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2021.05.03 12:20 jacobmoto IronFinance

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2023.03.20 20:53 TheSunIsAlsoMine Dark force-energy aka the whole mystical-supernatural plot line - was this theme actually needed as an extra layer to the story?

Hello fella 🟡🧥🐝
So. I’m super late to the show, just found it this weekend and of course binged and finished last night (Sunday). I haven’t had a ton of time to think through everything or do a re-watch obviously, so please go easy on me. I also haven’t gotten a chance to read through too many posts on this sub but I’ve been scrolling through some of the ‘hot’ posts and ‘best’ of the last year etc etc.
To preface everything - I absolutely loved it. Amazing show amazing cast, great all around pretty much. I did want to see if anyone potentially feels the same as me about one particular thing, so here it goes...My first thought / reaction / burning itch with the show, is with the whole mystical darkness and the evil(?) forces/figures/shadows/energy that may or may not be out there that the girls are slowly admitting to believe in and engage with. And to be honest my biggest problem with yhis is that I feel like the show didn’t need that extra layer of ‘substance’ in the storyline or overall plot and direction. It would have been just as amazing and absolutely phenomenal of a show without any supernatural/mystical dark evil themes added to it. Like, you have two timelines, one of national champions girls soccer team - highly motivated, capable, smart and competitive aloha-type badass young ladies going through a plane crash in the wilderness, and getting stuck there on their own for 19 months having to freaking survive Mother Nature and all its glory and wrath which anyone would know even without watching a single episode of it that that alone is enough material and substance to create create fascinating and extremely intense storylines, showing the audience how who why and what happens out there there over the course of that year and the survival drama that unfolds, AND THEN - on top of that you have the current timeline showing us 20+ years later how those women’s lives turned out and what kind of shenanigans comes with the territory of being stranded on your own and having to fight to survive the challenges of nature, aka the impact that time had and continues to have on all of them, seperatly and/or together. Mental and physical impact, social and emotional impact, just their whole life trajectory would be altered of course due to this kind of event they all were a part of.
So you have those two timelines to explore - so much content and natural themes to explore - I honestly really don’t know or understand why they had to add this extra concept of supernatural and demons/dark/cult stuff. Like I’m not talking about the whole cannibalism ritual - I think that’s one of the elements to explore the decline of their humanity into pure savage mode under extreme survival-of-the-fittest conditions, and how their group split into hunters and prey - and how they developed some sort of ritual to make it acceptable or at least lie to themselves (or cover the horrors of their actions, sort of like a self denial mechanism or mentally-coping strategy ) that what they’re doing is the moral choice and by doing all those ritual’y things and following a certain process and doing some sort of earthly connection kumbaya every time they preyed on and cooked one their fella friends to be eaten...but all of that that doesn’t have to include some sort of cult-oriented belief that they’re letting some darkness / dark forces “guide their spirits” and start believing in whatever lottie is pulling them towards. Like it could have been really cool just to watch the humanity slowly fade away as hunger takes over, without the addition of the evil spirits and writing lottie’s character to have some prophet-like tendencies ans visions that influence the other girls to start believing this stuff. It’s also clear that the show is making it more than just her schizophrenia and being off pills that are causing al this stuff, they’re pushing it in the direction of actual dark magic and future-seeing, not just a mental illness with no pills left - if that was even the case to begin with which it might never have been about the schizophrenia and her diagnosis was bogus to start with which means she’s just had “powers” the whole time.
Anyways I have a few more thoughts regarding this issue and I am not sure I even explained this one above that well - lots of rambling because I’m still trying to mold my words and thoughts into something that will initiate further discussion about it - but I wanted to start hearing people’s thoughts about it even without my post being perfectly laid out.
I’m not trying to start any angry back-and-forth, just friendly debate or friendly argument even; and again a reminder I am still new to the show and the sub, only finished it last night and have had half a day to browse through posts and threads and haven’t seen much about this topic, but if there is anything - happy to re-direct my post there.
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2023.03.20 20:51 kr0na More Pokémon Customs by me

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2023.03.20 20:51 Khenal Dungeon Life 102

