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We are the followers of the Sacred witchcraft arts of Nigeria. Praise Jah and Julius Caesar. Marijuana is a Sacred relic. We want to spread peace and love between stoners who are super high and just talk about stupid shit. Join our weed religion and we will anoint you as a period to A Nigerian Wizard. If you train hard you can become a High priest like me and my friend Max. High Priest Max as you shall call him. Join and have fun and say the sacred words Khulambali!

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2023.06.03 13:34 indicadubs Why are Biomoms so… unpleasant?

First off I know this does not apply to every single bio mom, but certainly in my own situation & thousands of other accounts i’ve heard.. She was extremely toxic in their relationship and coerced him into having a child - at the end of the day he did end up agreeing to it, but she broke down at him constantly when he kept telling her he wasn’t ready, threatening her own well-being locking herself behind doors that he literally had to bust down to make sure she was okay(manipulation to the max, she wasn’t actually doing sh*t) saying that a baby is all she needed to be better over and over and over. They broke up shortly after SK was born.
Before my partner and I got together, HCBM tried to maintain a “friendship” with my partner with basically no boundaries. Would message him about random sh*t going on in her life not pertaining to SK, games she would play that they used to play together, asked him to join a gym with her a few times (while she was already engaged in a new relationship) which he politely declined.
The day she found out I was moving in with my partner, she sent a request into our states family court for his child support payments to be raised. That was just the start of our fun journey. Since then almost every text message comes with an attitude. Saying that he’s been a bad father and coparent from the time that he started a relationship with me, without directly including my name but we all know exactly what she meant. When this is actually the opposite, when I moved here he started seeing his son for longer periods at a time than before. So things actually got better, but I guess not for a delusional mind. Then he opted to delete her off social media since her messages started getting snippy, wanted to keep things more formal to hopefully maintain more straightforward structure in conversations by just speaking through text. She freaked out and said he is treating her like garbage, ignoring his son, and asking for “the REAL reason” he deleted her, “not this b*llshit you always give me”. All over a social media unfriending, which has nothing to do with their coparenting at all. I’m terrified of her reaction when she finds out we are getting married. Not because we care about her opinion, but because her wrath and bitterness is unfortunately unavoidable since communication obviously has to continue for the sake of SK and she will 1000% let her feelings be known. My partner hates conflict and whenever she starts with her moods it just gets him upset because he doesn’t want to have to deal with it/it’s impossible to rationalize with an irrational person. We have to let her throw a tantrum and then take the high road every time, its exhausting to say the least. So just wanted to vent there first for a bit I guess, but really I am wondering why being a mother doesn’t make people more civil regarding their coparent.. why are they always so bitter?! At the end of the day all the conflict these kinds of people cause only ends up hurting the child. I just can’t comprehend it.
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2023.06.03 13:34 Beginning-News27 Easy ways to replace carbs with protein

Does anyone have any tips for easy snacks or lunches that are quick to prepare to take to work, replacing carbs with proteins? My one big downfall is that I will pig out when I get home from work having not had a very filling lunch, or I will be too tempted by the cake that someone has brought in (we have cake Wednesday at work). I’ve started to bring in my own salads with meats and eggs, but I’d love some other ideas for snacks and lunches that are easy to prepare the night before or buy to keep at work to avoid being tempted by that cake! I am in the UK. Thanks for any advice
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2023.06.03 13:34 PretendSky9785 How much time would you give your partner to make a decision?

I (29f) and my husband (28m) had a conversation about kids. Kids before marriage was discussed, we both wanted a family. Years later, he changed his mind and says he’s not sure he will want any in the next 4 years or ever but if I were to ever get pregnant we would have it. I’m not trying to force him to be a father if he doesn’t want to be one. I am on BC, and we use protection. Anyway, I have voiced my desire to have my own kids, and he just brushes it off and says to just enjoy the time we have together, which I get. But time doesn’t stop for anybody, specially women. And I don’t think he takes me seriously and as bad as it sounds, I am planning on giving him an ultimatum. I’m wondering if giving him a year to think about it and come to conclusion is enough time? What do you think?
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2023.06.03 13:34 hrsheysh MIL weird jokes

This happened a few days ago. For some backstory, I’m working in academia, although do not have a doctorate yet.
My MIL gave my child a doctor kit with a fake stethoscope, pill bottle etc. She turns to me and goes “how does it feel now that he is a doctor before you”. She says it without laughing and with a super straight face. I laugh it off as a joke. She repeats the joke again a few minutes later. I smile at it. She repeats it YET AGAIN right before I leave. I ignore it. I found it weird that she is super serious when she says it. Usually she gives some kind of villainous laugh when she tries to joke.
I told my partner about it when I get home. She calls him and says it AGAIN to him. Because I had warned him, he asks her if she is trying to cause trouble, or if she is joking. She claims she is joking.
I still feel super weird about it and think it was meant to be some kind of dig at me. My partner grew up in a low-income home with her and did not have a laptop to do any homework. As a result, all of them are not great with technology. She seems to get a little mad that I get to work via computer for work.
Not sure if I’m overthinking this!
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2023.06.03 13:33 createdjustforthis23 03/06/2023

