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2023.06.08 00:08 daniel_stotler46 AITA for setting a Wifi curfew on my brother's XBOXes?

I (24NB autistic) live in my late parents' home with my brother (22M neurotypical). For three nights in a row his yelling at his friends on his XBOX Series X and XBOX One while gaming online have been a problem, and each night seems to get progressively worse. This last night at 1 AM I went for a quiet walk and while I was on the walk I put a 2 hours pause on the home Wifi network (Xfinity xFi Gateway) for his XBOXes because it felt like he was just too loud. I feel like if I was at home he would be more likely to find out if I was tampering with the Wifi network.
The next morning after my brother left for work but before I left for work I set a curfew on both of his XBOXes to automatically go in effect each night from midnight until 6am. During this time neither of his XBOXes can go online. I DESPISE setting curfews. I did not want to be selfish and have control over the only game consoles that he loves the most. I did, however, set the curfew for my own good and my own health because I was sleep deprived for 3 days and needed a discreet way to get my peace and quiet without being overly strict with him.
So tell me… AITA for setting Wifi curfews so I can get my much needed sleep in?
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2023.06.08 00:07 habbalah_babbalah Tenant Association Board sides with Landlord on major issues - what can I do?

I live in a large apartment building with about 520 units, in a U.S. city with rent controls. The property is managed by a well-known PM company, with a history of reducing services and evicting tenants unjustly. We have a tenant association, a 501(c)(4), with membership standing at 8% of the tenants. I am a member and also serve as a tenant rep on the board. I got invited to the board after reporting issues on Nextdoor and being involved in tenants' rights previously.
During my first board meeting, we discussed a plan proposed by the PM about packages left in the mailroom for more than two days -- they would be returned to sender on the third day. The plan provided arrangements for holding packages when tenants are on vacation. The board was about to vote in favor of recommending to the PM that they implement the plan when I intervened to discuss the issues. One major concern was that the tenant board was giving permission to the landlord to take possession of tenant property without consent. The meeting ended without a vote, and I investigated further- called a USPS cop, a PD detective, the city's tenant union organizers, and a tenant lawyer. It became clear that the plan's actions would be illegal, including federal crimes for USPS packages. What happens when irreplaceable items are "lost in the mail" after being returned to sender? Grandmas ashes, artwork, etc. Many older folks in this building, people who aren't quick to pick up packages, but it shouldn't be treated as a crime.
At the next board meeting, I presented ten points with law and case citations, pointing up the severe legal hazards of implementing the plan. Throughout, other board members interrupted me, shouted at me, basically taking the landlord's side! Eventually, the truth prevailed, and they voted against recommending the plan. I was even invited to present my findings to the PM's general manager, which led to the plan being canceled, and instead they expanded the mailroom.
That pattern with the board has repeated itself on several major issues:
Lease renewal: The property management company is sending spurious 12-month "renewal agreement" letters to tenants, even though local law dictates that leases automatically renew on a month-to-month basis after the initial period. The letters are deceptively worded, potentially misleading tenants into believing they must move out if they don't sign. Despite raising my concerns, the board president dismissed the issue, instead personally attacking me for asking if she had spoken with the PM about it (she then admitted to "working on it with them.") I am seeking advice from tenant organizations and tenant attorneys. I emailed the board, recommending we oppose the letters and request the landlord to stop sending them, but received no response.
Intercom system: The board president announced that only leaseholders' names would be entered into the new video intercom system. I pointed out obvious flaws with this approach, situations where leaseholders are not present but their guests or roommates require access. The president dismissed these concerns by referring to roommates as "illegals." WTF?! I argued against this stance, mentioning tenants who follow the law by adding legally-allowed roommates, or partners who are not required to be on the lease. However, the issue remains unresolved, with the PM's general manager also telling me that unnamed occupants are "illegals" and vaguely hinted at evictions.
Removal of deck furniture: The property management company removed all deck furniture from the roof decks after an act of vandalism. I told the board that this was a reduction in services and proposed requesting a rent reduction. No response.
Reduction of door attendant hours: at one time there were three shifts, 24/7. Now there's one 7 hour shift. Major reduction in service with no corresponding rent reduction. No response from the board.
It seems that I am the only board member paying attention to tenant issues. The rest of the board focuses on organizing monthly parties for tenants, with some parties exclusively for the board members. I researched and discovered that the landlord had won a major, precedent-setting court case against the association about 15 years ago, which has led the current board into placating the landlord. This has created a situation akin to Stockholm Syndrome, where they are more concerned about the landlord's well-being than tenant needs. The president often praises the PM's manager, despite the many problems they create. The board passively and actively resist requests to the landlord for changes. I am probably viewed by them as a Karen.
Current tenant members seem to view the association as a social organization. Former members have expressed disappointment, saying that the association doesn't help them with landlord issues, so they quit.
I am not well-versed in the laws governing 501(c)(4) organizations, or the actions I can take to force a change in the board. Logic doesn't land well on them, and as a group they just aren't gonna change.
I'd appreciate any helpful hints and ideas.
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2023.06.08 00:07 mvmstudent Looks like she’ll be taking break😔💔

Looks like she’ll be taking break😔💔
Feel so bad for her I really like this creator
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2023.06.08 00:07 Dusk_Lycanroc Finally a disk big enough to hold all of my games

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2023.06.08 00:05 bikingfencer Galatians - chapter four - Paul wrestles with election

Chapter Four
  1. … we were enslaved [משעבדים, MeShoo`eBahDeeYM] to fundamentals [ליסודות, LeeYÇODOTh] [of] the world.
“The word τα στοιχεια [ta stoikheia], the elements ... meant (a) the letters of the alphabet… (b) the elements of which a thing was composed, as the fire, air, earth, and water of which the world was thought to be constituted; (c) the elements of the universe, the larger cosmos, including the sun, moon, planets, and stars; and (d) the spirits, angels, and demons which were believed to ensoul the heavenly bodies, traverse all space, and inhabit every nook and cranny of earth, particularly tombs, desert places, and demented persons. These spirits were said to be organized like human governments. In Rom. [Romans] 8:38 Paul calls them ‘principalities’ and ‘powers.’ And vss. [verses] 9 and 10 of our present chapter indicate that he has them in mind in vs. 3. …
Paul … includes in ‘the elements of the universe’ all sub-Christian ideas and observances, both Jewish and Gentile. He regards these ‘elements’ as slave drivers who frighten men with curses for not propitiating them by observance of special days and seasons, food taboos, dietary fads, and circumcision. In Christ he declared his independence of Fate, Fortune, Luck, and Chance, and from astrology, the counterfeit religion and bastard sister of astronomy, whose practitioners exploited the superstition that the stars controlled men’s lives from birth to death.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X pp. 521 & 522)
“The elements of the world] A mere Jewish phrase, יסודי עולם הזה yasudey ‘olam hazzeh, ‘the principles of this world;’ that is, the rudiments or principles of the Jewish religion. The apostle intimates that the law was not the science of salvation; it was only the elements or alphabet of it.” (Clarke, 1831, vol. II p. 387)
  1. But [אבל, ’ahBahL] as that was filled the time, sent forth, Gods, [את, ’ehTh] His son, born [of] woman, and subject [וכפוף, VeKhahPhOoPh] to instruction.
“The four words, το πληρωμα του χρονου [to pleroma tou khronou], the fullness of the time, express a whole philosophy of history. The Hebrew prophets and Jewish apocalyptists believed that their God was the creator of the universe and arbiter of the destinies of all men and nations. Nothing could happen that was not his doing, either directly or indirectly through angels and men. He had a time for everything, and everything happened exactly on time. … The completion of this present age would be marked by a blood-red revolution, in which all good men and good works would be ground under the heel of the tyrant, while the wicked reigned supreme. Then suddenly God would intervene with the lightning of judgment to snatch the world from the mouth of the bottomless pit and restore it to Paradise, whence it had fallen with the sin of Adam. Sorrow and sighing would flee away, and the Messiah would reign with the perfection of a theocratic king.
At this juncture, says Paul, when the appointed period of history was ‘full,’ god sent his Son γενομενον εκ γυναικος, γενομενον υπο νομον [genomenon ek gunaikos, genomenon upο nomon], ‘born of woman, bοrn under law.’ … Jesus was not only born under law, but was subject to it all his life. ...The ‘yoke’ of the Torah demanded that he observe the customs of his forefathers, such as wearing phylactery and prayer fringes, ceremonial washing of hands before eating, giving thanks at mealtime, praying at stated times, bringing tithes and sacrifices, and obeying the Ten Commandments.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X pp. 522 & 523)
Not to mention circumcision, kashrut, and the prohibition of associating with gentiles.
“Sent forth refers to God’s sending of his Son from his pre-existent state in heaven (I Cor. [Corinthians] 8:6; Phil. [Philippians] 2:6-8; Col. [Colossians] 1:15-17). Yet this Son was born of woman. There is nothing in these words, or elsewhere in Paul’s letters, to prove or disprove that he knew the story of the miraculous conception. His point here is that the Christ, although he was the pre-existent Son of God, did not come into this world with a body composed of celestial substance, but was woman-born like all other human beings. … It was very different from the conception of royal sonship in Ps. 2, where the king is called God’s ‘Son; because he has been chosen to be the Messiah. In Paul, Jesus is God’s Son by nature, and his Christhood follows by virtue of this sonship. This belief was the fundamental cause of the split between the Jews and the Christians. The lowly birth, the obscurity of Nazareth, and the fact that Jesus was a common laborer, constituted a grievous scandal in the eyes of all who were expecting their Deliverer to come riding on a chariot of clouds wielding the lightning of judgment. Paul’s gospel contradicts every form of hyperspirituality that fixes a gulf between God and his material world. On the other hand, his conception of the coming of Jesus was poles removed from the pagan stories of the births of heroes, savior-gods, and kings, whose legends were freighted with illicit relationships and lawless conduct like the lives of the devotees who had created them in their own image.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X pp. 523-524)
“Nothing is said explicitly about the Son’s preexistence, which is at most implied … born of a woman: … The phrase is derived from the OT [Old Testament, the Hebrew Bible] (Job 14:1 …). So born, Jesus submitted to the law by being circumcised and thus became capable of falling under its curse. But lest the Galatians draw a wrong conclusion, Paul [and The Interpreters’ Bible] does not mention Jesus’ circumcision. Instead of genomenon, ‘born,’ some patristic writers read gennomenon, and understood this ptc. [participle] as referring to Mary’s virginal conception; but this is anachronistic interpretation.” (Joseph A. Fitzmyer, 1990, TNJBC p. 787)
  1. Accordingly [לפיכך, LePheeYKhahKh], you are not [אינך, ’aYNKhah] a slave anymore [אוד, ’OD], for if [כי אם, KeeY ’eeM] a son, and, if a son, then [אזי, ’ahZahY] also heir from favor [מטעם, MeeTah`ahM] [of] Gods.
“This is Paul’s proclamation of emancipation.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X p. 528)
………………………………………… Worry of Shah’OoL to Galatians [verses 8–20]
  1. In [the] past, in a time that you did not know [את, ’ehTh] Gods, you slaved [את, ’ehTh] who that in their nature [שבמנהותם, ShehBeMahHOoThahM] were not Gods.
“The Jews never ceased to ridicule idols and denounce idolaters… They demoted the old gods to the rank of demons and made a list of detractive names for them: angels, shepherds, princes; kings, emperors, benefactors, heroes; demons, personifications, idols, nonentities. Some were living, some dead; some were good, but were not God. Most of them were bad, and their idols were but images of ‘things of nought.’ …
Paul did not deny the existence of these beings whose ignorant worshipers called them gods, but he declared that they did not partake of the nature of God (I Cor. 8:4-6). God permitted them to plague mankind to punish sin, especially the sin of participating in the sacraments of the Gentile cults (I Cor. 10:19-22; 11:28-31). But Christ had conquered them and no Christian needed to fear them.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X p. 529)
  1. Behold, you are honoring days and new-[moons], seasons [מועדים, MO`ahDeeYM] and years.
“Days like the Sabbath and Yom hakkippurim [“Day of Atonement”] are meant; months like the ‘new moon’; seasons like Passover and Pentecost; years like the sabbatical years… Paul can see no reason for a Gentile Christian to observe these.” (Joseph A. Fitzmyer, 1990, TNJBC p. 788)

