should i start flushing for 2 weeks or can i go for 1 more week of adding fertilizer?
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2023.06.07 11:43 emoboyxD Classmate (help please)

So one of my friends at school just told me our classmate was sick at school yesterday…she’s back in class today and seems fine, and my friend said she had no clue why she was sick, but now I’m PETRIFIED. I’m avoiding the female toilet, and am washing my hands even more than before..but ever since my friend told me it, I’ve been feeling super nauseous. My stomach is bubbling, and I keep feeling things rise in my throat, like acid I think? I don’t think I can go home early today, but whatever I do to calm myself, nothing seems to work ☹️
Any tips? Could I have gotten sick or is this really just my anxiety giving me acid reflux and nausea?
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2023.06.07 11:43 LineraVon intimacy - does it go better? Will it ever come back how it used to be???

Hi fellow dads,
I have 2 kids (one is 6yo and soon to be 2yo),
And let's say that intimacy between me and my wife isn't how it used to be.
I'll not brag about how kids are tiresome and all
But man I do my share of work and even more but she still finds excuses.
We I still have sex in the form of pity sex. Just one position, no kiss, no touch and have to cum fast because mom is tired...
I just miss that connection we used to have during sex, the foreplay, the spontaneous bj, taking showers together, being naked in bed without even having sex, just cuddle each other while we are reading are just playing on or phones. She even used to wake me up naked and ask me for sex.
I miss giving my wife long massages, I miss grabbing her tits and play with them. Now touching her inappropriately is a nuisance.
Love my kids with all my heart but man they killed our sex life
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2023.06.07 11:43 colderness Farewell to DevOps

Hi everyone,
After 6 years of work experience, i decided to leave my career behind. I don't have much savings though. It will be difficult, i need to cut all expenses but critical. I've already rented out one of my rooms, so if i can find one more person, rent and bills are no longer a problem.

Why did i do this and what will i do next.
I was a kid when the first matrix movie released, that green matrix digital rain was the image blew my mind. After many years when i study physics during my twenties, i saw a professor doing things on a black computer screen with text only. That was the way i want to use computer i knew it, i felt it. That was the day I've met with GNU/Linux. After 2 years i got my first job as a DevOps Engineer.

I admit i had fun, really. Fun part was over after a year. Maybe this wasn't the right company.
Second one wasn't either. And third one also. None of the tech stacks or cloud providers made any change, I wasn't happy. Beyond that i was feeling like this is a torture. I understand that job may not be fun, that's why i wait so long. But this is not the thing i want to do rest of my life.
What now,
My friend developed a mobile game. Soon it'll be released.
We've talked and decided to join and make games together. Maybe this post will remind us
Where were we once and how it has started.
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2023.06.07 11:43 TesseractToo June 12-14 we will be joining the protest

It might seen strange for such a small sub to join, mods here certainly don't require third party APs to manage this sub, but this will be an act of solidarity with the big subs. If you don't know what this is and are very confused, check out ModCoord (set to Hot to get the sticky posts at the top)
As many of you know Reddit is making some changes that will affect a lot of Reddit members. Here is a short explanation from a kind redditor in the comments somewhere:
Many people are using mobile apps for Reddit that are not made by Reddit itself, but by third party developers. This is possible because Reddit has something called an API, allowing other developers to create apps that interact with Reddit data.Reddit is changing how the API works, requiring third party developers to pay to use it. This is reasonable, but the price they are asking is not. This will likely make third party apps completely unfeasible, and many suspect Reddit actually is doing this to force users to use the sub-par official app.Many people, including mods of subreddits, rely on third party apps, and are angry about this.So people are getting together to stage a protest. For two days many subreddits will be inaccessible. Some will remain inaccessible until Reddit reverses the proposed changes, or at least makes it more reasonable.
So from June 12 till June 14 this sub will be set to private. This means no-one can post or view the sub. We apologise for any inconvenience and hope you will support us in the protest.
Have a good day.
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2023.06.07 11:43 ConcentrateSea8198 Discovering the Financial Burden of Manual Payroll Systems: Why Saudi Businesses Should Invest in HR Software

Discovering the Financial Burden of Manual Payroll Systems: Why Saudi Businesses Should Invest in HR Software
Uncover the drawbacks of manual payroll systems in Saudi Arabia and learn why investing in HR software and payroll software saudi is essential for your business. Explore the features and advantages of top-tier HR software and payroll software tailored for Saudi businesses. Simplify your payroll management, enhance accuracy, optimize HR operations, and stay compliant with Saudi labor regulations using state-of-the-art HR software and payroll software solutions.

saudi payroll software
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2023.06.07 11:43 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (Final Edition)

If you want Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator, contact us on + 447593882116 (Telegram or WhatsApp).
If you want to run a successful agency and wonder how, look no further than Iman Gadzhi's Agency Navigator course.
With over 50 hours of step-by-step training, Iman Gadzhi's Agency Navigator covers EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. It's almost like a plug & play system with plenty of success stories to back it up. From signing clients and running Facebook ads, to building out your team and invoicing, this course has everything you need to know.
Inside the Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course, you'll find:
The Core Curriculum for starting an agency A custom e-learning platform just for agency owners Website templates, funnels, ads, and more Template contracts, sales scripts, and agreements With this course, you'll learn how to:
- Start your agency
- Find leads - Sign clients
- Get paid - Onboard clients
- Manage client communication
... and much more!
To get your hands on Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator, contact me on:
Whatsapp/Telegram: + 447593882116
Reddit DM to u/RequestCourseAccess
Email: silverlakestore/@/ (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.07 11:43 Dangerous-Ad5282 Trying to return a pair of redmi buds 4 pro on aliexpress plaza espana be like

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2023.06.07 11:42 Prestigious_Worth640 A positive response from my partner

I’m ghsv 1 + and recently started dating a guy and he is the most understanding person ever. We havent done anything as it’s Ldr ik sounds silly but he’s sweet makes me happy and is a v v reasonable person. I told him about my condition today, and sent him some more info on myths etc. he took it soooooo positively, didnt once say anything to make me uncomfortable. All he did was try to understand more, ask me if im okay, asked me if there are any cures and also told me to keep telling him if there’s anything like this ever that happens and if i ever get any ob. He told me he isnt going anywhere and it’s just that when there’s ob and symptoms, we dont have sex, what’s the big deal? Sex isn’t everything and he is standing by my side no matter what and is not leaving. He said we’d both take care and communicate openly and he said he finds me tooo precious to just let go like that and that he loves me.
I was overwhelmed by his response bec i have faced rejection before and it hasnt been very nice. Even thiugh i just dropped the news on him, he took it more positively than my own doctor did 😭😭😭😭😭 i am so so so gratefful. I just wanted to share it with the community here.
There’s always hope for love!
Love ❤️
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2023.06.07 11:42 Waltz-Naive 230607 New Jeans 🤖??

230607 New Jeans 🤖??
Every day I'm more convinced that New Jeans Staff trained 5 IA's to text on those chats. Cause there is no way that someone can talk normally with such incoherence for more than 30 minutes. Simply there is no way that every message has a different topic and still tries to be a conversation (maybe there is something I didn't understand about the general chat, if that's the case you can tell it to me) (Fact that make me start thinking this: Those is look normal for you that someone sends 3 times the same message in a lapse of 30 seconds?) probably I noticed until now and I look dumb for everyone that knew it, but still it's really something I questioned myself when I see those weird chats.
Anyways. Support New jeans 🐰🫵❤️‍🔥
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