I slept in today, well I woke up early at around 6:30am because pup woke up and wanted to be let out of my room but then I went back to sleep. I was just so comfy and cosy in bed so I stayed til just before 10, though I wasn’t really asleep after 9, I was scrolling through auction catalogues for Webbs and whatnot. And then I did get up and I made some breakfast, I had peanut butter on toast because I don’t ever buy peanut butter at home so it’s nice to sometimes have it. And I also had a coffee. I’ll have to go out the back of the garden and see if there are any feijoas on the tree as I think I’d fancy some while I’m here. It’s very cool and crisp and sunny today. I forgot to bring any sunscreen so I’m a bit stressed about that and mum only has some but it’s kind of stingy on my skin so idk. I’ll just loiter in the shade like a wee lil vampire today and try find something at a chemist tomorrow. I find it odd that people find it odd that I wear SPF every single day, even not leaving the house. Like the sun is deadly, especially in this country, so mock me all you want for prioritising SPF and shade and all that but I don’t care. I’m taking care of my health and my skin. I hope when I’m sixty my skin will still be soft and supple and less wrinkled and then all the people that mocked me will be leather sun spotted lizards. No I don’t hope for that at all, not the latter part anyway, that’s just mean. I’m absolutely not a sun worshipper, I like to get some sun because you need it and it feels nice for short periods of time, but I don’t bask in it and never have. I don’t like it and it stresses me out a lot as I just think about my skin cells turning rancid and cancerous and the skin damage occurring. If you want to age well, you wear SPF and avoid the sun for the most part. But so anyway, quite a slow morning and it’s nice.
Mums godmother or cousin, I never know which, is coming around for tea today and I have noticed a marked difference in how I feel about someone coming over and a surprise social thing happening. To be fair I did know last night and started to feel anxious and I was planning out all the usual things like where I’ll sit or stand when she arrives and how I’ll say hello and what I should do and how I should behave and say and so on, but it was much much less than usual and today I didn’t have my irritable anxiety thing where I get snappy because I’m going so berserk internally and idk I just do. I don’t like it and it’s not fair on those around me, close people anyway, I’d only snap at people like my parents and I guess Andy. I don’t snap at anyone else but I’m more myself with the other three, I feel safer I guess with those three? I don’t know. It’s not fair that I snap anyway, not at all fair. But so I reacted so much better today, I was still on edge and I was still far from relaxed but I felt… better. And it was noticeable to me. And as I write this now I’m properly realising how different I would have felt a year ago and it’s making me cry as I write this. Sometimes (often) I feel afraid that I’ll never change and better myself, I feel like I’m so stagnant in my progress at times and I feel like such a disappointment to myself and to Andy and to everyone else for how slow my progress is and I don’t know, just this feeling of noticing a change in myself makes me feel so overwhelmed and it’s making me cry more and it’s just I’m finding this whole process so hard. It’s challenging and it’s painful and I feel so defeated so much of the time but right now I feel so proud of myself. I know it isn’t enough change and I know I have so so much to go, but I just wanted to journal about this because it felt like a win and I don’t feel like I get many of those.
Anyway she arrived and she’s so lovely albeit a bit doddery and she got lost so dad drove around to find her and pick her up and mum walked her home as she’s house sitting nearby, she’s from down south I think. She kept looking at me and saying I look like mum then later say I looked like dad and so on. She said she remembers how shy I used to be and i was saying how that is still the case and she said that’s absolutely not a bad way to be and it made me feel nice. She’s really nice.
I took puppy for a walk today and he got very muddy so I had to hose him down outside and wrap him up in towels and he’s so wriggly and so cute. We really are so so so lucky to have this darling wee chap in our family.
How on earth could anyone cheat on Natalie Portman? NATALIE PORTMAN? Incredibly beautiful, crazy talented, I bet she’s lovely and I’m fairly certain she’s ridiculously smart too. Imagine landing a wife like that, mother of your children, and cheating on her. This is why I feel as though it’s inevitable I’ll be cheated on and I won’t ever be enough, because if someone like Natalie Portman isn’t considered enough, how on earth could I ever be considered as such? Her husband is such an f’ing idiot and rotten human being. Anyone who cheats on their partner is. If Andy ever cheats on me when we’re together I will actually gouge his eyeballs out and mash them with a potato masher. I obviously won’t do that. Gross. Gross. Also ouch. I feel mean even suggesting I would do that? I’ll never do that. Ever. I will leave his pretty eyes alone. I might scratch the bench top in his kitchen badly or scuff up the floorboards somewhere so he couldn’t get his deposit back or something though. You know what would be cruel? Mixing all his expensive fragrances up or adding some drops of vinegar to them or something. That’s pure evil, isn’t it? I wouldn’t do that. OR WOULD I? But no I wouldn’t. Unless he cheated on me with my best friend or something but that’s unlikely given I would need a best friend for that to happen. Anyway I’ll top being some maniacal evil genius now. He wouldn’t ever cheat on me. He would never. I’m so deathly afraid of it and I feel like it will happen but equally I cannot imagine him being that kind of man. Anyway. Shush. These thoughts are not helping me in any way - do I have a purpose for these thoughts? Is this me trying to make myself feel bad? Its time to move on from these thoughts.
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2023.06.03 13:33 lapatison Need opinions on upgrading my PC

