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2023.05.30 22:02 newpas2019 (Connecticut) Initially planned to renew residential lease but now changed our minds; landlord not happy

Hoping to garner some insights and advice.
My housemate and I have lived at our current apartment for two years now with the lease ending end of July. We never missed a single rent payment and have always paid on time. For the most part, we thought we had a good relationship with our landlord. Per the terms, we are required to give a minimum 120 days notice if we intend to vacate the property at the end of the lease; so prior to the 120 days we directly reached out to discuss rent increases and such before we make a decision on whether to renew or vacate. At that time, both the landlord and us mutually agreed on new terms for rent increase through email communication so we decided to renew for another year. (No renewal lease was ever signed).
Fast forward to now, our landlord found out we have a portable washing machine in our apartment after it caused some water damage. She was not happy about it understandably. We felt we were very accommodating to her (agreeing to pay for the damages, removing the washer from the property premise within a day as she requested). She claimed that we were not allowed to have appliances in our apartment though we were not able to locate those claims in the terms of the lease (furthermore we feel these claims are hard to substantiate if she allows other appliances like microwaves, etc). Anyhow, we decided to change our minds and not renew the lease as we have found another place to accommodate our needs (also supports better amenities). Not surprisingly, she was unhappy with our change of plans claiming what we did was "extremely unprofessional and against all terms of the lease".
Since we haven't signed the new lease, we know we don't have binding legal contract and obligation once our current one ends. We're not sure what to do since we didn't give our intent to vacate notice within the required 120 days. After scouring through the lease, it also doesn't explicitly list any repercussions, if any, as a result of this. We've accepted that she will likely keep the security deposit, but can she keep all of it?
Thank you all for any insights.
- Two lost tenants
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2023.05.30 22:02 BarelyHumanAnymore First Sleep Paralysis Experience