Two the covenants [verses 21-26]
  1. Say to me, you, the wanters to be subject to Instruction, have you not heard [את, ’ehTh] the Instruction?
  2. Is it not written that to ’ahBRahHahM there were two sons, the one from the maid [האמה, Hah’ahMaH] and the second from the woman the free [החפשיה, HahHahPhSheeYah]?
  3. But [אך, ’ahKh] [the] son [of] the maid was born according to [לפי, LePheeY] the flesh, and however [ואילו, Ve’eeYLOo] [the] son [of] the free upon mouth of the promise.
  4. The words the these, they are a parable to two the covenants: the one from Mount ÇeeNah-eeY [Sinai], the birther to slavery, and she is HahGahR [“The Sojourner”, Hagar].
“It is well known how fond the Jews were of allegorizing; every thing in the law was with them an allegory: their Talmud [ancient commentary] is full of these; and one of their most sober and best educated writers Philo, abounds with them…
It is very likely, therefore, that the allegory produced here; St. Paul had borrowed from the Jewish writings; and he brings it in to convict the Judaizing Galatians on their own principles: and neither he, nor we, have any thing farther to do with this allegory, than as it applies to the subject for which it is quoted; nor does it give any license to those men of vain and superficial minds, who endeavour to find out allegories in every portion of the Sacred Writings; and by what they term spiritualizing, which is more properly carnalizing, have brought the testimonies of God into disgrace. May the spirit of silence be poured out upon all such corrupters of the word of God!” (Clarke, 1831, vol. II p. 390)
“Allegorical interpretation rests upon the belief that every word, figure of speech, and grammatical form in scripture has a special ‘spiritual’ significance besides its literal meaning. The theory is that the God who dictated it meant more than rests on the surface and that while he said one thing, he also meant something else in addition to the literal sense… The Greeks had long since applied the method to explain away the immoral things which the gods said and did in Homer… Then Greek-speaking Jews, like Philo Judaeus, employed it apologetically to read Greek philosophy into the O.T. [Old Testament, the Hebrew Bible], proclaiming that Moses had said all these good things long before and better than Homer and Plato.
The wonder is that Paul has so little allegory. His restraint is explained partly by his training as a Pharisee. The rabbis were suspicious of any interpretation of scripture that tended to make Jews lax in their observance of the law. Jews with Gnostic leanings, and those who considered some of their ancestral customs outmoded, could resort to allegory to justify their philosophy and conduct, while maintaining that they were the spiritual superiors of the conservatives who held to the letter of the law … His argument, however, is never strengthened by allegorical symbolism and typology, for these are convincing only to those who by imagination can find them so. Rather, as in Rom. 9-11, he introduces unnecessary complications such as the moral difficulties involved in predestination. His gospel does not rest on the quicksands of allegory, a specious method of interpreting scripture. Its interpretations are of interest to the historian not as correct representations of what the writers and first readers of the Bible had in mind, but only as source materials for understanding the life and thought of the allegorists themselves.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X p. 540)
  1. Hagar signifies [מסמלת, MeÇahMehLeTh] [את, ’ehTh] Mount ÇeeNah-eeY, that is in Arabia, and parallels [ומקבילה, OoMahQBeeYLaH] to Jerusalem of our day, for she is in slavery with her sons.
“… why does Paul mention Arabia…? Possibly because Mt. Sinai is in Arabia[?], which is Ishmaelite territory; he thus associates the Sinai pact with the eponymous patriarch of Arab tribes … Paul thus suggests that the law itself stems from a situation extrinsic to the promised land and to the real descendants of Abraham. Paul’s Jewish former co-religionists would not have been happy with this allegory.” (Joseph A. Fitzmyer, 1990, TNJBC p. 788)
  1. But [אבל, ’ahBahL] Jerusalem from ascended [מעלה, Mah`eLaH], [the] daughter [of] freedom [חורין, HOReeYN] is she, and she is mother to us.
“The Jerusalem which now is was a most unholy “Holy city”, full of injustice, violence and murder, and subject to the cruel and wicked rulers imposed by a Gentile empire. But over against this Jerusalem of slavery lay an ideal celestial city, unseen at present, but destined soon to supersede it. Paul called it the Jerusalem above. Sarah, the free-woman, was the ancestress of its citizens, who were the people of faith and of freedom in Christ…
Paul speaks of Jerusalem above, because this new city of freedom already exists in heaven where Christ is, where dwell the souls of those who have died in Christ. But it also exists on earth as the church, the body of Christ, whose members are colonists from heaven sent to prepare men for the full establishment of God’s kingdom at Christ’s second coming (Phil. 3:20; Col. 3:1-3).
The biblical root of this conception of an ideal future and heavenly Jerusalem is Isa. [Isaiah] 54. Other descriptions appear in Ezek. [Ezekiel] 40-48; Zech. [Zechariah] 2:1-13; Hag. [Haggai] 2:6-9; Tob. [Tobias] 13:9-18 Ecclus. [Ecclesiasticus] 36; Pss. Sol. [Psalms of Solomon] 17:33. Historically the expectation assumed three forms. According to the earliest hope, God would build the new Jerusalem in Palestine and make it the capital of his theocratic world government. The plan of this glorious city was graven upon the palms of his hands (Isa. 49:16). From this idea it was but a step, especially for those influenced by Greek ideas, to think of this ideal Jerusalem as already existing in heaven. According to the Apocalypse of Baruch, God had shown it to Adam in Paradise before he sinned; to Abraham on the night mentioned in Gen. 15:12-21; and to Moses on Sinai, when he gave him the heavenly pattern for an earthly tabernacle (II Baruch 4:1-6; cf. [compare with] Heb. [Hebrews]12:22). The third conception combined these two ideas. The Jerusalem which was ‘above’ would come down to earth to be established in Palestine in place of the city that ‘now is’ (cf. Rev. [Revelation] 3:12, 21:2; II Esdras 7:26; 13:36; 10:54).
So the new Jerusalem belonged to both worlds and to both ages, to heaven and earth, to the present and the future. Its constitution was the new covenant, and its citizens were the men of faith in Christ, a new kind of freemen who traced their spiritual ancestry through the line of Isaac and his mother Sarah as heirs of God’s promise to Abraham. As for Ishmael and his tribe, they were the men of law, predestined to be slaves forever. Needless to say, the Judaizers found Paul’s allegorical exclusion of themselves utterly unacceptable. They believed that the Torah was God’s blueprint for all creation, and that it would be observed forever in the new Jerusalem. That, they said, was why God was going to purge the old city – to establish an order of life in which perfect obedience to his law would be possible.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X pp. 541-542)
“…it was a maxim among the rabbins, that, ‘Whatsoever was in the earth, the same was also found in heaven; for there is no matter, howsoever small, in this world, that has not something similar to it in the spiritual world.’ On this maxim, the Jews imagine that every earthly thing has its representative in heaven: and especially whatever concerns Jerusalem, the law, and its ordinances. Rab. Kimchi, speaking of Melchisedec, king of Salem, says, זו ירושלים של מעלה Zu Yerushalem shel me’alah – ‘This is the Jerusalem that is from above.’…
There is a spiritual Jerusalem, of which this is the type; and this Jerusalem, in which the souls of all the righteous are, is free from all bondage and sin: or by this, probably the kingdom of the Messiah was intended; and this certainly answers best to the apostle’s meaning, as the subsequent verse shows.” (Clarke, 1831, vol. II p. 391)
  1. That see, is written:
“Chant, barren, not birthing, [רני עקרה לא ילדה RahNeeY ahQRaH Lo’ YahLahDaH] burst chanting and shouting, not travailing, [פצחי רנה וצהלי לא-חלה PeeTsHeeY ReeNaH VeTsahHahLeeY Lo’-HahLaH] for multitudinous are sons of her deserted than [מי, MeeY] sons of her mistress [כי-רבים בני-שוממיה מבני בעולה KheeY-RahBeeYM BeNaY-ShoMahMeeYHah MeeBeNaY BeooLaH].”
“A telling item in the counterpropaganda of the legalists was the argument that even among the Christians only a radical fringe consisting mainly of foreign Jews, of whom Paul was one, were proposing to abandon the law of Moses. …
In one respect his quotation of Isa. 54:1 does not fit Paul’s allegory. It was Sarah, the mother of freemen, who possessed the husband, and Hagar, the slave, who was the deserted woman. As usual with Paul’s illustrations (cf. Rom. 7:1-4; 11:17-24), the details cannot be pressed without making them go lame …
The Isaian figure to describe the plight of Jerusalem during the Babylonian exile grew out of a common experience in Hebrew family life. Childlessness, particularly the failure to bear sons, was great grief and disgrace. Such was the sorrow of Jerusalem; but the prophet bade her look forward with courage to the time when all her scattered children would come back to her (Isa. 54:3). God was her ‘husband,’ and he would treat his faithful remnant with everlasting lovingkindness, making them more numerous than the former population and giving them a heritage of great peace and prosperity (Isa. 54:13-17).” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X p. 542)
“The prophet’s words are addressed to deserted Zion, bidding it rejoice at the return of the exiles.” (Joseph A. Fitzmyer, 1990, TNJBC p. 788)
  1. But you, my brethren [τεχνα, tekhna, “children”], you are the sons of the promise, as was YeeTsHahQ [“He Laughed”, Isaac].
“The Judaizers claimed that Abraham had obeyed the law of Moses by anticipation, and that God’s promise was his reward. Consequently the descendants of Isaac were children of promise only if they followed Abraham’s example in obeying the law. Paul turned it the other way about: the promise must be taken on faith, not as credit for obedience.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X p. 542)
  1. And just as [וכשם, OoKhShayM] that then pursued, [רדף, RahDahPh] the son that was born according to [לפי, LePheeY] flesh, [את, ’ehTh] the son that was born according to the spirit, yes, also now.
“In Gen 21:10 Sarah, seeing Ishmael ‘playing’ with Isaac and viewing him as the potential rival to Isaac’s inheritance, drives him and his mother out. Nothing in Gen is said of Ishmael’s ‘persecution’ of Isaac, but Paul may be interpreting the ‘playing’ as did a Palestinian haggadic explanation of Gen 21:9 (see Josephus, ANT. [Antiquities] 1.12.3§215 …” (Joseph A. Fitzmyer, 1990, TNJBC p. 788)
“A rabbinical tradition of the second century A.S. interprets the Hebrew participle מצחק [MeeTsHahQ, “play”] (LXX παιζοντα [paizonta] in Gen. 21:9 to mean that Ishmael’s ‘playing’ became so rough that Isaac’s life was in danger. This son of a slave is said to have shot arrows at Isaac to kill him, and Paul’s statement shows that some such tradition was current in his day. He applied it to the Judaizers who were trying to force the Christians to observe the whole law of Moses, and to the unbelieving Jews who were excommunicating the Christians and their families and getting them into trouble with the civil authorities (1:5; 4:17; 5:10; I Thess. [Thessalonians] 2:14-16).” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X p. 543)
  1. But what says the Written [Scripture]?
“Banish [גרש GahRaySh] the maid and [את, ’ehTh] her son, for not will inherit [יירש, YeeYRahSh], son [of] the maid [האמה, Hah’ahMaH], with son [of] the free.”
“The quotation is from Gen. 21:10 … The speaker of these words is Sarah, who is filled with rage against Hagar and Ishmael. Abraham is represented as greatly grieved, but God is said to have sanctioned the demand of the cruel and jealous wife….
This story was one of the effects and one of the causes of the perpetual feud between the Israelites and the tribes that descended from Ishmael. The Hebrews were so sure that God wanted them to have Palestine that they found no moral difficulty in saying that it was God himself who had overruled Abraham’s conscience (Gen. 17:18-21). They affirmed that Ishmael’s character and destiny had been predetermined (Gen. 16:12). Consequently, even his circumcision at the age of thirteen could not make him a member of God’s chosen people. However great this innocent victim of a family feud might become by virtue of the halfhearted blessing conceded by an uneasy conscience (Gen. 17:20-21), he and his descendants were barred forever from the higher blessing. Theirs was to submit to the religious imperialism of the most favored nation or die. Moreover, all Abraham’s other sons except Isaac were barred from the promise and sent away ‘unto the east country’ (Gen. 25:5-6). And yet while all this was said to be the Lord’s doing, it was in the same breath declared to be the doing of the human actors in this drama of the nations. Sarah herself was said to have suggested that Abraham become a father by her Egyptian slave girl. Then, too, it was explained that Hagar’s flight from the cruelty of her mistress was voluntary, making her, rather than the callous compliance of Abraham, responsible for her plight ‘in the wilderness, by the fountain in the way to Shur’ (Gen. 16:7).
Paul’s use of Abraham’s expulsion of Hagar and her child has its parallel in the equally heartless treatment of Esau which he employs in Rom. 9-11 in his longer discussion of the divine process of selection. Here too it was assumed that the hatred generated by centuries of war for the possession of Palestine lay in the heart of God. “I hate Esau,” said Malachi (1:3), making God the speaker; and Rom. 9:6-13 presses it to the utmost limit of predestination. But the love of God in Christ Jesus made Paul’s heart better than his inherited doctrine … When the history of the struggle for the possession of “the Holy land” is allegorized to justify a doctrine of “election” which foredooms countless souls to an eternity of torment in a future hell, it becomes as morally atrocious as it is irreconcilable with Paul’s gospel.
Nevertheless Paul’s allegory gives the historian an insight into Paul’s mind as he wrestled with the insoluble problem of God’s sovereignty and human freedom.” (Stamm, 1953, TIB vol. X pp. 543-544)
“Paul bids the Galatians rid themselves of the Judaizers – and, ironically enough, obey the Torah itself.” (Joseph A. Fitzmyer, 1990, TNJBC p. 788)
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2023.06.08 00:04 cosmophire_ online booking - it’s getting us to pay for bus transfers that we payed for already (and charging for seats?). any solutions? seems we’ll be better off checking in on the day w/ this bullocks

