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Entry level gear for beginner on a MacBook air

2023.03.21 00:03 Positive_Guarantee20 Entry level gear for beginner on a MacBook air

Hi all,
I just started dabbling in Traktor (DJ 2) last week, and downloaded DJay Pro today. Running a MacBook air M1 (16 GB / 8 core). I'm mostly interesting in making mixes to throw up on Soundcloud, and running a few dance events this year, just getting comfortable mixing, really. Maybe some remixes / mashups but nothing fancy on-the-fly (yet). My music style and audience are not mainstream, very minimal house or techno: moreso the Ecstatic Dance / 5 Rhythms / full moon parties, or "IDM" scene (though I don't love that acronym). Or if you've been to Shambhala, think Grove stage. I want to get going soon but not over-invest until I'm more confident this is going to be a serious hobby. (e.g. if I can invest in stages that's ideal).
  1. Is it worth playing around with software much before I get a mixer / controller? I can still mix, kinda (slowly!), but it's rough and of course extremely limited control.
  2. Can I get far with a 2-channel mixer, like the Traktor S2 (or a Pioneer equivalent)? Or even just the slim Z1and add on decks, FX etc if I want them later? I don't see myself using jog wheels much, honestly, but definitely would be using hotcues and loops. Is juggling a mouse (for cues) and mixer knobs seamless enough? or just awkward?
  3. Should I also try Serato or anything else? Ignoring the "Pioneer / RB standard" I've been reading about, it sounds like Traktor is best for the beatgrid, hotcues and loops (which I plan to use extensively) and DJay Pro for pulling stems live. So far Traktor "feels" better, and I don't love the way DJay is pulling stems so far (but am super intrigued by the AI!). I'll go through my 7 day trial for sure.
  4. Getting tunes! What is the least painful way to transfer library/playlists from Spotify? Soundcloud Go+ integration with both Traktor DJ2 and DJar Pro is promising, and I have zero experience with Tidal or Beatport. Being able to download / play offline would be helpful. I'll likely using Spotify to find new tracks (love its algorithms immensely) + stream to smart speakers, but won't love having to re-add my liked songs to playlists on multiple platforms.
I only have a few hours a week max I can throw at this (not enough, I know!) so want to be efficient with my time. I am SUPER willing to take and pay for a course and learn that way, and also love experimenting. I have a background in music and composition (moreso orchestral, but...) and just very painfully made a mash-up in Audacity, so am comfortable with the basics and very ready to dive into more friendly software!
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2023.03.21 00:03 Desperate_Book9157 AITJ for loosing my temper with some young kids

Am i the jerk for loosing my temper with some young kids?
I'm a 19 year old girl from korea. The story im about to is about when i used to live in the united states in 2018.
It was around 11 am and i was waiting at the airport for my gate to get on a flight from Seattle to Busan to see my family after a long time without seeing them. it was about 30 minutes till the gates were closing.
at this moment in time i was sitting down with my crutches with my air pods in just casually listening to my music when a couple and their children sat in the row right in front of me with the children aged around 5-7 (i'm not good with ages) and probably twins.
Anyway, i was just messaging my friends on discord that i was soon to be departing so i wouldn't be able to communicate with them when i noticed one of the children was just staring at my crutches and tagging his mother to notice.
Their mother which I'll call Hayley kindly came up to me and asked if a could lend my crutches to one of her sons which I'll call billy. i pulled out google translate showing her i could not speak english so she came back with her phone translating it so i could read it .(absolute respect for her) i was feeling nice today so i said that they could have them for the next 10 minutes but i would need them back as one of my legs was broken and i could barley walk without them.
after just over 10 minutes i tried to get Hayley's attention as i would have to start leaving soon. thankfully the husband who I'll name Francis noticed me waving told Hayley to look. she came over and i told her that i needed my crutches back as i would need to start leaving now.
when Hayley asked Billy to give me back my crutches he started to bang them against the floor as if he was playing the drums. i walked over holding my suitcase as support so i could walk with my translation up.
i was about to ask him for them back but then he shouted something along the lines of "SHUT UP CHING CHONG!" and pushed me onto the floor. after that his mum had enough and ran over to him and took my crutches by force and passed them to me. she immediately started apologising and i forgave her for the trouble her son had caused me.
Finally about 10 minutes i boarded my flight and everything else went fine thankfully without anymore drama.
So, Jerk or not a jerk?
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2023.03.21 00:03 shampooburnsmyeyes I (25f) wanted space/break from my bf (26m). Now I don't know where we stand

