Fatal car accident winston-salem nc today

Heublein Cocktail Mixers featuring Robert Goulet and Carol Lawrence [1966]

2023.06.03 13:20 RedKittieKat Heublein Cocktail Mixers featuring Robert Goulet and Carol Lawrence [1966]

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2023.06.03 13:05 blaringbrunch4331 Giovanna Rizzo Fatal Car Accident: Know Everything About Her, Cause Of Death, Obituary And More

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2023.06.03 13:02 forkedfertilization Giovanna Rizzo Fatal Car Accident: Know Everything About Her, Cause Of Death, Obituary And More

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2023.06.03 13:00 blaringbrunch4331 Giovanna Rizzo Fatal Car Accident: Know Everything About Her, Cause Of Death, Obituary And More

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2023.06.03 13:00 forkedfertilization Giovanna Rizzo Fatal Car Accident: Know Everything About Her, Cause Of Death, Obituary And More

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2023.06.03 13:00 forkedfertilization Giovanna Rizzo Fatal Car Accident: Know Everything About Her, Cause Of Death, Obituary And More

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2023.06.03 12:58 forkedfertilization Giovanna Rizzo Fatal Car Accident: Know Everything About Her, Cause Of Death, Obituary And More

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2023.06.03 12:56 blaringbrunch4331 Giovanna Rizzo Fatal Car Accident: Know Everything About Her, Cause Of Death, Obituary And More

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2023.06.03 12:42 Thaneweb123 Top 5 road signs you must know about

Discover the significance of road signs in India, where the third largest road network in the world accommodates a massive number of vehicles. Influenced by the UK system, Indian road signs rely on symbols to overcome language barriers. In this SEO-friendly blog post, we will explore five important road signs that all drivers must be familiar with.1.Speed Limit
Understanding the rationale behind speed limits is crucial for safe driving in India. While some may argue that speed limits are overly stringent, it's important to recognize that they are designed with average driver capabilities and road conditions in mind. These regulations also consider the capabilities of vehicles on the road. Regardless of one's driving skills, adhering to speed limits is paramount for the safety of all road users. By following speed limits, drivers can reduce the risk of accidents and ensure a smoother flow of traffic.
2.Give Way
The 'Give Way' sign serves as a warning for motorists approaching a junction. It indicates that drivers should prepare to stop if necessary and give priority to vehicles from the opposite lane. This practice promotes efficient traffic flow and minimizes the likelihood of accidents. Respecting the 'Give Way' sign is essential for creating a safer driving environment and preventing collisions at intersections 3.Hospital
Given India's unfortunate distinction of accounting for approximately 10% of global road accident fatalities, the 'Hospital' sign plays a crucial role. This sign not only alerts drivers to the presence of a nearby medical facility but also serves as a cautionary reminder to be mindful of the surroundings. With prompt access to medical attention, accident victims can receive immediate care, potentially saving lives. Additionally, the 'Hospital' sign encourages drivers to exercise caution and prioritize safety while driving in its vicinity.
4.No Standing or Parking
The 'No Standing or Parking' sign prohibits vehicles from stopping in designated areas. It is important to note the distinction between this sign and the 'No Parking' sign, which only restricts leaving a vehicle parked or unattended. The 'No Standing or Parking' sign strictly forbids any stopping at any given time. However, brief stops for passenger drop-offs or pick-ups are permitted. By adhering to this sign, drivers help maintain a smooth traffic flow, reduce congestion, and prevent obstructions on the road.
5.Pedestrian Crossing
Pedestrian crossings, commonly known as zebra crossings, are designated areas on the road where pedestrians have the right of way. The 'Pedestrian Crossing' sign serves as a reminder for drivers to exercise caution and yield to pedestrians intending to cross the road. Respecting this sign ensures the safety of pedestrians and reduces the risk of accidents. By creating a safe space for pedestrians to cross, the 'Pedestrian Crossing' sign promotes a harmonious interaction between vehicles and pedestrians, fostering a safer road environment.
Road signs are indispensable in maintaining safety and efficiency on India's extensive road network. Familiarizing oneself with these signs is essential for all road users. From adhering to speed limits to giving way at junctions, and being cautious near hospitals and pedestrian crossings, these signs contribute to a safer driving experience for everyone. Let's prioritize road safety by obeying these signs and creating a more secure and efficient road environment in India.