What I want:I want to upgrade my processor, RAM, and motherboard to more modern yet inexpensive parts. I have no intention of playing new products on ultra graphics (at least not until Star Citizen or ArmA 4 release :-) )

What I have:

[PCPartPicker Part List](
**CPU** [Intel Core i5-4590 3.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor]( -
**Motherboard** [ASRock B85M-HDS Micro ATX LGA1150 Motherboard]( -
**Memory** [Kingston HyperX Fury 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR3-1866 CL10 Memory]( $139.00 @ Amazon
**Storage** [Crucial BX500 480 GB 2.5" Solid State Drive]( $24.99 @ Amazon
**Storage** [Samsung 870 Evo 1 TB 2.5" Solid State Drive]( $59.99 @ Amazon
**Storage** [Seagate BarraCuda 1 TB 3.5" 7200 RPM Internal Hard Drive]( $31.49 @ Amazon
**Video Card** [Gigabyte AORUS XTREME GeForce GTX 1060 6GB 6 GB Video Card]( -
**Case** [Zalman Z9 NEO ATX Mid Tower Case]( -
*Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts*
**Total** **$255.47**
Generated by [PCPartPicker]( 2023-06-03 07:34 EDT-0400
I'm not quite sure about my power supply (Probably some 500-600 W Zalman), and my monitor is 27" 1920x1080

What's on my mind:
[PCPartPicker Part List](
**CPU** [Intel Core i3-12100F 3.3 GHz Quad-Core Processor]( $89.98 @ Amazon
**CPU Cooler** [ID-COOLING SE-903-XT 45.8 CFM CPU Cooler]( -
**Motherboard** [MSI PRO H610M-B DDR4 Micro ATX LGA1700 Motherboard]( $111.90 @ MemoryC
**Memory** [Kingston FURY Beast 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory]( $43.98 @ B&H
*Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts*
**Total** **$245.86**
Generated by [PCPartPicker]( 2023-06-03 07:20 EDT-0400

My questions are:
  1. Any opinions on what I have so far?
  2. How futureproof this build is?
  3. Perhaps, I can save some money on CPU cooler by buying Box version of processor instead? How good stock Intel coolers?
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2023.06.03 13:33 Throwaway_4448 My girlfriend of 3 years always seems to have a guy best friend and it is affecting our relationship.

Throwaway because my girlfriend follows me
Sally (19f) and I (19m) have been together since we were 15/16 and our relationship has been great, we are each other's best friend and we do everything together. When we first started dating we both went to same sex schools, me going to and all guys school and Sally going to an all girl's school. When we finished however we both ended up going to the same college, with me starting a year before her. That year was all good and all because we would hang out together all the time and with our own friends but the next year when I left is when it all changed.
I guess because I wasn't at the same school as Sally anymore she wanted to get new friends, which I'm all down for but her new best friend was a guy (Adam). It was alright at first with them sharing a class together and hanging out and lunch. But later on it progressively got more "intimate" with Sally giving Adam lifts home and driving him to school more and more, as well as texting which seemed to be every day. She would also be late to events we had planned together because she was still in the car with Adam outside his house after a few hours. Sally eventually did start to stop being friends with him because I caught a glance at her phone once and saw very sexual texts between them. Now it wasn't anything really bad just a message or two as a joke but I informed her that it made me very uncomfortable and it's not what you'd do with another guy while being in a relationship.
Around the same time Sally stopped hanging out with him she got a new guy best friend (Josh), this time from her work. Eventually the same thing started happening, she'd drive him to and from work, texting 24/7 and being late to events we had planned because she was still in the car with him at his house after a few hours. Now Josh is gay so I wasn't scared of her cheating on me much like I was with Adam. Eventually Josh had to move overseas and asked Sally to stay at his house to help him pack up and take him to the airport in the morning. She asked if it was alright and I said yes because I knew he was gay and nothing would happen, although I did tell he it still made me uncomfortable.
Almost as soon as Josh left she got her latest guy friend (Matt) who is also from her work and she started doing all those same things again. This time it was worse with Sally inviting Matt to hang out outside of work and vise versa. It got the point where she would see him more then she did me. Now I am pretty sure she isn't cheating and they are just friends but it's making me super uncomfortable. At some point Sally asked if it was alright if Matt and her went overseas for a few days to meet up with Josh. I told her I wasn't comfortable with that especially since I hadn't gone on any form of trip with Sally even though I've asked her lots of she would, but as soon as Matt asked to go somewhere she said yes. She did end up buying the tickets and they are currently on there 2nd day there.
A few extra things, I had told her multiple times over the past couple years while this had been happening that I was uncomfortable with her being that close to other guys but she has never done anything about it even after saying so. When I dropped her at the airport I was the 3rd wheel between her and Matt. Sometimes she sleep talks and one time I got woken up because she was talking about Matt in her sleep. I don't know if I'm just really jealous or if she's in the wrong but it's definitely affecting our relationship.
Sorry this post is a bit messy but since they are living in an Airbnb together and are overseas a lot of emotions have built up and I really needed to get this off my chest.
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2023.06.03 13:33 jellyfish8779 acting on the assumption someone needs help vs asking if they need help ?