My bf and I have been saying for 3 years. My last post was talking about how I had been resenting him although I had forgiven him. I did some deep digging with my therapist and realized I lack a lot of self-esteem and validation. I was letting him fill the void my insecurities left. So I realized I needed some time to work on me to learn to not rely on him for my happiness. I was really excited , I found a youtuber that has awesome motivating videos and I was happy to share the new step in my life with my bf.
I brought it up last night and It was a disaster. I suggested a month and he wasn't okay with that. I agreed saying it was a new idea that I hadn't thought through 100% and was willing to hear him out and make adjustments according to his input. He shut down and it turned into a trust issue. He began saying he thought I was going to cheat on him. He sent me tiktoks of men talking about the issue with "breaks" basically calling women whores and that a break is a scapegoat to end a relationship and have sex with someone else.
I have an unsecurity of being labeled a whore it's part of my CPTSD that stems from childhood. Being accused of wanting to cheat broke my heart. It felt like the only person that truly knows me suddenly stabbed my heart. He wouldn't let it go and while arguing he hung up on me. I kept trying to call him back and he never answered. We have been in a shitty cycle of arguing for a couple of months now and i couldnt take it anymore. I sent him a text saying I have had enough we are done. He blocked me from everything only to unblock me to say if he killed himself it was on me. I tried to check on him but no response.
A little context all his exs have cheated on him. Now I get the insecurity but I have been with this man through thick and thin. He is physically disabled and lost his dream job as a result. He hasn't been able to "provide as a man" but I have done the best I can to be there for him. I have rooted him on even when he didn't want to keep going on his own. He is an amazing man but slowly has turned into someone I don't recognize.
He has contacted me today and his mental health is worse than I thought. Turns out he has been drinking everyday to be able to sleep even while we were together. He doesn't do any of his old hobbies and just stays in bed when he's not at work. We have talked about him getting mental help in the past. I have even gotten him the phone number to a free provider that would take him but he never took the first step although he repeatedly told me he would. Now he is saying he is ready to get help but I don't know what I want anymore.
I offered to get back together if he shows me proof he is going to therapy but that isn't enough for him. I feel like I have been given an ultimatum. Take him now or break up but I think my offer is best. If I stick to my option I'm afraid I will lose him. I love him with all my heart and I want to give this another chance but I don't want to go back if it will just undo more of the hard work I've put into building myself. I finally have a roof over my head, going to school, and starting a new job tomorrow. I would like to share that with him and celebrate the accomplishments he will make moving forward.
By no means am I the perfect girlfriend, I try my best and I love him but I just got my life together.
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2023.03.21 00:02 CommunicationOne7382 Need abortion help!!!

Here are the circumstances.
I live I. California. I am 27 weeks today. This has been verified by ultrasound. I have been trying to get an abortion for a few months now but there was issues regarding my BMI. I’m 5’6 or 5’7 and weigh probably 270 now. I was 248 at the start. I was turned down by some planned parenthood’s because they said that I was too overweight to be put to sleep but that I needed to be put to sleep per their policy.
Now I am terrified of being put to sleep for this procedure! I found a place in CA that I could have went to, but when I talked to them a couple weeks ago they were already booked out a few weeks which would put me past their limit.
They do offer for me to come get a shot to stop the pregnancy, but I would have to have a doctor on board to do the induction….
Does anyone know of any doctors in LA county that would do this???
I was referred to a clinic in Colorado that also turned me down today due to my BMI, and a clinic in Seattle that is saying I can go to them but idk if I can afford it even with assistance from non profits. I would also have to travel far and be put under anesthesia which is making me very nervous.
I’m getting desperate because I want to cut ties with this abusive relationship but I know it will only get worse if the baby is here I will never be able to leave him for good. I have two kids from a previous relationship and my fear is I’m going to end up trying something myself that is going to end up hurting/killing me. Please help if anyone can. My 2 kids need me. :(
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2023.03.21 00:02 MikaElyse8954 Synchronicity or paranoia?

Hello, all.
I am just reaching out regarding some advice, per the title.
I’m going to try and keep a very long story short, but I feel like my housemate might be spying on my internet activity and it’s been making me very paranoid and question of self/doubtful.
For reference, the roommate is the owner of the WiFi. So she pays the bill, the account and set up is all in her name.
Sometime in January, we got new WiFi. The old WiFi was a century link or something, and when we had that WiFi, none of these “synchronicities” happened at all. I’ve recently done the math and realized when we switched over to a new WiFi routecompany, mid January or so, is when the random “synchronicities” started happening. And I say synchronicities, per my roommates terms.
Long story short, for a little background, my roommate is very “far out”. She is OBSESSED with “all things” conspiracies, spirituality, psychology, metaphysics, etc., and those subjects are all she talks about 24/7. I pretty much hear the same stories repeatedly on a daily basis. She blows up my phone from the moment she hears me wake up, until bed, just sending links to read things, videos - she’s very intense in that way.
Moving forward, over the last month I felt that I was getting a bit paranoid. Some of the topics and stories she shares seem so made up I’m like - there’s no way this is even true. And for as many times I’ve thought that, I ended up being proven wrong that what she does share sometimes are true. And considering her fanatics with synchronicities and “awakenings” I’ve just assumed “this is all real” and I’m just going paranoid.
Anyways, there was a specific night like 3 weeks ago where I was so overwhelmed with her and overthinking everything that made me feel paranoid and untrusting of her, and somehow I made the connection that- what if she’s spying on my internet activity - and here’s why:
Since we switched over Wi-Fi’s, there’s been like once a week where we will cross paths and she’ll bring up a subject or topic, word for word, regarding what I was reading on my computer earlier that day (I read A LOT, so I have a scribd account and read through many subjects daily lol. And I’ll simultaneously open new task bars to further look up terms or subjects I’m unfamiliar with that I picked up through a text. And for the record, I do NOT cancel the task bars when done so I can refer back to it. So the same few tabs will be open for like 2-3 weeks at a time).
So when this first started happening, I would be like -“oh my gosh, that’s so crazy you brought that up because I literally was just reading about that today” - and she’d make a comment about synchronicities. So this happened like 2 or 3 times where I didn’t think anything of it other than happenstance.
So a few weeks ago, I was reading a text that was talking about freemasonry, and hours later I go into my roommates room to talk and she’s like “oh my gosh, this little book fell off my bookshelf randomly, look at it!” And it was a super small old book literally titled with “freemasonry” & the page she had me look at was specifically talking about freemasonry too. This time, I didn’t say anything & I just went along with it.
That evening in bed I was really just feeling unsafe because of all the odd occurrences and I was just telling myself that I’m just hypervigilant (which I am extremely at times and I’m in therapies for it partially and she knows this), and I can trust her & its all just me. I then got the idea that people can spy on internet activity & the next morning I did some research & installed VPN’s.
After I got over that headspace I’m like - “you know what? There’s no way she’d even know how to do that anyways, & your past few suspicions have been proven wrong, so you’re completely safe & you don’t need the VPN’s. So I still kept them but they have to be longed into everytime I log onto my computer which I didn’t do the last 2-3 weeks or so.
Coincidentally, nothing “synchronistically” has came up during that time until this week, & then today which really psyched me out.
A week/week and a half ago I was researching gestalt psychology & I’ve left that tab open in my browser. A few days ago we were talking and she brings up gestalts & I’ve never heard her say that word since I’ve known her. I just bypassed it once again since things have seemed fine for the most part.
Well today, i was reading a PDF on meditation & the specific part I was reading had to do with blood flow and blood vessels & how they aid in relaxation & it laid out a specific visualization practice of imagining blood vessels opening to aid in more blood flow to the body to help induce relaxation. I wrote down my notes & decided to take a nap & try out the visualization/meditation.
An hour and a half goes by and I wake up and the roommate is gone & I responded to a text she sent when I was napping & then she immediately replied randomly- “hey do you know your blood type? Look up the connection of blood type and “x,y,z” And I instantly was like what the fuck????? There’s no way this is happening, no way.
I replied I didn’t know my blood type(which I do) & she told me it would be on the lab results I just got back from blood work a few weeks ago. And I’m thinking??? I didn’t reply.
I now feel like I did exactly a few weeks ago and this just does not seem like a synchronicity. It literally FEELS fabricated. But I ultimately don’t know. It’s easier to label me the crazy one but I just don’t trust this.
For the record, I do not experience synchronicities like this to this extent with anyone else in my life, not even so much with myself. There’s wayyyy more to the stories of why I particularly feel unsafe from time to time with my roommate as there’s been a lot of questionable/odd occurrences involving her. But I go through the motions of all of this and then I feel bad that I’m feeling this way towards her, and then it stops, and then it starts again, etc. Because aside from that she’s SO nice- supportive, helpful, caring- I’ve never had this nice of a person in my life not to mention one who likes me so much lol. So I just point fingers at me because I’d hate to think all of this and it is really just me.
I don’t know what to do anymore I suppose. I could just start to ignore it, unless and until I somehow know or figure out more, if ever?
This is all I can chalk it up to: either the energy of her and I and our environment is really “so” - in that these are real and true synchronic events and since I’ve never experienced such before that it’s making me paranoid, or she’s up to something for whatever reason due to her intentions.
Thanks for reading & any and all advice.
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2023.03.21 00:02 Orange_Whale Polyphony and Sony, thank you!

