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Never know what to make for dinner? Neither do we. Let's all make the same thing for dinner and see how it comes out. We're under some renovations right now, but new things are on the way!

2023.04.01 21:53 Elemisia Grand Tournament of Seekers - Round of 32: F

Winner of E is Montehue!
Reminder: - Most voted seeker will qualify to next round - You can choose your favourite by appearance, abilities or just their being. There's no rule.
See today's contestants below 👇
Time to vote!
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2023.04.01 21:34 iFoegot Stupid me just spent 5 euros on a bus ride to solve a shopping dispute of only 2 euros

Two days ago when I was shopping at a mall that’s a few km away from my house, I bought two lottery tickets in a Primera. One is EuroJackpot and the other is Lotto.
As you know, whenever you buy one lottery, the machine prints two pieces of paper, one is the lottery ticket and the other is the receipt, and they two look very similar. So in my case the machine printed four pieces of paper. I didn’t want the receipts so the staff gave me the two useful papers. I didn’t check, but just stuffed them in my wallet and left.
Last night, Friday, the day when EuroJackpot announces the winner. I brought out my ticket: what the hell is this? It’s not a ticket it’s the receipt! They didn’t give me the EuroJackpot ticket at all. The two papers in my wallet are one Lotto ticket and a receipt. Apparently the staff made a mistake when handing me the ticket. So I decided to go to their shop to complain.
Today I visited their shop. They were like “We don’t have any way to verify your claim, but it’s just one ticket of 2 euros. Ok we give you another EuroJackpot ticket for free and then you just f*ck off”. Then I left with the free ticket.
On my way back home, I suddenly realized “Did I just spend 5 euros on the bus ride for a 2-euro dispute?” Oh my mood is more ruined when I realized this than the moment I found they didn’t give me the ticket.
I just hope I’ll win any larger-2-euro prize on Tuesday, or I’ll feel so mad at myself.
Hope my story gives you a chuckle. Have a nice weekend.
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2023.04.01 21:30 R_Dey [MF] The Test

