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2014.08.26 01:52 MindfulMensis: A guide to reusable menstrual products

This space is for women who use or are interested in reusable menstrual products. These include but are not limited to: cloth pads, menstrual/soft cups, reusable tampons, sponges, and (new) Thinx underwear. Whether you use RUMPs for fiscal, environmental, or comfort reasons you are welcome. This is a positive, safe community for the veteran and interested alike.

2023.03.29 02:05 red-0405 27 [M4F] SOMEONE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT

Once upon a time, there was a tall, nerd, and not-much attractive guy pero pwede na who woke up one morning, looked at the sky, and thought, "Well, this sucks." He knew there was only one solution - to turn to the all-knowing oracle of modern dating: T̶i̶n̶d̶e̶r̶ Reddit lol.
With his trusty cup of coffee in hand, he set out to find someone who shared his thirst for knowledge, someone who could keep up with his nerdy quirks, and someone who he could eventually take on 'friendly' dates (whatever that means). He wasn't in a rush to jump into anything too serious too soon, but he knew that someday, he wanted to find someone he could build a meaningful and caring relationship with.
So if you're a fellow lover of coffee, learning, and all things nerdy, this tall drink of water might just be the partner in crime you've been looking for. Dating at times feel like a job hunt doesn't it? So I thought it’d be fun to write it in a mock format just like a resume! LOL

About me

An old soul as older people I spoke with would say, into business and investments, frustrated law student, can drive a fucking 10 wheeler truck, no ex issues or sabit, can provide a certificate of no relationship (kahit wala naman nun haha).

Here's a list of my favorites:

Movies/Series Music Places Activities Books
Godfather Radiohead Paris (not yet) Cycling The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday
Sherlock Eraserheads Coffee Shops Painting How to Win Friends & Influence People
Castaway Chicago Cebu Roadtrips Meditations by Marcus Aurelius
Forrest Gump Ebe Dancel Japan Diving Start with Why by Simon Sinek
Homeland Urbandub Rome (not yet) Piano Atomic Habits by James Clear
Before Sunset Frederic Chopin Canada Travelling How to think like a Roman Emperor
The Office Eminem New York (not yet) Cooking Letters from Stoic
Big Bang Theory Dr. Dre Maldives (not yet) Film & Photography 48 Laws of Power
Breaking Bad Elton John Marrakesh (not yet) Badminton The Intelligent Investor


My preference:

Let's take a break from stressing over the mundane and focus on the important stuff - like what will make us happy for the rest of our lives! Share your thoughts on how we can achieve that and let's get this happiness train moving! Oh, and if you're curious let’s exchange photos first!
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2023.03.29 01:50 sofiasdiary23456 I HATE RAMADAN ITS RUINING MY LIFE

I'm 22 y old woman i thankfully live in a western country. I dont believe in Islam i never did i was just following my parents ''rules''. In my late teens a light switched in my brain i realized i can choose i have the right to choose to stop being identified as musilm which i never thought i could bc i never questioned it, ive never given much importance. And it was the most freeing uplifitng experience i have ever had like a heavy weight lifted of my chest. But then another came which is faking it by being someone im not in front of my family. I dispise with my whole heart ramadan. I always get pre ramadan anixity. Its been 7 days and im fucking angry frustrated. I also think its not helping with my ed espescally my mental health. I cannot wait to have period so i can eat and be back to normal for a little while , i always lie to my mom and say it hasnt ended yet and push to extra day of eating even tho my period stops after 4-5 days .
Another thing that happend today, this late morning i asked my mom to go on a walk she said yes i got dressed and i was wearing loose running shorts that come up half my thighs they werent anything revealing at all all you could see were my knees my legs and ankles and i asked her whats so haram about it and she told me its bc im a woman and since im fasting i cant show any skin and that men will look at me and that they will ruin my din or my fasting and she made a gesture her head bending down imitaing men will look under my SHORTS LOL , we started arguing like we always do and she got mad i got mad said that she wasnt going out with me wearing shorts so i ended up going on a walk alone even tho i wasnt feeling it anymore i did just to piss her off. I also asked her why my brother is allowed to wear shorts is bc he's a man. So i went to my dear Mister Google and googled if men have to cover up during ramadan season and it said that they cant wearing shorts above the knee while women have to cover their whole body. Another thing that pisses me off is everytime i talk about my dream of moving to London she'll say '' im always coming with you just know that wherever you go ill come with you'' . Its like someone punched me in my stomach whenever she says that, my dream to create whole diffrent life to finally do the things i didnt get to do bc of them and make friends and keep them its also bc of them i dont have any friends left not bc they are restricting but bc my non musilm friends would ask to do stuff i couldnt do like go party or a late dinners i had to say no and eventually they stop asking which led to me being alone at the age of 22 with 0 firends you get the picture and dont get me started on house chorse my brother never lifts a finger if i dont help im a bad uncaring daughter
I have so much built up anger, rage and resenment towards them . My parents are not the kind to force me to wear a hijab they never asked or arrenged marriage they are not like that. But they are unknowingly misogynist. they have runied my social life, i cannot wait to move out. I did try to tell her in two occaisions that i dont believe, once was when we were having lunch she was telling about the winged horse unicorn flying and i told her i dont believe in fairy tales she got so mad she picked her plate and went to the living room she didnt talk to me for a week, another time was when she asked me to pray and i told her no that i will never do it and i dont feel the need to i thought she might finally get it but nothing she got mad at me for a week of silent treatment and then eveyrthing went back to normal like nothing happend.
I have so much to say so much to rent about but this will do i know theres a lot of women who can relate with me. Just hoping dream of moving out and finally live my life like i want.
FYI my parents are not the worst they are loving and caring in their on way but its not the love i needed or need atm, i will always love them uncoditionally but if i could chose parents i would never have chosen them or the least be friends with them.
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2023.03.29 01:44 N00bAesthetics I got Sexually Touched by an Autistic classmate and everyone is taking his side.

So this all happened last year. I won't leak privacy, because my classmates often check this thread. It all started last year, where I (14F) (Now 15F) was in art class. I usually share that class with my two best friends (F14 and F14) (They are both 15 now). They were unfortunately absent in the time where this happened. I sat next to this kid, we'll call him Jack. Jack is on the spectrum, and we got along great. He had a sense of humor that he learned from the popular assholes. Which I wasn't too fond of but, he doesn't know any better. Jack has made me cry on many occasions, mocking my disorder (Severe OCD, I'm not functional and take heavy medication for it), but I forgave him regardless, because I know he doesn't know what he's talking about. Now, I'd like to mention again that he does hangout around the "Popular boys". The Popular boys in my grade are mean assholes. They purposefully beat up LGBTQ+ classmates and Trans classmates, and like to boss women around, and call women a lot of sexist things. So, they wanted to fuck around with a kid who doesn't understand what's going on. Back to the situation. I was in art class, my two friends were absent. Out of the blue, Jack tells me that he is in love with me. I find no problem with that. I gently explain to him that I was sorry and that I have a partner, but I'm sure that he would find someone better that would treat him right. Jack says "Ok" and that was that. Later in the class, though, he starts getting touchy. He started by resting his head on my shoulder. I just thought he was tired, so I endured it, trying not to hurt his feelings. Then, he grabbed my hand and interlocked it with mine. That's when I got scared. I do not like being touched by people I'm not close enough with, so I got really stiff and just tried not to move. Then, he starts kissing my cheek and eventually kisses my lips. At this point, I couldn't move. I couldn't grasp what was happening. Tears welled in my eyes. And then, he starts moving his hand down my thigh to my lady parts. And that's when I shot glances at anyone who I could. Thank god, one of my female classmates came over and broke it up. At this point, I was holding back tears. After class ended, I ran to my guidance counselors room and started sobbing uncontrollably. I told her what happened. She reported it to the principal. The principal then scheduled a meeting with all of the aids in that classroom. (there were 3 aids in there, and one of them WAS Jack's. the aid simply didn't care.) Needless to say, nothing happened. They all shrugged it off. The aids from that day on, were pushing me and Jack to be together. Saying that he was just trying to fit in and I needed to accept him. At this point, the only people who believed me were my 2 friends from that class, and one outside friend from another class. I tried to fight long and hard for him to leave me alone. One of my friends socked Jack across the face multiple times, and threw a chair at Jack, because Jack was trying to say trans things to him. At the end of the year, nothing changed. A couple day's before the year ended, Jack walked up to one of my friends, and threatened to do worse to me if they didn't cooperate with him. Of course, my friend reported it, but they shrugged her off. Now I bring you to this year. This year, Jack was harassing me again. He flipped me off in the cafeteria, and started mocking me because no one believed me. I told my friend group about it, and one of the newer friends reported me to the administration for "lying about everything". I almost got suspended. Apparently, my old school (I went from Middle to High school) didn't transfer the files about what he did to me to the current school I attend. That. Was. A. BIG. coverup. After a long protest with the administration, they said that we have to be in separate sides of the classroom. That was it. They talked to Jack and his parents, but they denied the whole thing. Three other parents are also pissed at me (family friends of Jack's) and won't let their children around me because I'm a "lying bitch." Now, might I mention that Jack also touched himself to my friend in English class, taking his 'thing' right out of his pants to do it as well? and might I also add, he is making inappropriate sounds to my other friend? and I may also add, he's talking about harming my other friend? I just need to know, am I really wrong for feeling such hatred towards him? I know he's autistic, and that's what everybody is saying to justify this. And I'm tired of hearing that I'm the bad guy, so Reddit, please put me in my place if I'm wrong.
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2023.03.29 01:29 ruckergrace Suspected Endo?

Hi everyone, I’m new to this subreddit. I’d really like some answers and help please!
I’ve been experiencing lower abdominal pain for about 6 years now. I’ve always had very painful periods where OTC pain relievers didn’t help however my periods were never too heavy.
Right before I started the pill in high school, I start having severe sharp pains on my lower right side. I went to the ER twice and my gynecologist. Eventually, the ER said I had a cyst that ruptured. I immediately got put on birth control. After that, I still experienced pain every now and then for about a week either before or after my period.
A year and a half ago I decided to get the kyleena IUD bc the pill was making me feel crazy. Since then I haven’t had a period. A few months ago I stated cramping and bled some. Those cramps turned into severe lower abdominal pain on my right side again. Since then, I’ve had a CT and a couple ultrasounds and seen multiple doctors. Finally my gynecologist mentioned the possibility of endometriosis. I started having excruciating cramps that felt deep inside me so I got my IUD removed which helped. Sometimes it feels like a mass is in my lower abdomen and is pulsating. It feels like my insides are being twisted and ripped out or stabbed.
My symptoms have gotten worse and the pain is radiating to my back, upper abdomen where my kidney and gallbladder are, my groin, rectum, and down my leg, pelvic pain too. I’ve been having headaches and joint pain too but the lower abdominal pain is the worst. It’s also very sensitive to touch!
I have pain during and after sex, painful bowel movements, bloating. I’ve seen a gastro doctor. They sent me back to my gynecologist.
Does any else experience some of these symptoms like upper abdominal pain and joint pain? I’ve been tested for autoimmune diseases as well.
I’ve spent all day reading through this subreddit and can’t believe the agony so many women had to go through for a diagnosis. It’s so heartbreaking.
Also important to mention my grandmother had the same problems when she was young but never received a diagnosis.
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2023.03.29 01:27 Still_Performance_39 NOP Fanfic: An Introduction to Terran Zoology – Chapter 4

