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5-Toubun No Hanayome

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This is an aggregator for any sales or deals that you can find on PC components. The website or retailer must either reside in the UK or deliver to the UK.

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2023.06.03 13:27 Aenigmaaa420 PG48UQ - buzzing sound on speaker / Firmware update

Hi guys,
I seem to have the coil whine on my new PG48UQ. I saw on some post online that I can fix this with the firmware issue.
Can someone give me a guide on how to update the firmware? It just says stick a USB drive on the ports and follow on the instruction on the screen. But I am not seeing anything...
Can someone please help.

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2023.06.03 13:26 newageloveaffair I (26m) broke up with my girlfriend (24f) about a month ago but by the way it ended I can't help but think she cheated and never came clean

So my ex lived in another town. She didn't have a job, and she has 3 kids. He car also broke down for month's so she was usually stuck at home. Things were generally pretty good between us, we fought and stuff, but two weeks before the breakup we had a big fight. After that, I noticed a change in her behavior.
1, every thing I did and said she suddenly became extremely critical of. This alone could just be signs of the relationship coming to an end, but 2, she started being weird about her phone. She'd stop leaving it around, she'd be texting and acting like she's hiding something, or I'd come by her when she's on her phone and I'd be a bit nosy like "watcha doin" and she'd say, "why are you looking at my phone? Don't you trust me?" 3, when I was out of town she started texting and talking on the phone less and coming up with excuses. 4, the last weekend I was supposed to see her during, she didn't want me to go over because apparently her little sister had a fight with their parents and was staying there and she felt weird about me being there too. Which felt weird, but fine. 5, that last week, her parents fixed up an old car and gave it to her so she wasn't stuck at home anymore. The day we broke up, she was unreachable and posted a picture on her Instagram story in full makeup and a cute dress, which is odd because she usually doesn't get that done up if she isn't going to a family event or going out. I asked her "damn ma where you going looking like that" and she replied that she was going to Ross with her sister and I'm like.... huh. That seems off. I also told her she looked extra fine that day and she just replied "yes." On top of all this, I just had this gut feeling that she wasn't being loyal.
We finally had a fight about stupid stuff, she aggressively told me that I "always give such fucking noncommital responses to fucking everything," I didn't like the way she talked to me, she told me I'm being ridiculous, that's just how she talks, and that I apparently talk to her like I'm better than her (which... yeah just wasn't true.) Anyways, she hung up on me saying she had stuff to do and I was like fine whatever. Some hours go by and my roommate and her bf want to go out drinking, so I text her, "Hey I'm going out tonight so if you want to talk on the phone again maybe we should do it now" and she just replies, "by all means, go out. Have fucking fun." I haven't hung out with them for months because I was giving my attention mostly to her, so I obviously got mad when she didn't want me to go over but didn't want me to enjoy the company if my friends. And me getting mad at that was the last straw for her and she broke up with me. Over text. Didn't even respond to me calling her to try and talk it out or she could tell me straight up it was over.
I'm fine with the break up. But I can't escape this nagging feeling that she cheated on me in the end. Maybe it's the lack of closure on it that's throwing me off. I feel kind of humiliated. Am I crazy for thinking that? Should I just not care and move on?
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2023.06.03 13:25 Juan_OkRock Beyond the spider-verse and the MCU