Part I
Rajendra Jain had been pacing back and forth in his living room for the past fifteen minutes and there was no trace in his pace that would’ve indicated that he would not indeed be doing the same for fifteen more.
Sitting on the sofa, cross-legged and sipping a cup of coffee was his wife, Arushi Madan. She had taken a particular interest in observing her husband at times when he would be expecting his ‘friends in high places.’ He would go to great lengths to ensure that these guests of his received the finest treatment in his house. After he had made sure that everything in the house was tidier than they normally were, from the furniture to the modest collection of vases and trinkets, he would start pacing back on forth in his living room which he would only stop when the doorbell would ring. This was one such occasion.
‘Fifty-five!” Arushi murmured.
“What was that?” Rajendra asked and then he suddenly let out a loud cry of agony.
“It’s usually after your fiftieth round that you stub your toe on that table. The maximum it has taken till now is fifty-nine rounds, but mostly it happens by the fifty-fifth one.” Arushi said.
They both glanced at each other, Rajendra with a bewildered gaze and mouth wide open while Arushi smirked with a cunning look in her eyes. Arushi was good at observing things at a young age. She could observe and make an accurate assumption about almost everything. When she was twelve, she knew that the old lady next door would react in a negative manner when her father would’ve approached her to talk about her grandson taking up his parking spot. She had instead told him to wait till his grandson arrives and speak with him directly as that would’ve solved the dispute amicably.
“You shouldn’t make early assumptions.” Her father had told her.
After her assumption had turned out to be right, she had the same smirk and cunning look in her eyes. Her father had then smiled back and told her that her eyes at that point looked pretty like that of a puppy after sipping vinegar. She had never seen a puppy sip vinegar before, but this compliment had made her feel happy, nevertheless.
She, however, hadn’t received nor did she expect to receive any such compliment from her husband in such situations.
“Can you stop giving me that stupid smile and bring some bandages? Ugh, I think my toe is bleeding.” Rajendra said as he got down to his knees to inspect his wound.
Arushi didn’t say anything but, quickly got up from her sofa after keeping the coffee mug down and went to look for the first aid.
Just then the doorbell rang. The friends of Rajendra had arrived.
He sprang up to greet them. He had made four influential friends that he would refer to as ‘very close’ since he had moved for business reasons to Barsatpur, a very remote town in India.’ Rajendra despite at that time undergoing some financial issues, was a wealthy man. He had a big house, the biggest in that town and didn’t have a car only because he could not drive.
“But your wife can drive. Why don’t you get a car.” Dhruv, one of Rajendra’s four friends asked him, just as all five of them had seated themselves in the living room.
‘I err…. she doesn’t drive that well you see, and I don’t see any reason for…’ Rajendra began and then suddenly stopped and turned around to see Arushi who had re-entered the living room with bandages and some cotton along with a bottle of antiseptic.
“Sorry, it took a while, I had kept the first aid in a different place so….”
“Well, I won’t be needing it anymore!” Rajendra said.
Arnav who had by now noticed Rajendra's wounds began with a smile “Looks like our buddy Rajendra’s absent-mindedness gets him injured indoors as well.”
Rajendra began to quiver in embarrassment as he fixed his gaze on the floor with fists clenched on both sides. Arushi was still standing behind the sofa where Rajendra was sitting, puzzled at Arnav’s remark.
Rajendra looked up at his wife and through an angry glance at her signalled her to leave. She obeyed but just as she turned her back to leave, Arnav told her to wait.
He began “It was that one time when I saw Rajendra walking alone near the market, lost in his own thoughts as usual. Suddenly I saw him falling straight into a wide-open ditch and after that got covered in all sorts of nasty…”
“That will do!” Rajendra finally blurted angrily. He then turned to Arushi and began in an angrier tone than before. “And you! Do you want to sit and chat with us, or do you have some work of your own?” Arushi didn’t reply but simply turned and walked away.
Rajendra felt calmer when she was gone. He however didn’t notice how all four his companions had been gazing at her as she was walking out of the living room. They had gazed at the back of her long and slender neck, and they had gazed all the way down to her waist and hips. All the while Rajendra felt relieved at the thought of how he was now free to converse with his friends now that the only annoying presence was gone.
It had been a couple of hours of talking and feasting and drinking until Rajendra’s guests were ready to go home.
“The food was delicious.” Said Tejas.
“Yes, but next time try the new chicken recipe that I told you about, the one with lots of garlic and spices.” Added Dhruv. “Your wife would love it too.”
“She is vegetarian actually.” Rajendra replied.
“Ah, that’s no surprise.” Said Arnav who was a bit too drunk compared to the rest. “After all she is an animal lover. Loves hugging dogs whenever she sees one.” His voice shifted from faint to loud at the same pace as he swayed from left to right while trying to achieve a fixed standing position.
The rest of the company wondered if he should be told to stop talking before he decides to abandon certain moral codes when it comes to respectful communication.
“And I must add…” Arnav continued while raising his hand which was also having a hard time staying firmly raised “women who are vegetarians have the perfect body, and my dearest lucky Rajendra, your miss’s body can rival any runway or lingerie model. I mean she also does like showing herself off when she wears those extremely revealing clothes often.”
One would imagine Rajendra was the person that told him to stop talking about his wife in such a way, but he wasn’t. It was Pratyush. Pratyush was a man of great size and stature. He didn’t speak much but had a habit of stepping in whenever there was a situation where someone was needed to step in.
In this scenario he gently lifted Arnav from his feet as if he was a small doll. Arnav who had offered no resistance while being picked up had suddenly dozed off in his drunken stupor like a toddler falling asleep in his father’s shoulder.
“Looks like he had a bit too much to drink today didn’t he.” Said, Rajendra.
No one of his four companions had asked for him to defend the man who was sexualizing his wife, but he did it anyway. “All right then goodnight,” said Rajendra.
“Before I go, I just want to ask if….” Tejas said. He looked around and signalled the others to carry on.
Tejas waited till the rest of the company had gone beyond hearing distance. He then lit a cigarette, offered one to Rajendra as is courtesy and upon his rejection began to speak.
“I was wondering if you have had some time to think about what I had asked you a couple of days back?”
Rajendra said in a hesitant tone “I would of course like to help you in your time of need but as you already know I am also going through financial hardships and the amount of money that you asked for is…. don’t take it the wrong way but I don’t feel comfortable in lending it to you in such times.”
“Look, I have always trusted you and it’s fine if you have some reservations despite this.” Tejas continued with his persuasion for a while and then went off saying his “goodnight” and “do think about it.”