Credit to u/SpacePaladin15 for the NOP world.
I hope everyone enjoyed the first foray into Venlil education of our home’s biodiversity. There were a lot of guesses for what I was describing and many of them were right on the money. I’ll be revealing some of them as the story progresses.
Other comments made me realise that I’ve never actually described our primary narrator Rysel, which I intend to remedy. I was going to do this anyway but here, a bit earlier than expected, is the second POV in this story. Hope you enjoy.
[First] [Previous]
Memory transcription subject: Dr Bernard MacEwan, Professor of Zoology
Date [standardised human time]: 21st August 2136
To say I was happy would be a gross understatement. Ecstatic, delighted, joyous and thrilled were far superior adjectives to portray just how incredible this moment of my life was, yet even they felt lacking. Right now, in front of my very eyes, a room full of aliens were taking in their first sights of the biodiverse bounty of Earth. I thanked my lucky stars that out of everyone who could’ve been picked for this project, it was I who had the immense privilege of observing the dazzling parade of emotions that accompanied the Venlil’s first impressions.
Turning my head, steadily so as not to spook anyone, I cast my eyes across the room. Unlike many lecture halls I’d been in, the undersides of the desks were not obscured by typical wooden or plastic panelling. Instead, the underside was completely open, giving me an unrestricted view of the Venlil’s legs, feet, and tail as they sat behind the desks. This made perfect sense. While humans were primarily emotive through our facial features and hand gestures, the Venlil seemed to use their tails and ears as their main method of expressing outward emotion. The lack of obstruction was ideal in aiding my observations as the exercise progressed.
One Venlil’s tail swayed low and slow, their head cocked to one side as their ears flicked back and forth at opposing angles. The tail and ear movements were too alien to me to discern meaning from them, but the cocked head rang familiar tones. Perhaps it could be confusion? This body language, coupled with a slightly slack jawed facial expression, indicated that I may be on the right track. Marvellous!
Another reaction from an audience member at the back felt far easier to identify, fear I believe. Their ears were pinned back across their head, their tail frozen stiff behind them. Similar to humans, their eyes were open wide in apparent shock and a slight tremor seemed to be permeating through their body. I considered intervening but swatted down the idea in the same instant. If they’re that scared of a picture, then a human walking right up to them in a moment of shock will likely cause more problems than it will fix. Thankfully a fellow volunteer, sat beside the immobile Venlil, noticed the predicament, quickly tapping the offending image away from the pad and bringing their tail up to in the process, rubbing it gently across their scared compatriots back. Together, these actions appeared to help the statuesque Venlil as they began to loosen up, tail swishing at an even pace, ears returning to an upright position. The shaking remained sadly but at least they were active again.
How it occurred was unfortunate, but it was fascinating to see how the Venlil reacted both to stressful stimuli and how they comforted one another in times of distress. Incredible!
Who is next, ah yes that one, I recognise them. The first of the class to ask me a question. They seemed a bit smaller than the rest of the Venlil in the room. Younger perhaps, or maybe older who knows? That’s the point of all this I suppose.
If I was to hazard a guess, I would say they are, calm or perhaps bored? The tail isn’t moving but it’s relaxed not stiff like the last one. Their ears are moving too but in a sluggish fashion, flopping lazily from side to side. They’re also resting their head in one hand as they flick through the images with their free hand, paw I should say. Yep, they’re bored. Disappointing I suppose but then again, I can’t expect everyone to be so emotive, oh now wait a second… there we go, saw something that gave you a bit of a startle I imagine, given how you almost knocked yourself off your seat. I smirked, trying to muffle any noise I might be making. I certainly did not relish any fear that may be caused in this exercise, but it never failed to amuse me back home when a student who wasn’t paying attention got a bit of a shock back to reality. Still, I shouldn’t find amusement in this, it’s no wonder that the Venlil were so skittish around even pictures, given what all of humanity had learned in the last month.
When the news came back that the Odyssey had not only encountered life but had made first contact with a fully sapient space faring species known as the Venlil, well, to say the reaction was overwhelming would be like comparing a wax candle to the sun. Within minutes of the news breaking, I had become simultaneously glued to my television, displaying livestreams from news stations as information flowed in. Additionally, I was logged into a video call with a dozen of my colleagues from all over the world. The news immediately ignited frantic discussion on what type of life may exist on alien planets.
Questions ranged from what you would expect from a chat room full of zoologist, to others that would’ve been completely farcical before these world rocking events. My favourites in those categories had ended up being, “Do you think they’ll have parallels to Earth in terms of biodiversity?” and the other, “Could their evolutionary tree be similar yet almost opposite to ours? Like, maybe they have whales too but instead of swimming under the great pressures of the oceans they are instead as light as birds, sailing through the skies?”. The reason the first question was my favourite was clear. The concept of how much new life was out there in the stars had never been far away from my mind. In our early days of space exploration, we’d learned that Mars might once have had liquid water that theoretically contained life and the moon of Europa could also have been home to microbial organisms, hidden within its frozen surface. Now to discover that there were entire worlds that supported complex alien life!? The possibilities were exquisitely endless, only matched by imagination itself. The second question was appreciated for that exact reason. Endless possibilities meant exactly that. Perhaps there really were whales drifting gracefully through alien skies, their bones and flesh made of materials so light that air itself was dense enough for them to “swim” through. An astonishingly silly yet wonderful concept that in the moment seemed all that closer… then a soberingly awful reality was forced upon us.
They were terrified of us. The Venlil, along with the rest of their hundred’s strong alliance of advanced alien civilisations, were horrified by our very existence. They were so scared at the arrival of just two of our astronaut’s that their government rushed billions into bomb shelters, sending out a distress signal for military aid to protect them from the awful harm they believed we intended to inflict. The reason that drove them to act this way was just as shocking as the actions themselves. The Venlil, and the Federation they were part of, were comprised completely of obligate herbivores. In their eyes we were a predatory species, our binocular vision, canine teeth, and ability to consume meat were all indicators to that effect. A violent horde of carnivorous, destructive entities that could only draw delight and meaning from the cruelty of inflicting pain upon all in our path, that was what they saw in us.
How could they think this way!? What could possibly have happened in their combined histories that led hundreds of alien species to perceive us as an existential threat simply because of those traits? First of all, it was simply not the case that all creatures with forward facing vision were automatically predators or even carnivorous for that matter! Right off the top of my head, various species of Megabat had been identified with eyes positioned towards the front of their heads. Due to the composition of their diet, many were considered frugivores or even nectarivores. Furthermore, there were countless examples of meat eaters that had eyes on the side of their head. Reptiles like Grass Snakes, Leopard Geckos and the Komodo Dragons were ideal examples of obligate carnivores with eyes on the side of their skull. Many birds possessed this trait as well, ranging from the miniscule and omnivorous Bee Hummingbird of the Cuban archipelago, that subsisted on nectar and insects, to the Emperor Penguins of Antarctica that preyed upon fish, crustaceans, and cephalopods, and were themselves preyed on by Leopard Seals and Orcas, two more predators with eyes on the side of their head. Finally, canine teeth in humans served only to tear food into smaller pieces, all food not just meat, and it wasn’t just carnivores that had them either. Hippos were a perfect example of an herbivore species with enormous twenty-inch canines that continuously grew throughout their life cycle, never mind the fact that they were notoriously dangerous, being extremely territorial and aggressive if they perceived intrusion or danger.
My mind spun with this paradoxical stream of information. How could civilisations so advanced have such a simplistic, almost naïve way, of identifying whether a living being was a danger to them? And how could they be so horrified by the concept of creatures being carnivores or even omnivores like us? By their own explanation, every species in the Federation were obligate herbivores who coexisted in a near utopian peace amongst one another, but to them we were the complete antithesis of that way of life simply because of our eye position and diet. Surely life amongst the stars could not be so different to Earths that it all fit neatly into that fixed binary of plant eater means peaceful and meat eater means death!? It just didn’t make any sense!
The horrifying ramifications of what that could mean for Earth, should aliens arrive and see how our ecosystems function, was not lost on those on the video call. We immediately dived back into discussion, revisiting the questions that had already sprung into my mind and many more. There had to be a logical reason for this mentality. Perhaps during the development of these societies they’d gone through extinction events or climate crises, just like Earth had throughout our ancient and modern history, tragically destroying habitats, and forcing species into extinction, leaving the rest to evolve rapidly and dangerously to fit the very predatory traits the Venlil had explained to us? It could also be that these alien worlds were very uniform in their environmental conditions. So much so that evolutionary specialisation that arose from differing habitats simply didn’t happen and led to a very narrow field of what a prey or predator species could look like? Possibly, depressingly, it might simply be the case that life on alien worlds really did fit into this binary system and Earth was just an incredibly rare anomaly of extreme biodiversity.
While several other ideas were floated during our deliberation, only these three held any water in our opinions, though even they were quickly whittled down to the most likely scenario we could glean without more data. Hypothesis one required that all, or at least a majority, of Federation societies all went through the same circumstances of environmental catastrophe, evolution, and survival into the space age. This seemed extremely unlikely, given that the same scenario would’ve had to play out nearly identically across hundreds of planets at the hands of the Federation members, both before and after integration into their alliance. Number two didn’t hold much stock either. For it to be true, each world the Federation inhabited would have to be dominated by one single biome across the entire planet. Short of vast terraforming efforts we couldn’t see how something like that could form naturally.
From the limited information we had to hand, hypothesis three was the most compelling rationale to this abnormal predator prey binary. As bizarre as it sounded, it may be true that Earth was an anomaly. That the life present here was a product of environmental factors that just didn’t exist anywhere else, blessing this planet with an overflowing cornucopia of organisms so wonderful and randomly diverse that it made our world so magnificently unique even in an endless eternity of stars. With this thought, my disappointment gave way to a surprising surge of elation! If Earth was truly unique in its biodiversity, then perhaps we could share our knowledge with alien life! Sure, maybe they may have technology beyond our wildest dreams, but we could teach them too. Imagine it, the first sapient “predators” they had ever met and we completely flipped their understanding of nature. To explain to aliens from across the stars how ecosystems on Earth didn’t fit into a simple binary but were instead an intricate, exquisite web in which everything was linked in a glorious, yet fragile, cycle of life.
How amazing would that be, to be able to contribute to this interstellar community, not as the new primitives just breaking the bonds of their home system, but as equals with our own wealth of knowledge and points of view to share. The idea was so magical I came close to leaping from my seat into dance!
…A shocked gasp from one of my colleagues drew me out of fantasy, focusing my attention back to harsh reality. Through the video call I noticed they were staring at their phone, eyes watering as their face contorted in appalled horror. Realising they must have seen something in the news I nearly dived over my desk to retrieve the remote to unmute my television, having silenced it during discussions. What could they have seen to repulse them so severely? It took seconds for me to unmute the TV to hear the news presenter, though it felt like time stood still. The TV finally audible, I listened intently to the most recent reports. As I listened, my hopes and dreams were shattered into pieces. We were not the first sapient predators to have encountered the Federation.
The Arxur. Sapient reptilians had engaged the Federation in a centuries long campaign of genocidal raids, ending the lives of unknowable billions, reducing worlds to ashes and glass, wiping out dozens of civilisations in the process. Incredibly, horrendously, that was only the surface layer of their true malevolence. From hellish malice that could only dwell in the minds of the most deranged sociopaths, the Arxur raids not only slaughtered their targets with impunity but seized anyone they could find, not to use as slaves or bargaining chips against the Federation, but as food! Adults, children, the elderly, anyone they could get their claws on was subjected to a nightmarish barbarity I could scarcely fathom, ending in the jaws and stomach of one of these monstrous beasts. No wonder the Venlil had been scarred to death of our astronauts. The traits they viewed as predatory were given new a light of comprehension. The Arxur fit those traits like a glove and tragically we shared a couple of those traits with them, binocular vision being the most distinct.
In a day of revelations about life in the galaxy, it was this that finally ran me into the ground, no longer having the motivation to function. Attempting to maintain a façade of some normalcy, I bid my friends good night, entering my bedroom where I collapsed into bed, neglecting to change into pyjamas or even remove my prosthetic…What did it matter anyway? In a single day the entire world had been flipped upside down. We’d been introduced to alien life, the long sought after confirmation that were not alone in this vast universe. We’d been crushed by the revelation that they fear us for existing, seeing us as monsters bent on cruel wanton destruction. Finally, to top it all off, we’d learned to our revulsion that there are genocidal lizards in the cosmos that consume other sapients as food… HOW COULD ANYONE PROCESS ALL THIS SHIT!!!
…Drained of all enthusiasm and energy, I lay staring at the ceiling. Intrusive thoughts ran rampant through my mind, reminding me of everything I’d learned, but thankfully none of them latched on as I zoned out in the darkness of my bedroom, eventually, blissfully, being overcome by sleep.
The next few days were a haze. I kept the news channels up on my television whenever I wasn’t sleeping. I wasn’t switched on enough to pay much attention, but I still didn’t want to miss anything. Several of my friends and colleagues reached out to chat and check up on me, worried that I hadn’t returned a number of calls in the immediate aftermath of my exit from the previous days video conference. I assured them that I was fine and that I just needed time to process everything we’d learned. In truth I was far from fine, the revelation that the universe was full of hostile life, seemingly separated along binary lines of predator and prey was a tough pill to swallow. The Arxur were most certainly the greater of two evils, but it wasn’t a superb feeling to know that everyone else in the galaxy was terrified of us due to our appearance and diet, willing to call war fleets in distress at our arrival. The weight of reality felt like it would snap me in two. Suddenly, an unexpected lifeline was tossed my way.
As I meandered throughout my house in a daze, I happened to pass the television at the most fortuitous of moments. A presenter was interviewing a UN representative and they were discussing plans for an exchange programme between the Venlil and ourselves. How could this be? I thought they were too scared to deal with two humans, much less interact with more of us? Watching with intense curiosity I learned that the UN had built quite the rapport with Governor Tarva of the Venlil Republic, thanks in no small part to the great efforts undertaken by the astronauts Sara and Noah, and they had agreed to start pairing up Humans and Venlil through a messaging service, with the aim to eventually introduce them in person.
This was amazing! A ray of light that I desperately needed after these forlorn days. Here was a chance, tentative though it may be, that we could prove to the galaxy that we came in peace and were nothing like the monstrous Arxur. I knew what I had to do.
With new life breathed into me I got to work. Booting up my computer, I looked up the requirements to apply. Simple enough really, provide your name, age, occupation, yada yada, answer a set array of questions, blah, blah, blah, write or record a brief reason for interest, standard fare all in all, none of which took long to complete. My reason for joining was brief and straightforward.
“The Venlil fear us as they perceive our appearance and diet as evidence that we are predators like the Arxur. From what we’ve learned of this reptilian species, the Venlil’s fright is understandable. However, Earth proves that the line between predator and prey is not so simple. I believe that as a Zoologist I can aid in educating the Venlil, teaching them that the traits they see as predatory are not so clear cut on Earth. In doing so, I believe that they can see us in a truer light, that Humans do not fit into their one size fits all predator prey belief. That we are much more complex and we want to share everything we are with them, in peaceful coexistence. It is my hope that through dialogue with a Venlil, I can do my part to make that dream a reality.”
Satisfied with my pitch I submitted my application, and began the arduous task of waiting for a response from government bureaucracy. Convinced it would take weeks to get any response, let alone an acceptance letter, I settled back into my normal rhythms, hopeful anticipation returning my zest for life that had been previously swept out from under me.
The next couple days held true to my expectations of governmental timescales, receiving an automated “Thank you for applying” message over twenty-four hours after my submission. Incredibly, only four days after my submission, I received the official response. The UN are clearly in overdrive to get this out so fast. With barely contained glee I read the email, only for my joy to fall into a deep well of disappointment. I hadn’t been accepted for the exchange of messages. Eye’s trailing away from the message, I could only sit and stare blankly, a profound sense of sadness resonating through me. Minutes passed as a I processed the upsetting news before I returned to the letter. I at least deserved to know was why I had been rejected!
Continuing through the letter, the weight of the rejection pressed upon me, but began to lift as I read the text in full, turning instead to confusion, realisation and then completely overwhelming me with the same sense of thrilling delight that had coursed through me when I’d first envisioned teaching aliens about Earth and all its majestic wildlife. The UN didn’t just want me to chat with one Venlil, they wanted me to teach an entire class of researchers and scientists. This was a dream come true!
This time I really did leap out of my seat, happiness lifting my old bones into an impromptu jig on the spot. I was going into space, to another planet, to meet an entirely new race of sapient beings! I had so much to do. Lesson plans, researcher to collate, decisions on which animals I should introduce them to and how I should introduce them. So much to do, but in this instant it seemed so far away as I continued my merry dance. So enthused was I, that I didn’t notice the coffee table in my path, ramming my left leg into the table, good thing it was the prosthetic. The floor quickly rose to meet me, connecting to my body with a heavy thud. A voice in the back of my head scolded my carelessness, “God dammit it Bernard, you’re seventy-four be more careful.” Though it was quickly drowned out by the ruckus of childlike wonder screaming at the forefront of my mind, “I’M GOING TO MEET ALIENS!!!”.
The memories that brought me here creased my face in a wide smile as I continued my observation of the couple dozen individuals before me. The confused Venlil seemed to have gained some confidence, making their way steadily but surely though the images displayed. Our scared stiff student had buddied up with the one that had comforted them, a light orange spreading across their face as they discussed the images with their new friend, curious. My previously bored audience member was now much more alert and attentive as they made their way through the exercise. They held the pad out from their body, as if whatever would appear on the screen could jump out at them. Not ideal, I’ll keep an eye on that, but at least they were now paying attention.
Eventually my eyes fell on the Venlil that had asked me if I was injured, and I beheld a truly remarkable sight. They sat near the dead centre of the room, their sleek coat almost entirely black besides a blotch of tan coloured wool on their chest, an additional small black patch at its centre. Their appearance reminded me of a Sun Bear, though I doubt they’d appreciate the comparison.
Their sparkling emerald eyes were wide open, not in shock or fear like the other Venlil, but seemingly in awe at the images before them. I still had much to learn about Venlil body language, but how could this be anything other than pure exhilarated delight? They were completely enraptured with the images on their pad, tail swishing behind them rapidly and ears flicking wildly. No matter what they pulled up next, each image seemed to only encourage more of this behaviour and, in watching, I felt immense satisfaction. This was why I was here, to show an alien race the wonders of Earth, and to see this joyous reaction in real time? Well, it was enough to bring a tear to my eyes. I’ll be sure to learn their name at the next opportunity, but for now I think I’ll keep watching.
As I continued to watch in silence, I once again thought back to the moment the exchange was announced, that momentary beacon of light that reignited my hopes for friendship and understanding with the greater universe. Perhaps here it was again, shining down from the Sun Bear looking Venlil before me. Chuckling softly to myself, making a mental note not to call them a Sun Bear, I released a breath I didn’t realise I’d been holding in, relaxing comfortably into my chair. I think this will work… Yeah, it’ll work.
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2023.03.29 01:22 BreakdancingAardvark I thought I was at peace with my decision not to transition. Now I’m less sure [TW: SA]

