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The sub for u/johnwickbot’s daily Fortnite item shop posts, so you don’t have to search up the bot every day. I’m just here to save you a little bit of time on days when I don’t forget to post lol.

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Fortnite Item Shop Daily Post.

2023.03.20 19:38 Plenty-Discussion385 Does anyone have good perms willing to trade I have offer

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2023.03.20 19:34 HeiDTB201 Before i enter the boss fight... What do you think are my chances?

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2023.03.20 19:33 Substantial-Flan-632 Just Diagnosed - Hey, New Here

I got my test results yesterday 28&4 and lucky for me, I only needed the 1-hour test. Awaiting call from my nutritionist/dietician and getting a glucometer (any preferences?) to go over my menu for the next couple of months.
I knew I would fail the test since I tick off so many risk factors and so I celebrated my last day of regular foods on Saturday cake tasting lol. It was glorious.
Brain dump (because there's so much already going on with my upcoming shower, nursery renovation, planning, etc.): Going food shopping today after work to grab healthy GD friendly items for my house: chicken, salmon, turkey, cucumbers, green beans, salad greens, chick peas, plain greek yogurt, avocado, ezekiel bread and peanut butter (no sugar added).
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2023.03.20 19:30 Plenty-Discussion385 Can someone trade me a perm I have a good offer I think

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2023.03.20 19:30 Jihyooooooooo0 Anyone know or have an idea of when the Naruto skins will come back into the Fortnite item shop?

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2023.03.20 19:22 Xylke [USA-NC] [H] N3DSXL Fire Emblem Fates Console, Pokemon, Rise Pro Controller, Nintendo/Other games & accessories, Empty Pokemon Tins [W] Pokemon Stuff, Various Consoles, offers/lists

Everything has been tested and works properly except where noted! Additional pics/timestamps available on request. List updated with new items/wants periodically. The person with lower rep sends first. Willing to add/accept PayPal to fill in any gaps in value, especially for my higher priority wants.




Nintendo 3/DS



Free w/ Any Trade


Higher Priority Lower Priority
Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness (CIB or box w/ all inserts only) New 3DS (non XL, loose or CIB, US variant)
Pokemon SoulSilver Big Box only (great condition, few signs of damage) Cases/boxes/inserts/games to complete my loose items listed
Pokewalker stuff: two foam slips for Pokewalkers, will consider Pokewalkers in good condition (lower priority than the foam slips) PS2 game offers (Current specific wants: The Bouncer, Shadow of the Colossus, NFS: Underground 2, Bully, Read Dead Revolver)
Gameboy Micro (loose or CIB) Dualshock 4 for parts (thumbsticks must have no drift)
Nintendo 64 System with working controller and OEM cords BoxyPixel Unhinged Shell (Black or Purple preferred, open to offers on other colors)
Pokemon Black or White edition DSi console (loose or CIB) Pokemon LGPE or MH: Rise Special Edition Switch tablet/Joy Cons only (will consider CIB consoles)
Pokemon Stadium 2 Box w/ Inserts (any condition, little to no tears preferred) Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Switch Pro Controller (w/ box)
Bayonetta 2 for Switch (w/ box, Bayo 1 code not necessary) Special Edition 2DS Shell/Console for parts (slate model, shell must be in good condition)
Bayonetta 3 for Switch (w/ box) Phat NDS for parts (screens must be in great shape, very few/no scatches, no dead pixels)
Hades for Switch (w/ box) Black Joy Con wrist strap, only need one
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2023.03.20 19:17 v01ded2016 Best supplements to reduce brain fog & anxiety?