My 68 year old dad is over the moon with GT7. He is a 10+ year World of Tanks buff, and he's treating GT7 like it's the World of Tanks for cars and racing. He's the kind of person that goes to a car museum and talks the staff's ears off about the cars. Ever since the Vive & PSVR in 2016 I'd been hoping for him to get into a VR game enough to want his own headset, and this is easily that game.
Anyway I just wanted to thank Polyphony and Sony for giving me and my dad a lot of quality bonding time lately; PSVR2 is all we've been about for the past 3 weeks. It's the most Playstation we've played together since World Series/Major League Baseball on PS2.
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2023.03.21 00:02 Sjwihejwiwkwbdheiw9 first cheat day

I had my first cheat day today after about a month, not exactly on the scd diet but close. today I took my first cheat day, not just for food but also for other behaviors that I quit since, like scrolling the internet and watching porn.
I spent the day low key lazing around while constantly snacking on sugary sweets. I went through a lot of sweets although I only finished one whole pack of them. I also at a fruit salad with yogurt for breakfast and a healthy scd dinner with my family.
I noticed some type of "satiation point" about halfway through the day. sometimes between 4pm and 6pm I felt like I had cheated enough, ate enough sweets, watched enough youtube and that I was fed up with it and wanted back to my healthy lifestyle. but because this was my first cheat day in a month and I won't have my next one until in one more month, I kept going.
my body really seems to have a great metabolism. I don't want to go into detail but I went to the toilet so many times today I feel like my body completely progressed everything I consumed already. I still feel awful at the end of the day though. my stomach feels full, close to wanting to throw up but not close enough to actually do it. one eyelid twitched a few times and I have a headache since a while. I feel very tired but my heart is racing from all the sugar and I'm not sure I will be able to sleep. I feel very sugar hangover and like "I will never do this again" although I probably will.
I don't know if next time I will actually listen to my body and stop being unhealthy on purpose even after that satiation point in the afternoon. I feel like I would feel a lot less awful had I done that and not kept stuffing myself just because I can. but maybe that is also a wanted effect of the cheat day because now I'm looking forward a lot to a day of exercise, healthy meals and internet abstinence.
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2023.03.21 00:01 NorthbaysFinest [CA] Court ordered to complete a program, but public defender isnt disclosing all the details of my case and verdict. He barely has time to communicate with me. Really struggling. Long post. Details inside

