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2023.03.29 02:42 sarhanzar BLUE

What is Bluehost and what type of hosting it offers? 🤔
Bluehost hosting review
Over the years, Bluehost has grown to be one of the most popular hosting companies out there, especially for WordPress sites.

Just glancing at their homepage and all the different products that Bluehost offers tells you a lot about why it’s won so many users over. First off, Bluehost has numerous different hosting products in their portfolio – not just simple website hosting.

Second, their prices are really, really affordable. Plus, you also get a handful of bonuses thrown in for free. This makes your overall cost of launching a site much lower vs what you’d have to pay with the competition.

But let’s start at the beginning. Here are the different types of hosting that Bluehost has in store, including one that is likely going to be the pick for most users.

Let’s divide the list into a couple of categories:

  1. Entry-level web hosting
This is the budget solution in Bluehost’s portfolio of web hosting. These plans are usually chosen by users who are new to the concept of owning a website and needing web hosting to make it happen.

Bluehost has two main offerings that fall under entry-level hosting:

Shared web hosting
Basic WordPress hosting
While it may seem like the latter is better if you want to use WordPress as your website engine, in reality, both are the same product. From what I’ve seen, this is simply a different marketing framing, but the elements on the inside are the same.

  1. Managed WordPress hosting
The basic WordPress hosting plans mentioned above are just that – basic. However, Bluehost also offers a more advanced package called Managed WordPress.

Compared to the basic offering, the managed variety takes care of all the technical aspects of the hosting setup and WordPress maintenance for you.

In other words, when you’re on managed WordPress hosting, you don’t have to worry about anything related to keeping your site operational. Instead, you can just focus on creating content and promoting your site.

Managed plans also give you more power under the hood 💪, which is important for sites with an established position in the market that receive more traffic.

Bluehost also has a tailor-made offering for WordPress websites running WooCommerce – for eCommerce stores. Those plans come with some WooCommerce-specific elements pre-installed (WooCommerce itself, an optimized theme, payment processing tools, security, extras).

If you’re looking for a host because you are indeed going to be launching a WooCommerce store, this is probably the solution for you.

  1. Professional hosting
The last tier of Bluehost hosting is what we can call professional-level hosting. Two main products here:

VPS hosting
Dedicated servers
The former is a very interesting concept that’s built around hosting virtualization. VPS stands for virtual private server. What you’re actually getting here is access to a web hosting setup that runs as a virtual machine on a bigger, physical server. It’s a setup beneficial when building web apps or other types of web-based products that are not necessarily standard websites.

If you do indeed need a whole physical machine at your disposal, that’s what dedicated servers are for. This type of web hosting is usually the most expensive and powerful hosting option available with most companies.

Bluehost hosting review: features and pricing ⚙️💸
As you read above, Bluehost has many different hosting plans and tiers available, and each of them delivers a slightly different set of features.

For the purpose of this Bluehost hosting review, we’ll look at the entry-level plan called Basic Web Hosting.

It’s the most budget-friendly solution in the lineup and, for that reason, also the most popular one among customers.

Here’s a snapshot of the pricing page at the time of writing:

Bluehost pricing
As you can see, Bluehost has a very affordable offering that starts at just $2.95/mo. However, the first thing you must know about this price is that you have to sign up for a three-year contract in order to get it. It is also paid upfront, which means that you do have to shell out $106.20 on day one.

There are options to begin with shorter contracts, but the prices grow with those a bit. Here’s the full picture:

36 months: Basic $2.95/mo, Plus and Choice Plus $5.45/mo, Pro $13.95/mo
24 months: Basic $3.95/mo, Plus and Choice Plus $6.95/mo, Pro $15.95/mo
12 months: Basic $4.95/mo, Plus and Choice Plus $7.45/mo, Pro $18.95/mo
Bluehost doesn’t offer month-to-month payment options
Okay, but what do you get for these prices?

Overall, Bluehost focuses on delivering two things:

the basic set of features and server capabilities that most users will need,
making those features easy to use and accessible.
All the entry-level plans are very similar on paper, but there are a couple of fine differences.

First of all, none is “more powerful” than the other. Speaking in terms of computing power and the “scale of website,” they can all handle the same load. The differences are mainly in the size of website and number of websites you’re allowed to run.

On the Basic plan, you are allowed only one website. Your disk space is also limited to 50 GB.
All the other plans let you run unlimited websites and consume unlimited disk space while doing so.
This is great because what it means in practice is that if you want to build 2+ websites, Bluehost will only charge you $5.45/mo for that.