I am just getting over COVID for the second time and the lingering brain fog has damn near rendered me useless. I’ve been making careless mistakes and just not present.
I almost accidentally stole an item at a self checkout the other day until my gf asked why I didn’t scan the item and just bagged it. On another occasion, I went to the store for toilet paper and a couple other groceries but came home without the toilet paper. My final straw was when I scheduled an auto appointment online at a chain repair shop and didn’t realize I scheduled it at a separate location until I had already dropped my key in the drop box.
I have ADHD so brain fog has always been an issue, but it’s gotten so bad. I’ve tried certain supplements but I’m not able to take a few as I also have GERD and they absolutely destroy my stomach.
I currently do take Adderall, NAC on and off, Magnesium chelate, vitamin B complex, Ginseng complex, and L tyrosine.
I’ve tried alpha lipoid acid the past couple weeks and while I want to say I’ve noticed improvements, I can’t tell for sure. I’ve also heard mixed things about it and that you have to take it rather consistently or it could be bad. Also seems to upset my stomach so I’m not sold on it yet.
I’ve been trying phosphatidyl serine on and off the past couple months as well and I’ve certainly noticed that it helps, but it’s also caused intense side effects a couple times. One of them I believe was almost passing out at work a time or two.
I’ve also taken Vitamin D (5000iu) and I believe that it worsens my brain fog/grogginess even when taken at night. Maybe I need to lower the dose and continue taking at night?
Supplements that I’ve had to unfortunately avoid because of my GERD/Acid Reflux have been Omega 3 & fish oils, multi vitamins, ashwagandha, and more.
Where do I go from here? I’d like to focus on supplementing and diet as I know that getting more sleep always helps me. Any advice would be appreciated.
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2023.03.20 19:16 pingcan Kiko Lake finally got me

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2023.03.20 19:15 Trash_Space_Racoon Fortnite predicted god of war ragnarok?

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2023.03.20 19:15 g0stp My shop now has 3 NEW Items! Pls check it out, link in comments~

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2023.03.20 19:13 Theepiclemons34 offer

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2023.03.20 19:12 XFuriousX [H] NordVPN Spotify Premium Malwarebytes Any Adobe App Windows/Office Activation IPTV FL Studio Hulu Disney Netflix Paramount DAZN and UFC Crunchyroll Much More! Any account for cheap [W] You to buy. Get 5 Invites to the server, and get ANY ITEM for free!

🔍 Hello, Welcome to Furious' Shop! - Shop & Discord Server! Invite 5 People, and get ANY ITEM for free! Join the server for more info!
Who we are:
We are Furious Shop. We provide high quality accounts and software, for dirt cheap. We specialise in the products listed below, but will try out hardest to scope out any account or software you want from our sources. We have a lot of vouches and rep, in the Discord and in the shop.
Is this legit?
This is 100% legit. Don't believe us? Check the vouches left in the Discord, or the feedback in the shop.
Can I resell this?
Absolutely! Before you start, you must contact us by making a ticket, so we can sort you out with some resources that you will need, and what you will need to do.
I have the following:
👌I will also try and find any account you want for cheap.
💷 All prices are negotiable!
🎊Use code REDDIT15 on your first order to get 15% off. - Shop & Discord Server! Invite 5 People, and get ANY ITEM for free! Join the server for more info!
Create a ticket in the Discord for help!
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2023.03.20 19:09 cumbersome_heist Food&Beverage Sector Is Hungry for Data, and It’s Not the Only One