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2023.06.08 00:04 oddityfae Feminist dental assistant + a good experience kinda

After having horrible experiences with doctors my whole life (excusing my parents neglect and my obvious malnutrition at a young age, and never taking me to the dentist until ONE time because of severe pain that led to 13 fillings over the span of 3 days when I was 12)——
Today I went to the dentist and it was terrifying. But there were two ladies- one with orange slicked back hair in a ponytail and another with heavy makeup and black hair. They were so pretty, and the lady with black hair kept fawning over me. My dentist was a young guy and he was also very kind and reassuring about my teeth. The ladies were specialized in different things so one did x rays and one did the other thing…..
And the other thing, was pricking in between each tooth (owww I groaned a few times because of it. I was clenching my stomach) and then telling me I’m in the beginning stage of gum disease.
She freaked out. Told the other girl I need to be in STAT. I didn’t even know what she was so upset about until she asked to talk to me and explained gum disease and the issues with it to me.
She said I was so young, I didn’t need to explain myself to her, this is extremely common and she will bend rules to get me in asap and she wants to flush my gums. She said she has six sisters, she’s ALL about girl power, and she wants my teeth to stay strong and pretty like I am. She said she gets excited when she has girls and women coming in because she wants to just help every woman to be the best they can be.
I’m honestly terrified, she got me in for next week. But she is SO nice, I have never had a healthcare worker be that nice and caring to me. I trust her so I hope it goes well.
She’s going to numb half my mouth and do that half, then I’ll come in soon after to do the other half. I’m so scared. I don’t understand the procedure for flushing gums of bacteria. She explained it to me but my brain just heard muffled noises bc I was terrified after hearing the word disease in my mouth. 💀
Good vibes would be appreciated and if anyone’s dealt with this too, any personal experience insight is welcomed. I guess I’m in a hectic few months of oral care and dentist visits.
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2023.06.08 00:02 JokerUnique The Division 2 - Title Update 18 - Overview

Title Update 18



TU18 is the first update of Year 5 and it is a full package. A new game mode, a new manhunt, XP reward overhaul and many more smaller and bigger changes.
=> Trailer


To release the new Season 1: Broken Wings, we'll be taking The Division 2 servers down for a scheduled maintenance Thursday, June 8th at
  • 9:30 AM CEST,
  • 3:30 AM EDT,
  • 12:30 AM PDT.
» Worldtime
The estimated downtime is 3 hours.
» Source

The story so far

When you have missed the last seasons, you can read a story summary here:
=> Summary

Title Update 18

Release Date: June 8th 2023


  • 1 Game Mode
    • Descent
  • 1 Manhunt
    • Broken Wings
  • 1 Gear Brand Set
    • Electrique
  • 1 Gear Set
    • The Cavalier
  • 2 Exotics
    • St. Elmo's Engine – Exotic AR
    • Shocker Punch – Exotic Holster
  • 2 Named Items
    • Cabaret – MP5 ST
    • Big Show – MG5 LMG
  • 1 New Talent
    • Thunder Strike
  • Expertise increase
  • Quality of Life
    • Directives for Raids
    • Conflict adds to SHD progression
    • Open World activities XP revamp
    • Mission difficulty no longer connected to Global Difficulty
    • Added quick grenade selection menu
    • Season Blueperints to Control Points


Descent is a free, 1-to-4 player game mode with semi-infinite and randomized progression, versus an infinite difficulty curve. Warlords of New York ownership is not required to access the mode.
Agents are stripped of all their gear, specializations and perks when starting the game mode. The mode is a playground where you can experiment with builds not feasible in the regular game, challenging them tactically and encouraging deeper understanding of the build meta.
You don't need to own Warlords of New York to play Descent.
=> Descent Summary

Season 1: Broken Wings

=> Manhunt Targets
=> Manhunt Roadmap
In the wake of the attack at the White House, The Division has discovered that 11 people are unaccounted for and considered missing.
You will be tasked to go on a high-stakes rescue mission to find the missing civilians, as they have valuable intel on the White House and The Castle Settlement.
Year 5 Season 1 prime Target is Mari Singh, the former Director of the DC Aquarium. She moved into The Castle and set up a fish farm to support the settlement and build a sustainable and secure place to raise their growing family.
Agents must locate and rescue Mari and 4 other hostages before further damage can be done in Washington DC. Securing the people will help rebuild The Castle and restore vital services for The Division.
Once we rescue these people, they will help us rebuild the Castle Settlement and unlock additional facilities there.
Good luck, Agents!
=> Broken Wings Overview

Castle Settlement Rebuild

For each hostage that you rescue, one of the facilities of the Castle Settlement will open up until you have a fully operational settlement.

Apparel Event

As part of Season 1: Broken Wings, you will be able to unlock apparel items inspired by SHD tech and the Black Tusk.
These are the so far previewed outfits:

New Gear

Gear Brand Set

  • Electrique
=> Brand Sets

Gear Set

  • The Cavalier
=> Image
=> Gear Sets

Exotic Gear

  • Shocker Punch – Exotic Holster
=> Image
=> Exotic Gear

New Weapons and Talents

Exotic Weapons

  • St. Elmo's Engine – Exotic AR
=> Image
=> Exotic Weapons

Named Weapons

  • Cabaret – MP5 ST
  • Big Show – MG5 LMG


  • Thunder Strike

Increase Expertise

With the new Items in the pool, the maximal Expertise Level increases to 23
=> Expertise Overview

Quality of Life

New Directives for Activities

With TU18 the Raids officially got Directives that you can select and add to the activity.

XP Revamp

=> Overview
  • Overall, the XP gains were increased by 12%.
  • The goal is that all activities grant the same XP per hour – that includes NPC kills.
  • Convoys have been adjusted to be on par with the others.
  • The goal is that you can enjoy a variety of activities and still get a good amount of progression and not just chasing convoys.

Blueprints From Season 9-11 / 3

When you did not get the blueprints from the season 9-11, after TU18 you can earn them from Level 4 Control Points. The Season 3 blueprints will be added a bit later.

Easy Access / Menu Updates

  • Added the Grants Tab to make the compensations process more streamlined and items easy to obtain
    • Grants Tab can be found in the Store
  • Added an option to allow players to change mission difficulty regardless of the world difficulty setting
  • Added quick grenade selection menu
    • Hold G for PC
    • Hold D-pad Left for the consoles
  • Added an option to mark Apparel Items as favorite
  • Added the option to Show selected mission Directives on the Mega Map
  • Added the possibility to hold ESC/SPACE to skip videos and epilepsy warnings
    • Equivalent of Space button is X (PS) and A (XB)
    • Equivalent of Escape button is Options (PS) and Map/Hide Map (XB)
  • Added a new "In Loadouts" section at the bottom of the Item Details window in the Inventory (under a gear piece's talent and mod slots) to display the current loadouts where the selected item is present
  • Added the Hide/Show Mask’ and ‘Hide/Show Signature Weapon’ buttons in the Inventory when hovering over the specific tiles/tabs
    • Currently present in the cross Options layout
  • Added a notification widget for modding Primary, Secondary and Sidearm weapons' skin slot, which appears if the player has any custom skin available for that weapon in the Store. The notification also has a quick button that redirects to the Weapon Skins Store tab
  • Added visual feedback for locked Grenades
    • When browsing through the Grenades menu in the Inventory, players will see a notification which lets them know if the selected Grenade can be equipped or not

Important Links

=> PTS Patch Notes
=> PTS Phase 2 Patch Notes
=> Division Day
=> Reveal Stream

Patch Notes

=> Link


This is a collection of already created Community Resources that should help you get going.
=> Community Resources


Check out The Division 2 Roadmap here:
=> Link

Looking for Group?

As defined in the sub-rules, we don't allow LFG-Posts on the sub, but we have alternatives:


=> The Division LFG

The Division Community Discord

=> The Division Discord

The Division Official Discord

=> The Division Discord

Bug Reports

We have a dedicated bug-report forum and post for that.
=> Bug Report Megathread
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2023.06.08 00:01 Revolution_5509 Reposting with flair. Why is Excalibur in my attic?

