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2023.06.03 12:29 PoziTrol What is important in a subscription box?

Hi! I'll be making my own brand offering subscription box with loose leaf teas, based in central/eastern Europe. I want to hear opinions on what would you like to see in that kind of service? Which price would seem fine, how many teas per box and how many grams of each? Would love to see all kinds of comments and discuss anything.
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2023.06.03 12:28 YamCultural4497 The guys at MetaMask know how to make cool airdrop. I admire their success every time!

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2023.06.03 12:27 Leather-Assistant622 I planted this flower bed and my landlord says she’ll mow it if i dont “clean it up” any suggestions on how to make this look neater?

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2023.06.03 12:27 alexsinha Most Entertaining Kedarnath Tour Packages From Rishikesh Influencers You Must Visit — 2023

Most Entertaining Kedarnath Tour Packages From Rishikesh Influencers You Must Visit — 2023

How to Achieve Your Kedarnath Tour Packages.

kedarnath tour package from Rishikesh
Planning a pilgrimage to the sacred town of Kedarnath? Look than the Kedarnath tour package from Rishikesh.
Nestled amidst the majestic Himalayas, Kedarnath offers a divine experience that is sure to leave you enchanted. Combine it with the serene and spiritual vibes of Rishikesh, and you have a perfect itinerary for a soulful journey. 🙏

🌟 Explore the Kedarnath Tour Package from Rishikesh 🌟

The Kedarnath tour package from Rishikesh is thoughtfully crafted to provide you with a seamless and fulfilling journey.
Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you:
Day 1:
Arrival in Rishikesh Upon your arrival in Rishikesh, take some time to immerse yourself in the tranquil ambience of this holy city. Visit the iconic Laxman Jhula and Ram Jhula, explore the ashrams, and witness the evening Ganga Aarti, a mesmerizing ceremony on the banks of the sacred River Ganges.
Day 2:
Rishikesh to Kedarnath Embark on a scenic journey from Rishikesh to Kedarnath. The route takes you through picturesque landscapes, winding roads, and charming mountain villages. Arrive in Kedarnath and check into your accommodation. Spend the evening exploring the holy town and visiting the ancient Kedarnath Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva.
Day 3:
Darshan at Kedarnath Temple Rise early and participate in the morning rituals at the Kedarnath Temple. After the darshan, you can explore the surrounding natural beauty, take a dip in the holy Mandakini River, or indulge in some peaceful meditation.
Day 4:
Return to Rishikesh Bid farewell to Kedarnath and make your way back to Rishikesh. Take in the scenic vistas and reflect upon the spiritual experiences of your journey. Upon reaching Rishikesh, you can spend the evening exploring more of the city’s spiritual offerings or indulge in some rejuvenating yoga and meditation sessions.

🙏 Explore the Kedarnath Itinerary from Rishikesh🙏

It provides a well-organized itinerary, comfortable accommodations, and expert guidance throughout your journey. A Kedarnath itinerary from Rishikesh is your gateway to unlocking the mystical magic of this sacred pilgrimage. Allow yourself to immerse yourself in the divine energies and connect with your inner self as you embark on this transformational adventure.

🌈 Kedarnath Rishikesh Package🌈

When selecting a Kedarnath Rishikesh package, consider factors such as accommodation quality, transportation convenience, knowledgeable guides, and the reputation of the tour operator. A reputable package provider ensures a comfortable journey and enriching experiences, allowing you to focus on the spiritual aspects of your trip.

👍 Do’s:

Do research and choose a reputable tour operator: Select a reliable and experienced tour operator for your Kedarnath tour package. Look for customer reviews, ratings, and recommendations to make an informed decision.
Do pack essentials: Pack appropriate clothing, including warm layers and comfortable walking shoes, as the weather in Kedarnath can be unpredictable. Don’t forget to carry the necessary medications, personal items, and valid ID proof.
Do follow the guidance of your tour guide: Listen attentively to your tour guide’s instructions and follow their guidance during the trip. They are knowledgeable about the local customs, traditions, and safety precautions.
Do respect the sacredness of the surroundings: Show reverence and respect for the religious sites and the local culture. Observe the dress code and follow any specific rituals or practices while visiting temples and holy places.
Do stay hydrated and take breaks: Kedarnath is situated at a high altitude, so it’s essential to stay hydrated. Carry a water bottle and take frequent breaks to rest and acclimatize to the altitude during your journey.

👎 Don’ts:

Don’t litter or harm the environment: Maintain the sanctity of the surroundings by disposing of waste responsibly. Avoid littering and harming the fragile ecosystem. Keep the surroundings clean and pristine for future pilgrims.
Don’t ignore safety precautions: Be cautious during the trek and follow the safety guidelines provided by your tour operator. Avoid taking unnecessary risks and heed the advice of your guide regarding challenging terrain or weather conditions.
Don’t disrupt peace and tranquillity: Maintain a peaceful and serene environment by refraining from loud noises, disruptive behaviour, or unnecessary chatter. Allow yourself and others to immerse themselves in the spiritual ambience of the pilgrimage.
Don’t indulge in alcohol or non-vegetarian food: Kedarnath is a place of religious significance, and it is customary to abstain from alcohol and non-vegetarian food during the pilgrimage. Respect the local customs and traditions.
Don’t rush the experience: Take your time to absorb the spiritual energy and immerse yourself in the divine surroundings. Allow the journey to unfold at its own pace and embrace the serenity and tranquility of the pilgrimage.

💫 Rishikesh Kedarnath Trip: A Divine Journey 💫

As you traverse the sacred path, you’ll witness nature’s magnificence, encounter the spirituality ingrained in every step, and find solace in the serene surroundings. The journey from Rishikesh Kedarnath trip is not just a physical one it’s a transformative experience for the soul. This pilgrimage is an opportunity to connect with your inner self, seek blessings, and gain a deeper understanding of the divine.

🚀 The Perfect Kedarnath and Rishikesh Tour Package 🚀

A well-designed tour package ensures a hassle-free experience, with accommodation, transportation, and guided tours take care of. To make the most of your Kedarnath and Rishikesh tour packages, consider booking a tour package that covers both destinations. You can choose from various package options that suit your preferences, whether you’re looking for a short pilgrimage or an extended spiritual retreat.