In 1982, Michael Bloomberg began selling customized computer terminals that delivered real-time market data, financial calculations, and other analytics to Wall Street firms. At first, it was called the Market Master terminal, but later became known as the Bloomberg Terminal or simply "The Bloomberg." The subscription price started at $25,000 per year, which could be considered sky-high at that time.
Since then, a lot has changed. The advent of the Internet made acquiring most information much more affordable. Nevertheless, the Bloomberg Terminal propelled its inventor from a bond trader sweating in his underwear in Salomon Brothers' vaults to a media mogul.
The same Bloomberg concept seems to be revived in a new form - AI. AI machines are capable not only of collecting and processing publicly available information but also of extracting meaningful insights and generating assumptions regarding non-public indicators such as competitors' revenue or real estate earnings. This information now holds the same significance and value for which traders would previously shell out big bucks for a subscription to Bloomberg Terminals. The potential consumers of these "new Bloombergs" are no longer limited to traders but rather any company that prioritizes data-driven decision-making. Your task is to provide these companies with the requisite data.
Here's an example of how this can be achieved.
Player: Burger Index
How it works: The Burger Index is a data analytics platform that helps restaurants, cafes, and cloud kitchen managers sell more by making data-driven decisions on new locations, products, pricing, promotions, leads, and trends.
The platform offers various services depending on your question. For instance, if you inquire about the ideal location for a new coffee shop, the platform considers factors such as the socio-demographic characteristics of the population, the average income level, the existing demand for coffee, and the number of coffee shops already present in the area. Similarly, if you ask what items to include in a new menu, the platform analyzes competitors' menu, their new products, and the current demand for those products. To identify current promotions that boost sales for other establishments, the Burger Index analyzes online ads, identifies the advertisers and their promotions, and assesses their effectiveness.
The description above was a simplified representation of the platform. In reality, it’s much more complex, powered by an AI machine that analyzes data collected from the Internet, continuously learning in the process. Basically, users can interact with the platform in two ways:
  1. The first option is to monitor the industry's event feed, which can be filtered by areas of interest, establishment types, and other criteria. This feature enables users to track real-time updates such as new menu items, changes in dish prices, and promotional offers.
  2. Alternatively, users can make a direct request to the system. By selecting the desired city and cuisine type, the platform provides a comprehensive set of graphs and data tables.
Funding: Burger Index finds itself at the intersection of three exploding markets — data analytics, location-based services, and restaurant tech. The startup was established in Spain last year and has quickly expanded its services to seven European countries and GCC (including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, and Oman). Large corporations such as McDonald's and Nestle have joined the venture. The startup has secured $1.3 million in a seed-funding round led by Cairo-based venture capital company Flat6Labs to broaden its offerings beyond restaurants and incorporate grocery stores and supermarkets.
What can you build?You can make "New Bloombergs."
At the moment, it's too early to talk about creating a universal AI machine that can analyze market segments at the right level. For each market (or market segments), you need to create a separate machine that will be trained and optimized for analyzing specific types of data and creating certain assumptions.
Therefore, the number of opportunities here is proportional to the number of markets. And also the number of competing 'Bloombergs' that this market can endure. Now is the right time to get into this topic because it may turn out to be too late since the number of top players in each market in this topic will still be limited.
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2023.03.20 19:02 LoveMangaBuddy Read Ore no Genjitsu wa Ren’ai Game?? ka to Omottara Inochigake no Game datta - Chapter 61-1 - MangaPuma

One day, 25-year-old Hasegawa Ryou wakes up to see a holographic screen floating in front of him. The screen prompts him to save/load files and an item shop, as well as his stats. It seems like he’s been sucked into some erotic love game, since his stats depend on seducing women and “capturing” them.
After finding a target and going through game-like options, Ryou thinks he knows what he has to d ... Read Ore no Genjitsu wa Ren’ai Game?? ka to Omottara Inochigake no Game datta - Chapter 61-1 - MangaPuma. Read more at
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2023.03.20 19:02 AllThingsWorn How To Embrace Your Body Odor - Selling Your Scents

How To Embrace Your Body Odor - Selling Your Scents

Selling your Scents

Have you ordered very expensive perfume online without knowing how it smells? Did you eagerly anticipate its arrival and suddenly regret that purchase upon smelling it? Most of you would say to yourself, I would never do that, I would need to smell that perfume first! Imagine you are a buyer on ATW, and realize how they may purchase items like panties or shoes.
As a seller, you are not going to be everyone's type just because you take pretty photos in your items. You must understand your products and market to individual buyers just like any other items in a store. You are selling a scent to someone who is unable to smell you prior to purchasing.
Look at your last panty listing, read the details you provided in the description and the keywords used for search, did you tell the buyers how you smell? The listings lately that I have seen, from the newest sellers especially, do not and it leads to a seller becoming frustrated when items do not sell. Let's dive into what you need to know as a seller.