Visit US-https://www.thaneweb.com/automobiles-cars-thane/Top-5-road-signs-you-must-know-about.html
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2023.06.03 12:29 sysalchemist First bike accident

Been riding on off for 10 years since high school. I recently got t-boned at an intersection in bangalore and dropped my bike. Thankfully nothing happened to me, but I was kinda shook. I guess two things went wrong : I was moving out from behind a car taking a right. The other biker who hit me was at 30+ speed at a no signal intersection, coming straight.
I'm so sad i got my new bike damaged. On top of it, my dad got into a similar accident today and had to get stitches on his injuries. This got me thinking how do we avoid such incidents? I really can't think of anything except maybe hitting the throttle instead of braking once i saw he was coming at me but even that I'm not sure of.
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2023.06.03 12:04 PuzzleheadedLaw6571 Drive Safe: Friendly Reminder for locals and snowbirds/tourists returning to/visiting our state

Summer is coming although it might not feel like it weather wise this weekend; traffic and construction are on the rise. There are new traffic patterns in a lot of areas. I live in southern Maine, on the York/Kittery line, but have family in the BangoPortland areas. My spouse and I have many friends throughout Portland and the respective suburbs of that area so we visit frequently.
I’ve lived in southern Maine for 7 years now. 7 summers of Route 1 back ups. Crowded parking lots. But this summer traffic accidents and dangerous driving—from what I’ve seen, have been much more prevalent. In the past couple of weeks I’ve witnessed:
-Someone almost get taken out at a crosswalk in the Kittery outlets. (Right by KTP, I had just grabbed Starbucks). Driver was clearly distracted.
-Head on collision on Route 236 near Eliot where an older gentleman had to be pulled out of his car and administered CPR (I was 6 cars back from the actual accident and had just picked my daughter up from daycare).
-A construction truck who was very much in a hurry just blow through a stop sign almost causing an accident on the back roads in Cape Neddick near Ogunquit.
-I got stuck in the Route 1 traffic near the York/Kittery line after a fatal car accident had occurred 15 minutes earlier involving a woman with a medical emergency.
-A younger kid backing out of a parking spot and hitting another car at the Nubble Light House. (The kid felt horrible and it clearly scared him. The New Yorker was pissed, no one was hurt thankfully).
Either I’ve been at the wrong place at the wrong time a lot this year, or something is up. I commute to Massachusetts for work three times a week, so I see accidents everyday, just not usually in Maine, and not so many involving medical emergencies.
Buckle up and stay safe!!
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2023.06.03 12:02 cvdx6uhcdfd Giovanna Rizzo fatal car accident: Know all about her, cause of death, obituary and more

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2023.06.03 11:49 Acrobatic-Duck8024 Behavioral changes

Frontal lobe got hit hard during the car accident a few weeks ago(hospitalized) Might have permanent damage, lately my emotional state has tanked & I’ve been acting impulsive compared to my calm demeanor. People I interact with are noticing the changes. My speech patterns are different; I’m usually well mannered but today I had family over & they noticed that I was more blunt/rude to a simple question, my answer was “who the fuck is that” I never say that especially in front of family or ever. It’s making me even more depressed.
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2023.06.03 10:49 GlencoeDreamer Insurance company cancelled my policy

I've been driving for over a year now, and had a monthly subscription insurance with Cuvva. They have stopped providing monthly subscription insurance. If for whatever reason your policy cancels e.g payment fails your policy will get cancelled.
A year ago just as i moved off on a roundabout a car behind hit me. It was a slow speed rear end so no damages and no claims made. I reported this to my insurance company.
A year later today i get an email saying because of this my policy has been cancelled because this is how their systems works. It cancels any policies with reported incidents regardless of fault.
Absolute joke i have logged a complaint as its unfair that my policy gets canceled through no fault of my own. It states in the policy i have to declare accidents, fault or not and i have done this, and they penalised me for it. I worked hard towards getting my license and first NCB only for this insurance company to screw me over like this. Who's going to want to insure me now? I'll have to pay for an ever more expensive insurance policy because of this. They said my NCB wont be affected but i have no faith in this company
Their terms states they will only cancel a policy if they have a valid reason. Because of how their systems works, is not a valid reason. I will also be taking this matter to the financial ombudsman
Can they do this? Cancel my policy for literally no reason?
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2023.06.03 09:23 throwaway113958592 Concerned partner trying to understand and help