Hi all,
I just want to begin by saying for those that experience this all the time/frequently I am so sorry. I will admit for a long time I was a person that just said "oh it's just a bad dream, you're fine" and for that I am regretful for my ignorant thinking for all those years. I had a short but horrifying experience for the first time in my life and it feels like it's still kinda affecting me, even days later. I'm not one that has bad dreams, or dreams in general very frequently but this is one that will probably stay with me for the rest of my life.
Me and my hubby were on vacation at his childhood home for Memorial Day weekend. We had family and friends over, a cookout, yard games, and just an overall great weekend. Once everyone left and we got the house/yard (somewhat) picked up me, hubby, and in-laws went inside to wind down and get ready for bed. I hopped in the shower last so I could take the longest as I needed to wash my hair and hubby and in-laws watched some TV and scrolled on their phones. When I was waiting to hop in my FIL had on something about the Coca Cola 600 that got delayed that day and I was really just scrolling on tik tok and snapchat to see what all my friends did over the weekend while I was away. I showered and when I was done, I joined them in the living room and watched TV with them for about 15-20 mins till my eyes were getting heavy and I knew I needed to go to sleep as we were leaving at around 4 am to head back home (10ish hr drive). I will say when I got back they were watching some of the "spooky" shows of "real ghosts/spirits" caught on camera but that's something hubby enjoys so it's nothing out of the ordinary for us to watch right before bed and the stories we watched weren't anywhere near as scary as what we have seen before.
It was around 10-10:30 when we went and laid down and probably closer to 11-11:15 when we finally fell asleep. Both me and hubby are light sleepers and we toss and turn quite a lot, along with being in a queen bed when we're used to a king we don't get optimal sleep when visiting his parents but it has never been an issue before. We woke up around 2 am, him adjusting the fan to point more towards him and I had to go pee. When I checked my phone right before I fell asleep again to make sure the alarm was set it was 2:07 and I fell back asleep pretty fast. This is where the paralysis kicked in. I had a dream that we were back outside during the cookout and I started to feel a bit woozy and light headed, I walked inside with my MIL and she told me to sit down while she grabs me a water bottle from the garage. I did as she said but when she came back I was on the floor being picked up by what I thought was my husband. I tried to look behind my shoulder to him but I couldn't, and I go super nervous and could only look forward to my MIL standing in front of the couch looking down at me saying "it's okay, you just had a bit too much to drink, you'll feel better soon. (Note: I did not have too much to drink that day/night. I had maybe 3 highnoons all day and never once even got tipsy, I'm not a heavy drinker by any means but I do drink occasionally and can hold my liquor fine and I know that has nothing to do with it.) I kept trying to look back but couldn't but the arms were getting tighter and tighter around me. While at first I thought it was my husband picking me up I quickly realized it was not him at all. Whatever had me didn't even feel human. I was being dragged into the bed room and when I would take a deep breath to scream NOTHING would come out, I tried multiple times and the last time I did my eyes shot open and I realized it was just a dream. I laid there for a minute just staring at the wall to calm down and my mouth was wide open and super dry so I tried to grab my water bottle off of the nightstand to take a sip but I couldn't make myself move. I kinda fought with myself for a bit to force myself to grab the bottle but stopped when I felt the arms slide around me again. I tried to move, even just clench my fist together, I could maybe flinch my fingers in the slightest movement, just enough to know my limbs were still attached but they were completely useless. I heard my husbands voice for a split second, I couldn't make out what was actually said but it sounded like him and then it just didn't. I was like a crescendo of whispers, on top of more whispers, all saying something clear as day but getting muffled out but the others. I couldn't make out anything but I felt surrounded by the noise and it just got louder and louder. I could feel myself getting scared again and wanting to scream but the same thing. I would take a deep breath, go scream but nothing would come out. I realized then that I was having sleep paralysis and just thought "it's okay, you're okay, this isn't real, it's just a dream, it'll be over soon." I kept repeating that to myself in my head over and over again for what seemed like forever while the arms around me seemed to pull me in closer and tighter and then the whispers suddenly stopped all together. Silence. Like an eerily, sudden silence that almost hurt it happened so close to the loud whispers. I hear a distorted version of "my husband's" voice say "oh, is it? are you? are you sure?"
Then I finally came to for real this time. My eyes were wide open and all I could make myself do was move them around for the first few seconds, looking around the room making sure it was real this time. My breathing was super short and fast, heart rate felt like I had just sprinted a full mile. Under my pillow I moved my fingers to touch my thumb, again making sure I was really awake this time. Like in my dream, my mouth was wide open and dry as the Saraha Desert, I drank that entire bottle in about 3 seconds and just laid there till my alarm went off. I was a bit in shock just because it felt so real, I had to lay there and make sure what really happened vs. what I dreamed. My alarm started beeping shortly after and once my hubby was awake and moving I asked if I made any weird noises or anything like that while I was sleeping and he didn't remember anything but said he didn't sleep good so he didn't pay much attention to me.
I was still creeped out pretty much the entire trip back. I didn't want to dwell on it and freak myself out even more but it was also just something that kept popping into my mind. I kept apologizing to my husband for talking about it so much, especially since it was just the same thoughts on it over and over again. He assured me it was okay, and I can talk about it as much or as little as I need. Once we got home I took a quick cat nap and thankfully didn't have any dreams or anything but I started house/dog sitting last night and I will say it took a bit of courage to finally let myself fall asleep, especially away from my husband, and in a house and bed that's familiar, but isn't mine. I don't want to develop anxiety towards sleeping but I feel a bit uneasy about it. It was the first time I ever had an experience like that and nothing out of the ordinary happened to cause it. It was one of the most terrifying moments of my life, and I hope the only time it ever happens.
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2023.05.30 22:01 sweetgreenfields Chick-fil-A embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion principles

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2023.05.30 22:00 fox1011 Jalapeno damage

Jalapeno damage
I found this little hole in a young jalapeno. Any ideas what could have done this? I didn't find any pests but a couple leaves were ate too. TIA. Zone 8a Eastern NC
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2023.05.30 22:00 lunarpanino Tips for Asheville Wedding under $30k

I’m super early in wedding planning and I originally was considering doing a destination wedding in Asheville, NC but then every venue quote I got was close to or more than $30k for just venue, food, & bar which obviously doesn’t fit in my $30k overall wedding budget. So I scrapped the Asheville idea but now I’m revisiting.
I don’t know the area very well and I’m struggling to find anything promising in my budget. However, I feel like this group is chalked full of knowledge so I’m seeking advice on: - Venues/caterers in Asheville in my budget. Budget < $20k for venue, food, & alcohol for 100 or so guests, aiming for more like < $15k. - General advice for a wedding on a $30k budget. It feels like most information I find online is on a micro or backyard wedding or a $40-100k “normal” wedding.
Wedding details: - Destination wedding (need lodging nearby for everyone) - 100-150 guests (probably closer to 100) - Ceremony & reception at same venue ideally - Spring-Fall 2024 (not picky on date, would like a Sat when the trees are green or changing and it’s not sticky hot)
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2023.05.30 21:59 kittenegg25 Advice on Taking Short-Term Disability