Knowing Your Type - Panties

You fit into a smaller pool of sellers in the used panty market of All Things Worn, and you probably never realized it. You need to spend time figuring out where you fit in this market, and which buyers to focus your marketing efforts.
After a long day in panties, study them. What scent did you leave on them after a long work day? It may seem silly, but it is not! You need to get your nose in there! Are you Earthy or a Mineral scent? Lemon tartness? Or just Fishy? This may seem like a simple answer, but it is not.
You are also on a cycle that changes every day as you approach ovulation and your period. You should keep track of your scents daily as you go through a monthly cycle, and again for the following month to see if it is consistent. Install a free app like Flo to track what day of your cycle you are on, as this also can help you market to buyers who prefer a woman to wear during her fertile dates. Did you know there were those specific buyers on here? Some like panties worn at different times of the cycle, and learning where you are can help you close that sale.
You may also feel like you are a mix of scents, and that is common as well. You should sniff throughout your day and see if after a short time, does the scent change? If you start off each morning earthy and then by the afternoon you notice an additional scent of nutty, this is common but should be noted. There is a specific buyer group that love the nutty scent, but not when it moves to mineral or metallic. If you found a buyer with this attraction, you would honestly want to stop wearing it at a certain point instead of wearing a full 24 hours. At this point, I can understand the confusion that you would not simply just want to sell panties with as long of wear as possible, and it is true!
You are creating a product for a specific buyer and not all sales are based on the heaviest applied scent possible. After a couple of days, the scent on a panty can turn foul and become unappealing to some buyers, while others crave that exact odor.
It is like drinking wine, a sommelier has specific desires to their palate, and as such, a panty buyer would stop a sale at less than 24 hours to achieve that specific scent. Continue to sniff and understand your scents over days to make sure you are advertising correctly, as your buyers will leave a review on your scents for others to read. This is your best marketing there is, word of mouth, and if you sell honestly, your reviews will bring you lots of future business.
I will also be sure to mention something most sellers do not ask their buyers and it is critical you do so, and that is their desired "Back Scents" or simply, ass smells. You will be wearing a thong for 3 days, and your buyer wants you to get them extra messy. Do you know what they mean by that? Do you ask for clarification?
After the sale is made, it is okay to then go over the details to make sure you both understand each other and that the buyer gets exactly what they are looking for with your panty. If they want light back scents, you can wear half a panty liner to protect that area from your panty wear until the final day. If they want heavy all around scents, offering a no-wipe day for extra fee may be what the buyer is looking for, but did not realize it at the initial time of sale. Not communicating this critical area can quickly ruin a buyer's experience, and turn them off from buying from you or anyone again in the future.
Before we move on from used panties, it is also good to note the markings left behind after certain periods of time, and note at what time of the month you are currently. This will help you sell to those who wish for heavy markings and this is usually achieved during the days prior to ovulation, statistically, however, everybody is different and you may leave the heaviest marks after your period.

Know Your Buyers - Feet

A lot of sellers join ATW and only market their physical products to foot buyers. It can be a very rewarding business and you can sell many items if you understand who will be shopping for your items. You have feet, and buyers want socks so you will do well, right? Wrong. This will lead to frustration as you may get lucky and sell a couple of pairs, but long term you will not find the success that can happen if you take the time to understand your market.
Foot buyers are each looking for a specific outcome with your item, being a scent, dirt markings or shape after wear. Most are a combination of these characteristics. You should ask desired outcome questions when a buyer reaches out to you for an item in your listings to ensure they will be happy with their purchase and hopefully a repeat buyer from you.
You may get a random question while here on ATW: "Are you a Frito?" And I honestly wish I could answer yes! The corn chip scent is very desired among the foot buyer community. As a seller, you should understand that if you are not a corn chip scent foot seller that you should never pretend to be in order to get a sale.
That is what causes buyers to leave ATW in frustration with scammers, and that is what you are if you falsify a scent. I suggest getting to know fellow sellers in your country and finding matches for the other scents that you can recommend when you are approached by a buyer looking for a scent you do not have. Other sellers then also will do the same with you and your scents.
The four main scents for feet are: corn chip, vinegary, yeasty, or cheese. This is caused by the types of bacteria that live on your feet, and it does not mean you fit into only one of these categories. You can also have variations of the scents, parmesan cheese for instance.
You can also have a simply sweaty scent, which would be salty. I am a vinegar chip scent. I can not say it is a frito, but there is a Salt and Vinegar Chip scent to it. I recommend sniffing in all different materials of sock and shoe, as your sweat may react differently to each material. In nylons, scents are tangy at times.
Cotton socks may have a more mild scent after a day, then become a warmer but very strong scent after three days. It is also good to know that the pad of your foot, right behind your toes, seems to smell the strongest. When wearing some items, you can rotate to cover more area with your scent, if you would like it over more of the item instead of focusing on the strongest scent.