As Rajendra walked his way towards the entrance of his house, he recalled what Arushi had been telling him. She had said that all these four people whom he considers friends just tried to use, and associate with him for his wealth. She had also told him that if given the opportunity, they will even throw him in jeopardy if that makes them gain any advantage out of him. However, Rajendra had always dismissed these thoughts as baseless.
Part II
It was raining heavily, and Rajendra who was returning home from the market had forgotten his umbrella. His fast-paced walk soon turned to sprint, not because he wanted to reach home before getting too drenched but because he didn’t want to be seen by any of his four ‘close friends’ walking drenched in rain without an umbrella, given his reputation of being absent-minded and clumsy.
His house had a recent infestation of rats, and he was for once proud of himself to have not forgotten buying the rat poison. The old one was almost finished with zero dead rats. As he entered his living room, he found an old man lying down on his living room sofa.
He too had been drenched in the rain not long ago as his thick beard and scarce and thin hair were still wet. However, he saw that this unexpected visitor had been provided dry clothes. It was Rajendra’s clothes that he would wear at business meetings. The man was asleep. Rajendra had only examined the man for a little while before deeming him as ‘disgusting.’ He had no foul odour but his unkempt appearance and his wet and dirty jacket hanging nearby made Rajendra deduce that he was a poor homeless man and hence was to be deemed ‘disgusting.’
“Arushi!” Rajendra called his wife.
“Arushi, who is he and what is he doi….” Rajendra paused when Arushi showed up with an expression on her face that he didn’t expect and one that that scenario hinted of trouble.
She had tears in her eyes and had a hard time speaking what she was trying to say. “He just…. I am so sorry…he is not….” She broke into more tears.
Rajendra rushed to her and gave her a hug. “It’s alright, I am here now.”
Arushi clenched her husband tightly and buried her face on his chest that made the only part of his shirt that was somewhat dry from rain now wet with tears.
“tell me what happened? Who is this man and why is he here?” Rajendra asked agitatedly.
“He is dead!” She replied reply. Outside there came the sound of a sudden loud thunder.
Rajendra felt like he was going to fall sick.
“How did this happen?” He asked.
Arushi hesitated for a while, took a deep breath, wiped off her tears and started with her explanation. She explained how this man arrived at her doorstep while being drenched in rain. How despite him looking like a homeless man wandering the streets, she immediately recognized him as his old friend from college. How he had told her that he was in extreme debt and had now been pushed to crippling poverty. She took another deep breath when she said that she had invited him in, given him some fresh clothes, offered him a glass of water and had only gone to the kitchen to make him some tea when she realized her mistake.
“You don’t mean it was the same glass which contained….?” Rajendra began in a terrified tone.
Arushi simply nodded in affirmative while pointing to the glass that had supposedly contained liqua-tox II, a liquid concentrate that is used to kill rats and mice and which had led to the death of their unexpected visitor.
Rajendra fell into the chair in a state of fear and panic. Arushi was sobbing once more and told him that she had killed a person and will now surely be in prison.
Rajendra suddenly leapt up from his chair. An idea had struck him. He knew how to save her. Rajendra felt a sense of jubilation thinking how this sudden idea will make him the knight in shining armour and his wife will be the damsel in distress that he will save. Never again will he be called things clumsy, impotent and absent-minded and never again will his wife count the number of rounds he takes in the living room before he stubs his toe on the table.
His idea was to call his four friends in high places and with their connections dispose of the dead body. After all why would anyone care or miss a man who was pushed to poverty by possibly his own bad decisions. Most people would probably think that this man had committed suicide.
Rajendra explained this plan to his wife and before she could give any opinion of her own, for or against this plan of his, Rajendra ran to get his cell phone. He called Arnav first who said that he was out of town and reassured him not to worry. He then called Tejas who said that he would have shown up at his place that very moment had he not just recently fractured his leg. Dhruv declared that he was away attending a wedding and Pratyush said that will not help.
After his call ended with Pratyush he felt that he was indeed helpless. He thought to himself that he was just unlucky as this misfortune had to strike him when all three of his friends were busy and one in a possibly mad mood.
He sat motionless in his chair for what felt like hours. It probably had hardly been fifteen minutes and the rain was still pouring when Rajendra suddenly heard a knock on the door. As he opened the door, he felt a rush of joy. All his four friends were outside.
“Thank God, I knew you all will come to help me.” Rajendra said smiling ear to ear.
“This is him, officer.” Said Arnav pointing towards Rajendra.
Rajendra’s smile faded as he heard this, and a look of terror took hold of him as he noticed two police officers standing behind.
“What is the meaning off all this?” Rajendra asked bewildered.
“This man tried to ask her to hide a dead body. His wife murdered a poor man, and he wanted us to be his accomplice.” Said Tejas.
“We all knew early on that he and his wife were a bit crazy, but we had never expected something like this. Well, here is what one can call devil in sheep’s clothing.” Said, Dhruv.
Pratyush meanwhile didn’t say anything.
“Please step aside.” Said one of the police officers shoving everyone to one side and entering the house to investigate the crime scene. “My wife is innocent! She would never hurt a soul!” Rajendra began to shout.
The other policeman firmly grabbed Rajendra’s arm with only minimal force and told him to calm himself. “Sir, as per protocol I am calling in for a lady police officer as we have a female who is accused of murder.” He said to the policeman who was coming back from the living room.
“No need for that!” came the reply. “There is no murder and hence there is no accused.”
Everyone looked at surprised at the policeman who said this. Then a figure emerged from behind him.
Rajendra suddenly screamed as he felt a sudden sense of terror. “A ghost! There is a ghost!”
“Now, now let’s not act so rude. I only look so ridiculous because of the weather. Rain doesn’t suit me at all you see.” Said the unwanted visitor who was unmistakably not dead.
There was a moment of confusion until the people present began to get a sense of clarity, some faster than others.
“You should get yourself a lawyer sir, you can try criminal conspiracy or sue for defamation.” The policemen said to Rajendra before leaving. The four other people left almost immediately.
The unexpected visitor introduced himself as Saurabh Deb who was a budding actor and a good friend of Arushi. He explained to him that it was Arushi who had made created this plan to test the loyalty of these people who Rajendra had considered very good friends. Together they had put up this act which led to the true colours of all four of Rajendra’s friends being brought to light.
The rain had stopped by then and the sun was shining bright in the afternoon sky.
There were a thousand words of gratitude that Rajendra wanted to say to his wife at that time. Arushi looked at him, smiled and then with a twinkle in her eyes she said “The weather is perfect today. Would you take me out for some coffee?”
Rajendra smiled back and said “Yes.”
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2023.04.01 21:19 JuanRiveara How Would Skippy Be Viewed as a Best Picture Winner?