Hello there, I hope this is the right place to put this, otherwise mods, feel free to delete.
I (29, NB) am married to my husband (32, M), and we've been together for upwards of 10 years, though I only found out about his crossdressing when we moved in together about 5 years ago. After stumbling on some of his porn on his phone a couple years ago (captions. And I wasn't snooping - the photos happened to be right next to prospective home photos, so I swiped into them on accident), I confronted him, mostly because I was shocked and surprised. For whatever reason, I hadn't really figured him for the casually-browse-porn-on-the-phone kind of person.
Anyway, we discussed it (this was about 3 years ago), and he told me that he basically used porn every day, and had been since his teen years, which I wasn't okay with since it was hurting our sex life. He said he would try to work on cutting down his use. In parallel, I knew he'd occasionally cross-dress, but really only when I was out of the apartment. I didn't think the two overlapped at all. Over the course of time, I found out/discovered/he'd tell me that he would use a variety of pornographic materials, mostly captions, erotica, and hypno.
Flash forward a year or two, and he asks me if it's okay if he starts shaving his armpits. I told him I was in no position to tell him what to do with his hair, but I will admit that I was a little bit surprised, and as I asked where this was coming from, I essentially went really deep and asked him if he thought he would ever transition, to which he said he didn't know. I told him to consider therapy so he could talk to someone about his thoughts and feelings (I've gone myself weekly for the past 3 years), and he's gone maybe a handful of times, but never stuck with it. Gender has come up in conversation every now and again since, and the most recent conversation, he told me that he'd tell me if anything changed in how he wanted to present his gendeif he had any big revelations about himself, but that he "didn't expect that to happen"
Today, while we were driving, we were going to listen to music in the car from his phone. He was the one driving, so I figured I would be the one to open the music app, but he refused to let me and insisted he open it himself while actively driving, something I'm not too keen on anyways since neither of us text and drive. It was very active hiding behavior, so while I try really hard not to pry, I couldn't help but glance at his 2 other open apps, one of which was a chrome webpage that, with a quick Google (the googling done later), I determined was ultimately referencing a pornographic sissification MtF game (maybe an important note, I didn't rifle through chrome tabs. The game was the "active" tab that was already open).
So I called him out (I told him that all I had seen was the word "breasts") and gave him a very clear out and said that he could've just said, "it's porn, leave me alone," but instead he doubled down and said that he "wasn't looking at porn," and that he was being cagey because he "doesn't remember what he had pulled up on his phone, and sometimes it's surprises" for me. It's possible he'd genuinely forgotten and was telling the truth, but who denies looking at something that was an active window just a few minutes before?
I'm non-binary myself, and this situation is a bit complex because I'm exclusively attracted to masc-presenting folks, and have told him as much. However, I've also told him that if he WAS trans, I wouldn't want to prevent him from living his life and being someone he wants to be. I've also volunteered that he could crossdress around me if he wanted (it'd be less weird than always hiding it like he usually does), but he's never done that, and when he's dressed up when I'm not home, he's always made sure to be changed and have any make-up removed before I can see him because he's told me that he doesn't feel comfortable dressing up in front of me. Of course given all this, as far as I know, no one else on the planet besides my therapist knows he crossdresses. He also engages with content that's not sexual at all, such as watching Finnster's stream
What I need help with is some advice on if/how I should talk to him about this, and how entrenched this is. It's been a part of his life for the past 15 years or so, and he was using porn every day for several of those years. If it's genuine gender questioning, I want to give him space to explore that, but if this is actually porn addiction, I want to establish clearer boundaries and impress importance on this. I also don't want to prevent him from indulging in the occasional fetish since we're both kinksters, but a) I don't want to be involved in feminization play and b) I don't want his kinks to negatively impact our relationship in the short or long term.
Advice would be very much appreciated!!
Tl;dr, my partner has been using sissy porn for a long time and I'm not sure whether it's gender discovery, harmless fetish, or full addiction, and how to talk to him about it without shaming him and to get him help (if needed).
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2023.06.03 08:56 MisterEmbedded Goods Train, Coromandel Express & Howrah SF Express Accident In Odisha, India