Having just finished watching spider-man: across the spider-verse, I feel as if there are deliberate parallels between the marvel comics Secret Wars storyline from 2015 and how the current MCU story and spider-verse trilogy are unfolding. These parallels seem to indicate that one particular character will be joining the MCU with absolute certainty, just not how many people may be thinking him to. This post will contain spoilers for across the spider-verse.
First and foremost, context for those that may be unaware. Some paraphrasing is involved but these are the general ideas that are necessary to follow along. Marvel comic's 2015 Secret Wars was a cross promotional storyline devised to reset the then comics Canon. The idea from publishing was to take all of the ongoing stories, mainline and alternate realities, keep what was working and scrap what wasn't.
In the story, the main continuity, which is known as the 616 universe, becomes aware of an ongoing phenomenon that is occurring known as incursions. An incursion is two separate realities colliding with one another, if nothing is done both realities will destroy one another as reality unravels in on themselves. The 616 heros find ways to keep their reality going when a couple separate realities present themselves, this all comes to a head when they are faced with the Ultimate universe. The ultimate universe, designated 1610, is home to many familiar faces but most importantly it's the home of Spider-man Miles Morales. Now, in this universe, Miles took over the duties of Spider-man when his version of Peter Parker is killed. And as these two realities are faced with imminent destruction, two factions of heroes from each earth decide that they are done with the fighting and board multidimensional space ships that will take them into whats next. The world's get destroyed, the heroes find themselves in a new land thats under Dr Dooms control and they begin their next steps towards fixing reality. One of the heroes that makes it is 1610 Miles morales. Eventually, in this battle world, Mr. Fantastic and company are able to usurp Dr. Doom and end up creating the current continuity of Marvel comics that exists. This current continuity which includes the alternate reality 1610 miles morales, which because of cosmic tampering is now Canon to the main 616 universe.
So thats all good and dandy, but what does it have to do with the movies? I believe that specific numbering and events we've seen in films have set the stage and are alluding to the fact that things are playing out very similar to that 2015 storyline.
In Spider-man homecoming, we are all introduced to the character of Aaron Davis in a small, fairly short scene. Aaron Davis is the uncle of miles, in fact he specifically mentions that he has a nephew in that scene. Heavily implying its miles and telling fans that miles is definitely going to be in the MCU in time. Marvel studios introduced the idea of miles joining the MCU with this scenes, all that remains is the how. Sure, they could go for a more traditional route but I don't think they are.
In Dr strange, multiverse of madness, the MCU gets, arguably, the most important exposure to the multiverse. For the purposes of this theory, most of the events in that movie don't have any relevance. The important take away is when Dr strange finds himself in an alternate reality, in that reality, he comes face to face with Christine who tells him he's in reality 838. She then elects to tell him that his reality is 616, in otherwords the MCU is reality 616. They both need to tread carefully however, since a series of devastating reality shattering events have been going on. Events known as incursions.
The parallels should hopefully be showing themselves but there's a little bit more so if you would, please follow along a bit more.
Okay, Into the spider-verse, the 2018 film that is incredible. What does it have to do with this. In that movie, we follow Miles Morales who becomes spiderman after he gets bitten by a radioactive spider and witnesses Peter Parker spiderman die by the hands of the kingpin. The kingpin creates a collider that accidentally brings in alternate reality spider-men to miles universe. His universe which is known as reality 1610. The story is of him coming into his own and accepting the role of spiderman and what comes with it, he saves the day and is able to get the other spiders home. Along the process, he destroys that very same collude that was used to bring people in.
So, from here on out there are going to be spoilers for across the spider-verse. If you haven't seen it, tread with caution.
Across the spider-verse, it's been 1 year and some months since the collider. Miles has learned a lot and has become more capable as spiderman. Early on in the movie he ends up fighting The Spot, a villain who can use black portals to move around space. While the two are fighting, we find out that The Spot is actually a scientist who was at the collider when miles blew it up. Miles is the reason The Spot exists and The Spot detests Miles for it. Miles seemingly defeats him but this leads to the spot realizing he can travel the multiverse. Gwen from the previous movie shows up to miles universe, as she has joined a spider society that works towards fixing mulitversal anomalies, in pursuance of the spot. Realizing the spots no longer there, she leaves and miles follows her, taking him on a journey across the spider-verse. On this journey, he sees that tampering with other realities, or having different realities interacting with each other, cause a reaction that destroys them. Much like the incursions of the MCU.
So, an MCU thats 616. A version of miles morales thats from 1610 with two incredible movies and one more on the way. Incursions happening across movie universes and movie franchises that represent comics from 2015. The MCU is the 2015 marvel mainline comics, the spider-verse is akin to the ultimate universe, and what does the MCU have on the horizon. An MCU movie called secret wars that many believe will consolidate the movie landscape and usher in a new era. The promise of Miles has been hanging for a few years and what better time to deliver than when Miles is at his peak popularity.
The next installment in the spider-verse is said to conclude this chapter of miles story. It's meant to bring him into a new fray. What could be better than introducing him to a new landscape with familiar heroes. His next movie is going to be "Beyond the spider-verse". Whats more beyond a spider-verse than a Marvel cinematic universe?
If you've made it this far, thanks a lot for reading along. I hope you enjoyed and its all in good fun anyway. Have a good one.
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2023.06.03 13:25 rzet Tyre pressure vs punctures and comfort balance.

Any good calculators or opinions on tyre pressure?
I know this one and it pointed me to 40-42PSI on 40mm and 94kgs for dry conditions.
It is fine on road and some off road, but I lower it "more" when I really plan to go via fields or forest. My tyre is rather for road or nice dry even gravel (tufo speedero coming to premature end, will be changing to cinturato gravel H with a very similar thread pattern).
Only bit I am really unsure about is the puncture resistance vs sharp gravel I can find recently on forest roads used by the local authority to cover mud. It takes months for people to crush it if there is not much tree cutting machinery moving around. Every time I go through it I think of stan sealant in my wheels if its going to stay there or not ;). I've learned hard way to slow down even if there is a visible crushed path as there can be always some sharp one there.
If I know I will enter forest for long or I will be cycling via long older more firm but bulky gravel - i stop and reduce pressure "a bit". On the other hand if I am making a shortcut via forest for fun, but I know I will be doing a lot more of road ride I would stay on my target ~40PSI.
However I keep thinking how is that low/high pressure affecting puncture resistance especially with sharp gravel used often in Poland. e.g. Its probably due to mass tree cutting by Lasy Państwowe in recent years, where govt body destroys forest roads with heavy machinery, then some times it get fixed using stones instead of proper crushed gravel.
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2023.06.03 13:25 st0rm_rose Apparently brushing teeth with your child with an electric toothbrush and being a gamer makes you a [email protected]

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2023.06.03 13:23 SotaAnkka2 Bug on the quest "Taken for a Ride" Fallout 4. How to fix? I can't see anything in the boss arena so beating the boss feels impossible. I tried fixing the bug by restarting the quest but it didn't do anything. Any suggestions on fixing it?
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2023.06.03 13:23 dapper_rat Quadcast mic help

Hello, so I have had a hyper x quadcast s microphone for about a year now and recently it just completely stopped working like it won't regester as a plugged in device and won't turn on, the cord still works as im able to use it to charge my phone, but when plugged into the microphone it seems to be getting 0 power. Im not sure how to fix the issue or what happemd as it just sits on my desk and I can't think of a reason to why it would suddenly just stop working. Anyone else have this issue or know how to resolve it?
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2023.06.03 13:22 TrumpetFreak77 Spotify desktop app says I'm offline, but I have a functioning internet connection

Pretty much what the title says. When I open Spotify on my computer it tries to load for a few moments but then proceeds to give me a notification that I do not have an internet connection. I can listen to music from my playlists and from liked albums, but I can't search for anything. Also my internet works just fine anywhere else on my pc.
I've redownloaded Spotify, I'm not in offline mode. I've tried searching the internet on what might cause the problem but I can't find it.
Does anyone know how to fix this? I'm getting really annoyed...
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2023.06.03 13:22 pridetwo Four Grievances: Barrister and Mann - The Many Transgressions of a Soapmaker Who Would be a Perfumer


I've been a part of this community for long enough that maybe 3 people recognize the color of my shave towels when I post on /wicked_edge (they're purple). In /wetshaving, I occasionally make dick jokes with mammothben.
As a result, I've spent about an hour ruminating on this post and how to make the Maggard Meetup as awkward as possible. These are my memes and mine alone. I have rejected several cash offers to not post these findings, and I will not be stopped.