Okay so I was caught up in a Misdemeanor battery charge. The only other thing on my record EVER is a DUI from 2018. Nothing else.
Although I didn't actually strike, push, or harm the other person, I initiated the fight by squaring up. I was put under citizens arrest by another bystander as he ran behind me and held me back. I dont remember which one of them put me in a chokehold and got me on the ground. Following serving jail time, I went to my court date and my public defender wanted to plea not guilty. We did and the judge assigned us due back 5 weeks later.
Following that day, I voluntarily admitted myself into a faith-based program 6 hours north of LA. Literally the very next morning, the 21st of January. I tried to appear to court through Zoom, but thee public defender said he would appear for me. February 27th was my court date, and on the 28th, my public defender called my director. When I spoke with my defender, he didn't disclose the exact, full details of the verdict, what requirements are needed, ect. The only thing he said, was ask me if I could stay in the program at Victory Outreach and complete the one-year program. And to not carry weapons, use drugs, and to stay away from Santa Monica business district for a whole year. I said yes.
Fast forward to Marth 17th, I left the program, because I have a dual diagnosis of Drug abuse and mental health issues. It is against their policy at Victory Outreach to take psych meds, and I would get rebuked and told that I didn't need to get professional therapy or counseling. They'd simply reply, "you don't need that, you need Jesus". It discouraged me and demoralized me from trying. It made me feel bad about taking care of my health needs.
I immediately emailed my public defender the same day I left, explaining that I needed a program that was able to provide those services and would allow psychiatric medication if needed. I talked to the defender today through text messages. He rebuked me for leaving the program even though I couldn't get the help I needed there. He stated he didn't believe me when I explained why I left through the email. He said he was going to call the Director in charge of the program to verify. He is being very vague about my case, and said I have a week to find something else to follow compliance. He stated I 'dont get to pick and choose what program' and said that I need to go back to Victory Outreach. Then he texted another message and said the program I find must have the 'same requirements', otherwise I will fall out of compliance and have a warrant be put out for my arrest. He never mentioned how much jail time. I called him and he said he didn't have much time, so I tried to explain everything, but he interrupted and cut me off to 'cut to the chase'. Before hanging up, he wants me to have the program staff email him their curriculum.
SOLUTION?: I'm 2 months clean and sober. I have called 20 different rehabs and IOP around my county and surrounding areas. I have used my insurance resources/referrals, and SAMSHA's resources/referrals as well. I have tried TASC but the worker said I need to be in custody to qualify (I'm not). I have done my own search in between to find a program that will accept my Medi-cal Partnership insurance, both residential and IOP. I am waiting on returning calls from two potential IOP's, and have found a regular Outpatient which starts me in 2 weeks. I had an appointment with a therapist today and had him write a letter of acknowledgment of what we discussed during the appointment, and confirming my efforts being made to find a solution.
I have not found anything else that will accept my insurance. To get into some places, I need to be a resident of the city or county, and then switch my Medi-cal to that region. At this point I feel like the public defender isnt disclosing the full details, and I could be wrong too. But I dont understand why I wouldnt be able to go to an Outpatient or IOP for six months to one year instead of Victory Outreach, as I'd be getting the help I need...I have a long history of mental health disorder and drug addiction proven by rehab/detoxes, overdoses, and ER visits...Any advice? :3
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2023.03.21 00:00 Ok_Card_8171 Im a very spiritual Person and now want to share things.

First of you don’t have to belobe anything I say but I think this place is probably the best to go with it?
So I’m like a very spiritual person, I’m a pagan and actively practice the art of witchcraft. I do not see things but I talked many times to so called „ghosts“ (I do find this disrespectful lots of people in the afterlife don’t really want to realise it).
I will now just go on about a couple of experiences and I guess you can judge.
-The first time I remember feeling something was actually on a unclaimed Land full of grass it was just instant sadness I do know now that there were a lot of animals shot because a farmer in my village couldn’t afford it all anymore.
-the second time i was sitting in my room doing my Friday ritual for the goddess I worship. I light a specific candle where no wind was or anything I also was sitting on my bed and was like far away from it. It just slowly turned itself out. multiple times. I just said something like „I’m not doing this right now please stop and mess with someone else“ because I was already stressed that day. The next time I light it it was okay and my evening just continued normal. When I wanted to sleep I felt Someone or idk „something“ sit on my bed. I do have a dog but he was laying in my arm. I just assumed „it“ was trying to calm me down a bit from earlier. It also did not feel bad or anything just nice. I said sorry after and went to sleep.
-Another time my friend told me that she has a „ghost“ in her room and she is freaked out by it. So I offered a seance. I didn’t do anything like that before so it was kinda freaky for me too. We did it the classic way with just one candle. (For those who don’t know you can talk with „spirits“ through flames and this one really wanted to talk to us) We figured out it just was an old man that came to her through the mirror portal she had. He was friendly and sad. We asked him just not to show him to us and then ended it.
-this is the most recent one. The reason why I actually started writing this. I watch a lot of horror videos and with that I watch Sam and colby. Their videos are very entertaining and I only feel bad vibes with a few. But tonight I watched this one video with the real conjuring house. The first one. And in the moment they walked in the basement alone I just felt my heart racing not in a scary way but in a way it would just explode. My whole body stated heating up and my breathing got heavier. I thought I would have a panic attack but these feel different from this. It was really really strong bad energy and I just couldn’t handle that. Don’t know how Amanda (the woman’s in the video that is also spiritual) could stay there so long when I basically collapsed just by watching.
Well that was all. Maybe I will post more if anyone is interested but for now that really was it I mean I have a lot of small other things but these are not worth mentioning. Bless you all. Stay safe . And have the universe on you side<3
(Sorry if anything is miss typed English is not my first language)
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2023.03.21 00:00 Stargate18A [Rewatch] Cardcaptor Sakura Rewatch - Episode 53 Discussion