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2023.06.08 00:01 CB_scorpio MultiversX Today- Daily Report 7.06

MultiversX Today- Daily Report 7.06
Your daily dose of #MultiversX highlights is here:
@MultiversX booth and @beniaminmincu & @daniloscarlucci Fireside Chat at #MetaforumMilano 🇮🇹 Conference
❎ Official Milano side event, part of the #MultiversX Global Outreach Tour, with partners @bitgetglobal & @TheNemesis_io

MultiversX Today- Daily Report 7.06

@sergiubiris took the stage at @techsylvania Technology Event in Cluj-Napoca 🇷🇴
❎ New @xPortalApp release is live

Ecosystem updates
@itheum CEO @ThisIsMarkPaul shared a presentation at @digitalhlthfest
@holoride announced CEO @Nils_Wollny will join a fireside chat at @WardsAuto AutoTech: Detroit
@xoxnoNFTs held a Twitter Spaces AMA with @SagaFestivalNFT
@ash_swap shared a curated list of its best yield opportunities & an educational thread on its upcoming Dynamic Trade Routing
@BeskarDAO revealed its first 2 Launchpad projects
@TortugaStaking was present at Metaforum Milano
@arda_project revealed the audit for @Gnogen NFT battles operator is completed
@EstarToken announced its presence at Metaforum Milano Conference
@sense4fit will hold a Twitter Spaces AMA with @thedreamywhales on Thursday
@ProteoDefi revealed 2 new dual farms for $OFE - $EGLD & holding its 18th burn event
@QoWattEcosystem highlighted its branded EV presence in the @cyberpunkcity Metaverse
@CantinaRoyale shared a sneak peek of its upcoming weapons
@SuperRare_Bears posted its last week’s recap & announced .hype domain names mint from @XDomainServices started
@xMoney_com shared the benefits of herotags
@JEXchangeDefi revealed a $JIUSDT - $USDT pool & taking a snapshot for $JEX holders
@HeliosStaking shared a Builders Spotlight on @OneDex_X’s co-founders @VoicescuLongin & @ice_of_ice
@JewelSwapX added 2 new farms to @OneDex_X section: $LEGD - $EGLD & $USDT - $USDT
@eCompass_io posted some May stats for its NFT collection
@EntityFinance shared a FAQ section for its upcoming Entity Builders Forum on June 10
@QuantumXnetwork revealed MoonDustX support for converting dust to $HYPE
@IstariVision and @CathenaKnights announced their presence at @Saga_Festival
@Elrond_Builders posted a thread on @AeroFoundation’s open-source contribution
@GiantsVillage announced its 5th Twitter Space for Thursday
@DX25Labs shared its last month’s review & a recap of yesterday's 'X Marks The Spot' Twitter Space

Source: [email protected]
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2023.06.08 00:00 The_Feline_Mermaid Found My Husband Making A Telegram Acct

I'm currently alone since husband is on a business trip and I have no one to talk to. I might delete this after I get the clarity that I need.
So, I opened my Telegram acct today because a co-worker sent a file. I rarely use Telegram but I downloaded and had it installed since it's needed for work sometimes.
When I opened my acct, I think Telegram notifies you if someone from your contacts installed the app, right? I'm surprised to see that his office phone number is used to make a Telegram account. It says something like "husband number just joined telegram". I clicked on that notification and boom, account has been deleted na. Sayang at hindi ko na screenshot for proof. Right now, it only shows deleted account joined Telegram. And, he made the account the day he left for his business trip. Di ako sure kung kelan nya dinelete.
The first question I have in mind is "why would he need a Telegram account?". Malabo sa work kasi they use fb messenger all the time. Kung reaching out to family members naman, may messenger at facetime. My husband is a toy collecto gamer but he never used any other IM apps just for that. And again, may messenger naman.
You might be wondering kung ano nga bang context why I came up with these thoughts. Well, I still find these harmless pero for context, here ya go:
  1. He never lets me borrow his phone. - but we both never touched our phones ever since. It's just that sometimes, need ko hiramin kasi i need to make a quick phone call and my phone is out of reach. Pinapahiram niya ako but he asks me first kung ano gagawin ko, then he will open that app/ function that I need. Like, why don't you just hand over your phone? I ain't doing anything to it kasi it's not my thing na mangalkal ng phone ng ibang tao.
  2. He stays sa CR for so long. Okay fine you might be thinking na baka naglalaro lang or watching something on YT. But, the CR is so quiet for 30mins para mag jebs lang. Magkaka sound nalang once he starts taking a shower kasi mag mumusic sya.
Again, hinahayaan ko lang to because it's harmless naman. But when I saw the Telegram notif, I just feel like it's making sense (?) Or I don't know. I just might be overthinking. But I have this "masakit ang tyan" feeling when I feel something is off and I know something bad's going to happen. The last time I felt this was when I first found out I got cheated with my ex.
Right now, I casually asked him on chat why he has Telegram and deleted it. He hasn't responded yet kasi he was still sleeping. Before you tell me na dapat naming mag communicate, we always do btw. Iniisip ko na rin mga possible responses nya after I asked him and my possible replies to these responses din that makes sense.
So, yes. That's it. Off my chest. Here we go again na hindi matutulog in the next 24hrs because of anxiety. I want to hear your thoughts about my situation.
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2023.06.07 23:59 Ohnsorge1989 ASK000.5.8: Hook 05: Reversed Hook【反彎鉤/反弯钩】

ASK000.5.8: Hook 05: Reversed Hook【反彎鉤/反弯钩】
The second last hook stroke is the reversed Hook (RK). I named it as such for its hook curves to the right, the opposite of that of CK. It's actually two strokes merged into one for the sake of simplicity: one is 拋背鈎 ('throwing-back hook') or more commonly, 橫折斜鈎 (fig. 1a), and the other is one is 臥鈎 ('upward hook') (fig. 1b), for their hook parts are basically the same, if you rotate one by 60 degrees. Both hooks should have a full and smooth curve, and maybe a bit inclination (fig. 2A, 2B).
The basic version of RK should share the same form, but with fewer details in the turnings (fig.1A-b, 1B-b).

fig. 1. Advanced (a) and basic (b) version of the RKs
That's all for ASK000.5.8.

P.S. link of the next post (ASK000.5.9) and the previous post (ASK000.5.7).
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2023.06.07 23:59 Canadian_Cheeks Is there more drinking games than just the ones at drinking night?

I've been trying to find more drinking games on VRC that isn't just cards, spin the wheel, board games, truth or shot, or roulette.
Is there any worlds that are out there that have different games with the purpose of drinking? Also to clairify, I do not want a list of worlds that are the "well everytime someone does x,y, or z, we drink" type of worlds.
Please give me the world name and what the game is like!
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2023.06.07 23:59 thelettersmason About a japanese woman who murdered her family so her husband could be a Kamikaze.

About a japanese woman who murdered her family so her husband could be a Kamikaze. submitted by thelettersmason to AmericaBad [link] [comments]

2023.06.07 23:59 Mu0nNeutrino June 6th, 2944 [One-shot]