I’m not sure how exactly Skippy would be viewed as a Best Picture winner today but it is would definitely be viewed better than Cimarron is. Also would be funny to say it’s the only film based on a comic to win.
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2023.04.01 21:13 Trans_Berry I decided to spin a wheel and uhh..

I decided to spin a wheel and uhh..
I hate wheel of names now
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2023.04.01 21:01 AutoModerator April 2023 Contest: Favorite Outdoor Spaces and **Important Contest News**

April 2023 Contest: Favorite Outdoor Spaces and **Important Contest News**
**Update: The number of entries will determine if these monthly contests will continue. We do not want to force and pressure people to enter since this is just for fun, but if it's not something people are interested in then we feel it would be fine to close them for the time being.
u/Jakesleah and I (u/MenacingToast) wanted to thank everyone for their entry into the first animalcrossingdesign contest! Here are the results for the March 2023 contest. . .
1st place: u/Odd-Emphasis2706
2nd place: u/TheOnlyAras
3rd place: u/19netta
Thank you again for your participation, we hope to see more of your creations in the upcoming contests as well!
The theme for April 2023: Show us your favorite outdoor spaces!
You can post entries starting today: April 1, 2023 and have until 11:59 PM on April 30, 2023. The winner will be announced on May 1, 2023. You can view all entries by selecting the “April 2023 Contest Entry” flair and vote for your favorites!
The prizes are as follows:
1st place: The winning post will be pinned to the top of the subreddit and will be featured in the subreddits banner. A special 🏆 emoji will also be added to your user flair.
2nd place: A star emoji ⭐️ will be added to your user flair
3rd place: A twinkle emoji ✨ will be added to your user flair.
  1. Flair your entry with the “April 2023 Contest Entry” flair.
  2. Voting will be done through upvotes, so upvote any posts you feel encompassed the theme.
  3. We will accept a maximum of 3 separate entries in the form of custom designs or builds. But only your “top submission” will place.
    1. Build entries can have more than 1 image showcasing the build, as long as they are focused on one area.
    2. Custom designs will need an example of you wearing or using the design as intended, these entries are also allowed more than 1 image showcasing the custom design.
  4. Build submissions can contain custom designs made by others and custom design submissions can be featured alongside custom designs made by others as well.
  5. Submissions must abide by subreddit rules.
  6. We will accept entries only from: April 1-30.
We are excited to see what everyone creates! Feel free to comment any questions you have below.
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2023.04.01 20:25 brieorwhateva What does this mean?

What does this mean?
It says winner but imma hold my excitement until I know what it’s for lol
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2023.04.01 20:15 Truth-is-Censored Bernie Sanders calls out the mainstream media for simping for Joe Biden and Hillary in the primaries and says they obviously cheated

Bernie Sanders calls out the mainstream media for simping for Joe Biden and Hillary in the primaries and says they obviously cheated
Today, April 1, 2023, Bernie Sanders at a huge rally in Pennsylvania finally called out the mainstream media for bias in the 2016 and 2020 primaries. He also said that Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden cheated and that he was obviously the clear winner. He says he regrets ever supporting them. Bernie is currently planning a game changing lawsuit against the Democratic Party and plans to run in 2024 as an Independent.
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2023.04.01 19:38 justplainmean [Patty SomerDome]: My unofficial reddit based Summer Patina Thunderdome

