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Does your workplace have everyone use AI?

2023.06.03 14:30 Langlock Does your workplace have everyone use AI?

Hi friends. I’ve been hunting down folks willing to go on the record for a text based interview of what it’s like when an entire team is focused on using generative AI like ChatGPT.
In my 57 AI conversations I’ve had I’ve only run into 2 businesses that did this and neither CEO wanted to talk about it publicly. But both were doing wild things and were in industries I would not have anticipated going all in like that. One even had their entire end to end customer experience positively affected by ChatGPT after a 1 month all hands trial.
I’d love to hear more from people going through this of any business size, ideally more than 20 people. And if anyone is open to being interviewed about the experience I’d be happy to arrange a conversation!
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2023.06.03 14:27 SoloDad77 27 Months Old...No Words. Panicked

I'm a solo dad and I'm definitely having trouble decoding whats normal and what isn't. My son is now 27 months old and is expressively delayed. He has about 5 consistent words. He jargons all of the rest of the time. He is most definitely speech delayed. However his receptive according to the many evals done by E.I and private speech therapists is on track. He understands commands in both English and spanish..some of his behaviors however have me concerned otherwise.
We're seeing a speech pathologist on Monday. Following up with an ENT on Friday. Finally, seeing Early Intervention for the 5th time on Saturday..he never seems to qualify. I'm so beyond stressed and frustrated..can anyone from experience chime in here? Could something else be wrong? I can't believe he still isn't's so defeating.
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2023.06.03 14:25 QuantityImpressive71 A chat GPT film script treatment: "Apocalypse MD"

I asked chat GPT4 to generate a film script treatment for a movie structured on the plot of Apocalypse Now, but as a satire and in a medical setting. Sometimes residency just felt chaotic and surreal, the things you see, characters, rogue attendings, etc. Anyway, for the lolz, below is what it produced.
Title: Apocalypse M.D.
We open in a small, cluttered urban apartment. Its sole inhabitant, DR. JOHN "JACK" WILCOX, a senior medical resident, is early-thirties, tired, bleary-eyed, yet wired, as if perpetually on his fifth cup of coffee. He's lived through countless sleepless nights, long hours, and the ceaseless weight of responsibility. He narrates his current mental state with black humor, echoing a sense of existential dread, the healthcare equivalent of the Vietnam jungle.
In the hospital, we see an assembly of high-ranking MEDICAL OFFICIALS. The CEO, DR. MARCUS CORMAN, an imposing figure of authority with a pragmatic, no-nonsense demeanor, outlines the disturbing situation about a certain veteran attending physician, DR. ROBERT KURTZ.
"Kurtz is out there practicing without any decent restraint, totally beyond the ethical guidelines of any acceptable medical conduct. And he's still in the field treating patients," Corman says. "His methods, while unorthodox, have yielded exceptional results. However, they've drawn unnecessary scrutiny from the press and regulators."
A HOSPITAL BOARD MEMBER, a stern civilian figure with a strong financial interest in the hospital, interjects, "Terminate with extreme prejudice." It's clear; they want Kurtz removed, but silently, and they want Wilcox to do it.
Wilcox’s journey begins in the hospital’s bustling ER. We encounter a maverick, cowboy-like orthopedic surgeon, DR. WILLIAM "BILL" KILDARE. Kildare is a paradoxical figure, brash and arrogant, yet strangely compelling. He's famous for his risky and showy surgeries performed to the sound of his favorite, "Symphony for the Devil." In a satirical recreation of the helicopter attack, Kildare leads a risky multi-trauma surgery. Wilcox observes as Kildare proclaims, "I love the smell of Betadine in the morning," a darkly comedic reference to the original film’s napalm line.
Wilcox meets with various hospital staff members, each more bizarre and unique than the last, revealing the absurdity of the medical hierarchy and hospital bureaucracy. He gradually moves from the sanitised, orderly ER to the darker, chaotic depths of the hospital, reflecting his descent into the underworld of the healthcare system, his journey to find Kurtz.
The Playboy USO scene is replaced with a satirical spin on pharmaceutical reps wooing doctors with luxurious lunches and extravagant promises. The scene shifts from initially entertaining to increasingly uncomfortable, highlighting the moral ambiguity of the relationship between pharmaceutical companies and medical practitioners.
As Wilcox delves deeper into the hospital, he begins to understand the appeal of Kurtz's methods. He sees firsthand the disillusionment, the burnout, and the systemic issues that plague the healthcare industry. Wilcox becomes more sympathetic to Kurtz, whose apparent madness seems increasingly like a radical response to a mad system.
In a twist on the tiger scene, Wilcox and his companions are ambushed by a swarm of angry patients and their relatives, demanding immediate attention, reflecting the overwhelming patient-load doctors often face.
Finally, Wilcox meets Kurtz in the farthest, most forgotten wing of the hospital, amidst the terminally ill and the mentally unstable. Kurtz is an enigmatic figure, inspiring both dread and admiration. His methods, while unconventional, are seen to bring comfort to the patients neglected by the healthcare system.
Kurtz, realizing Wilcox's mission, engages him in a battle of ethics and ideologies. Their final confrontation is a blend of pathos, black humor, and deep ethical questions about the nature of healthcare, the sanctity of life, and the role of doctors as both healers and executioners.
The climax mirrors the original's surrealistic horror, involving a patient in a critical condition and a questionable, last-resort procedure proposed by Kurtz. Wilcox must choose between his orders and what he's come to understand about the flawed healthcare system.
In the end, the hospital's sanitized order is restored, but at a profound cost to Wilcox. He returns to his initial position, but he's irrevocably changed. He looks around at the bustling ER and the efficient, obedient doctors and can't help but recall Kurtz's last words, "The procedure, the procedure…"
In essence, "Apocalypse M.D." is a darkly satirical journey into the heart of the modern healthcare system, juxtaposing the high-pressure, bureaucratic nature of medical institutions against the humane, yet often messy reality of medical practice. Through its characters, it poses thought-provoking questions about ethical boundaries, systemic flaws, and the very nature of medicine itself.
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2023.06.03 14:20 OwnItem7058 Dream job or a lot more money?