All of the preparations were complete. Every ship was in position. Every fighter and dropship was fueled and prepped for launch. Every missile, drone, torpedo, and mine, every plasma round and grav-charge and lasing cartridge, every mech and infantry rifle, all of the myriad pieces of ordinance that fed an interstellar war machine were loaded and ready. And every being, of whatever species, that made up the heart and soul of that war machine was prepared to face the fire in his, her, or their own way. The complex operation had been dissected to the finest detail and every piece examined for flaws one last time. All that remained was to see whether tomorrow would bring victory or defeat - and how many of them wouldn't be there to see it.
As the immense briefing hall cleared for the final time before battle, two figures remained standing at the rail of the large holotank that dominated the hall's center. One was tall and gangly, thin-limbed but built with a raptor's grace. The other was shorter but bulkier, their construction seeming to forgo grace in favor of stout muscle and a certain bullheaded tenacity.
The Ja'kee First Pinionmistress examined her human counterpart from the corner of one elongated eye. The featherless primates were hard to read, but she felt that she had gained enough familiarity with their oddly mobile facial expressions to make a reasonable guess. Usually, at least. But tonight the human High Admiral's expression was inscrutable. At first glance he appeared merely contemplative as he gazed into the depths of the holotank, but she noticed that his eyes were focused beyond it, and there was something else in the set of his features that she couldn't place. Worry? Maybe, but for some reason that didn't feel quite right.
Not that worry wouldn't be amply justified here, she thought as she looked back at the sea of lines and dots in the holotank. The scale of this conflict was unprecedented in the known history of interstellar warfare, and none of the allied races had ever contemplated such a massive and audacious assault. Her own wings trembled momentarily at the thought of the many, many ways in which everything could go wrong.
But there was no choice. The few spy and scouting reports that made it out of the great black hole that the vicious Xeotasi had turned their vast conquered territory into were horrific enough to turn any sapient's stomachs. For the sake of all of the souls still captive in that expanse, they had to go on the offensive, and every day of the unavoidable delay that had been needed to make that offensive a reality burned at her with the knowledge of the innocent lives being lost. But she, and every other being present, was all too aware of the potential cost.
Her eyes traced the lines of the mere five thin hyperlanes that threaded the dark mass of the Albion Gulf. The star-poor volume of the gulf was very sparse in the massive stars that anchored the hyperlanes that interstellar travel relied on, and the natural choke point of the paltry few hyperlanes that crossed it had already been pivotal in this war once. It was there that the allied species had finally been able to string a thick enough net to stop the onslaught of the xeotasi fleets, four standard rotations ago. In the wake of that check both sides had built up massive defenses on their side of the divide, and the fighting (and major forces) had moved on to other theaters. After all, as the allies had proven, it was nigh-suicidal to attack across the gulf. Or she devoutly hoped that the xeotasi still thought so, anyway.
Yet if any role in the coming assault actually bordered on suicidal, it was that of the humans. She glanced once more at the human admiral, his expression still stoic as ever, yet still with that same indefinable edge of... something. Over the endless rotations of planning and preparation that had gone into this operation a curiosity had begun growing in her, but she had repressed it. It was simply not the sort of thing one asked about. But now, on the eve of battle, she decided to give it voice. If not now, then when?
"Admiral." The odd alien word came easily to her after so much use.
He glanced up at her. "Yes, Pinionmistress?" They had known each other for almost five rotations now, but in deference to ja'kee custom he used her title in this, their domain of warriors. Even after this long, his gruff, low voice still sounded odd in contrast to her own people's fluting tones.
"I have been wondering..." she trailed off. It still felt awkward to ask, and her crest feathers flattened in an involuntary display of self-consciousness, but she powered through. "Why do you all do it?"
"Why do we do what?" Behind the serious expression she thought there just might have been a bit of a twinkle in his eye as he responded. He was as familiar with ja'kee by now as she was with humans, after all.
"This." She gestured at the tank with a spread of pinion feathers. "This whole insane plan. Why do you put yourselves so... fully into everything? Especially the advance force? You have to know that nobody would have blamed you if you'd held back, asked for a more equal distribution of forces."
Any twinkle was definitely gone now. The humans had taken hideous losses during the more chaotic early days of the war. Their fleets had fought more desperately than any, falling back from system to system as the xeotasi advance had ground onward in a seemingly endless tide of steel and hate. They left behind a trail of broken starships and blood as they'd held out longer than anyone dreamed possible, buying time for the evacuation of what pathetically few civilians could be saved. All of the allied races had paid dearly for those rescued souls, but the humans had borne by far the brunt of it, and the others knew they owed them a debt that could never be repaid.
Yet if the humans were aware of that, they showed no sign of it. Even as they rebuilt, they refused to accept any withdrawal of what remained of their forces from the front line. And when the need to strike back, somehow, at any cost had become brutally apparent, it was the humans who had come up with the insane plan that just might have made it possible, and it was the humans who had assigned themselves the most dangerous role in that plan. And she wanted to know why. What drove them?
"Well, someone's gotta do it." The statement could have been humorous if it hadn't been delivered in such a serious tone. "I could say it was because it was our idea," he continued. "Or because we're the ones best suited to it. But mostly" - he looked her dead in the eye - "it's because fuck those bastards."
She surprised herself with a brief trill of laughter, bursting out before she could suppress it. Could humans never stay serious for more than a moment? She saw him give a quick grin of his own at getting her to laugh, but his expression quickly became serious once more.
"I agree they deserve it," she replied, still trying to make her crest feathers settle down, "though perhaps I wouldn't put it quite that way. But..." Her feathers quickly fell again. "You still didn't have to volunteer yourselves for the entire advance fleet. We would have gladly taken a part in that for you." And, the unspoken thought continued, you wouldn't have to sacrifice yourselves again for us.
She knew he could hear the unspoken continuation as well as she did. Only the humans would have considered using the 'short range' fold-drive to have an advanced force cross something like the gulf without using the hyperlanes. Even with the ludicrously stripped-down and overpowered ships the humans had built the trip would take an entire rotation (it would have been five for anyone else), and the drive radiation meant the crews had to make the trip in shielded hibernation pods. Not that they could have made the trip normally anyway since the ships had sacrificed everything else for speed, stealth, and firepower to such an extent that they couldn't even carry more than a couple weeks' life support. Or much in the way of defenses.
Of course, the xeotasi's scanners could normally still detect the drive wakes in time to give warning. But only humans would have considered dropping to real space a half-rotation out and coasting the rest of the way completely blind to avoid that. And only the humans would have thought to do all of that to slip an advance force behind enemy lines specifically to mount a perfectly timed sneak attack, alone, against some of the heaviest defenses in known space, solely to cause as much confusion as possible so that the main allied fleets could make the jump into those defenses without catastrophic losses.
It was a brilliant plan. It was also an insane one. And the humans had insisted on the advance forces being their responsibility. She'd objected back when the idea had first been proposed, but the humans had been unmovable. One of them had commented that they were 'used to Airborne operations', which had confused her but made the rest of the humans laugh. She'd resolved to try to track down whatever that was a reference to, but somehow had never quite gotten around to it. Maybe if she had done so before, she might not have had to ask now, but she supposed late was better than never.
"We know." There was no longer any humor in his voice or manner. "And we appreciate it. But this is just something we have to do."
"But not alone, surely?" she argued. It didn't seem right.
"We're not alone," he replied, and she could see the gratitude for that in his face. "Your dreadnought will be going in right next to mine in the main assault tomorrow, after all. We'd never be able to do it without you." In a breach of all discipline and custom he reached out one hand, and briefly rested it on her outermost wing-finger where she gripped the holotank's rail. Somehow, she found she didn't mind.
"It's just..." He hesitated. She held her peace, giving him space as he obviously struggled to put his thoughts into speech.
"For starters, this is our crazy plan." One corner of his mouth briefly quirked upwards in a parody of a smile, and she felt a distant flicker of amusement. There was that human irreverence again. "We came up with it, so how could we ask anyone else to take that riskiest spot for us?"
"But it's not just that. Even if it hadn't been our idea, it's our job to stand in the way. To take those risks so that nobody else has to." His gaze had gone distant. "We owe it to you, and to ourselves."
He paused for a moment before continuing in a hard voice. "There's some things you just have to fight with everything you've got. We couldn't call ourselves human if we didn't. We've seen this sort of darkness, this... evil, before. Not so bad, thank God, but we have. There've been some ugly times in our past. Things we're not proud of. Things we never want to see anyone else have to deal with."
"But we decided a long time ago that when you see something like this, you stop it, no matter what." His voice was hammered iron, and his eyes flashed. "It took a while, but we finally got ourselves together - most of us anyway - and put our foot down and said no. It might have taken a few tries to get it to stick, but eventually it did, and we will be damned if we stand by and watch it happen again!"
He took a deep breath and turned away, staring into the holotank once more and leaning on its rail, and a long pause passed before he spoke again.
"And we've done this before." His voice was quiet now, almost pensive. "How could we stand up in front of our ancestors and tell them that we couldn't make the same sacrifices they did? 'The eyes of the world are upon us.' We will not be found wanting."
He gave a sigh. "I just hope this works out as well as the original did."
She stood in silence, blinking as his words seemed to echo in her ears. It was an uncharacteristic outburst from the normally reserved human. Her wing rose almost of its own accord, hovering above his back as she felt the urge to comfort him as he had done for her. But the ironclad force of custom ran too deep, and she lowered it again, not without a feeling of regret.
Not knowing what else to do, she gave a sound of agreement as she turned to follow his gaze into the tank, wishing as she had rarely wished for anything before that she knew what he was referring to. She supposed she had known intellectually that human history was, of course, just as rich as that of her own species, but it had never really come to her attention before. But this... this was something worth understanding.
It was an ancient teaching that sometimes, as the wheel turned, there came events that were more than mere history. They were a crucible, the vessel in which a people's identity was forged, to be hammered out on the anvil of destiny. They came only rarely, but she already knew that this war would be one of those times for all of them, just like the Gates of Jar'ka'han had been for her people before they ever left their homeworld to join the heavens.
And, of course, the humans had their own, of which she knew nothing. She felt strangely bereft at the thought. She needed to know, to understand the trials that drove such resolution. To share the emotion, instead of being on the outside looking in.
She vowed to repair the gap in her knowledge as soon as possible. Assuming she survived.
Her eyes traced once more the five hyperlanes crossing the gulf, terminating at the five xeotasi-held systems that were their objectives. Spread in a ragged line across a hundred light-years of space, they were labeled in human script. The sight was a familiar one from endless planning sessions and briefings, and given the humans' inexplicable obsession with nonsensical code names she hadn't given their renaming of those systems a second thought. But now... now she wondered.
Five targets. Five beacons in the endless black. Five portals that would lead to liberation, or to eternity. Five aeries on which their assault would break like the gods' own hammer - or be broken. And five brief, cryptic tags attached to those dots of light.
A day late, but hopefully not a dollar short. The inspiration only came to me last night. This anniversary hits harder than it used to.
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2023.06.07 23:58 Gel_007 The Founding Chapter 6