📃Frequently Asked Questions📃

1️⃣ Q: What is included in a Kedarnath tour package from Rishikesh?
A: Kedarnath tour packages from Rishikesh typically include transportation, accommodation, meals, and guided tours. They offer a comprehensive itinerary that covers important landmarks and ensures a smooth pilgrimage experience.
2️⃣ Q: How long is the typical itinerary for a Kedarnath tour from Rishikesh?
A: The duration of a Kedarnath tour from Rishikesh can vary. Most tour packages range from 4 to 7 days, allowing ample time for travel, darshan (prayer), and exploration of the surrounding areas.
3️⃣ Q: What are some popular attractions to visit in Rishikesh and Kedarnath?
A: In Rishikesh, you can explore iconic landmarks like Laxman Jhula and Ram Jhula, visit ashrams, and attend Ganga Aarti on the banks of the Ganges. In Kedarnath, the main attraction is the ancient Kedarnath Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, which holds immense spiritual significance.
4️⃣ Q: Is it necessary to hire a guide for the Kedarnath tour from Rishikesh?
A: While it is not mandatory, hiring a guide for your Kedarnath tour can greatly enhance your experience. A knowledgeable guide provides insights into the history, traditions, and spiritual significance of the places you visit, ensuring a deeper understanding of the pilgrimage.
5️⃣ Q: What is the best time to undertake a Kedarnath tour package from Rishikesh?
A: The best time to visit Kedarnath from Rishikesh is during the summer months of May to June and the autumn months of September and October. These periods offer favorable weather conditions, making it easier for treks and outdoor activities.


4 Days Goa Tour Package with North Goa & Dudhsagar
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2023.06.03 12:27 kararenya I hope Gosho knows how to make a proper ending for Detective Conan

One of my crack theories on why Detective Conan hasn't ended is that Gosho secretly loves the Black Organization and wants to make sure that they go out in a cool way and not from a bad plot twist.
And by a bad plot twist, think of it as the ending of Naruto Shippuden where the main villain was just so overpowered where the author of Naruto Shippuden didn't know how to take that character out of the story so he made the main villain died in a stupid way.
Keep in mind that there has never been a war yet in Detective Conan with the Black Organization, only battles.
And speaking of battles, I don't know any anime that has done a war correctly. Wars have strategy, tactics, and are based on factions of people in separate battles, winning and losing objectives towards the ultimate goal.
This means that when it comes time to the official war in Detective Conan, we don't want to see a handful of characters kicking ass and saving everyone.
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2023.06.03 12:27 TheRollingPeepstones The 1998 disappearance and murder of 7-year-old Nikolett Szathmáry in Gyula, Hungary

Hi there! I apologize for any mistakes that stem from being inexperienced, this is my first post here. I have been thinking about posting Hungarian cases on the sub, but this is the first time I actually found the time to do it. I will attach a few sources - English ones seem to be impossible to come by, although there might be one or two related to a possible theory that was since dismissed, I will attach these. The following post is a loose translation of information coming from Hungarian Wikipedia and other Hungarian news articles.
Nikolett Edit Szathmáry was born on July 8, 1990, in Gyula, Békés county, Hungary, to parents Sándor Szathmáry and Edit Szilágyi. Her hometown, Gyula has a population of ~28 000 people and lies in the southeastern corner of Hungary, 5 kilometres (3 miles) from the border with Romania. Most likely due to Nikolett's young age, there is very little information available regarding her upbringing, but it is known that her parents divorced and Nikolett lived with her mother, Edit and her two brothers. (Edit remarried in 2011, to one of the police officers that were involved in the case.) In 1998, at the time of the disappearance, Nikolett was a student in the local No. 5 Elementary School, and Edit supported the family by working as a cleaner in local exhibition halls. Nikolett was a happy, joyful child who was very attached to her mother, but she was also very confident for her age and she regularly walked home on her own from school. She liked to go out in nature with her uncle to watch wild ducks, often went to her friends' homes to hang out with them, and attended extracurricular activities like folk dance classes.
Wednesday, January 14, 1998 started as a regular day for the family. In a 2001 interview, Edit recalled the day of her disappearance: "It was a completely average morning. I woke her up, brought her a cup of cocoa, then we went to school together. We said goodbye to each other, she spent the day in school, then around 2 PM, she walked to her folk dance class. The class was over sometime before 4 PM, they let the kids go a little early that day. Shortly after 4 PM, I went to pick her up, although I previously told her I would not be able to pick her up that day. I wrapped up work and headed out [to Ferenc Erkel Cultural Centre, where her class was]. Maybe if I chose to head home instead, we would've met halfway."
Nikolett did not stay behind to wait for her mother. She began to walk home, as she did many times before without any issues. She left the Cultural Centre in downtown Gyula around 4 PM, and during the walk home, she encountered her pediatrician. They chatted for a little bit and walked together for a while. However, they parted at the neighborhood grocery store, and Nikolett continued on her way alone. Most articles say that this store was no further than 300 metres (about 1000 feet) from her home. According to the receipt the pediatrician showed to police, she paid at the grocery store check-out counter at 4:08. After this point, there were no eyewitnesses that ever saw Nikoletta alive again.
Edit was not particularly worried at first when Nikolett was not home in time, as she was known to visit friends after school on occasion. Until 8 PM, the family tried looking for her in places she could possibly have been, to no avail. At this point, they called the police. A warrant was issued for a blue-eyed girl, around 140 - 145 cm (4' 7" - 4' 9") tall, wearing a purple jacket, pink knitted hat, a green sweatshirt, and a yellow school backpack. The Békés County Police Department searched the town of Gyula and the adjacent woods and wetlands, with no results. Hundreds of police officers were deployed to the town to assist with the search. Special K9 units were also deployed, including Mancs ("Paw"), Hungary's most famous German Shepherd rescue dog who later saved a 3-year-old girl in the aftermath of the 1999 Izmit earthquake in Turkey, and participated in the search and rescue efforts during the 2001 earthquakes in El Salvador and India. 3 000 apartments were searched in the neighbourhood, and they even drained a canal that runs through the town of Gyula. Search helicopters were also used. However, despite the efforts, police was unable to locate Nikolett. Police processed hundreds of reports, none of which lead to any progress with the investigation.
The Békés County Police Department offered a 3 million HUF (around 14 000 USD at the time, a very large sum in 1998 Hungary) to anyone who could provide useful information regarding the circumstances of the disappearance. The mayor of Gyula offered another 500 000 HUF (~2 300 USD). Neither reward was ever claimed. Due to the events, fear spread through the town, and parents did not allow their children to go anywhere on their own. Baseless rumours started spreading, linking Nikolett's disappearance to organ harvesting, but there was no evidence to suggest this. Moreover, Gyula's closeness to the Romanian border and relative closeness to Serbia also led to speculations that Nikolett's disappearance could be the work of a local who escaped the country, or a foreigner who just arrived in town. An international warrant was also issued and Nikolett was added to Interpol's list of missing children worldwide.
Location of the body
For the next three years, there were absolutely no advancements in the case, until February 20, 2001. Thatching workers were collecting straw in the wetlands by Road 44 near the outskirts of Gyula, when they found a large plastic bag. They realized that the bag contained human remains, and the police were informed. Forensic experts determined that the body was likely submerged in water for an extended period of time. Police claimed that this may have been the reason why rescue dogs did not alert in 1998 when the same area was searched. The body found was in a completely skeletal state, with only a blouse and a pair of socks. The backpack, coat, pants, and underwear were never found. Due to these circumstances, it was theorized that she may have been sexually assaulted, although any concrete evidence of that would have been long gone. DNA samples were taken - actually, this was the first case ever in Hungary where DNA was extracted from bones. Getting the results took over six months, which confirmed that the located remains belonged to Nikolett Szathmáry. Finally, the family was able to have a proper burial for her.
Possible perpetrators
According to one article, an anonymous police officer claimed to media that "investigators had and still have suspicions about a possible perpetrator, but there was never enough evidence to support a criminal case". A man named Mihály Rostás, who was 39 years old at the time, was the main suspect. This man committed a few murders in the area; he had three confirmed victims. He committed his first murder in Sarkad, a town 14 kilometres (about 9 miles) north of Gyula. After an argument in a pub, he followed and stabbed his victim to death. He dragged the body to the nearby wetlands and hid it there. (This does show similarities to Nikolett's case.) The second case was the brutal double murder of an elderly couple that happened in Sándorhegy, a suburb of Gyula. After this murder, Rostás was still at large, living in Gyula at the time of Nikolett's disappearance. In early 1998, when she disappeared, he lived less than 2 kilometres from where Nikolett's remains were found. Later, Rostás was caught by police and was sentenced to life in prison for the three murders. Investigators regularly interrogated Rostás in prison. According to the anonymous officer's report, he said: "I know why you are here, I know what you want to hear. I want to live". The death penalty in Hungary was abolished in 1990 - Rostás likely referred to the fact that being known as a child-murderer could have resulted in his death by the hands of his fellow prisoners. He died in prison without ever confessing to any crimes other than the three murders.
Another lead, that is most likely false but still worth mentioning, was discovered on August 2, 2021. A man from Gyula named László Horváth was arrested by police on the suspicion of having produced child pornography. Horváth, a well-known local figure, was a karate instructor, and a report from the parents of a pupil of his resulted in his arrest: the 10-year-old claimed that Horváth touched him inappropriately. The case was heavily politicized due to Horváth having been a local candidate for the political party Jobbik. Jobbik, once characterized as a nationalistic, far-right party, took an unexpected turn in the late 2010s: the far-right radicals in the party leadership left to form another party, and the remaining leadership steered Jobbik in a more centre-right direction, even going as far as joining centre-left parties in a coalition to defeat Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's party, Fidesz, in the 2022 election. This move made Jobbik a newfound enemy of Hungarian media outlets owned by the government party or its associates. This was likely the reason that as soon as DNA was taken from László Horváth as part of standard police procedures, multiple news sources jumped to make connections between Nikolett's case and Horváth, a suspected pedophile living in the same town where she was murdered. One news source, Magyar Narancs, correctly concluded that it is unlikely that the fact DNA was taken had anything to do with Nikolett's case, as her remains had no DNA evidence that could be linked to the killer. However, this same source also erroneously reported that there was no DNA analysis available in Hungary in 2001 - this is incorrect. As of 2023, there were no other reports connecting Horváth to the case.
I was not able to find any other possible leads online that has any chance of credibility. I came across an article that details the claims of a so-called "spirit medium", but it only contains information already publicly known, or laughably vague details that cannot be corroborated in any way. Despite the death of Mihály Rostás, Nikolett's mother Edit claims she believes the real killer is still at large, but she admits this is only based on feelings. In the early 2000s, there were suspicions that the case of another missing child, Tamás Till, could be connected. Tamás disappeared May 28, 2000 in Baja, Bács-Kiskun county. However, Baja is about 220 km (~140 miles) from Gyula, and there is no evidence of a connection.
Some sources
I used other articles as well, but I honestly didn't keep very good track of it, as I assume most readers would not be able to read them anyway.
These are connected to the lead that is most likely false.
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2023.06.03 12:26 Beansprout_257 How to make automatic recurring payments to hecs debt?