I spend much of my morning watching Coda and my ratlings working on Rocky’s ring, though I do check in on Violet, too. I’m trying to not get impatient and rush her, especially after Rezlar saying I’ve been growing way faster than other dungeons.
She’s actually sending centipede expeditions to scout the area before she expands, being cautious. To be fair, I don’t know what will happen with the scythemaw eggs in the area when she expands. They scythemaws proper are delvers, so would they become Residents? Dwellers? Delvers? I think Tarl said the townsfolk would become Residents if I expanded… or did he say Dwellers? I’d think Dwellers, since Residents seem a bit more connected.
Violet doesn’t seem too concerned about them, though, and seems more like someone looking to buy a house, and wanting to make sure they don’t discover the pipes are garbage or something. Whatever the eggs do, I just have to be patient and not push her too hard. She’ll get there.
Around noon, I feel familiar feet, with an unfamiliar set joining them. I smile to myself as I see Freddie and Rhonda, along with Fiona and Lucas, as well as an elf who feels familiar, but I can’t quite place him. I don’t need to send Teemo to go say hi, as he’s already on his way.
The kids are looking eager to do some delving, while the new elf is looking a bit nervous, but doing his best to hide it as Rhonda points at the porch.
“And there’s the notice board and the quests from the aranea!”
“We should get a quest. It’ll be a good way to help him get used to how Thedeim works,” points out Freddie. Teemo walks out from under the porch and grins as he sees the new elf.
“You guys snagged a newbie, eh?”
The kids look a little confused at the term, and the elf blushes a bit in embarrassment, so Teemo continues. “Nothing wrong with it. Everyone has to start somewhere. And with these two, you’ll be just fine.”
“He’ll be a great help to us, too,” points out Freddie. “He’s a fencer. We’ve been missing a good damage dealer.”
“Could have fooled me and the Boss. You kids can pull out some serious hurt when you need to.”
Rhonda waves that off. “We have to do a team up attack to do most of that kind of stuff. I only beat Rocky that one time because I tripped him up and basically made him hit himself.”
The elf’s eyes widen at that, as does Teemo’s grin. “You think the new guy could go toe to toe with Rocky?”
Freddie and Rhonda exchange a look, before Freddie shrugs. “We haven’t really seen him in action yet. I think the three of us together could at least give him a proper challenge.”
Teemo is definitely enjoying the poor elf’s misery at that idea. “What’s your name, anyway? Sorry about talking about you like you’re not here. Freddie, Rhonda, Lucas and Fiona are friends of Thedeim, and any friend of theirs is a friend of his.”
He looks even more terrified at that thought, but Rhonda and Freddie smile and motion for him to introduce himself, so he tries to steel his courage. “I’m Re- er… Larrez. Uh… just Larrez,” he manages, tripping over his words a bit.
Teemo eases up on him a bit at that and nods. “I’m Teemo, Thedeim’s Voice. Just Teemo’s fine, heh. Anyway, you kids were looking for a quest?” he asks of the whole group, and everyone, even Larrez, nods. “There should be one to do something down in Violet. You kids could take that one and take the long way. You know, show him the ropes and what all the Boss has to offer, maybe introduce him to a few of the other scions.”
“Is Rocky available for a sparring match?” asks Freddie, clearly wanting to actually test if he’s right about how they’ll fare.
“Eh… kinda. The Boss is working on a new arena for him. The big lug won’t say no, of course, but he might be a bit distracted by the call of his new ring.”
Freddie looks interested at that, and Rhonda speaks up. “Maybe we’ll just stop by to say hello, then. I’d love to learn more magic from him, too, but I wouldn’t want to interrupt.”
Teemo shrugs. “I don’t think he’ll mind if you drop in. Anyway, I’ll let you get to it. It was nice to meet you for the first time, Larrez. Just take it slow and learn to work together, and you’ll all be fine.” Larrez pales at Teemo’s exit, which makes me certain I’ve seen him before, but I still can’t place him. Teemo chuckles as he heads down a shortcut, and I decide to keep watching the young party as they look over the quests.
As they peruse the hanging pieces of wood, Rhonda speaks up. “Oh, this reminds me!” She levels a finger at both Freddie and Larrez. “You two should get a gathering skill!” Larrez looks confused, while Freddie looks thoughtful.
“We probably should, yeah. I don’t think I’m interested in any crafting skills of my own, but gathering could be useful. What do you think, Larrez?”
The elf, still looking a bit uncomfortable after having talked with Teemo, slowly nods. “It… would probably be smart, yes. I do not know if I would be any good at a crafting skill, but gathering is a good way to supplement adventuring income.” He gets a little more confident as he speaks, and I can practically see him reading it out of some book or another on adventuring.
“Anything stick out to you two?” asks Rhonda, excited her suggestion is getting followed through on. Freddie shrugs.
“I think the classic for a paladin would be mining or maybe lumberjacking. I even have an axe. But… neither really sounds that interesting to me. Larrez?”
“Um… I have always been intrigued by mining,” he admits, to the curious looks of his party. After a few moments, he continues. “It just seems… relaxing? Slow and methodical, nobody around to bother you while you work?”
Freddie nods at that. “You could even take up smelting to turn your ore into ingots. It’s not the most glamorous crafting job, but there’s no shortage of demand for metals.”
Larrez looks relieved for the support, and is even bold enough to ask his own question. “And you, Freddie? If not mining or lumberjacking, what gathering skill would you like to pursue?”
Freddie considers as his eyes wander the quests, before he picks one. “Field dressing is interesting. There’s a lot of magic in the herbs Rhonda gathers, but there’s also a lot of stuff in the things we fight, too. If nothing else, most skins and hides are worth something to a tanner. And… maybe cooking as a crafting skill.” He chuckles as he nods to himself, and smirks at Rhonda. “If we’re going to be a party, someone should learn to cook. Alchemy doesn’t count.”
She sticks her tongue out at him. “Alchemy soup totally counts,” she says with mock seriousness, before giggling and not arguing the point. She grabs a quest plaque to gather mushrooms in Violet, and Freddie shows his to skin three cave bunnies.
“How about you? Violet doesn’t have any mining nodes… I think, but Thedeim has ones all over in the tunnels and caverns,” says the goblin.
“I… do not have a pick,” admits the elf, but Rhonda doesn’t accept that excuse.
“We can get one from a ratling. Or, if they don’t want to let us have one, you can use your water affinity to erode the rock and get some ore, right?”
“ theory?”
“Great! Then grab a mining quest, and we’ll give you the grand tour of Thedeim!”
He reaches out and takes a quest to mine some tin, then looks confused as he looks over at what the other two accepted. “Why do your quests say Violet?”
“Ah,” says Freddie, realizing they haven’t been explaining things very well, and motions for Larrez to follow him off the porch. “Violet is another dungeon, one pretty deep down. Thedeim found her and has taken her as his protege.”
His eyes widen in concern. “Another fast-developing dungeon!?”
Rhonda giggles and shakes her head. “Nah, she’s a lot more mild than Thedeim is, at least as far as Freddie and I can tell. Though she was kinda stuck behind the scythemaws for a while, so there wasn’t much expanding she could really do anyway.”
“But now the tunnel horrors are gone,” points out Larrez, still looking worried. Freddie smiles.
“Sure, but she’s still young, and Mr Tarl says she’s still acting like it. Thedeim is helping guide her and giving her advice, but if she was like him, she would have expanded as soon as the maws were gone. I’m pretty sure she still hasn’t.”
“She’s also looking like she’ll be a toybox,” points out Rhonda as they round the house and head for the simple herbalism nodes. Her quest might be for mushrooms in Violet, but the simple herbs seem to be a base for a lot of things, so might as well get some on the way.
“A deep toybox,” emphasizes Freddie. “Apparently, most deep dungeons are belligerent at best. If she keeps this up, the Dungeoneers will probably expand their guild here to ensure she’s safe and happy. The kind of resources she could provide could end up putting Fourdock on the map, even if Thedeim wasn’t here. With him here…”
Larrez sighs and I finally recognize him as he speaks. “With them both, the Mayor is going to have his hands full.”
< [Next>]
Cover art Want moar? Discord is a thing! I now have a Patreon for monthly donations, and I have a Ko-fi for one-off donations. Patreons can read up to three chapters ahead, and also get a few other special perks as well. Thank you again to everyone who is reading!
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2023.03.20 20:49 TheZackster First "Real" Turntable Upgrade (With Questions)

I've just recently delved into the world of vinyl over the past couple years and I really love every aspect of it. I guess something I was maybe a little disappointed in was the sound quality of my turntable, which it probably to be expected considering I found it in a thrift store for 25 bucks. I'm sure most people haven't even heard of the brand. It's a Gemini XL-100. It had no stylus so I slapped a AT-VM95C on it and called it a day because it was the cheapest cartage I could find at my local record store. Anyways, all that being said I just ordered an Audio Technica AT-LP120X and I'm pretty excited about it. I feel like I can finally collect records now without apprehension because my turntable sucks. Here's a question I have though for folks who have experience a wide variety of turntables and music formats. How much of a sound quality difference can I really expect? Don't be afraid to tell me the truth. I'm someone who's daily driver cans are the Sennheiser HD 650s and I listen to high resolution flac and 320kbps digital music on various streaming services. I feel like this may be the reason I had an issue with the sound quality in the first place. Can I even expect to have a vinyl experience comparable to high res digital without spending thousands on equipment or will the LP120X finally show me what vinyl "should" sound like (give or take)? I also don't want to dismiss the fact that some of my cleaner and/or newer records do sound ok on the Gemini (then again I do have some brand new ones that sound flat and muffled), but it's still not comparable to any high res digital formats with my 650s.
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2023.03.20 20:49 sunflower_1970 I've posted here a lot, but I just want to give a list of all my symptoms and see if anybody has had what I had. Some of my symptoms seem rare, so I'm lost sort of.