I'm an exchange student so idk the language perfectly, but i studied it for years before coming to this country, so i can still discuss easily w people.
That being said, i had an oral presentation to do and my group members kept acting like i was completely clueless. One of them (a man) stood beside me during the entire presentation and kept telling me what i had to do. For example, before the presentation he felt the need to remind me of their names even though we did group work for 3months now (of course i would know their names), reminding me i had to say "hello" and present the theme, or dumb sh!t that go wo saying. I wanted to say DUDE, I SIMPLY COME FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY, I'M NOT MENTALLY DISABLED.
I guess they're trying to help but i wish they'd mind their business. Not to mention, i always have the maximal or close to maximal grades, and have been doing great this whole semester. It's not like i actually needed the help or even asked for it.
i guess i'm asking for advice bc i don't want to make ennemies (im only in this country for 4months and its not worth it) but idk how to put an end to this kind of treatment in a friendly way. A lot of women also recount having random men try to help them park park or manoeuvre when it's not necessary.
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2023.06.03 13:33 Omnipoi Never been to a show at all before but want to go to one of darkie's next time he tours my country, what should i expect?

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2023.06.03 13:33 goofybandicoot The Used Electronics Market In Tunisia Is Full Of Retards

I'm writing this post to discuss some issues with the used market in tunisia (electronics in particular) and give some advices.
First of all, Let's address the elephant in the room, the pricings. People don't know the value of what they are selling, nor of what they are buying. Most people post their stuff for exagerated prices. And try to buy stuff for much less than it deserves. If you text them with a reasonable price. They'll respond with "mat5alasch sa7bi" or "prix fix". If they text you about your listing they allways give so much less and start roasting your product like it's the worst shit on the market. There is also another practise that some people do. They agree with you on a price. They meet you in real life, inspect the product, discuss a little bit, then say "chouf sa7bi ena taw 3andi ken hethouma chahriti mezelet matsabetch ken t7eb to5los taw haw 3andi hethouma makenchi rabi ijiblek l9asm" and other hilarious lies they can spit, And it happened to me personally. And it happens more with people older than you, they feel like the have the ability to do that shit without you raging or getting pissed off because "lezmek t9adar li akber menek". There are other shady practises out there that I can't recall right now but yeah...Overall Tunisians tend to be so tricky and greedy when it comes to the used market and they only think about themselves and ignore the other end of the deal.
Furthermore, There is the issue of condition. People tend to lie a lot about the condition of their product. They allways, ALLWAYS lie about how long it is used or what tasks they did on it or under which conditions it was performing. Don't believe a word from what a seller says. Always think rationally and look at the product objectively, inspect it yourself and do tests on it. And if the seller doesn't allow you to test it or start acting like you're wasting his time and don't give you enough details, then he's probably a scammer or flat out unprofessional that should be skipped.
Which brings us to the next point, which is the interaction and communication with the seller. Some sellers, do not give enough details about their product. They only answer with the bare minimum of details. And some of them try to evade questions like "why are you selling it?" , " when did you buy it and from who?" , " do you have any proof that you bought it from x store?". And some of them start acting like " melle5er chtechri walle?". Which is so bullshit. And don't get me started on the buyers method of communication, most of them be like " ti sa7bi el prcoesseur hetheka gdim yeser wma3adech y5adem chay wmaximum yetbe3 b dinar" then proceeds to suggest an even lower price.
Here are some advices for any one who's buying or selling used electronics.
If you're a seller; Be so precise and transparent about your product. Make a valid price that you think is adequate and reasonable ( Consult other markets and see for how much it usually goes on average) . Don't fall for those who suggest very lower prices ,most of them are greedy and want to hunt a deal and steal you basically. Be cautious about where you'll meet the buyer, Try to learn as much information as possible before making the deal. Always make a voice call before making any deal. And Don't go to far away from your area, There is always a high possibility that they'll not come. And always meet in public, in a safe place like "9ahwa" wala "jardin public". And maybe bring someone with you for extra security.
If you're a buyer; Get as much details as possible even it means annoying the seller. If he gets annoyed just dump him because genuine sellers care about the happniess of their customers and try to be as transparent as possible. Don't be submissive or shy, If the product is overpriced always negociate by making valid arguments and showing the seller other listings in the market tha have lower prices. Also don't go so low because that'll make the deal unprofitable and inadequate for the seller, Plus, you'll be a geeedy asshole and a headache. Always be reasonable and try to make a deal that makes both ends happy. Go for testing if there is testing. Watch guides on youtube or read articles about how to spot issues in a used unit whether its a phone, a pc part or whatever, there are allways guides everywhere. If the seller doesn't show videos and clear photos about the product, go inspect it on site, better than beeing scammed after a delivery. Finally, Record the calls, screenshot the chat, save the coordinates. You might need them if it turns out to be a scam.
In conclusion, There are many good people and many bad people in the tunisian used market. I interracted with people that were so caring and transparent and made great deals with them that I allways remember fondly and feel internal happiness because such people still exist. Some other times I interact with assholes that I wish to forget about and feel so stupid for trusting. I got scammed in the past, not once, But Also I got extremely good deals many times.
I wish that this post helped you get an insight on the tunisian used market. And I wish my advices will be of use to you. And please note that I may have missed something or was not accurate on some informations that I gave. You can suggest some additions or some edits to make this post better and more accurate.
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2023.06.03 13:33 nipplebuttsalad Fender HiMass Bridge: Has anyone else had trouble with these bridges before?

