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2023.03.20 20:20 HarryK1997 Delivered to a flex manager this week

Earlier this week delivered to a flex manager I know this because they asked me if I had another delivery for them due to it being missing I says no you can get a refund from Amazon but it's nothing to do with my self and they replied oh I work for Amazon so I'll do just that😂🤷
Anyways being curious as ever typed their name in follower by Amazon found their work profile type in their job description and found that this is their job it's called senior process improvement spealisit.
They are to be in charge of base rate making sure it complies with at least the national minimum wage ect and oh by their way the salary for this job starts at 50 thousand and they work from home 😂
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2023.03.20 20:20 No-Bodybuilder545 Second opinion - is car really totaled or can it be saved?

Hi all!
I was hoping I could get some feedback on if the mechanic is being truthful or if I have better options.


2012 Chevy Sonic, 130,000 miles, runs fantastic and is a great little commuter car I'd love to keep

What happened:

Yesterday I was getting on an on-ramp that had some nice ice on it apparently and my car did a 180 and slammed into one of those concrete barriers on the back-left at about 40-45mph. The car started right back up and everything looked fine minus some cosmetic damage, so I drove it home. I did notice the steering wheel is slightly misaligned, and later noticed the trunk 'sticks' a little bit now opening and closing and the right rear door (opposite of the left rear side where I hit) also 'sticks' or 'binds' just a bit, but it does still function. Visually the bumper has little damage, and you can tell some gaps in the trunk/door are slightly asymmetrical, but nothing crazy.

Collision Place/Mechanic Feedback:

I took it to a collision place to get a quote and ask if it's a minor issue where I can just get my steering re-aligned and be good to go. They told me because the trunk is slightly off they can tell the frame is slightly bent, and that I should go through insurance who will mostly likely total the car based on the value and that I should just take the check.
I actually wound up calling another collision place that was too busy to look at it, but over the phone told me if there's any frame bending at all it's extremely expensive and my insurance will just total the car based on its value.

My Concerns:

I'm worried the collision place just doesn't want to deal with this or it's easier to just have the insurance total it than to just get the steering cheaply aligned. I've seen cars in waaay worse shape on the road and just don't to preemptively total a vehicle if the damage is mostly cosmetic. It's a 130,000 mile car I'm OK if it's not perfect, but I do want it to be safe. My main concerns are:
I paid $7K for the car a few years ago, and I just have no idea what the insurance will value the car at if it's totaled (KBB says $4500-5500) and I'd hate to make a claim, raise my insurance, have the insurance total it and only give me $2,000 and then I need to find another one especially if this one is salvageable.

Thank you so much for any feedback, guidance, or anything else you can give! I really appreciate this I'm just so lost with what to do!
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2023.03.20 20:20 graveyardrushhour i spent a real life week painting my old dinky ipad case to have whitespace on it

i spent a real life week painting my old dinky ipad case to have whitespace on it submitted by graveyardrushhour to OMORI [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 20:20 Rendogg1982 [FOR SALE] Common BE

Common - Be (Brand New Sealed) $60
Shipping $5 media mail well packed. I ship out of Kentucky. I accept PayPal G&S.
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2023.03.20 20:20 iH8conduit My Girlfriends Job Shut Down

Hello everybody. My gf is 6 mos pregnant and her entire plant shut down. Today was her last day.
She worked there for the last 11 years, since she graduated high school.
Now I'm freaking out about insurance coverage and unemployment, but mainly insurance for our baby.
My question is has anybody ever had a plan like MediCal or Medicaid (or something similar) while pregnant? If so how did you go about it? Was it good insurance? Was it hard to get? What if her partner (me) makes really good money- will that affect her eligibility? We're filing online right now but are trying to be careful to not lie about anything, but also getting as much in benefits as possible...say for example my Gross income for 2022 was 80k. Is that going to affect her? I don't see why it would, since she's only filing for herself...
She was making very good money, so she's going to be getting 450 a week through unemployment, which sucks because that's half of what her take home was. If she were to continue with COBRA, that would be 570 bucks a month- almost half of her monthly UI benefits- that's insane to me.
The only other option is to add her to my health plan through work, but we would have to be married for that.
Any advice? Thank you in advance.
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2023.03.20 20:20 iZbig83 Configuration recommendation for 1621xs+