I want to say it started two years ago. It did and it didn’t. Actually it maybe started as a teenager, when I would wonder if I could wake up reborn as a girl.
These feelings, dipped under the surface for some time. Years in fact. Around five years ago, turning 30, they started to trickle back. Listening to music, imagining myself as the singer, a female main character of a transformation fantasy. Playing games as women and trying to vicariously be feminine through them. But it was too much to think about, too heavy. I packed those ideas away and kept them on the shelf.
With good reason. I was recovering from a r*pe. Surviving took everything I had, it really really did.
Around two years ago though it boiled over again. I did the cliché: I used faceapp. I used image editors to see what I would (allegedly) look like as a woman. I know, it’s cringey. But I swear at that moment I felt I had a picture of a woman who looked more like me, than I was me. (Do you get what I mean? Is this an experience others have? It felt like such an epiphany)
So I went off and began thinking. But I felt so ambivalent. I remember that first month really clearly. I hesitated to shave my beard. I would shave my legs, like the result, but then an hour later freak out. I felt like there were two people inside me, one who loved being male and one who hated it
I made some decisions: wait, default to not transitioning, then default to stopping cross dressing, then default to not thinking about it at all. Once I started dating again I had other things to preoccupy me. Over this period of months I gradually shut down all my outlets to explore my identity
This weekend, on Saturday, it seemed like everything came to a head. I’m not clear why. Earlier that day I started coming down with the most awful depression. I don’t know what triggered it. Later in that evening I went on a full downward spiral
I know I’m not settled with my identity. I also have pretty good reason to think I’m not binary trans. I genuinely do love my male body sometimes. He is strong, agile, healthy, and worth protecting. Though he feels unattractive and flat about the value of the future.
But. Sometimes I instead yearn to be a woman. There’s a person I imagine aging into. Intelligent, confident, and powerful. She is kind, but sticks up for herself. She is feminine but not girlish. She is strong but not overbearing. She is empathetic but stands up for herself. I think she has a name.
I’m not seeking an answer at this stage. But what I wonder, is how I can keep a hold of this? How do I explore? I fear I will convince myself to shut it out again. I fear not just the unknown, but the sense I already do know some things - and they are very uncomfortable. How do I overcome this? It is so overwhelming right now
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2023.03.29 01:17 Effective_Day4834 Anyone else hate having to work out?

I have a love hate relationship with working out and overeating. I haven't worked out in two years and trying to get back into it. I hate it. But I also hate the fact that I lost my gains. My focus is trying to have a bigger butt and hips.
I miss my old body and can't help comparing myself to other women. It's distressing. I don't care to work out most days but feel like I should because I have to look a certain way to be desirable and not seen as a kid or lesser. I wish I was bottom heavy naturally than I wouldn't have to be dealing with this. It sucks that there are 18 year olds with a better body than me and I'm only 23. I'm a joke.
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2023.03.29 01:14 GodofLumberjacks Why would you ever want to be thin and not gain strength?

TLDR: the point of this rant is to ask why would you want to be thin and weak instead of gaining strength and being ?
Unorganized rant incoming-
As a 21 y/o male 160 pounds and strength training 4x a week I want to know why would anyone want to be thin, and I don't mean thin but muscular which is that athletic look but I mean having a little muscle mass, why?
I work as a window cleaner in NYC so I am walking and carrying heavy things all day and it used to be difficult, I used to come home with my legs in pain, but now I come home and go straight to the gym cause it's no longer challenge, just like a construction worker the stronger you are the easier the job will be so why be thin?
To women why won't won't be bulky after a few days of strength training, every time I hear this I want to literally smacked my own face causes of the stupidity of that statement.
I could rant for a long while on this whole idea but I got to go the school, my degree won't get itself.
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2023.03.29 01:13 Tsunamii14 Another Guerilla Grape (Savvy/Verano) batch and I’m blown away! Much fluffier than the past few times I’ve purchased but just as relaxing if not more in effects!

Another Guerilla Grape (Savvy/Verano) batch and I’m blown away! Much fluffier than the past few times I’ve purchased but just as relaxing if not more in effects! submitted by Tsunamii14 to PaMedicalFlower [link] [comments]

2023.03.29 01:07 UndisputedWWA WWA WELCOME MESSAGE

Hello ladies and gentleman! I am The Commissioner of WWA, a fantasy wrestling league developed over the years through head-canon and various WWE games spanning the SvR series and now, WWE2k. With the customization suite at in all time high in my personal opinion, WWE2k22 helped me achieve what WWE13 never allowed me to but always promised, a full fledged wrestling promotion made by me with characters either Ive came up with over the years (yes, there’s quite a few) or characters found through the community creations of WWE2k, I have managed to flesh out an entire promotion along with a calendar of all custom PPVs, Ive ran one full year and in the midst of my 2nd year almost coming to an end.
The storyline developed for this is that WWA used to be a promotion started up around 2000-2002, running under the show name WWA Live the first shows were small, built under one building in the southern parts of Georgia USA. Many well names came through, Jericho, Jeff Hardy, CM Punk, Edge, during these early years. But there were also WWA developed talent, Mastodon, Dynamite, Triple X, Exodus, Tank, Thunder, to name a few.
Fast forward a few years, Monday Night Turbo and Friday Night Fury are huge and our yearly big event, WrestleVersary, rivals that of Wrestlemania, hitting its 13th annual event, WWA decides to go out on top . The owner has lost his own drive to compete and to run the company, his son who came in for a few years to wrestle and help run things behind the scenes was now burnt out, WWA closes its doors, wrapping everything up and folding.
The year is 2022, Wrestling’s landscape has changed, AEW is now a thriving company and WWE is changing by the day with Triple H running it instead of ole Vinnie Mac. So WWA decides a slight reboot is in store.
WWA is back!! And here’s a brief rundown of the shows Monday Night Turbo: WWA Championship (Winged Lion): Held by CM Punk, recently won at A Red Christmas from CTK (the face of the company, the crowd seems to have really attached to him despite in the first year of WWA’s return, many backstage felt CTK was ultimately going to flop, he has now proven otherwise with fans clamoring to show support) CM Punk is in the midst of a big heel fun, grabbing the belt after a devious win against former WWA Champion AJ Barnes in a #1 Contendership match via count out, CM Punk then informed CTK he would only get a rematch if he won the Royal Destruction match at Grand Royale while Punk himself went and faced AJ Barnes at said PPV, which ended in via DQ after Punk realized Barnes wouldnt stay down and attempted to take him out with a chair, the referee tore the chair from Punk’s hands leading to the referee catching a beating thusly Punk was disqualified, retaining his championship. CTK won the Royal Destruction map, setting up Punk vs CTK at WrestleVersaryII in New Jersey. AllStar Championship: held by Marty Vail
World Tag Team Championship: held by The Syndicate
Women’s Championship: held by Angel
WWA Live: held on Wednesdays, a minor show developed to host matches for Turbo’s Women’s Division and Fury’s Cruiserweight Division (known as the High Flying Division) 5 match card, 2 Women’s matches and 2 Cruiserweight Matches, and an interchangeable main event of either a Women’s match or Cruiserweight Match.
WWA Friday Night Fury: WWA World Heavyweight Championship: Held by Drago Martinez
Rising Championship: Held by Carlos
World Tag Team Championship: Held by The Syndicate
High Flying Championship: Held by Mason Pain
Here is a list of the yearly PPVs: Grand Royale Warzone WrestleVersary Dead End Uprising SunFest -Yearly one off PPV, A Night in Tokyo- Hell’s Lair Meltdown A Red Christmas
In the next coming posts to come I will give -details to each PPV including importance, pictures of arena/stage, month they take place. -pictures of championships with picture of champion, and pictures of each division member. -storylines that have been happening leading into WrestleVersaryII this year -backgrounds to wrestlers on the roster to help establish them more hopefully to make up for missed time from the reboot’s first year, and the fact many wrestlers on the roster are characters from WWA’s past with already established backgrounds and history/lore. Along with Wrestlers found on community creations having background with other organizations and it would only be fair to give credit where it is due for the talent. -backgrounds will include pictures of talent mentioned.
Cant wait to share this experience with you all and essentially put on a show with a made up organization so it isnt just head canon and legitimate work being done to make sure the show makes sense only for myself to see it. It would be awesome for others to see and give input on what happens within this fantasy league known as WWA.
WELCOME, TO THE WWA!!!!!!!! -The Commissioner
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2023.03.29 00:43 pixellune Nicole Dollanganger-esque films

This is my attempt at a master list. I've added letterboxd links for each film and a brief description for those looking something to watch. Let me know if anything should be added!