Episode 53: Sakura and the Panicky Bicycle

MAL Anilist Kitsu AniDB ANN
Previous Index Next
Today's Illustrations: More Manga Art
Question of the Day:
What do you think of Sakura's actions today?
Comments of the Day:
LeonKevlar gave some interesting trivia:
Now, this episode is pretty unique. So far most manga-based episodes are usually based on a single chapter or two combined chapters. This episode however is a bit different since it uses four scenes from three different chapters with considerable gaps. They've basically taken parts they couldn't use and frankenstein'd them into a single episode.
zadcap sums up the arc so far:
Toya to Yuki: "I have something very important to talk to you about."
Also Toya: "But only in public, and I'll give up for entire days at the first sign of interruption, and I definitely won't even think about inviting you over like I used to do every single week to talk after school."
On an important note, no unmarked spoilers! No jokes about events yet to come, and no references to future episodes!
Clow Card Fortune Book
Today's subject: Shuffling and Cutting Method
Calm yourself down and concentrate with your intuition when you shuffle and cut the deck of Clow Cards. Clean off your desk or table and make sure there’s enough room to shuffle.
  1. Put your left hand on the deck of Clow Cards, placed face down, while concentrating on what you want to fortune-tell at this time.
  2. Next, shuffle the cards with your left hand. Continue until you feel that the cards have been shuffled enough. If a card drops onto the floor or underneath the desk/table, etc., start over from the beginning.
  3. Bring the shuffled cards together into one pile. Usually, you shuffle with the left hand... however, you may use both hands when bringing the cards into a pile.
  4. Now we’re going to cut the cards. Take all of the cards into your left hand and divide them into 5 piles by dropping the cards out of the bottom of your hand. The number of cards in each pile do not need to be same.
  5. With your left hand, pick up any of the 5 piles and combine them into one pile in any order you please.
  6. Follow steps 1-5 again. After steps 1-5 have been completed a second time, you are ready to do some readings.
The Clow Cards (and home equivalents):
Card Equivalent
The Cloud A♠
The Create 2♠
The Dark 3♠
The Firey 4♠
The Light 5♠
The Mist 6♠
The Rain 7♠
The Snow 8♠
The Storm 9♠
The Thunder 10♠
The Watery J♠
The Wave Q♠
The Windy K♠
The Big A♥
The Dream 2♥
The Glow 3♥
The Illusion 4♥
The Little 5♥
The Maze 6♥
The Power 7♥
The Silent 8♥
The Song 9♥
The Sweet 10♥
The Time J♥
The Twin Q♥
The Voice K♥
The Change A♣
The Dash 2♣
The Erase 3♣
The Fight 4♣
The Float 5♣
The Fly 6♣
The Freeze 7♣
The Jump 8♣
The Move 9♣
The Return 10♣
The Shot J♣
The Sleep Q♣
The Through K♣
The Arrow A♦
The Bubbles 2♦
The Earthy 3♦
The Flower 4♦
The Libra 5♦
The Lock 6♦
The Loop 7♦
The Mirror 8♦
The Sand 9♦
The Shadow 10♦
The Shield J♦
The Sword Q♦
The Wood K♦
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2023.03.21 00:00 Le-Mard-e-Ahan A Ramadan Planner/Activity Tracker for All

Islamic Services startup Inclusive Islam's Contribution towards enhancing your Ramadan experience
Ramadan planner is ready to download here []
Assalamualaykum Wr Wb,
How are you doing, brothers and sisters? This blessed month of Ramadan - like all the others before - is another special month granted to us by Allah.
(Why we need this planner…?) We are all students or business/job professionals in Korea. Considering our busy daily routines and typical Korean work culture, consistency and a disciplined routine can be difficult to achieve for many of us. All of us are in another country, most of us away from our families - so this responsibility falls upon all of us to keep each other motivated to be consistent in the pursuit of good deeds in Ramadan.
(How you benefit from this planner…?) Keeping this in mind, our team @ Inclusive Islam has prepared a Ramadan Activity PlanneTracker for all of us. The plannetracker will allow everyone to keep track of their Ramadan activities and monitor their consistency. This activity plannetracker has been designed with careful consideration based on scientific principles.
(Future Plan: After Ramadhan) If requested by enough number of people and sufficient interest is received, our team is prepared to offer a workshop on how to stay consistent AFTER Ramadan as well.
(Final Note) In the end, our team @ Inclusive Islam wishes and prays for all of you to gain strength and a strong Iman. We hope and pray to Allah that He give us the ability to be CONSISTENT in Salat, Fasting, and other good deeds - big or small - and may Allah keep us consistent during Ramadan and after Ramadan.
"Be quick in the race for forgiveness from your Lord, and for a Garden whose width is that (of the whole) of the heavens and of the earth, prepared for the righteous (Quran Ali Imran 133).
Ramadan Mubarak, let's try our best!! Inclusive Islam R&D Lab and Team.
FAQ: How to maximize using the bullet journal …? []
Contact Person: Inclusive Islam R&D Lab (Research Team) KakaoID: tuhel71 Instagram: @Inclusive.Islam Facebook: @InclusiveIslamLab Email: [[email protected]]
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2023.03.20 23:59 cloudrunner17 CPU upgrade led to crashes

Hi guys,
Today I upgraded my Ryzen 3600 to a 5600x. Everything seemed fine, system booted no problem, I started a game but as soon as I loaded the map in my pc fully shut off. Rebooted, same issue..tried lowering the settings, it stayed on but when I opened Opera in the background - poof! System off. I'm not sure what is causing the issue since the only thing I changed was the CPU and I have the most recent non-beta bios that supports the 5600x.
My build consists of the following parts:
5600x Gskill 2x8GB 3200Mhz RAM asrock b450 HDV r4.0 bios version 4.9 WD SN570 ssd Samsung 1tb SATA ssd Cooler master g550m PSU MSI armor RTX 2070Super BeQuiet Shadow rock 3 cpu cooler with arctic mx4 paste
Now I have used the fundamentals of these parts (mobo, ram and psu) for a few years now. First with my Ryzen 1700, up until today with my 3600 that I've had for over 2 years but now the system just crashes. Lowering the memory speed from 3200 to 3000 didn't fix the issue, resetting the bios also didn't. Physical connections are all good I reseated everything.
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2023.03.20 23:59 Least_Winter9632 Finally Got My Hearing Date and Finally Made Peace w it All