Dear Reddit Synology community,
I would like to ask for your recommendation to setup my Synology 1621xs+ in an optimum way for my use case scenario.
The NAS is meant to be a home server in our family home with the following tasks:
- Movie station using Plex and Synology Video
- Storing and streaming Family photos
- Backup my Cloud accounts regulary
- Running a Windows 11 VM for remote work, downloads etc.

So rather no heavy use, but I would like to be safe in case a drive fails and avoid reinstalling and reconfiguring everything.

My initial idea was the following:
2x WD RED SSDSA500 2TB in RAID 1 configuration for the main system, apps and a 1TB Windows 11 VM
4x WD RED 22TB in RAID5 configuration as data storage pool for all data and backups
2x WD RED SA500 1TB nvme as drive cache

Now my questions:
- I am not sure whether the base system on a 2x RAID 1 SSD configuration is a wise choice. When the system and VM equally write on both drives, they are destined to wear out in a similar timeframe, correct ?
- Is it maybe better to leave the Main system on one SSD drive and regularly copy / clone over the drive to the SSD in the other slot ?
- Will the 2x 1TB nvme drives be useful to impove the performance of the data storage pool (4x22TB) ?

Another option I was thinking about was to reduce the data storage pool to 3x22TB and setup the main storage pool to 3x2TB SSD in a Raid 5 configuration.
Later I can add another external NAS extension case to increase the data storage pool, or ?

I would be happy for any advice or recommendations.

Thank you in advance !
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2023.03.20 20:20 Embarrassed_Hat_953 Getting shocked in my home sign of something bigger?

We just moved into our new home recently and ever since we have had issues with getting shocked EVERYWHERE. We thought it was just dry air but we have one humidifier that we have switched between rooms. While testing this theory we noticed significantly less amount of static. It still doesn't eliminate it all of the shocking. We mainly have issues in the living room where our lightswitch, fan chains, and couch are all so freaking static filled.
One thing to note is that we have a power line (I think) hanging over the roof of our house. It's not touching but you can see it out the window well. My thought is that it might be stemming from this.
If there are any questions for anyone willing to help I will answer to the best of my ability.
Thank you for your time
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2023.03.20 20:20 ketchupblackberry Helly Hansen Vest Sale

You may check the link for Helly Hansen Vest Sale. Almost always, latest coupons and promo codes can be found there. Also, current discount deals are available at the link.
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2023.03.20 20:19 Goldglove528 4k streaming seems a bit pointless

4K streaming was not the reason I switched to Magenta Max, but it IS a nice bonus feature, especially since I got myself a shiny new s23 Ultra with a beautiful screen. However, wtf is the point of the 4k streaming option, when almost no apps support 4k streaming, or even if they are supposed to, it only plays in SD even though I've adjusted all my settings for best quality (Amazon Prime Video). Does anyone have a cheat sheet of what apps stream in 4k (on mobile data as well, not just wifi) and how to ACTUALLY stream in 4k lol? I feel like this "feature" is a bit pointless if every app limits how you can stream it anyway. I'm a movie buff and would love to stream things in the highest quality I can without having to download everything or always watch on wifi. For all you clowns, YES, I know a home theater setup would be best to watch movies on, but this is rarely an option for me at this stage of life lol
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2023.03.20 20:19 HighMarshalBole Links to interesting games

Looking for a site in English that i can see pro games at or if anyone has any links they can send to interesting pro games so i can play them out at home on my board
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2023.03.20 20:19 RecceRick Recommendations for Italy in August