I have around 30k in hecs debt from my psych degree. I'm aware you can make manual voluntary payments into hecs via the ATO but how do you make this automatic?
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2023.06.03 12:26 MR_Chuan Advice needed for feacal floatation

Advice needed for feacal floatation
Me and my labmates were trying to find cestode eggs from fecal samples of cats and dogs using self-prepared Sheather's sugar solution. There are a few issues we came across.
  1. Slides prepared usually contain large amount bubbles, and with faecal debris as well as sand. It makes observing difficult. How should we improve the clarity?
  2. We do know it is better to collect fresh samples for better results. However, it is quite difficult. What are the conditions where the faeces is no longer suitable for diagnosis?
  3. We also don't have access to a centrifuge. Nematode and other protozoa eggs is quite common to found but not cestode. Is there any tips that helps us to improve the yield on cestodes?
  4. What are the chances that proglottids migrated far away from host faeces?
Thanks in advance !
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2023.06.03 12:25 callme_al90 My night shift nightmare

I work in hospitality, a very popular chain company here at the UK, I won't mention the name, but I can honestly say, it's the best job I've ever had, I didn't think I would enjoy a job so much especially working the night shifts. When I was being interviewed, everything was sounding amazing until they mentioned I would be working completely alone, I have to admit that made my heart skip a beat and I almost refused the job. But honestly accepting the job was the best thing I ever did and being there for nearly 2 years has proven that, I still can't believe I work there. The staff are amazing, the guests are 99.9% pleasant and overall I'm very happy.
But of course, where there's good, there is bad. Sure I've dealt with awkard guests, guests who came back drunk after a night out, I even had to kick out a few guests because they were being way too loud and disturbing other guests sleeping. So it's not all sun shine and roses I admit but that doesn't put me off my job. Until one night where a guest made me question that very thing.
It happened a few weeks ago, I arrived at my normal time to take over from evening staff, the duty manager that was working took me to one side and gave me the run down on what happened to her and the staff that evening during dinner service. According to her, the 2 guests (a man and a woman) who is staying in room 1 was acting very strange, apparently they stepped out to have a cigarette but the guy was disturbing the guests who was eating dinner, by slamming his entire body against the windows that looked into the restaurant, shouting profanities, and making rude hand gestures. He then disappeared for a few minutes then came back with a fire extinguisher that he got from our bin shed. Whilst all this was happening, the duty manager stepped out and gave him a warning and told him if they disturb any more guests or attempts to destroy the hotel property again, they'll be out. Apparently the guy made some empty threatening remarks then disappeared back into his room with his lady friend.
The duty manager assured me that it's highly doubtful that the strange couple will come out of their room for the rest of the night and that everything should be ok. Oh how wrong she was.
After the duty manger and front of house staff left at around 11.15pm, i locked the doors and grabbed my panic button, something that the manager insists us night shift workers wear as a precaution, and although I never had to use it, I'm very glad I wore it that night. I knuckled down and got on with my duties, cleaning, setting up continental breakfast, emptying rubbish bags, counting the till, restocking juices and defrosting pancakes, crumpets and muffins. Little but necessary jobs. At around 1.30am I just finished mopping and getting ready to sit down to take a little break with some snacks and scroll through my phone in the restaurant area, I was just about to take a bite when all of a sudden I heard the hotel door open. It was the couple from room 1, making their way outside to have another cigarette. Going by what the duty manager told me about the guy I didn't feel at all safe being alone in the open, so I gathered all my things and made my way to the office where I could lock myself in a keep an eye on them on the CCTV monitor.
Some time went by, and the lady made her way back in, and she did not look at all well, she was walking so slowly, like she was in pain, swaying while she walked, stopping every few steps, but she managed to get back into her room from what I can see on the monitors. The guy how ever was not at all in a rush to go back to the room. He made his way back in the hotel with his key card and decided he was going to explore the restaurant area, ok nothing alarming, at first i thought he was looking for me, and I almost opened the door to let him know I was there, until I looked up at the monitor and there he was standing on a table and dancing, now I know that doesn't sound at all threatening but you have to admit, very strange behaviour. So instead of opening the door, I decided to observe him for a while and for the next hour or so, his behaviour went from strange, to damn right disturbing.
As I said he started off by just dancing on a table, then danced around the restaurant area, then made his way to the lobby area where he decided to stand very still like a statue, then a few seconds later, move position, then stand still again. Again not very threatening, in fact I was giggling a little just watching him doing what ever the heck he was doing. But the worse was yet to come.
At around 2.45am the guy was still acting strange, he was constantly going in and out of the hotel, dancing some more and jumping around. Then he decided it would be a good idea to take the condiment tray, take a seat on the chair behind the desk and start drinking the ketchup and brown sauce. Ok, now his behaviour has gone from strange, to a bit concerning. I was not about to open the office and tell him he needs to stop what he's doing and go back to his room, being a lone female worker I wasn't about to put myself in any danger, but I wasn't in enough danger to call anybody so again, I just watched him. As time went on his behaviour slowly went from concerning to disgusting.
Around 3.25am after he finished drinking the condiments, he got up and took his shirt off and wiped away the sauce that was around his mouth, he then draped his shirt over the desk chair walked around a little bit until he came to a complete stop and slowly turned his head towards the office door. Now I'm scared, the way he slowly walked towards the office door, the way he made direct eye contact at the camera as if to say, "I know you're in there watching me" he pressed his body against the office door and started kissing it whilst making direct eye contact with the camera, he then started putting his hand down his shorts and yes he was doing exactly what you're thinking. I felt sick, my whole body broke into a kind of frozen mode, like I couldn't believe what I was looking at but I knew I had to do something and fast.
So I pressed my panic button and called the police, I wanted him gone, time was passing fast and pretty soon breakfast service would be starting and I didn't want any other guests to be in danger. As I was on the phone to the police I spoke in a kind of whisper talk, so the guy right outside the door couldn't hear me, I told the dispatcher everything and of course they sent a call out for officers to come to the hotel to see the situation. It was just before 4am when the police officers arrived, and the guy was still in the lobby area but not doing what he was doing before. Instead in a very dramatic way he went down on his knees and yelled "not me, not me" I made my way out of the office, feeling safer that the police were there and whilst he was still on his knees with his hands above his head I told one officer everything that I told dispatch. The officers tried to communicate with him that him and his lady friend needs to leave the premises, there was a language barrier I think the guy was polish he kept saying "not me" or " I no go"
One officer asked to be let into his room to check on the lady friend, as soon as I opened the door, we were hit with the most foulest of smells ever, it smelt like urine and feaces, bottle of beer scattered everywhere, hard drugs on the bedroom desk. The lady friend was sat up naked on the bed that was drenched with urine and alcohol. I never seen anything like it.
After much argueing and alot more police officers arriving with a riot van. The guy was arrested and was put into the back of the van. A relative arrived just before 6.15 am to collect the lady. They couldn't be more apologetic, trying to explain to me that both of them had mental issues and have been missing for days. I tried to be understanding, I really did, but after what I saw, at that moment I just wanted them gone.
By 6.45am the police and the couple were gone. And the day manager arrived. I told them everything and showed them what had happened on the cctv. They gave me a big hug and praised me for how I treated the situation, but all I wanted to do was go home and take a long hot shower and go to bed. I was exhausted.
It's been a few weeks and I was told the guy was charged for indesent exposure and the lady is staying with a relative. I really do hope that both of them get the help they desperately need. As for me, I'm still working there, I'm not about to let one major incident make me leave a job I love. But what it has taught me, is to always, always trust your gut, if I didn't run to the office when I did, god knows what would of happened to me.
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2023.06.03 12:24 ionut7 I have been taking 2-FMA every day for 3 months

Well, as the title says, I have been taking 2-FMA practically daily, 5 days a week, doses of 20-30mg daily, the truth is that I have not noticed serious side effects but obviously I am not a doctor or a chemist so for That's why I'm introducing myself to writing this here and for everyone to share their opinions.
I have been dragging depression and anxiety for more than 5 years, I have ADHD and 2-FMA has been an incredible discovery for me, I feel that I am much more productive and I feel like doing things, I have also been medicated with Mirtazipine, Although at the beginning it helped me sleep, right now I feel that it is more counterproductive, the only thing that makes me hungry 24/7, I have put on 5 kilos in less than 1 month and it makes me feel constantly tired and I am planning to stop taking the medication little by little bit
after this little introduction here is my experience with 2-FMA
1- After ingesting 25mg per hour I begin to notice that my dopamine is released gently, nothing to do with speed or other amphetamines, it is a very subtle change but it is noticeable
2- I feel much calmer, especially when it starts to rise, my head assimilates and works better in all senses, it is not difficult for me to get out of bed and go to work or do homework
3- In my case, the effect lasts approximately 8 hours and subtly goes away without plummeting downwards, which is appreciated, I know it's not a fair comparison, but for example with caffeine the main problem I have is It goes down suddenly and I begin to notice excessive fatigue after 3 hours, I notice this in a certain way "cleaner"
4- If I have taken it in the morning, I don't notice problems falling asleep when I get home from work, in fact I would say that I can sleep "better" at least more quickly and I don't spend 3 hours tossing and turning in bed
6- It is true that when making intermittent breaks of 3-5 days, I have noticed that I was more "absent", although not much more than normal, although this is obvious and I see it as normal
5- Personal conclusion: unlike Rubifen (ADHD medication in Spain) or Ritalin, I notice it cleaner but clearer, here are my questions for people who know more about this substance and my doubts
How harmful can continuous intake of 2-FMA really be?
Tell me about your experiences of prolonged use, let's see what conclusion we can draw together
If someone could specify which vitamin supplements I should take to reduce damage, I would greatly appreciate it, since I am new to this subject but I plan to experiment with more substances.
(I also have 4-FMPH, 3-FMA and I plan to add 6-APB, 3-FPM, 3-CMC and 4-FMA to my list) I am also open to hearing about your general experiences with this type of substance and what others would add to the list, I am also a person who likes to take MDMA once every 2 months, I try to make sure it is from a safe source and take about 150mg, without a doubt it is the drug that I like the most by far, although I I would like to know something that gives me a little more dopamine than MDMA but that serotonin is still there, something that I also like a lot is SPEED (although it is difficult to get a good batch of amphetamine in Spain) for that reason I would also like to know which is for you the substance that is closest to it
This more than a description of the effects of 2-FMA has remained a description of me and I apologize for it, but I would love to discuss and also hear your personal opinions with all these research chemicals
P.D: Sorry for my English, the truth is that I have written this with google translator and I imagine that it will be a pain in the eyes to read me hahahahah
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2023.06.03 12:24 briarpatchkid I hate feeling so angry about this situation with my mom and my younger sibling.