I caught crazy having an affair in Nov of 2021 and filed a couple weeks later. Finally got my hearing date which will be in early May.
I documented every insane moment that led up to me filing. Her, completely passed out, puking, drunk driving with our kids in tow, smoking a joint and drinking a hard seltzer while driving with our kids in tow. 3 affairs in total (that I know of and can prove). Admitting to being suicidal. Admitting to have a substance abuse problem. The video of her attacking me which landed her in jail and the subsequent pictures I have from how she clawed up my fucking body, neck and face which left me looking like I got into a fight with some deranged super cat on steroids. I can’t tell you how many pictures and videos I have from about a 6 month span when she just completely spiraled outta control.
Was married 17 years. Walked a very painful road from when I first found out about the affair, to where I am today. And I got a lotta help from all of you poor bastards along the way; thank you guys.
From the moment I discovered the affair, I had this nasty pit in my stomach that would never go away. And it physically hurt. I took your guys’ advice from day 1. Exercise, eat healthy, revisit hobbies (started playing the drums again) and in time, it really works. But that pain in my gut never went away. But last week, when I finally got word that I had my hearing date, it completely went away. Gone. And hasn’t returned. I have finally reached the acceptance stage of the grieving process.
I couldn’t be more confident going into my hearing. She should be fucking terrified. And I fully understand I could still get fucked! But I’m at peace with the situation and truly looking forward to being legally unattached to this monster for the rest of my life. The time is nearing gentlemen for me to captain my own ship, free and unabated in life.
For you guys who are struggling right now, hang in there. It’s really not complicated. Exercise, eat healthy, see a therapist on the regular, revisit your old interests, work on yourself. You WILL get through it!
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2023.03.20 23:59 8MinuteEssay Today, I caught a student ordering an essay online!

As an educator, one of the most important responsibilities is to ensure academic integrity and prevent plagiarism. However, in today's digital age, it is not uncommon for students to resort to online essay mills or academic writing services to purchase pre-written papers. Recently, I had an experience where I caught a student attempting to order an academic paper from, from what it appeared to be.
It all started when I noticed that one of my students had submitted an essay that was suspiciously well-written and beyond their usual capabilities. While I couldn't immediately prove that the paper was plagiarized, I decided to conduct a more thorough investigation.
I started by reaching out to our IT department, in which they notified me that the student accessed a website called during our last class period. IT told me the service sells essays to students.
During our conversation, I asked the student if they had written the paper themselves or if they had received any help. The student initially denied any wrongdoing, but after I presented them with the evidence, they admitted that they had attempted to order the paper from
I was disappointed and saddened by the student's actions, but I knew I had to take appropriate action to maintain academic integrity. I explained to the student the seriousness of their actions and the consequences of plagiarism, and we discussed the importance of academic honesty and integrity.
Furthermore, I then reported the incident to the school's administration, who took further disciplinary action against the student. They were required to redo the assignment and received a lower grade as a penalty for their attempted plagiarism.
As an educator, it is important to stay vigilant and take appropriate action when instances of academic dishonesty arise. By catching and addressing such instances, we can maintain the integrity of our educational system and ensure that students are learning and growing through their own efforts and hard work.
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2023.03.20 23:58 passedmeflyingby Diary of a Psychiatry SHO