Here’s what else you get.

The Basic plan:

24/7 customer support via phone and chat (more on the quality of that later in this Bluehost hosting review),
access to custom themes from within the Bluehost panel,
a free domain name for the first year(!) plus access to a domain manager,
email hosting – albeit it’s kind of hidden in the panel,
a $100 Google Ads credit and Google My Business integration,
free CDN integration – a “content delivery network” hook-up means that your website’s data is served from multiple servers across the web instead of just one machine; this improves your site speed a lot,
free SSL certificates.
The Choice plan throws in a free Office 365 subscription for one month. The Choice Plus gives you additional access to free domain privacy (so that no one can check your personal data associated with the domain name) and free automatic backups. Lastly, the Pro plan offers an additional dedicated IP address (important when building web apps/tools, not so much for standard websites).

Overall, there really is nothing here that’s missing. Bluehost has put some real thought behind what the essential web hosting features are and then put them all together in this offering.

The free domain is a huge deal in particular! You’d usually have to pay around $15 for a new domain name registration. While it’s not a lot, it still adds up to your overall website launch bill. The fact that Bluehost throws that in for free is great.

⚠️ Note. Mind the renewal prices. Bluehost, like most hosting companies, will charge you a different amount when first signing up for their service vs renewing after a while. Those renewal prices are higher. Take a look at that pricing screenshot above one more time. See the crossed off price below the main price? That’s the renewal price – it’s what you’re going to pay after your initial contract is up.

Bluehost hosting review: ease of use 👐
Bluehost does a lot to make the signup and website launch process as smooth as possible. They realize that whoever’s choosing the entry-level plan probably doesn’t have a lot of experience with web hosting. Bluehost tries to make it possible for that user to configure everything on their own without outside help. All within the Bluehost hosting interface.

Once you get through the purchase process on Bluehost’s website and finalize everything, you’ll be invited to your new user profile page.

Right away, Bluehost will ask you how you want to go about building your website and if you want to have WordPress installed on your setup. They will even ask you whether you want to work on your site in the classic model (by picking a theme and modifying it) or use Bluehost’s new builder interface.

Bluehost builder
I went with the first option since it’s more common for WordPress users to do so.

Next, right in the main dashboard, you get a couple of suggestions as to what you should do to make your site better:

Bluehost hosting dashboard
You can log into your WordPress site directly from the dashboard as well – just click the Log in to WordPress button in the top right corner.

If you take a look at the sidebar to the left, you’ll find links to other useful sections:

Home. It’s where you are right now.
My Sites. Since you can have more than one site on most Bluehost hosting plans, this is where you can see them all.
Marketplace. Bluehost makes it easy to integrate your site with other third-party tools, add-ons, and also upgrade your hosting tier if needed. This section is where you can purchase and install those integrations with a couple of clicks.
Bluehost hosting add-ons
WordPress themes and plugins. This is a subsection under Marketplace, but I feel I should highlight it here. Bluehost gives you access to custom WordPress themes right from the dashboard. It also hooks up to your site directly, so that you can purchase and install those themes all from the Bluehost interface. This can be a huge timesaver.
Bluehost hosting themes
Email & Office. Bluehost gives you an option to integrate your site with hosted email via Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. This is where you can enable everything.
Domains. This is where you can manage your website domain(s) and purchase new ones.
Marketing Tools. This section is all about making it easier to integrate your site with popular marketing channels such as Google Ads, Google My Business, and others.
Advanced. Go here if you want to access cPanel (if this doesn’t sound like English, then Advanced is probably not a section for you).
Let’s look into what’s possible when managing your site, since that’s what most of us will want to do.

When you go to My Sites and select your site from the list, you’ll see the following panel:

Bluehost hosting WordPress panel
This is a nice view of your site’s status all in one place. From here, you can access the themes you have installed, your plugins, and even oversee your marketing promotions, backups, user accounts, security, and more.

What’s great here is that everything is presented nicely, and you’re spared all the server lingo. You don’t have to be a pro to know what’s going on.

And I remind you that we are dealing here with basic, entry-level hosting setup that did cost a mere $2.95/mo. So…impressive.

Bluehost performance and load times 📈
Okay, so we know that Bluehost is cheap. But is it fast? There has to be a trade-off somewhere, right? Is it performance?