Grievance #1: Ending the Base Race


In the before-fore times, the meta for soapmaking that every soapmaker followed was to get a handful of main scents that they keep the same, and release small tweaks to their soap base every 6 months to render the community's collection obsolete and generate a buying spree where people now had to get their favorite scents in the "latest and greatest" soap base.
Many consider this era the golden age of wetshaving, and Barrister and Mann was an active contributor to the base race. White Label/Black Label base, Glissant base, Latha base, Reserve base, Soft Heart base, and Excelsior base all helped encourage wetshavers across the world buy Seville multiple times in the hopes for better slickness, improved cushion (which is totally a thing), and the ultimate post-shave feel.
Then everything changed when the Omniberries attacked.


On September 29, 2021, a nuclear salvo was unleashed from the halls of Leviathan was released in the Omnibus base, and soapmakers around the world waved the white flag on the base race.
Declaration Grooming's Milksteak, Sus Artisan Accoutrement's CK-6, Boob-label & Evans' Kaizen K2. These mainstays of American soap bases have remained stagnant ever since. Omnibus effectively ended the base race across the entire market, and led to the community consensus becoming "chase scents, not bases."

Why This Matters

This alone isn't problematic, having a stable set of great bases to choose from and allowing premiere soapmakers to focus on releasing more interesting scents in smaller batches is good for the community, for the industry, and the world.
The problem arises when old, established brands like Tabac take the end of the base race as a signal from the market that they can cut costs by moving their soaps onto to inferior bases. I'm not saying that it's Will's fault that tallow Tabac is now unobtanium, but you could make the argument that it's Will's fault that tallow Tabac is now unobtanium.

The Solution

The best way the community can address this issue is to write daily letters to Maurer & Wirtz that they need to bring back the tallow base for Tabac, and buy out Maggad Razors' stock of 4.1/4.2 base Saponificio Varesino soaps so they can restock everything in the 4.3 base.

Grievance #2: Financial Abuse


Every few years, the copyright expiration date on Mickey Mouse looms near and Disney lobbies the US government to extend the copyright expiration date so that Disney can maintain their stranglehold on The Mouse, despite their eager use of public domain IP like Sherlock Holmes and King Arthur. Is Will literally Big Soap? I'm not saying he is, I'm just asking questions.

Mousse de Saxe

Will has a whole blog post on how he came about his formulation of Mousse de Saxe, and while it's a very interesting story and his formulation of MdS has become catnip for wetshavers, it's also become something of a crutch in his soapmaking. MdS features in Beadelaire, Full Measure of Man, Lavanille, Le Grand Chypre, and most recently in Vespers.

Why This Matters

Although many of us in the community have no thrill anymore, MdS remains the inimitable constant source of thrill at all of /wetshaving cannot resist. L'appel du mousse is the compelling urge one feels to buy at least a sample (I just need a taste!) of Will's latest release featuring Mousse de Saxe. Will knows this fact about us. He knows it well. My sources tell me Will has bought several jetskis with the money he's earned from abusing this fact about us. And he can't keep getting away with it.

The Solution

Since the turn of the new millennium, sex strikes have proven effective in Colombia, The Phillippines, South Sudan, Togo, and elsewhere. By withholding that which their oppressors desire until behavior is changed, peace can be achieved. So to everyone at the Maggard Meetup, I call upon you to refrain from complimenting Will's scent-making until he releases Mousse de Saxe as a standalone dropper that can be added to soaps and aftershaves a la Declaration Grooming's menthol dropper. Si se puede!

Grievance #3: Olfactory Abuse


It is at this point in the post that I must concede, Will is the superior meme-meister. This absolute madlad is at the gigabrain Dr. Manhattan level of the soapmaking world, except instead of moving to Mars he's decided to dead-ass fuck with us. Seville prints more money than the Nintendo Switch, he's got MdS for whenever he wants the cash to buy another jetski, and Omnibus ensures no other soapmaker will encroach on his soap base superiority. How do I know he's decided to stunt on our noses? Because of 2 scent notes.

Cilantro and Cum

Let's start with Cilantro. When the Four Horsemen series was announced, the wetshaving community was awash with curiosity and speculation about what each of the four horsemen would smell like. Would it be like how Noble Otter tackled the "Firefighter" theme without actually making a soap that smelled like a fire?
No. War would smell like an actual war crime. How does one scent a war crime? Apparently with Cilantro. I have it on good authority that Will devised the scent profile for War when eating tacos for taco tuesday and the topic of how cilantro tastes like soap to some people with a specific gene. "Well what would happen if I added an ingredient that tastes like soap to my actual soap?" and off he went. His friends and family didn't see him for days. The Cleveland Browns found a post-it note that had "Cilantro No Matter What" scribbled on it. And some time later, a scent that could curdle Wholly Kaw's Creme Fraiche base was brought to market. Will knew that we'd buy all 4 scents, get all matchy-matchy, and even dickhole the aftershaves. And then the SOTD's began. "My wife hates this," "my cat peed on the tub when I left it open to dry," "why has god forsaken me?" Guess who was laughing his ass off from Mars? Our very own Dr. Manhattan.
For those of us familiar with Pear Tree blossoms, they have a very particular scent. The kind of scent that makes guys inspect their pant leg and say "I'm fairly certain I didn't miss." The kind of scent that makes women think "Oh gross, honey I told you to change your underwear after last night." That's right, Pear Tree blossoms smell like cum. So when Will was considering what scent to re-release for Spring 2023, did he select fan favorite Paganini's Violin or the fruity fougere Passiflora? (Both of which he relased bath soaps for in February). No, he chose the cum soap. The soap that's supposed to remind you of the time you took a walk through Central Park and rounded a corner only to be accosted by a masturbating homeless man.
I tried to give Will the benefit of the doubt, and asked point blank "Is the pear blossom accord in Rhapsody going to be as, well... pear blossom-y as the original Rhapsody formulation?" to which he responded "Why would I change it?" He knew. He knew what he was doing when he originally released the soap, and he knew why I was asking if he had changed it in the re-release. Dr. Manhattan was laughing on Mars again.

