Cuckold anal

Kinks and limits. Not in any particular order.

2023.06.01 07:30 Unlucky-Chicken378 Kinks and limits. Not in any particular order.


Incest, non-con/dub-con, name calling, degrading, futanari, feet, foot worship, footjobs, anal, ass worship, rimmjobs, cbt, sph, cock and ball worship, blowjobs, sloppy blowjobs, drool, face fucking, deepthroating, throat fucking, gagging, choking, swallowing, facials, lots of cum, cumplay, cum diet, kissing, kissing with tongue, biting, hickeys, saliva/spit, toys, pegging, foreplay, fingering, finger sucking, cunnilingus, squirting, piss, pissplay, sounding, object insertion, multiple object insertion, unusual object insertion, light/heavy bdsm, ball gag, leather, latex, orgasm control, orgasm denial, dom/sub, powertops, powerbuttoms, rough sex, creampie, breeding, impregnation, pregnancy, lactation, breastfeeding, nipple sucking, praise, aftercare, cuddling, handjobs, rewards, punishments, abuse, painplay, hair pulling, slapping, punching, spanking, whipping, kicking, ball blasting, fisting, pussy torture, torture, knifeplay, cutting, blood, gore, screaming, crying, fearplay, kidnapping, gunplay, alcohol, drugs, ageplay, agegap, groping, squeezing, nipple squeezing, teasing, humiliation, cuckold, gangbang, double penetration, stomach bugle, throat bugle, clothed sex, leggings, heels, stockings, lingerie, public sex, almost caught, caught, cheating, blackmail, corruption, mind break, raceplay, slaveplay, petplay, collar and leash, thigh worship, thighjobs, body worship, breast worship, breastplay, titjobs, nippleplay, nipple biting, nipple penetration, forced orgasm, orgasming, sleepplay, freeuse, forced bi, hypnosis, mind control, aliens, parasites, tentacles, fully through, unrealistic sizes, centaurs, minotaurs, beastiality, furries, nekos, elves, succubus, angels, spirits, monsters, vampires, werewolves, mummies, goblins, reptiles, sirens, mermaids, slimes, and dragons.


Feminization, crossdressing, gender bending, sissification, chasity, breathplay, vomit, musk, smell, diapers, scat, bimbo, bimbofication, body modification, needles, severed limbs, close to death, vore, and death.
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2023.05.28 14:24 BaronVonRoleplay Kinklist

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2023.05.25 16:31 Aldavis1976 Feminization and Femdom caging question

My partner and I are interested in trying some feminization femdom, maybe with cuckolding. We had a question about caging my cock. Can it lead to long term shrinking of my penis?
Also does caging and orgasm denial lead to any hypersensitivity from anal or anything else?
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2023.05.20 20:27 AnusDood New, and improved, kink list!

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2023.05.16 15:01 HighOnCokeForAStroke All the pron subreddits

Did you mean this?
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Thighs datgap thighhighs thickthighs thighdeology
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2023.05.14 20:11 twistedfun113 My Kinks

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2023.05.10 10:06 The-AJLeegion My Introduction