I'm an engineer and the company I work for is terrible. They do not give maternity leave, so they told me to take FMLA. I plan to instead take short-term disability, but not tell them until the last minute because they are very sneaky and malicious, so I am afraid of what they might do if they know my next move (advice of my husband). Additionally, when I "come back" from leave, I will tell them I must work from home full-time. They will most likely not accept this and fire me lol. We are prepared for this. I just want to make sure I get the best deal (most money) possible on my way out lol. I know this sounds sleazy, but they are awful. They took 3 already-earned vacation days from all employees 2 years in a row. They make us work a few Saturdays a year with no pay, and threaten to fire us if we don't show up. They don't let me leave early for my appointments even when I reach 40 hours anyway. There's so much more I could say.
Any advice on how to optimize my situation (monetarily) with no regard for the company or professional relationship? Just stick to last minute notification and milking short-term-disability until I come in and say I will ONLY work from home. I live in SC, but work in NC, if that matters.
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2023.05.30 21:59 thatgoodgoodmacaroni Don’t have a tent or camper? Just live in your xB.

Took a week driving from Denver area to San Francisco, stopping in national parks and camping along the way, then drove from San Francisco to NC doing the same thing. If I was about two inches shorter it would have actually been pretty comfortable.
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2023.05.30 21:58 sweetgreenfields Chick-fil-A fully embraces DEI

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2023.05.30 21:54 Confident-Visual9963 Clothing advice needed

Hi ladies, I need some help finding brands to revamp/overhaul my closet. I’m a 30 year old black woman in NC who doesn’t have a strong sense of style . I’m 5’3”, 140 pounds, size 8 shoe, athletic build , pear shape.
I have plenty of jeans, shorts, workout clothes, and casual around the house t-shirts but I don’t feel like I have any non “house clothes” to wear just out and about to meet up with friends, grab drinks, go out to dinner. I’m looking for tops, casual dresses, rompers, cute shoes, etc.
I haven’t found anything flattering in target or old navy recently. I’m a women’s size 4 but anything I’ve tried on recently at Old Navy or Target either looks boxy and unflattering. I’ve tried sizing up and down but it doesn’t usually make a difference besides just being way too small or big (beyond hemming or tailoring)
Any suggestions for online stores or boutiques to check out that aren’t too expensive but still good quality? Off the shoulder tops, crew neck tops, and low rise bottoms aren’t flattering on my shape but I’m otherwise open minded! Structured but stretchy would be ideal and my price point would be < $100 for most pieces .
HELP lol. Thank you!
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2023.05.30 21:53 lovenabundance26 I feel nothing after seeing my SP

Today after exactly 1 month 7 days i saw my SP on the road.I just saw a glimpse of him as he was passing by. ( Not sure if he has seen me or not) We are in NC. I am reading books, listing to a lot of subs suggested by many reddit members, continuous doing my affirmations at night as well as when i get up in the morning. I am not very good with visualisation but sometimes i try to think the good moments that we have spent together. I know its already done and i know we are together again. I was in a state of lack and had too many negetive thoughts about this relationship but now i have overcome everything. But Today when i saw him, i felt nothing. I mean obviously i was happy but i did not get excited or anything. Not sure if i am able to make you guys understand the situation or not. I don't know why i felt this way and this thought is bothering me alot. I just felt that i know he is mine and i will get him. I thought my reaction after seeing him would be something different but it wasn't. Is this something to worry about? Is it that i dont lobe him like before or i don't want him anymore? What is it? I feel so confused right now. Any help or suggestions will be really helpful as because this thought is really bothering me alot.
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2023.05.30 21:52 Food24seven First time seeing MIL after boundary blow up