Why This Matters

This matters because Will still hasn't re-released Roam and I need the matching aftershave in my life. There are only so many fresh tubs of Roam out there that j33pguy13 can source for me. Instead, Will chooses to re-release Rhapsody and put together what may go down in history as the most infamous multi-scent meme soap release in history with the Four Horsemen. This is a personal attack on my love for Roam and I will not stand for it.

The Solution

Will, re-release Roam and all is forgiven.

Grievance #4: Feet


I'm a heterosexual male, but that shouldn't matter when it comes to shaving products or labels. Yes, we drank beer. My friends and I. Boys and girls. Yes, we drank beer. I liked beer. Still like beer. We drank beer.

The Problem

Lavender, Interrupted has been to Will as At the Mountains of Madness has been to Guillermo Del Toro. Everyone wants to see it. Will wants to make it. But the creative ambition of the project makes the promised project almost un-makeable. Lavender, Interrupted had been long promised as an evolution of the lauded Lavanille scent, but faced delays and reformulations, and further delays.
And now, today, many of you will go to the Maggard Meetup anticipating getting a full bottle or sample of the long awaited fragrance. And I can't say I'm not jealous.
I'm really jealous.
But lets wind the clock back to Tuesday March 21, 2023 and remember the Deals/New Products thread from that day.
"Happy Tuesday!
Just wanted to drop in quickly to let you all know that the Q2 2023 Release Schedule is now posted on our blog and that it features a sneak peek at a mockup for Lavender, Interrupted packaging."
Will wanted us to see the packaging. Not a new blog post on how he put the final touches on the fragrance. Not a picture of the bottle it would be sold in. He wanted us to see the picture of sexy feet he put on the box. He postponed Lavender, Interrupted and strung us along just so that his feet pics could get maximum exposure with minimum heat. Are those Will's feet on the box of Lavender, Interrupted? Why does will want us to see pictures of his feet in thigh-high stockings? I'm not saying they are Will's feet on the packaging of Lavender, Interrupted. I'm just asking questions.

The Solution

Nothing really to be done about this other than be mad about discovering new about ourselves. Just accept that we're all going to love this fragrance and that the box with sexy feet on it will be in many wetshavers' dens, delighting Will that his feet pics are going to be all over the sub's mail call threads for years to come.


I'm not sure why you read this far. It's lot to take in, I know. I'm intentionally avoiding a few smaller topics of less import, like... Night Music having poo notes. I'm not going to critique Will/Barrister and Mann beyond that, because it's already been established that he's straight up fucking with us with some of these scents and I am 100% here for it.
I've been wracked with guilt holding onto this knowledge while wetshavers around the world continue to buy Will's wonderful products, but I realized the potential hilarity of pointing out Will's sexy feet pics the morning of the Maggard Meetup was too much to pass up. My intention is just to meme on everyone tangentially related to what I've posted here, and to get Roam a proper re-release. I will not source any of my claims, and I expect you to do your own research. Take my word for it.
After all of this though, I am convinced that Will is an absolute gigachad in the wetshaving world. Please join me in encouraging Will to re-release Roam.
TL;DR Does this sub even have mods anymore? Why is this post still up?
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2023.06.03 13:22 FluidAvocado How do I fix my radar?

I'm early 20s (M), and I figured out that I'm attracted to girls with amazing personalities but are 'Damsels in distress'. They may have one flaw and that's why they need me because I compliment them (I don't actively think this, end up wearing rose lenses). Also, these girls tend to not be available (it's 50-50) but when they are, I become Bob the Builder.

How do I fix my radar to not attract and be attracted to 'Damsels in distress'?
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2023.06.03 13:22 No-Commission1963 Company lied about rejecting my promotion…what to do?

Hello! I need your advice on something that is happening to me at my current company.
Long story short: I asked for a promotion for a role I am basically already doing, was denied because the company is “not promoting anybody in any department until the company situation is fixed”. This week, they announced someone else in another department was promoted, but the company situation they mentioned, is not fixed! (And its not going to be anytime soon, it’s revenue related)
It was already difficult for me to ask for this promotion and I took the rejection hard, but what should I do now? Should I bring this up again? How would you deal with it? I really don’t want to be rejected and lied to again, but not talking about it its just weird.
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2023.06.03 13:21 nhilthar Question for Australian players on how to purchase Iris (or anything from the store)

Hi, I'm a very new player (only my third day) located in Australia where for some reason the game is unavailable. I've managed to install and play the game by sideloading the APK onto my BlueStacks emulator and playing the game has been really fun. I'm a huge DanMachi fan and I have been enjoying the new aspect of seeing this great story.
However, I have now run into the problem of not being able to purchase anything from the store with real life money. I have tried using my Google Play balance (which is in $AU), linking a debit card to my Google Play account (it's an Australian card but I tried to list my country as USA), and listing my PayPal account but neither method work, they all say "Unavailable in your country".
How do my fellow Australian players manage to spend their real life money i.e. buy Iris for cash, in this game? And before anyone says it, yes I do know this game has announced a 'soft death' but I am ok with that and not here to discuss that, just how I can give this game/company my money.
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2023.06.03 13:21 SteelGhost24 A friend of mine keeps getting this message after a certain amount of time in a specific map. Anyone know how to fix? (more info in the comments)