Let’s find out:

We did a very simple test. We set up a site using Bluehost’s tools, published some dummy content on it, added images, picked a theme and configured it, and basically made the site look real.

Then, we also added a couple of plugins for good measure, like WPForms, Yoast SEO, Jetpack, and a couple more.

Below are the results of the tests – done from several locations:

Bluehost hosting review: PERFORMANCE

N. Virginia 0.77 s 288 ms 0.81 s 0.87 s
California 0.91 s 354 ms 0.93 s 0.99 s
Canada 0.92 s 385 ms 1.09 s 1.04 s
Frankfurt 1.36 s 576 ms 1.40 s 1.34 s
Paris 1.24 s 547 ms 1.19 s 1.19 s
Mumbai 2.05 s 849 ms 1.62 s 1.68 s
Sydney 2.21 s 911 ms 1.74 s 1.84 s
I have to give it to Bluehost…considering this is budget hosting, the results are more than impressive!

Going below one sec for US traffic is pretty much all you can ask for with any hosting platform – even the more expensive ones.

Bluehost hosting review: customer support 🚑
Bluehost offers 24/7 phone and live chat support. Apart from that, there’s also a knowledge base where you can find tutorials and answers to the most common questions people have about Bluehost’s platform.

You can access the support chat from the main contact page on Bluehost’s site.

Bluehost asks a couple of questions to identify you as a customer, and then gets you through to a support agent.

From our experience when writing this Bluehost hosting review, a support agent got to us pretty much immediately after starting the chat.

The interaction was positive, the agent offered advice and was willing to help. However, we seem to had hit a wall in terms of what they’re actually authorized to do.

Granted, I did ask him to do a fairly specific thing.

Bluehost support
Bluehost Pros and cons – 6 Pros and 3 Cons 👍👎
Before we give you our final rating in this Bluehost hosting review, let’s look at a quick list of pros and cons.

Pros 👍

The entry price is more than affordable ($2.95/mo).
They give you a free domain for the first year.
The setup is really easy to do, especially if you want to use WordPress.
The user interface is great, making it easy to do simple modifications and/or maintenance tasks.
The load times are really impressive, managing to go below the one-second mark.
The support is quick to respond.
Cons 👎

The renewal prices are much higher than the entry-level ones. That’s why you’re better off going for the max-term contract right out the gate.
While you can set up hosted email on the platform, it’s a bit hidden. You have to go to the cPanel view and set everything up there by hand.
The reviews on the web are mixed. Some users seem to be having issues with their setups. However, many of those reviews are from a while back.
Bluehost hosting review conclusion: Why use it over another host 💪
At the end of the day, Bluehost looks like a great solution for the budget-minded person who wants to launch a new site as quickly as possible and also fairly cheaply.

Bluehost has all the basic hosting features you might expect, and the performance isn’t lacking in any way either.

Granted, the tests we did haven’t been carried out over a long period of time, so you’re mileage may vary, but the early indicators are certainly more than positive!
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2023.03.29 02:32 Joepaw1980 ptsd VA claim for disability

Hello fellow Veterans. I have a question. I was recently diagnosed with chronic ptsd by a VA psychiatrist. I then filed my claim and completed the form they requested where you explain stressors. The claim process is surprisingly moving quickly. It’s in the 3rd stage “evidence gathering, review and decision”. Again, I submitted the stressor form as well as sent my diagnosis from the VA although I’m sure they can easily get this themselves. But my question is, will I need to get a C&P exam even though the VA psychiatrist had already diagnosed me? Anyone else been in this situation?
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2023.03.29 02:32 abacce MODY 5 / HNF1B Mutation Thread