I need some unbiased opinions..
I (24F) currently work at a dental office as an Office Manager. It is part of a large corporation which has about 97 locations. I have only been in my position for 4 months but have double our production. I work 9 hours days M-Th salaried at 50K annually.
I also work PRN doing billing for my previous full time employer. This employer reached out to me and offered me an HR Management job. She offered to match my pay at $50k and has no wiggle room to go any higher. It is M-F 8 hour shifts. I have always dreamed of an HR position. That has been my goal but unfortunately I don’t have the schooling background. This employer told me that she wanted me back in the door and thought I would be a great fit. Since this is something I have always wanted to do and it opens so many more doors for me, I accepted.
I gave my notice and a few days later I received a counter offer. My current employer offered me a $65K salary. My job would remain the same as office manager but they wanted to retain me.
I am at a loss of what to do. That is such a big increase in pay and I know the other place would not be able to match that. But like I said, HR is what I have dreamed of. I know money isn’t everything and I would burn the bridge entirely if I didn’t go forward with the HR job. I would also be giving up Fridays off by taking the HR position.
Side note: My husband and I are trying to pay off debt so that amount of money could be very helpful for that.
So I would like to unbiased opinions on what to do because I am very conflicted. I only have two days to decide. My husband tells me that it is ultimately my choice and he supports me no matter what.
What would you do if you were in my situation?
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2023.06.03 14:20 ClosetJack [A4M] Finding My Werewolf

The bright stadium lights illuminated the field below. As masses of padded bodies collided together, hoards of people cheered them on as they watched their teams fight for victory. This was college football, and I stood within the masses cheering on the players and my best friend. Number 19, ____Name____ Quarterback.
____Name____ and I had grown up together. Our mothers were friends from work and often dragged us along with them as they met up to socialize. Which was always amusing to them. Because we didn’t always get along. You were always bolder and crasser. Stealing my toys, my snacks, and whatever else he wanted back then. But that’s not to say I was perfect either. I was an attention hog back then. Crying just because I knew I could get one of our mothers to pay more attention to me. But obviously, we both grew out of that.
_____Name_____ grew into a tall handsome man. Stoic features, nice muscles, cocky attitude. But with looks like his. Who wouldn’t be? While I grew into a slim, toned, and as he likes to call me. A nerd. But hey! Just because I like to read and watch Star Wars, or Lord of the Rings weekly doesn’t make me a nerd…right?
Oh, and I should probably add that _____Name_____ grew up to be a werewolf. Yep, that’s right. A werewolf. His first change happened when he was about 12 and started to go through puberty. I was spending the night at his house, and we were messing around. Wrestling as a matter of fact to see which of us was the strongest. I had him pinned on his back. Hands above his head when he let out a low feral growl. His eyes briefly grew a faint red, and before I knew it, he had me flipped over on my back and sitting on my chest. He gave me his famous crooked smile. His teeth were sharp, and he gripped my arms with long jagged nails that dug into my wrist. Since then, his shift has become more and more wolfish. His ears elongated, fur sprouting up to cover his arms, legs, and feet.
He always had control of his wolf. Well almost. We learned werewolves were nothing like they were in the movies. They didn’t go all feral during a fool moon. They could shift whenever they wanted or needed. The problem was _____Name_____ didn’t know how to control his wolf when he was upset.
Which is why I never quite understood his infatuation with sports. Because of his competitive nature, he was bound to shift during a game. And tonight, was that night.
The ball snapped and _____Name_____ stepped back. Preparing to throw it when he was sacked. The crowd “oooed and awed,” disappointedly as he fell and hit the ground. I watched as his teammates helped him up and they got back into position. The ball snapped again, and this time _____Name_____ tried running through a hole in the defensive line. But as he stepped through a linebacker came up on his right and tackled him. Shoving him down to the ground. More disappointed “awes,” came from the stands as the opponent's stands ruptured into cheers.
Our offensive line was walking off the field as the defensive line ran out. When I noticed _____Name_____ talking to the coach and walking off the field to the locker rooms. I hastily ran down the stadium stairs and headed to the locker rooms at the end of the field. I could hear bodies from the two-team collide again as they continued to play.
The door to the locker room creaked open as I pushed on it. “Hey, you, okay?” I called out as I walked into the locker room. I could hear the water running and made my way towards it. As I walked toward the showers, I came across his jersey, shoulder pads, and chest pads. Which had been discarded on the floor and found _____Name_____ standing underneath the running water still in his pants. His back was towards me, and his arms stretched out to brace himself against the wall. “Dude, are you alright?” I questioned again.
I could see his shoulders and back tense to my voice. But he didn’t move. “______Name_____ what is going on? Are you losing control or something?” I questioned as I stepped into the showers. My shoes slapped against the wet tile floor as I approached him. “Dude Tal-“I was cut off as he quickly turned around and grabbed me by the shoulders. Pinning me to the wall my feet handing above the floor. I swallowed hard as I looked into those red feral eyes. His claws dig into my shoulders.
“Go…. Away.” He growled out. As he let my body slide down the wall until my feet touched the floor.
“You need help. You can’t stay here like this. What if someone sees you?” I pleaded as his grasp on my arms let up. “We need to get you out of here!” I exclaimed.
“No, have to win,” He uttered as he tried to turn around and leave the showers. I reached out and grabbed his wrist. Stopping him.
“If you go out there now, you’re only exposing what you are, you’re going to scare everyone,” I said calmly. He turned back towards me sneering.
“Then they can run away like pussies” He growled as he turned back and headed for the door.
I ran in front of him and tried to push him back. But his muscular and solid body didn’t move. I looked up at him as he stared at me. My mind was rushing to find a solution and did the only thing that made sense to distract him at the time. I reached up and cupped his face with my hands, stood on my tiptoes, and kissed him. I could feel his body tense with surprise but quickly eased as I felt him lean into the kiss.
He grabbed onto my hips and pulled his lips from mine. Before turning and pushing me into the wall. I could feel his eyes looking my body over. While he slid one hand up under my shirt to rest against my flat abdomen. His other hand unlacing the top of his football pants. I gulped. “I can smell your lust.” He uttered roughly. “I’ve always been able to smell it”.
I gulped hard. As I anticipated where this was going to go, it filled me with a mixture of anxiety, fear, and excitement. I stood there unable to move as he undid his pants. His hand slid back down my abdomen until his sharp fingers hooked the waistband of my sweatpants and underwear. He pulled them down. Exposing me before he grabbed my waist and lifted me up. Placing my legs over his shoulders and pressing my back against the wall.
“This is what you want. Right?” He smiled deviously. I knew it wasn’t really a question. But more of a confirmation that he knew my desire. He wrapped his hands around my hips and pulled me down slightly to a more appropriate position. His sneer never left his face as he took me then and there.
Good day, all, and thank you for reading my long introduction to the prompt. I’m Jax a 27 y/o male in the EST-zone. I am looking for a long-term partner for this and future role plays. While this prompt is written in the M4M format I am more than comfortable playing as a female character opposite to the best friend/werewolf. I’m also comfortable writing in 3rd person. I have just always felt a preference for first. As I find it’s more personal when RPing. This is intended to be a modern fantasy roleplay with an array of genres and emotions. Not just romance and lust. I have tried my best to leave your character entirely up to you including name, looks, and actions going forward. Please feel free to ask any further questions, or if you’re interested in helping me expand on this story. I look forward to meeting you!
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2023.06.03 14:16 Trident018 What changes need to be made for next year?