I love them both but I am so damn angry. I had my last kiddo and we hadn’t been home two weeks from the hospital when my sibling announced their first bio kid. A switch flipped in my mom and seeing my mom reacting to that pregnancy versus the other siblings’ pregnancies just made it so clear about who her golden child was in a way that I never noticed before. It’s only gotten worse too. My mom drives over two hours a couple times a week to provide free childcare because childcare is expensive. No shit. I pay over $2500 a month for childcare; I know how expensive it is. My mom keeps making comments about my youngest kiddo not knowing her. She lives 30 minutes from us on the weekends and expects us to go to them on the off-chance that my sibling and their family can join. She also used to go around and visit my siblings and their kids every few months but that has pretty much stopped. I know that my mom doesn’t owe me anything and that I and my family are not entitled to her time or energy but geeze I want her to put forth some effort. We went to have dinner last night to discuss our upcoming family vacation and she FaceTimed my sibling and their family pretty much the whole time. My kids already have to deal with absent grandparents hyper focused on one grandkid from one side and now from my side too and I am so over it. I hate feeling this way so much.
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2023.06.03 12:24 Ellthebelle Missing my service dog

Trigger warnings all over the place for loss
I don’t really want to talk about it… but I still kind of wanted to get it out. I’m missing my service dog really bad today. Had a bad night in general, and also coming up with a bad physical time. I just miss her so much. It was 2 years last month since I had to put her to sleep due to lymphoma. I do have another dog but he’s not a service dog. Or even really that interested in affection. Sometimes I hug him because I just really need to, even tho he hates being touched… and of course he growls at me. I want my Harley back. She made my life so much better. I feel so helpless and alone since she’s been gone. I wanted so bad to fight for her. To get the chemo. But it was 6k a round, and you’d need multiple rounds, and in all likelihood it would extend her life a year max. I got 3 months with her after the onset of symptoms. It was the hardest 3 months of my life. I didn’t ask her for anything. I have her all the special food. And we laid in bed a lot. The day of I gave her a special people food breakfast. And we stopped at the convenience store and I got a container of turkey lunch meat. And we sat in the parking lot and I fed her a piece at a time until it was gone. We were the first appointment of the day because she was three days overdue and suffering. And we went inside and the vet helped her on the table. And I hugged her. And I wasn’t quite ready yet and they gave the injection before I could say to… and she was gone so fast.
I had her cremated. And I saved her collar.
And then at the end of January this year I suffered a housefire and lost everything. Including her ashes. And her collar. And it was like losing her all over again. And I am going through some Of the most difficult things I’ve experienced in my life. And I’m doing it alone. And sometimes the feeling without her is so overwhelmingly soul crushing I can barely breath. And so this morning, I write this, while I sob. And I just wanted to put it out there. How lost I am without her. And how she wasn’t only the best dog, but as a service dog she was my everything. And although I miss her extra right now, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss her.
And if someone actually happens to read this. I am sharing my video I made when I had to let her go. And it makes me happy when I can share it with others. So if ya made it here… thank you for paying attention a little bit.
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2023.06.03 12:24 hangrykiwi1 Changing school for the first time.

I'm an introvert and I have a face which is looking to get bullied since I'm a easy target. In my old school I was well liked by both teachers and my classmates.
I just want to live my life peacefully and study. I want to make one or two friends. If I stayed too quiet then I will become a target or If I talk too much (which is impossible) then I will still get bullied. I used to be bullied back then but I don't want to experience that again.
I need advice on how to make friends in a new school so I don't get bullied.
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2023.06.03 12:24 UseFriendly4996 Gel polish is not attaching to the nail

I have been doing nails for 3 years now, however I got a client and her thumb nail is coming off everytime. I was hoping some of you could help me since I don’t know what to do
All the nails are fine and there is no lifting under the gel, however after 3-5 days after putting a nail on the thumb it just lifts off. It has happened a few times now and it just keeps popping off. I will wait now with placing a new nail until I know what the cause is
It does no damage to the natural nail since the gel has somehow not attached propperly. The tip for a extension is also still glued to the natural nail. Like I said all the other nails have no lifting and stay for 3-4 weeks
My uv/led lamp is not broken, I have 40 other clients and nobody has this problem. I make sure the thumb gets enough light in the uv/led lamp, so it is cured properly.
I dyhydrate the nails and use a base coat. Then I apply the gel polish (she has a french nail design)
After the nail would not attach I tried to apply a few coats extra so that the nail would be stronger. (She has short natural nails) but this did not help
Does anyone know what can cause this? And had maybe tips so the nail will stick?
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2023.06.03 12:24 HentaiMoney1 Brake Issue

I recently got a 2004 350Z and it wasn’t until even more recently that I noticed only 3 of the 4 brake pads are shiny; this makes me believe that the brake is not actuating. However, I work in IT and cars are not my forte. It’s my rear driver side tire, I am just not even sure where to start and would appreciate any pointers. I’ve got a fair bit of tools and have a buddy who used to be a mechanic, but I don’t want to waste his time until I’ve got some sort of an idea as to what may be causing this issue. Thanks in advance for any help!
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2023.06.03 12:23 coochieconundrum Would a girl’s vagina smelling bad once during sex be a dealbreaker for the relationship?

I’ve been seeing a guy for a little while and have had no issues with smell down there before.
I mentioned to him before how the birth control I’m on causes me to be on my period constantly which makes me paranoid about my vagina’s smell. Before he said he smelled nothing, and he would repeatedly offer to go down on me even though I’d say no.
But two days ago we had sex and I unquestionably smelled awful down there. He didn’t say anything but I could smell it and it took longer for him to finish than usual, and after the first round I mentioned wanting to have a shower and when I got distracted he pushed me to.
I won’t see him for a couple days and it’s not something I feel comfortable texting about, so I guess for now all I can do is ask the guys here: would a girl’s vagina smelling really bad one time be something that would put you off her for good, if it had smelled fine before?
I like him so much and things were going really well. I’ve been trying to just brush it off but I’m miserable over this. I feel so stupid, I wish I could go back in time and not sleep with him that day. I’ve had boyfriends before but this is the first guy I’ve genuinely connected with as a human being and that I see a future with. I’m so attracted to him and just love spending time with him and talking to him. The idea of it being over before it even properly starts makes me want to cry.
I feel like it’s just done now and I’ve lost any attractiveness or allure. I’m going to get this birth control taken out and try something else, and also see if it could actually be BV, but other than that idk.
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2023.06.03 12:23 AggravatingAnybody86 My mom told me she’s sick of coming home to misunderstandings everyday.