Hello! I was recently diagnosed with diabetes MODY 5 and have felt very lonely since it is so rare. My diabetologist and family practitioner are clearly overwhelmed with the disease and seem to know little. So far I have been reading into papers and contacting MODY 5 patients, professors, and researchers in different countries to gather information and learn more. I want to share my experience and some relevant information so that you can relate, understand the disease, and discuss disease management with your doctor better. Please always discuss diet, supplement, and medication changes with your doctor! I advise to ask for a copy of your blood work and test results to collect them in a binder and bring them to your appointments with specialists. Feel free to correct me or add anything relevant from your own experience. Since genetic testing is becoming more available, I expect there to be more diagnosed cases in the future. I hope this can become a space for us MODY 5s.
What is monogenic diabetes (MODY)? Maturity onset diabetes of the young is a form of diabetes caused by a genetic mutation on one gene. So far there are 14 described types of MODY, some more and some less common than MODY 5. MODY patients typically do not have antibodies type 1 and LADA patients would have and are diagnosed with diabetes at a young age, around 25 and usually below 35. Many MODY patients are misdiagnosed as Type 1 or Type 2 diabetics.
What is MODY 5? Mody 5 is a form of monogenic diabetes, also called renal cysts and diabetes syndrome. It is caused by mutations or deletions on the HNF1B gene. This usually triggers a multi-system condition which can cause organs to develop incorrectly before and after birth. People with the exact same mutation or deletion can have different symptoms. Affected parents have a 50% chance of passing the mutation to their children, however, many HNF1B mutations occur spontaneously without a family history. SYMPTOMS The most common symptoms are Kidney Disease and Diabetes. Many are diagnosed with diabetes while young, around 25 and younger than 35. Small kidney cysts which do not increase over time, missing kidneys, and other abnormalities are possible. The urogenital tract can be affected: a heart-shaped or bicornuate uterus or vaginal/sperm/testicle/vas deferens anomalies are possible. Abnormal liver function, early onset gout, elevated uric acid in the blood, missing a part of the pancreas (pancreatic hypoplasia), electrolyte abnormalities, proteinuria, and a lack of digestive enzymes (pancreatic exocrine dysfunction) are common. In the case of a deletion of the 17q12 chromosome, there can be neurological symptoms like autism or cognitive impairment. It is not uncommon for fetuses affected by the mutation to be miscarried. Early development of hyperparathyroidism may be a previously unrecognized feature of HNF1B-associated disease. Relatively high levels of parathyroid hormone are common.
"Dysfunction of β-cells results in reduced insulin secretion, which is likely to be a consequence of pancreatic hypoplasia. Decreased insulin secretion in utero leads to intrauterine growth retardation and low birth weight. Patients with HNF1B mutations have reduced insulin sensitivity to endogenous glucose production but peripheral insulin sensitivity is normal. This situation results in hyperinsulinaemia and associated dyslipidaemia, with raised levels of triglycerides and reduced levels of high-density lipoprotein. (...) Pancreatic exocrine hypersecretion has also been observed in affected individuals, and could be a compensatory mechanism for diminished pancreatic volume." (Clissoid et al.)
DIAGNOSIS is done through genetic testing for mutations or deletions on the HNF1B gene. Genetic testing for various forms of MODY (14 are known) can be done by specialized labs. Doctors should refer you after having excluded Type 1 diabetes & LADA (no antibodies) and Type 2. If you are below the age of 35, diabetic, not obese, perhaps you even eat well and exercise- and have no type 1 antibodies- you are a candidate for MODY. Ask your doctor about genetic testing. Insulin resistance is reported in some MODY 5 patients.
TREATMENT Older literature tends to push insulin as the preferred treatment option, I suspect this is due to the gravity of the cases that were first tested, reported, and studied. With increasingly available genetic testing and more doctors aware of the disease, milder cases (like mine) are detected. Some MODY 5 diabetics try to stay off insulin as long as possible and are treated with metformin or other oral medication. Sulfonylurea has been described as ineffective in literature. Sometimes a combination is used. A Professor for diabetes and metabolism research I corresponded with wrote to me:
According to the latest data, there is a possibility that diabetes can be treated with newer drugs, e.g. GLP-1 analogs instead of insulin.
Some MODY 5 diabetics take supplementation for Magnesium, Potassium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, and Iron. Some MODY 5 patients have too much calcium. Some MODY patients need digestive enzymes because of low fecal elastase levels. Screening for endometrial, & prostate cancer, chromophobe renal cell carcinoma, and clear cell ovarian cancer should be considered (Clissoid et al.).