It's April 2nd and the Stitchdown Patina Thunderdome has ended. As I discussed here I've reached out to Stitchdown about a Summer Thunderdome, and they don't plan on running one this year. So I thought let's have some fun and run one here. I'm hoping to get a lot of growing patina posts showing how some of our fine footwear age. Boots_4_me has offered to host the competition over at GrantStoneBoots where I'll be collating the entries so that anyone interested can keep track.
Dale Basista of Dale's Leatherworks and aerosurferlv has expressed interest in donating winner's prizes (a kiltie or leather cuffs). The competition starts today and ends September 30th. Last day of entry is May 7th. Winner will be determined by the users of goodyearwelt. I'll run a poll or something, and am open to everyone's ideas as to how the vote should be structured (my preference being a Borda count). Shoes must be fairly new, or NOS. If you've already got a few months of wear on them I'm sorry but they don't qualify. Boots, shoes, camp mocs, loafers, quality sneakers, heck even a pair of Birkenstocks are welcome. If it gets a nice patina and conforms to the spirit of goodyearwelt I say enter them in. Post a picture of the shoes at least once a month (minimum 5 posts). In October we can all vote and determine a winner. Winner gets bragging rights and a small prize. Anyone who has suggestions on the format of the entry posts or ideas to improve the contest please comment here for now and I'll take it all into consideration.
Even if your shoes are not technically brand new as of this date it's ok. Some recent posts that qualify are:
These examples have not entered the competition as of now, but are just examples of what's eligible. Hopefully the redditors here will enter their new shoes, and we can all watch as they break in and patina. There's no cost to enter, and if you decide you don't want to compete any more than just stop posting. Post your entries on goodyearwelt, or if applicable at GrantStoneBoots, and check out my Megathread there for continued coverage and further discussion.
The first official entry is my own with continued aging pics from days 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.
I am posting on the Patina Project app. My handle is ShineSharpenFletch and I'm marking my posts with Patty SomerDoom.
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2023.04.01 18:29 thewildlopez22 Taylor Swift March Madness 2023 - The Final Four

Today's the day! The Final Four of the Taylor Swift March Madness Tournament is upon us. The winner of the two games today will meet up in the Championship game on Monday, April 3rd.
Here's the poll. Swift voting and good luck to everyone's favorites!
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2023.04.01 18:01 martpies I am helping students achieve their academic goals by providing personalized tutoring services in MATHEMATICS, PHYSICS and COMP.SCIENCE

Welcome to the world of online tutoring! I am thrilled to offer you a personalized and effective solution to help you reach your full academic potential. I am an experienced tutor dedicated to providing you with the support and resources you need to succeed. With flexible scheduling and one-on-one attention, you'll have the tools you need to achieve your academic goals. Let's get started on your journey to academic success today.
Here is a list of some subjects that I help my students with: 
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Here are some benefits of using my tutoring services: 

Contact details: 
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✍️ ✍️ ✍️ EMAIL: [email protected]
✍️ ✍️ ✍️ TEXT/WHATSAPP: +1 (985) 313-2531
Vouches and Testimonials from past clients: 
I believe in personalized attention. That's why I work one-on-one with you to develop a customized study plan that fits your individual needs and learning style. With my tailored approach, you'll receive the targeted support you need to succeed.
Whether you're looking to improve your grades, better understand challenging course material, or simply want to boost your confidence, online tutoring is the solution you need. With my experienced tutoring skills, flexible scheduling, and personalized approach, you'll be on your way to academic success in no time.
Don't let struggling in school hold you back. Get started on the path to academic success today. Text me to learn more about my online tutoring services. #onlinetutoring #education #success #personalizedattention #flexiblescheduling.
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2023.04.01 17:17 kingfiasco [Lucky Guess] 4/1

First place! Of course, the Orioles will never lose again. It's great to see everyone back, we had 41 guesses for opening day! I believe that's the most we've had since I've been doing this, might be the most since this game has started. Thanks to those that followed the new guess format as well. As a reminder we're looking for [Score] [Winning Team] [Tiebreaker] (7-1 BAL 67 Pitches).
Let's hope everything clears up and the game is played today. With the new rules they only need about 2.5 hours, although I believe Thursday's game was the longest of the day, hah.
No winners from Thursday, let's change that today.
Lucky Guess Standings
Rank Username Exact +/-1 Lost Tie Total Points
- - - - - -
Comments must include:
All guesses must be submitted by the posted start time to qualify.
Score will be as follows:
If two users pick the same score with the same tiebreaker, the person who submitted their guess first will be awarded the 6 points. The same rule will apply when two tiebreakers guesses are equally close to the actual result.
Score will be tallied each night and updated in wiki. They will also appear in the "Standings" section of future Lucky Guess posts.

Now let's play ball!

Tiebreaker for today is total number of pitches thrown by Dean Kremer.

As always, please do not upvote any guessing comment until after the game is over and the winner is determined, then upvote the winner.

Matchup Statistics

You can find the lineups here before game time.
Starting Pitcher Throws W-L IP K% BB% GB% BABIP FIP
Dean Kremer 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Red Sox
Starting Pitcher Throws W-L IP K% BB% GB% BABIP FIP
Chris Sale 0-0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Good luck!

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2023.04.01 16:42 Brave-Accountant-906 TENET GAMING WEEKEND

I'm excited to inform all gaming enthusiasts about a special event by the TENET team this weekend.
This event offers you the chance to earn points based on your ranks.
Here's how it works: You will compete with other players to attain the highest rank in the game, and the higher your rank, the more points you will earn. The prize will be based on the rank you achieve, with higher ranks receiving bigger prizes.
To PARTICIPATE in this thrilling event, all you need to do is join the TENET Telegram group and start playing the game.
The challenge will run for two days, starting today. At the end of the event, the winners will be announced, and the points awarded.
So, what are you waiting for? Join this amazing challenge now and showcase your gaming skills! Wishing all participants good luck, and let the games begin
Check below for all the Tenet socials:
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2023.04.01 15:40 cryptocronix Madbyte Update - April 1, 2023, hosts the crypto game where you collect Madbyte tokens [MADX] to add turns, build walls and take out your opponents. We're excited to announce that we will be giving away 1 Litecoin and over 10000 Madbyte tokens to the winner of the game in April!
MADX is a token that can be found on several blockchains, including Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Fantom network. This allows for more accessibility and flexibility for users who want to trade and collect MADX tokens.
To get an advantage over your opponents, we recommend getting a batch of MADX tokens on exchanges like SpookySwap (as a Fantom Token) or PancakeSwap (as a BSC Token). Though only MADX from the Fantom network is accepted in the game, both tokens can be deposited at and moved from there to the game with no network or bridge fees.
Remember, the more tokens you have, the better your chances of winning. So what are you waiting for? Head over to and start collecting today!
Thank you for being a part of our community. Good luck and have fun!
Madbyte Team
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2023.04.01 15:26 Itsthejoker APRIL MONTHLY META: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY

No April Fool's here -- in a stroke of ill-timed brilliance, April 1st is the anniversary of ToR! (Mostly, it's that we forgot to check the calendar and were very excited to announce this to the world.) Today's post has a message from me and the results of the MARCH TRANSCRIBING MADNESS!

Happy Anniversary!

