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Lửa Bóng Rổ

Số tập: The plot is based in "Pi Li University" where basketball has been a sport that is forgotten and very much relegated. The daughter of the principal for the University, Li Ying or also known as 'W' was the former consultant in the NBA came back after a failed relationship to take over the basketball team and she is determined to turn the basketball team which had never won any matches for many years to glory. Then came one country boy, Yuan Da Ying who is extremely passionate about basketball joined the team along with Dong Fang Xiang, a legend in the making and said to be the MVP during the previous year championship when he was playing for another school. The story not only revolves around basketball as it has a fair bit of love and relationship entanglement that makes this drama - Hot Shot (Lan Qiu Huo) more exciting. Source: http://www.groundreport.com/Lifestyle/The-most-exciting-Taiwanese-Drama-Hot-Shot

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