Hello, I just booked a flight to Italy in August with my girlfriend. We are planning on flying into Milan and spending the first 2 nights in Como, next 3 nights near Valdaora, and then 1 night in Milan before we leave. We wanted to see if anyone has good recommendations on things to do in these areas? In Como we want to spend time on the water. Can you swim in the lake? What other fun activities could we do? Near Valdaora, we are going to Lago di Braies and hiking in the mountains. Specifically, we want to go to Lago dei Colli Alti. What else could we do around there?
I also don’t know how we’re going to get around yet. We haven’t figured out travel from the airport to Como, then from Como to Valdaora, and then back to Milan. Should we rent a car? Can we even drive with US drivers licenses? We also floated the idea of making a brief stop in Switzerland while we’re near Como. Can we just drive across the Italy-Switzerland border with passports?
Thanks for any help that can be offered!
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2023.03.20 20:19 gunsandjava Bike route from Columbus, OH to Cincinnati, OH

Hey all! I am originally from Ohio but live in Alaska. I am packing my bike up and headed home for a few days! I want to bike from Columbus to Cincinnati one way. I’ve seen a few maps online, but wondering if anyone has a preferred route. Obviously not on 71 or other busy highways. Thanks!! I’ve been on the indoor trainer since September up here. I’m itching for some road.
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2023.03.20 20:19 iamthegreyest ILPT Request- job requires doctors note to continue to work from home. How can I forge a note properly without being suspected?

My job requires me to have a doctor's note to work from home. Was able to successfully get one for 90 days, I do have PTSD, but I've been trying to set up an appointment to get it extended. Have not been getting call backs to set up appointment from the psycharistrist i go to. It's getting closer to me having to go back to the office, and I do not want to do that. I tried finding someone else, but no new appointments are open with new people for a while. The paperwork has changed, and I'm considering forging some stuff. What can I do to make it to where I can continue to work from home with my job with a doctors note?
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2023.03.20 20:19 ZegGuy9 I don't want to leave meditation

Hi. Im an average guy with anxiety/panic/depression esque issues. I've been enduring it for some time now, but there was always a thought that was giving me hope that it will get better. That thought was "meditation is going to fix me".
I've been planning to go hardcore on meditation to change my life. Something along the lines of what Dr K did. I was planning to go to a few 3-10 day retreats first in my country, and then travel to Thailand to spend half of my stay on Martial Arts and half of it meditating in temples. I had this belief, that it's sometimes very hard to fix mental health while living in distracted western society, and that for some people the only optimal way is to travel abroad and study self in a temple for few months/years, and then come back. This was the basis of my hope for better future.
I did my first meditation retreat at home. It was 10 day vipassana goenka style retreat. I got to day 5, and while laying in bliss and euphoria i endured my first ever panic attack. For the next few days i couldn't sleep, because I was afraid of having another one. My situation stabilised, but I was kind of afraid of meditating. I started researching and found sources such as Cheetah House that talk about adverse effects of meditations, and how dangerous it can really be. And it doesn't seem to be as rare as I believed. Intense onset of anxiety, panic attacks, psychosis, depersonalization, paranoia are just some of the possible effects.

For context, I am in theraphy and I didn't have any strong traumas or other issues that would make me think i would have such a strong reaction. I've always thought that intense meditation will fix me, and that I always have the option to go to a temple and learn to be content, after all thats what healthygamer is heavily based on and what dr K did. Now I'm afraid that I don't have anything to stand on anymore, I'm starting to feel hopeless. Please help
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2023.03.20 20:19 amazefinance Dumps by Vitalik Buterin