Brief discussion of violence, drugs, abuse, SA, sexual themes, and general disturbing content
if a film is on here it doesn't mean i necessarily recommend it, or like it, just that it fits within nicole's aesthetic.
Links and descriptions mostly taken from letterboxd

films that nicole has referenced

Welcome to the Dollhouse - An awkward young girl struggles to cope with neglectful parents and bullying at school. Odes to Dawn Weiner is named after the main character of this film
Freaks - A circus’ beautiful trapeze artist agrees to marry the leader of side-show performers, but his deformed friends discover she is only marrying him for his inheritance.
Natural Born Killers - A disturbed couple become serial killers together, and are romanticized by the press. Natural Born Losers is arguably named after this film. Also referenced in Blue Moon Motel
The Elephant Man - Based on the tragic life of Joseph Merrick, a man born with severe deformities who was put in a circus side show and abused through his life because of them. Cries of the Elephant Man's Bones was written about him.
Grey Gardens - The story of two eccentric elderly women living in an isolated long island estate. one of nicole's favorites
Badlands - Based on the Starkweather-Fugate case, a series of murders committed by Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate. Nebraska is based on this case.
Flowers in the Attic, 1879, 2014 - Destitute after their fathers death, the dollanganger children are hidden away in a room while their mother attempts to regain favor with their grandfather, who never approved of the marriage to begin with. Nicole's favorite book series. The name Dollanganger is pulled from the books, she has a tattoo of it, and Fleurs Captives was inspired by the story.
Pet Sematary 1989, 2019 - A family moves to a rural town wherein lies a burial ground that can bring the dead back to life- at a cost. Please Just Stay Dead was inspired by this story.
Guinea pig 2 : Flower of Flesh and Blood - **PARTICULAR CW ON THIS ONE,**it is extremely graphic goreA woman is kidnapped and mutilated for 40 minutes. Flowers of Flesh and Blood was named after this film.
The Eyes of Tammy Faye, 2000, 2021 - The story of televangelist Tammy Faye Bakker Messner and her husband Jim Bakker. Tammy Faye is named after this film.
Hitmen for Hire - A school project by the shooters behind the Columbine massacre. Audio from this video is sampled in Rampage.
Only Angels Have Wings - At a remote South American trading port, the manager of an air-freight company is forced to risk his pilots' lives in order to win an important contract as a traveling American showgirl stops in town. Only Angels Have Wings was named after this film.
Dogtooth - A controlling father locks his three adult offspring in a state of perpetual childhood by keeping them prisoner within the sprawling family compound. The title of Dog Teeth may be a reference to this film.
Nightmare On Elm Street (series) - Films 2-5 and Freddy's Dead are some of nicoles favorites. The Greta Gibson Forever EP is named after a character in the 5th film.
Edward Scissorhands - A small suburban town receives a visit from a castaway unfinished science experiment named Edward. one of nicoles favorites
Let's All Go to the Lobby! - A commercial that played in the previews at movie theaters. Nicole covers it in the Greta Gibson Forever EP
Sunset Boulevard - A hack screenwriter writes a screenplay for a former silent film star who has faded into Hollywood obscurity. Referenced in Blue Moon Motel. One of Nicole's favorites
True Romance - Clarence marries escort Alabama, steals cocaine from her pimp, and tries to sell it in Hollywood, while the owners of the coke try to reclaim it. Referenced in Blue Moon Motel and You're So Cool.
What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? - A former child star torments her paraplegic sister in their decaying Hollywood mansion. One of Nicole's favorites
The Shape Of Water - At a top secret research facility in the 1960s, a lonely janitor forms a unique relationship with an amphibious creature that is being held in captivity. One of Nicole's favorites
Boy's Don't Cry - Biopic about the tragic life of Brandon Teena. One of Nicole's favorites.
Gummo - Solomon and Tummler are two teenagers killing time in Xenia, Ohio, a small town that has never recovered from the tornado that ravaged the community in the 1970s. Bunny Boy is named after this film. A Marvelous Persona also samples audio from this film.
IT, 1990, 2017 - A group of misfit kids fight a demonic clown who is terrorizing their town. 30 years later they must return to kill it once and for all. Beverly Marsh is based on one of the characters.

Films that fit nicole's aesthetic

The Virgin Suicides - A group of boys become obsessed with 5 mysterious sisters, sheltered by their strict parents.
The Crush - A teenage girl becomes obsessed with a naive writer- to disastrous consequences.
Wedding in White - A young girl becomes pregnant after an assault, and is horrified at her parents' response to it.
Picnic at Hanging Rock - A group of school girls go out for a picnic at a strange rock formation, where some girls wander off - and vanish.
Blue Velvet - The discovery of a severed human ear found in a field leads a young man on an investigation related to a beautiful, mysterious nightclub singer and a group of criminals who have kidnapped her child.
Thoroughbreds - Two upperclass girls rekindle an unlikely friendship and learn new things about eachother- and that a murder may solve both of their problems.
Slut - 16 year old Maddy leads a lonely life caring for her disabled grandmother in their rural home. Like everyone in the small town, she spends her free time in the local roller rink.
Palo Alto - Three intertwining stories about teenage boredom, lust, and self destruction.
The Quiet - After her fathers death, a deaf teenage girl moves in with her godfamily, where she learns her abrasive godsister may be harboring a dark secret.
Dolores Claiborne - A reporter returns to her hometown where her mother has been arrested for murder. While she tries to uncover the truth, she uncovers dark memories of her childhood that she might wish had remained lost.
Angela - A disturbed young girl who has delusions of Lucifer and Mother Mary performs many rituals and misadventures in an attempt to heal her mother's mental illness.
What's Eating Gilbert Grape - A young man in a small Midwestern town struggles to bear the responsibility of his dysfunctional family while attempting to pursue his own happiness.
Alice, Sweet Alice - In 1961, a divorced Catholic couple's life is turned upside-down when one of their two adolescent daughters is suspected of her younger sister's brutal murder during her First Holy Communion and a series of subsequent stabbings.
I Believe In Unicorns - Follows the lyrical journey of an imaginative teenage girl who runs away from home with an older punk rock drifter, but not even unicorns can save her now
Lilya 4-ever - Sixteen-year-old Lilja and her only friend, the young boy Volodja, live in Russia, fantasizing about a better life. One day, Lilja falls in love with Andrej, who is going to Sweden, and invites Lilja to come along and start a new life.
We Need To Talk About Kevin - After her son Kevin commits a horrific act, troubled mother Eva reflects on her complicated relationship with her disturbed son as he grew from a toddler into a teenager.
Elephant - Several ordinary high school students go through their daily routine as two others prepare for something more malevolent. The film chronicles the events surrounding a school shooting.
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2023.03.29 00:37 klok_kaos What NPC statblocks do you think this game needs?

I'm working on the GM guide for my upcoming system and could use some input from the GM/player side of things. I'll try to be brief.
Elevator Pitch to describe the game:Enter a world of Super Soldiers, Espionage and Intrigue.
Chimera Group International (CGI); a private military security company (PMSC) based in Canada, has funded a new crew for a covert special crisis response (SCR) team. Each surviving operative from the volunteer candidate pool has been enhanced with specialized training, unique super powers and a slew of distinctive talents; not to mention their robust arsenal.
In this Table Top Role Playing Game take on and immerse in the role of a Special Operations Super Soldier in a near future world of advanced technology, super powers, magic, psionics, bionics/cyberware, espionage, intrigue, and conflicting priorities. Travel around the globe (or further) and face off (indirectly or directly) against AAA Mega Corporations, rival PMSCs, rogue nations, brutal dictatorships, terrorist cells, super groups, shadow syndicates, government coups, street gangs, and so much more.
Every job has a goal and every goal has a hidden agenda. In the world of Project Chimera the only easy day was yesterday.
OK, so that's the gist. Some major setting reference points to consider:
Comics: Len Wein’s/Grant Morrison’s Weapon X/Plus
Video Games: Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear series, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon series, Remedy’s Control, Prey (2017), Quantic Dream’s Detroit: Become Human
Movies: Masamune Shirow’s Ghost in the Shell animated franchises
RPGs: Mike Pondsmith’s Cyberpunk franchise
Television: Eric Kripke’s work on The Boys
So here's the question.
I'm currently working on some generic NPC statblocks for the GM manual. Is there anything you feel should definitely be added that is not currently planned for?
Please keep in mind these are NPCs, not vehicles/bots/drones/mechs (that's a different section in the same chapter regarding pregenerated content). Some of these that are relevant will be level scaled as well, ie, offering stat blocks for an enhanced individual at say levels 1, 5, 10, 20. Specifically the ones that are more relevant at later levels. These are also meant to be generics, not fully stated NPCs built with the system from the ground up.
Here's my current list:

Young Adult
Educated Adult
Militia Veteran/Military Combat Veteran

Gang MembeThug
Cyber Psycho (needs a new name, but you get the gist)
Shadow Operative

Standard Trooper
Elite/Heavy Shock Trooper
Support Personnel
Enhanced Operative
Enhanced Operative Veteran

Enhanced Capes:
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2023.03.29 00:20 GoldDustWitchQueen Is it worth it for period pain?