Six years ago, we set out on an adventure to type a little more, make things better for folks, and have a bit of fun on the way. On day one, at the beginning, we started with two people... and by the end of the day we had thirty folks signed up. Today, we are here with 5900 of you, coming together with the express purpose of making the internet a better place to be.
By the end of the first day, we had about a hundred transcriptions completed. Today, almost 275,000 transcriptions have winged their way across the internet. That's 275,000 pieces of text that unlock laughter, tears, longing, dry chuckles, breaking news, and silly memes. Millions of words that describe flowers, cats, dreams, stories, and heartbreak. Throughout the years, I've looked in awe at all the amazing things we've done together, because a lot of people say they want to make a difference, that they want to change the world.
You're here. Together, we're changing the world. You are making a difference.
When we got our first chat with some local nonprofit leaders, I thought that was the top, the best it could get.
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Thanks for being you.
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Here's to another year! 🥂


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2023.04.01 15:18 Arceroth Traveler of a Chronicle 2ish

As readers of these chronicles have no doubt realized, I have a lot of experiences. And while I try to relate as many as possible to you there are inevitably some I leave out for the sake of maintaining a good story flow, or because they aren’t relevant. But there are also some that are just too… crazy to easily explain.
Shortly after my stay on the undying world I found myself in a new kind of rest stop, though it barely resembled the cheap motels I was used to. Instead I appeared standing on a small platform, a good ten feet above what looked like some kind of arena. Infront of me was a podium with a number of displays that were currently blank.
“And here’s our challenger!” a loud voice called out before I could get my bearings. Looking up I saw the arena was surrounded by stands, mostly empty ones I should note. A man in a sharp suit stood in the middle of the arena with a bright spotlight on him, gesturing to me as he continued to speak to the crowd.
“It seems we have something of a grudge match for you today!” the announcer continued, speaking into a mic, “two world walkers from different species! To my left, on the red side, we have one of the esteemed Children of the Composers, calling himself, THE CONDUCTOR!”
As the crowd cheered I slowly looked at where a new spotlight glowed upon a red platform much like my own. Atop it stood a single figure, waving to the crowd, was my enemy the Conductor.
“And to my right, in the blue, we have a scientist from Earth, this is his first time in one of these contests so give a big welcome to THE TRAVELER!”
I was nearly blinded as I suddenly had a spotlight of my own. Shielding my eyes I squinted up at the light cheering I was, apparently, receiving.
“Since this is the first time for one of our competitors, and for anyone new to these proceedings, allow me to quickly go over the rules!” the announcer continued as the applause tapered off, “Each of these World Walkers has a grievance with the other, as such before we start each will make a demand which, should they win, will be enforced upon the looser. Once the stakes are set we proceed to the main game! Selected in advance for this match is Phantom Summoning Battle Royal! Each of the two World Walkers will be allowed to summon the phantom of someone they know, these phantoms will have all the abilities and skills of their real counterpart but will not be truly intelligent. In addition each phantom will consume a certain amount of energy capacity from their summoner, each competitor will start with a limited amount of energy with which to summon. But, with each new round their maximum energy will increase allowing them to summon more powerful phantoms. In addition, if one of your phantoms kills the phantom of your opponent you will steal half the energy value of that phantom from your opponent for your own use!
“After each round of summoning the phantoms will fight for ten minutes!” the announcer continued, “should one side’s phantoms be wiped out entirely all surviving phantoms will be allowed a single attack against the opposing World Walker. This continues until one of the competitors is unable to fight. Don’t worry though, in accordance with the Orange Entity Agreement no competitors can truly die in this fight, should an attack from an opposing phantom kill them they will be revived instantly. This will, however, cause them to lose!
“Now! On to the demands!” the announcer gestured towards the Conductor and, to my amazement, slid first across the ground then through the air till he was standing next to my nemesis, “Should you win, what is it you request?”
“My opponent was once a good friend of mine,” the Conductor started, “ever since he got his new memory module he’s been turned against me by some unknown force. Should I win I request his memory module be removed so that we might once again become friends!”
“How touching,” the announcer said, then, with a gesture, slid through the air till he was next to me, “and what about you, Traveler, what do you request upon winning?”
“I,” I admit I was still somewhat in shock at this but doing my best to recover I responded, “I would like if the Conductor would leave me the hell alone.”
“Fascinating!” the announcer said, sliding back through the air until he was hovering over the center of the arena, “with those demands, I’ll pass to our current Commentators. The Storyteller and the Battlemaster!”
“Thanks Announcer,” a familiar voice echoed through the arena, one I recognized as the Storyteller who’d I’d encountered last time I fought against the Conductor, “Two very different demands, wouldn’t you say Battlemaster?”
“Indeed,” a deeper voice I didn’t recognize replied, “very different.”
“On one hand the Conductor’s request appears to be couched in the idea of friendship, which we all know is one of the most powerful forces in any plotline,” the storyteller continued, “On the other hand having your mind wiped is a very serious consequence, akin to death, whereas the Traveler has requested something much less damaging to an ongoing story.”
As they spoke the displays in front of me lit up, showing a gauge with what I guessed was my ‘energy limit’ as the announcer explained. Another display simply had a handprint, so I carefully placed my hand there and… nothing happened. Was this how I was supposed to confirm my summons or something? For all the talking that had happened I didn’t really been told much. But that aside who would I summon? My first thought was the Saint of Battle, she was armed, skilled in combat and someone I considered a friend.
As soon as I thought that her image appeared on another part of the display along with a gauge that showed eleven bars. I quickly figured out that was how much energy she required to be summoned, and based on the other display I only had two blocks of energy to use. Perhaps unsurprising that she required more than the energy I started with.
“And it seems we have our first summon from the Conductor!” the storyteller announced, causing me to look up. Across the arena from me another person faded into existence, shrouded in a red haze, presumably to indicate which side he was on. This person was clearly the same race as the Conductor but wore something not to dissimilar from a martial arts Gi one might find on Earth. And, interestingly, hovering above the persons head was a name ‘First Student of a Martial King.’
“The summon appears to be some kind of Martial Arts student, judging by the name and outfit,” the Storyteller echoed my thoughts, “an interesting but safe choice for a first summon, well rounded abilities and some combat experience, easily able to fit with the minimal energy available this early in the game.”
I searched my memory for someone who knew how to fight but wouldn’t cost much. Unfortunately most of the people I’ve met weren’t fighters, they were researchers, scholars… mages.
I quickly pictured Alexandrite in my mind, the mage friend to the hero Aaron from one of my past worlds. Obviously Aaron, able to break free of any constraints, would be far too expensive but maybe his friend was weaker. And, thankfully, she only cost one bar of my available two. With another thought I confirmed the summon and saw half of my short energy bar drain and the woman I’d met once months ago faded into existence, surrounded in a blue haze. Interestingly above her was another title, this one reading ‘Only Friend of a Fallen Hero.’ And I wondered who was coming up with these names.
“Looks like the Traveler has made his first summon as well,” the Storyteller continued, “a woman in a scholars robe, perhaps some flavor of magic user? It’ll be an uphill battle for a mage against a fighter, don’t you agree Battlemaster?”
“Yes,” the deeper voice replied, “uphill.”
“But by summoning a woman he causes the viewer to instinctively be drawn to his side to her over a man,” replied the Storyteller, “a very shrewd tactic.”
“First round,” the Announcer interrupted, floating over the center of the arena, one hand held above him which he brought down in a sudden motion, “fight!”
Immediately the First Student the Conductor had summoned dashed forward, towards the phantom of Alexandrite. She looked… startled? She only started to react as the martial artist made it halfway across the arena, waving a hand in front of her, drawing out a large rune in the air. She barely finished before the other phantom reached her, activating the rune and sending forth a beam of energy, which the Conductor’s summon easily dodged and slammed his fist into her stomach. A few more blows and she fell to the ground, unmoving.
“And we have a winner!” the Announcer said. Suddenly I found myself standing in the center of the Arena, barely able to take in what had happened when the Conductor’s summon appeared and threw a punch at me. I flinched back but my shield easily took the hit and, an instant later, I was once more on my platform.
“As expected, a mage is a poor matchup against a fighter,” the Storyteller prattled above me, “but no one likes seeing a woman brutalized, which quickly grants the Traveler the moral high ground, if not the practical one.”
Almost instantly the Conductor summoned another phantom, this one looking very similar to the first with the title ‘Second Student of a Martial King.’ Was he planning to summon an entire school of martial artists? It seemed odd to me but clearly he knew what he was doing so I couldn’t underestimate him.
I couldn’t risk another magic user, I decided, I needed a good frontline first. Feeling more relaxed, now that I at least felt I understood the rules, I once again scanned my memory and landed upon the adventuring party I’d met in the world of The First Man. Mart, the essence user, was my first thought, but I quickly dismissed the idea, he was another mage type. No, I needed the leader of that group, what was his name… Riginald!
His face appeared on the screen and, thankfully, he cost only three bars of energy, one less than the four I found myself with. It seemed that while killing a summon allows you to steal half the energy they’re worth, it’s rounded down so the one bar Alexandrite cost was fully refunded. If my guess was correct Riginald would give the Conductor one bar should he fall. Not wanted to test if there was a time limit to how long I had to summon, I confirmed I wanted Riginald and he soon faded into existence before me, his title was, oddly, ‘Heir to a Shattered Land.’
“And fight!” declared the Announcer, signaling the start of the second round. Immediately Riginald snapped into action, showing much greater battle sense than Alexandrite, drawing a flintlock pistol from his belt, aiming and firing off a shot at the nearest of the two martial artists who both ducked sideways just as he fired.