Dumps by Vitalik Buterin
In recent days, the financial markets are crashing. And on Tuesday, March 7, the founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin suddenly decided to exchange coins received from various projects on airdrops for free for ETH.
If it was an ordinary crypto investor who exchanged a small part, then there would be no problems, but Vitalik caused serious problems for several projects, and completely depreciated one.
What was making the noise?
According to the Etherscan service, Vitalik sold the following assets: 500 trillion Shikoku (SHIK) for 380.3 ETH ($595,448); 10 billion Cult DAO (CULT) for 58.1 ETH ($91,021); 50 billion Mops (MOPS) for 1.25 ETH ($1950); 3.4 million Bite (BITE) for 5.9 ETH ($9250).
For the Shikoku token, this resulted in a 95% drop in the moment as half of all existing tokens went on sale at once.
For the CULT project, sales at the moment pushed the price back not so much, only by 13%, but later sales increased and now the decline continues.
The cost of MOPS coins showed a reverse trend and the moment of Vitalik's sales coincided with a strong pump. The price gave more than 10x, after which it is in correction.
What was it?
Insiders say that in this way Vitalik solved problems with taxation. We do not know what caused such sudden movements, but we are sure of one thing - the consequences of the sales were immediately clear, especially since this is not the first such case. 2 years ago, Vitalik already undermined the exchange rate of Shiba Inu, AKITA and Dogelon Mars coins.
What do you think is the reason? Do you want to learn more about DeFi and digital finance? Subscribe to our twitter channel.
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2023.03.20 20:19 uklambchop How to improve my team

How to improve my team
Where can I improve my team? I have 69 coins
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2023.03.20 20:19 GeologistFar7845 Local Bank - Retail Sales

Hi, anyone here who has an experience or is currently working in local bank as a retail sales officer (assistant manager)? The job mainly involves distribution of forex and currency investments to bank/clienteles.
As for context, I'll be on my next interview later this week with the said position for a local bank and I believe they're fast-tracking the application process. I'm kinda confident I'll be accepted basing on my initial interview and given with my years of experience as to which my previous role has similarities (like calling clients and talking to people) with the job description. If must I say, I am qualified for the role. Set-up is hybrid (3x office).
Would like to know your: 1. thoughts about the position? 2. daily routine at work? 3. if you have idea regarding the salary and benefits? (can't find this on payscale or glassdoor) for negotiation purposes with the HR hehe
Hope you can help this young professional out. Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.20 20:19 SomeGuyInPants Altafiber internet pricing

Altafiber internet pricing
I've selected the $49.99 for 500mbps plan (not including the gateway + extender fee) but it looks like I'm being charged $85.99 after the first month. Am I misinterpreting this information? Any clarification would be appreciated
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2023.03.20 20:19 ketchupblackberry Helly Hansen Parka Sale

Get Helly Hansen Parka Sale from this link and save money on your next purchase. First, visit the link for Helly Hansen Parka Sale. Then, on that page pick the best promo code, or deals, you interested and click the 'View Coupon' button. Enjoy the discount!
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2023.03.20 20:19 Arch_Stanton__ Shellback Tactical has a St Pattys 25% off sale for anything green, including armor packages. Great prices! Sale ends today 3/20

Shellback Tactical has a St Pattys 25% off sale for anything green, including armor packages. Great prices! Sale ends today 3/20 submitted by Arch_Stanton__ to tacticalgear [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 20:19 icywaterymelon Can I buy the Steamdeck only with Paypal?

Hey there,
with the Anniversary Sale knocking the 64GB version down to around 380€ I decided that I want to finally buy one. I still have around 60€ in my Steam Wallet, so when I go to checkout it wants me to pay the difference of 320€ over another method, such as Paypal.
Now my question: Is it possible to use Paypal as the only payment method for the whole 380€? Is there a button that I'm missing to unselect Steam Wallet, or is Valve just determined to empty the Wallet first?
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2023.03.20 20:19 Vailandru Looking for advice

I'm planning on getting a resin 3d printer for tabletop miniatures. Does anyone have any recommendation? I've done some searching and have these four printers in mind: Elegoo Mars 3, Anycubic Photon Mono 4K, Anycubic Photon M3 and the Anycubic Photon Ultra. Both these brands have a sale going on as of right now. Atm I'm leaning towards the Anycubic Photon Ultra because of DLP printing technology.
Any advice and personal recommendation from experience is very much welcome!
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