I am in the process of finding out if I have a brain tumor or other neurological problem, so these past couple months have been hard for me. I am constantly in pain constantly forgetting things, basically I have some mild cognitive decline. So sometimes I misunderstood things or have a hard time hearing, and this happens a lot.Today my mom asked about something in the kitchen but she pointed to the bathroom. So I went to the bathroom and then the kitchen and later I told her hey next time could you just say kitchen instead of pointing please and she then said “I don’t understand how you didn’t get what I meant” and I said “its okay to have misunderstandings, no one is perfect i just misunderstood you” “how come you get upset every time I make a mistake” then it turned into a argument where she said “Im sick of coming home to misunderstandings everyday!” Like after that I didn’t know what to say like what can I say “I am sorry me possibly having a tumor is ruining your day.” Like at this point I hope some miracle happens and I get magically better because I physically and mentally can’t deal with this.
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2023.06.03 12:23 Eternallord66 (5e)(discord)(pst) looking for players to start a new campaign

Welcome adventurers, to the world of Lastra!
In the city of Karith is where we begin the tale of 4-5 adventurers. The city is a mining outpost that borders the largest mines on the continent. Here they provide the precious metals and gems that the continent needs to survive. What do you do here adventurer? Are you a miner? Outlaw? Student? We shall see where you will go.
Hello there I am starting a new game after taking time away from the dm chair. I have a few years experience as a dm and a few more as a player. This game is possibly going to be on the slower side unless everyone, including me, is pumped about a scene. If you are the type that wants fast paced pbp or multiple paragraphs from the dm this isn't the game for you. I post as much as needed but I don't do really long posts. You as players can write as much as you want however. I would be happy to run for 4-5 players that are already a group or individuals just meeting.
The game will be starting at 3rd level and will have some character restrictions as posted in the discord. This will be theater of the mind because I still, after all this time, don't know how to do avrae combat and I'm not able to use other programs.
If you are interested please send me a private message with all information you think is relevant for me to choose you. Thank you for reading this far. I hope to hear from you.
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2023.06.03 12:22 TopManufacturer385 Europeans stop telling Americans that your leagues are better because of the promotion/relegation system. It really isn’t and it fails your sport.

Europeans always say that relegation is great for the sport because it means a team will always try their best and try and put the best product on the field that they can. The problem with it is that teams only goal on the season is to not be relegated and then it creates a cycle where that becomes their only goal for future seasons. Like for Everton this season, why would they not want to be relegated? Money and Image. If I'm a fan of Everton and I know if we went down we'd have a chance at winning the championship league why would I not pick that watch my team in another relegation battle. I don't get how Europeans can be fans of Mid-Table teams when they know they may never see their team win anything in their lifetime and they just have the goal of staying in the league. Also why would people in England not just support the top 5 teams because they are the only ones who can win the league and watch them play in the champions league.
The big teams in Europe are the only ones who win trophies. I don't want to hear about Leicester, that was once in 30 years. The big teams win the big trophies and make the big money. The system sets up for a couple of big teams to just cycle winning the championship every year. I just de" get how it is enjoyable to watch your team knowing they will never win a trophy but you are clueless enough to think they possibly can. But you know they won't. Maybe if a oil company buys your club but where's the pride in that. Why would I feel joy when I know my team bought their way to the top.
When I see Europeans say the NFL is all about money, all I can do is laugh. Little do they know the top teams in their league are the most money hungry sport organizations in the world. The NFL is set up to where no team can become a powerhouse for a long period of time because of the salary cap. Also the draft, people complain that it is not fun when a team just loses all their games to get the high picks. But that's just part of the process. I'd watch my team go winless if it meant success in the next couple of seasons.
Keep your system Europeans and watch your teams win a couple games, while you watch 3 teams trade the league title knowing it won't change. I'll enjoy the NBA and NFL because I know my team will always have the possibility to contend. Your sport is as and if not more money hungry then ours.
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2023.06.03 12:22 notinpublicpleaze A proper goodbye