But something odd was going on with them, the first student had previously taken a decent few seconds to cross the arena but now seemed to be moving much faster, keeping pace with the newest summon. Before Riginald could draw his second flintlock they were upon him, forcing him to drop the expended weapon and use his saber. At first I thought he’d missed entirely, not unsurprising given the nature of the weapon, but as the melee began I noticed some blood on the first student’s arm, possibly just a grazing hit but still some damage.
Riginald was handling himself better in combat against the two alien brawlers, but it was quickly apparent his combat skill wasn’t on par with theirs. Only his breastplate and the extra reach his saber gave him allowed him to fight them. Unfortunately it didn’t last, the second student managed to grab Riginald’s sword arm following an attack, which gave the first student an opening to kick Riginald’s legs out from under him. A few well placed blows on the fallen warrior and the round ended. Once more I found myself on the arena floor, this time both of the students threw attacks and while neither made it through my barrier, I noticed that the first student’s attack got further than it had before.
“And that puts the Conductor up with two summons and two wins,” the Storyteller said over the loudspeaker as I reappeared on my platform, “It will be hard for him to recover from this position. On the other hand readers love an underdog so falling behind like this does leave him with a narrative advantage. The Conductor’s strategy seems to rely heavily on the power of friendship, as his choice of summons seems to reinforce, but I’d say the Traveler’s choice of lower stakes and underdog storyline is superior.”
As the annoying Storyteller spoke the Conductor made his next summon, not even hesitating as the displays unlocked and updated with two more bars of energy. I could see his smug grin across the arena as the Third Student of a Martial King faded into existence.
I quickly ignored him, leaning against my own lectern and raking my brain for a solution. I still didn’t have enough energy to summon the Saint of Battle, who was one of the strongest warriors I knew. But even I didn’t know if she would be able to go against three enemies alone. Other fighters I’d met popped into my mind, Aaron, the broken hero, required nine bars of energy. The First Man required twenty-three, surprisingly. On a whim I pictured Purses, who likely had the most destructive power of anyone I’d ever met, even if he was technically a machine, and wasn’t surprised by his two hundred some odd energy cost.
What I needed now, I realized, wasn’t a fighter, I needed someone who could simply hold the summons of the Conductor. I knew some very powerful people, but their energy costs were more than I could manage. If I could just delay until I could afford them I might be able to turn this around. I thought about passing the round, but I wouldn’t be any better off next round and I was worried about how the first student had been faster and stronger in the second round. No I needed a defensive option, somehow who could take or avoid hits.
Someone who couldn’t die.
I grinned as a face appeared on the display, requiring only one bar of energy to my surprise, and confirmed the summon just before the countdown ended.
A simple man in jeans and a tee-shirt faded into existence, an empty smile on his face. Hovering above his head was the title ‘Hopeless Guide to an Eternal World.’
“Third round, fight!” the Announcer declared, and the three students on the Conductor’s side leapt into action. As I’d feared they were faster than previous, it seemed that for every student they grew stronger. I wondered if they were somehow making use of the Harmony for the self-buffing ability, it seemed like something that would be in its wheelhouse.
Quickly the three martial artists surrounded the guide, who had barely taken a few slow steps forward, and began laying into him. In seconds they had him on the ground and landed several blows, causing him to stop moving. For a moment I was concerned, as the three alien summons seemed to prepare to strike me, was the phantom not immortal like the man it was based on? But after a few seconds it became clear the round hadn’t ended, the three enemy summons exchanging confused looks when, behind them, the guide slowly pushed himself to his feet.
Seemingly angered by his refusal to die they quickly began to beat on him once more, landing punches with such coordination it could only be the work of the Harmony. One would stand in front of the guide while another stood behind him, and they would both land powerful punches to his chest, right where his heart was, that I was certain would kill a normal man. And while the Guide collapsed he didn’t stay down, starting to stand only to be kicked back down. For ten minutes they beat on him, but by the end the round was called without a winner.
“What a turnaround!” the Storyteller said excitedly, “it would seem the defensive abilities of the Traveler’s phantom are rather extreme, able to take that kind of beating. But the real question is what does this mean narratively? No one likes watching one man getting beaten up, perhaps this is another ploy to increase his underdog status while remaining defensive? In any case this is an interesting development, wouldn’t you agree Battlemaster?”
“Yes,” said the deeper voice, “interesting.”
I was just glad the plan had worked, I wasn’t sure if the rules of this strange game would preserve his unchanging status since that was based on his world’s oddities. Thankfully it had, the only issue I could see now was if the Conductor had some way to defeat this specific ability. I felt somewhat heartened as the Conductor took a moment to glare at his displays before summoning the fourth student. I now had six bars of energy free, which still wasn’t enough for any of the strong warriors I knew so I decided to hold off, passing the turn and relying on the guide’s durability.
It was clear now, if it hadn’t been before, that for each student summoned they all got stronger, something the Storyteller commented on, putting it up to the ‘power of friendship’ but I mostly ignored him. Watching and wincing as the four martial artists beat the daylights out of my phantom, hoping that these phantoms weren’t real beings. Ten minutes later the round ended in another draw.
The next two rounds passed much the same, there were now six students of the martial king against the guide, I held off summoning anyone new to save energy. At two energy gained per round I’d have ten free, one short of the Saint of Battle, but enough to summon Aaron. As I pondered if I should risk it or wait for more energy the Conductor shouted.
“Bullshit!” the alien shouted, “I demand a review of that phantom!”
“On what grounds?” the Announcer asked, sliding through the air to stand next to the Conductor.
“No mere human can take that kind of beating without dying!” the Conductor insisted, “much less without any kind of injury at all!”
“Very well, I shall send this to the judges for review,” the Announcer said, and before anything else could happen everything seemed to freeze in place. Some… presence had filled the room so totally that nothing could move, even my eyes were frozen in place, I couldn’t even feel my heart beating. It took me a moment to realize it, but this feeling was virtually identical to the warning one got when they had one minute left in a rest stop. Was this place run by the same entities as those?
Just as suddenly as it came the presence left and everyone was left gasping for air, all except the Announcer who seemed unphased.
“The judges rule that the phantom is properly balanced and allowed,” he announced, “as penalty for wasting the time of the Cricle Fourteen Orange Star Entity, the host of this program, one bar of energy shall be taken from the Conductor and given to the Traveler! Now, on with the Summoning!”
And like that I had enough for the Saint of Battle, without a second thought I confirmed the summon. Unlike all the others she didn’t simply fade into existence, but seemed to descend from the heavens on a beam of golden light.
“And it seems like we have our first World Walker summoned!” the Storyteller said, his voice still shaking slightly from the previous events, though he was good at hiding it, “And what a beauty she is too! Unless I miss my guess, that’s the Saint of Battle!”
Apparently unable to summon another student the Conductor passed and the Announcer started the seventh round.
This was my first time seeing the Saint fight, even if it was just a phantom of her, but I was impressed. At first she lifted her rifle and snapped off a number of shots, obliterating one of the Conductor’s phantoms in a cloud of blood. But she was never going to get many shots off like that with how fast the students had gotten, and she was forced into melee. But, to my relief, she managed to easily hold her own. With skillful use of her rifle and some simple attacks she was able to fend off the students, matching them in speed and strength. For a while they fought, the guide standing off to one side watching passively, and I was getting worried she’d be overwhelmed as it seemed the guide wasn’t good for much but taking hits. But five minutes into the brawl a snapped shot struck another student, vaporizing the alien martial artist. Just as they’d gotten stronger with each new student added, they also got weaker as their numbers waned. By the time the round was called a draw only two students remained.
I could practically feel the Conductor’s glare across the arena as my display updated. Two energy for the round and four from defeated enemies I now had six to spend. Apparently, each of the students were worth two energy which was mildly surprising. If my math was right, the Conductor should have two or three energy to spend, with four tied up in his remaining phantoms. I saw no reason to waste time or energy and so I passed my turn to summon, leaving the Saint and Guide to fight the next round, confident they would win.
Then the Conductor did something I didn’t expect, he sacrificed his two current summons, causing them to vanish while freeing up his energy. I hadn’t even known you could do that, but as I was considering the implications a new figure popped into the air on the Conductor’s side, landing on his side and tumbling sideways before coming to a rest.
Above his head ‘The Traveler’ appeared.
“Now that’s an interesting development,” the Storyteller commented.
“Yes,” the Battlemaster said, “interesting.”
“Summoning your enemy is always a gambit, while the phantoms aren’t truly conscious beings they will act just like their real counterparts. Often times one will summon their friends to fight for them in these games, and, even if they know the other phantom is their enemy will struggle to attack a friend. So I guess we get to see how the Traveler’s friend would react to having to fight him.”
“Round start!” the announcer shouted.
The Saint of Battle lifted her rifle and fired a burst of three shots, two impacting my phantom’s barrier while the third got through and blew a chunk of the phantom’s chest out.
I’m not sure what I was expecting, I admitted to myself as the Conductor, a surprised look on his face, appeared in the center of the arena and was subsequently gunned down as well.
“And the winner is The Traveler!” the announcer shouted to scattered applause, I was busy trying to decide how to feel about how willing the Saint of Battle was to gun me down like that.
“His demand, was for the Conductor to leave him alone,” the announcer continued, “thus, in the future the Conductor will be unable to challenge him to battles in other Orange Entity arenas!”
“Wait,” I froze, “but he can still bother me in other worlds?”
“Correct! The Orange entity battle arenas can only enforce rewards within their own domains, natural worlds and other entity rest stops are beyond the powers of our host!”
“Oh, god damnit.”
***** Discord - Patreon *****
(actual chapter tomorrow XD)
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2023.04.01 14:40 Federal_Arki05 WHAT IF!!!