A friend of mine keeps getting this message after a certain amount of time in a specific map. Anyone know how to fix? (more info in the comments) submitted by SteelGhost24 to codevein [link] [comments]

2023.06.03 13:21 wasflol The DNA Delusion

Life is programmed with an existence bias and the compulsion to continue on without any end goal or meaning. We will call that “the DNA delusion.
This essay takes a position against the DNA delusion, and it is the full realization that God is dead, unlike many flavors of modern atheism which still dance with his corpse. This dance is far from a freebie, and we are about to tally the cost. This essay is one last reality check, addressing all the delusions other secularational/intellectual movements continue to hold dear. It exposes all the harm, insanity, fallacy, and failure caused by life's reluctance to accept certain truths.
There have been around 20 trillion trillion (trillion 2 times is not a typo) sentient life forms, including trillions of mammals and 108 billion humans that have been tortured, violated, raped, molested, degraded, and murdered by nature. Nature is more sadistic than every slaughterhouse, mass murderer, animal holocauster, serial rapist, factory farm, concentration camp, psychotic dictator, and torturer in history combined, by a margin of "trillions of trillions,” yet most people will tell you they love nature, because it looks pretty and seems beautiful when all that madness is not happening. But, actually, all that madness has been happening for hundreds of millions of years on a global scale without even one day or one minute of pause in the action.
Clearly, life is suffering, but the DNA delusion seems to have a literally undying dedication to ignoring this. Perhaps it all seems "deep and spiritual and beautiful" when you are whitewashing 540 million years worth of collateral damage. So, what does the rest of the price tag looking like? Why is this happening? And, what goes through someone's head, when, after conducting a life experiment with a DNA code that literally invented torture, they are surprised when things turn out wrong?
Because DNA evolution is just an error code, it is literally mutants and mutation, not even mutating on purpose, and the entire mutant code was strung together by chaotic incidents of physics and biology. It does not know what it is doing or that you even exist; neither DNA nor the universe has anyone's back.
All harm is being caused for no sane purpose. You have probably seen people acknowledge that life has no purpose, but the DNA delusion creeps back in like a virus and says, "life has no purpose, so you make up your own." That means senseless torture is being caused for a made-up purpose. There is no way around it, but note how life keeps fabricating and confabulating a cheat in logic to get out of this truth. The DNA delusion is an amnesiac-style twist of logic that takes many forms. The most interesting part is that people under the DNA delusion are going to be completely appalled and enraged by this idea, instead of the truth to which it simply points. The DNA delusion will redirect all rage at clusters of words like these, not the incomprehensible harm and insanity being simply exposed by these words, almost like it is manually turning the head of a rabid dog toward some unassuming irrelevant target. That is what psychology on a leash looks like.
Even supposed intellectual, rational, secular thinkers cannot seem to let this notion go. They say things like, "the universe created life so that it could," which just keeps missing the point, not only of this idea, but of evolution's truth entirely. It did not do anything so anything; it just did.
Life is an unintelligent design of chaos that just happened because it could. Most people struggle firmware-flashing this truth to their brains. This is because our collective species is still hungover from centuries of dogmatic fairytales and lies, spread and labeled onto what we ultimately exposed as a happenstance mutant molecule and carnage machine. Now, if this idea is just sobering you into the gradual understanding that an unnecessary happenstance mutant molecule and carnage machine that resulted in trillions of ongoing torture victims was not a function that has/had purpose, "goodness," or real objective, rational use, net-utility, justifiable existence, etc., then you might consider that you probably should not feed your family into it and expect it to turn out well. By the way, there is no going back now that the cat is out of the bag.
There is not a single sane, sound, or rational reason to continue the DNA life experiment. The reason it continues is because of the DNA delusion. Of course it is wise to end this gratuitous misery and net-zero biological brainwash, but when you are already in this much of a deficit, the manic members of the life casino want you to keep playing. They have absolutely no coherent goal or game theory; there is only a manic compulsion to keep going. That is the DNA delusion, the only thing truly going on inside the "logic" of life.
This madness should stop. Even scientists and great thinkers have childlike visions of living forever or putting McDonald’s on every planet. Even a lot of serious thinking intellectuals never seem to slow down or give a sober thought about what the DNA delusion of "living forever and covering the universe with yourself" is costing or that the whole notion of "wanting to live forever and cover the universe with yourself" is nothing but an impossible ruse that was burned into the hardware of all DNA organisms over the course of millennia.
What's ironic is that we are doing this 6th largest mass extinction right now based on greed for fossil fuels, animal products, and rearing pointless children who needlessly serve this "need machine." The DNA delusion creates massive war machines that could wipe out the planet, and it ravages the planet of resources, all in the name of its own delusion. This is not far off from a heroin addict that wants infinite heroin, parasites on everything around it, and then inevitably destroys itself.
DNA agents are built to destroy other DNA agents, for the sake of DNA. DNA created a global war of Team DNA vs. Team DNA; it kills the losers and then kills the winning team. Do you understand just how psychotic this experiment is?
Life creates all of its own worst problems and nightmares by the mere act of existing; needs that do not need to exist, problems that do not need to exist, yet it has the undying urge to persist this. How is this sane?
You do not accomplish anything by "creating a need and satisfying it." You do not accomplish anything by creating every problem and solving some of them (or even all of them).
DNA life is a zero sum game in every sense. Yet sometimes the DNA delusion attempts to label such objective truth as "utilitarianism,” and it shoves it back under wraps and continues being psychotic.
Coming into existence is always a serious harm and problem for everyone that can be harmed. Not coming into existence is simply never a harm and never a problem for anyone.
Every "good" in life is made of "fixing a bad"; it is all based on needs and deprivations DNA installed inside you, which continue to pose the threat of ultimate harm and anguish toward you: both if you do not satisfy these installed needs and even if you do satisfy them. It did not give you a winning move.
These are the real implications of DNA evolution and reality: the objective truth of utter peril, the one the DNA delusion does everything it can to keep under wraps.
Humans keep ignoring, keep imposing, and keep pretending that it is all somehow a big mystery, and they ignore the fact that this twisted experiment somehow does not seem to be working in life's “best interest.”
Please view the end of the post linked above to see the original source.
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2023.06.03 13:19 californiaxgb Talking less is affecting my speech

