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2013.09.08 03:13 maximomore2 Baltimore Housing

For those of us that have had a hard time using the usual sources (craigslist, trulia, hotpads, padmapper, etc.) to find a place to live. Find apartments and rooms in Baltimore. Live with other redditors.

2010.02.20 17:52 Northern Virginia

A community for Northern Virginia -- Alexandria, Arlington County, Fairfax County, Falls Church, Loudoun County, Prince William County, and the surrounding areas.

2008.06.11 14:35 Charm City

Subreddit for Baltimore, Maryland.

2023.05.29 16:39 Black0tter1 03 530 stick questions

Looking to get an e39 and came upon this one. What should I look out for and ask about? Description makes me think its overheated, but not sure. Is it a fair price?
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2023.05.15 07:05 UsedCicada9696 Sullivan's Legacy <--funny
^Doctor <--funny
^Ted's of Beverly Steak House <--boring
^Gerald Desert Bridge <--Cali Related
^7/10 Freeway <--Cali Related
^4-Level Interchange <--somewhat funny
^Bananas <--kinda boring
^Cletus and Bud Light <--kinda funny
^Jacked up fiancing <--boring
^Just him saying he is Sullivan77 *shrug* <---eh, so, so
^City of Huntington Beach *shrug*<--boring
^Christmas Edition and the city of Chicago <--valid point
^The City of New York <--kinda funny
^The City of Baltimore <--kinda funny
^The City of St. Louis <--eh, so, so
^The City of Minneapolis <--kinda funny
^The City of San Francisco <--eh, so, so and outdated. *shrug*
^Oakland, CA <---boring
^City of Portland, OR <--Cali related
Olympic and Fairfax intersection, bitching about an intersection *shrug* <--boring
as boring as watching 'paint dry' <--kinda boring
^sodapop <--kinda funny
^Sullivan's Shtik <--boring
^mayonaisse *shrug* <--plywood
^about as boring as watching 'paint dry' again<--nails
^he should have done "hammer time" <--kinda funny
Naughty Boys Towing <--kinda boring
^City of Seattle <--kinda borin
^cement <--kinda boring
^city of Irvine, CA <--kinda funny
^city of Compton <--kinda funny
^pornhub <--kinda boring
^plywood <--kinda boring
^nails <--boring
^Sullivan saying that Wabbie spends an awful lot of time on opfo thinking about Mickey.<--kinda funny
^time to take a short walk off a short plank.

Sullivan's best vocaroos:
^Sullivan saying Billie Jean is not his lover.
^Sullivan saying the kid is not his.
^Sullivan saying Billie Jean shoudln't hurl false accusations at an innocent man.

Important Message From Sec. of State < sullivan77 > 2023-01-02 19:26
Movie Review - “Plane” < sullivan77 > 2023-01-22 21:15

Funny childhood story < sullivan77 > 2023-01-02 20:15
Other Sponsor this Christmas: < sullivan77 > 2022-12-25 22:30
My OpFo Editorial: < - > 2023-01-21 20:58 <--boring
^his shtik is not lame
My OpFo confession: < - > 2023-01-21 21:51 <--boring
^never had butternet squash soup
Not Sullivan-Just a couple of extras for entertainment:
Wabbie being an idiot about EngleWood, CA <--smh
Mickey whining about Wabbie handles *eye roll*
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2023.05.11 03:23 krit09 [WTS] [USA] MAMAMOO CFG Bank Arena Baltimore - Section 4 Row G Seat 10. Selling below face value - $200 including fees

[WTS] [USA] MAMAMOO CFG Bank Arena Baltimore - Section 4 Row G Seat 10. Selling below face value - $200 including fees submitted by krit09 to kpopforsale [link] [comments]

2023.05.09 22:43 flippyrocker Tickets for Sale - Baltimore 6/15/23

EDIT: SOLD! thanks
I don't know if this is allowed, so I apologize in advance if it's not. I just don't know where else to post. I bought two tickets for:
Bert Kreischer's Fully Loaded Comedy Festival Thu • Jun 15 • 7:00 PM CFG Bank Arena Baltimore, MD Section 4, Row J, Seats 1 & 2
But now we'll be out of town and none of my friends are interested. The app won't let me get a refund or sell them, only transfer the tickets. Craigslist only got me scammers.
I paid $250 for both including all fees. I'll take the best offer, if anyone is interested. I just hate throwing $250 away. Thanks
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2023.05.02 03:09 NewrytStarcommander Original Depositors?

Could it be? Photos? Of the original depositors?
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2023.04.28 04:40 TheNoblestInvention Swing Bike found on Craigslist

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2023.04.28 02:06 Xrayruester 2020 Svartpilen 401 For Sale

2020 Svart 401 for sale, 1206 miles on the odo. The bike is clean, no drops. Currently located just outside of York Pennsylvania, which is about 2 hours west of Philly and about an hour north of Baltimore.
I wanted to list it here before trying cycle trader or craigslist. I rode the bike once last summer and I just don't see myself having the time again this summer. Rather than having it sit again I'd like to see it go with someone who will use it.
Title is in hand.
Mild modifications to the bike:
I do have all the stock parts minus signals and mirrors. They will all go with the bike.
Asking $5,000 but open to offers.
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2023.04.11 19:42 Oxford-Comma-Llama Relocating to Maryland - Are these apartments/areas good?

I am relocating from out of state, young professional in 20s. Going to be driving south for work toward Laurel/Odenton. I Am looking at federal hill/locust point area. It seems like canton/fells point would add 10 minutes to my commute each way. Originally I wanted to do DC/silver spring but the commute seems much worse than Baltimore and everywhere in between seems very boring for a young single person.
Firstly, is zillow the best resource for finding places? Is craigslist okay? It seems like craigslist has a lot of ads that arent on other websites and seem cheaper, which makes me think they are scams.
I would like to rent a row home in that area but it seems like $1800 is about the cheapest those get, sound right? That is right at the limit for my budget.
For the big apartment complexes, does anyone have experience with Anthem house, Porter Street, McHenry row, 1110 key? The reviews are all positive but in my area its common for those to be influenced by the leasing office.
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2023.04.04 18:00 Anxietyitch A few questions about Martinsburg

Hi everyone!! I was recently offered a job in Martinsburg and am considering moving down from PA. I’m trying to gauge the price of rent in the Martinsburg area, but all I can find on Craigslist are condos and/or single rooms for rent. I was wondering what the average price of a one bedroom apartment would be in the area? They seem hard to find, any advice? I’m ok with driving up to 30mins away, depending on the weather. The internet is telling me the average snowfall for the area is ~20in/year, would you agree? I just lived in Maine for six years and am not a huge fan of driving in snow. I plan on coming down to visit and get a better feel for the area before I accept the job, any insight would be appreciated!!
PS- I’ve searched the sub, Ive seen the little Baltimore comments. Sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do though
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2023.03.29 17:18 MinisterofSandwiches Looking for cheap or free books!

I have a bookshelf to stock and I don't have a huge budget to stock it. I'm looking for recommendations of places to find free or cheap books. I'm already looking through craigslist/fb marketplace and have had some good success, but I wonder if people had some ideas of places to kind of browse in person, particularly in the greater Baltimore area?
I'm particularly interested in history (all kinds, but particularly Slavic, Scandinavian, North African, and Latin & North American pre-colonial), art, and reference books. I also read a lot of sword & sorcery fantasy. I like sets of books if I can get them but that's kind of a bonus.
I do work at a University and have started to collect faculty work as well. And while this is partly for aesthetics, I do love to read and plan on reading the things I put on my shelf!
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