After 10yrs It's a lot more than you gave me after 9. I wish I knew how you could believe you love me when you clearly don't even like me. Cant stand to even be around me. Made clear by your optional ghosting. Nobody is fooled. You excuse your stalking for keeping yourself safe. However, Its going to stop. It better. You declared me an enemy. That's on you, no one else. Stop casting blame off with every word. It sickening to read at this point. Literally blaming as you apologize. Uh its not my fault my family was abusive, my ex was , the one after that was, my sister, my sisters ex, my friends from elementary, middle, oh wait didn't make high. And now my most recent. What's the common denominator? You that's who. I'm tired of saving you from yourself. Tired of being on the receiving end and then not being thanked. Just fucking blamed , because I wont fight back. Fuck you for that.
Ya my ex did it to me. It fucking worked. Ill never act like that again. However, if it was just the facebook snooping then we would be talking about the same kind of thing. You know a big clue it's not the same, her and I are still friends. Since you hacked the comp , home network, my phone. literally followed me home. (I have pictures don't try to lie, those blue plates caught my eye. along with your dads favorite brand car, 100s of catfish accounts. I was never so popular till after we meet. That was my clue btw) Your alot worse than I ever was. I needed a tool that worked. I had hoped unlike me you would just fucking stop. Nope guess not , not even with a yr almost gone by after we broke up. Your insane.. Stop, forget me, before , just stop please. Leave me be. Its not healthy and your hurting you , more than your hurting me.
You know what hurts the worst. How much I trusted you and you never did me. I gave you all my passwords. My bank, comp, emails, socials, phone. While I never had so much as your phones. Every single step, you left yourself a way out . Untouched, an emergency hatch where you would get a fresh new start. I gave you that. I deleted my proof. Gave you control of all the paperwork. Even if you think your beating me in some chess game. I promise your not. With all that, if you havent already won. Then your playing not to lose. We both are. Thats the way it is. The more you try the worst its going to get for you. Putting out my family history. Got me out today. You need to stop. You think your untouchable? ok maybe you are but im not going to care. If you fail spectacularly dont expect me to be there. I certainly have more than enough to claim abuse. Im not going to. Its not how I love. Its not how anyone does.
Wanna know how I feel? You owe me. That's how I feel. Your turn to fix it, or pay me back. Im not considering shit til that happens. I got no shoes or technically a car. Thats your fault. lol but true. Maybe an actual apology for the shit you did wrong that I cared about. Not the BS you apologize for or perhaps a spectacular display of loyalty. HA miracles. I would never bet on it. Im out after this. Ill let you bully me off the internet. Just more proof of your problem I guess. Dont think I cant resist. Your getting this because I already wrote you. Wouldnt feel right with out a good bye.
I do love you, I miss you. Your little squeeks. Your crazy hawk call hiccups. The way we could just lay together and do nothing and be happy about it. I will miss that.
Ill miss the way you get on my nerves nagging me, then smile , and I would know its because you cared and smile back.
Ill miss how we never Faught unless outside interference.
Ill miss warming your nose and your face when your cold.
Ill miss the way you would race me to get me coffee or make me food if I got hungry or thirsty enough to go get it on my own.
Ill miss how you worried about my health and my many neck rubs
Ill miss how when ever I took you somewhere everything was new. I loved the way your eyes light up , when its new. Probably a main source of my insecurity right there .
Ill miss how we could be in a room together and not speak a word for hours. A nod or a crinkle of a can would be all you heard. Accompanied by a tiny giggle from the next room.
Ill miss everything really. The highs, the lows, especially the boring days they were the best ones, now they all suck. For a few years there it was pretty magical. You were in therapy then, and you hated it. Could wait to get out. I wish you would have considered it for us or even now, but i remember it didnt go well with your crazy narratives. Which makes so much more since now. No wonder you couldnt keep it all straight in your head. Get lost in this , then have a conversation with people that never saw it. Omg it makes a lot more sense.
All little things I know. I was happy, Im sorry you weren't. Ive known since the day you first left and came back. Said I love you in the morning. I want to be clear. It wasnt the fact that you lied. You lied all the time. Its was the fact that I believed you. I couldnt trust you anymore. I could see through you lies cause you loved me. Your eyes told the truth. Not that time and not ever since. You wont even look me in the eyes.
I know you want the hate so let me explain why I think you cant look me in the eyes.
Fuck you for gaslighting for years pretending not to know who bill billobo is. I didnt think I had to explain what was already explained the night I saw kim on their. I was looking for your profile. Cause I deleted mine, but suprise ,suprise you forgot your old email, think you may have. You dont remember. So I looked since it was the same time frame your 16hrs were missing for months. That wasnt even me who noticed but my parent from you taking advantage of them for childcare.
Fuck you for cheating on me in my face, and not remembering how fred tied into it.
Fuck you for working a 36hr week while being gone for 52 over the course of 4 days. With only 45 min drive with traffic.
Fuck you for saying it was pokemon go. However now that I play it. It would have been understandable but after all this, why should I believe anything you ever said. I no longer believe it was real. All an act. You needed somewhere to stay. So you manipulated the fuck out of me. Making sure your escape hatch was always within reach. Plotting and planning for months. Fuck I found the fucking plans 7months in advance now. Thank you for that. I was slightly distracted but found it nevertheless. That was the same time you made your threat about that word. It makes so much since.
Fuck you for dropping hints on outdated friends circles Go ahead.I hope you contacted them. Your funeral.
Fuck you for rubbing every bit of my past trauma in every chance you got. Then doing in spectacular fashion. In official capacity. Giving me cptsd. Ya cause now I tremor in that building. But it may be more physical as I am having continuing problems with me heart. I guess you can pray for that. Its not looking good anyway. All my surgeries was cancelled due to it.
Fuck you for lying in their. Fuck you for cringe lying . Fuck you for not caring about anybody but yourself no matter who got hurt ( how dare you say you know what love is) Bullshit . You have never shown it. Unless it served you.
Fuck you for not knowing what loyalty is. God help you. Here is some actual advice, take it or leave it. If you show your new friends what your doing or brag about it to them you are a true dumbass. They will not be your friends for long or theyre using you til they discard you. Once they know what you have done. Think of how I and others have reacted to finding out about your mom. I mean fuck first story on that fucking porn account of yours is about you hooking up with the person you grew up withs guy behind her back. I remember when you told me. I was thinking, and this chick wants me to like her? FWB situation I guess. If you remember that is how we started. That is why. That will always be why should anyone else do it to you too. I loved you anyway. God I am a fool. Glad you ended it. Cause I couldn't.