Preimplantation genetic testing is available in many countries to those affected who do not want to pass on the mutation.
TRANSPLANTS Patients with both kidney failure and diabetes can request a simultaneous pancreas and kidney transplant. Clissoid et Al. describe 3 cases in which this was successful and led to not needing insulin. After a transplant, they should avoid tacrolimus and reduce corticosteroids. I am unsure if a stem cell or beta cell islet transplant could heal the diabetes part of MODY 5 in the future but strongly suspect it could. Since the beta cells are described as dysfunctional or there simply aren't enough due to pancreas hypoplasia (underdevelopment), transplanting beta cells might be promising. I am waiting for further research.
ME: Elevated sugar levels since I am 23, perhaps before. Frequent stomach pain as a teenager. Frequent mysterious leg pain since childhood. Acid reflux and issues with the cardia muscle in my stomach. Low birth weight likely due to reduced insulin production in uterus. ULTRASOUNDS Several gynecologists never noticed my arcuate uterus. My pancreas was not visible on ultrasound. An angiogram I did for other reasons showed the pancreas but defects were hardly visible. Kidneys looked fine. MRI My kidneys appear miraculously normal and free of cysts, which is fairly rare with this mutation. My uterus is arcuate. I have cysts on my ovaries, likely unrelated to the mutation. The pancreas is lacking its dorsal part. An MRI can only give you limited information about the functionality of organs. BLOOD WORK I produce little insulin (5.1) and my C-Peptide is low (1.0). I am not insulin resistant (HOMA <1). My HbA1C goes up to 6.6. Fasting glucose up to 160 if normal or 200 if stressed. During the glucose tolerance test, my glucose went up to 300 and then down to 70. The more carbs I eat, the higher it spikes and the lower it drops. If I don't eat (almost) any carbs my sugar will be constantly too high but below 200. Triglycerides, Cholesterol, Uric acid, and creatinine are too high. GFR as low as 65 (bad kidney function), went up to 116 with radical diet adjustment. With a Keto diet (and a lot of vegetables) for 6 weeks most of those normalized except cholesterol and sugar, which still improved. The tiredness however did not improve and the leg pain worsened. Magnesium 0.7 mmol/l, potassium, sodium normal. Calcium 2.4 mmol/l after diet. Good iron, normal range ferritin. Red cell distribution is low. Started magnesium supplementation based on reports of patients needing more than the regular amount. Stomach pain and diarrhea from magnesium oxide 400mg x2. Trying lower doses (400mg x 1 ) of magnesium glycinate, which is reported to be the one best absorbed by the body. The amounts refer to the elementary/pure magnesium contained. FAMILY: Grandfather and other relatives are said to have had impaired kidneys but they lived long lives. My father has been a misdiagnosed diabetic for decades and has kidney cysts with impaired kidney function. He has issues digesting fats and low iron (ferritin). He is missing a part of his pancreas. He has trouble digesting food and his liver function is troubled. Light anomalies in the urogenital tract (sperm not as mobile, urinary tract obstructed). He has calcification on the pancreas and has suffered a heart attack. The antrum of his stomach is thickened and the cardia muscle which closes the stomach is not working properly, leading to reflux. He was diagnosed as Type 1 or Type 2 or unknown depending on the doctor. My aunt could not conceive and is said to have light kidney problems, she does not want to be tested. My mother lost a child before me, I suspect he had the mutation but got unlucky with the way it expressed (phenotype).
Non-exhaustive CHECK-UP list for MODY 5 patients to discuss with your doctor: If Type 1 not previously excluded: IA2-Antibodies, GAD Antibodies (in case you are lucky enough to have 2 diabetes types simultaneously) HOMA Index, HbA1c, and fasting blood sugar Oral Glucose Test Insulin production and C-Peptide Ultrasound of kidneys, digestive tract, uterus, pancreas, liver MRI of the abdomen and pelvis: esp. kidneys, pancreas and genital area PTH Fecal Elastase Electrolytes: Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium Vitamins: D, B12 Ferritin and Iron Liver enzymes Uric acid, creatinine, HDL and LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, GFR, hemoglobin, hematocrit
Clissold, R. L., Hamilton, A. J., Hattersley, A. T., Ellard, S., & Bingham, C. (2015). HNF1B-associated renal and extra-renal disease-an expanding clinical spectrum. Nature reviews. Nephrology, 11(2), 102–112. (I have access if you need it)
Gambella A, Kalantari S, Cadamuro M, Quaglia M, Delvecchio M, Fabris L, Pinon M. The Landscape of HNF1B Deficiency: A Syndrome Not Yet Fully Explored. Cells. 2023; 12(2):307.
Facebook Group:
Podcast episode with Jennifer (fellow MODY 5) :
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2023.03.29 02:28 maryplum04 questions aren’t improving testing 04/15

