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Free Udemy Certificate Courses - Limited Time

2023.06.03 11:25 CKangel Free Udemy Certificate Courses - Limited Time

  1. Web Design for Beginners: Build Websites in HTML & CSS 2023 -
    1. Quick ASP .NET Core 6 and MVC Web Design -
    2. Python for Data Analytics - Beginner to Advanced -
    3. Object Detection Web App with TensorFlow, OpenCV and Flask -
    4. Master Course in Interviewing Skills and Career Development -
    5. Master Course in Cloud Security 3.0 -
    6. Learn Machine learning & AI (Including Hands-on 3 Projects) -
    7. Git and GitHub For Beginners -
    8. Gaslighting In The Workplace -
    9. Docker Course for Beginners -
    10. Data Analytics A-Z with Python -
    11. Data Analysis for Entry Level Job - ( 9 courses in 1 ) -
    12. Business Communication Skills for Professionals -
    13. Building a Face Detection and Recognition Model From Scratch -
    14. Beginners guide to Android App Development (Step by Step) -
    15. 2023 Employee CyberSecurity Awareness First Line of Defense -
    16. Workspace Design And Organization For Productivity -
    17. Startup Marketing 0 to 1 Million Startup Entrepeneur Revenue -
    18. Start A Successful Business: Best Questions -
    19. Self Discipline will Change Your life for GOOD -
    20. Python Complete Course For Beginners -
    21. Pakistani Cooking - Become a Asian Cooking Master -
    22. PSPO1 Practice Tests Scrum Product Owner certification-160Q -
    23. PSM1 Practice Tests Scrum Master certification-160Q -
    24. PMP® Practice Test: Project Management Professional 2021 -
    25. PMI-ACP®: Agile Certified Project Management 200 Questions -
    26. PMI-ACP®: 200 سؤال معتمد من Agile لإدارة المشاريع -
    27. Olympic Games Analytics Project in Apache Spark for beginner -
    28. Microsoft AZ-900: Azure Fundamentals Exam Preparation Test -
    29. Microsoft AZ-104: Azure Administrator Exam Prep Test -
    30. Master Course in Chatbot Technology and Google Bard AI -
    31. Master Course in ChatGPT -
    32. Master Course : Merchandising, Retail Business & Management -
    33. Java And C++ And PHP Crash Course For Beginners -
    34. How to create an animated promo video in PowerPoint -
    35. How to Earn from Photography: Absolute Beginners Guide -
    36. How To Increase Your Sales: Top Practical Selling Technique -
    37. Domain Flipping: Buy, Flip and Sell & Profit -
    38. Diploma Course in Generalist Human Resource Management -
    39. Decision-making and thinking like Leaders and CEOs -
    40. ChatGPT,HuggingChat,Google Bard: Advanced Prompt Engineering -
    41. Build a full user Web app from scratch with vanilla PHP 8+ -
    42. Build a Backend REST API with Node JS from Scratch -
    43. Book of Ezra - How To Enjoy The Prophetic Word Spoken On You -
    44. Bible: Titus - 7 Lessons We Can Learn For Today! -
    45. Arbitrage Side Hustle: Create lucrative eBay & Etsy business -
    46. Winning Option Strategies For Any Market -
    47. Trading Options for Weekly Income -
    48. Trading Calendar Spreads for Income -
    49. Trading Butterfly Spreads for Income -
    50. See How I Earn Profit by Unique Ways in Forex Trading -
    51. Java Programming and Spring Boot Microservices -
    52. How To Trade Options On Futures For Max Leverage -
    53. How To Trade Options On Earnings For Quick Profits -
    54. How To Maximize Your Profits Trading Options -
    55. How I Make Consistent Returns Trading Options -
    56. Facebook Marketing 2023. Promote Your Business on Facebook! -
    57. Facebook Ads 2023: Launch Your Best Advertising Campaign -
    58. Day Trading Options for Income -
    59. Climate Change Explained: Causes, Consequences and Solutions -
    60. ChatGPT for Data Science and Machine Learning -
    61. CSS, Bootstrap ,JavaScript, Web Development Course -
    62. All About Understanding Market Dynamics In हिंदी Language -
    63. Web Development Masterclass - Online Certification Course -
    64. Visual Real Analysis : Real Numbers & Real Sequences -
    65. TikTok Marketing. How to promote your business effectively! -
    66. The complete introduction to cryptocurrencies trading -