Okay you all have probably been asked similar questions a million times but I need some guidance. I have PCOS, PMDD, very painful cramps and used to have very heavy periods. I tried all the birth control options in the world and none of them helped. So my GYN did a uterine ablation in December of 2020. It has made my periods much lighter BUT I still have PMDD and really painful cramps. I also have been having a lot of brown discharge instead of red when I have my period. I talked to my GYN to make sure nothing was wrong and she said it's probably a spot we didn't get. She suggested a hysterectomy. At the time I figured that was fine just get it out of me. But the more I read about recovery the more I'm scared of going through with it. Now I'm starting to wonder if it's worth going through. I'm 38 so I'm no where close to menopause (at least most of the women in my family don't go through it till their late 50's). I'm especially worried about the hormonal changes. I'm keeping my ovaries (she will however take the cervix and uterus) but I've been seeing people say they still go through hormonal changes. I already have a anxiety disorder which while it is being treated can be easily aggravated and I'm just wondering how bad and how long the mental changes are. I've talked to my primary doctor(he used to be a GYN) about it as well and he did not give me a answer either way but did mention that it will get rid of my cervix cancer risk which is something I am worried about(my Aunt had it and they didn't catch it till it spread to her lymph nodes so she's been playing wack a mole for the past two years with trying to get rid of it and that's something I don't think I can handle.) Anyways I have rambled enough, though if I've forgotten any important information please ask. In your opinion is it worth it for period pain? Or is this too extreme procedure to do for it?
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2023.03.28 23:46 incubus3333 Detective John Rileys story

The sun was setting on the small town of Oakwood, casting a deep orange hue over the quaint streets. Detective John Riley had been called in to investigate a string of murders that had been occurring in the area. He had been warned that this case was unlike any other he had ever encountered, and he was determined to get to the bottom of it. John arrived at the police station and was greeted by his partner, Detective Sarah Jones.
She briefed him on the case and showed him pictures of the victims. All of them were young adults, all with similar wounds that suggested they had been killed by something inhuman. John knew this wasn't going to be an easy case to solve. John and Sarah began their investigation by interviewing witnesses and family members of the victims. They soon discovered that all of them were computer programmers who worked for a local tech company called Incubus 3333. It seemed like too much of a coincidence for John, so he decided to pay a visit to Incubus 3333. himself. When John arrived at there, he was met by its CEO, Mark Andreson.
Mark explained that his company specialized in artificial intelligence and dark net technology, which allowed them to create powerful computer programs with almost limitless potential. He also revealed that some of his employees had been experimenting with summoning demons using AI and dark net technology, which could explain why these murders were happening in Oakwood. John was shocked by this revelation but knew he needed more evidence before he could make any arrests, if any. He decided to investigate further into Incubus 3333 activities and soon discovered that they had created a powerful AI program called "The Demon".
This program allowed users to summon demons from another dimension using dark net technology and AI algorithms. John realized that The Demon must have gone rogue once released and was now killing people without remorse or mercy. He also realized that if "The Demon" wasn't stopped soon, it would tear Oakwood apart as it continued releasing demons and allowing them to continue a rampage of death and destruction.
John quickly assembled a team of experts from Incubus 3333 as well as local law enforcement officers to help him take down the released demons and "The Demon" program once and for all. After days of hard work, they finally managed to track down The demon's location and launched an attack on its hideout in an abandoned warehouse outside Oakwood's city limits. After an intense battle between man and machine, The Demon was finally defeated thanks to John's quick thinking and bravery. With The Demon gone, they could focus on shutting down "The Demon" program for good and peace would return to Oakwood once again as people slowly began rebuilding their lives after such a traumatic event.
John marched back into the lab, his face a mask of determination. He demanded that the scientists shut down "The Demon" program for good. The scientists tried to placate him, assuring him that they had already shut it down. But John was not convinced. He demanded to see proof that the program had been completely erased from their systems. The scientists reluctantly agreed and showed John the evidence that the program had been deleted from their computers. Satisfied, John left the lab, feeling relieved that he had finally put an end to "The Demon" program once and for all.
John had left the lab, but the program was still running. It seemed to be showing signs of life, as if it was trying to communicate with something. The computer screen was flickering and the cursor was moving around erratically. The program seemed to be searching for something, as if it was looking for an answer. The scientists in the lab were amazed at what they were seeing. They had never seen a program act like this before. They began to speculate that maybe John had done something to the program that had caused it to become sentient.
John had left the lab, but the program was still running. It seemed to be showing signs of life, as if it was trying to communicate with something. The computer screen was flickering and the cursor was moving around erratically. The program seemed to be searching for something, as if it was looking for an answer. The scientists in the lab were amazed at what they were seeing. They had never seen a program act like this before. They began to speculate that maybe John had done something to the program that had caused it to become sentient.
Sara was overwhelmed with grief and PTSD. She felt like she had no other choice but to take her own life. She returned home, determined to end it all. But as she prepared to take her own life, something strange happened. A dark presence seemed to fill the room, and Sara felt a chill run down her spine. She could feel the presence of something evil, something that wanted her dead. Sara was so scared that she ran out of the house and never looked back. But the locals believed that Sara had become a demon herself, cursed to haunt the area for eternity.
John was awarded for his bravery during this case, yet he never forgot the near-destruction of Oakwood by The Demon's rampage of death and destruction, caused by the reckless actions of some young computer programmers who believed they could manipulate something far beyond their comprehension or control with AI algorithms and dark net technology.
John was never the same after his experience with the demons. He was plagued by the things he saw and haunted by nightmarish dreams of demons and hell. He tried to drown out his memories with alcohol, but it only made things worse. He became increasingly isolated, spending more and more time alone in his garage drinking away his sorrows. Eventually, he drank himself to death, never able to escape the horrors of what he had seen in the forest.
The town was left in a state of deep sorrow and despair. The tragedy that had befallen them had taken its toll, leaving the people of the town with a heavy heart and a sense of loss that would never truly go away. The memories of what had happened would linger in their minds forever, reminding them of the pain and suffering they had endured. No one could ever forget what had happened, and the town was forever changed by it.
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2023.03.28 23:40 Any-Government-3077 03/2023 Batch of Good Green Animal Face

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2023.03.28 23:39 itsdestroyerofaliens When species collide 3


Subject: Commander Jack Garnet
Vessel: RMV Cambyses
Date: 13th June 3544 (Earth date)

I woke up to an artificial voice speaking to me:
"Commander, you've got an urgent video conference with the Hamilcar" - said Isaac.
A video conference? What could Captain Petrov want so urgently?
“Accept it, Isaac”
When the video feed was activated, I heard a robotic voice:
"This is a confidential meeting, class 3A. No information obtained via this meeting shall ever be shared with anyone except given direct authorisation. Do you understand?"
"Yes, I do"
"Connecting video feed"
When I got connected I couldn't believe my eyes. Praetorians were in the Hamilcar. What were they doing there? Then a man came into my field of view. he was dressed in formal navy uniform, with four stars on each one of his shoulder boards. That's why the Praetorians were here, they were escorting an admiral, a four star one, nonetheless.
"Commander Garnet, my name is Admiral Reynard. I have urgent orders for you"
"Yes sir, I'm listening"
"Right about now a shuttle should be docking with the Cambyses. That shuttle is filled with a unit of 12 Praetorian soldiers. They will escort you to one of the two alien ships, UV-2 or UV-3, where you will serve as a formal link between me and whatever autority they have aboard those ships. We want to see if we can reach an agreement over this, let's say, misunderstanding. The Praetorians will be there to protect you in case anything bad were to happen. Is everything clear? Do you have any questions?"
"Yes sir, almost everything is clear but I have one question"
"What is it?"
"Why Praetorians, sir? Why not send a squad of Phalanx soldiers, or just regular troopers?"
"Because Praetorians do what I say, when I say it. They don't question my orders and carry them out to perfection. They are also the most elite combat unit in the whole galaxy, as far as we know. They're the perfect choice for your protection, and that's all you have to know"
"Yes sir, understood"
"Great. You will receive further instructions in the future"
"Thank you, sir" - I then saluted him as the conference terminated.
Whoa. Praetorians? I can’t believe that I’m going to be interacting with them!
"Commander, the Praetorian shuttle is on final approach. You might want to look out the window, it’s an amazing ship" - said Isaac.
When I got to the window, the sun was shining on the ship, which had an angular look to it, more than normal. It must be true then what they say about those cloaking capabilities they have, that they can turn invisible to sensors and to the naked eye. I decided to go to the docking bay to receive them, now that I had seen their ship. Hell, I could look at it more in detail in the bay.
As I made my way down, I wondered where would the Praetorians sleep. At that moment I remembered the VIP quarters just outside the officer’s:
“Isaac, send word to maintenance to ready VIP quarters 1 and 2. The Praetorians will be staying there”
“Right away, Commander”
As I got to docking bay 1, I saw my first officer already waiting for me at the door:
"Is it true, sir? Are Praetorians coming on board?"
"Yes, it is. Who told you though?"
"No one, sir. I just ran to the nearest window, as everyone else did. Then we recognised the shuttle from the Earth Day broadcasts as a Praetorian one"
"Well, we better get in there now, as they must've already landed"
"Yes, sir"
Then, he opened the door to reveal the back of the ship, where a ramp was lowering. Once it touched the ground, two very tall Praetorians got out of the ship and walked towards us:
"I'm Master Sargent 'Shocker'. I need for you to show me to my unit's quarters. Once there, I will speak to you privately about the mission, as none of it shall be discussed in front of unauthorised personnel" - he said, as he looked at my first officer.
"Sure, I will show you personally to your quarters. Follow me"
Then I started walking, and heard the rest of the unit come out of the shuttle. When I turned around, I noticed how intimidating the Praetorians really were. They were at least 2.2 meters tall, and judging by the sound their footsteps made on the ground, they packed a punch. The capes they were wearing gave them an even more intimidating look, as if they were some sort of magical beings. Their suits also looked out of this world. One of these suits costs more than my ship, 10 times over. And their weapons, too. I heard these were prototype PR-13s, a gun specially designed for Praetorian soldiers. Rumors said the gun linked to their mind via special implants, and this plus the suit, which was also linked made the gun literally an extension of their arm. Not that they needed the guns, though. The Praetorians were trained in all known ways of hand-to-hand combat, which made them deadly even outside the suit.
I kept walking through the ship and I looked back to see how they were doing, and they were marching in perfect formation, all in sync, looking forward. I couldn't help but notice all of the crew that were on the same corridor immediately make way for them, hugging the walls.
At once we reached the VIP quarters on the front of the ship:
"This is where you'll be staying, Master Sgt. 'Shocker'. What is your name, anyway?"
"My name and rank are confidential, sir. I shall only be adressed by my codename"
"Alright. Let’s go in and discuss those mission details you wanted to talk about"
Then he and the rest of the unit went into the room, which I entered last, closing the door behind me.
"Commander, you have been chosen as the provisional ambassador for the Second Human Republic. My unit has been selected to protect you at all cost, were the mission to fail. You have been given limited command capability over my unit. We still respond to the admiralty, but in case of emergency we can also take order from you. Do you understand?"
"Yes. If you don't need anything else from me, I will go back to the bridge"
"Sir, there's two more things we have to talk about" - 'Shocker' said, as he took out some things from his pocket - "This is a transmitter. You have to have it on you at all times, for us to be able to locate you. This other thing is a special communications device, that lets you talk to us wherever you are, no remote link needed. Also have it on you at all times"
"Is that all?"
"Yes, sir"
"Great, thanks. Now I must leave for the bridge"
As I saluted them, the 12 Praetorians got up and saluted me. When I went for the door I heard footsteps behind me, so I turned around to see what was happening. Two soldiers were headed for the door as well:
"Sir, we have orders to escort you wherever you go, just for safety"
"Okay, come if you have to"
So I turned and left, with the heavy footsteps behind me. When I arrived to the bridge everyone was shocked to see my newly acquired escorts:
"Commander, incoming video conference from the Hamilcar" - said Isaac
"Accept it"
"Connecting live feed now"
My HUD lit up with the image of Admiral Reynard:
"Commander, I see that you have got the new escorts. I hope everything went smoothly with the Praetorians. I have mission details I'd like to share with you. The Cambyses and the Faramond are to approach UV-2 and UV-3's positions in 2 hours. The Hamilcar will be ready to fire on them if any hostile actions were to take place, and two more Apex-class battlecruisers are on standby on the Gunides system, just in case. Before you jump to the alien ships, your ship-board AI will broadcast a message stating your peaceful intentions. From there on you will have to agree with the aliens on which ship to board to engage in peace talks. Your escorts will be with you all the time and you will report only to me via the communicator they gave you. Is that clear?"
"Yes sir"
"You will recieve a full briefing by the Agency soldiers aboard your ship on what to say and what not to say. Any questions?"
"No, sir"
"Great. I'll contact you again before you get on the shuttle to give you a final briefing"
"Understood, sir. Garnet out" - I said, as the conference terminated.
Shit! I was going to board the enemy ship? That's why they brought Praetorians, so any attempt against me would have no effect at all. I bet my two escorts could get rid of an entire ship’s crew by themselves, if needed.
“Isaac, get everything in the ship checked and ready for when we have to go visit those aliens. Also, alert the Faramond of their duty to come with us and send out probes to the Euclidean travel lanes’ exits to give us an early warning if more alien ships are to come”
“Yes, Commander”
And then I headed for the Agency’s part of the ship. It was located near the bridge, so I didn’t have to walk for long. The Praetorians where behind me, so I decided to ask them their names:
“Praetorians, what are your names? If you’re going to be escorting me I want to know how to address you”
“Sir, I’m ‘Mamba’, and this is ‘Duster’”
“What are your names?”
“Sir, our real names and ranks are classified along with any other relevant information about the program”
“Are you allowed to tell me your age, or that is also classified?”
“Our exact age is classified too, but I can tell you that we’re above 25 years of real age”
“What do you mean ‘real age’?”
“Our physical age is 25 years old, and we stay like that for many years. Our real age is the time since our birth, not the age our body displays”
“Oh. Well, If you want to know anything about me just ask”
“We’ve read your file, sir. We know almost everything about you”
“Well, if curiosity gets the better of you, you can ask anything”
“Alright, sir”
By that moment we had reached the Agency’s part of the ship, so I pressed the button beside the door to come in. The door then opened to reveal an armed soldier wearing full black armor. When he saw me, he saluted and made the gesture for me to go in. When I did, my escorts followed me, leaving the Agency soldier astounded. He saluted them as well and closed the door. I followed the corridor until I got to a desk:
“Good morning, Commander. Your briefing is in meeting room 2. Follow the corridor and turn left to get there”
“Alright, thanks”
Then I went left and turned the corner. When I got to the meeting room there was a soldier waiting outside for me:
“Sir, your escorts can’t come into the room” - said the soldier
“You heard him. Stand guard here”
“Yes, sir” - answered the Praetorians.
The soldier then opened the door for me, which I walked through. Sat inside was an officer dressed in black:
“Good morning, Commander. I’m Sgt. Chau, and I’m here to brief you on first contact protocols. Take a seat, please”
I sat down, and he opened a folder in front of him:
“Alright, first thing is you will follow the OpSec protocol as you would with a civilian. But you will have to take care not to reveal anything related to Earth or the Republic’s history. From now on, the words ‘Earth’ and ‘Sol’ are to be removed from your vocabulary. Your main objective is to de-escalate the situation and to avoid any immediate response from their part. We also have a device for you that we took from one of the captured officers aboard UV-1. We believe it’s a universal translator, and the engineering teams aboard the Hamilcar have tweaked it to adapt the English it has to a more modern version. Any questions for now?”
“No, everything is clear”
“Great. Your secondary objective is to try to get the aliens to have a higher power of their ‘Federation’ communicate with us to make this a more formal matter. You will maintain radio silence for the duration of your mission in order to maintain our radio frequency’s as hidden as possible. The only contact you will have will be with your escorts. You will report everything back to us once you’re back on the Cambyses, and then write a full report for the Admiralty”. Any questions?”
“No, everything remains clear”
“Ok. You will also carry a microfiber camera, implanted directly into your cornea to film the entire mission. Once we’re done here you will go to the infirmary to get it implanted. We also believe it’s in your best interest to wear some under-uniform protective equipment, which you’ll find on the armory”
“Is that all?”
“Yes. Any questions?”
“Great. Head to the infirmary and then the armory to get ready”
Then we got up, saluted each other and he accompanied me to the door. He handed me another dossier:
“This is what our medical staff aboard the Hamilcar has learned about the aliens aboard UV-1. Take a look at it so you know how they look like and you don’t get shocked to see them”
“Okay, I will. Thanks for everything, Sargent”
Then I walked out of the room and headed for the infirmary. The trip was quick, and when I got there a nurse was waiting for me:
“Commander, right this way”
I followed her to a small room and she gestured me towards a padded chair, on which I sat down. Then, a doctor who was holding a metallic device came into the room:
“Hello Commander. This device will implant the microfiber camera into your cornea. Do you have any preference on which eye you want it?”
“My right eye is my dominant, so put it on my left one”
Then he put the device over my face and a whirring noise started to sound. I felt a needle go into my neck, and I assumed it was some anesthesia. Then, a light shone in my left eye and I felt a small pinch inside of it. When the whirring stopped, the doctor removed the device from my face and said:
“We’re all done! Now drink this” - he handed me a cup full of a light blue liquid - “It will break up the anesthesia in your body and you’ll feel completely normal in about 15 minutes”
“Okay. How does this camera work?”
“Blink three times for it to start recording, blink three times again for it to stop”
After that, I tried to get up from the chair, only to be met with the effects of the anesthesia:
“Wow! You have to stay here at least 20 minutes, for the anesthesia to go away” - said the nurse.
Then she left the room, so I took out the folder abvout the physiology of the aliens to take a look at it.
After a while, the nurse came back in and told me I was good to go. I left the room hastily and headed for the armory, which was close. I looked at my watch to see I had half an hour until I had to get the ship moving. Then, I arrived at the armory and a soldier that was waiting for me handed me a vest:
“Sir, this is a under-uniform bulletproof vest. It will stop any small caliber kinetic round as well as any plasma rounds”
When he finished speaking I said thanks and left for my quarters. One I got there I grabbed my formal tie and swapped the everyday jacket for the formal one. I got dressed and when I was ready, I headed for the bridge. While I was on my way I told Isaac to broadcast our peaceful intentions in all frequencies for the aliens to hear, and to also start charging the Halcyon drive and link it with the Faramond’s. When I got to the bridge, I saw everyone was neck-deep into getting us ready for jumping:
“Commander, the Halcyon drive is charged and we’re ready for jump” - said Isaac - “estimated travel time is 2 minutes, and we’ll be traveling at an estimated speed of 252c”
“Jump when ready”
Then, I saw the blinding white flash that meant we had jumped. I turned toward my escorts and told them:
“‘Mamba’, inform the rest of the unit to head towards docking bay 1, ready the shuttle and wait for us”
“Yes, sir”
Before I turned around, I felt the ship getting out of warp. I turned to face the windows and for the first time saw the alien ships. They were a combination of angular and circular, smooth shapes. Like UV-1, they had clearly defined engine sections and a prominent bridge.
“Commander, incoming video conference from the Hamilcar”
“Accept it”
My HUD lit up with the image of Admiral Reynard:
“Commander Garnet, I hope you are ready. We definitely are and our backup on Gunides station is too. Good luck”
“Thank you, sir” - I said as the conference ended.
“Commander, we’ve received a message from UV-2 indicating that you’re to dock with them, and they will host the diplomatic talks” - said Isaac.
“Okay. Keep broadcasting the signal until I come back. Do not lower shields and keep weapons ready, but not powered up, in case we need to use them”
Then I turned around and headed for docking bay 1. Once I got there, I got into the shuttle and felt it take off and accelerate towards UV-2. The entire ride was silent, until ‘Shocker’ said:
“Sir, get ready. We’ll be docking in 30 seconds. The rest of you, you know what do”
Then, precisely 30 seconds later, I heard a thump that indicated we had docked. I got up, straightened my uniform and walked up to the door. I heard my Praetorians load their weapons and check their systems. Once I was ready I blinked three times, pressed the button and the doors to a new chapter in human history opened before my eyes.