finished bio/biochem, gen chem content and half way done with psych/soc. didn’t touch orgo or physics bc it’s low yield and i did good in the classes which was like 3 years ago but i hit avg on uplanet. biochem on uworld is coming out straight 💩idk why. just took aamc fl1 and got 491, ran out of time for most sections had to guess on around 10 questions. c/p had 6 incomplete.
how do i improve my score fast, maybe im reviewing questions wrong? aiming for 505 on test day. a lot of content i’ll make silly mistakes on or sit there and know it’s between two choices, faintly rmr the answer, not go with my gut and pick the wrong one.
fl 1 i got c/p : 122 cars : 123 b/b: 122 p/s: 124
plz help
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2023.03.29 02:28 Affectionate_Let7793 Might get a job offer to become a junior developer!

So I have been working for this company for about 2.5 years. I started as an admin doing paperwork and processing faxes. I asked my boss if they knew anyone in the programming department as I was majoring in computer science and wanted to get some advice. I spoke with the director of programming and a few months later I was offered a position in a application support team. This has been a great starting point for me because it is mainly sql which I am very comfortable with! I have been on this team now for 9 months and My new boss approached me today and said he wants to transition me to the dev team within the coming 2-4 months. I am excited but just nervous because I obviously have no experience in development outside of school.
So my 2 questions are we are a Microsoft based company(.net, c#) any tips for what I should focus on reviewing in the coming months? Any tips in general for someone’s first development job?
Second question, how do I find out what I am worth? Or should I just take whatever salary they give me since I have no experience?
Thank you all in advance!!
Oh and also I will be graduating with my BS in computer science at the end of April.
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2023.03.29 02:26 highuptop [Selfie] My skin is not perfect, but teenage me would be very very happy to see my skin now

[Selfie] My skin is not perfect, but teenage me would be very very happy to see my skin now
Morning— Wash face with Vanicream Gentle Face Cleanser, Vanicream Daily Moisturizer while skin is a little bit damp, then Cocokind Daily Sunscreen.
Evening— Vanicream Gentle Face Cleanser, TruSkin Hyaluronic Acid Serim with Vitamins C + E, Vanicream Daily Face Moisturizer.
I exfoliate about 2x a week with Acure Brightening Facial Scrub. Every so often i’ll do a random sheet mask
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2023.03.29 02:23 Accomplished_Dust_73 (20F) Should I get rid of the glasses?

(20F) Should I get rid of the glasses?
Pretty much ever since I was young I’ve been wearing glasses. I have terrible vision so much that I cannot function without them on. I’ve been told to get contacts a few times just for convenience but for some reason I feel really insecure without the glasses, I hate taking them off and when I do I hate it, I rarely take my glasses off for pictures except for occasional like wedding, proms, etc. I’ve been considering getting contacts again but I’m still on the fence, I just feel like the glasses are more of a confidence booster but it could also just be because I’m so used to them. Thoughts?
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2023.03.29 02:16 Grimso20 AAMC physics Q pack Q#49

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2023.03.29 01:57 Ok_Addendum_6713 Got the dank coming to you

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2023.03.29 01:46 Vinca0508 Failing chemistry

I am in my second year of biology major. I didn’t take chemistry in my first year because of quarantine complications. I have always struggled with math, even tho chemistry involves not much complicated math, the concepts are complicated to understand and involve lots of steps. I took my first semester in chemistry, I got a D+ which is not enough for my degree, so I’m re-taking it this summer. Then this second semester I am struggling so much and I am in my way to get another D+.
I am very heartbroken and disappointed, I don’t know if I need to change my study habits. I wake up, go to class, take small notes of processes, after classes I review them and work on my homework, I study on the weekends, I go to the help center, to the office hours of my professors, do well in lab. And even after so much stress, tears and complications I am not passing with at least a C-. I have anxiety and ADHD, I seem to have a disability to learn in this class and I don’t know how to fix it.
The anxiety ate me up when I realized I wasn’t going to get at least a C. Now finals are coming up, all my other classes are perfectly fine, but this one. It makes me think if I should even be in science degree if I can’t pass chemistry and next year I’ll have to attempt re taking this chemistry class and manage statistics but I really really suck at math.
I was planning when I take stats to immediately hire a tutor and for accommodations so I can have more possibilities to do well. I need to handle my anxiety but lately it’s been impossible since I know all of this things are happening.
What should I do? Re take chemistry and try with stats hoping for the best even if that means taking another university year? Change majors? Even tho I hate the idea of taking humanities and leaving biology behind? Is it possible to graduate properly even if I re take classes and take longer?
Any advice?
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2023.03.29 01:46 algebert Type of multivitamin

Hi everyone! Do they make a type of multivitamin that is split into like 4 pills where each split gives you what you should take together? Example is like taking vitamin c and iron together to help absorption.
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2023.03.29 01:35 willneverdiebc13 22 [F4M] KS/USA - What's your favorite Zelda game?