Just as I said it, i don’t have friends i can call or talk to I don’t really feel like talking to the people i live with (in-laws) cause my mil usually trauma dumps on me about her everyday problems (they’re usually the same things) she has unresolved issues she needs to fix but avoids them as best as she can and my fil is also depressed as they are having extreme marital issues and has been having a short fuse so he’s literally on the verge of yelling or saying something mean half the time
Most of the people that surround me (I usually go to church 3 times a week) are either really judgy, never have good things to say, or are just fake surface level talkers if that makes sense. There’s like no depth to them and they don’t want to engage in conversation with me unless they need something.
My relationship with my parents is unfixable at this point (csa via “dad”, va, narcissist via mom, emotional disregard,etc)
My significant other works a 9-5 and sometimes we have really stressful and busy days where we just kind of lounge around at the end of the day nothing wrong with it cause I get it
I just have noticed how when i talk it has become sluggish and it’s almost a chore to like express myself also I feel like no one cares anyway
Idk has anyone felt this way too?
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2023.06.03 13:19 FoobarWreck I wish i had found this sub BEFORE doing this!

I wish i had found this sub BEFORE doing this!
Really happy with the results, particularly as it's in a UK new build garden where a lot of people think you can't grow a decent lawn.Before the April 1st picture there was almost no grass due to us having rabbits before, and there was so much moss. So I threw down moss killer / fertiliser, added some soil in some areas to raise it to provide a tiny gradient (I suspect it will help with avoiding moss later) and then spent about a day raking out as much moss as I could. Before heavily scarifying and raking in grass seed. I didn't cover with anything, just left it as the top 1-2cm was loose anyway.
I have a few patches left that I think I know how to fix (I think it's due to some clumps of fertilser / fertiliser pooling in low spots, causing too much nitrogen.... at least that's what another redditor told me!). But overall, even though it's got a fair bit further to go I'm over the moon with the results so far.
One question if anyone has the time?
There are dark and light areas, which I presume are down to having enough fertiliser / nitrogen (dark spots) and not having enough (light lime green areas).Am I okay to add seaweed liquid just to the lime green areas (or something better?), or is it better to simply mow for a season and let the nutrients already there spread out?
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2023.06.03 13:18 Kero_mohap Is there any fix to thish?

I had a problem for e very long time (since we discovered we can use ms roblox to use scripts still) and i cant find a fix for it i tried a lot and they dont work the problem is i cant open ms roblox everytime i open it it crashes with no warning no "not responding" no nothing it just stays on the white loading screen for like 2-3 secs and it just crashes its like i closed it myself does anyone know how to fix this?
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2023.06.03 13:17 MightyWren Setting up for the first time

Setting up for the first time
Hopefully this is the last piece of the puzzle. I have put octoklipper into raspberry pi 4b,and followed instructions to the letter and this popped up, anyone know how to fix this. Thanks
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2023.06.03 13:17 superkilometerfilter How To Stop Odometer – A Guide