June 10th, 327
It’s been a bit since I’ve written here. I decided to give Augustine a looser leash and I allowed him to explore the outside world as long as he knew what he was doing.
June 11th, 327
Augustine said he had something to tell me later tonight, he’d been exploring almost every day now, the active sense of adventure that boy has honestly impresses me.
A: Hey Zach
Z: Hey what’s up?
A: I wanna tell you about something I found while I was exploring the other day.
Z: Spill then.
A: Alright, so as I was playing around with my long distance teleportation spell and I ended up on the base of a large mountain range. It was strange as I couldn’t teleport all the way to the top, it was like something within the very mountain’s mineral makeup was negating my attempts to teleport up to its peak. So I decided to scale the mountain the old fashion way: climbing it. Thanks to the enhancements given to me by that project I scaled the mountain in no time, and the other side? It was like nothing the world has ever seen, the mountain range was hiding a large gulf of water, a large island placed just within the gulf, lush forest and 2 large mountains towards the center, a place that seemed untouched by time itself. It could be the perfect place to permanently hide from the Templar, after all we can only hide in this cabin for so long before they eventually find us.
I was certainly surprised at the fact that he was able to scale an entire mountain with seemingly very little effort, but what interested me more was the island he discovered. He claimed it looked “untouched” but the higher ups at the Templar claimed they have colonized nearly all the available land in this world so to have an entire island be left untouched is almost like foreign concept, something of legend.
Z: An untouched island? Not only untouched but also unheard of. The Templar said they’ve colonized all known land in this world.
A: I know! But I couldn’t see any mana towers among the trees or any humans from the peak of the mountains.
Z: Well if still untouched after all this time, chances are that they won’t find it anytime soon.
A: exactly! A place where the Templar will never reach…solemn look
Z: What's wrong Augustine? The memories and thoughts haunting you again?
A: yea, I’m sorry to constantly bother you with them but I’ve kept them contained for too long
Z: Hey, hey it’s alright. You’ve never been a bother at all, helping you deal with your issues is what friends are for.
A: I appreciate it Zach, for the longest time Elock was really the only friend I’ve ever had so it’s enlightening hearing someone else say that, to this day I still wonder where she is today and if she’s even alive! I used to have nightmares where I would meet her again just to discover that she’s-
Z: it’s alright, I’m sure she thinks about you every day too and most likely wonders the same every night.
A: Yeah I know, but it’s hard remaining optimistic in this world with the whole war between humans and keidran going on.
Z: Well to me that island sounds like a great place to start.
A: agreed.
Augustine and I agreed to visit the island he found beyond the mountains tomorrow, he thinks it’ll be the perfect place to hide from the Templar.
June 12th, 327
Augustine said that the mountain range was incredibly far, about days worth of running in Augustine’s estimation, so teleporting there is just another thing to add to the list of things he impresses me with. While the material the mountain range is composed of prevents any magic from directly interacting with them, they don’t extend beyond that, so Augustine offered to fly us up there using a telekinetic spell.
Turns out Augustine is only used to telekinetically lifting one item, how do I know? Because he accidentally dropped me. Luckily I landed in a tree. After traversing both sides of the mountain and making it across the water, we arrived on the island at last and man Augustine wasn’t lying. It truly was beautiful, lush fruit bearing trees, 2 large mountains and not even the smallest hint of Templar interference!
We headed further inland and decided to stay at the valley between the 2 mountains with Augustine immediately getting to work and hacking away at the tree with the guard’s sword. After a few hours of work, Augustine already had a large pile of planks with me barely keeping up and Augustine teasing me about it, oh I’m sorry not everyone is a magically enhanced super soldier.
It was beginning to grow dark and we made the decision to head back to the cabin for today and continue the build some later time. Augustine made a waypoint in the cabin so getting back was easy though it had some issues as it took a while to activate. I took a rock sample from the mountains to analyze back at the cabin.
June 13th, 327
This was fascinating! The rock sample I took had incredibly unique properties never before seen! Its primary ability was “absorbing” sources of mana. I had stabbed one of our mana crystals into the rock and I observed as it broke down the crystal over the course of an hour! This explains why Augustine couldn’t teleport up the mountain. So even if the Templar did find the mountain they would never get over it, even with the most powerful mages magic.
Augustine had gone out to town again, he said it was to pick up building tools to help shore up the house we were building. He claimed he could handle it on his own and despite me wanting to protest, I let him go through with it. Unfortunately the town we went to around a week ago didn’t have a hardware store as any construction must run through Lulio first, so Augustine had to head to the neighboring town to see if he could find anything there.
(Cut to Augustine’s pov)
Thoughts: “ugh cmon how hard could a hardware store be to find, it feels like I’ve been searching for hours already!”
sees sign with a hammer on it
“Gah! Finally!”
heads inside
Shopkeeper: Greetings sir! How may I assist you today?
“Uhh it’s alright I can handle it on my own, thanks for the offer though!”
Thoughts: this time the illusion should last longer as these mana crystals are fresh rather than being recharged.
grabs a large amount of nails, 2 hammers, some axes to preserve his sword, saws, sand paper, and stone blocks
Shopkeeper: Oh my sir, this is an awful load that you’ll have to carry on your own, are you sure you can handle it?
“Yes I’m sure…”
Shopkeeper: Are you sure? We have a policy that allows you to rent slaves to help you with whatever you’re working on.
“No, n-“
(Shopkeep rings a bell to send a slave to the front before Augustine could interject)
Thoughts: are you kidding me? Gahhh cmon Zack is waiting for me and I don’t wanna keep him on the line!
Female voice: coming!
Augustine: frustrated and staring at the floor
Shopkeeper: How about this one? Hard worker she is, very cooperative, very friendly.
Augustine: looks up
Elock: hello sir! How may I assist you today?
Thoughts: E- Elock?! When?! How?! I thought you worked for a farmer?! I can’t say anything, it'll reveal my identity to the worker! Okay, okay, okay just keep it calm!
“I- uh stuttering I changed my mind! She can help me, I’ll take her!”
Shopkeeper: I’m not surprised, she’s gone from owner to owner as she’s quite a hard worker, she’s worth a lot of money after being traded so many times before ending up at my place. 1000G for 7 days.
“I- yes I’ll take her”
Shopkeeper: perfect!
exits with supplies and Elock
Elock looking at Augustine’s wanted poster: solemn
“Something wrong?”
Elock: oh! N-nothing! It’s just these ropes binding my hands are just a bit tight! And W-where are we heading sir? We’re outside of town at this point and I- uh-
A: chuckles a bit you’re still just as bad as ever at hiding your nervousness Elock
Elock: Ah- I- how do you know my name?!
A: unties the rope and disables illusion It’s been a while, wouldn’t you agree?
Elock in shock and on the verge of tears: I…A…trembling, mouth slightly ajar in shock
A: what? Cat got your tongue? Well I guess that’s true consid-
Elock: pounces on him AUGUSTINE! I’ve missed you so much!How have you been?!Where did you- starts talking so fast that even Augustine couldn’t keep up with what she was saying and weeping happy tears profusely on his shirt
A: slightly choking from how tight she’s hugging him it’s okay, it’s okay! I’ve missed you too. I almost thought you were gonna be de- ow ow! Stop it I was kidding!
Elock: blep I know. Not a single day went by where I didn’t think about you! And say weren't your eyes brown before?
A: I’m flattered that you still remember and well…it’s kind of a long story…but first let’s retreat to safety. teleports with Elock
A: …and then I ended up here
Elock: That’s incredible! You sure had been on a wild cart ride while I was gone! I wish I could have been there.
A: It's not as glamorous as it sounds, that experiment was agony incarnate, it’s a wonder I survived! In fact I was the only one who came out alive, though the powers I got bestowed with are certainly nothing to complain about but still the effects after we’re brutal.
Elock: glad you did, the way you and Zach escaped the facility was incredible.
A: well he can tell you all about it points to cabin we’ve arrived
Zach opens door
A: Hey Zach, I’m back from my shopping spree.
Z: Augustine what took you so long? The plan was to just get the supplies and get out.
A: I know! But I got a bit off track. I found someone very special.
Elock: pokes head through the door Mrow?
A: meet Elock, remem-
Z: her! The keidran you met when you were 10?
A: yup to Elock it’s alright Elock it’s fine he won’t bite.
Elock: H- hello sir.
Z: please call me Zach. It’s a pleasure.
shakes hand
Elock: it’s a nice place you 2 have here.
A: It was by sheer luck that we found this place actually.
Z: Yeah, the blast was much larger than we’d anticipated and even if my house remained intact, they’d still come searching for me.
Elock: Well lucky you found this place when you did.
A: Are you hungry Elock? We have some steak leftovers.
Elock: oh, I am actually, thank you!
Z: say Elock…
Elock: yes?
Z: Would you mind telling us your journey? I’d love to learn.
A: Zach!
Z: Right, sorry.
Elock: No, no Augustine, it’s alright. I don’t mind in the slightest.
Life in the rainforest regions was paradise, plenty of food, clean sources of water, plenty of building materials, and a beautiful sight to wake up to everyday. My parents worked directly under the matriarch, Lektra(keidran for bolt/thunder) so me being born was almost as exciting as the coronation of the matriarch herself. Unfortunately that swiftly came to a close when Lulio decided to use our home as farmland and despite protests from Lektra, Lulio still went through with the plan. In a flash everything was pretty much destroyed. Our warriors tried to fight back but were eliminated instantly, I was about 3 when this happened and the memory still burns strong to this day.
Augustine: muttering under his breath psychotic bastard…
Elock: I know how you feel, Augustine, trust me I do.
A: I know, I’m sorry
Elock: holds his hand It's alright.
After the destruction of my people and my home, I was sent into the town and stayed in a keidran only home until my 4th birthday. Instead of pleasant accommodations like human orphan homes, all we got was a pillow and some sheets to make ourselves comfortable with, most of us slept on the hardwood floor and it was unbearable. Lulio passed a law where keidran as young as 4 would be eligible for work. After my 4th birthday I was almost immediately whisked off to work on a farm, while the job was tough, they at least gave me my own room and bed, one of their guests even took a small liking to me but tragically he died of a lung infection.
Z: I lament your journey and loss Elock, I can’t imagine how tough this was to bear all at once.
Elock: please it’s okay, you don’t have to apologize for anything. None of this is any of your wrongdoing.
Z: You said your people were killed but what about your parents? Did they survive too?
Elock: Oh right! My parents were spared as they opted to surrender peacefully and they were sold to different owners. I used to occasionally see them from time to time but after I moved I had to say a tearful goodbye to both them and Augustine. playfully pinches his cheek
Z: You’re strong for getting through that, not many could take that much.
Elock: I appreciate that.
Z: Do you have any idea where your parents are right now?
Elock: I think they’re still in the same tow- Augustine? Are you okay?
A: on the other hand gripping the table so hard that it was gonna break, eyes with a look of both confusion and rage
Elock: Augustine?
A: I- I saw them…
Elock: What do you mean?
A: They were there…in the same room.
Elock: Are you talking about the operation?
A: Y- yes…I saw them, both of them. They were in the operation too, part of the 10 keidrans selected to be in the experiment. I briefly saw them looking at me, they were scared but I couldn’t do a damn thing to help them and now they're dead! slowly growing hysterical
Elock: Augustine!
A: snaps out of his hysterics
Elock: it’s not your fault! Neither of you have to feel guilty!
A: I know, but I just wish I could have done something to help them, but I was just a powerless child.
Z: Augustine. We all wish we could have done something to stop Lulio’s plan, we all feel the same way just please don’t put all the blame on yourself.
A: I know, I'm sorry…
Elock: it’s alright…we’re all here to support you, you got hit the hardest out of all so you should be the one to be the one who receives sympathy.
A: …thanks guys, It feels like it’s been so long since I’ve heard something so comforting.
Elock: don’t worry, we’ll never leave and when we do, we’ll leave together.
A: …oh! Elock, I hate to do this but would you mind helping us with something? We found a place that could be our key to salvation.
Elock: Of course! I don’t mind in the slightest.
A: teleports all 3 of them via waypoint
Elock: in awe of the island I…this is incredible! It reminds me so much of my home! And you were right! There’s no hint of Templar activity at all!
A: We were just as shocked as you are right now when we first found it. I mean like Zach said, the Templar claimed that they have settled on all available land in this world.
Elock: Well then, let’s make good use of this place, so let’s get to work!
A: I couldn't have said it better myself.
hours later, the trio had finished building a moderate sized wooden house
A: woo! Not bad for a day's work, am I right?
Elock: Mrrrr…man that was a nice workout!
Z: Tell me about it!
A: So Elock, should we tell Zach?
Elock: I think so!
Z: Tell me…what?
A: Well…on the way here, Elock and I started thinking and we were thinking of a way we could free other slaves from their captors.
Z: sigh… well at this point, I know better than to criticize your plan before even hearing it so go ahead, spill it on me.
A: Operation: torchwick
  1. Elock would be our messenger, using her spare time to get any other slaves on board with the plan, amassing as many as possible.
  2. On the large hill next to the town, we plant a large amount of gray mana crystals. Where downhill wind will carry the effect down into the town
(Gray mana crystals were created for a special purpose, making large smokescreens on the battlefield)
  1. I would then use a spell that emits a light that can’t be perceived by humans but can be seen by keidrans and basitins alike, Which would act as the signal to go for it.
  2. The group would then head towards the light where we would then break for the mountains as fast as possible.
(Unfortunately the waypoint spell barely lasts for even a few days, and teleporting a large group of people via waypoint could be tough even for me)
I would then use as much of my power as possible to telekinetic lift as many refugees as possibl-
Z: Yeah…considering that you almost dropped me off the side of the mountain, I think even you would have trouble lifting a bunch of slaves.
A: hey!
Elock: Mreeheehee!
A: anyways! After we figure out a way to get everyone up there, we’ll be untouchable!
Z: huh…well from one chaotic strategist to another, it’s worth a shot.
A: Perfect! See Elock?
Elock: mew?
A: I kept the promise I made, all those years ago! when we meet again, it’ll be your freedom.
To be continued
Also for anyone who wants to know a bit more about Elock:
Name: Elock of the rainforest leopards
Species: rainforest leopard
Languages: human, keidran
Physical characteristics: yellow fur, black nose marking, black rosettes running down back and onto tail, unusually big and poofy tail, butter yellow hair with black streaks, faint outline of heart pattern on her behind
Height: 5’4”
Age: 9 years(was 4 when she met Augustine)
Eye color: emerald green
Mental characteristics:
-Quick learner
-Eager to help
-Bad at hiding panic
-Heart of gold
-Shy but slowly growing out of it
Likes: adventure, rain, storytelling, being adored, helping, hugs(especially from Augustine), pouncing on people she cares about.
Dislikes: slavery, Templar(although not as intensely as most others)
Unlike most, Elock had the ability to both read and write prior to slavery, being taught by both her parents and Lektra herself. Spending most of her time reading and drawing using whatever material she could find.
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2023.06.07 23:57 DDoubleBlinDD Everyone's a Catgirl! Ch. 219: Sapphire of the Emperor