I was never tested for COVID at the time, and I never had a positive COVID antibody test. I first fell ill with a weird heavy feeling in my head for a few days, and then everything else. I'm recovered save for memory issues, dulled emotions/sex drive, and left-sided neuropathy.
I had reinstated on Lexapro at 10mg after a cold turkey of 30mg a few months before. I was about 3 weeks into being back on Lexapro, but I quit it after this occurred. Haven't been on any psych med since October 2020. That's the only other thing I could think could be a cause other than a virus like COVID. My symptoms are so severe, that it seems rare or unlikely it could be the cause, but I'm stuck without any positive COVID test, so it's left up in the air.
The symptoms I've had since late 2020 are;
  1. Brain fog, I have periods of derealization, and just a general incorrect mental feeling.
  2. Memory loss, both short-term and long-term. Old memories are gone/fuzzy. Hard to remember words, day-to-day memory is spotty, hard to remember things done during the same day sometimes.
  3. Throbbing headaches
  4. Muscle twitching (Used to be very intense, mainly in my legs and stomach, but now it's small little twitching in my hands, face, and feet, sometimes)
  5. Bad cough (Would feel burning pain in my upper chest when I'd cough at the beginning)
  6. Dry mouth (Only in times when I was anxious, though)
  7. Extremely dry, throbbing lips (Not sure if anxiety caused this, but for about 4 days my lips were in intense pain while that happened),
  8. Extreme fatigue
  9. Watery mucus
  10. Dry sinuses
  11. Nerve and muscle problems (Mainly in the left side of my face, neck, chest, genitals, and seldom in my left foot, in the sole area. My neck feels painful and stiff a lot on the left side, I would get quick, almost zap-like chest pains on both sides of my chest a few months ago, but now it's only on the left side, my face on the left side will sometimes feel tingly, burning, or weak, or numb, my genitals only hurt in the left testicle and on the left side of my penis when I move it a certain way. The right side of my leg feels weak at times too. My left foot would have a burning feeling sometimes)
  12. An intense bout of facial warmness (One day my entire face felt like it was on fire, I had an ice pack on it all night)
  13. Ear ringing (Either side multiple times a day)
  14. Nausea
  15. Pale lips
  16. An iron deficiency
  17. Numb emotions and numb libido
  18. Breathing problems (Sometimes I have to manually breathe instead of automatically, and my breathing can get labored and shallow)
  19. Blood in my mucus/phlegm
  20. Burning feeling in my upper body about 5 minutes after waking up, eventually goes away after getting out of bed
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Captain American: Winter Soldier (2014) - 4K - iTunes only (split) - $5.00
Captain Marvel (2019) - 4K - iTunes only (split) - $5.00
Iron Man 3 (2013) - 4K - iTunes only (split) - $5.00
The Santa Clause 1 - 4K - iTunes (split) - $5.00
The Santa Clause 2 - 4K - iTunes (split) - $5.00
The Santa Clause 3 - 4K - iTunes (split) - $5.00
Star Wars - The Force Awakens - 4K - iTunes only (split) - $5.00
The Little Mermaid - 4K - iTunes only - $6.00
Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 (2018) - 4K - iTunes only - $5.00

Disney / HD split
101 Dalmatians (1961) - HD - MA Vudu iTunes (split) - $6.00
Alexander and the Terrible Horrible Bad Day - HD - MA Vudu iTunes (split) - $5.00
Ant-Man & the Wasp (2018) - HD - GP (split) - $5.00
Avengers Endgame (2019) - HD - GP (split) - $5.00
Big Hero 6 (2014) - HD - GP (split) - $5.00
Black Widow (2021) - HD - MA Vudu (split) - $5.00
Black Widow (2021) - HD - GP (split) - $5.00
Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) - HD - GP (split) - $6.00
Captain America: Civil War (2016) - HD - GP (split) - $5.00
Captain America: Winter Soldier (2014) - HD - GP (split) - $5.00
Cars 3 (2017) - HD - GP (split) - $5.00
Coco (2017) - HD - GP (split) - $5.00
Cruella (2021) - HD - MA Vudu (split) - $5.00
Cruella (2021) - HD - GP (split) - $5.00
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) - HD - GP (split) - $4.00
Encanto (2022) - HD - MA Vu (split) - $4.00
Encanto (2022) - HD - GP (split) - $4.00
Finding Dory (2016) - HD - GP (split) - $4.00
Fox and the Hound 2 (2006) - HD - MA Vudu iTunes Fandango (split) - $5.00
Iron Man 3 (2013) - HD - GP (split) - $5.00
Jungle Cruise (2022) - HD - MA Vudu (split) - $4.00
Jungle Cruise (2022) - HD - GP (split) - $4.00
Lady and the Tramp (1955) - HD - MA Vudu iTunes (split) - $6.00
Lady and the Tramp (1955) - HD - GP (split) - $6.00
Lightyear (2022) - HD - MA Vudu (split) - $4.00
Lightyear (2022) - HD - GP (split) - $4.00
Lion King (1994) - HD - GP (split) - $5.00
Luca (2021) - HD - MA - $4.00
Luca (2021) - HD - GP - $4.00
Monsters University (2013) - HD - MA Vudu (split) - $6.00
Mulan (2021) - HD - GP (split) - $5.00
Pinocchio (1940) - HD - MA Vudu iTunes (split) - $6.00
Pinocchio (1940) - HD - GP (split) - $6.00
Planes (2013) - HD - MA Vudu iTunes Fandango (split) - $5.00
Planes Fire & Rescue (2014) - HD - MA Vudu iTunes (split) - $5.00
Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 (2018) - HD - GP (split) - $5.00
Solo - A Star Wars Story (2018) - HD - GP (split) - $5.00
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) - HD - MA Vudu (split) - $5.00
Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021) - HD - GP (split) - $5.00
Star Wars - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) - GP (split) - $6.00
Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999) - HD - GP (split) - $6.00
Star Wars - The Force Awakens - HD - GP (split) - $5.00
Star Wars - The Last Jedi - HD - GP (split) - $5.00
The Incredibles 2 - HD - GP (split) - $65.00
The Santa Clause 1 - HD - GP (split) - $5.00
The Santa Clause 2 - HD - GP (split) - $5.00
The Santa Clause 3 - HD - GP (split) - $5.00
The Sword in the Stone (1963) - HD - iTunes MA Vudu (split) - $6.00
The Sword in the Stone (1963) - HD - GP (split) - $6.00
Thor: Love and Thunder HD - MA Vudu (split) - $5.00
Thor: Love and Thunder HD - GP (split) - $4.00
Toy Story (1995) - HD - GP (split) - $5.00
Turning Red (2022) - HD - MA Vudu (split) - $4.00
Turning Red (2022) - HD - GP (split) - $4.00
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2023.03.20 20:47 Scorched_flame Altered Iron Sight Skins (P2W Weapon Skins)