Goods Train, Coromandel Express & Howrah SF Express Accident In Odisha, India
Disaster Struck At ~7:00 PM On 2 June 2023 When Train Number 12841, Coromandel Express Going From Shalimar To Chennai Central Was Running And As It Reaches The "Bahanaga Bazar Station" Where This Whole Accident Occurred.
the "Bahanaga Bazar Station" or BNBR in short had a Goods-Train On The Stand-By While The The Coromandel Express Was Running At It's MPS (Maximum Permissible Speed) Which Was 130 KM/H.
As The Coromandel Express Reaches The BNBR Station It Collides With The Goods-Train That Was On The Stand-By Waiting For The Signal.
The Collision Happened At ~130 KM/H Speed & From What I Could Find, The Locopilots Died On Impact While More Than 150 Passengers Have Been Dead With 300+ Passengers Rushed Immediately To The Hospital.
The Exact Figure Is Hard To Find Yet But You Can Estimate The Brutality Of The Accident By Just This Image:

this image is of the WAP-7 Locomotive Which Was The Locomotive of The Coromandel Express And This Thing Weighs Like 120 TONS, And After The Impact This 120 Ton Machine Stacked On Top Of The Railway Cars It Collided With.
From What I Could Find, Other Than 2-3 Coaches All Of The Rest Coaches Of The Coromandel Express Had Been Derailed And If This Much Pain Was Not Enough For Our Mother India, As This Accident Was Occurring, Train Number 12864 Howrah SF Express Was Supposed To Pass The BNBR Station Too.
And As It Does, The Coromandel Express Had Already Been Derailed And The Derailed Coaches And Stuff Derailed The Howrah SF Express's 2-3 Coaches & I Can't Find The Death Toll Of The Howrah SF Express.
I've Attached A Few Images That Don't Have Blood Or Gore.
I Still Cannot Find Why The Coromandel Express Crashed Into The Goods Train At The First Place.
Some Say The Staff Was Overworked And Probably Jumped A Signal? I'm Not Sure Why This Tragedy Occurred, But Humanity Exists, Local Residents Near The Crash Area Started Going To Hospitals To Donate Blood & Save Lifes.
Railway Accidents Are Rare & Railway Is The Best & One Of The Safest Transport We Humans Have, The Only Thing We Need Is Better Management & Stuff.
It's Something To Debate On For Some Other Day. I Will Keep On Adding More Information As I Get It.
- Aftermath Images I Posted On My Reddit Profile (NSFW: Gore) (Feel Free To Repost It Anywhere)
- Aftermath Video (Compiled) I Posted On My Reddit Profile (NSFW: Gore) (Feel Free To Repost It Anywhere)
Adding The Aftermath Of Today (3 June 2023) With More Clear Visual Of The Crash.
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2023.06.03 08:36 GodGuruSelfONE Are you dating a narcissist? I think I am... and we're engaged...