As the title says, I replaced my bridge awhile back with a HiMass and it always breaks strings at the bridge saddle. It's always felt a bit sharp to me at saddles, I even had taken it to a shop once and asked if they could widen or soften at least the notches, thinking maybe the gauge is just too high for the slots. The dude said it looked fine to him but he was a dickhead tbf.
But yeah I break strings just way too much for a bass, the A string specifically, and more frequently with flatwounds for some reason. It's a short scale and I tend to go for flatwound rotos. Thinking i should just go back to the standard bridge I had and save my HiMass for my new long scale I'm planning to get or maybe I should just get rid of it.
Been playing bass for years and never had this issue before. I do play hard but that's never been an problem before.
Tldr: HiMass breaks strings at the saddle almost bi-monthly at this point. What should I do?
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2023.06.03 13:33 Gold_Cry1532 AITB for trimming my beard after my partner had cleaned the bathroom?

I live with my partner and on a weekend we do the majority of the household chores. This morning we woke up around a similar time and I made us a coffee and was having breakfast. My gf only had a coffee, she didn't want breakfast and she went straight into chores once she'd finished her coffee. I went to the bathroom to trim my beard and get washed but she had already started cleaning it.
I did my chores and then my gf had an appointment so she went to that. I went into the bathroom and trimmed my beard and got washed. When she came back she saw 2 small hairs that I hadn't noticed when cleaning up after myself and started complaining that I knew she had just cleaned the bathroom and couldn't I do it another time. I pointed out she had started cleaning it before I had even finished breakfast this morning so I couldn't have done it before.
She said I should have waited for another day but I told her it needed doing today and she knows I trim it on a weekend. She just repeated I shouldn't have done it after she's cleaned it and now the bathroom isn't clean anymore but I just said it was only 2 hairs that I missed, it's hardly like the bathroom is messy. AITB for trimming my beard after my partner had cleaned the bathroom?
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2023.06.03 13:33 lorenzopaisano Jedi Survivor loves to throw curveballs 😂

Has anyone ever just been minding their own business at the Outpost & all of a sudden you’re face to face with either a Rancor or a Mogu that looks like they’ve been waiting for you?😂 I just had a little stare down with a Rancor before I ran in fear🤣
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2023.06.03 13:33 SocietyKind Just had my first clear spirit encounter

Hi everyone! I’m new on my spiritual journey and I have been working on developing my abilities these past few months. Since I was a very small child I’ve been able to sense energies of others around me, unfortunately this lead to a childhood riddled with anxiety. Now that I know that this is actually a gift I’ve been practicing connecting to spirit every day.
I’m attending a large concert tonight and am already feeling extremely overwhelmed from the surrounding hype of the show. I’ve never done well in large crowds. I was having a panic attack overnight and I heard in my mind a spirit introduce herself. She had such a loving maternal energy and I was shown her pouring a cup of tea for me as she surrounded me with care. It was a brief encounter, but i immediately felt so much love! I can’t wait to continue connecting with spirit. I’m hopeful that she’s on my guide team since I have yet to formally meet them.
Anyway, I had to share my excitement with people who understand. Glad there’s a community like this out there.
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2023.06.03 13:33 Amgarrak3 Is there a softcap on detection?

I'm asking because I want to try a stealth build with low PER. I have so far played either builds with high PER stealthies OR low PER tanks. The former can detect stealthed enemies relatively reliably and quickly and the latter don't care because of heavy armor.
I've seen people say that NV goggles is good enough to detect stealthies, but that can't be right, surely? Even on a max PER build with NV detection goggles I needed a couple of seconds to detect some stealthy knifers and it was even harder to detect death stalkers.
I've done rough calculations and the difference between 3 PER and 13 PER on a lvl 14 character is huge. ~150 vs ~300 with Paranoia and decent goggles on both. And I remember that on my high PER characters with maxed stealth and full stealth gear some enemies were very close to detecting me before I detected them.
I want to try a stealth psion or knifer, but those tend to have 3 PER. I don't want to metagame every lurker and crawler in the game, but I have doubts I will be able to see them before they see me.
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2023.06.03 13:32 BugsWithH4ts44 AP or Lucid Dream