Ayo ayo my name is Hope, I'm 22, and I'm replaying Skyward Sword because I never beat the final boss last time. I only wish Twilight Princess was on switch because that's my favorite and I never got to finish it
Anyway here's some shit about me:
*My birthday is next month
*If you wanna see what I look like, feel free to ask or check my bio!
*I'm only looking for people 23-28 years old and in the US
*I have one brain cell and it bounces around my skull like a Windows 7 screensaver
*I have two cats who, though I love them to death, have contributed greatly to the lack of brain cells in my head. I'm a law-abiding citizen so if the cat tax needs to be paid, I'm more than happy to pay it
*Show me you read this by letting me see who I'm talking to!
*I'm a pretty big anime nerd. I even have an FMAB tattoo
*Speaking of tattoos, I have 9
*I'm a creative person, but unfortunately a Jack of all trades which means I just barely don't suck at everything I do
*If music could get blackout drunk and puke everywhere that would be my spotify playlist
"You're not an object to be reviewed, you're a beautiful soul. I'm not gonna treat you like an object or a thing" -my mom, who refuses to go along with the joke
"10/10 product, hair changes colors which is badass and comes with friendly hardwiring" -M
"Solid friend, not as mentally ill as you'd expect for someone who's like emo/alt" -C
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2023.03.29 01:35 Personal_Usual_4355 Skincare Addiction - I need your god-like expertise! SOS from your bestie

Skincare Addiction - I need your god-like expertise! SOS from your bestie
Long time follower here, really desperate for advice.
Grew up with no acne whatsoever, now in my 20s with inflammatory and cystic acne, with pigmentation and now scarring. I'm looking at you skincare gods to help a girl out. I unfortunately can't take birth control and accutane but I'm on spironolactone - it doesn't really do anything for me. I'm at a point where it's seriously hurting my self confidence.
current regime:
AM: cerave hydrating face wash, vitamin C, cerave nighttime moisturizer (my skin is ++dry) spironolactone 100 mg
PM: cerave hydrating face wash, cerave nighttime moisturizer and tactuopump spot treatment with Mario Badescu and overnight pimple patches
Side note: I do wear a mask all day due to being in the healthcare field, which undoubtedly makes this worse. All advice/knowledge appreciated :)
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2023.03.29 01:34 GreenNapster 80-Count Nature's Bounty Vitamin C Gummy (Orange, 250-mg) $2.70 w/ S&S + Free S&H w/ Prime or $25+ [Deal Price: $2.70]

80-Count Nature's Bounty Vitamin C Gummy (Orange, 250-mg) $2.70 w/ S&S + Free S&H w/ Prime or $25+ [Deal Price: $2.70] submitted by GreenNapster to RedditShoppingDeals [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 01:24 jeep6988 Pick apart my supps.

So this is what I take daily. Diabetic. Lift heavy to keep blood sugar down. Most are Now or Life Extension brand. Too much? Bad interactions? Roast away.
Morning: Metformin- 1000 mg Cinnamon- 500 mg DHEA- 25mg Boron- 10mg Vitamin K-2- 100mcg Omega-3-Acid Ethyl Esters- 4 grams Farxiga- 10mg Black Cumin Seed Oil- 500 mg Vitamin D- 25,000 IU NAC- 600mg
Evening: Metformin-1000 mg Cinnamon- 500 mg Black Cumin Seed Oil- 500mg NAC- 600 mg Pregnenolone- 100 mg Tumeric & Ginger- 2000 mg Low Dose Aspirin- 81 mg Inositol- 1000 mg IP6- 500 mg Liposomal Vitamin C- 1600 mg Potassium(99 mg) plus Iodine (225 mcg)
Bedtime: Now ZMA- 3 caps Glycine- 3 grams Magnesium Glycinate- 525 mg Glutathione- 500 mg
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2023.03.29 01:23 StatsLmao Is flashlightbrandDOTCOM legit?

Is flashlightbrandDOTCOM legit?
I want to buy a mateminco fw1 on their website but I'm skeptical. I havent gotten a straight answer yet.
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2023.03.29 01:21 GrandpaLumpkin The ViewSonic 16" Portable OLED Monitor is an absolute perfect pairing to the Deck...