I've been on here in the past, I typically go by the name AJ Leegion (can't use it as I used it previously) as you can tell I'm very much into AJ Lee or AJ Mendez these days I guess. I've got a huge obsession for her. I've been wanking to AJ Lee since 2010 when she made her NXT debut. To this date, she's the only woman I've loved upon first sight. I watched wrestling itself fairly regularly from 2001 onwards, but I started falling out with it after AJ Lee retired as there wasn't much reason for me to watch, Sasha Banks & Alexa Bliss pro-longed my interest for a few years, as I found them similar bodywise to AJ, but with Sasha departing WWE, and Alexa Bliss constantly taking time out, these days there is no one I care enough about competing anymore, that said even those two are starting to make me feel meh these days, AJ Lee is my one constant, I'm almost close to being an AJ Lee exclusive guy, and on the entertainment side of things, I find the flippy indy style complete dogshit, I miss the larger than life characters, the behemoths with guys like Stone Cold, Goldberg, Kane, Undertaker & Batista going at it, todays "wrestlers" just look like your everyday average Joes.
But back to AJ Lee, I love everything about her, she is cute, funny, smart, a huge nerd, she's tiny as fuck, yet even with her petite stature, her little legs are so meaty and stacked, her thighs alone are one of my favorite things about her, all her fat being compact into those little legs, that give her that fun stocky appearance, plus they look so smooth and shiny, ok, I'm getting hard just thinking about them. It's not just those frontal quads either, it's the beefy hamstrings at the back, and the rest of her legs, the kneecaps, shins, calves, boney little ankles, she is a very tasty girl from head to toe. I also love her little bubble butt, it may not be as big as some women, and some guys will probably say "what ass" but she still has padding for her size, and enough of it for her ass to jiggle, besides I'm not into giant clown asses anyway, they look too comical, shape and anal grip strength over size for me, and I bet she is tight as a fucking vice. I also love her pussy from the few times her lips came close to popping out her little boothy shorts, I bet she's packing if her shorts can barely contain all that meat down below. I like her big toothy smile, wide nose & gaping nostrils, that thing she does where she tilts her head up and you see them flaring. Also her huge cum target forehead, her oversized rodent like ears, her throat, I love how you can visibly see her esophagus muscle, but more on that at a later time, her tight abs, tongue, eyes, perky little nips and even the shape of her skull, love how her cranium is perfectly rounded, I pretty much love everything about her body, it's perfect to me.
I hope to use this page on here to post anything about AJ Lee that gets me aroused, from pictures of her that make me cum, to my many lewd confessions about her, I'm hoping to get back into doing cum tributes to her soon, I already have a bunch that I did a few years back, but am looking forward to dropping more loads on her pretty face. I might post comments on some subreddits, but for the most part, I will only be posting content to my own page, I find subreddits too unreliable when they can close down at an instant and I don't want to go through the trouble of having to post it all again. I'm also a really huge Tifa Lockhart fan, just throwing it out there, if she was real she might even rival my love for AJ Lee.
My kinks are definitely on the more extreme side, and if they offend you then simply tough shit, I'm not here to try and please others, I'm posting on here for my own enjoyment, and there are some pretty fucked up things I'd like to do to AJ Lee. Bondage and pain play being among some of my most wanted, I'd love to have her gagged, and tied into all sorts of positions looking all vulnerable, her flexible little body would be great for tying her up like a pretzel, the pain play side would be me using things like whips, cattle prods, choking, slapping, clamps, trying to find various ways to make her squeal like a pig for me, because I also love me some pet play, be it doggy, pony, and yes pig being my favorite for her, complete with dressing her up and walking her on all fours on a leash, that's why they're MY kiinks, there's plenty of shit I find weird out there which I will list soon in my dislikes. I also love the idea of generally getting rough with her with facefucking til she pukes, waterboarding her, pissing in her mouth, no doubt she is the absolute best piss swallower in the world, and if you see her esophagus muscle, you just know she'd be making loud thunderous gulps while that muscle bulges, I really want to piss in her mouth. My biggest dream though is to impregnate her heavily, I'd love to put my seed in her belly, making her gain that mommy weight on her legs, belly, tits and ass, taking her to her lamaze classes, feeding her cravings, my little Rican sow would make a perfect mother.
As for my dislikes, I hate death talk, gore, poop, incest, domme females, gay, trans, sissies, cuckolding, spousal talk (I don't like her husband I think he's a prick, chances are if you are a fan of him we won't get along.) I'm not fond of blacked scenarios either, it's so overplayed, I'm really sick of seeing it, and usually it's to the theme of cuckolding where you have some white sissy sat off to the side watching, it's just become eye roll inducing. If you're woke, just fuck off, you've already ruined everything.
I don't really like to do wank chats anymore, that said I'm not completely against them, just most of the time, people don't know how to formulate a sentence, or they want "feeding" and the internet in general feels too safe and sterile, most guys these days don't have the balls to make lewd comments about women they like anymore, the media has brainwashed people into thinking it's bad to sexualize women. I miss the days of yahoo messenger when two guys used to mutually wank over degrading a girl they both liked, now the rougher shit is frowned upon and guys seem more interested in wanting to suck each other off instead of talking about the woman, or they just want to be humiliated by them while they refer to them as "queens", I've grown fed up caring about chats as a results, that said if you want to ask me something about AJ Lee in messages I'm not opposed to aswering some questions, or talking a bit about her body, but for now I'm done with wank chats.
And I will say this here and now for any trollish comments, or the "gO tOuCh GrAsS" commenters, because one, I won't reply, I'm not having online arguments cluttering up my feed, no one ever wins them, and two, I will just outright block you so I have one less idiot to deal with. You don't know how active I am, I like my workouts, going for long walks in the park to read a good book, I mow my fucking lawn, I get enough fresh air and exercise to keep me sane. I do this for fun because I like AJ Lee, "bUt YoU dOn'T eVeN kNoW hEr" I don't need to, she's cute as fuck and she makes my cock feel good, don't need much more reason than that. "HoW dArE yOu SeXuAlIzE a FeMaLe MuH kWeEn" They're not fucking monarchs, majority of them are and do act like sluts, so no I have no sympathy, don't preach to me about women empowerment or sexualizing them when majority of them find it all too easy to flaunt their bodies for profits, internet used to be a fun place to be before a bunch of gender confused twats and SJWs started censoring everything, this is also another reason for me posting on here as a big middle finger to the system as that not everyone is going to take it, you can cry and moan about it, but I'll keep posting about what I want, don't like it, then fuck off and block me.
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