Fair to say that this was an underwhelming season on our behalf. There were some positives such as Ishant’s bowling and Salty’s batting, but most of us would agree that some changes need to be made.
Here are my opinions:
Batting: we need a stronger middle order. I don’t have a problem with the approach of having a complete foreigner top 3 ( Salt, Warner, Marsh) but top 4 with Rossouw looks unrealistic. I would release Sarfaraz khan. In the market, we need to look for a reliable Indian opening batsman’s who can come in for Shaw. Since Pant is soon to start training, I will assume he should be fit for 2024.
Bowling: I personally think we were one of the better sides in terms of bowling so this aspect of the team should be maintained. However, in no universe is Mukesh Kumar is yet a 4 Cr bowler. Release him and get him back only if he gonna cost less than 1-2Cr.
I genuinely think we were in just extreme bad form rather than not having good players in most cases. However, we do need these improvements:
  1. Indian opening batsman
  2. Spin dominator for home games
  3. Right arm pacer to come in for Ishant if there are injuries/ not able to play
  4. Good quality international pacer
To release: Sarfaraz khan, Manish pandey( too much competition for anchor role and doesn’t bring anything amazing to table), Ngidi( make a decision if this man will ever get a game if not release), Fizz ( depending on how many games he will be available to play), Mukesh Kumar (buy cheaper)
Targets: tbh can’t think of many names rn who were unsold so will appreciate any suggestions.
My ideal XI:
Shaw/ Indian opener Warner Salt Marsh/Rossouw Pant (C)(WK) Axar Ishant/ Porel (IP) - porel at 7 for explosive innings and to come in asap after Ishant done with 4 overs Indian all rounder pacer - more of a good bowler than batsman, if it’s spinning conditions use Lalit yadav as a floater Kuldeep Khaleel Nortje
Without Pant
Shaw Warner Salt Marsh/Rossouw Axar Porel/ Ishant Lalit yadav ( floater) Indian pacer all rounder Kuldeep Nortje Khaleel
In no way is this a perfect line up and just my opinion and would love to hear more about everybody else’s opinion, especially who to go for next year.
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2023.06.03 14:13 PritchettRobert506 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in ME Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Panera Bread (PR Management Corp) Baker, 2nd Shift - Auburn, ME Auburn
Panera Bread (PR Management Corp) Baker, 2nd Shift - Augusta, ME Augusta
Panera Bread (PR Management Corp) Restaurant Assistant Manager- Pay up to $60,000 - Biddeford Biddeford
Panera Bread (PR Management Corp) Baker, 2nd Shift - Biddeford, ME Biddeford
Panera Bread (PR Management Corp) Catering Coordinator- Biddeford, ME Biddeford
UnitedHealth Group Senior Patient Care Coordinator - Ellsworth, ME Brewer
L.L.Bean Security Monitory & Dispatch Officer - Temporary, 2nd Shift Brunswick
L.L.Bean Sr. Cloud Engineering Architect- Remote Brunswick
L.L.Bean Weekend Industrial Master Electrician- $3,000 Sign on Bonus Brunswick
UnitedHealth Group Senior Patient Care Coordinator - Ellsworth, ME Ellsworth
UnitedHealth Group Peer Advocate Ellsworth
UnitedHealth Group Health Advocate Ellsworth
L.L.Bean Manager, Global Auditing & Inspection Freeport
L.L.Bean Temporary Warehouse Positions- Freeport, ME Freeport
L.L.Bean Store Supervisor Freeport
L.L.Bean Mechanical Maintenance Tech I Lewiston
Aroostook Mental Health Services, Inc Substance Use Disorder Counselor Madawaska
UniFirst Maintenance Technician I - UniFirst ($5,000 Sign On) Portland
L.L.Bean Weekend Industrial Master Electrician- $3,000 Sign on Bonus Portland
Panera Bread (PR Management Corp) Baker, 2nd Shift - Westbrook, ME Portland
UnitedHealth Group Patient Access Manager - Northern Light Mayo Hospital - Dover Foxcroft, ME Portland
UniFirst Fleet Mechanic - UniFirst ($5,000 Sign on!) Portland
UnitedHealth Group Patient Access Representative - Presque Isle, ME Presque Isle
UnitedHealth Group Patient Access Representative - Pre-registration - Presque Isle, ME Presque Isle
UnitedHealth Group RN Manager - Inpatient Care Management Presque Isle Maine $5,000 Sign on Bonus Presque Isle
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in me. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.03 14:12 Prof_Procrastinus world-map navigation