It's In the Details

Please also take note of how your scents change over time once they are removed. I think this is a huge miss if you are not aware and your buyers will suffer if you do not pay attention. How long do your nylons hold scent after they are removed? It is very hard to keep scent on some items, do you know how far your item will be traveling? If it is going to be travelling internationally, the shipping time will be longer due to customs and Covid protocols.
The last package I sent to Australia from the US was 6 weeks! Buyers should also understand you are setting an unrealistic expectation of a scent to last on an item for a long time if you are not paying for extra days to lock in a scent that will be travelling a long distance.
Sellers, what do you do when you need to shower? Airing out of an item for even a short period of time can ruin your time invested in your wear. I recommend keeping some baggies in the bathroom for when you do need to shower during a wear, as you risk diminishing the odor quickly. Do you store your items in a baggie as soon as they are removed? Or do you vacuum seal?
Please use caution with how you store while awaiting for shipping as well, as vacuum sealers are designed to literally remove all air (scent) from the item in the bag. I have learned this the hard way, and please test your methods of sealing before getting too many orders with one method. Ask for feedback on the scent, and ask them to be honest! You may have different experiences with your vacuum sealer and I strongly encourage every seller to test their methods, whichever they use.

Final Thoughts

Being honest to a buyer about how long you need to wear an item for the desired scent is also very important and should not just be used to gain additional funds. If your buyer is looking for a heavy fish aroma on a bodysuit, but you are not at that scent until your third day of wear, you should inform your seller that a short wear would not give that effect. Buyers should understand that not all scents are a 24-hour deal, and with some socks, you may not even smell anything if they were a short wear. Invest in the items you desire, and be honest with the outcome if you were expecting a lot with a little budget.
Also, it is very important to not only list your scents in your bio but on each and every item and in the keywords, separated by a space and a comma, under your listings. Your buyers are not always on the dash but are using the search bar to find that exact scent. It may feel redundant to you, but if your buyer is looking for boyshorts and you have your scents on your thongs only, they will not find you. It is a critical step to making the selling experience profitable for you.
Overall, you should love your scents and take pride in them. As someone who was extremely self-conscious about all my scents for decades, this place has made me realize there are people out there who will pay to sniff them, and I am happy to provide them with those items. I now proudly list my scents, and discuss them with buyers, and you should too!
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2023.03.20 19:01 PlasticHanded Tired of waiting for popcorn to come to my state. So I changed my zip on the app 🦍 Still got free shipping!

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2023.03.20 18:57 chargingblue Using member coupons in-store

Hi there! I’m a relatively new REI member and got the 20% off a full price item in my email. I prefer to shop in stores but there wasn’t a barcode or anything.
When I go, do I just tell them that I’m a member, they look me up and see the coupon? Or do I show them and email? Or am I supposed to have a physical coupon card tbing that came in the mail?
Sorry for this basic question
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2023.03.20 18:55 Lopsided_Frootloop $14.80 batch (with boost) plus measly $2 tip for 30+ round trip mileage - it’s been sitting for almost 5 hours

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2023.03.20 18:55 wilius09 shoping online Via (Komplett bendrift) is it trustworthy retailer?

Need some advice on online shopping;
I'm looking looking for a laptop, and most of them are offered at a better price on (Komplett bedrift) than in (Komplett) or any other retailer store here in Norway.
Is it a trustworthy website, and why are some items on (Bedrift) cheaper than elsewhere?
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2023.03.20 18:55 Fun_Papaya_2933 I finally got it. I FINALLY GOT THE GAME!!!!

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2023.03.20 18:53 Defiant_Put_3653 AITAH for looking good in public?