Altered Iron Sight Skins (P2W Weapon Skins)
Haven't found any thread or video listing all the weapon skins with altered iron sights, so I decided to make this post.
Below are all the weapon skins in the game whose iron sight differs from the default skin for that weapon. These skins have more empty space than their defaults, providing some in-game advantage. This ranges from minute/non-existing, to huge improvement.
Please comment if any skin is missing, but as far as I'm aware this list is exhaustive.

Blackout MP5 (~$4 USD)
Much more vision. Very cheap for the advantage.
Sinks MP5 (Twitch drop)
No circle on top
elbanan0 MP5 (Twitch drop)
Same as Sinks mp5

The bow skins provide a minor advantage (if any), because the bow's iron sight is already quite good.
Construction Site Bow (~$2 USD)
Good visibility
Also just looks really cool for the price
Blackout Bow (~$8 USD)
Dread Lord (~$1.75 USD)
Very minor, but skin looks cool
Resin Bow (~$2.5 USD)
Again, minor.

Cargo Heli Crossbow (~$2 USD)
Big improvement, and visually pleasing. Definitely worth the price.
Blackout Python (~$7 USD)
Big improvement

Semi-Automatic Rifle (SAR)
IMP Sar (~$29 USD)
Desert Raiders SAR (~$8.5 USD)
iRiskpvp SAR (Twitch drop)

Semi-Automatic Pistol (SAP)
Direct Threat SAP (~$19 USD)
Insane improvement. Most OP skin.
submitted by Scorched_flame to playrust [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 20:46 Special-Chapter-4447 Finally have their entire discography on vinyl!

Finally have their entire discography on vinyl! submitted by Special-Chapter-4447 to piercetheveil [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 20:46 yesishop SMT: presewn "edging" for putting a new hem on your garment. "Pre-hemmed hem"?

It would be a strip of attractive fabric, one to several inches wide with already-hemmed edges, that you would iron in half lengthwise, fit it over the existing hem, and hand sew it on. (If you have a sewing machine you could make your own & would not want to buy this.) Goes well with presewn pockets.
submitted by yesishop to SomebodyMakeThis [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 20:45 gullijan Is iron age burial sites a good Wayspot?

I live in a place with lots of old iron age and viking age burial sites, rune stones and such. I have tried to nominate them as they according to me match the criterias but they often get rejected as natural formation.
The ones that has been approved have been of the information sign describing them and not the rune stone itself. As we have so many not all have signs unfortunatley but they are easily recognizable on the photo. You can see that they have rune inscriptions or that they are placed in circles etc
What do you think? Is it correct to nominate those or shall I stop trying? Do you have any good ideas of how to get it to pass? Thankful for all the help I can get!
submitted by gullijan to NianticWayfarer [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 20:45 ChoroidPlexers Stagnant dividend growth. Hold or sell?

Curious to what everyone thinks about individual stocks that pay decent dividends, but have completely ceased dividend growth.
The stock I'm holding and considering selling is Iron Mountain (IRM).
I don't have a huge position, but I got in during the 2020 plunge. It's a great yield on cost, and I actually really like the company itself. I just hate seeing 0.00% dividend growth over the last 3 years.
What would/do you do in scenarios like these?
submitted by ChoroidPlexers to dividends [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 20:44 Xeqqy The comment section from a video where a woman lists the things she dislikes about America

The comment section from a video where a woman lists the things she dislikes about America submitted by Xeqqy to insanepeoplefacebook [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 20:43 SaucySamurai959 My Collection

My Collection
By popular demand of some fellow redditors, posting my collection. Theme is, ofcourse racing colors. So, as far as possible I try and get only real cars, no uninteresting family sedan type stuff unless they're the sport version, and in their national racing colors. The sets are how they're displayed on shelf at home, but for this list on a carpet. Video and photo are not permissible in same post (eithe or) so I've posted links to the video of each set in below text.
Set 1: JDM in Racing Whites
Don't simply haven't been released in clean white, so I didn't include carded ones awaiting exchange for right color (Scion FR-S in red, Datsun 620 pickup, etc), but I've been hypocritical with the Evo's both in the red.
Video link Set 1
Set 1B: JDM Anime- Initial D
Scale is not 1:64 for these, and colors are per the OG series, hence separate from JDM set. I did have the blue custom Devil Z from Wangan Midnight, but the logos on front fenders don't make it clean enough.
Set 2: ze Germans Racing Silver (/ White?)
Missing some, like the Größer Mercedes 600 Pullman in black 1:64 from the museum shop and the Audi 80 Quattro in white get and red and an E36 M3 in blue that I just forgot to include. Also, colors are widely off bcoz Germany traditionally raced in white until Audi and Benz tried weight savings and made it silver. BMW and Porsche continued in white but then BMW also had some striking blues for their M road cars. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Video link Set 2
Set 3: Forza Italia in Rosso Corsa
I missed a couple in the original photo and video (Centenario coupe and convertible) and an off- color black 8C Competizione. Hvnt snagged a red Lancia Delta, so it's just a matter of waiting for price drops from scalpers.
Video link Set 3
Set 4: "The Good Guys"
Batmobiles (still in cards because awaiting 1:64 scale diecasts), but also A-Team, Knight Rider. Sold off the James Bond collection after really getting bored of the Corgi models quality. First Responders and some very American randoms that go on the same display shelf
Video link Set 4
Set 5: Brits in Racing Greens
Frustrating that they don't release the majority in the right color, but I try. McLarens ofcourse in the burnt orange corporate racing colors is excused, since the OG guy, Bruce was Kiwi.
Video link Set 5
Set 6: American Supers (White with Blue racing Stripes or vice versa)
Supertrucks: would've liked to have a Red-White-Blue theme (Ram Rebel-Silverado Trailboss-F150 Raptor) but the Silverado in white has too many logos and no clean sheet metal release. So it's still carded awaiting exchange if/when possible.
Tesla: EVs are fast, so they're included here since they technicality can't be on any other shelf and I don't collect the family car stuff. Also awaiting the 2023 Model Y diecast to complete the S3XY cars theme.
Got rid of the Callaway C7 since it never actually won anything, but Saleen and Panoz still on.
Video link Set 6
Set 7: American Iron
Both pony cars and muscle cars are included here.
I've tried to line them the way I display on the shelf with for example the Camaros facing the Mustangs, the Gulf liveried brand from each, the El Camino v Ranchero, and even the NASCAR Monte Carlo SS v Ford Fusion.
GM ofcourse simply had more brands and models for the muscle cars whereas Ford has released a lot more of its Mustangs.
While AMC really had only 1 entry each with the Javelin and Rebel respectively, I've included them near the Chrysler cars since they did eventually buy the company.
Then, at the rear is a bunch of 1-and-done models.
Video link Set 7
submitted by SaucySamurai959 to HotWheels [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 20:42 i-void-warranties Slow leak; anyway for it to periodically check pressure?