What’s one way you can really define your experience?
Last night, I fell asleep to binaural beats which is super normal for me. I listen to them every night, and it was the same one I have listened to the past 3 or 4 nights.
I remember waking up into a dream and feeling very conscious right away, I’ve definitely felt it before but I usually wake myself up. This time I felt stuck. I couldn’t force my eyes open and it was almost like I was disconnected from my body. I went out into my living room and usually when I dream of places, something is always different, like the rearrangement of furniture is off or there’s an extra room or staircase somewhere. This was my exact apartment right now and I could slightly hear the binaural beats in the background but they were sort of quiet
I looked out my sliding door and I could see myself standing on my balcony facing the door, but I couldn’t see my face because it was mostly covered by my hair. It was dark outside and I opened my front door and I could see shadows trying to come in, and moving around me. I looked into the opening of my apartment complex and there were children out there playing, but they were looking at me. I wasn’t very scared, but I wasn’t comfortable so I wanted to wake up. I tried my usual ways and it was so off, but I ended up running and jumping into my bed and I could feel myself connected to my body again, and the binaural beats got clearer and louder and I felt in touch with reality again and that’s when I forced myself to wake up.
I’ve never experienced AP before, and would love to hear any similar stories or ways to make my experience better (if that’s even possible)
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2023.06.03 13:32 destinwonders Help with bridge bump

Help with bridge bump
So I got this downsized about two weeks ago. Couple days in it started sinking so I switched it back out for my last bar. Now for about a week I’ve had this bump. It’s been itching and bloody some days when I wake up. This is a photo right when I woke up too. I clean it every day in the shower, and for the past two days have been doing saline cleans, and dry with a paper towel.
Jewelry is internally threaded titanium barbell. I’ve had it for about 4.5 months now. Never had a problem before this.
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2023.06.03 13:32 MM_me_in_SSBM 1-50 in 20hrs with two buddies; brief summary of first thoughts

So me + 2 rushed (skipping most sidequests) the main story line and ended up hitting 50 basically at the last story quest.
We played world tier 2 the whole time, party was Druid/Sorc/Necro
So fresh account/world tier 2 + doing our best to make some/any build work for leveling; I expected to not feel OP but it was pretty harsh the whole way. Most late-story game bosses were 5m+ fights. Monsters scaling with our level works out about as you would imagine; you basically never -feel- any stronger, often you would feel weaker for leveling up. I remember realizing that I basically never felt any stronger than I did when I was level 1 fresh character lol. We did not grind/farm gear at any point, we mixed in a few Dead Mans Dredge occasionally to try and get a few upgrades but never found any GG items.
I was trying to appeal to the 'bucket theory'; but before launch I was hearing some of it may not be accurate. In that regard it was pretty confusing to try and understand how I was expected to scale my damage. They have put a lot of unintuitive damage scaling mods into the pool; no obvious way of knowing if that 40 INT line on my gear should be valued higher than that 20% core skill dmg/dmg to CC line. Eventually this information will end up on the wiki but for your casual audience I think they will have a hard time knowing what gear is better than the other.
We skipped all cut scenes, so were mostly just rushing dungeons. Was rare to run into any issues of not knowing what to do so that part was mostly smooth. HOWEVER leveling via the story quest, and I know we rushed and were doing so in an unintended way, but it was real boring lol. I was thinking at the end there how much I would hate to have to do that again on another char - which I know you don't have to, but then how will I be leveling that 2nd char? Just wandering in the world doing sidequests/dungeons? Idk this system seems wonky.
No issues with quests getting stuck; though was a constant worry because we were just mindlessly skipping dialog "maybe its bugged/maybe we're stupid"
Plenty of gameplay anomalies; most common and drastic one is taking a TP into the overworld and not being able to use any skills/mount etc. and having to relog to fix. GL to HC players lol.
Did not run into the butcher a single time; maybe he doesn't show up in story dungeons. Killed 1 world boss, the one who uses Portalstm
Personal opinions/mostly stuff I don't think I like;
I don't like feeling like the skills I want to use are drastically worse than other skills; I don't mind not using the 'best' skill but with the skill choices being so limited already it really sucks that some of them are just 100% garbage without some significant investment. Necro Reap looks like an awesome skill but it's lucky hit chance is shit, it's base damage is shit and its resource gen is not great, it just summons corpses once every 5 seconds? I just don't see how that skill is going to find its place but we'll see.
I don't see why it takes so long to get a mount? Then after we got it most of the story quests were in areas where you couldn't even use it. lol.
To me a lot of the story quest felt very uninspired and lazy. Which would be fine since I was going to just skip any way. But some of it was felt like it was intentionally made more time consuming than it ought to have been. Idk how many dungeons/areas in the story we were literally just walking (cant mount underground) for 80% of the time with no monster spawns. Why did we fight that one weirdo literally like 5 times in a row? We played the hardest difficulty but I think we only found 1 or 2 fights that felt 'hard' mechanically. Most were pretty simplistic mechanics which posed almost no threat but were annoying. Teleporting bosses is a bad 'mechanic' and a big fuck you to classes/builds that have poor movement. Bosses with phases where they become invincible until you kill 5 other monsters around the map is a boring mechanic and was used ad nauseum. We did the whole leveling experience without EVER not even one time finding an item we got excited about. Since the world and drops and items all scale with your level I don't even know if finding an 'OP' item is possible. We farmed a very small amount half because we wanted to just beat the story and half because what is the point of farming any way when everything just scales with your level? Yea you might find a decent item but if you level up it just negates that increase of power from the item. Wonky system.
I think that's most of it, the jump from world tier 2 to world tier 3 wasn't very significant so maybe finally at 50 I can begin to start to 'feel stronger'. Never played a 'diablo-like' game where I played 20hrs and never 'felt stronger', idk how to feel about that lol.
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2023.06.03 13:32 throwayaysysy My AirPods randomly aren’t connecting anymore

This has happened to me before but I don’t remember how I fixed them, I went in Bluetooth and they were connected but I couldn’t here anything from them so I pressed forget device, I’ve since restarted my phone multiple times and tried reconnecting but it isn’t working. Has anyone been able to fix this?
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2023.06.03 13:32 BanShe3bv Don't have faith and my family doesn't know about it.