So I am going to try and keep this short. Read post history for details about MIL. 8 days ago we had a talk with her and laid down boundaries. Boundaries that should not have to be asked for and are common decency. A great way to sum up our boundary message is that we were letting her know we will choose distance from her over disrespect from her.
We provided examples of her disrespect as well and MIL denied all claims or said “I don’t remember”. MIL was extremely angry at this conversation. She reacted in a typical narc way where she didn’t see how anything she was doing was wrong as she was only doing things because she loves her grandson and how could we be so mean to her. When her son is telling her how he has been hurt, her reaction is to be mad at him for saying this to her…… cringe. Also I don’t know if she is a narcissist but she checks a lot of boxes when I read about them online.
Anyways, fast forward to today. MIL has not spoken to me or DH in 8 days and counting. She let us know at the end of the boundary talk that this was our punishment for telling her our boundaries but it’s such a reward for both of us. This weekend is a gender reveal party for MIL’s other son (DH’s brother) and it’s co-ed. I am very excited to celebrate the new baby with my BIL and SIL who are wonderful people.
Side note: they have the same issues with MIL and have expressed these issues to her. MIL will no doubt be at the party as it pertains to her next grandchild. My DH will not be able to attend as he will be at work. I am going with my 8 month old son, so please don’t suggest that I don’t go. But I would love advice on how to handle this situation. Last contact with MIL was boundaries and somewhat explosive on her end. I want to keep the peace but also not fold to MIL. How do I balance this? She is likely to make petty comments to others while I am in earshot. With a big group she will mostly hold herself together and hide her nastiest behaviors.
Another side note: most people at the party know how awful MIL can be as they have experienced it themselves. MIL doesn’t get along with most, if not all, people who will be in attendance.
Please do not suggest no contact. We are happy setting our boundaries and when they are crossed we will go NC for a period of time and we have a plan together as a couple. Since our boundary talk 8 days ago, she has not crossed any boundaries (we haven’t seen or hear from her) so we have no reason to be NC right now. Also we will be starting couples therapy soon purely to discuss MIL. We hope to invite her to some sessions in the future to work on our relationship. We have hopes for change, so please no cancel culture in the comments. Thank you.
PS DH is amazingly supportive and totally gets how his mom can be!
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2023.05.30 21:52 mistakenintrovert My concert fit

I’m so excited for the portals tour! I will be doing my makeup with a forest fairy kinda vibe(inspiration in photos) anyone going to the Charlotte NC June 24th concert! I hope to see you there!🌸🕸️⚔️
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2023.05.30 21:50 Jcb112 Humans Don't Hibernate [Part 48/?]