I've got a P6 360 bed and pretty sure I have a slow leak on at least one side. It's disappointing the bed doesn't periodically check the pressure and put it back to what it is set for. Does anyone know if the bed will reset itself to the proper pressure if it's unplugged/plugged back in? I was thinking getting a smart plug to turn it off and back on every few days in the middle of the day. I'd just buy one and try it but it's hard to properly measure or prove that it's working.
submitted by i-void-warranties to sleepnumber [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 20:42 biotensegrity Challenge Card Suggestion

In case Cold Iron takes feedback on this sub, I'd like to suggest a challenge card that uses a piece of dialogue from Parker in the original Alien film.
Challenge Card Name: This Place Gives Me the Creeps
Effect: Face huggers randomly spawn throughout the mission.
Reward/Buffs: ???
submitted by biotensegrity to AliensFireteamElite [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 20:42 ThrowRA_KsyBlan I (20M), wants to ask K (21F) out but want to first ask about her sexuality.

A bit of context, I (20M) recently met K (21F). I've met her through a party one of our mutual's had and I really like her. We did get to have some one on one time after that and we seem to really hit it off. She's Smart, funny and I really enjoyed spending time with her. We continued communicating online and a couple of days ago we decided to meet up again. It wasn't a date or anything. We just decided to meet up afterwork to hangout. I did sense some attraction but I struggle with understanding emotions and this kind of stuff so I can't be sure. Anyways throughout our conversation K memtioned that she had a woman Ex. We're from a country that isn't accepting of LGBTQ people and I really didn't want to cause her any discomfort by pressing on the matter too much, plus the whole issue with understanding emotions so I didn't say much at the moment. I don't want to go to our mutual's because like I said, the country is not accepting of LGBTQ people and I don't know whether she's out or not and I don't want to accidentally out her as well. So I want to ask her about it after the fact without being intrusive and respectful + I also want to communicate my true intention. So how can I do that?
Sorry in advance for the incomprehensible English as well as any potential inappropriate terminologies or phrases. I'm not native to the language.
submitted by ThrowRA_KsyBlan to relationship_advice [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 20:39 Boring-Pea-4676 Fun gw2 idea/ theory- i guess spoilers?

now before we get into this, im not saying its true, they can do what they wants with the story and i can come up with ways to get rid of dragons ect aswell using the same theory.
This comes from something that bothered me in gw1 and now its a little more odd in gw2. and it particallly has to do with colors in guild wars in general. namely purple. i get you can have simular colors as example, nature and necromancy being greenish.
This has to do with abbadon and his story giving power to the worthy and trying to destroy tyria. he was imprisoned after handing out power to humans. who else gives power to humans? now you could say all gods and yes but it seems most of the gods have negitive traits which are highlighted in some of their stories found in game. Now dwayna game the emperor of cantha power for the ritual in gw1 seemingly, canthas culture is the most impacted by dragons in the early games. but who else gives power to people she deems worthy? who also tests humans and kills humans a bit more randomly in the game? who in her stories tests but also consumes all the food ect from people she then controlled to fight and die. Lyssa. The twin god, perhaps split personalities, god of illlussion and i raise you lyssa is loki. got a possible jar jar binks going on.
now this comes with colors from gw1 videos with shiro exploding, it has blue green and purple. you can say perhaps dwayna is blue as he absorbed the emperors soul but my thing is in gw1 we saw most of the relms of the gods, in gw2 you saw part of malandrues world, now you could say as you found the dragon he started in a area of the mists that was purple. maybe we saw some of lyssas world but i doubt it. and we know dwayna brought humans to find peace even if we havnt seen her plane.
now we are told we saw abbadons plane in gw1, madness and torrment... but in gw2 we talk and see the water dragons. we know most of the gods are simular to the dragons. perhaps the dragons feast on the energies that power the gods worlds. we know most of no all the gods worlds have confllict with shadow forces if not the void. Abbadon is the god of water.... blue.... madness and torment are mesmer sounding traits. he was imprisoned .... who was watching the prison? your telling me the gods didnt ever check their big boy threat in jail? what god likes punishing people.. lyssa. what god like manipulating peoples thoughts to do her will, lyssa, have we seen lyssas world? no. The gods came to tyria at different times. melandru is kind of neutral to natural things, dwayna is more on humans side than most. balthazar is a bit reckless and grenth is dwaynas son and the only god left that is able to see through lies.
i raise you that if the game wants us to kill or fight the gods right now is the time. kormir is the god of truth but she was bllind in gw1. she might not be able too see through lyssa. if the gods get power from their worlds, kormir gave up the title of water to who? lyssa, assuming lyssa might be able to enter abbadons relm and find knowledge maybe she is still around tyria. she is the main god that walks around tyria the most. testing people. now this leads to gw2 if domains give power lyssa now controls 2 which threatens balthazar. now balthazar has been collecting valiant soldiers to fight for him for a long time so even with him fallen his troops might be able to hold his domain for a while, opening the possibility of a fissure of woe expansion line. balthazar needed power to fight lyssa but now he is gone. leaving his world open to claim, we know abbadono was the strongest god and lyssa now controls water, which means its likely she is on par if not stronger than the other gods currently. and in this story grenth is the only god left that could see through her lies, meaning next target. leaving then dwayna and melandru left, and meandru would be neutral and grenths death might affect dwayna into action.
now in gw1 shiro was affected by a old woman fortune teller, we now lyssa has controled people before and turned into old women before. when shiro explodes there is a line of purple and he affects the reallity of the world with the jade wind. im a bit rusty on lore but maybe this was to awaken the dragons. we know lyssa deems peoplle worthy.
This suggests we have seen lyssas world or at least her effects on a world. Madness and torment. yes thats right. lyssa could have been the watcher over abbadon and to second this when shiro dies again he is sent to the relm of torrment for punishment. Abbadon was imprisioned... why would he have the power to decide were shiro went. yes its possible but lyssa coulld have been torchering abbadon and put shiro in there for her plans and perhaps abbadon loosing his sanity which is something we see in the dragons started to call apon the void.
now in gw2 balthazar was imprisoned and the only reason rytlock released him was hee didnt know it was balthazar, why is this? his form was changed by who? lyssa. lyssa helped imprison balthazar and then planned his escape so he would be forced to do her bidding aswell as give up his world.
i coulld go into mesmers in gw1 and the charr ect but its probably not important. but we have seen that charr get access to powerful balthazar artifacts in gw2? where did they get them? balthazar fought the charr with the humans in the past. if balthazar was trapped who would have access to his things .... lyssa.
now why would this be a thing. well lets compare the gods to something like dragons watch. you betrayal and one death. currently in the gods world you could say abbadon died and ballthazar betrayed the gods or , balthazar died and llyssa betrayed the gods, or both who knows.
we know dwayna brought the humans. we know grenth is dwaynas kid and melandru is kind of neutral and the oldest god. thats leaves, abbadon ,lyssa, and balthazar fighting over humans perhaps. lyssa may not even have a world if its void. abbadon was giving power to people lyssa didnt deem worthy, becoming her first target. the other gods can be simular in her eyes. and she has a kind of arrogance about her she may not like dwayna who knows. we dont really get much sense of unity between gods more like a mutual respect of power which is why they have to all decide to do something together and would give power to kormir after abbadons fall.
now they say the gods left to find new land but each relm we have seen had a dark force attacking it. the shadow army and the demons in grenths world in gw1. if that is affects simular to the dragons that means the gods might of been forced to return to their relms to protect their power and couldnt fight the dragons. also opens up storyline for us in the future.
mainly this more of less is based on purple. madness torment, torment weapons ect all purple. purple mesmer, illlusion, the skillls used by evil creatures in the games using mesmer effects ect. videos with purple energy effects.
lastly i want to throw one more thing in here. the new class, revenant. you involk legends... now you can say shiro is evil and he probably is but before his manipulation he was a hero of a sort, and most of the other legends are heroes. now in the new expansion you have lux and kurz heroes. what doesnt fit here...??
myllax- you have one demon evil creature among all the heroes.... lets look into this.
The Margonite Mallyx is a book about Mallyx the Unyielding, found in the Durmand Priory's Special Collections during the Hidden Arcana chapter of the Echoes of the Past.