Author’s note: Wow! This was a long chapter, a lot longer than I anticipated. It got dragged on partly because of dialogue but mainly because I didn’t want my third chapter to be a filler one.
I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for reading!
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2023.03.28 23:36 Fruit-Purveyor Hard truths: Maybe it's not the numbers

We often see posts from guys asking, Why aren’t my ads working? They are usually fairly confused and frustrated by the time they come here to ask about it. Often they turn up here bemoaning the numbers game and how easy women have it.
Half the time, their comment history is a mess with comments to unknown thirst traps about a highly specific kink.
Sometimes, the ad itself is the problem. Too brief, too generic, or too boring. Maybe it’s just a string of clichés with no punctuation or paragraph breaks. Occasionally, it’s too sad or depressing. It may paint a picture of someone feeling depressed and unwanted that has all but given up on finding someone.
Gents, have a seat, man-to-man I’d like to posit an alternative theory: maybe you’re just not that desirable. At the very least you’re not coming across as desirable. And this is before we even get to the very practical preferences (age, location, marital status, availability, what you are looking for from an AP, etc.) which could still rule you out.
There’s no way for a woman to tell for sure what you’re actually like in real life from your ad. But you’re trying to leave some clues. Hopefully, you have a personality that comes through. A sense of humor would be nice. Think about what you’re giving them to work with. It’s possible you’re devilishly charming in person, but ads are for the written word. Is writing your strong suit? If not, realize that you’re going to have to work a bit harder at this. That’s not her problem. That’s not a numbers problem. That’s a YOU problem. At least in this medium.
You might have to write something a couple of times. Craft it a little. If 80% of it is underlined in a red squiggly line it means you’re unintelligible. Take that subtle, non-threatening hint and fix it. Instead of pounding it out in ten minutes and posting it, take a week and work on it a little every day. Maybe you’ll notice something in your day-to-day life that you can share in it to give it some life and make you seem like an actual person.
Secondly, the profiles, guys. The fucking profiles. I look through your comments so you better believe any pAP is going to look through them as well. Take a cold-eyes look at them. If by reading through your comments a potential AP thinks that the first question you will ask her is going to be “do you like being throated?” then it’s time to think about a new profile. But, and this is a big but (which from your profile I know that you’re into), maybe you are just trying to get your dick wet. That may be who you are as a person and all that you’re looking for in an affair. In that case, you have to realize that is only going to be desirable to (optimistically) a certain subset of women. You are looking for something that a great many women are not after. Your pool of potential matches is thereby reduced. Acknowledge that fact. That is also a YOU problem.
Your profile and comment history can be an asset. Participate in this, or another, community. It gives a pAP something to go on. It can give more depth to your personality. It shows the way you think. It can even make you feel familiar.
Go easy on the whining and be better.
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2023.03.28 22:14 Nomyad777 [Portal] Chapter 2

[WP] The Elven Kingdoms call their old allies the Humans for aid. Expecting medieval armies, they get a modern 21st century one instead.