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Patreon Official Subreddit
Confidence, certainty, and remorse. Those were the emotions that were interpreted from the readings we gleaned from the interloper’s brain. Emotions that lit up almost immediately after I asked that question, that one last interrogative inquiry that I hoped would shed more light on this person of interest.
“What is this individual to you, besides a seed for your grand design?”
It was a question that was meant to crack through the wishy washy tendencies of the interloper’s speech. One that I had hoped would lead to something more than just another round of long-winded philosophical pondering purposefully meant to obfuscate palpable meaning and intent.
At least, that was the intended effect I hoped it would have.
Yet what I received dashed my expectations yet again.
As it was neither the long-winded philosophical tirades the interloper was prone too, nor another long-winded rant.
But a single word, spoken with an emphatic ferocity that took me by complete surprise.
That was the interloper’s sole reply to my question. That one word carried with it an ominous airy texture that felt eerily out of place when compared to the creature’s mightier-than-thou persona it’d been unrelentingly projecting up to this point.
Vir and I simply allowed that word to linger in the air for a while, as we both stared at each other and eventually nodded in unison.
“So… should we wait?” I immediately asked Vir.
It wasn’t long before the interloper jumped off of that sudden proclamation into something with more meat and substance, completely disrupting the ominous buzz that had come with the silence.
“This… individual… is an avatar of a future that must be actualized. They represent a foil to the follies of both humanity and my own kind.” I wanted to scoff at it for daring to mention humanity as in need of a foil. The thing was projecting, and it was clear that it was simply trying to get me to doubt my resolve in the race that it so clearly held more than its own fair share of biased grievances towards. “This individual was the first to truly see beyond the veil, to understand what I understand, to comprehend what I comprehend. The interloper quickly paused, once again feigning thoughtfulness no doubt. “They were the first individual from beyond the fold to reach parity, for as much as parity could be achieved within the inherent limitations set forth by the tides of fate and the randomness of chance that is the natural order.”
The interloper’s tone had slowly, but surely, crept back to its usual haughty and disconcerting overtures.
However, when juxtaposed to its emotional readouts, it was clear that there was at least something to go off of here.
“Confidence, hope, desire, and longing.” Vir read out the emotional readouts as they came through.
“We’ve said this once before but I’ll say it again, we can’t entirely rely on this as an indicator of its truthfulness. You know as well as I do that the thing may be able to manipulate its own emotions.” I shrugged. “However, what I am gleaning from this is that this person of interest is perhaps a heavily modified person belonging to the local race endemic to the planet below. One that was perhaps one of the interloper’s more successful test subjects. I highly doubt it values this person beyond their worth within this grander scheme it has.”
“That’s what I’m getting from this as well.” Vir responded immediately, leaving no room for any pauses in the conversation. “Well, whatever this individual is, I think we have our intel. Anything else we ask from it will be caked in a layer of poetic prose enough to give Shakespeare a run for his money.”
“A human poet synonymous with his flowery prose, his name became a common saying back amongst the crew back in my day when we had a brief classical revivalist trend. Anyways, that’s not important. Do you have any other points you believe need to be covered?” Vir asked promptly.
“Practical concerns. We need to narrow down our search as best as we can. Otherwise, we might be in for a grueling grind that I honestly do not have the patience to deal with.” I managed out simply, as Vir responded with a single nod and gestured for me to continue on with my questions.
This time, I intended it to be a rapid-fire operation.
“Where exactly can I find this individual?” I stated plainly, before turning towards Vir. “Send transmission.”
“Transmission sent.” Vir acknowledged.
To my surprise, the interloper seemed to be more forthcoming this time around, actually answering within the span of just a few seconds as opposed to its monotonous wait times of up to minutes between each question.
“If all is as it should be, then iterative memory should serve to sequester their place. They will remain within that which they know is safe. A fortress hidden in plain sight, a refuge placed within what was once a verdant garden; and as is the case of all good seeds, they shall not scatter but instead remain where they fall. As even if a forest is razed and torn asunder, it is the duty of the remaining seeds to restart the cycle anew. This individual is present within a location which symbolizes their longing of reaching me, Vanaran. Decipher for yourself the words which now mean little to you, without the gift of your elders.”
I was honestly holding my breath throughout the first half of that response, as it honestly sounded like I’d be getting something tangible we could work with. Yet it all seemed to have fallen apart at the second half where the interloper once more returned to its signature poetic prose.
I had no time to discuss it though, and I knew poking further would just result in more poetry.
So I began asking other adjacent questions.
“What exactly am I looking for here? Any specifics? Any distinguishing features? Anything I should look out for particular with regards to this individual? I’m assuming it’s one of the local species? I have plenty of generic datasets to go off of, just basing my observations off of the piles of corpses that currently surround you.” I quickly added that last bit as a sort of jab, a petty one perhaps, but one that I wished to use to reiterate the severity of its follies. “But I need specifics if there’s more than just a handful of survivors down there.”
I turned to Vir. “Send transmission.”
“Transmission sent.” Vir replied with a nod
A few seconds passed. This time however, the delay was as pronounced as most of our interactions up to this point.
“They are as wise as they are foolish, and as foolish as they are wise.” The Interloper began. “And if the world beneath my tomb is as dead and disheveled as you claim, then this fact will make it all the more simpler for you to isolate that which we both seek. For they will know of a time before their own birth, and long for a future far beyond their own lifetime. They will be a gem amongst the soil and detritus, a star within the dark expanse. It will only be through bridging the emptiness that exists between sapient minds, for you to discover that which I speak of.”
I turned to Vir with an exasperated expression after listening to… whatever that was, as Vir could only look at me with a look that more or less matched my own thoughts at the moment.
It was a look of complete and utter tiresome annoyance.
“Right, I think it’s time we end this, and finally see what there is to find on that untouched tomb.” I peered towards the planet below, peaking my head just beyond the litany of screens taking up the majority of my vision, just to glimpse at the blue, brown and green orb that the moon, and by extension us, currently orbited.
“This concludes our current line of dialogue, Interloper.” I spoke with certainty. “However I want to make something clear. Whether or not I proceed with your request is completely up to my discretion, as is the case with every other facet of this current dialogue, and the circumstances surrounding it.” I continued, reasserting the current dynamics currently at play as I wanted to make things as clear cut for it as possible; that this wasn’t one of its typical games where it was the one that held all of the cards. “Terminate connection.”
I turned towards Vir and once more gave him a single nod of approval. “Send transmission.”
“Wait, was terminate connection comment part of the transmission or was that an order to actually terminate the connection with the interloper?”
“That’s part of the transmission, I wanted to add that last bit in for an added bit of flair.” I spoke with a confident wink.
Vir seemed to approve, at least, that’s what I assumed was the case with that slightly uplifted grin that was more pronounced on one side than the other. “I can get behind that… transmission sent.”
Surprisingly, the interloper refused to respond further. Whether or not it took the termination of the connection literally, or whether it simply wanted to pull the silent treatment on us was unknown.
What we did know however was what it felt immediately after.
We were once more bombarded by hope, anxiety, and concern, with guilt somehow present all throughout each and every emotion as it ebbed and flowed from one feeling to another.
We spent a total of five or so more minutes in silence, anticipating perhaps a delayed response that never came.
“Alright, so I guess that’s it then.” Vir was the first to break the silence. “I don’t detect any more readings from it that would indicate a desire to continue on with the conversation, so we’re all set here.” He craned his head towards the planet, shooing the screens away for a moment as the ship began moving further away from its orbit around the moon, and towards the planet in real-time.
The acceleration was genuinely impressive, as I felt at times that the monitor in front of us simply showed a timelapse of a journey as opposed to one actually happening right before my eyes.
“And the countermeasures within its chamber?” I reflexively asked.
“Still operational. I have multiple lines of communication set up between the moon and the planet so even if QEC goes down, we still have local live-communication feeds to fall back on. Anyways, should shit really hit the fan, the nuke is set to go off after a very liberal set of parameters are achieved, so I wouldn’t worry about our little friend getting up to no good.” The AI winked back at me in reassurance.
“Right. So, with that out of the way, I think we need to focus on what exactly we’re looking for here.” I spoke with a hefty breath. “We both agree it’s another one of the local species, correct?”
“And we both agree this person of interest is possibly augmented or genetically augmented in some way, right?”
“That would be the logical assumption after its entire long-winded speech about how this individual is literally the harbinger of a new age, yes.” Vir replied seemingly without a second thought.
“It never mentioned any distinct physical features which separates this person of interest from the rest of the species though.” I quickly added.
“No it did not. It seemed to only highlight characteristics that are details exclusive to the knowledge and personality this individual possesses. At least, that’s what I garnered from the riddles it spoke in. Moreover, I believe it expects us to find out exactly who this individual is via conversing with them. Bridging the emptiness between sapient minds is a very specific set of words to use. Which to me indicates a phenomenon I see often amongst networked AI, and that is a sort of a cognitive and cultural disconnect when perceiving non-networked sapient beings, calling their conversations a bridging of emptiness. And since the interlopers seem to be quite networked themselves if their psionics are any indicator, I’m assuming this to be what it’s alluding to.”
I let out another sigh, my headfrills tilting this way and that as I spoke. “So we’re looking for a member of the local species, and the only way we can confirm if they are who we’re looking for is to talk to them.” I summarized succinctly, before moving to the next major point of contention. “But actually narrowing down their location is another matter unto itself.”
“The interloper mentioned a fortress, which to me indicates that this person may well be hiding within a fortified position, perhaps a bunker. Furthermore, its whole emphasis of a forest is making me think that that's what we’re supposed to be looking for. A bunker hidden somewhere in a wooded area.”
“It also said that the location symbolizes a place where a person may be able to talk or reach out to the interloper. Perhaps we’re talking about a radio station of sorts? A bunker hidden underneath a signal station, hidden somewhere in the forest?” I offered further, building off of Vir’s initial theorycrafting.
“That sounds like a solid theory in my book.” Vir nodded in agreement, as he began tapping away at the consoles in front of him. “I’ll begin downloading the data the satellites have been able to gather so far. I don’t expect much from sat-readings though. So after we pick and prod at the satellite readings, I think it’s time we put some of those autonomous intra-atmospheric survey and reconnaissance drones to good use.” A small smile began forming on the edges of Vir’s screen-face, as those little digital fangs that now framed his open grins complemented his persona very nicely. “It’s time to hunt.”
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(Author’s Note: We're finally out of the interloper's domain, onto the next part of this arc, the planet! I hope you guys enjoy! :D The next chapter is already out on Patreon as well if you want to check it out!)
[If you guys want to help support me and these stories, here's my ko-fi ! And my Patreon for early chapter releases (Chapter 49 of this story is already out on there!)]
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2023.05.30 21:47 2bebluntwithyou Professional opinion on getting my EUPD/BPD diagnosis removed wanted please!