No one knows who wrote this, but it is an ancient letter to the High Priest Zhellix, a Forgotten who led a historic assault on the Margonites (demon followers of Abaddon).📷 Read on.To be noted: breaching the Ebony Citadel will likely kill you. Mallyx the Unyielding rules the four Lords of Anguish, and they will shred you.📷 Read on.If they don't get you, Mallyx will. If you do succeed, Mallyx will embark on a mission of vengeance from which you are unlikely to escape.📷 Read on.If you insist, do not use standard tactics against this demon. They will not work. Good luck. I hope I see you again."📷 Put it back.
if you attack then it seeks vengence... and its smart.
Those who followed the Dark God thrive in hidden places where the light of truth does not shine. Chief among these followers is Mallyx the Unyielding, a great and terrible Margonite leader who tamed hordes of demons in his dark lord's service. Mallyx has now fallen back to his Ebony Citadel within the Domain of Anguish, where he plots to usurp the powers of the gods and sit upon his dark master's throne.
Mallyx has rallied the last remnants of the Margonite army along with their greatest surviving leaders. In addition, vast hordes of demons, titans, and other vile creatures have all flocked to his unholy banner. Only the bravest of heroes may halt Mallyx's rebellion. If you are worthy, then scour the Domain of Anguish and cast down this would-be usurper.
Meet me at the Gates of Anguish and I shall tell you more of what lies ahead, and show you how the last shreds of the Dark God's power may yet be crushed.
would be usurper, rebellling against the gods, if you attack it comes back with revenge. lyssa does test people to see if they can look past the looks of others . they say abbadon wanted to destroy the world but myllax is trying to attack the gods. he serves abbadons purpose and what happened to abbbadon, betrayal, attacked by the gods. why have a revenant summon heroes for combat and then have a leader of a ancient god destroying the world to join the party? when we learn more about abbadon perhaps we will hear or see a new side to abbadon. maybe these creatures are demons but demons created out of desperation from Abaddon calling apon dark powers for freedom.

anycase this is just a fun idea in the back of my head and its very possiblle the story wont ever go this route but if we ever want to fight on the gods worlds or kill more gods. we got open doors.
submitted by Boring-Pea-4676 to Guildwars2 [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 20:38 Jordyvike Moving on from Cleveland CBX Wedges

Curious if others have moved on from CBX wedges to something more traditional (smaller club face) and if they've found gains or if it was a tough adjustment.
I play Cleveland CBX Wedges (46, 50, 54, 60) and like them alright. The grooves on my 60* are close to worn out though so I'm evaluating if I should get a new CBX wedge or try a more traditional wedge line. I've recently realized that the giant club faces of the CBX wedges have allowed me to get a little sloppy with my face contact on wedges and I often hit it on the toe. I strike my irons decently which are T200s and have a much smaller head but if I switch between wedges and irons at the range my face contact gets to be more toe biased with my irons after hitting the wedges (honestly not sure if this happens on the course too, or just the range). Maybe the more forgiveness is good for me and I need to keep it but curious to hear from others on what they experienced when going from a big (beginner) wedge to something more traditional.
For background I am a 14 HCP (lose a ton of strokes with the putter - i'm working on it), play T200 players distance irons. I will probably end up doing a wedge fitting but would just like to hear from anyone else that's gone through a similar transition.
submitted by Jordyvike to golf [link] [comments]

2023.03.20 20:37 Edgehead4Life What if Shawn Michaels went to TNA After Losing Streak vs Career match against the Undertaker Part 1: Rebirth