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The Port of Meow. Tristan thought he wouldn’t be surprised by the world’s naming conventions after he’d heard terms like ‘Myana,’ and ‘Onyans,’ but this one struck him as funny. Maybe it was the lack of sleep from their conditions on the boat. Every time one of the girls said it, he laughed.
“There are so many people,” Destiny murmured as they entered the port city. “And all the buildings are so close together!”
Lara inhaled a deep breath. “Wind brings so many flavors with her. I have never smelled so many spices.” She pointed at one building, then the next, then a third. “Earth is the ruler here. Each one of these structures begins and ends with him.”
It really was incredible. The strips of buildings carried a spirit of older Chinese architecture, using a bilateral symmetry that stemmed from one focal structure into secondary components on either side—like wings on a giant bird. He was fascinated in middle school by Asian and Middle-Eastern design, and to see it dominating an entire island in a completely different world was mind-boggling.
Such an intricate, elegant city. Called the Port of Meow.
Tristan laughed.
Destiny gently touched his forehead with the back of her hand. “Tristan? Are you feeling alright?”
“Yes, sorry. I’m fine. Just tired.” Her skin felt cool against his. “I guess I did laugh at a weird time, huh?”
Destiny chewed her lip. “It isn’t just that. You’re very pale.”
Lara bent her knees and looked into his face. “My sister is correct, Young Master. I would advise we find a place to rest.”
A sure hand clapped him on his shoulder. Matt was suddenly beside him, his Party at his side. “Ready to get something to eat?”
Tristan’s chest tightened, and he licked his lips. He suddenly felt very dizzy. “C-could you show us where to stay? I’m not feeling well.”
Cannoli danced to his side, her hands deep inside her [Cat Pack]. “Poor Tristan! I may have a potion! Let me look!”
“That’s sweet of you, Cannoli, but we’ll take care of him,” Destiny said, favoring Tristan with a worried glance. “If we need anything, I’ll let you know.”
“The Spider Lily’s this way.” Ravyn grabbed Matt’s arm and tugged him away from Tristan. “Don’t crowd Tristan. He looks like he’s about to faint.”
Thanks, Ravyn.
Destiny hooked her arm through Tristan’s, and Lara copied on his opposite side. They made their way through the crowds together, drawing the eyes of almost every catgirl they passed.
The port was bustling with activity. Sailors and merchants loaded boats on the multitude of docks while vendors in tents hawked last-minute travel supplies and whatever ‘San Specials’ were. In the sprawling wings on either side of the center building, there were small restaurants, shops, an armorer, and a tailor. Excited murmurs and laughter echoed from all angles, making it hard to hear one another as they fought through the throngs.
It was nothing like Venicia.
It turned out the Spider Lily was the center building. An expansive inn lit by dozens of paper lanterns, with metal gates forged by geometric patterns. Opaque windows mirrored the gates’ rectangular motif, flecked with golden embellishments and pieces of colored glass.
Ravyn led them inside. Incense burned on a polished podium, and they were greeted by a pair of young women in high-collared dresses, their dark hair tied away from their faces.
“Welcome to the Spider Lily,” the woman in red said, bowing deeply. “You are Cailu’s companions, are you not?”
Ravyn made a sound between choking and gagging.
“You could say that,” Matt replied before Tristan could say anything. He nudged Ravyn with his elbow and offered a wry smile.
“Very good. I am Ayu, and this is Nalee. Your rooms will be free for the duration of your stay,” Ayu, the woman in blue, announced, copying her companion’s bow. “There are two suites on the second floor; one for each of you.”
Tristan exchanged a confused glance with Matt.
“Just two?” Keke asked first.
“Yes, miss. You will find four beds in each suite, as well as a full-service washroom. Is this not to your liking?” Nalee tilted her head to the side. “Perhaps we can find something more suitable?”
“No, that’s perfect. Thank you very much,” Tristan said with a wave of his hand. “It’s more than enough.”
“Excellent, sir. We have stationed Kaori and Ratu on the floor as well. They will retrieve anything you require. Food, drinks, travel necessities, you need only say the word, and they will bring it to you,” Ayu continued. “Should they fail to meet your needs, Nalee and I will both see this rectified.”
“Pardon me, miss, but how will charges for these items be collected?” Ceres asked.
“Cailu has assured us that he will settle your tab,” Nalee said. “It is not yours to bear.”
Tristan heard Cannoli mutter to Keke, “We can order anything?
Keke nodded.
Cannoli took Buttons from her shoulder and looked at him excitedly. “We can get you so many peanuts!
Ravyn cackled. That was the laugh of a girl with dad’s metal credit card in her wallet.
“We will not cause Sir Cailu to regret this generosity,” Ceres replied with a deep bow and pointed glare at Ravyn. “It is a great kindness, and we thank you.”
“I just need some water,” Tristan said, leaning his head against Lara’s shoulder.
Destiny raised her hand. “Can we please get our key? We would like to go up now.”
“Of course, miss.” Nalee retrieved a key on a delicate chain from behind the podium and handed it to Destiny. “Please enjoy your stay.”
“Why don’t we head off to the Golden Dragon first?” Matt suggested to his Party. “We can come back and check on them after.”
Ravyn gawked. “Did you not hear what the lady just said?”
“I did. And I’m with Ceres on this one. Come on.” Matt waved his group outside.
Keke laughed as they filtered through the door.
“Let us go upstairs,” Lara said, squeezing Tristan’s arm.
“Yeah. Good idea.”
Destiny and Lara guided him up the two flights to the second floor, and Tristan’s vertigo grew worse. It was like a combination of seasickness and stepping off the teacup ride at an amusement park. The world would just not stop moving.
“Hello, sir. My name is Kaori.” A green-haired girl bowed in the hallway of the second floor.
“And I’m Ratu. Just let us know if you need anything at all.” A head of short blonde hair ducked deep with her bow.
“Thank you both,” Tristan replied, unsure if he had the energy for proper introductions.
Destiny unlocked the door to their room and pushed it open. The dark hallway gave way to a room of colorful screens and vibrant tapestries. The single room was bigger than the apartment Tristan grew up in—each bed could fit three people without an issue.
As soon as they were inside, Destiny knelt to help Tristan take off his boots.
“Y-you don’t have to do that,” Tristan said, embarrassment burning into his face.
“I want to,” Destiny said, continuing to untie the laces.
Lara moved to one of the beds, turning down the blankets with expert precision. The sheets fell with perfect symmetry, the rectangles laying parallel to the headboard. She smoothed the bottom layer and stepped back, looking expectantly at Tristan.
“Girls—” he began.
“Please. Let us use all of this etiquette training.” Destiny laughed, sliding the second boot from Tristan’s foot. “We can’t let Kaori and Ratu show us up.”
“Alright,” he relented. “Just this once.”
Destiny took his hand and led him to the bed.
He stared at the freshly pressed white sheet for a long time. “Will you two join me?”
Destiny’s eyes widened, and she hissed in a tiny breath.
Lara took his hand in both of hers, her airy voice taking on a tone of concern. “Young master, your current physical state will not allow you to perform—”
“That’s not what I mean,” he cut her off, a little harsher than he meant to. “I’m sorry. What I meant was… I just want to be close to you right now.”
“Of course, Tristan,” Destiny replied softly. “Here, lie down.”
They situated him in the middle of the bed, making sure his feet were under the blankets and tucking him to the waist. Lara was the first to slide under the covers, wiggling her way to Tristan’s right side. He hooked an arm around her waist and pulled her close until her head rested on his shoulder.
“You are very warm,” she noted.
“And you’re very soft.” Tristan chuckled. “Destiny?”
Destiny turned multiple shades of red. She held her hands tightly clasped in front of her apron, her gaze never resting on one place. “I-I’m sorry. Is this really okay?”
“Yes,” he said, holding a hand out toward her. “Please?”
Destiny nodded and lifted the covers with care. One leg pressed beneath, then the other. She shifted forward, taking Tristan’s hand and letting him guide her to his side. With a slow exhale, she relaxed against him, trapping his left thigh between her legs.
“You’re soft, too,” Destiny whispered, wrapping her tail around his ankle.
“And you’re wonderful,” Tristan murmured. “Both of you are.” He yawned and closed his eyes, already feeling the warm descent into sleep.
On a foreign island, in a stranger’s bed, Tristan felt more at home than he ever had in Nyarlea.

Destiny Pro Tip: I can't wait to try the food! And we can eat it in our room like a picnic! Oh! Shhh, he's sleeping.
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2023.06.07 23:55 rigov2046 35 [M4F] DMV/NoVa 6’2, Romantic Naval Officer and Professor for Girlfriend

BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): Stats and Interests Below the Cut-Line. Rationale and Compatibility Analysis Directly Below.
I am seeking monogamy and commitment from one lady and I am willing to show the same. Currently located in Northern Virginia, but will undoubtedly re-locate due to my career within the next 18 months or so.
I think that the only reasons we might not be compatible are preferences for looks, our careers (especially me in the Navy), sexual compatibility, and how we spend our free time. As for other reasons- I pride myself in communication, problem solving, patience, chivalry, authenticity, and being altruistic.
Statistics: 6’2, Soon to be 36 YO, 196 lbs, 34 waist, Pulse 52, BP 118/72, Shoe- 12, xxx-7.25, Credit Score 807. Foster Homes Lived In-28, Schools Attended- 23. 43 countries visited, Deployments (USN)- 5, Kids- 0. Black Hair, Hazel Eyes, Lean-Athletic Muscular build. Sweet smile, great calves, aging grey temples, youthful/positive face. The usually response I get is either “fuck yes” or “fuck no” - I realize I am not everyone’s type. 5k PR: 1557- college. Mile-4:17- high school (RI all-state). Undergrad: USNA. Master’s: GWU, USNWC
Red Flags 2 Marriages, 1 other Engagement. Broken hearts- many. Times broken-hearted- 2. Currently separated. Introverted and Calculated decision maker due to upbringing. Analytical for good and bad reasons. Harry Potter House Ravenclaw Hat-Stall to Slytherin. Left-Handed, 800M SAT Score. Have won over 600k lifetime gambling (A hobby now, used to be a matter of life/death when I was youngehomeless as a teen).
Personality Assessment: Altruistic and Thoughtful people-pleaser. Detail-oriented and sexually charged gentleman. More cooperative and curious than critical. Constantly self-assessing and self-correcting, reflective and strives for improvement. Aims to use own experience to better others in close proximity and to scale. INTJ, love languages physical touch and quality time. Future POTUS, RI GOV, or Government SES, Navy Ship Captain. Vulnerability, Passion, and Compassion are Hallmarks (See Brene Brown/Esther Perel TED Talks).
Interests: Sports fanatic- specifically Boston teams. Board/Card games. Intellectual/Philosophical conversations. Human Behavior, Running, Walking, Pokémon Go, improving my teams around me, including family. Road trips, traveling- especially San Diego, Miami, Vegas, NYC, the beach, kissing, giving massages, finding a partner who wants to deeply connect romantically and physically and discuss and act out our fantasies. Improving our EQ and erotic intelligence together.
Someone will really like this and I hope if you are interested, we could write our success story here. I am an eternal optimist and I realize that you can’t small talk on apps the way I would really like to get to the heart of serious issues. If you are genuinely ambitious yet humble from our beginnings- maybe one of us is the First Spouse to the other, or, the half of a great partnership and earn the title of best parent, or co-chefs in our house together. Coach of the kids’s sports team is cool, too.
I have almost all the pieces I have to make life great and for me it is- just hoping to find that force multiplier where we can enhance our lives and take each other to a place of leadership and bliss that not even we can imagine right now!
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2023.06.07 23:53 tea-witch I think my ex left me for someone else and tried to gaslight me about it.