It turns out spiritual women can be narcissists, too!
It Will Always Be Your Fault
"Because a narcissist is never wrong… you must understand that you will always be blamed for anything and everything. Whether you are a so-called friend or lover, you may be blamed for their car accident even though you were in the passenger seat at the time."
Just yesterday she spilled something all over the car and was very frustrated about it but she then blamed me because at the time we weren't on good terms and it 'wouldnt have had happened if we werent on bad terms"...
"They may berate you because it's raining today and you forgot to tell them to bring an umbrella. A malignant narcissist will get off by making you feel bad and destroying your self-esteem. Saying nasty things to you out of the blue or discarding you is par for the course."
I'm often on the receiving end of criticism, from the clothes I wear to my physical appearance.
"If you make a mistake, they will magnify it and use it as evidence that you are incompetent. This is their way of putting you down and making you feel bad about yourself."
Over-bearing remarks are a trademark for her, often just tossing insults out at me such as saying I'm stupid, dumb, an idiot, etc.
"Narcissists love to give their partners the silent treatment. This is their way of making you feel powerless and frustrated.
They know that this will cause you to reach out to them, which will give them a sense of control and satisfaction. The silent treatment can last for hours, days, or even weeks. It is a very painful experience that can leave you feeling confused, anxious, and isolated."
After arguments shes mad for days to weeks and practices the silent treatment but is sure its me that doesnt love her... even with all those dramatics...
"If you are insecure about your body, a narcissist will make fat jokes, skinny jokes, or comments about how unattractive you are."
My looks, being too skinny, "I want a real man!" Thankfully I've been working on myself more, realizing that loving myself is the only thing that matters + bringing back some traits I once had when I gave less fucks haha
Exaggerating Little Things
"Not only do narcissists have a grand sense of self, they can also make a mountain out of a molehill when it comes to an issue that would not be a problem to a healthy individual."
"Narcissistic individuals will often resort to loud, cringe-worthy verbal attacks over these little things. You can go from having a nice conversation with such a person to suddenly being told they hate you over the difference of opinion… as if they flipped a switch."
No moment is safe, even when away at work I can almost expect a text of "Why did you do this!! You left a spatula on the sink!! Now dog chewed it, you're a mess!!!!"
Was it a mistake? Yes. If she did this, would I care even one iota? No. In the grand scheme of life, I'd choose peace.
"They may talk about their ex-lover, saying how great that relationship was and how they only settled for you."
While she stopped doing this within the last year, it definitely has traumatized me a bit.
"Even if you had a long day or are sick, a narcissist may start a fight while you are trying to sleep. They may do something as drastic as trying to get you out of bed. To make matters worse, a narcissist has no problems keeping you up all night arguing… often over something very trite."
I can't tell you the number of times shes yelled at the top of her lungs knowing I was asleep because she was annoyed with me.
She would also get angry if I fell asleep during a movie, totally irate as if I was harming her in some way. I think its cute when she dozes off...
"Another one of the weird things narcissists do involves screaming with rage about the most insignificant issue for hours on end… but anything you say against them will be blown out of proportion."
"Even if you speak in a calm voice, the very fact that you are disagreeing with them gives them the all the incentive they need to say that you are starting an argument."
The petty arguments we've had are embarassing and 99% of them are started on her end. Something always sets her off. The number of triggers she has is alarming.
"Warning: according to Psychology Today, a Narcissist can be very ill-tempered behind closed doors; yet, will show their charismatic side in public."
People really view her as a saint. They have no idea!!!
Projecting Their Worst Qualities
"Since narcissists love to blame others for everything, they will often go so far as to project their worst abilities towards you."
"If your narcissist is an alcoholic, YOU may get criticized for having one drink at a party."
In my case - its about phone usage. She's always on her phone but the moment I'm on mine and shss not on hers, it's an issue.
She's also mentioned believing others in the past have just been jealous of her... another narc trait.
Now - here I Am - 6 years into a relationship and engaged. I'm currently getting a silent treatment, its Day 5. On Day 1, after another explosive episode where everything was fine until she randomly brought up something from 3 years ago in anger as if it happened today. I lost my cool after she told me "I already know who I want to be with" and we got into an ugly yelling match.
It's insane because I loved myself going into this relationship and we had a divine union at the beginning, a fairy-tale-like coming together which blew both of our minds.
We share most of the same friends and have built a tribe of spiritually-minded people we consider family and they all have no idea...
I know I need to leave but I feel empty and I do love her regardless as I view her childhood trauma leading to these actions...
I've never been in this position before and I guess I just need people to talk to about this so I was hoping to have that here, thank you for reading.
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2023.06.03 08:20 Used-Initiative1835 Manager Wasted hours of my day

I was scheduled for an evening shift today. I got an email saying to come 3 hours early, so I did. I had my morning/afternoon planned but i went into work.
When I got there, she told me she couldn’t let me start my shift until the original scheduled time…
I lost my car in an accident recently and I live 30 mins away by car.
I should not have shown as much grace as I did today, given that most of the managers don’t give basic respect to me.
In fact, even after the whole ordeal, the other manager went out of her way to belittle me in front of customers and coworkers. Even when I proved that she was wrong, she continued on. 0 self awareness.
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2023.06.03 07:32 throwaway384748387 Can PTSD from CSA be “retriggered” years later from another traumatic event?