08:00 Wake up to my mother- er, sorry- partner telling me I have to get out of bed. Sigh. Our cat snores next to us.
08:15 Put on jeans and a shirt, contemplate eyeliner, apply eyeliner. Stunning.
08:16: Read an article in which the mother of a young man with treatment-resistant schizophrenia laments the fact antipsychotics have side effects.
08:17: If psychiatry really worked, the medication would be 100% effective, 100% of the time, she concludes.
08:25: Make coffee and grab a cereal bar for the way. When out the flat have to go back in because I’ve forgotten my stethoscope. Just be honest with yourself, I think, and leave it at home. I throw it in my bag defiantly.
08:45: There’s an ambulance and three police cars outside the hospital. 8 policemen are in full body armour to deliver a patient to our intensive care ward. The patient is texting someone on his phone.
08:55: The ward sister informs me bed 7 has vomited once, bed 9’s BMs are slightly off and could it be that she’s been having too much cake, and bed 10 is angry because we agreed to reduce his haloperidol but the drug chart dose remains the same. Bed 11 is still AWOL since last week, and may have been spotted in Norwich. Could I check in with him?
08:58 The ward sister comes into the office with a stack of drug charts. Need rewriting, sorry.
09:00 The nurse doing morning meds comes in and tells me he needs the drug charts back because he’s doing morning meds.
09:05 The patients have revolted in art therapy- one of them threw a paintbrush at the wall.
09:10 The emergency response team shows up to the ward to defuse the situation. The patient relinquishes the weapon/paintbrush.
09:11 The patient doesn’t want PRN oral lorazepam, the nurse tells me. Could he have IM? I go to see the patient, who is now asleep.
09:20 Bed 7 has vomited once more. I examine him and determine he’s fine. I ask him what he ate yesterday, he replies a few bars of Xanax.
09:45 Handover. All the patients are settled in mental state, ate and drank well, slept intermittently throughout the night and were pleasant on approach.
09:46 Except for patients in beds 1-16.
10:00 Consultant here for ward round.
10:02 Consultant has a tribunal so cannot round, asks if I can do it and discuss later.
10:05 Bed 4 has just started on clozapine, he doesn’t think he needs medication, he doesn’t think he’s ever been unwell, and if I wasn’t so stupid I would let him go. He’s a famous politician and he’s going to mobilise army troops against me. I add a mood stabiliser.
10:25 Bed 5 has just started on haloperidol, he doesn’t think he needs medication, he doesn’t think he’s ever been unwell, and if I wasn’t so stupid I would let him go. He’s a famous painter and he used to date the CEO of London Psychiatry. He’s going to get me fired. I add a mood stabiliser.
10:30: Really drawn to the idea of being fired, consider encouraging bed 5.
11:00 Bed 6 has just started on olanzapine, he doesn’t think he needs medication, he doesn’t think he’s ever been unwell, and if we weren’t so stupid we would let him go. He’s going to tell the Swedish CIA that their game isn’t working and he’s discovered their microchip. CAN YOU SEE IT, he asks. Call one of the nurses to stand next to me while I say no, I can’t. I rapidly increase olanzapine to maximum and think he will need clozapine. Then remember that he had that one spurious neutropaenia in 2006 which means the clozapine authority will need a striptease and a letter from a haematology consultant to authorise.
11:20 Bed 6’s mum is here. She is furious her son is prescribed olanzapine when he was previously on aripiprazole. She says the aripiprazole didn’t work but had a much better side effect profile.
11:30 Bed 6’s mum now crying about the cripplingly unfair nature of mental illness and how her son’s life has been taken over by schizophrenia. I try my best to deliver human warmth.
11:45 She wants to know if olanzapine is going to make her son fat. It could, I say, and she wails.
11:50 She has always admired psychologists.
12:00 Bed 1 is in seclusion and needs a review. Consultant still away- could I do the review and discuss on the phone after, call it a senior review, he wonders? But without actually calling, obviously.
12:15 The emergency response team are here. Bed 1 is naked and the whole seclusion room is smeared with poop. The Reducing Restrictive Practice nurse reprimands me when I suggest seclusion is likely to continue. Blank Slate, she says, menacingly.
12:30 Bed 1 doesn’t think he needs medication, he doesn’t think he’s ever been unwell, and if we weren’t so stupid we would let him go. I explain we’re trying to help him move out of this room into the open ward, from where discharge will be possible in future. He says that doesn’t fit in with his schedule.
12:35 Shockingly he takes his medication (valproate, risperidone, clonazepam, promethazine). That’s for you, sweetcheeks, he winks.
12:40 Reducing restrictive practice nurse asks him if he’s going to punch people again if we take him off seclusion. I’m a fucking pacifist, he replies.
12:45 Reducing restrictive practice nurse adamant above comment is a legally binding decree and seclusion should terminate. We can manage on 2:1, she states.
12:55 No one wants to do 2:1 with bed 1 because he is a poop-thrower.
13:00 Bed 1 throws poop at his 2:1. Reducing restrictive practice nurse adamant this is not a reason to initiate seclusion. I apologise to the team and advise waiting for the meds to kick in.
13:15 Pick up the afternoon bleep. Immediate bleep from the surgeons- bed 7 has schizophrenia, since today.
13:30 Bicker about whether Gladys who’s had a NOF is one of the extremely rare instances of very late onset schizophrenia. Surgeon wants to speak to my consultant. I hope she lets me know if she finds him.
13:45 The pharmacist wants me to immediately rewrite 7 drug charts.
13:50 Bleeped to a medical emergency- run; patient in status, nurses have placed an oxygen mask without connecting it to oxygen supply. They called me after a few minutes of seizing, didn’t want to bother me. I ask if the patient is known to have epilepsy. They don’t know and the ward reg is in clinic. I ask for lorazepam, and his drug chart.
13:52 Extremely surprise myself by completing an A-E assessment, delivering buccal midazolam (I am not touching the rectal diazepam) and putting in a cannula.
13:54 Where the fuck is my lorazepam?
13:55 Lorazepam given, seizure stops. Ambulance arrive. I escape with thanks.
13:56 Bump into my consultant in the Foyer, waiting for his Uber Eats. He asks me if I’ve ordered in, too.
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2023.03.20 23:58 priceactionhero Path to 20 Funded Accounts - Still 15 of 20

I'm making a bit of a change. Still going to go for 20 funded accounts, however now that I do have 15, I want to up the risk a bit on some of these accounts. I'm going to start up a 200k account and run 4 minis on it. It can only sustain 3 net losses. While not impossible to happen, it's difficult based on my existing win rate.
In the interim, I have a host of busted accounts that will come for renew overall the next couple weeks under the 80% off deal with Apex. So... I'm going to wait for those to reset and then just keep trading normal.
It was a bit fun smashing accounts around to hurry up the pace to get funded. But today, I felt a little off doing it. I think it was because it's a bad habit. At the end of the day, while being aggressive, I'd rather take a trade that has enough of a win rate where it's still going to fund.
I am currently working on a $50k account right now that's up like $500 or something, and I have the rest of my accounts waiting diligently for a really clean set up worth taking.
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2023.03.20 23:57 peasNcarots Mantra in subconscious mind

Hey there So a while ago I started reading about Tibetan Buddhism I struggled with issues and mantras helped me trough them or I’d like to believe so. But for a while now things got harder and for some reason I woke up today with the feeling of a song stuck in your head but it was a mantra and it was strong so I’m asking, anyone else ever went trough this kind of experience?
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2023.03.20 23:57 starrynight179 Parents who find any reason to complain

How I know my mother finds anything to complain about me:
We both worked with a supervisor from my last job who didn't go to college but still got a supervisor position. Today she's like, "look at him! He's doing so well without college!" while comparing his career to mine
The same day, she says I'm "taking too long in school" (I'm taking courses for a change of my field) even though I'm taking them as quickly as anyone possibly can according to my school's prerequisite requirements. She's also like, "it's embarrassing you only took this many classes in a year" despite me explaining I left my last job literally in the middle of a semester so I had to wait months to register and start courses, and that I'm literally not allowed to take more advanced courses until I finish the earlier ones
So, "look at how other people are more successul than you without college," but also, "why are you taking so long in school"??
Why tell me I'm "taking too long" adding to my education if school doesn't actually matter to be successful, according to the example she mentioned (the supervisor)?? To complain about me, no matter what. Even if it makes zero sense. I just wish I had a parent who genuinely supports me, not someone who constantly complains, even saying inconsistent things just to complain about me
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2023.03.20 23:57 CommunicationOne7382 ABORTION HELP PLEASE!