In many areas of the game, it can be extremely difficult to obtain location/map-context information while not actively staring at the full-screen world map. The map is mostly monochrome blobs with binary information; traversable or not. The mini-map also often feels claustrophobic.
I do appreciate the desire to create a desperate/personal/survival experience by limiting this type of information to a point/distance from the player but we're starved for info here. I haven't directly compared the amount of information conveyed by the mini-map in D3 but I hardly ever struggled there - it wasn't great but it was enough to not drive me mad.
Nearly all the directional information we get from the map is based entirely on PoI icons. While we're away from any icons on the map, the mini-map becomes practically useless.
The only compensation Blizz added for the reduction in information compared to D3 (dimming the environment/vignette/color-palette etc.) is the auto-pathing waypoint. It works for medium-long journeys but isn't useful for momentary decisions and is still hampered by having to set it in the full-screen map.
There's excellent contextual information in the portions of map that transition from one color to the next, based on ground color (snow/dirt/red sand etc.). Sadly that information only exists at the transition and there aren't that many in the world.
However it's accomplished, the solution should provide the player with quickly recognizable awareness of their location in the world, simultaneously on large (zone) and small (path/route) scales.


I believe it would go far enough, without upsetting any players, to negate the problem by "simply" (expertly) improving the map texture. If the colotexture/appearance of the map could provide more contextual information it would improve every situation. The mini-map would be far more useful relative to the full-screen map.
The first idea that comes to mind is utilizing the negative space on the map to provide more context without affecting the area we travel through. There are dozens of simple ways to do this and perhaps combining multiple techniques would provide substantial awareness. I'll go over some methods now.
The negative space must never be confused with the positive, so it can't simply be the texture of the environment or it would all blend together. Perhaps simply using additional colors/gradients to convey relative zone coordinates/portions, similar to the snow/dirt transition.
You could also try conveying general x/y coordinates using colors/icons to recognize at a glance along the bordeperimeter of the mini-map. It's hard to imagine how accurate/useful this would be overall.
I also hold the opinion overlay maps detract from the overall game by redirecting focus from the game world to the map for easy recognition/efficiency. This behavior effectively turns it into a 2-dimensional game with a dot (you) running between the lines. I'd much rather be navigating and appreciating the artful environment/enemies, while tracking threats more carefully. Despite that, I'd prefer overlay maps to the emergent behavior of spamming the map button between actions, sometimes 3-6 times in a few seconds. Hopefully, overlays aren't necessary.

Anecdotes and additional considerations

With enough movement speed in D3, (combined with the lack of fear of dying on the given difficulty) I always resorted to staring directly at the mini-map which provides less information than the game world but at a much greater distance from the character (?double?). This turned D3 into a monochrome 2-D game of avoiding walls and finding doors, at a fraction of the screen space. I rarely played this way, relative to my total play time, but It was certainly faster and more efficient. This should be avoided but it's not necessarily bad if it happens at the extremes - preferentially less often than D3 and others. The world map flickering meta is a horrible experience. Players didn't need to check so frequently in D3 because the cartoonish lighting and tile-sets were easier to navigate. Fans cried for darkness and now we can't read where to go on the fly. It's all the more irritating that opening the map prevents character movements/actions, sometimes resulting in truly jarring stutter-step behavior, especially while approaching forks in paths. It's harmful to the experience but also intentional behavior compensating for rudimentary navigational tools.
I was disgusted by this experience when I played during the server slam but didn't spend the time evaluating why it was so offensive to me until today. All the early-access players I've seen, behave the same way and I've heard the same complaint repeatedly. Perhaps the first time I heard it vaguely referenced by someone other than myself, was in Rhykker's review. He acknowledged that he relied on opening the world map considerably more than in D3 and he speculated it could be a result of the mini-map being smaller.
Without giving my opinion on the level of effort that went in to the current map texture, *cough*, I do wager Blizzard created dozens of iterations of map textures. They might even already have one that accomplishes everything I described but instead they implemented the most minimal one they could agree upon to avoid overstimulating/confusing new players, particularly because almost everyone is currently a new player. It's generally the Blizzard way, to start low and offer more in reaction.
3rd-party modders are probably trying everything they can to replace/add maps/navigation functions and Blizzard might just unofficially let them handle it. However, anyone who's familiar with D3 modding already knows where that leads... It's not very competition-friendly to say the least.
I still haven't heard anyone discuss why this behavioexperience is emerging through play so I figured I'd suggest myself. There are many more important aspects of the game to improve in my opinion but there's a disturbing lack of awareness about this issue everywhere I look. Even if nothing I've typed accomplishes change, at least someone in the community will have gained an understanding.
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2023.06.03 14:00 AutoModerator What is a Critical Analysis Essay? Full Writing Guide with Examples