How To Stop Odometer – A Guide
How to stop odometer? – This is a frequently asked question among motorists around the world. Despite the various recommendations and offered technics, some of you are not still quite sure which way is better when it comes to interfering with your odometer. First of all, make sure that you have a legitimate reason for it. it may be some fault in functioning or you may just need to test the performance of your car. Needless to say, there are some people who use this for malicious purposes and search for the optimal way that allows them not to get caught in the crime. Of course, we do not encourage wrongdoers to break the law, we only want to tell you what is accepted practice in this case, what can be legitimate reasons that make you think about changing mileage-related data, and of course how to stop mileage on a car.
Let’s get down to business, get ready and armed with the knowledge that will guide you through different situations you may come across.
It is a tool used for measuring the distance traveled by a vehicle. The device may be electronic, mechanical, or a combination of the two. It is placed on the dashboard near the speedometer, which on the other hand indicates the instantaneous speed of the automobile.
If we look through history, we can learn that Roman engineers developed it around 15 BC. As for the modern prototype of it, Blaise Pascal invented it in the 17th century. Mechanical odometers include several cogs. Each cog represents a numerical digit. Distance is counted by tracking the rotations of tires. If you own a brand-new automobile, you can enjoy the fully electronic instrument cluster, accordingly, you have a digital odometer that is no longer cable-dependent. Now magnetic or optical sensors and electronic circuits do the job. Sensors count the rotations made by the toothed wheel. Signals from sensors are sent to the ECU. As a result, it calculates the traveled distance based on pulses. Hence, the result is printed on the board.
Some people confuse it with the trip meter. Different from the above-mentioned tool. It can be reset at any time. Its main function is to count the particular distance between two points. It is extremely useful when you want to calculate miles per gallon, so it allows you to learn more about your fuel consumption more precisely.
What are some problems related to it?
You may ask what issues can we come across when we need a precise reading of mileage data. The most common reason is a broken odometer. Particularly it means that we get misleading information. The key solution in the case of mechanical one is easy to find and eradicate. There are many free tutorials on Youtube, that allow you to fix it yourself if you follow the instructions attentively. In the case of an electronic one, there may be several solutions. You may need to replace sensors, they are located near the back of the transmission. Another solution can be changing the gears, sometimes those are damaged and need replacement.
According to the, more measures you can take are as followings: removing any dust particles and strains, checking the back of the dashboard connector, taking a closer look at fuses and checking the ECU wires, it is a high chance that those are faulty and make it impossible for meters to work properly.
Why it is important?
People are eager to know how to stop odometer and they have a reason for it. the point is that mileage plays a significant role in determining the value of vehicles. If you want to buy a used automobile, the first thing you may ask is the distance it has traveled throughout its life. The higher the number, the higher the chance of the necessity of high maintenance costs in the initial stage of owning the automobile. With the help of the odometer, you can see it with your own eyes, you don’t need to guess it. there comes the danger of accuracy of it. Some dishonest sellers manipulate this data to their advantage which means that they use some devices for malicious purposes. In the following paragraph, you can learn in detail what is it and how it affects the automotive industry.
According to NHTSA, it is the disconnection, resetting or alteration of a vehicle’s odometer with the intent to change the number of miles indicated. Almost half a million buyers become victims of dishonest sellers. This crime costs $1 billion annually. How do they manage it? the answer is simple, they have tools that are available on any online store. The manufacturers of those tools escape the responsibility. The most common is the correction tool, which is meant to roll back the existing numbers. So, if you are interested in how to stop mileage on a car, those devices do not serve purposes.
Additionally, they are easily detected, which means that it just changes data on the surface and it stays on other control units. So, before you decide to lie to someone, be careful you cause inconvenience and misunderstanding.
Strengthening measures against crime is vital. So, government and individuals need to do their best to avoid it. As for laws, the federal government passed a law that requires a written disclosure of the mileage registered on an odometer to be provided on the title by the seller to the purchaser. An automobile that is 20 years or older is exempt from this requirement. As for individual effort, there are some tips and tricks that will help to protect yourself. Those are as followings:
  • Ask the seller to see the title and compare. Be sure that you take a closer look at it.
  • Ask to see maintenance records and make your conclusion.
  • Examine the general wear and tear of the target auto, especially the gas, brake and clutch pedals. Make sure that they are relevant to the numbers displayed.
  • Request automobile history report to eliminate possible discrepancies.
As you can see, automotive crime is one of the big challenges today. However, If someone wants to change numbers on the odometer doesn’t automatically mean that he or she has a bad cause. There are various reasons why they need it, let’s take a closer look at them and find the best alternative that serves this purpose.
You may have a bunch of legitimate reasons to correct your mileage data. Before we discuss how to do it flawlessly, let’s see what can be those reasons. For example, testing your automobile is the first you want to do after remapping and it’s normal that you do not want those unnecessary miles on the display. Other reasons are as followings:
  • You may spot inaccurate information after jump-starting
  • Inaccuracy after dashboard damage
  • Electrical fault
  • After installing a new engine
  • gauge failure
  • after installing the used odometer
You may not think that it’s necessary but sometimes you need to disable your odometer. If you search for the phrase “how to stop odometer?”. Let’s look through what method you may come across. Firstly, you should know that you will need three steps for it.
  1. Find the relevant fuse.
You may find different fuses for different purposes, for example, ignition, alarm or light. You need exactly the odometer fuse.
  1. Remove the fuse.
Take a fuse removal tool and pull the fuse out. This should disable the odometer of your car.
  1. The final step
Examine attentively. Make sure that every other fuse is properly installed. Take a short drive and see if it worked.
All the above-mentioned sound good, but what if you are one of the admirers of high-tech solutions who would like to do all this effortlessly. If it is so, I have good news for you. I will tell you about the innovative module and answer your question – how to stop odometer? – once and forever.
Mileage Blocker is an extraordinary module that can halt the mileage recording process from all control units. The tool is unique because of the advantages and benefits it offers. Additionally, it is used for more ethical purposes than its alternatives. Manufacturers created this module with premium-quality parts and it comes with mobile applications. This means that you don’t need to press the button to change it from mode to mode. It also includes easy installation instruction. If you decide to test your automobile efficiently, choose the quality product which doesn’t not only meet but exceeds your expectations. I will list the main benefits of this blocker, so you will be sure that it is a must-have device to purchase as soon as possible. Here is the list:
  • Altered mileage remains untraceable unconditionally. The information is not stored in any control unit and even with diagnostic testers no one is able to trace the mileage that was stopped while using the module.
  • Doesn’t cause any flaws in the Can-Bus system. At SKF we devote a lot of time to research and development and make sure that you will not encounter such problems.
  • You can turn it off and on while in motion. A key combination can be applied while your automobile is stationary or in motion and you can set the specific mode that you require during that specific time.
  • Miles do not add up spontaneously after removing it. It is the problem for many counterfeits of this module, when you disconnect them, miles start adding up. If you purchase a Mileage blocker you never come across the same problem.
  • It is a legal tool in most countries. However, in most cases, it is illegal to deceive potential buyers. Hence, you can install this module to test the performance of your vehicle in a controlled environment, but don’t use it for deceitful purposes.
So, if you still think about how to stop mileage on a car, do not hesitate. You can purchase the mileage stopper that will serve its purpose flawlessly. If you have any other questions you can check look through the support or contact the customer center.
So, you get all the necessary information that will help you make a smart decision when it comes to your automobile. Do not forget to identify the legitimate reason for s stopping your odometer. After doing it, you can purchase the most reliable module in the world and enjoy its benefits. So, what are you thinking of ? I think you already know how to stop odometer.
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2023.06.03 13:16 Traditional-Range-88 What should i do to help myself