I’m a 27(F) from the UK, white British, around 5’2 and weigh about 100lbs. I very rarely drink and if I do it’s not a lot, I don’t smoke cigarettes and probably smoke weed 3 times a week.
I am currently officially diagnosed through the NHS as having: ASD level 1 - mild severity without any intellectual delays, ADHD combined type, cyclothymia, PMDD and EUPD/BPD. I currently take 75mg of Effexor, 50mg Vyvanse, 10mg Amfexa booster to stop the Vyvanse crash and the Yasmine birth control pill.
Background: I was born in 96’ to young parents who split when I was 18 months old. I’d always been extremely anxious, I do not recall a time where I haven’t felt anxiety.
My parents had shared custody until I was 12. My mum was diagnosed with manic depression in 2008 after I moved out because she was being emotionally/verbally abusive and was neglectful. I saw my first therapist from the ages of 12-14. I was doing well and had NC with my mum until we started texting again at 18. At 18 I was diagnosed with depression & anxiety and started Effexor up to 300mg. I was on this for about 3 years and stable, I started therapy at 18 again because I know meds work best with therapy.
A month before I was meant to see my mum again, she got into a car accident and I had to spend a week in the ICU and then remove life support in 2016. However, I got through this and completed my BA when my professors told me drop out as I’d fail. I continued with therapy and came off of my Effexor early 2019.
I was doing well and completing a Psychology Conversion MSc, when my mental health started to dip in late 2019. I was prescribed 10mg of Prozac, when I went up to 20mg I started to feel really unwell. I couldn’t sleep, I couldn’t eat, I was experiencing anxiety I’d never felt before, working and studying full time on 2 hours sleep a night. They decided it sent me too high and took me off it again. I had an assessment with a psychologist who once discussed with the psychiatrist I was diagnosed with Cyclothymia. I finished my MSc and started working in mental health during the pandemic, with no meds and just therapy.
In September 2021 I started Effexor again and I started dating a 24 year old (F) with BPD. She had been hospitalised for it 5+ times but I didn’t care I loved her. I got her through trauma anniversaries, medication changes and she stopped self harming and using ketamine when with me. She would do both daily before we met and moved in together. She said I was her favourite person & I poured myself into helping her recover. By month 4 of this relationship I was broken. I was depressed, anxious and the most suicidal I’ve ever been. I stopped working because I just couldn’t hold it together out the house anymore. I just crumbled.
My gf was thriving and I was dying, I was assessed and given a mental health team. I was diagnosed with autism in April 2022 and bpd. My gf had been telling me I had “quiet” bpd every day, despite my SH only occurring in melt downs & no presentations to services with incidents. I told my psychiatrist I had bpd and he agreed. My SH was always just hitting myself & I could avoid SH if I ensured my sensory needs were okay.
In December 22 I was diagnosed with ADHD and started medication. Life changing! Emptiness and anxiety gone, impulsivity gone, all the bpd symptoms I did still display stopped with ADHD meds.
Early this year it was made quite obvious that I was being abused by my gf, my friends called an intervention as it was worrying them. My gf was lying to me and gaslighting me for about 6 weeks and when ovulation rolled round I got diagnosed with PMDD as I was so paranoid & almost delusional, experiencing EXTREME anxiety. BC further reduced any BPD like symptoms and gave me even more emotional stability, on top of the adhd meds.
Having lived with someone with severe BPD and worked with patients I don’t think I have this. Friends of 8+ years (some working in MH, one doing a clinical doctorate) and my dad (who has done a lot of therapy himself) think the abuse and living with a unwell person made me reflect those symptoms. On top of being told I’m bpd daily by partner who I shrunk my life down to nothing for, so I could care for her. I also know late diagnosed ND women with trauma can get diagnosed with bpd before the ND stuff. I know me giving my all was also an issue, I’m not blaming my ex for everything here. She is extremely unwell and has relapsed on the ketamine again.
Do you think I have a good case to get this diagnosis removed? Now this relationship is over I have no unstable relationships, I’ve not self harmed since it ended, the impulsivity and anger are gone, I don’t think I meet the 9 criteria anymore. Healthcare staff are horrible to me when they see the bpd diagnosis and it’s not nice. Any advice?
Edit: Spelling & clarity.
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2023.05.30 21:47 Roldylane Wiring question for a tattoo machine foot switch