The ViewSonic 16
This picture does not do it justice, but after testing a couple portable monitors, this 16" OLED portable is absolutely amazing. From the fact the speakers are actually pretty damn loud, to the built-in folding stand with menu navigation buttons, to the power passthrough that allows you to connect the Deck with a single USB-C, I am super happy with this purchase and I cannot believe there aren't more people talking about this thing. Its more pricey than the Innocn 13.3" OLED on Amazon which has a few reviews out there, but after testing this thing out, Im returning the Innocn. 1080p/60hz Pantone Validated OLED Display just fits the deck so well. I just wanted to throw this out there because hardly anyone is talking about it and I think a lot of Deck owners would love it. Model: VP16-OLED
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2023.03.29 01:06 BroMandi [Amazon] 80-Count Nature's Bounty Vitamin C Gummy (Orange, 250-mg) $2.70 w/ S&S + Free S&H w/ Prime or $25+ [Deal: $2.70, Actual: $11.72]

[Amazon] 80-Count Nature's Bounty Vitamin C Gummy (Orange, 250-mg) $2.70 w/ S&S + Free S&H w/ Prime or $25+ [Deal: $2.70, Actual: $11.72] submitted by BroMandi to ShoppingDealsOnline [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 01:02 snkde 80-Count Nature's Bounty Vitamin C Gummy (Orange, 250-mg) $2.70 w/ S&S + Free S&H w/ Prime or $25+

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2023.03.29 00:52 Rachkstarrr Experiences Taking Progesterone pills?

I am a 26F with progesterone insufficiency- apparently peri-menopausal levels. And I am just starting to take 25mcg progesterone pills (they were made by a compounding pharmacy, hence the low dose) and I was told to take the pill days 14-28 and before bed, because it can cause drowsiness. Last night, when I took it, I did not get drowsy- instead I felt a woosh of... idk how to put it.. but my libidi rose as well as my heart rate and I just laid awake for two hours. This is supposed to help with my PMS symptoms of the fatigue, and that "hard" bloat feeling and cramps. but will it? I'm worried it will have the opposite effect- as it already seemed to have an opposite effect on me regarding drowsiness... And unfortunately I'm having a really hard time finding other women's experiences taking these pills, all the results that come up are reviews written by people who are Male to female transitioning and such. Any insight?
Edit: as a side note- I also read that progesterone can slow gut emptying- and maybe motility? Does anyone get constipated from this? Im already hypothyroid so I tend to lean towards IBS-C so I don't want anything else to exacerbate that :/
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2023.03.29 00:28 Zetherial Looking for some advice/feedback for my build.

So I plan to build a pc mainly to get a more powerful CPU as my i7 4790k handles new games well. For now, I would like to do a CPU upgrade and I will upgrade my GPU later on. My budget is £400 but I don't mind spending more if I need to. Also, my friend blessed me with some parts he didn't use anymore so I will be including them in my build. Now I have no problem going with a Matx or Atx build the only problem is that the case I found comes with 4 argb fans so I thought I was a good deal.
Link- The One!
CPU- Now I have seen good reviews for this CPU and that's the main reason I decided to go with it. I have also heard people say I should go with the X variant but from what I saw it doesn't really seem worth the extra 20 please correct me if am wrong.
CPU Cooler- This was given to me by my friend and it's in pretty good condition so I decided to include it in my build.
Motherboard- Now I had three choices for a motherboard:
Now honest to god the Gigabyte B550M AORUS PRO-P is a myth in the UK not a single site is selling it new and even with used options it's rare to find. My other two options I have no problem finding just that recently the price for them has inflated. Now I am open to any motherboard and it doesn't just have to be between these 3 so feel free to suggest anyone that you would consider better.
Memory- My good friend also gave me 32GB of ram since he didn't need it anymore so I will be using it in my build.
GPU- Like is said before I will still be my current GPU just for a bit more and yes I actually bought this one.
Case- I saw many reviews on this case and I saw that it's a really good budget case that comes with 4 argb fans but man are good matx motherboards good to come by. If you believe I should go ATX feel free to tell me so.
PSU- I hope 500 watts is good enough if I need to upgrade please tell me so.
Any help you guys could provide would be really appreciated and as long as I can play elden ring high settings at stable 60 fps I am a happy man :)
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2023.03.29 00:27 criminal-noodle-420 can i buy a new hairstyle while also keeping my hat equipped

can i buy a new hairstyle while also keeping my hat equipped
i compares my equipped hat to a hairstyle. i want a new hairstyle but i don’t want to part with my hat.
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