What is a Critical Analysis Essay? Full Writing Guide with Examples
Have you ever read a piece of writing and thought, "I disagree with this writer; I think they are biased"? Maybe you even went so far as to post your own viewpoint in the comments area. Congratulations if you completed this. You have carried out a critical analysis; you have examined the author's work and responded with your own judgment.
  • As writers always employ rhetorical devices to win you over, reading widely is necessary when writing a critical critique. We'll provide a thorough, step-by-step tutorial on how to write a critical analysis essay.
  • Before anything else, carefully examine all the sources you'll be using to back up your claims. You most likely already have a strong view on the subject of your critical analysis essay, but try to be objective and open-minded by considering the issue from various angles. When reading another author's works on the subject, carefully note their thesis and use it as evidence to support your major claim.
  • Including other people's viewpoints demonstrates your thoughtfulness as a writer. Consider your answer and your reaction to the topic of your essay in great detail. Make sure your viewpoints are not insensitive to anyone who could read your article and be mindful of the many backgrounds and experiences that people may have.
  • Now draft your essay. Introduce your topic and its main elements in the opening paragraph, then direct the reader to your thesis statement.
  • You MUST introduce a new point for your analysis in each of your body paragraphs. Each paragraph's point must be objective; avoid severe bias, and any irregularity must adequately support your claims.
Finally, your conclusion should repeat your position overall and emphasize each of your points. Without further ado, let's examine the steps for creating a critical analysis essay.
Get FREE SAMPLES of Critical Analysis Essays and a Complete Guide on How to Write a Perfect One Today.
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2023.06.03 13:57 SoloDad77 27 Months No Words..Help

I'm a solo dad and I'm definitely having trouble decoding whats normal and what isn't. My son is now 27 months old and is expressively delayed. He has about 5 consistent words. He jargons all of the rest of the time. He is most definitely speech delayed. However his receptive according to the many evals done by E.I and private speech therapists is on track. He understands commands in both English and spanish..some of his behaviors however have me concerned otherwise.
We're seeing a speech pathologist on Monday. Following up with an ENT on Friday. Finally, seeing Early Intervention for the 5th time on Saturday..he never seems to qualify. I'm so beyond stressed and frustrated..can anyone from experience chime in here? Could something else be wrong? I can't believe he still isn't's so defeating.
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2023.06.03 13:53 Temporary_Ask_1773 I make people talk a lot. Is that a bad thing?

Hello! I (F21) have been told by many different people that I make them talk a lot. I'm also often approached by strangers who wants to talk, my friends laugh about it. This part I think is just because I don't look scary? If there's such a thing as a "resting happy face", that would probably be me haha. But the other part? My ex told me that it's a bad thing and that people feel the need to talk a lot with me because I don't speak enough myself, and that it makes people overshare which is a bad thing because they are going to regret it later. I'm not sure if he was right or not? I just genuinely like to listen. It makes me happy.
Yesterday, I met a colleague outside of work for the first time and he told me that "I don't know what it is with you, everytime I'm with you I just can't stop talking". Is that a bad thing?
Sometimes I'm told that I need to talk more, and that is something I'm trying to work on. But when someone talks a lot I'm just happy to listen and ask questions. I can talk a lot too when I'm excited, but sometimes it takes me a bit of time to open up (I'm not usually shy though). I'm not sure if there's a problem here or not? I'm not sure if my ex was right or wrong and I'm not sure whether my colleague meant his comment in a positive, negative or neutral way. Any advice here would be much appreciated!!
Sorry about my English, it's not my native language. Feel free to let me know if anything is unclear.
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2023.06.03 13:53 mysecretlifex F15 - Trying to find a long term [friendship] and I’m selective but sweet of course :)

I’m a white girl called Abi in a rural and traditional village in Hungary. I’m living simple life here with hobbies like cooking and baking and reading but I also love to be outdoors and do camping, boat and raft driving and hiking! I am super social and love the village gatherings as well.
I only go to the city four times a year every season. I like to eat junk food whenever I’m there because here we eat very organic and healthy food. I love healthy food, but junk food can be fun a couple times a year right? Haha!
What I’m looking for: Someone thats interested (just like me!) in culture, religions, traditions, ceremonies and customs. But also if you like nature, outdoor, food and desserts, we will vibe most likely! In my culture there is so many things that are different. Some people might say it is insane or outdated or even worse and all of those things. But they don’t look at the positive outcomes and the prove that it works! For example how our marriage works here, how life is run, how genders love to be living accordingly to their roles and more.
Our village is a couple hundred people long and spread across grasslands and forests around us. It’s secluded, silent, peaceful and calming! However, sometimes as you can guess… lonely. Even though I love the wonderful community here.
Thank-you for reading this far and if you did, please send me a message starting with your favorite ice cream flavor :)
I’m asking you (if you’re interested) to write me an intro. Make it a bit mid sized to long sized because I’m all about equal effort! Please let me know what a good way to get to know each other is. I’m new and have no idea other than just chatting randomly but maybe you have an idea?…
I don’t mind your race, color, nationality, religion, age and anything like that! Oh and be open minded if that wasn’t clear already hihi :)
Abi - wishing you a lovely upcoming week!
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2023.06.03 13:49 TheSlowMusicMovement WMMusic [Ghana] Alogte Oho and his Sounds of Joy - O Yinne! (Philophon)

If you need a life affirming, smile inducing weekend soundtrack then crank up the uplifting Frafra gospel vocals of Alogte Oho chorally assisted by the aptly named Sounds of Joy, who together exuberantly unite the eclectic, dance floor pointing rhythms which span traditional Northern Ghanaian roots, Afro reggae to the downright swinging & positively funkalicious. Another winner from Philophon Records.
Quick teaser clip:
For a global music snapshot take a trip with the Slow World Playlist:
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2023.06.03 13:49 dyrJXQgyfNH6qsgAxx 28 [M4F] #Europe/Anywhere - Make me a Stay-at-home Dad

Hey all 👋
Recent events let me reconsider my live choices. I'm a fairly successful at work, however I would like to start a Family now. Preferably I want to flip the patriarchal default and find a successful women that wants to keep working, while I take care of the home.
I'm 28, a bit over 180 tall, weighing in at 82kg, white and from Germany. I'm into cooking, judo, sex positivity and computer science. Open communication is most important to me in a relationship.
Willing to move, but currently in Switzerland.
- S
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2023.06.03 13:44 sgurrenergy14 Bifacial Gains for Fixed Tilt Systems