Has this happened to anyone else?
I had a car accident today and am feeling the exact same ptsd symptoms I used to have from experiencing CSA after I came out about it as a teenager. I’m having flashbacks not just from the accident today but from the CSA too. I’m really scared, I feel like my life is going to fall apart if I start having ptsd symptoms again. I thought I was over it the ptsd from the CSA, I haven’t had symptoms like this in over ten years
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2023.06.03 06:04 ScreamOfVengeance Smashing Security - EP324 .ZIP domains, AI lies, and did social media inflame a riot? - 1 hour 15 minutes

ChatGPT hallucinations cause turbulence in court, a riot in Wales may have been ignited on social media, and do you think .MOV is a good top-level domain for “a website that moves you”?
All this and much much more is discussed in the latest edition of the “Smashing Security” podcast by computer security veterans Graham Cluley and Carole Theriault, joined this week by Mark Stockley.
Plus don’t miss our featured interview with David Ahn of Centripetal.
Warning: This podcast may contain nuts, adult themes, and rude language.
Episode links:
Sponsored by:
Tell your friends and colleagues about “Smashing Security”, and leave us a review on Apple Podcasts or Podchaser.
Become a supporter via Patreon or Apple Podcasts for ad-free episodes and our early-release feed!
Follow us on Twitter at @SmashinSecurity, or Mastodon, or on the Smashing Security subreddit, and visit our website for more episodes.
Theme tune: “Vinyl Memories” by Mikael Manvelyan.
Assorted sound effects: AudioBlocks.
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2023.06.03 06:00 HourPirate5449 Saw my teacher seconds before they killed someone in a drunk driving accident.

Yesterday I(F20) went to an event by myself and left early. When I got to my car, I didn’t want to leave yet because it was such a beautiful day and the city I live in is gorgeous so I took a walk for 20 minutes. When I finally got into my car I stopped at a light and looked to my left as I enjoy looking around a the people in cars next to me. I saw one of my teachers smoking a cigarette and jamming/singing along to the music. She turned left and I went straight. Today my friend told me that this teacher killed someone in a drunk driving accident, it turned out to be the same road she turned down, mere seconds later from when I saw her. Too close for comfort.
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2023.06.03 03:22 relevancybox Used car purchase - toyota rav 4 with 68,000 miles or toyota Highlander with 110,000 miles ? Same year, Highlander 1.5k more expensive

I’m buying my first used car (since a disastrous experience with a ford that literally spontaneously combusted while parked last year, one month after I Bought it with cash) since getting my 1999 toyota, which is still kicking but having a lot Of issues at its age.
I would prefer a highlander to a rav4 because I want more space. I don’t have a family but it would be the only vehicle I have access to and I like knowing I’d have space to move furniture etc, plus I’d like to be able to sleep in it comfortably.
That said, I have a budget of about $17,500 max (also paying cash) and it’s hard to find Highlander’s with low mileage within that price range.
I’ve been eyeing a 2012 Rav4 with only 68,000 miles on it that is about $16000. But a 2011 Highlander with 110,000 miles on it just showed up at a really well regarded / rated dealership near me today. It costs $17,500.
Both cars were owned by one person, and neither have accident reports or recalls. They both have had regular maintenance performed.
As I said I’d prefer to get a highlander. But also, im a single person and I don’t necessarily NEED a car of that size, it would just be a bonus for camping trips and occasionally transporting larger objects (I don’t need to do that super often).
I guess my main question is - is it insane to pay more for a car with significantly higher mileage just because it’s larger, when the size difference is not a strict necessity? The Rav4’s mileage is very low for its age, it is competitively priced, and it gets significantly better gas mileage. If the difference between 68,000 miles and 110,000 miles is a game changer in terms of the car’s performance and longevity and cost, it seems like the rav4 is a better deal. But it it’s not that big of a deal, and the Highlander is likely To last a lot longer, it might be worth it so I can enjoy the larger size.
Any input would truly help. I am not particularly knowledgeable about all this. A bit overwhelmed. Thank you.
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