What if Shawn Michaels went to TNA After the Undertaker Streak vs Career Match
Story Theme: You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself as the villain.
Author’s Note: Daniel Bryan signs with TNA and doesn’t head to WWE till late 2012 to early 2013. Considering 2010 was the beginning of the end for TNA, I realistically can’t see Shawn not retiring. If the product was really good, I think HBK would’ve went in. In this universe, Paul Heyman is in charge of creative in TNA. He wants a youth-oriented promotion in TNA and to push the younger talent. The only wrestlers he wants as World Champion over 40 to make the younger talent into Bonafede stars are Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels himself. Also, Hogan, Bischoff and their friends will still be there due to Dixie Carter’s involvement but will have limited roles and won’t have the control they did irl. Also, since Heyman’s in charge, expect top names who are affiliated with him who are still young to pop throughout the story.
At WrestleMania 26, Shawn Michaels lost his final WWE Match against the Undertaker in a No Holds Barred Streak vs Career which was on par with it’s previous classic at Mania 25. HBK has a heartfelt goodbye speech at the next night on Raw. HBK has left the building. Shawn was no longer contracted to WWE but was involved in the next SVR game and the WWE offered him legends deal and a Hall of Fame Induction in the next year. For a few months Shawn stuck with his retirement promise as he thought nothing would top his last match and even signed the legends deal before faxing it in. But the Ric Flair syndrome hit him, and he started having the wrestling itch again. He figured he had more years left in him. He knew he couldn’t go back to WWE as him immediately returning there would ruin the purpose of his program with Taker. He then heard rumblings about TNA. He watched the show and was impressed with the talent. He knew that with TNA growing, he could help with the younger talent and put them over. Long were the days of politicking. He contacted his Kliq buddy Kevin Nash to help negotiate a deal with TNA. Nash personally wasn’t happy in his run with his heat with Heyman due to the older guys getting pushed aside for the Vanilla Midgets but would do anything for one of his best friends so he agreed. Shawn then entered secret negotiations with Dixie Carter and Paul Heyman. Heyman tasked HBK to be one of the only full time guys over 40 with the likes of Kurt Angle even though Shawn could take hiatus whatever he wanted to spend time with his family. Dixie, promised to pay him the most amount of money in the roster, can fulfill outside endeavors, and had a say over his storylines and promos but not match outcomes. It was then a done deal and Shawn signed the deal to TNA. Shawn wanted it to be top secret to the point that no one knew he was joining in and even told WWE that he was going to sign with them to avoid speculation. HBK signed a four-year iron clad contract. When HBK asked Heyman about Nash’s issues, Heyman said he wanted to chop the heads off them 40-year-olds but HBK and Angle weren’t one of them.
Part 1: Rebirth:
HBK's New Theme Since the Sexy Boy Theme is WWE Property:
Note. Note: Shawn’s character will initially be a babyface, but he will do heel like actions. In HBK’s mind he is the hero. This will get worse in time.
At TNA Slammiversary 2010, TNA World Champion AJ Styles defended his title against “The Icon” Sting. They had a great match with the Champion keeping up with the Icon’s experience in the ring. AJ ended up winning the match much to the dismay of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. As Sting stood up to a standing ovation, the lights went out and who stood behind him was a man in dark clothing wearing a mouth covering and a cowboy hat. Sting turned around and was hit with a Superkick. The man turned around, removed his mask and took his hat off Undertaker style. Out came the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels with a smirk. The crowd goes nuclear crazy. Bischoff comes to the ring and eats a Sweet Chin Music. Shawn then escapes through the crowd as Hulk Hogan and security chase him. The next week on Thursday Night Impact, Shawn Michaels comes to a huge pop in San Antonio, Texas with a new theme of Rebirthing by Skillet. Shawn noticeably had a clean shaven face resembling his younger days with his long now receding hair in a top knot. He high fived fans. Shawn cut a promo on how after his lost his match he was fully committed to his retirement promise, but as he saw there was no more new stars who could surpass him. He figured that new generation were screwed due to old timers like Hulk Hogan coming and going and taking spots from the future. The only reason he came out of retirement was because he wanted to save the future of wrestling and have the younger talent be better than what he was, a backstabbing backstage politician. Long where the days of burying young talent. Shawn then said he didn’t go back to WWE due to respect to Undertaker who he trusted would preserve the future there. He wanted to cleanse the wrestling world of old part timers. He wanted this so the wrestling business wouldn’t go extinct in 20-30 years, be surpassed by other forms of sports and entertainment, and go under like WCW and ECW did. He promised that he wouldn’t challenge for any titles in TNA as his championship days were up. After his Mania match, he then declared himself to be the Career Killer and promised to end the career of any old timer who stood in the future’s way. He didn’t care if it was his best friend or anything. He will save wrestling.
Later in the night, Bryan Danielson defeated Jeff Jarrett in the main event. Jarrett and his crew then attacked Bryan, but outcome HBK for the save and he took down Jarrett’s crew causing them to flee the ring. In a similar image to Darby and Sting in AEW, Shawn helped Bryan up and stared him down. He then hugged his protégé and promised to be the mentor he should’ve been back in 99. He then walked down the ramp with him. The next week, he had a confrontation with Sting over the last PPV, Shawn said it was nothing personal but wanted to let Sting know that his time in the main event was up and was willing to spare him his career if he stepped aside from the title scene. Sting hesitated but refused telling HBK that he’ll decide in his own merit if his time was up. Sting and Shawn started brawling and out came Bryan to help HBK fend Sting. HBK and Bryan then performed a running knee/superkick combo on Sting. In a backstage interview, HBK with Bryan in his side declaring he was starting the Heartbreakers Foundation (a spoof name to the Hart Foundation). He then decided to have try outs for the group. Over the course of following weeks try out matches were made to see who would fit best in the group. Bryan Danielson won his tryout match against Okada, while other protégé of HBK “The” Brian Kendrick won his tryout match against Gunner, D Angelo Dinero won his tryout match against Orlando Jordan, The Motor City Machine defeated Generation Me for the tryouts. Shawn seemed impressed with Generation Me and kept an eye out for them by making them honorary members to be the future of wrestling in 15 years. The last tryout match was between Shawn’s Kliq buddies Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, and Sean Waltman. The three men wanted in HBK’s group as they bonded well in the Kliq in the 90s. Shawn was willing to comply with their requests until they reminisced on their good old days and how they would bury the talent. Shawn then lost his cool and told them that those days were over. The four men then argued until Shawn said that only one of them would join the group if that person won the triple threat qualification match. Kevin Nash ended up winning the match. Shawn and his newfound proteges in the Heartbreakers Foundation beat Waltman and Hall down. Nash then realized Shawn was serious about his claims. HBK then forced Nash to Jackknife Hall and Waltman. Nash with tears in his eyes because he would hurt his best friends bad did so. HBK patted him on the back and said it’s for the best.
Heartbreakers Foundation Members:
The group will be a mix of the Hart Foundation and D-Generation X
  1. God Leader: Shawn Michaels: The Grizzled Veteran leader of the group who wants to preserve the future of pro wrestling
  2. Big Sexy Co Leader: Kevin Nash: The Muscle of The Group. He is a reliable tool to the younger members, but is still coming to terms that his glory days are done.
  3. The Violent One: Bryan Danielson (2009 look). Bryan Danielson is the violent submission specialist on an undefeated streak who Shawn’s is grooming to be the next big thing. Bryan does show a goofy side of him like in Team Hell No sometimes, but he just wants to kick some fning heads in.
  4. Kurt Cobain: The Brian Kendrick: He is the most funniest and chill back member of the group who was fired by WWE in 2009. He loves Nirvana and Weed.
  5. The Best Tag Team in The World: The Motor City Machine Guns: One of the best tag teams in TNA today. They will be the cornerstones of the tag division.
  6. Pope: D Angelo Dinero: He is a pope like figure in the group, who HBK personally loves due to his Christian Faith. HBK and Dinero have a similar ego problem but seems to like each other the most.
  7. Young Guns: Generation Me: They are the rookies of the group who Shawn wants to build up. At least when they eventually join the Bullet Club as the Young Bucks, they can say Shawn Michaels himself endorsed them.
HBK then informed Bryan, Dinero, TMCMG, Kendrick, and even Generation Me that they could challenge for any titles they wanted and that he and Nash wouldn’t challenge for any titles. Nash who is the TNA Legends Champion looked bewildered. HBK then told Nash to hand him his title. The HBF then went to a campfire and he burned the Legends Title. HBK then grabbed a title from his bag and christened it the TNA Intercontinental Championship. The IC was something Shawn fought for in classic battles in the 90s and now wanted his proteges to continues the titles legacy. Heyman then booked a six man ladder match including the HBF members for the title. Sting then called out HBK in a promo claiming that his rebirth from his past self was a lie and Shawn was still the same person he was in the 90s. He then said Shawn wasn’t there for the business, he was there for himself. Shawn then came down and refuted his claims and that he would prove it. He then called out Sting for still wanting to be World Champion in TNA and not being a man of his word. Shawn then said they never were in the same company in the same time but they had similar demons and that he should know better. Despite all this Shawn still respects Sting. Sting then challenges Shawn to a match at Victory Road 2010. Shawn agrees on one condition, if Shawn loses, he drops his vendetta, but if Sting loses he can never challenge for any title in TNA. Shawn and Sting then have a brawl which the locker room must separate. At Victory Road 2010, Shawn had a huge entrance in his WM 26 attire but with a cowboy hat and a V for Venetta like mask. This is Shawn’s first match in months. HBK and Sting have a classic match for their age group. HBK then shockingly wins clean with a Sweet Chin Music. HBK wins the match and shakes hands with Sting who accepts it. He has earned Sting’s respect, but Sting is devasted that he can’t challenge for titles anymore.
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2023.03.20 20:37 Bumpomatic Is My RTX 2060 In My Laptop Dying?