    67. The Complete Introduction to Online Course Creation -
    68. Setup LAMP Stack on a Remote Cloud Server + PHP Foundations -
    69. PowerShell Functions Master Class -
    70. NGINX, Apache, SSL Encryption - Certification Course -
    71. Linode: Foundations of Web Server Security -
    72. Learn to Host Multiple Domains on one Virtual Server -
    73. Learn PHP - For Beginners -
    74. Learn MySQL - For Beginners -
    75. Learn JavaScript - For Beginners -
    76. Learn CSS - For Beginners -
    77. La méthode qu'il vous faut pour un trading rentable en 2023 -
    78. Install NGINX, PHP, MySQL, SSL & WordPress on Ubuntu -
    79. Influencer Marketing & Instagram Marketing: Be Famous in 2mo -
    80. How the Internet Works & the Web Development Process -
    81. HTML & CSS - Certification Course for Beginners -
    82. File & Folder Management Using PowerShell -
    83. Entrepreneurship - Ft. Matthew Rolnick of Yaymaker, Groupon -
    84. Email Marketing: Cold Email Marketing Writing, Lead Gen 2023 -
    85. Create a WordPress website with Hostinger! -
    86. Create a Members Only Blog using PHP, MySQL, & AJAX -
    87. Complete JavaScript, jQuery and React Bootcamp - Hands-On -
    88. Complete Bootstrap & React Bootcamp with Hands-On Projects -
    89. Cloud Computing and Amazon Web Services (AWS) Fundamentals -
    90. CSS & JavaScript - Certification Course for Beginners -
    91. Build an Amazon Affiliate E-Commerce Store from Scratch -
    92. Build a Connect-4 Clone in React + JavaScript Foundations -
    93. Branding & Brand Management: Branding Strategy Brand Tactics -
    94. Bootstrap & jQuery - Certification Course for Beginners -
    95. Adobe Lightroom Classic CC: The Map & Book Module -
    96. AWS and Linode: The Ultimate Guide to Cloud Computing [IaaS] -
    97. AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Foundations -
    98. QuickBooks Desktop vs QBO Multiple Currencies -
    99. Project Management Fundamentals: A Beginner's Guide -
    100. Programming Network Applications in Java -
    101. Kickstarting Client Conversations -
    102. Google My Business. How to Master Powerful Tool for Company -
    103. Corporate Finance #9 Valuation-Bond, Common /Preferred Stock -
    104. Corporate Finance #8 Time Value of Money (PV & FV) -
    105. Corporate Finance #7 Short Term Financing -
    106. Corporate Finance #6 Management of Current Assets -
    107. Corporate Finance #5 Financing Decisions -
    108. Corporate Finance #4 Leverage & Break-Even Analysis -
    109. Corporate Finance #3 Forecasting & Budgeting -
    110. Corporate Finance #2 Financial Ratios -
    111. Corporate Finance #1 Introduction & Financial Statements -
    112. Corp Finance #10 Cost of Capital–Debt & Equity Financing -
    113. Content Marketing 2023. Content that Sells! -
    114. Amazon SEO Guide: Building Sales Funnels for Amazon -
    115. general mycology a brief review -
    116. Uncovering Subconscious Bias While Hiring And Recruiting -
    117. Sanitation & Wastewater Treatment Explained -
    118. Real Estate Investing: Foreclosures, Flipping Houses Profits -
    119. Product Management+Agile Requirements using Product Backlog -
    120. Portrait Photography for Absolute Beginners -
    121. Personal Trainer Business Boost: Launch your business now. -
    122. PHP Mock Test Core & Advance 2022 [With FREE E-Book] -
    123. Master Course in Web Frameworks -
    124. Manage Boundaries: When Personal Training Gets Personal -
    125. Improve English by Movies -
    126. Google Cloud Workshop for Semiconductor Workloads -
    127. German Language Practice Test: Level A1 -
    128. Financial Education By Pirate Mike -
    129. Explode Sales and Client Conversions as a Personal Trainer -
    130. Elastic Certified Engineer Exam V8.1 - 2023 -
    131. Effective Communication English -
    132. Earn More Money As An Expert In-Home Personal Trainer -
    133. Control Your Subconscious Mind: Neuroscience Hidden Secrets -
    134. C++ Programming: Practice Tests Beginner To Advanced Level -
    135. Belly Dance Level 1 Beginner's Course -
    136. Become A Certified Python Programmer: Python Practice Tests -