Here are the circumstances.
I live I. California. I am 27 weeks today. This has been verified by ultrasound. I have been trying to get an abortion for a few months now but there was issues regarding my BMI. I’m 5’6 or 5’7 and weigh probably 270 now. I was 248 at the start. I was turned down by some planned parenthood’s because they said that I was too overweight to be put to sleep but that I needed to be put to sleep per their policy.
Now I am terrified of being put to sleep for this procedure! I found a place in CA that I could have went to, but when I talked to them a couple weeks ago they were already booked out a few weeks which would put me past their limit.
They do offer for me to come get a shot to stop the pregnancy, but I would have to have a doctor on board to do the induction….
Does anyone know of any doctors in LA county that would do this???
I was referred to a clinic in Colorado that also turned me down today due to my BMI, and a clinic in Seattle that is saying I can go to them but idk if I can afford it even with assistance from non profits. I would also have to travel far and be put under anesthesia which is making me very nervous.
I’m getting desperate because I want to cut ties with this abusive relationship but I know it will only get worse if the baby is here I will never be able to leave him for good. I have two kids from a previous relationship and my fear is I’m going to end up trying something myself that is going to end up hurting/killing me. Please help if anyone can. My 2 kids need me. :(
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2023.03.20 23:57 fittymommy He tried.

My partner really tried.
He tried to love me after finding out about everything. He trickled truthed HARD and still found out, BUT goddammit he tried. He got a place for us, he was working, we were working...
I just couldn't look past it.
It's not that I couldn't SEE that he's the matter of feeling so WORTHLESS in his presence.
I'd just become a new mom. I'd never had body insecurities. The situation put me in a state of mind I started to forget myself. I could no longer look at myself.
I used to run and train hard for as long as I can remember. Never had body issues. I loved myself right after I gave birth. But I felt so inadequate after finding about the affair.
I could not shake off the feeling of worthlessness.
I'm sitting here packing the rest of his stuff out of sight. I'm not crying about him being gone. About having to split my baby's time between two places now. I'm crying because of how LESS anxious I feel.
I no longer get the sweaty palms and racing heartbeat I got around him. The FUCKING racing thoughts like I was waiting for another DDAY to happen. Waking up next to him, having bad thoughts when he'd turn his back on me at night looking at his phone. The damn stress I felt...
I guess I'm somewhat relieved. I can go get my nails done after work. I can clean (my place now) and not feel like I have to prove anything to anyone...I began wanting to prove myself so hard. I felt like I HAD to.
I'm recovering a piece of myself. It's bittersweet I guess. But I'm okay.
He tried, it was just no longer enough for me.
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2023.03.20 23:56 Anotheryoma Just finished my first watch through. My opinions (I’m gonna get some hate lol) but I’d love to know what about the show makes everyone hold it in such high regard. Why does it “hold up”. Please don’t whack me.

I promise I’m not looking to just be a troll, I’d love to really hear some peoples mindsets, and their feelings. Especially from those of you that LOVE this show.
So a little about my tastes.
I watch and enjoy and feel usually the same as the general public with most things.
Loved Walking Dead until like season 4/5 but still stomached it till the end.
Game of thrones, loved it, wished I was more fulfilled at the end.
Last of Us - loved it.
And many many many others. So again pretty common I feel.
I finally got around to the Sopranos (The Wire is next) and me and my wife watch 1-3 episodes a night and just last night experienced, thinking my internet stopped working during “Don’t Stop Believing”. The end
That being said -
I found it very watchable, it definitely got better in quality, but boy did it take awhile. By Season 3 we were both googling peoples general opinions cause we were honestly wondering why people enjoyed it. The first couple seasons were hard.
Some of our thoughts -
Was it bad acting or bad editing? (This got better though, we think editing was at fault)
We couldn’t figure out why SO MANY THINGS and scenes in general seemed to never pay off or even have a point? (Did some Russian ex forces guy die in the snow, cause if he made it back, whyyyy did this never come back)
Then I started to think about Lost. Another show from long ago that had a lot of neat ideas that never got paid off. And most of the public felt the same, but not the Sopranos.
Also I think we’re conditioned today that all highly rated shows seem to waste little to no screen time. If something happens, it’s gonna pay off or come back around later. The vast majority of the time.
That being said, I definitely sat with me, and I’ve watched a lot of YouTube today and interviews all Sopranos related so it for sure left a mark.
But I don’t understand the high regard and it’s consistent placement on all the surveys on Reddit.
Thanks for all your opinions. I’m excited to read them!
TLDR : IMO Sopranos, good not great. Change my mind.
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2023.03.20 23:56 zyx422 Soundcore Q35 warranty issues

I was using Soundcore Q35 headphone for about 8 months and got a replacement today because it started to show some white noise. The seller told me there will be no warranty on the new one. If it starts to cause issues, I'll have to buy a new one. This makes absolutely no sense.
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