Yes, I am aware that today is the first day of April, but as one Ex Teen Housemate once said: "Pero, What if?"
So, who would you cast if you were given a chance to select 20 ex-HMs from previous seasons, excluding the Big placers and the Big winners, to come back and compete in an All-Star season?
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2023.04.01 14:39 TheDeadlySixSucks Today's The Day. The Grand Winner of The Final Day of The Double MU Contest is.... BLACK PEN! with X Dive X vs Xeno Goku and Kaneda vs David (Thank you all for competing and for those who did get their suggestions in you guys did your best)

Today's The Day. The Grand Winner of The Final Day of The Double MU Contest is.... BLACK PEN! with X Dive X vs Xeno Goku and Kaneda vs David (Thank you all for competing and for those who did get their suggestions in you guys did your best) submitted by TheDeadlySixSucks to DeathBattleMatchups [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 14:28 Oucid r/Bettafish POTM 4.2023: Transformations Contest Submission Open

Picture of the Month Contest submission is OPEN! Starting today, April 1st until the last day to submit April 22nd. Winner will be featured in this subreddit’s banner for the following month, given a special flair, and added to the wiki POTM Hall of Fame.

This Month’s Theme is Transformations!

‼️Please submit your entry by sending us an Imgur link via mod mail. (This Link)

Bringing back an original theme to kick off the POTM revival; As we’re going from Winter to Spring and the weather is changing, we want to showcase how your bettas have changed since the time you got them until now (or until a time after you got them, new pic doesn’t have to be current but it does have to be your betta and show a transformation!)
CONTEST RULES: - Picture must be of your own betta - One photo submission per person - Picture must be on topic for the theme (be it added text/stickers or decorated tank, photo edits, etc) - Follows subreddit rules/Reddit TOS
Theme Guidelines: - Side by side pictures are recommended, like this - Focus on one betta, even if you have multiple - If you need help combining photos together feel free to ask the mods!
Timeline for POTM April 2023: - Submission dates: April 1st - April 22nd (about 3 weeks) - Voting dates: April 23rd - April 29th (1 week) - Winner Announcement: April 30th - Winner’s photo is featured as the subreddit’s banner for month of May with a fancy flair!
Previous Winners: Get some inspiration with these photos from POTM’s past!
Original opening info post for POTM: Link
Imgur Help: - How-To Upload to Imgur - Creating and Sharing Imgur Posts
If you have any questions please comment below!
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2023.04.01 14:00 f1newsbot Why Leclerc thanked Sainz for a tow he didn’t get after Ferrari radio mix-up

Ferrari missed out on an opportunity to secure a top-three starting position for the Australian Grand Prix after a series of miscommunications, Carlos Sainz Jnr believes.
Due to the cool temperatures in Melbourne across the weekend, many teams opted to run ‘build’ laps at slightly reduced speeds to generate tyre temperature before pushing to set competitive times on their third lap. In the closing minutes of Q3, Ferrari sent both their drivers out on new soft tyres, with Sainz ahead of team mate Leclerc.
While Sainz was planning to run a build lap, Leclerc behind him prepared to push from the end of his out lap out of fear that rain could be set to fall over the circuit. Leclerc was told by race engineer Xavier Marcos Padros that his team mate would “give him a tow on the main straight”. However, when Sainz began his build lap, Leclerc was just over three seconds behind his team mate on the Albert Park circuit.
Sainz backed off on the run to turn 11 to allow Alonso by, only to find the Aston Martin driver slowed to prepare for his flying lap in the final corners. This forced Sainz to back off further to build a gap to Alonso so he could begin his final push lap in clear air.
The Ferrari’s tyre temperatures would have fallen further and Sainz grappled with his car through the first corner, losing four tenths to pole winner Verstappen by the braking zone of turn four and two tenths to Russell’s Mercedes. By the end of the lap. Sainz was less than two tenths behind Hamilton’s third-placed Mercedes.
Leclerc could only manage seventh at the chequered flag and sarcastically thanked his team mate over the radio in parc ferme for failing to give him a slipstream along the back straight.
“And big thanks to Carlos for the tow in turns three and four,” Leclerc said. “It was nice – got a little bit of extra speed. Always nice to be close there.”
Sainz was left ruing the series of miscommunications, believing a chance to split or even beat the Mercedes had gone begging.
“I am convinced that today we could have done a top three with a clean qualifying lap,” he said.
“We had a bit of a bad preparation lap on that lap with the tyre temperatures because we let by two or three cars that we thought were on a push lap, or they told me they were on a push lap. I had to slow down a lot to let them buy and then they slowed me down because they were not.
“I lost two or three tenths in sector one for tyre prep and then I had to risk a lot, sectors two and three and pick up the pace. I did actually a very good lap after that. I think that would have put me in the top three, which would have been good progress and good lap time found from Jeddah.”
Leclerc admitted he “didn’t do a great job in terms of driving” during the early phase of qualifying, but that the preparation for his final effort in Q3 had not been ideal.
“I also found myself behind Carlos for the whole first sector, which is something that I hope we will look into as a team because this cost us quite a bit. But it’s like this.”
Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur admitted his team had been capable of securing better starting positions for their cars than what they ultimately achieved.
“It’s a bit of a frustration,” Vasseur said. “For sure, it was not an easy session.
“We were all hesitating between prep, not-prep, but at the end it’s more frustration because I think we didn’t put everything together and we are not far away to a good result today.
“Perhaps you can see in a positive way that we are perhaps a bit closer in terms of pure performance than usual. But let’s see.”
Despite the disappointment, Leclerc believes Ferrari are in better shape for the race than they have been for the opening two rounds, where they fared better on Saturdays than on Sundays.
“I think we have quite a good race car on my side,” Leclerc said. “I maybe compromised a little bit the quali pace for the race pace so let’s see how it goes.”
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2023.04.01 13:48 kolargach ABOUT CHAINGAMING X

Experience the future of competitive gaming today. Our platform, fully decentralized and democratized, will foster direct connections between players. People on the other side of the world, through ChainGamingX, can use cryptocurrency for entries into matches, tournaments, and leagues. In turn, our smart contracts verify winners and make distributions, of the prize pool to which all the participants have agreed.
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2023.04.01 12:17 tingubingu ABOUT CHAINGAMING X

Experience the future of competitive gaming today. Our platform, fully decentralized and democratized, will foster direct connections between players. People on the other side of the world, through ChainGamingX, can use cryptocurrency for entries into matches, tournaments, and leagues. In turn, our smart contracts verify winners and make distributions, of the prize pool to which all the participants have agreed. Website:
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