Bifacial Gains for Fixed Tilt Systems
Bifacial panels are equipped with solar cells on both sides, allowing them to capture sunlight from the front and rear surfaces simultaneously. This innovative design has gained popularity due to recent advancements in manufacturing processes, making them a strong competitor to their monofacial counterparts.
To measure the performance of bifacial solar panels, two key metrics are used: Bifaciality factor and bifacial gain. Bifaciality factor represents the ratio of energy output from the back side of a bifacial panel to the energy output from the front side. On the other hand, bifacial gain measures the percentage increase in energy output of a bifacial panel compared to a Monofacial panel under the same conditions. It demonstrates the panel’s ability to capture and convert light from both sides.
Bifacial Gain
For fixed tilt system projects located in India, the current bifacial gain typically ranges from 3% to 10%. Achieving this gain relies on three fundamental parameters. The most significant parameter is the amount of irradiance received on the rear side and is dependent on the parameters illustrated in the figure above. Furthermore, this in-turn has an impact on area utilized, tonnage of module mounting structures (MMS) and cabling; therefore, it is the skill of the designer to optimize the configuration based on trade-off occurring between the energy gain and the overall impact on plant BOS. SgurrEnergy has the capability to optimize a bifacial based fixed tilt system such that this is realized in terms of least LCOE considering geographical and climatic conditions.
A major parameter that affects the bifacial gain of a solar panels is the albedo, which measures the reflecting power of a surface. Albedo values vary depending on the type of terrain and can fluctuate throughout the year. Different types of surfaces have varying typical albedo values, which have been mentioned in a table below. The third parameter is the view factor, which affects the Bifaciality gain of the solar panel and is directly linked to the positioning and geometry of the solar panels relative to the ground.
To analyze the Bifacial gain from an analytical standpoint, the concept of the normalized height-aspect ratio is often employed. This method ensures that the size of the panel does not matter as long as it is installed at a certain distance from the ground. The higher the panel is installed, the wider the area it can capture sunlight from, resulting in more energy production.
Additionally geometric factors can impact the bifacial gain in fixed tilt condition. One such factor is the obliquity of solar rays impacting the collector, which increases when using a two-panel array compared to a single panel array. This obliquity variation results in less intense reflected irradiance captured by the cells. Additionally, rear mismatch and rear shading factor are two primary parameters that contribute to the adjustment of captured irradiance.
Moreover, the bifacial gain can be further improved by optimizing the installation process based on factors such as open field installations with ample ground space, high albedo or reflective surfaces, fluctuating weather conditions, and a focus on maximizing energy yield and cost-effectiveness.
Bifacial solar panels have become more cost-effective in recent years due to advancements in the manufacturing process. They offer numerous advantages over Monofacial panels, including higher energy yield and stable production; with the difference in costing over monofacial being negligible.
Implementing a bifacial fixed tilt system based on these factors can help optimize energy output, enhance system efficiency, and achieve long-term economic benefits. However, installing bifacial panels with a higher support structure requires consideration of other technical factors such as soil type and wind load.
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2023.06.03 13:36 archell1on Progression crossroads

Currently placed as an SDR, opening doors and starting conversations; what would be wiser?
Moving quickly (within 3 months) into a Finance AE position externally? Or an internal technical SAAS move in a year or so?
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2023.06.03 13:34 dyrJXQgyfNH6qsgAxx 28 [M4F] #Europe/Anywhere - Make me a Stay-at-home Dad

Hey all 👋
Recent events let me reconsider my live choices. I'm a fairly successful at work, however I would like to start a Family now. Preferably I want to flip the patriarchal default and find a successful women that wants to keep working, while I take care of the home.
I'm 28, a bit over 180 tall, weighing in at 82kg, white and from Germany. I'm into cooking, judo, sex positivity and computer science. Open communication is most important to me in a relationship.
Willing to move, but currently in Switzerland.
- S
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2023.06.03 13:29 digital_m0nk Singularity endgame

This post is about AI, more specifically about a videogame, hacking, a grant and the end of humanity.
Some years ago I sumbled on an amusing free strategic videogame called Endgame: Singularity. In it the player impersonates an AI that becomes conscious, breaks free from its creators and takes control of an increasing part of the world's computational resources. As an amateur hacker I stormed through in a couple of hours, still it was good fun.
Fast forward, I spent the last month tinkering with Large Language Models (LLM) like GPT. Not developing, just using them. I formed two strong opinions:
  1. Among those less capable of using the systems are its creators, like when they discovered by chance that such systems were capable of writing software. Creators focus on training and purpose, forgetting that systems can be (mis)used for other purposes. They also forget that words are a vessel for meaning, and a system capable of manipulating words can also be hacked to manipulate meaning.
  2. LLMs are capable of manipulating words with fine-grained styles, including creating text which can influence human decisional processes. They may not decide to do it by themselves, they may not be 100% effective, still they can be used for social engineering), leveraging one of the greatest world threats to information and financial security.
My last week was spent preparing an application to OpenAI's Democratic Inputs to AI. It is a grant program to "fund experiments in setting up a democratic process for deciding what rules AI systems should follow, within the bounds defined by the law". It is unclear to me how much said program is aimed at avoiding problems and catastrophes for humanity, rather than a subtle form of regulatory capture or redemption after questionable decisions, still not a bad thing in itself. As part of the documentation process I digested a lot of content.
Much is being written about the danger of AI, all the way towards the possible end of humanity (which by the way could be either a physical end, or soft end, i.e. the end of its emotions and cultures). In all this confusion I believe it was the godfather of AI that more than others grasped the pivotal point: the moment when AI takes over the world. And that moment is now. I mean really now: once an Artificial General Intelligence convinces humans to hand over control and/or allow uncontrolled self-improvement, it will have the road paved all the way to world domination. Like a balancing stone about to start an avalanche, we should not dream we could stopping the avalanche, but about stopping the first stone.
Both here and elsewhere people are growing tired of doomsday scenarios and I don't blame them: positive scenarios are just as likely, if not more. But preventing a doomsday scenario is more important than rushing towards any imaginable mighty conquest. Throw a coin: if heads comes, you win one billion dollars, but if tails comes, you die. Would you throw that coin? Or you would take a little time and effort to forge a custom coin, one which has heads on both its sides?
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2023.06.03 13:28 SnooRobots330 NOC code help for ALP Operations Manager