Fuck you for trying to control me by crying wolf. Lying your ass off, and demeaning hundreds of thousands of actual Victims in the process. Ya you care though (sarcasm)
Oh while Im on it, fuck it , this one goes to the peanut gallery. Stop trying to get me to spill some truth you dumbshits. There isnt anything im hiding. I yelled at her. I was extra nasty and demeaning. I was. I could have been nicer. But i wasnt. She could of listened the first time i said something. She didnt. Oh and the best part she had already supposedly forgiving me when I asked when we were still together. Oh didnt tell you that huh? Well no shit. I can only take so much and for the final 6 month she amplified the fuck out of it. Trying to provoke something. Just like now. I still do anything more than yell or wake her up. So here is your wall of text. Its a good bye so im making it long.
Fuck you for doing free porn and trying to pretend it isnt to hurt me and get my attention. You found out which ones. I was watching before your started posting. Im not stupid. Catering to my tastes. Even the fucking tattoo and socks babe. Dont play photoshop. I know it is slightly, but them your birthmarks. I know them well. It was mine for 9 yrs supposedly. ITs insane shit like that , that makes me love and hate you . I hate you for knowing me so well and love you for it. I really love that little body and always will. Im going to miss it. I dont want to replace it. She inevevitably wont be you, but maybe better , maybe worst. I never wanted to try and still dont. But maybe if I get real drunk I can finally do something stupid. Idk. I got stuck up all night thinking about you while your out partying having a good time.
And the biggest Fuck you of it all. Fuck you for not realizing this has never been about you, never about me. Not about us. But you never will and fuck you if you think Ill let you completely give up. Its not an option for you. Then I would never forgive you. Wont if you try to follow through either but , if you just abandon like you did me. Kiss my ass I will go for the win and you will never see me again. That finally is the truth on why I will never hate you. I cant, I wont. Even if you tried to kill me. You are my family. I need no paper to tell me. Not some magical wind, twin flame, fucking astrology or wiccan bullshit. Which god did you pray to the god for wood or the god for trees? (sarcasm)
IF you had just talk to me there would not be so many obstacles between us. So i assume that is how you like it. So I will accommodate. I will run, I will hide. I will be the coward behind enemy lines. With this letter Im done doing for you. Ive got more to say sure. But not to somebody Ill never speak to again. I wont share you with reddit either. Being a porn star is what you want, Obviously you don't want me then. Im moving on since you already crossed that line. I could only assume. See I take particular hurt to it. Lets while we were together you were masturbating with your ex and others online. Then you say you stopped. But boy howdy you jumped right back in doing with everyoone and yet even though when were together and I was across the country and asked. I never got that. Could of used that now. Dont worry. I get it actions louder than words. Your not attracted to me. your more in love with your ex before me and apparently very attracted to your coworkers. You did your job. You devalued me. Made me feel like the dirt you wont even step on. Im worthless to you at least worthless then your ex or them and that was duting the relationship as well as has been made clear. Actions speak louder, Dont you dare respond with words. Im done listening or reading. This is goodbye remember. I would have loved you til the day I died. Forgiving anything all you had to do was stay by my side and talk to me directly. I dont care if others are there or even a counselor. Thats all you ever had to do. So since you couldnt even manage that. I think your actions have spoken. I hope it works out well.
To you and the others this last statement might apply. One day, Mark my words. I promise you. You will WANT to apoligize. Feel you need to even. I wont give you the chance should you try to do as you implied. Proving once and for all your passive aggressive personalities are manipulative as hell and carry no care for those they hurt. Before you dare say I hurt you. No i didnt. You literally acted like you didnt notice for years. I never cheated not even emotionally, despite what you think. In the end I was a dick really. I only talked shit at the end. I left the comp open for you to see it. I was pissed when you said nothing.
Im tired of typing, here this final piece and I think I am done. What was I thinking, What was I feeling? I was think of you. The whole time. Either talking shit or praising you or running old lines from my woman hating days while thinking of you in bed at home and what a shit head I am to be doing that to you. Wondering how she faked it on me with out feeling shitty anyway. Kept thinking it didnt matter I was trying to stop a potentially dangerous obsessive thing because you were at home with munchkies while I was out playing casanova, only to further psych myself out i guess. Kinda just kept reminding myself i was the asshole while you were my sweetheart. Im weird and it was weird, I would not do that again. I would find a different way if I had to do it over again. Its not for me and it did work on me well , and technically you to , because if anything, I got to see how you really feel. If you could literally run at the words of others with so much as confronting me. I dont want that. I just dont. That bond is far to flimsy for me. I still love you. Im sure it will fade. Ill no longer act upon it. Unless recompence is made. I know better .So lets say goodbye. Happy travels to you and I hope you find someone better than me who can love you how you think you should be loved. Sometimes love hurts though, Sometimes we have to be eachothers bad guys. But what you have done is not that. What you have done is lied to have me hurt, have me punished, to incite others upon me, thats not love , no any love I ever heard of. I cant imagine doing that to you, even after all this. I suppose thats what it is huh? You think I actually cheated and actually would try to hurt you. Because its exactly what you would do, what you have done. Im glad I type this, I wanted to close it sweetly poetically, but after typing it. The fact that your probably laughing at me is all to clear. I dont care anymore. Ill probably never directly speak to you again unless you take action to change it. Even then Im not sure how agreeable I would be with it. The stalking better stop. . As of now. I am not yours , so stop trying to possess me. You want me. Fix shit. MAybe contact me. I know you know how annonymously but I wont answer unless you say its you. period. Code word I dont care. Stop harassing me under other handles. Its stupid. I wasnt popular before you, why would i be after. Its you. Its always you. I get pissed everytime you hide it. I made you pay for it by listening to me talk shit about you. SHould of just yelled at me and this shit would of been fixed then. But of course your shady ass, Wasnt gonna put herself at a disadvantage. like I said. good luck making friends. Real ones I mean. Although. I think wooze and sav might be to tell you the truth. Should probably stick with them.
Bye pretty girl , I really wish we could of been friends, I dont like you leaving my life for good. but this was your choice. As bad as a choice as it was.
Im sorry it ended too
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2023.06.03 12:22 jalonfarts Some tips?