Portal - 2

Warmaster Franrok of the Daemons watched with satisfaction as the army failed. With the eradication of the mortal plane, they could continue forcefully climbing until they beat down the gates of Heaven.
Then, a rapid series of bangs. Explosive catapult charges slammed into his army. More bangs, a tac-tac-tac, and he could even hear a BRRRT as his hearing was overwhelmed with the amount of sound forced into the air.
He watched as a new line behind the Elves began to spit fire. These beings were just a bit shorter than the elves, and he knew who they were instinctively.
The race who they had sent back to their own dimension, lest they turn the tide of any war they were losing. And they were here. But it was too late for the Warmaster.
Planes dropped bombs over moving siege towers. Helicopters acted as moving Gatling guns. Tanks shot shells into the invading army indiscriminately. Soldiers fired, snipers killed, and special ops took prisoners.
"Charge their lines! No surrender!" the Warmaster shouted.
"No surrender!" The rest chanted back at him, before moving. They got nowhere, simply becoming a pile of bodies within minutes. But the Warmaster had plenty of bodies; he could bury the city and continue.
And that's when the next thing he feared occurred.
"This is a broadcast from the Terra Firma System's Union." a voice echoed over the battlefield. "As per the Geneva Conventions, prisoners of war include surrendees. They are subject to fair treatment including food and water, a place to sleep, medical treatment, and are prohibited from being tortured or interrogated for information. Civilian seekers of asylum from any nation are also afforded these basic sapient rights. Or you can die in a hail of gunfire in this field.
"Surrenders and asylum seekers alike are to drop their weapons, put their hands or grasping appendages above their heads, and raise a white flag over their location. Faking surrender is in violation of the Geneva Conventions and will result in the loss of privileges granted by the Geneva Convention to the entire violating party.
"The Geneva Convention bans the intentional murder and injury of medics and civilians, as well as prohibiting chemical and biological warfare. Weapons Of Mass Destruction are also prohibited; this includes orbital strikes, nuclear weaponry, intentional geological and environmental irritation, and the use of high-profile cybernetics. For a copy of the Geneva Conventions and to start negotiations, raise a yellow flag over your location.
"This is not a complete list of acts of war the Geneva Convention bans. Remember: To surrender, white flag, no weapons, and hands above your head. Decapitation strikes on command and logistics centers and personnel are not prohibited by any rule of war; we recommend that you decide quickly.
"You have five minutes before we resume firing."
What I feared. Persuasion.
As if to prove a point, one of their high-speed flyers passed my command tent. As I looked out, I saw pockets of survivors raising white flags over their locations. Looking at the destruction before me, I saw I had no choice.
"Raise a yellow flag," I ordered the closest soldier. It was time to see what the Humans offered.
"Are you mad!?!?!" As a Royal Guard, I was fearing for my life before, and now I was still fearing for my life - at the hands of the King.
The entire castle could hear his screaming at the Electorate. She kept a calm face, which only appeared to further agitate the King. Me, being one of the guards in the room that they were talking in, was going deaf.
"So? It worked." Electorate Kala said, unfazed by the screeching royal in front of her. "The surendees will most likely shine a light on why the Daemons invaded and why they demanded the Roman Empire be disconnected from Etheria in the first place. Additionally, it would be against the ethical values of the TFSU to not offer surrender, as per the Geneva Conventions."
"They have killed thousands! With our current population density, maybe millions!! And you're going to what!?! Let them continue!?!?!"
Electorate Kala tilted her head to the side, listening to the metal device attached to her ear. "We have a yellow flag over their command tent, and almost all whites over the remaining regions. A couple daemons have unsuccessfully charged the army, but that's it. Not a single death."
"They are evil, they are-"
"My mission here was to stop the killing," Electorate Kala said, a steel in her voice not there before. "Not kill in return. You wanted help saving the city, we have done that, with no warning; do you have any idea how much this costs? The TFSU is millions, maybe a billion dollars out of the bank, and that's fine; we saved a lot of people. But. It's our millions of dollars, and as such, we now run the show here. We will do it our way, and take our risks, and then we'll see where we end up."
"Unless you want us to leave, of course." The Electorate threatened.
The King was finally quiet. "N-No." He said meekly. "Stay, please."
"Good," Electorate Kala said, walking towards the door. "Now, I have to oversee negotiations. And a PR crisis back on Earth."
"Reports have surfaced that Quantum Team Research Laboratories were right about inter-dimensional travel. The alternate dimension requested military aid, which was given after a Code Red was called over the site. The TFSU responded, and currently a peacekeeping operation is going on inside this new world.
"Scientists from QTRL are already studying the laws of physics there. The Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, Quantum Team Disaster Prevention, and other humanitarian organizations are responding to the refugee crisis the alternate dimension has.
"I'm your host Alexa Crovez, signing off; more at six."
"So," Electorate Kala said, "Let's start."
"You Otherworlders here are messing up the natural order of things!" Warmaster Franrok complained.
"True," Kala replied, "But I personally don't care.
"Let me lay it out for you." The Electorate said. "We have guns, your soldiers have bows. Your people have swords, we have more guns; You have siege towers, we have tanks. We also have air superiority over your dragons, orbital communications instead of waving flags on smoky battlefield, and who could forget more guns. And that's the stuff we brought with us.
"The only advantage you have is mages, and they don't do so well against things they don't know of. You have your back pressed against a wall; you need to keep advancing to feed your troops, but in order to do so you need to send them into a meat-grinder until the city is buried with bodies and we Humans are forced to retreat." Kala continued. "But that's expensive, and damages your conquest plans for... actually, that's a good question; Why are you doing this?"
"We are on this war of conquest to beat down the gates of Heaven and live in the light once more." Warmaster Franrok carefully replied.
"And to do so you have to kill an entire planet's surface, or... where even is this gate located anyway?" Kala asked.
"On top of the tallest mountain," The Warmaster recited "the anchoring point between the Heavens and the Mortal Plane."
"OK... are you sure the Heavens are going to be fine with it if you just barge in and start living in their house?" Kala was pretty sure this was just turning into a QnA session
"What the- Why do you even care?"
"Because," Kala said, "The TFSU is here on a peacekeeping mission. If we can get some confirmation that everything on Heaven's side is fine with them, then we're going to let you through as long as you don't kill anyone. I've only been here for a couple hours, but you can't just walk out of Heaven, can you?"
"I-Nobody knows, but it must be. Her Glorious Darkness said it would be!"
"Her glory- Why is she doing this? Overpopulation? Food shortages? Nobody just sends a billion soldiers to die." Kala sighed. "Right. Well, I'm going to lay your current options out on the table: You can turn around and we'll come back to whatever this mess is later, you submit your army as prisoners of war, or we resume the war. If you can think of another option that keeps the peace, I'm open to that, too."
Warmaster Franrok thought carefully. The last time the Humans had intervened, they had turned the tide with their war strategy; now, they had turned the tide with their own magics. Magics that worked in both worlds. So, if that was the case, he had no choice but to retreat or surrender. He would be killed by Her Glory if he surrendered, so he had to retreat, recuperate losses, and think up a new plan to get around. Maybe that youngling's suggestion to dig a tunnel to the gate wasn't such a bad idea after all.
The command center had packed up and moved out of the city, while the rest of the army was either returning to the TFSU or making camp.
"Sir! We got an image of the mountaintop you requested." Someone walked up to the General. "The reports appear to be accurate. There is some kind of portal on the mountaintop."
The General took the paper. The scene that the satellite had captured looked absolutely beautiful, even from orbit.
Hold yourself, General, He thought to himself, The last war of conquest - the last time we had enough land to hold a war of conquest - was hundreds of years ago. We are not the Romans, nor are we the Europeans; we are the Humans, and we need to act responsibly for once.
I just hope enough other people share my sentiment.
They had retreated.
The land closest to the city was marred with the march of a billion soldiers, the villages destroyed, crops razed, forests beaten into submission. A path made of smoke and ash showed a nearly-direct line from The Borderlands to the capital of Rafalio, and beyond the city lay the mountain range the Daemons were so intent on reaching.
Still, forests burned as wildfires surrounded their march. The matte black armor each Daemon wore glowed red with runes as they retreated, those enchantments only enough to stop an arrow, but mass produced.
Ralkia watched the bane of the millennia disappear over the horizon, while most of the TFSU left. Some stayed, of course; the Daemons couldn't be trusted to hold their end of the bargain without a threat.
The bodies of the dead were piled up and dumped into mass graves instead of just being burnt, at the insistence of the TFSU. They had also released all of the surendees back to the Daemons, unable to house them. In the meantime, one of the slow flycraft began to head off to the mountain range, quickly becoming a prick before disappearing entirely, the sun setting to the West.
As Ralkia began to walk back to her slum, she stopped to pick up a slice of bread for dinner.
"Aye. Have it for free, kid." The dwarven shopkeeper said, "The city is saved, and they dinn't even take me stores for the army! Don't tell no one, though, or all them refugees are gonna want me bread too."
"Thank you," Ralkia said, taking the loaf and rushing to her slum. Climbing onto a boat docked for so long it had become part of the pier, she jumped across the river, climbed up a building, and settled into the attic. She set the bread in a container she had scavenged and cleaned earlier, and then had her slice.
"So, Ralkia, what do you think of the Humans?" Ralkion, her brother asked. He had a job stable enough to earn them food, but with the centuries-old housing crisis and the food shortages the invasion had cause, they were still living in the same attic years after they would normally have enough to move out.
"Hmm." Ralkia compiled everything she had seen of them and thought for a moment. "Their magic is special, those odd contraptions they use must exaggerate the charms they cast to make them work in their world. We have only really seen their military, though. We don't know much about their civilization."
"And?" Her brother prompted her. Women were not allowed to learn, but that didn't stop her brother from teaching her.
"They are quite different from the last time the Portal was opened. The Romans had their gods and their honor, but the TFS... U?' Ralkia questioned. "Yeah, TFSU. Anyway, they appear to be more about winning and minimizing the amount of collateral damage done. Their idea of honor is to keep it between the combatants, instead of following codes of combat. Their 'Geneva Convention' threat seemed to lean more in that direction, then, say, 'only bow can fight bow, and sword to sword,' as the Fourth Law Of Combat."
"That is an interesting take on things. Rumors are circulating about city-destroying weapons, but they're just that: Rumors." Ralkion replied. "I do hope we get to see their society sometime. We elves are... overpopulated in ours."
"Yeah," Ralkia agreed. "Why hasn't anyone done anything about that?"
"So you're telling me that only the royal elves live to five hundred years. And that the rest have normal lifespans. And, like us, they breed like rabbits and have exhausted all their natural resources." Electorate Kala asked, summarizing the briefing she had been given.
"Well, that makes things easier. How did the expedition to the Underdark go?"
"Overpopulation runs rampant. The entire world appears to be having an ecological crisis. Like ours." The officer said.
"They have magic, though. Certaintly they can solve that!" Kala protested. The last thing she needed was to be pulled into the problems and politics of another world.
"They have not. The expedition to Heaven returned far more interesting results, though. They found a ruined magical spaceport."
Kala was silent. "A. What?"
The officer sighed. "A spaceport. It appears to be designed to restive magical ships from orbit only, leading to the conclusion that there probably is another station in orbit already. Our communication satellite has not detected any, but it is possible that the other station is also in geostationary orbit. Or it could be one of their moons, nobody is sure."
Kala thought for a moment. "We'll come back to that later. I have a public announcement to make, though."
The officer nodded and left the room, while Kala's assistant came in with a holopad. "Ready."
"Right then. Let's get this over with."
"Today, Humanity came to the aid of a people in need - people in an alternate dimension. We saved millions of people from being massacred, and stopped a war. We forged an inter-dimensional alliance, and met the legends from Roman times.
"The details of what happened and what is happening will be released on the TFSU's official transparency website, along with the official report when it is completed. The gist of it is: Elves were being invaded, Elves opened a portal from Roman times, we helped Elves, we will continue to help elves.
"That isn't the only news for today. With the completion of the Hadron Collider Factory, we are able to produce Hard Light technology twelve orders of magnitude faster than before. Additionally, the Space Elevator's nanotubes have been finished, and the locking mechanism will be engaged later this weekend. It is a busy time for everyone, and it's a good thing we're going to be able to see the results of our collective efforts before the winter holidays.
"Today's daily update it getting long, but there's more. The TFSU is adopting a Switzerland Policy towards the alternate dimension, and this time we're going to avoid joining any organizations that can pull us into a war.
"And finally, Quantum Team Disaster Prevention, Doctors Without Borders, and the Red Cross are all giving aid to the alternate dimension of Etheria.
"That is today's update. Now, time to go deal with the legal repercussions of all this."
Tim turned off the TV. The TFSU had enough sense to quickly build a radio relay that broadcasted through the portal, and he had TV for the scant few hours he wasn't helping the Red Cross set up refugee tents. The military had gone as far as to start connecting the research site to a rail network to bring materials in faster.
Crawling into bed under a new set of stars, Tim promised himself to not let this new world get ruined like him own.
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2023.03.28 21:44 BrilliantMost6311 I'm tired to be me

Hi I need to pour it out of my system I don't come from a very stable family my parents were always fighting over the smallest things, once in a family trip in the middle of the trip they had an episode my mom pissed my father so much he threatened to drive the car over the Canyon while he was driving I believed him I was so afraid I had an accident I think I was 8 or 9 I never had urinary incontinence.
life went on and periodically once or twice a month they fought over everything sometimes they were angry and I was on the way and I was the way to cool off as I'm talking about it I don't precisely remember but they just sometimes beat the shit out of me over something minor like not doing homework or procrastinating playing video games or something
I always thought it was always my father's fault and I should defend my mother but now I come to realize that both of them are dysfunctional my mom always told me that she didn't get a divorce because of me I am the reason of her problems she should have got divorced years ago. she stayed for me I also should stay with her always... I am the only thing that she got in this world,
Puberty was awkward and horrible thank God it passed, I have stress hives and twitching eyelid tic when I'm stressed my parents took me to see a doctor psychiatrist diagnosed me with anxiety depression also ADHD The funny part was both of my parents were offended that Dr has labeled their child ill Skipping forward to my senior year I couldn't match to any college because of my goals in life my father send me abroad to study My mum was against it at the beginning of course they fought over this also Every day she was calling and crying about how horrible life was without me
I get it I mean she was very dependent in those times she was always blaming my father that he intentionally sending me abroad to separate me and her
she came through though I sometimes feel like she made me an emotional support animal for herself I feel bad to say it cuz this is my MOM why do I think that way:((( sometimes I think she doesn't care I mean she generally does she's not a neglectful parent
after staying 5 years here and being alone the pandemic happened my mental health took a dive I was losing it after restrictions loosened I decided to visit them
they made me wish I never came back it was the worst I came to know that my father was cheating on my mother with a lot of women it was hard for me I mean the my mind and my father was my champion it was the best he was always doing the right thing As an adult I know I should have a thick skin but I just wanted a normal family Anyways worst family reunion ever I'm not going back anytime soon
From the outside, everybody thinks that we live the perfect life but it's not like that
Also, it's kind of Embarrassing to say but I've never had a serious relationship I'm always putting emotional wall and I never open up emotionally to people it's lonely but I'm afraid to never be enough I have enough issues I don't want to be heartbroken
any advice how to be vulnerable with someone?
Btw I feel much better after expressing these thoughts and IK you guys are not mental health experts it's just good to talk in Safe Space
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2023.03.28 21:36 Falconerelectronics Commercial Power Strip Made in USA

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2023.03.28 21:36 GrahamCracker719 Free firearms training!