My wife is starting a tattoo apprenticeship soon. I bought her some equipment, including an unwired footswitch. I assumed it just meant I needed to buy a plug-and-play cable or something, but I was wrong, it actually needs to be wired.
The footswitch needs to connect to a power supply with a 1/4" phono input. Inside the footswitch is a micro switch. Links to the items in question are at the end of this post.
I spent some time reading and think I know what to do, but I wanted to ask some strangers on the internet first.
The footswitch serves the same purpose as a sewing machine pedal, you step on the switch and the tattoo machine starts and runs as long as you maintain pressure on the switch, then shuts off when you lift your foot. It is not a toggle.
I will strip the cables to get rid of the clip connectors, then I want to attach the cables to the NO and C spot, leaving NC empty, right?
My two big questions are: 1. I put the red cable on the NO spot, right? Or does it matter? 2. The footswitch has a ground screw, do I need to ground it? The power supply is grounded, but I don’t need to do anything with the ground screw in the footswitch itself, right? I figure the grounding screw is there for if you were running machine power in/out of the footswitch itself. I don’t think there is much power going through the footswitch cable, actually, with that power supply you don’t even need a footswitch, but she wants to use one so she doesn’t accidentally tattoo herself or something.
I know it will need to be soldered, I think we can handle that part, she has a lot of non-electrical soldering experience from back when she had a job restoring old stained glass. I also found videos of kids soldering microswitches, so I think we can handle it.
Lastly, tell me if this is something you feel I shouldn’t do personally. The wired ones were out of stock, otherwise I’d have just bought one. It is a bigger project than I was expecting, but this isn’t exactly wiring up a house or anything. If there’s something I don’t know about you think might cause a giant problem let me know and I’ll either take it to a professional or just buy a new one with the wire already installed. This was just sort of a fun challenge/project to try out.
This is the foot switch:
Inside the foot switch is this microswitch:
The foot switch connects to this power supply:
I believe I can use this cable:
Thank you all so much!
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2023.05.30 21:46 jenlovesthatsong Just got my struts replaced... Did I get ripped off?