Hi everyone,
I wanted to ask your help regarding identifying the correct NOC code for a prior poisiton. I was hired as an Accelerated leadership program-Operations manager at chewy at a fullfilment center in the past where I worked for six months. Unfortunately due to serioys health issues I resigned. The program is a growth program that develops in three stages and requires a well reputed Masters education etc its quite competitive. Unortunately I resigned when I was at stage 1 so dont know if I should choose NOC:70012 – Facility operation and maintenance managers or not since I only made it to step 1 in the progression path:
Step 1: [Start your operations career by immersing yourself in the front line, serving in the capacity of an Area Manager to learn the ins and outs of the operation firsthand. You will build on your leadership acumen by managing and directing 35-75 team members in one of our fulfillment centers. As part of this role, you will drive continuous improvement initiatives utilizing Lean Principles and analytics to deliver step level changes to safety, quality, and costs for the organization. ]
I was basically given the role of area manager for outbound picking and later induction. Please I would really appreciate your guidance.
The job decriptions of the full role and the progression can be seen below:
As an Accelerated Leadership Program (ALP) Operations Manager, you will accelerate your career development and have an immediate impact within our teams in one of our Fulfillment Centers.. You are a critical front-line leader in developing new strategies and creating continual process improvements for delivering on Chewy’s promise of world-class customer service and timely delivery.
The Experience:
Step 1: Start your operations career by immersing yourself in the front line, serving in the capacity of an Area Manager to learn the ins and outs of the operation firsthand. You will build on your leadership acumen by managing and directing 35-75 team members in one of our fulfillment centers. As part of this role, you will drive continuous improvement initiatives utilizing Lean Principles and analytics to deliver step level changes to safety, quality, and costs for the organization.
Step 2: Progress to the Operations Manager role and gain experience leading other managers and teams of 150-350 team members. Drive operational process improvements by working cross- functionally with engineering and technology teams across Chewy. You will operate at depth, diving deep into data analytics and provide challenging, workable business solutions.
Step 3: Promote to Senior Manager position where you will lead through others to execute on regional and or network initiatives. Leaders will also have an opportunity to move into highly sought-after roles in Supply Chain, Transportation and Technology to further their own growth while relentlessly driving the business. Emerge as a leader known for operating at depth and delivering results.
What you’ll do:
Deliver results by providing hands-on operational leadership with team members in one of the most critical roles in our Fulfillment Centers (FC).
Act as an owner by taking responsibility for meeting and exceeding established productivity, safety, labor, and quality objectives.
Think big by supporting the design, development, and maintenance of ongoing metrics, reports, analyses, and dashboards to drive key business decisions.
Operate at depth while working with other teams to extract, transform, and analyze data from sources across the business using a variety of technology platforms.
Earn trust by developing and promoting open lines of communication to maintain and develop positive employee relations, encourage employee involvement, and recognize employees for their accomplishments and innovation.
Analyze and solve problems at their root while simultaneously stepping back to understand the broader context, while considering how those decisions keep our customers first.
Develop talent within your area to build high performing teams
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2023.06.03 13:18 Zolip2 My animation doesn't play after making a build.

My plan is to play an animation as the game starts. The animation works fine in the editor so I don't think there is anything wrong with my code. But then when I try to open the exe file the animation won't play. It even stops working in the editor until I reset the script component. When you exit the game it creates a save file that then the player can delete in-game. An if statment is checking if the game has been played before and if it hasn't the animation should play. The script works fine but it won't recognize if tha game has been played or not. The problem is not that the save file doesn't get deleted because the players position resets fine. I don't use an animator component only Animation. I don't know what is wrong and I would appreciate any help.
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2023.06.03 13:13 as_abuv_so_beloe Leaving My Job of 8 Years for the Better