I (20f) ended my first relationship of a year and a half with Matt (21M) a day ago from writing this post. My emotions are all over the place but mostly, after looking back, I'm mostly just angry and hurt. Buckle up because I have a lot to unpack here and a lot of set up before we get to the relevance of the title.
As I had stated previously, this was my first ever relationship, but it was not Matt's first, and it was long distance, which will become more relevant later. We met through a dating app and hit it off immediately and very quickly became friends, spending hours talking, gaming, watching movies, spending time together into the early AMs. Two months after meeting, after flirting heavily with each other I said something along the lines of "haha what if we introduced each other as partners but its mostly just for the title" I REALLY liked Matt but before this he had mentioned being hesitant about relationships and he replied "what you're talking about is an open relationship, is that what you wanna do?" I was naive, and falling hard for him, so I agreed without really knowing what an open relationship was. I assumed something like polyamory, which I was honestly down to try, this being my first relationship and the idea to explore sounded nice.
The relationship started and I was happy, doing my best to learn and adjust to Matt's needs and ideals and at the time I felt he was doing well fulfilling mine. The topic of openness popped up a few times and I said something like "I'm okay if you explore just please let me know if stuff is going on so I'm not left wondering" Which I still think is fair, being long distance it would have been nice to know why he hasn't called me that day or who he was spending hours with and why. I felt like it was good communication. Matt seemed a little weirded out by this and said something like "Well thats not really what an open relationship IS but okay I can live with that" and then doubted my open/ploy-ness to which I said I was still okay with the idea, and I was.
I really did my best to be the cool girlfriend and let him explore and even tried to explore myself, I thought things were going well until our first biggest fight. Matt had a lot going on in his life and I can't blame him for any of it, We all have our low moments. I started to notice that his "i love you"s sounded super automatic and empty and he just seemed super uninterested in me as a person, when I finally got him to talk about it he admitted he was going through a lot and wasn't sure if he loved me anymore. I had done nothing wrong, according to him, but he couldn't help the way he felt. That hurt more than anything to hear that from someone I loved deeply, it caused many tears on both sides but I was determined to stay by his side and offered to be more of a glorified friend and stop with all the "i love you" talk so he didn't feel pressured into returning the gesture and he agreed. It hurt and it was a little scary knowing he wasn't sure about me but I stuck by his side and dropped all the "i love you" stuff. Eventually he started doing it on his own later and i was a little taken aback, I kind of expected a conversation about him doing better and ready to go back to the way we were. When I asked if he was sure he was okay saying "i love you" to me after that he laughed and said "oh yeah i forgot about that, yeah its fine" and that was that. But even after everything was seemingly resolved, I couldn't shake the doubt and I constantly worried that I was being too much for him and that I was going to drive him to that breaking point again. It was not his fault that life just got to that point and it probably wasn't fair to constantly doubt him and question but with all our little spats that followed, it started to pile up.
They were almost always resolved and over in a day but I'll make a list of the ones I remember:
-Why he hasn't introduced me to his ANY of friends almost a year into the relationship after I had introduced him to all mine. (this came up again a year+ into the relationship and I think its worth mentioning that almost all his friends were long distance/online friends)
-Why he wasn't telling me anything about the friend who would spend the night at his house every few months, who was a girl. (I only found out what her name was a year into the relationship, after she had been over multiple times)
-Why he wouldn't post me for our anniversary, my birthday, or just ever.
-We had never met up in person but whenever I had money and offered to fly over and stay awhile, and whenever he had the money he would start talking about it but then say he couldn't justify spending that much money on something like that. (even though we could have swung a short trip for like less than $800)
Matt would always tell me he didn't think introducing me to his friends mattered all that much and he was afraid of mixing friend groups, and he was "grossly close" with some of them and didn't want me or them weirded out by each other. He said that me knowing the name of the girl coming over wasn't important because nothing happened. Posting about his relationships just wasnt him and he's never done it before, which is fair. And he just wanted to have disposable income before visting each other. He would reassure me and I did my absolute best to adjust and respect that maybe thats just how he was as a person. It's worth noting that he pretty much was never the one making the adjustment. The most I got him to do was post a picture of a gift I bought him and asked him to say it was from me, to which he posted in his close friends story and didnt mention me by name or tag me, and I got him to barely start mentioning his friends by name, all that a year into the relationship.
Self doubt and doubt in others IS something that I need to work on, I do admit its one of my faults, and I was trying to work on it so I could be the partner he deserved. Throughout all these little fights and spats, he often questioned my open/ploy-ness, a lot and I was always unsure, I needed to maybe experiment before I could decide so he introduced me a friend of his, the ONLY time he introduced me to a long time friend, to try three-way sexting. I tried it, didn't hate it but didnt love it. The friend was super nice and I liked her a lot, but I wasnt too found of the experience but I decided to really sit on it before I decided.
That, is when Kay entered the picture. Matt met Kay on the same dating app we met on, he spend an entire day with her and when I asked for him to call me to say goodnight he said he was busy hanging out with someone. The next day I asked who he was hanging out with and he told me about Kay and said stuff like "shes the one person I've gotten along with so well... since you obviously" "maybe if I play my cards right something will happen" "I have no idea what her intentions with me are but if something happens that would be cool" all of this is while we were still under the open relationship label. Matt spent a lot of time with Kay, they spent time together while I was at work (they're both unemployed), sometimes Matt would leave me hanging to spend time with her and put me on the back burner until she went to bed for the night. Matt eventually introduced me to Kay and maybe it was the jealousy, but I did not like her. She seemed very self centered, constantly talked about her exes, whinned about not having a sugar mommy anymore, and if you had a sad story or experience to share, she had a worse one, and she and Matt spoke, it was like I was the third wheel. She wasn't a bad person but I couldn't shake the feeling something bad was going to happen.
I decided that this REALLY wasn't for me and decided to be honest with Matt.
Matt is poly, and thats just who he was and I didn't want to make him give up his identity, but I saw a future with him and wanted to be honest. So I did go to him and admit that maybe open/poly-ness wasnt for me right now and that I just REALLY wanted to meet up with him first and maybe come back to it another time. He wasn't happy about this and accused me of lying to him and myself. How dare I give something a chance and not like it. I admitted that I wasnt a fan of Kay and wasn't quite comfortable with how fast things were going as I was still his partner of a year and a half.
Now surely, he would listen to and consider the feelings of the girl he's been with for so long, his longest relationship, someone who cared for him so deeply right? Wrong.
Matt put up such a fight for Koda, saying that he understands I might be jealous but he wasn't going to stop spending time with her and being friends with her, and I never want to be the controling, jealous girlfriend so I said that was fine but couldn't help but be hurt by how quickly he was to stick by this girl he met a week ago. Things became rocky after that, Matt said it was fine and maybe he could live without polyamory or openness and kept saying "its fine. its whatever" even though I said that maybe my feelings would change once we met up and maybe even lived together. That night he looked to take a trip to see me and sounded serious about it. So the next day I asked about what would be a good time to take time off from my job and Matt was like "Actually im not sure if i want to spend that much money right now" (even though he spend anout half of what the trip would have cost on a new PC monitor the day before) and said that he was unsure about me and our relationship now.
I was hurt and admittedly probably didn't handle this as well as I wanted to, but I started to ask "wasnt I enough? shouldn't you be happy with just me?" and he tried to assure me that I was but he, in his own words, "I crave that spontaneity and excitement of meeting new people and the posablity of something happening, I don't want to live my life by a list" and that hurt way more than it should have. Wasn't I exciting enough? I had a hard time wrapping my head around it but I really tried. He then accused me of doubting him too much and that it was weighing heavy on him, and I felt terrible about it. We ended that fight without really resolving anything.
The next day I couldn't shake the anxiety and feeling so I called him and, aggressively, made him assure me that I was enough and ask to make sure he was SURE he could be monogamous with me. He said "I dunno I was hanging out with someone and we were about to play some valorant, I haven't really thought about it more but yeah its fine" and that was that. Later that same day, I could see that Kay and Matt had been playing Valorant all day, he was hanging out with Kay all day. They were matching banners in the game and hanging all day. I eventually asked if we could maybe call and spend time together he was like "yeah sure" and we did, but I dont think he realized I could see the messages Kay was sending him while he was streaming the game for me lol. Nothing crazy but she did message "At least we're in this and going through this together" and maybe I'm an over thinker but that just didn't sit right with me. Matt eventually asked "Uh... how long are you going to stay up for? I promised Kay I would play some more games after this."
I couldn't help but be pissed and I started to blow up on him "Haven't you spent time with her all day?" I asked to which he replied "I mean... Yeah I guess. Fine, I'll tell her I have to go." All reluctantly. Then the fighting started, he told me he hates jealousy and that he doesn't want to be told who he can and cant hang out with and "is this going to happen to any friend I introduce you to?", to which I told him that I don't really enjoy being jealous and that I have gotten along with the very few people he HAS introduced me to (literally three of them and none of them his CLOSE friends) and I snapped, saying "well maybe we should call it here then".
Matt got quiet and then started saying things like how he didn't feel secure in our relationship, that I lied to him about wanting to be open, that me constantly doubting him was weighing heavy on him, he was hurt that I once accused him of not being the best at communicating and that he's the one who has been in multiple relationships and "thinks he knows how to communicate by now" and he admitted that I was hard to love sometimes.
That hit me hard and I started to cry and apologize for being hard to love and for ruining our relationship, I genuinely felt it was all me and he did nothing to make me believe otherwise. He let me sob and apologize for ruining everything and the only things he really said was "I haven't done anything wrong, I don't think I have, unless you can name something" and after he told all the things about hurting him and being hard to love, in the moment I couldn't think of anything so I truly believed that it was all my fault. That night we broke up, and Matt was quick to remove me from group chats, discord servers, remove me from our joint doordash that I PAID FOR (i made him pay me back), block me on certain things. It was just so fast and felt like I had the rug pulled out from under me... it was almost too quick.
After talking to some people and thinking on it, everyone seems to agree he left me for this new chase but tried to make it seem like it was this big complicated thing. I don't think I did, or said everything right. I think I fucked up too but I cant shake the feeling that this was too quick and too easy.
I'm hurt that I stuck by his side during his lowest point and him being unsure that he even loved me, and when I needed him for my lowest with unsureness, I am suddenly hard to love.
This is already a monster of a post but if anyone has actually read this all and wants me to expand on anything or explain anything I will absolutely happily do so. Advice and insight is always welcome.
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2023.06.07 23:51 Necrolord_Nocturnal DD2 Wishlist

Seen a few of those floating around and wanting to more a part of the community going into DD2 I'd like to share my thoughts too
  1. Camping - The exploration in Dragons dogma is one of it's biggest strengths and flaws there's lengthy journeys, always a possibility of running into unknown trouble you weren't expecting (if you haven't played 300 hours, thought that can sometimes still happen lol), and just getting bored in the walking sim. there needs to be more to do on these journeys to make them special and I think camping sections using rations and interacting with your pawns would really add to the experience, and could be useful to apply buffs for the next day like more HP, stamina or damage etc
  2. More Towns - Now this would also be in contention with camping or if we get a map large enough to facilitate both existing, more towns and more standard port crystals spread out. I think the game would benefit from having those as waypoints at certain dungeons and towns that activate if you spend a ferry stone or an item to attune with them. I would still say in the late mid-game getting our own mini port crystal so we can drop it port back to town to deposit or w/e then port back to continue our adventures would be nice.
  3. Re-playable Dungeons - in the post-game of DD some dungeons become populated with enemies again like the Shadow fort, Bluemoon tower and Water Gods, offering a new boss at the end. I think having the puzzles or requirements to progress deeper change becoming more difficult, having the new Post-game enemies litter the area and adding more sections and rooms to expand these dungeons having a new boss in the original location and then a much harder one deeper in. and of course chests in different locations with new end game loot. Having quests to go out and retake or defeat these bosses would also be nice letting us know it's changed (took me 4 playthroughs to realize some of the dungeons added dragons as bosses offering the tears to boost wakestone drop rates form mobs in the Everfall)
  4. Everfall 2.0 - speaking of the Everfall it was so close to being perfect for me. if we get something that's like a equivalent to this, it needs to be randomly generated endless dungeons. All those tile sets, doors and locked out sections. what if we had the freedom to go forward in any direction in a specific Hall and pursue those hard drop rate items from chests every 5 or so rooms we get a boss with 3 rare chests each with a chance to give us what we're hunting with better rates the further we go, better yet give each hall a leader board showing room depth and time, Solo or in a party with the top 100 players in that hall getting a single unique drop that you won't get anywhere else
  5. Two more main pawns - This is gonna be the big one I think people might disagree with in some way, I love getting to use other peoples pawns but sometimes I wish I could have my own full party that levels with me and that I could fully control and develop as the game progresses. Now I feel there might be a lot of people who would love this idea but there will also be a lot of you who think this ruins the experience and you are right in a sense. it will ruin a experience but bring about a new one. So the trade off is, if you wish to create more main pawns from the rift you must forfeit the ability to have your pawn be summonable in online play. Losing the gifting feature, experience area/monster knowledge and all the other benefits. Now is this a strong enough incentive to do one over the other, I'm not 100% sure but I think it would enhance a lot of other playstyles while still keeping the same experience intact.
I'm curious if anyone else thinks these would be great, but I'd also love to know if you think I've missed the mark in any way and that "Solution B" would be better or "Change X to Y" yady yada. there's tons more I would have included like more character slots and other things, but a lot of people have already mentioned these and I didn't want to rehash a post
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2023.06.07 23:50 wyldeflowerstan [H] Boyfriend Dungeon, Biped, Patch Quest, and other bundle leftovers [W] LIMBO, Fights in Tight Spaces, offers

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2023.06.07 23:50 jesty75 Screen is completely fine on every colour except black, where red, blue and green dots appear in place of it. What is this?

Black screen (visible pixels) vs screen being in use (no dots whatsoever)
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