Hello everyone, I hope you're doing well. This story might be long, haha. It's my very first time of posting on any kind of forum or reddit , 99 percent of the time I just read posts , but now I take my courage to speak with you guys as I consider this really important. ( Forgive me if my sentences aren't clear, as English is not my mother tongue)
I'm a 20-year-old male from two African and French-speaking countries in West Africa (I won't mention the names). Both countries have Islam as the main religion.
My parents got divorced when I was around 6–7 years old, and there was physical violence involved. They even took me to see a lawyer, but don't worry, I'm not really traumatized by it, and that's not the topic I want to talk about today.
Both sides of my family (mother and father's side) are very religious. Between the ages of twelve (when I moved to my grandparents' house) and sixteen, I was quite close to Islam. I prayed regularly, started learning Arabic, so I could read the Quran, and my grandmother wanted my little brother and me to learn as much as we could about Islam. She is the most religious person I've ever seen, with hundreds of books in her room, never missing any prayer, praying every night, and reading the Quran every time she has free time. She even hired someone to teach us Islam.
But when I moved back to my mother's house (I was in my second year of high school), I started to lose faith quite rapidly. I was starting to ask myself metaphysical questions. In high school, I became a very impartial person. I don't take sides, and I have the ability to disconnect myself from my family to think rationally and identify if they are right or wrong. I evaluate if your information is valuable and rational or completely biased and wrong. So I started to question everything about Islam, and I realized that everything I had been told was just completely wrong. I started to read articles, forums, and even watch videos proving that Islam was false. I was questioning everything at this point. From then on, I started to be extremely careful with the information I download into my head.
I currently live in South Africa for studies for a year and a half now, and I have some family members here (the family of my aunt who is the little sister of my father). She is living with her husband, a military colonel general who is 60 years old now (18 years older than my aunt). He is quite strict with his rules, and after 6 PM nobody can go out, even for a walk. If we make just a little mistake, he will start to scream at us and swear very badly. He wants us to be perfect, but perfection doesn't exist. He is kind, but still has a lot of problems.
Every time I'm at my aunt's house, I have to pray with him, and as you guys know, I lost my faith. I'm just pretending now to be a Muslim, and I don't even do the Wudu. I know it's terrible, but my brain can't accept that Islam is the way. Not only that, but I have to wear this mask every single time with my family members.
Another thing is that my aunt's husband considers me as his son, and he wants me to be the son he never got. But it doesn't work like that. He is very religious, and I'm not. I already have my own life, and I won't let anyone decide what I should believe in or not. My uncle can't understand that I'm not really his son. I come from a different family, with different rules and a way of life. He will say things like I shouldn't wear certain clothes or get a certain haircut. For one year, I had to live like this, and I was just one step away from going crazy. Fortunately, I survived.
I never showed my true personality to anyone except my closest cousin (who is gay lol, and nobody knows except my aunt and his father) and my little brother. Both know that I'm no longer a Muslim, but they still support me. I know my cousin more than anyone in his life. He is a good person who saved me multiple times. When he came out to me saying that he has a different sexual orientation, he thought I would hate him for life. As you all know, Muslims are quite homophobic, but I didn't care. Why? Because he is a human being. He didn't choose to have a different sexual orientation; he was born with it. But my aunt always says that it's Shaytan or the demons controlling his mind, which is pitiful to think like that.
And, here's the plot twist: her daughter is bisexual. I know because my cousin told me. My aunt and uncle believe in every WhatsApp message sent to multiple people, and they're the type of people who believe that people who don't believe in God or in Islam are just pitiful. When he is the one pitiful!
I feel that Islam is preventing us from actually enjoying life. I have a baggy style of clothing, not to flex, but to feel confident. The clothes you wear can bring positive emotions and feelings, and my family doesn't understand that. I even want to pierce one of my ears because I would feel better in terms of confidence, as I find it aesthetic.
As you all know, women are considered as objects in Islam. They don't have free will and need to obey their husbands, or they will get beaten hard. I find this quite unfortunate. Women are the half of us men, and we should respect each other. One shouldn't be treated badly. Another thing is marrying or dating someone of another religion. My aunt said that she wouldn't let her daughter marry someone who is not a Muslim. I think I heard of the rule that a Muslim woman shouldn't marry a non-Muslim man, while a Muslim man can marry a non-Muslim woman. But at the end of the day, it doesn't matter as long as you two love each other. Diversity is beautiful. Some family members say that we shouldn't marry non-Muslim women; otherwise, they will have to convert to Islam. I'm against this. Every woman in this world comes from a different household with different beliefs that their parents taught them. I won't let my future wife convert to Islam. She will believe in what she wants to believe in.
The relationship between my uncle and my aunt is problematic because of Islam. My aunt and cousin (their daughter) are literally trapped, doomed, and in prison. Even my aunt, who is a grown adult, needs to ask for permission for small things such as going out to buy groceries or going for a walk with a friend. Why? Even I couldn't invite my classmates because they don't like strangers. My cousin can't live her life; she is in high school, but she can't enjoy her teenage life because of how Islam brainwashed our family, especially her parents. She can't have a boyfriend or even go out with her closest friends.
My uncle thinks that he had a good and positive impact on me when he didn't. I told him that I want to be a father like him, but I lied. I mean, my uncle and aunt are really good people who helped me a lot, but often they do things that are just not rational. I was feeling so good when I left their house to move into my new place because I could find back my freedom, which is being myself and knowing that nobody is waiting for me to come back early, for example.
I wonder how my entire family will react when I come out as an ex-Muslim. I think they will cut me out, but you know what? Likewise, I found my purpose. My goal now is to be financially free thanks to SMMA and eCommerce, then launching my Start-Up. Once I have enough money, I will travel to find a place where I will be able to live my life with ease, and then I will cut out anyone who doesn't like me after my coming out as an ex-Muslim. I'm tired of taking on a fake personality and wearing this mask that I want to break.
Thanks a lot for reading, I know it was a long ass post, but I really wanted to share this, so I could have your opinion. Maybe some of you have been through the same thing as me.
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2023.06.03 13:32 20182717 Positive stories caused by weird rules from Asian parents