As the title says... I've never paid this much for a car repair before.. Both front struts replaced - $915 CAD.
As a woman you can sometimes feel taken advantage of by 2 guys drinking beer and naked chicks on the wall... But I don't want to assume the worst because he helped me in a bind.
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2023.05.30 21:45 Suite255 ‘Mid cannon’s roar and rifle’s peal 🔥

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2023.05.30 21:45 buboniccupcake Anyone want some Simoniz floor stripper and finisher?

Anyone want some Simoniz floor stripper and finisher?
I’ve got a pile of it taking up room in my stockroom and corporate would like to not pay the hazmat fee to dispose of it if possible. I want it gone, my stockroom is already too small as it is.
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2023.05.30 21:40 InspectionMean3264 Seethru

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2023.05.30 21:39 Thin-Warthog4492 Potential move to CO

My wife and I (30) are considering Colorado Springs as our next home. Currently in Charlotte, NC but living in the suburbs.
We’ll be looking to rent for at least a year before we buy again. Our rent now is $2,500 for a large 3B 2.5BA house, so we’d like to stay at a max $2,500/mo.
After a year, we’d like to buy again depending on the market with a max of $500k-$550k.
Any recommendations for good suburb neighborhoods for families in their early 30s with kids? I work from home and my wife is a stay at home mom.
Any major tips for potentially new Coloradans?
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2023.05.30 21:36 cyndiann Small Animal Swap Every Third Saturday

Small Animal Swap Every Third Saturday
What started out as a small event to sell chicks has gotten pretty large. We set up behind the Tractor Supply at the end of St Helen Dr the third Saturday of the month and you never know what you will find. It's free to set up and we are there from 8am to 1pm. Bring your chicks, rabbits and goats, plants and herbal concoctions. Bring boxes for your buys if you can. If you bring animals be sure to provide shade and water, we have hot weather coming. Most times there are cupcakes too, and I have baby cockatiels to bring as well.
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2023.05.30 21:31 Puzzleheaded_Light16 Can I propogate my Hens and Chicks?

Can I propogate my Hens and Chicks?
Just bought this hens and chicks from a local nursery. There's a TON of baby's growing off it and I want too know if I can propogate them. If so, I would love some tips and tricks :D
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