Specs: Asus Rog G512LV Windows 11 22621.1413 RTX 2060 Intel i7-10750H
So, randomly the other day, the HDMI to my living room TV (Smart TV) from my laptop stopped getting signal, or just a black screen. Every cable I've tried so far hasn't worked, but it works just fine on my bedroom TV with occasional tiny red pixels flashing randomly on my desktop (Non-Smart TV). It had been working on my living room TV for about 8 months. This was the start of something very confusing.
Now I'm seeing that my 2060 is listed in Device Manager, but in my windows display settings it's using the integrated graphics. If I disable the integrated graphics, it defaults to Microsoft basic display adapter in windows display settings. If I go into Nvidia control panel, almost all of the settings are gone except for the 3D settings.
If the HDMI cable is plugged into a TV, it reads the TV as being hooked up to the 2060, and my laptop using the Integrated graphics if enabled, or basic display adapter if not. Essentially, I'm not able to just use the 2060 in my laptop unless it's plugged into a television via HDMI, but it only works on the bedroom TV and not the Living Room one? I am extremely confused.
I've tried a factory reset and fresh install of Windows, disabling driver signature enforcement, rolling back to multiple different drivers, flashing to latest BIOS, running DDU and doing a fresh Nvidia driver install, running SFC, etc. I've checked as well and my gaming PC hooks up via HDMI to the living room TV just fine as well.
What in the world is going on here? Any ideas/advice/input would be greatly appreciated :)
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2023.03.20 20:36 snailenkeller Lied to by Realtor?

Hello! My husband and I bought a new build home in a subdivision recently. Just closed on 3/13 and moved the next day. Prior to closing, the seller had offered us 10k in concessions which we were going to use to install a 6ft white vinyl privacy fence in our back yard. We have 2 dogs and the back of the home butts up against a road.
We initially had the fence written into the contract to which the seller agreed. They ended up just giving us the 10k towards closing costs due to the fence construction taking more than a month after closing to put up. They didn’t want something like that “hanging out there after closing.” We send the AIA (Architectural Improvement Application) complete with quotes and diagrams from the fencing company to the HoA and they approved our request. Sunday night at 8pm (day before closing) we get an email from the HoA advising us that the fence was now NOT approved. We closed at 8am on Monday-much too short notice to do anything as the home we lived in closed on Feb 28 and we had to be out of there by 3/17. We would have been homeless.
We were told by not only our realtor and the seller’s realtor that the HoA guy is not correct and that white vinyl and black aluminum fencing were the only options for fencing in this neighborhood. The covenants of the neighborhood say nothing about white vinyl not being allowed nor any mention of these specific lots only being allowed the black aluminum. We closed and are now battling the HoA who is saying that the homes facing the road are not allowed to have the white fencing whatsoever. Realtor, developer, developer’s attorney are all saying the opposite but HoA still won’t approve. Had we known that this was the case, we would have simply chosen another home in this neighborhood or went to another one altogether.
We feel as though we were lied to/mislead. Now, the seller’s realtor who took over the leg work for this issue is not responding to any of my short but polite texts checking on the status of the approval. Not answering calls either. Last we heard, the builder was to contact their attorney to see what could be done. This was Thursday.
I suffer from and am medicated for anxiety and this whole thing is just destroying me mentally. What can we do? We’re at the point of contacting an attorney not only for the fence, but for the misleading nature of the sale. Do we have a case? I’m out for blood at this point.
Thank you for reading!
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