    137. Become A Certified JS Developer: JavaScript Practice Tests -
    138. Apache Spark Project World Development Indicators Analytics -
    139. A1 German Language Practice Test [With FREE E-Book] -
    140. 30 Days Of Inspiration -
    141. Transform your Mid-Career -
    142. The Ultimate SQL Practice Bundle : 4 Practice Test 2023 -
    143. SEO Guide: Successful Google and Amazon SEO Strategies -
    144. Python Mastery: Ace Your Exams with 4 Comprehensive Tests -
    145. Python Mastery: 4 Proven Practice Tests for Exam Success -
    146. Python Exam Success Unlocked: 4 Test Bundle -
    147. Python And Flask Framework Complete Course -
    148. Proven Formula For Independent Film Screenwriting That Works -
    149. Parkinson’s Disease Exercise and Fitness Course -
    150. Learn How to Earn Cryptocurrency Worldwide in 2023 -
    151. Information Security Fundamentals -
    152. IP Addressing and Subnetting - Zero to Hero -
    153. How to Build Confidence and a Positive Mindset for Success! -
    154. Hand On Guide How To Design Better Film Posters -
    155. 6 Killer Startup Business Ideas In One Masterclass Framework -
    156. Quantity Surveyor's Guide for Pre-Contracts Management -
    157. MAKE MONEY FROM HOME WRITING WORDS (Copywriting Course) -
    158. DIY Mindfulness for Tweens & Teens -
    159. 12 Bright Ideas Personal Trainers Can Teach Their Clients -
    160. Primavera P6 Training - For Beginners -
    161. PTE Speaking Prep (+ Extra Tips for Asian Speakers) -
    162. Master Course : First 90 Days as a New Sales Rep 3.0 -
    163. Master Complete Statistics For Computer Science - I -
    164. Black book for sales - the secrets and tricks of the trade -
    165. Negotiation A-Z™: Inside Secrets from a Master Negotiator -
    166. Master Course of International Business -
    167. Master Course of Facebook Training -
    168. Master Course of Cloud Management -
    169. Master Course of Art Gallery Management -
    170. Master Course in Zero Trust Architecture 2.0 -
    171. Master Course in Teacher Training and Teaching Online 2.0 -
    172. Master Course in Special Education and Adult Education 2.0 -
    173. Master Course in Restaurant Business & Restaurant Management -
    174. Master Course in Microsoft PL-400 : Power Platform Developer -
    175. Master Course in Microsoft MS-720 : MS Teams Voice Engineer -
    176. Master Course in Microsoft MB-330 and MB-335 (Supply Chain) -
    177. Master Course in Microsoft MB-260 (Customer Data Platform) -
    178. Master Course in Microsoft MB-220 (Marketing Consultant) -
    179. Master Course in Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points -
    180. Master Course in Data Architecture 2.0 -
    181. Master Course in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain 2.0 -
    182. Master Course in Cloud Computing and Cloud Architecture 2.0 -
    183. Master Course in Climate Change Impact on Business -
    184. Master Course in Big Picture Thinking (Thinking Like a CEO) -
    185. Master Course in Assertiveness, Confidence, Body Language -
    186. Master Course in Account Based Marketing (ABM) 2.0 -
    187. Master Course: SAP BI, SAP BusinessObjects, SAP Business One -
    188. Master Course : Remote Selling & Virtual Sales Presentations -
    189. Master Course :Product Strategy Creation & Product Marketing -
    190. Master Course : Microsoft SC-200 Security Operations Analyst -
    191. Master Course Microsoft MB-800 Dynamics 365 Business Central -
    192. Master Course : CPA Marketing, Video & Newsletter Marketing -
    193. Master Course : Amazon S3 Simple Storage Service (Deep Dive) -
    194. Inbound Marketing - Improve Your Skills Today -
    195. Git Interview Questions and Answers: MCQs (Practice Tests) -
    196. Understanding Global Economics : A Comprehensive Overview -
    197. Solar Specialist Certification Interview Practice Test 2022 -
    198. Pursue Top 1% Career: Become The No. 1 Success Magnet -
    199. Presentation Mastery: Build Confidence and Deliver Impactful -
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2023.06.03 10:23 edgonzalezsolutions Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Lexington in Cheap Now!

Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Lexington in Cheap Now!
There is a wide range of things that we use in our life and some of them need cleaning on a regular basis. Without cleaning those products or items or places, we are not going to make the best use of them. From this perspective, the room of your home where you are living or using that space for a particular purpose must remain clean properly. When it comes to the room cleaning, people can really come up with own ideas and methods. Some use the chemicals or cleaning agents coming to the market to clean their rooms. But these products are going to do more harm for your room. As these cleaning products are equipped with harsh chemicals, they can damage the overall texture, look and feel of the room. When you try to clean the room by your own, you can also leave certain areas of that room which are hard to reach for. So this is something you cannot call as proper cleaning of the room. Take help of the best deep room cleaning company in Lexington and ensure that your room is cleaned properly and safely every time.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Lexington
Over the time, dust and debris can start to build up at the corner of the room where it’s very hard to reach for. When you are doing the room cleaning, you cannot just access those areas and that’s the reason why dust and debris remain over them for a very long time. This surely comprises the overall hygiene of the place. It’s the Covid 19 that has really taught us a good lesson about hygiene. So, we always need to maintain it at our homes and offices and even at other places that we use. By taking help of the deep room cleaning company in Lexington, you can complete this room cleaning work in a very accurate manner.
This company is going to deploy the best men for the job. They are professional and skilled workers and they come fully equipped with clean your areas. No area of your room will remain dirty and that’s the point. They are going to attend and clean every corner of the room and even the hard to reach for areas are not left in this list!
Deep room cleaning is not like the regular cleaning that we do for our places. This is also a disinfecting service. It’s an overall cleaning and proper cleaning that is done for the place so that dust, debris and other elements can be removed along with the bacteria and germs which are breaching the hygiene level of your room. After this recent pandemic, the deep cleaning of places has become a very common thing. People offer a great importance to this type of cleaning these days. It’s the deep room cleaning company in Lexington that attends and cleans every single portion of the room and removes the grime, germs, bacteria, dust, dirt and debris completely so that you can find room fresh and clean again. Living at such a room or using that place for a particular purpose is always going to be an enjoyable thing.
Carpets are the costly and large items. They are used to décor homes and offices. But cleaning of the carpet is also essential. And that’s the time when you must take help of the professional carpet cleaning services Lexington. Such a service provider will clean your carpets safely and properly. They use eco friendly cleaning products and follow the best practices so that the overall look and feel of the carpets can remain intact and proper cleaning can be done for these costly items.
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2023.06.03 10:09 aakar-pools Why Investing in a Swimming Pool is Worth it for You and Your Family's