Hi my name is Jolan.
I just turned 20 last month and I live in Belgium. Since the pandemic began I really started a unhealty life with a lot of sugar and a lot of late night snacks, I do not even want to know how much I ate in a day. My sleep was terrible while before the pandemic I actually had a healthy amount of sleep due to my parents beeing strict and me beeing a lot younger then. I don't really know how but a couple of months ago I just decided I was going to start and try beeing healty. Maybe it was because I just did not feel good physicaly.
I really don't know how but I just started. I am a student so I do not have a lot of time and I live with my parents so I can't just change my whole life. Over the last couple of months I have been doing research and then I found bryan his page, it has really inspired me to change as much as I can about my lifestyle. This is where I stand now.
I bought a withings watch (it's a hybrid watch so it looks like a normal watch but it tracks my sleep, steps, HR, workouts, ...).
I try to sleep better and got my sleepscore up from 52(february) to 73(May), I know it is far from optimal but there is progress.
Because I am a student and live with my parents I have 3 meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Breakfast: I have found a Belgium brand that makes products using crickets as a scource of protein. I eat their cricket granola with dark chocolate or hazelnuts for breakfast because it is just healty and easy. I eat 50g of granola and add almond milk.
lunch: For lunch I'm still figuring out what to eat because I'm at university but for now i just have a sandwich, an apple and some nuts.
Diner: my mom and dad make the food but most of the time it is either vegetarian or something with fish or chicken. I really can't change much about what they make because it is their choice and my sisters have to eat it too. I limited myself to 1 plate of whatever we are having and if I'm still hungry I drink water or I eat a portion of oven roasted crickets (15g).
I try to not eat anything else during my day.
Exercise: I had volleyball training 3 times per week (in total 6 hours) but the season has ended so I replaced it by going for a run 3 times a week. My time spend training depends on how much time I have but it is anywhere between 1 hour and 30 minutes (I just make sure I run at least 5km). I do some strength training but it really varies form week to week.
If you made it all the way to here, thank you for taking the time to read my post (and excuse me for my bad english).
I am new to this world and I just want to ask for some tips on how to improve my lifestyle.
Are there some relatively cheap products that will help me to become healthier?
Products that can help me track my progress?
If you have questions, feel free to leave them in the comments.
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2023.06.03 12:22 WTH_JMZ Advice on proof of stay for D8 Long Stay

I am looking to relocate to Portugal later this year. Quick bit of background: last year I fell in love with a Portuguese girl I met whilst visiting, we have been together since and I am now looking to move so we can live together (I'm currently in the UK). I've been learning Portuguese for 4 months now. I hope to eventually apply for full residency and settle down there. I (foolishly) thought the visa process wouldn't be too difficult but I have spent a lot of time looking much deeper into it the last week.
Frustratingly, I am eligible for Irish citizenship but never got round to sorting it... This takes around 9 months and my tenancy in the UK is up in December and I am wanting to move around Oct/Nov time.
Everything appears to be in order, so far as my eligibility work an salary wise. I've started collating all the documents I need for the appointment (getting an appointment is another matter as I'm sure many are aware). One of my main concerns is the proof of accommodation.
As I mentioned, I plan on finding a place with my partner to live. We are looking outside of Lisbon centre as it is too busy and expensive for us. I have a quite a few friends out there but all are renting, so using their addresses as proof seems out of the question due to what I've read on the landlord needing to sign paperwork for me.
I'm worried that if I find an apartment and sort a lease, should there be any delays with my application, or even worse, it's rejected for some reason, then I will be stuck paying rent in two countries and one in which I can't reside.
I wondered if anybody had any cheeky work arounds for this. I was thinking maybe it's possible to book a hotel/airbnb and then cancel after the appointment? I've seen Airbnbs can class as proof and I have found some with 0 cancellation fees. I'm not sure if morally this would be a bad thing to do, however I have been paying extortiante rent my whole life to rich landlords with multiple properties and from what I can gather this is the situation for a lot of airbnb hosts! Plus it would only be for a ew days I make the booking whilst I have my appointment.
Any advice is much appreciated.
TLDR; Looking for a way to remove the risk in proving place of stay for 12 months when applying for D8 long stay.
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