Hey guys, 19M here, i had anxiety ED for a while and was really stressing about that had the worst anxiety attacks in my life. Before I had a couple bouts of peeing often when i was stressed but one-time stuff only. I decided to go to a Urologist so he would check if my ED is psychological and he said i have prostatis after doing a rectal exam. I didn’t have any symptoms so i didn’t take antibiotics or anything cause i knew better. But i noticed i started peeing often and sometimes wanting to pee right after I already peed almost daily after the doctor visit, so i think this is very connected to ur anxiety and knowing about having this.
I started NoFap and after that the ED issue got so much better and kinda cleared out. Then i had pain in my prostate area after ejaculation. But not all the time and only for 1-5 minutes. But I still peed often and started feeling constipation type feeing in my ass after being aroused but now i feel it all the time this heaviness inside my ass. And I started doing #2 much less often.
I went to a different top rated doctor he did a ultrasound and said everything is good but my prostate is inflamed he said he thinks it can be the muscles or the bacterial infection but he thinks a lot of the time it’s both and he prescribed me Levfloxacin for 10 days And SNRI for 3 months. I was confused started reading this subreddit and doing stretches, but i noticed when i get aroused my pelvic muscles do kegels by themselves. Do u have this problem? And how do u fix it. And what is my next step. Need ur help. I’m to young for this shit man(((
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2023.06.03 13:16 Del_ice Divine game

There are plenty of divine figures and each of them has a vision of how the world must look like and mortals they want to succeed. There are many disagreements within godly community. Compramissions can't be made, but war of such powerful beings would demolish the whole universe and looking for new one would be tiresome. Instead, every group of divine figures in any universe have something, that looks like game. Such games have different names and rules, but always are about manipulating mortals to achieve their goals without direct interventions. They may look like game of chess, but they aren't even remotely similar.
Members of divine game in Dream SMP:
  1. DreamXD. First guardian of Dream SMP. The one, who created it's world and gave it the name. Created the rules for it's divine game, that every other members agreed with. One of three best players. Stole Foolish from Mother Innit(she didn't mind it). Pretends to be divine patron of Dream, but in fact patronise George. He believe that stories have meaning only if they have end and so want every mortal to die, bringing the end to his perfect symphony
  2. Mother Innit. Goddess of Life. One of three best players. In fact, she was so good, that XD could outsmart her only after years of trying to put her guard down. Divine patron of Tommy. Want the world to evolve on it's own, but will make sure, that her son would be safe and happy. Brought Kristin, her business(if it can be called like that) partner, to Game
  3. Kristin. Goddess of Death. Qualified player, but does not take game seriously. She has her own realm to give little care about the world of living. Divine patron of Philza and, basically, just tries to make sure, that he will be happy in the end. During game, give some advices to Sally
  4. Sally. Goddess of Ocean. Has literally no idea how to play, but tries her best(and still every move is terrible). At first was divine patron of Wilbur, but lost faith in him and began to patronize Fundy. It didn't help him mich. Youngest of Gods, if we don't count Karl Major. Appreciate Kristin's mentoring
  5. Karl Major. God of Time. At first, was just ordinary Karl Jacobs, the Time Traveler. After Incident learnt everything about time traveling that Inbetween could teach and spent so many years trying to fix everything with those powers, but failing every time. Each time he tried, he lost parts of connection to the Time(he learnt, how to keep memories, but sacrifices are needed), until ascended above it. Now, tries to create the best timeline from new position. Divine patron of Karl Minor, his younger version. Stole Overseers of Inbetween and Other Side from DreamXD. Dream didn't like it. While others play "Chess", he plays "5D chess with multi universal time traveling", still failing in most timelines
  6. Blood God. Pretty self-explanatory(Not just blood tho, power, rage, war and justice all are his symbols. In a way, Nether is his domain). Divine patron if Techno. With Mother Innit about allowing the world to evolve on it's own, but want to create a system, that will make this evolving just and fair. Created a fragile faction with Kristin And Mother Innit due to similar views
  7. Egg. Creature of Corruption. Pet of DreamXD. NOT A PLAYER, but comes from time to time to flip the table. When it happens, everyone shout at it and tries to put away.
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2023.06.03 13:16 initiative_unlucky1 My Boyfriend (M29) is mad because I (F25) talked to my ex.

I broke up with my emotional abusive ex and moved out of our shared apartment last year.
He still owed me money and had some things that belonged to me. We texted about it last week but he stopped replying.
Yesterday me and my boyfriend (M29) where watching a movie together over facetime. I told him I didn’t get an answer from my ex yet, and that I‘d like to call him and ask about my money and belongings. My boyfriend agreed but asked if he could stay on Facetime and listen, I told him no.
I called my ex and we agreed that he‘d dropp off my stuff at our mutual friend‘s house.
He asked about the dog (edit: it was "our" dog before the breakup) and I told him that she‘s doing fine, that she was attacked by an off leash dog but no major injuries and that we‘re seeing a dog trainer and so on. He then asked if I was seeing anyone and I told him that I‘m in a happy relationship, he asked a little bit about my boyfriend. I told him that leaving him was the best decision I ever made, that I am lucky to be in a healthy relationship and that I‘m overall doing good.
He told me, he was seeing someone and that he also agreed, tho we had good times, we just didn’t match and we would have destroyed each other if we didn’t went our separate ways. I told him that I hope he won’t repeat the mistakes he made in the past and that he’s happy with his new girlfriend.
In no means do I intent to keep in contact or maintain a friendship. It still felt good to end it once and for all, in good terms. The conversation felt kind of therapeutic, if that makes sense.
The call went on for about an hour and when I hung up my boyriend had send me a message, saying he‘s been waiting, he is pissed.
I told him that I would like to tell him about the conversation, so he called, listened and freaked out.
He was angry that I talked to my ex like he was a friend, that I told him about my relationship and my boyfriend and that I gave him relationship advice, by saying I hope he‘s treating his new girl better. He said, he doesn’t know if he could trust me and if he was able to get over it. He also sent a photo of him crying.
My BF said he was heartbroken and is now turning cold, because I made him feel like I don’t love him and that he will need some time to think about it.
He called again because we usually go to sleep together on the phone but he made clear he doesn’t want to talk.
I haven’t heard from him ever since and I‘m not sure what to do.
Should I try and contact him or leave him be? How can I fix this? I he in the right?
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