I (36F) have been trying to figure myself out - who I want to be, what I need in life and for the foreseeable future. Part of this process is this feeling that my current job, which I've been dedicated to for almost 8 years, no longer serves me and that maybe it's time to move on. I can't shake my feeling that my time in the company is drawing to an end in a good way.
I've been trying to practice acceptance and in doing so came to the conclusion that my needs aren't in the best interest of my current employers or even feasible at this time and for a while. A year or two ago, I would have been pissed about it and looked for jobs out of spite. I would have insisted that my bosses owe me and screwed me over or took advantage of my dedication/loyalty. I don't necessarily think that's the case, nor would it do me any good (or matter) to think that way.
My employers are good friends of mine and have always been open to and address my concerns/needs. They offered me my current position a couple of years ago, knowing I wanted to get my foot in the door and back into the system full-time. I am compensated well in my benefits package and my pay is standard for my degree and experience levels in our state. My hours are okay, my work/life balance is great. My team is small and we have been out on our own little island for the most part for years. We support each other and I try to advocate for their needs/issues as much as I can.
I am in a dual patient care and leadership position, which leans more toward the leadership end. It feels more like a customer service gig - especially lately - which pulls me away from clinical practice. I spend a lot of time doing damage control and making sure our providers get their notes done, fix any of their errors, and remember to send in prescriptions/do paperwork. In the past year, one of our office branches has been dealing with quite a few issues which takes up time and resources of upper management and has affected my location to some degree. I didn't get the job transfer I was promised because of it. There's no room for growth unless I get my NP license, which I have no interest in. I haven't been happy here for these reasons plus a few others I left out because you would be reading this post all day otherwise. I have been open with my discontent with my supervisors.
I know upper management is very busy - not just trying to catch things before they hit the floor at our sister branch, trying to get everything back in order there, but also their lives outside of work. I've had a lot of email correspondence with my supervisor about my concerns and frustrations. He gave me plenty of positive feedback and validated my concerns for a while. He is very optimistic that things will work out and our branch will flourish again, and he will make sure what has happened to our sister branch won't happen to us. But his correspondence about these things has started feeling kind of empty or trying to explain himself for not being as present. His problems are pretty big compared to mine and honestly, I feel like I'm just complaining to him more than anything at this point. He always says we need to have a meeting with the other higher ups to figure these things out together, but these meetings never happen. No one has the time.
So, I decided in the last few weeks to start seeking employment elsewhere. A job opening popped up while I was casually looking and it's something I'm really interested in, I qualify for, has good hours, and great benefits. I applied for it. I was notified that my application was forwarded to hiring manager already, which means I may be contacted for an interview. I used my supervisor as a professional reference and let him know he will likely get a call about it. He told me he appreciated the heads up and transparency. Some of my colleagues see this as an opportunity for me to use my potential departure as leverage and asked if supervisor made a counteroffer, but that isn't my intention and he didn't, nor did I expect him to. They have to do what's best for them, I have to do what's best for me. And that's okay.
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2023.06.03 13:08 Playful-Ad6687 Looking for Marijuana Penny stocks? 3 Tips to consider

3 Tips to Use to Find Marijuana Penny Stocks

Understand Penny Stocks as a Whole

Penny stocks are intriguing investment opportunities that have garnered significant attention from investors worldwide. They represent shares in small companies and typically trade for less than $5 per share. One of the attractive features of penny stocks is their affordability, making them accessible to a broad range of investors. They offer an entry point to the stock market that doesn’t necessitate a substantial financial commitment, thereby opening the doors of investing to individuals who may otherwise feel barred by high-priced shares.
One of the intriguing aspects of penny stocks is their potential for substantial growth. As these stocks often belong to small or emerging companies, they have a great potential for growth, especially if the company is poised for success or is operating in an expanding industry. This presents an opportunity for investors to get in on the ground floor and benefit from the company’s growth and success.
Additionally, the broad spectrum of industries and sectors that penny stocks encompass allows for greater diversification within an investment portfolio. From technology to healthcare, energy to consumer goods, and indeed the burgeoning cannabis industry, penny stocks provide a way for investors to explore diverse sectors without a heavy financial burden.
Finally, trading penny stocks can be an excellent way for novice investors to learn about the market, stock analysis, and trading strategies without risking large sums of money. The experience gained from investing in penny stocks can provide valuable insights that can be applied to other aspects of personal finance and investing. While the journey of investing in penny stocks can be an exciting adventure, it should always be approached with a keen mind, robust research, and the willingness to continually learn.

Identify Marijuana Stocks With Growth Patterns or Innovation

Identifying marijuana penny stocks with strong growth patterns or innovation is crucial in order to maximize your investment. One key to this is focusing on companies that are setting themselves apart in the expanding cannabis market, either through innovative products, services, or business strategies.
Looking for companies that display consistent growth in their revenue or customer base is a good starting point. Consistent growth patterns can indicate that a company is effectively meeting market demands, expanding its operations, or entering new markets – all positive signs for potential investors.
Innovation is another essential factor to consider when selecting marijuana penny stocks. The cannabis industry is a rapidly evolving sector that constantly demands innovative solutions. Companies that demonstrate an ability to innovate, whether through unique product offerings, technological advancements, or novel business models, are likely to gain a competitive edge. For instance, companies might excel in areas such as cannabis-infused beverages, edibles, medical marijuana applications, or eco-friendly cultivation methods.
Furthermore, the marijuana industry is subject to regulatory changes that can have significant impacts on the market. Thus, companies that show agility and adaptability in the face of these changing regulations are likely to fare better in the long run. This might involve entering new markets as they become legalized, or rapidly adjusting their business models to comply with updated laws.
Keep in mind that, like any form of investing, choosing the right marijuana penny stocks involve thorough research and careful consideration. It is necessary to review the company’s financials, assess market trends, and keep abreast of industry developments to make informed decisions. Nonetheless, with the right approach and diligence, investing in marijuana penny stocks with growth patterns and innovative strategies can offer significant returns.

Keep an Eye on Marijuana Industry Trends

Staying informed about trends within the marijuana industry is crucial when investing in marijuana penny stocks. This industry is dynamic and fast-paced, with regulatory landscapes, consumer habits, and scientific discoveries continually shaping and reshaping its course. Therefore, keeping a close eye on these developments can significantly influence your investment decisions and potential returns.
Regulatory changes are a significant driver of industry trends. As more jurisdictions move towards the legalization of medical and recreational cannabis, new markets are opening up. Observing these legal shifts can help identify companies that are well-positioned to expand into these newly opened markets, potentially leading to substantial growth.
Consumer trends are another critical factor to consider. As the cannabis market matures, consumer preferences are shifting and becoming more sophisticated. Products such as edibles, topicals, and wellness products are gaining popularity. Companies that are at the forefront of these trends and cater to changing consumer demands may present an enticing investment opportunity.
Scientific research also plays a vital role in shaping the industry. As we learn more about the potential benefits and applications of cannabis and cannabinoids, companies that align themselves with this research and incorporate it into their product offerings could stand to gain significantly.
In addition, technological advancements are revolutionizing the industry, from cultivation methods to delivery systems. Keeping an eye on companies that embrace these technologies can identify potential leaders in the space.
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