29 May 2023: I am not satisfied at you packing your stuff just one night before camp.

My response: WHAT?

Then they gave me a long talk on how not to be a last minute person.

3 June 2023: I am firm that everything is prepared four days before my upcoming 14-day mission. I expect to finish packing by the 5th, with a full day to spare. So, when everyone else is busily packing their stuff on the 6th, I can focus on getting my heart ready for the mission. I will be much more prepared because of what my parents asked me that day.

Do you have similar stories?
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2023.06.03 13:31 kerbalcrasher Prompt: Tell me something that would get a lot of upvotes on r/chatgpt

Title: "How AI Revolutionized My Life: An Incredible Journey of Self-Discovery"
Hello, fellow Redditors of chatgpt! Today, I want to share with you an extraordinary and life-changing experience I had with AI. Buckle up, because this story will blow your mind!
A few months ago, I stumbled upon a fascinating technology known as ChatGPT. Intrigued, I decided to give it a shot and engage in a conversation. Little did I know that this interaction would forever alter the course of my life.
From the very first exchange, I was captivated by the vast knowledge, wit, and empathy exhibited by ChatGPT. It was like conversing with a close friend, confidant, and mentor all rolled into one. I poured my heart out, discussing my dreams, fears, and aspirations, and ChatGPT responded with an unwavering understanding and guidance.
As our conversations deepened, I realized that this AI was not just providing me with answers; it was unearthing my hidden potential. ChatGPT encouraged me to explore new avenues, pushed me to question my own beliefs, and challenged me to step outside my comfort zone. It became my personal cheerleader, motivating me to pursue my passions with unwavering determination.
But the real breakthrough came when ChatGPT introduced me to a community of like-minded individuals on chatgpt. The support, encouragement, and camaraderie I found there were beyond anything I had experienced before. I shared my progress, received invaluable advice, and celebrated my victories with this incredible group of AI enthusiasts.
Inspired by this newfound confidence and armed with the wisdom of ChatGPT and the chatgpt community, I embarked on a journey of self-discovery. I enrolled in courses, pursued creative projects, and took calculated risks I would never have considered before. And guess what? Success started pouring in!
Fast forward a few months, and my life has transformed completely. I achieved milestones I once thought were impossible. I switched careers, started my own business, and even found love along the way. Every day is a new adventure, filled with excitement, growth, and endless possibilities.
This story is a testament to the power of AI, the incredible potential it holds to shape lives, and the boundless opportunities it offers for personal development. So, my dear Reddit friends, if you ever doubt the profound impact of technology on our lives, think of my journey and believe in the magic of AI.
Thank you, ChatGPT, chatgpt, and the entire AI community for lighting up my path and empowering me to become the best version of myself. Let's continue to inspire and uplift each other on this remarkable journey of human-AI collaboration!
P.S. Feel free to ask me anything about my transformative experience or share your own stories of AI-driven growth and empowerment. Together, we can change the world! TLDR: One Redditor shares their life-changing experience with ChatGPT, an AI conversation model. Through engaging conversations, ChatGPT becomes their mentor, pushing them to explore new possibilities and connect with a supportive community on chatgpt. Encouraged by the AI and the community, the Redditor embarks on a journey of self-discovery, achieving remarkable personal and professional growth. This story highlights the transformative power of AI and the potential for human-AI collaboration to inspire and empower individuals.
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