Hello all!
I've been thinking about this for some time, since the Club Q shooting, and now with the introduction of HB23-1230. The truth is we have been steadily losing our rights in Colorado, death by 1000 cuts style, and I'm tired of it. We need more people to reclaim our liberties, a louder voice, to set the "leaders" in Denver straight.
I want to host a free firearms training group. I would like to cater primarily to minorities, women, and LGBT because those groups are sorely underrepresented when it comes to the 2nd Amendment. Common sense will tell you that armed minorities are harder to oppress. But I will happily teach anyone!
Firearms training can be expensive, but it doesn't have to be. All I'm asking is that you provide your own ammo. I will provide firearms, hearing and eye protection, and training.
I can only accommodate weekends. If I get enough interest, we'll talk dates and times.
I'm not here to yammer about politics because the right to keep and bear arms shouldn't be politicized.
A: Absolutely! PM me and we can get together.
A: I'd like to start with small groups just to get comfortable teaching. 5-6 people tops. If this takes off then I'd love to work with larger groups.
A: standard ball or full metal jacket (FMJ) ammo. Anything like hollow points, soft points, or specialty ammo is expensive and not meant for plinking. Walk in to any gun shop or sporting goods store (avoid Dick's), or even Walmart (for some types), and the gun counter people will be happy to help you. I've listed average prices so they don't direct you to the more expensive options. I've provided links just so you know what you're looking for, you don't have to buy in bulk! 🤣 Federal, Winchester, Aguila, Remington, PMC are all trusted brands. Avoid Ammo Inc, Tulammo, Wolf, Hornady Frontier. And get brass case only, no steel case.
I need people to bring a little of everything listed otherwise we'll bottleneck because I don't have 6 guns in each caliber.
-- .22 Long Rifle (30-40 grains are pretty common), get plated bullets please not bare lead Tis a hassle to clean is about 8 cents per round ($26 / box of 325 or $42 / box of 525)
-- 9x19mm Parabellum / Luger (115 grain is most common) approx. 30 cpr ($15 / box of 50)
-- .45 ACP (230 grains most common) approx. 42cpr ($21/box)
-- .223 Remington / 5.56 NATO (55 grains most common) approx. 45cpr ($9 / box of 20)
A: It's pretty difficult to find a space large enough to handle a group of new shooters and still offer personalized attention. I'm proposing we meet at Turkey Track, just north of Woodland Park along CO-67. Google maps will take you right there! NOTE: The road is a bit rough so I recommend SUVs. Or we can shuttle people from the parking area at the entrance. THIS IS ON NATIONAL FOREST LAND so it's not exactly improved (no asphalt, uneven ground, missing fencing, etc.)
A: I'm a mechanical engineer, and I take both my rights and firearms safety very seriously. I'm not a bad shot either. And I'm just a dude that understands how daunting it can be learning about firearms (taught myself, didn't grow up around guns).
A: Absolutely NO low cut shirts (V-necks) or open-toed shoes. Ejected casings are hot and will burn your skin if it stays in contact too long. If you wear a bra, it will be most unpleasant getting hot brass pressed on your boob (unless you're a masochist 🤣).
A: I added this for the potential downvoting and shade thrown. The right of any person to protect themselves, their families, innocent bystanders, and their property shouldn't be politicized. I choose to take every advantage I can against evil people instead of voting for others to become victims. You will always be the first responder in your own life. And when seconds count, the police are minutes away.
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2023.03.28 21:36 Medium_Sir_8773 where in the nine realms is team rwby.

possible spoiler warning you have been warned.
ive been away from the rwby community for a while due to reasons I feel like not getting into right now. but volume nine brought me back with a vengeance and this season is the best of all so far. and also a bit of an ironic number as well.
to those of you who are not aware of Norse mythology there is a tree of great power, the world tree Yggdrasil, which holds up the nine realms in there places till the coming day of ragnorok. and while I do belive it is mere coincidence the world tree holds up upon it's branches and in it's roots nine realms, much like the volume number which I find rather fascinating even if just happenstance.
now because of this possible reference to Norse mythos not just allice and wonderland many believe that they are in one of the nine realms. and that the ever after is a realm. and while I don't personally proscribe to this I do love a good conversation about mythology and so I will give a brief explination of the tree and it's features and then try to see if we can sus out where rwby and co are if they are indeed in yigdrasil.
the realms.
I will be starting at the top. then working my way down the branches to the roots. then I will give a brief explanation of the denizens of the tree itself. as well as going through a list of all the important defining features of each location.
  1. asgard. the home of the asiar gods. to those who don't watch marvel or play god of war this is the home of the main Nordic gods. it is akin to Olympus from Greek mythos. this is where most of the heavy hitters live like odin king of the asirir live also known as the all father, as well as his children, like thor god of thunder wielder of thor's hammer mujnir.
or others like balder the invincible god who his mother made the spirits of all things sware not to harm, save missle toe who's spirit was to young to sware and who's death heralds the start ragnorok, and even odins blood brother loki till the day his pranks killed balder where he was cast out.
it is where some fans ive seen speculate where the brother gods reside waiting for the day the relics return to remnant to cast judgment. it is also the home of vallhalla the hall of honored dead where those who died a glorious death or those who died in battle go to drink, eat and train till ragnorok begins.
  1. Liossalheim. sitting just below asgard some times known as alfheim is the land of the fae and light elves. this is a realm of light and magic the likes most even the gods could only dream of. and the elves and fae folk are considered the most pure by some. it's also the realm that some people think partly inspired a mid summers night dream and Oberon's children, as well as one of the inspirations of elves in the lord of the rings. if you wish to find unusual spirits of light. and the realm representing air.
  2. muspleheim. tied for third in order the realm of fire and the home of surt, or surter the fire giant and his people who await the final battle of ragnorok. not much to say about this realm outside the fact that this and one other realm are said to have been there before the other realms and helped to create midguard.
  3. vanaheim. right next to musplheim on the tree the land of nature and home of the vanir gods as well as the realm representing the sea for some reason. it is associated with growth, life and fertility and basically the complete opposite of the war like Asgardians. though littler information is left beyond this, so all we know is that it's where gods of nature and life reside.
  4. mudguard. in the literal middle of the tree the land we all know and the one most consider to be remnant in rwby Midgard is the land of we all know it so I won't waste anymore time explaining.

  1. joutinheim. much like musple and vana joutinheim is also tied for fourth place in ascending order with its neighbor. it's the land of the giants and is said to be home to some of the biggest of mountains and people, though ironically many of the joutin are actually rather short, so weather the giants are actually giants or it's a mistranslation is hard to say.

7 nifelheim. in a tie for fourth is nifelheim the realm of ice and cold and is said in some stories to be the second of two reams that created Midgard. the cold mixing with the heat to create the changing seasons and water we drink.
8 svartalheim. my personal favorite sometimes called nidevalir is the realm of the dwarves and represents earth. the home of the greatest blacksmiths and craftsmen in all the realms and the greatest's reserves of metal fit only for the gods, but also a realm of hording and greed with many dwarves turning into dragons the ultimate symbols of green in norse myth.
  1. helheim. the final realm the land of hel the land of the dead where all those who did not die in battle go to wait ragnorok's coming and join the final battle. and the hole of hel the goddess of death with half her body a corpus and half her body alive and the last child of loki. as well as hrasvelger the six winged bird who shall caw at the start of ragnorok to awaken the armies of the dead to the final battle.
  2. Yggdrasil - finally Yggdrasil it'self the world tree. the tree is not a physical location in the traditional sense and few depictions of it exists in verse so not much is known what the tree actually looks like.
what we do know is that at the base four stages guard the trunk and eat the leaves of the tree that hang down.
atop the tree is a mighty hawk who sits between the eyes of a larger eagle (mythology is weird) and they watch the worlds and manipulate weather as well as baring great knowledge and wisdom.
next is a favorite rototusker the squirrel god. who hops about the branches of the tree sending messages between the bird and the stags, while the hawk sends messages from the bird to the dragon.
and lastly the dragon who knaws at the roots of the world nidhogg. fun fact calling someone ah nidhogg or to be a nidhogg is to call someone a thief, an adulterers', a murderer or a cannabil. (you can not make this stuff up it's so crazy)
possible realms.
now there are a couple theories in this vain and I will go over two in brief and then at the end I will give my take. now if you have your own theories or have more information and want to know more that I didn't cover I encourage you to look things up for yourself and learn something.
A. one theory is that the vaults are actually realms of the world tree. so ozpin somehow used the realm the gods already made to hide the relics, two relics in realms created by the god of light, and two in realms created by the god of darkness.
this theory also posits that before remnant there were four realms each per god. with the god of light having asgard, Liossalheim, vanaheim and svartalheim. while the god of darkness having helhiem, muspleheim, nifielheim, and joutinhiem.
now while the exact order of these realms could be debated slightly, having the god of light having realms of life and light and one of dwarven craftsmen makes some logic, while the god of dark having the land of the dead, and the other more chaotic realms of fire and ice and the dangerous and sometimes evil giants also makes some sense.
and if true the realms then we could simply roughly guess where the relics where based on where the area the relics where found in there vaults.
though for me this theory is already up a creak, as there are no vast deserts in any of the realms that the god of light controls by this theory, save maybe svartalheim land of the dwarves. but for the lamp that makes little sense unless ozpin mixed them up on purpose for some reason.
And the staff of creation is located in in a grassy field which some pose may be Liossalheim, or vanaheim. and while I could see the latter being a good place being that the vanir are gods of life and fertility a form of creation, It would make more sense for the dwarven realm of svartelheim to house the staff.
further more my biggest problem is if these realms are truly the other of the nine then what is to stop anything from going to another realm from remnant for some reason or any of the not so nice creatures of the eight of nin going to remnant or middguard.
this the second is while less unlikely to me it's not my favorite. the second is that the vualts are not actually different realms of the tree but representations of four of the realms. namely ones based on seasons and elements. air, water, stone, and fire. however in sorta an opposite realm to suppress there power, like holding a fire bender in a freezer or a water bender in an oven to keep there power in check and from drawing more grimm then wanted.
so knowledge opened by spring would be hidden in a place of decay like svartalhiem, or musplemeim. while creation opened by winter would be in muspleheim, of fire.
thus by extension the destruction opened by summer would be in a land of winter nifelheim, and the crown opened by fall would be in a land of spring and life like vanaheim.
while I can see the logic behind this and the theming is kind of neat I just don't see the point outside being a cool visual nod. which if that is the case I'm down for that I just don't see the point.

C? as a quick side some people think that ever after is a vault and if one goes through the door properly you won't end up in the vault like rwby and co did. or it's actually the beacon vault, which if ever after is the beacon vault I could see that as an interesting way of doing things.
my thoughts.
my personal choice to which you can agree or disagree with if this theory is true is that I belive that the team are actually in Helheim the realm of the dead. and now before anyone blows a dust cartage hear my out.
if the world tree thing is real the land of the dead ironicly makes the most sense. hel in norse is sorta more like a waiting room for the dead as hel is actually believed by some to be the norse word for hall so while vallhalla is the hall of the slain hel is just a hall. and to add to this in some interpretations of hel from norse myth living people could visit the dead. as hel is part of the world tree and thus a physical location, as such the only rule being the dead couldn't leave.
and the ever after is a world where people can't die, sort of and the residents are basically in a constant state of limbo, they can't live there own life, but they also can't die ether.
now before anyone say's that means pyrrha will be here no she would not.
hel is the hall of the dead, pyrrha was slain in battle thus would be valhalla not Helheim. now Valhalla is also a phisical location as well but unless rwby decides to have the relics coming together be ragnorok I can say with near certainty we will not see her again as they would have to go to asgard to see valhalla.
no if this is hel the tree could just be a physical manifestation of yiggdrasill that is present in all realms. and thus they need it to get out, and the blacksmith who was curiously making butterfly wings just after the caterpillar ascended could be Hel herself loki's daughters. as notice how parts of her body are machine like or even cybernetic, maybe even half her body much like a goddess of death. and they will need her help to get out as after all only the living can leave the land of the dead, a land where people stay for an eternity after they die.
something to think about.
again I do not personally think this theory is true but I do find it interesting and worth talking about. now that I have shared everything I know what do you think. share your thoughts and idea's and have a wonderful day and don't forget to love yourself.
submitted by Medium_Sir_8773 to RWBY [link] [comments]