I am a 32F married to a 31M guy. We were a normal couple when we met but my husband started doing really well at work about 3 yrs back and with some financial backing, he has now become the 2nd most senior guy at his firm. This change led to major changes in our lifestyle and he became very serious about earning enough money that our future children will never have to worry about college fees or anything. It’s his only priority. Everybody who knew him before tells us that he’s changed a lot.
Till about 2 yrs back I was working and I was earning okay, not too much but enough to live a normal middle class life. I was good at my job and worked at a prestigious company. I quit my job as we had failed to conceive for a year and I needed to focus on my weight and diet to overcome what he refers to as “my failure to conceive”. We got tested and only I was told to change my lifestyle to conceive without IVF. I had an ectopic pregnancy few months back which ended very early.
I have been trying but I never fully committed to losing weight till about 2 months back when I really started enjoying my personal training sessions and I’m working on it really hard. This has led to people (his family n friends) around me commenting on how I look fitter recently while nobody says the same to him ever coz he’s gained a lot more weight than me over 5 yrs. He blames me as he gained weight after our 2nd year of meeting. I can’t exactly make myself look bad in public just to spare his feelings. I have good style and I love wearing makeup and presenting myself well. At home I’m just in sweats.
On the other hand, while we have both grown up pretty comfortable, I have always been spoilt by my parents while he wasn’t. This basic difference leads to big fights as he blames me for being la-di-da about money or buying branded clothes etc. I am not a big spender but I know a lot about fashion and I like talking about it (I don’t expect him to buy me Chanel clothes or anything). He has bought me few designer items for my birthday only after he could afford it. I only shop when there’s something coming up and I reuse my clothes a lot, I’m nowhere like those people who wear their clothes once n I always ask him before spending more than $50 on anything since I stopped working. Meanwhile he spends money on good shoes, video game consoles and gadgets without ever checking with me which is ok as it’s his money and there’s enough of it even with these expenses.
Today we attended a friend’s engagement and I got a lot of compliments and I was being social to his friends and made the effort to make some new friends etc (which has been big growth for an introvert like me). I wore an old cheap but pretty dress I had worn many times before but matched it with a designer purse my mom had gifted me and high heels. When we got home, my husband was acting aloof and I was afraid he was going to tell me off for something or the other. Then he told me that he has a problem with me working out with the trainer as he has done a few sessions with us and the trainer ensures I am doing the exercises carefully and gradually increase my endurance due to my bad knee. He then went on to shout n fight saying I’m a spoilt bitch who only spends his money all day and even has a trainer come home instead of going to the gym. He also kept saying I’m basically handicapped (he is not PC, my apologies) as I had a bit of foot pain (from my heels) at the party and had to sit down while most others stood and talked. Lastly he said I never look good at home but outside I look great and that’s not fair and why did I need to wear makeup or take the designer purse.
My argument was that he cannot say that my training isn’t working as I feel stronger and my knee hasn’t bothered me recently. I also said he is bringing this up because he feels inadequate n doesn’t workout so he’s projecting it on me. If the trainer is such a big problem, I’m ready to go to the gym. And that he shouldn’t comment on this topic as he has made no attempt to workout at all when he should as much as I should. I also said of course I can’t look perfect at home everyday, nobody does. I tried to explain that I sat down because of my heels not the knee, but he says it’s an excuse. I explained that since the dress was old I wanted my makeup and accessories to liven it up. Then he kept yelling the same stuff so I literally flipped him off and left the room.
Now we’re not talking and I have reached out to my old boss about rejoining the workforce. She is interested in discussing my options and helping me out. I am honestly thinking of leaving this marriage and getting a job again. I can get back my financial independence and maybe starting out with my life again. Yes my lifestyle will downgrade a bit n people will talk, but I cannot care about that anymore. The marriage has worked because I am always the passive beta who just goes along with whatever he does, I didn’t think a lot when we got married as I was inexperienced with love and sex, and somewhere I thought things will never get any better for me. We have fundamental differences n divorce is a big issue in my country n community. I should mention that there is a history of domestic violence but I made his parents force him to attend therapy n he hasn’t been violent since 2 yrs. He has a history of getting angry even at work and his employees have complained about it. I have been walking on eggshells since years as any small thing I do can trigger him while no amount of efforts from me have ever been enough for him. I have always made him feel special since before he got rich. He often interrupts me in public, he really thinks women are too complain-y n useless and never fails to tell his mum how I am not the best homemaker like her. please tell me I’m the asshole in this. I am in no way perfect but I have never knowingly done anything to upset him.
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2023.03.20 18:52 SiriCM 7 days Premium with a free Skin Bundle

7 days Premium with a free Skin Bundle
As an additional highlight, there's an opportunity to snag a skin bundle for cheap right now. Shop skins are normally quite costly, so getting one basically for nothing (considering that the bundle price and the price of the premium included in it are the same) might be worth considering.
The bundle includes:
  • Knight Adventurer Vanity Bundle (10 vanity items in total, including the mount skin)
  • 7 Days Premium Status
  • 50 Gold
All other Starter Packs are also on sale, but none of them are as good as this one.
And yes, the offer is available for both servers, so can be grabbed for the West server as well.
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