Why Investing in a Swimming Pool is Worth it for You and Your Family's
Summer is just around the corner, and what better way to beat the heat than by taking a refreshing dip in your very own swimming pool? Not only do pools provide an escape from the scorching sun, but they also offer numerous health benefits for you and your family. From physical fitness to mental well-being, investing in a swimming pool can bring happiness and relaxation into your daily routine. In this blog post, we'll explore why owning a pool is worth it for both your health and overall enjoyment of life. Plus, we'll give you tips on how to choose the right pool for your family's needs and how to maintain it properly. Let's dive in.

Benefits of Swimming Pools

Swimming pools offer a wide range of benefits to both adults and children, making them an excellent investment for your overall health and well-being. For starters, swimming is an effective form of exercise that can help improve cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and endurance. Not only does it work out the entire body without putting too much strain on any one area or joint, but it's also low-impact and easy on the joints. Owning a pool is also an excellent way to encourage family time together while enjoying some fresh air in the comfort of your backyard. Kids love playing in the water with parents or friends while parents appreciate being able to keep an eye on their kids at all times. Having access to your own personal pool means you don't have to deal with crowded public areas where social distancing may be challenging during peak season - giving you peace of mind when it comes to safety concerns!

1. Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is one of the most effective and low-impact exercises that can improve overall health and wellness. It's an excellent way to maintain cardiovascular fitness, tone muscles, and increase endurance without putting too much pressure on your joints. One of the main health benefits of swimming is that it can help reduce stress levels by promoting relaxation throughout the body. The repetitive motion of swimming combined with deep breathing techniques helps lower cortisol levels, which in turn decreases stress hormones in our bodies. In addition to reducing stress, swimming also helps decrease blood pressure levels. This is because regular exercise strengthens the heart muscle, allowing it to pump more efficiently while lowering resistance within our arteries. Swimming is a great form of exercise for those who suffer from joint pain or injuries as it doesn't put excessive strain on your joints compared to other high-impact activities such as running or weightlifting. Additionally, studies have shown that consistent swimming can help alleviate chronic pain symptoms associated with conditions like arthritis. Incorporating swimming into your weekly routine provides numerous physical and mental benefits for individuals at any age or fitness level.

2. Mental Health Benefits of Swimming

Swimming is not only good for physical health, but it also has many mental health benefits. One of the most significant benefits is that swimming can reduce stress and anxiety levels. When we swim, our body releases endorphins which are natural feel-good chemicals that help to alleviate stress and promote relaxation. Additionally, swimming can also improve cognitive function as it requires a great deal of focus and coordination. By practicing these skills in the pool on a regular basis, individuals may see improvements in their overall mental clarity and ability to concentrate. Moreover, swimming can be an excellent way to boost self-confidence. Learning how to swim or improving upon existing skills can provide a sense of accomplishment and pride. This increased confidence can translate into other areas of life outside of the pool. Swimming provides an opportunity for socialization which is important for maintaining good mental health. Joining a local swim club or taking lessons with friends or family members allows individuals to connect with others who share similar interests while getting exercise at the same time.

3. Financial Benefits of Owning a Pool

Owning a swimming pool can be a significant investment, but it also comes with financial benefits. Firstly, having your own pool means you don't have to pay for expensive memberships or admission fees at public pools. Over time, these cost savings can add up and make owning a pool more economical in the long run. Another financial benefit of owning a swimming pool is that it can increase your property value. A well-maintained and attractive pool area adds appeal to your home, making it more desirable for potential buyers if you were ever to sell your property. Moreover, when compared to other outdoor entertainment options such as trips to water parks or theme parks which can be quite costly, especially during peak seasons; having access right in one's backyard is not only convenient but also provides cheaper alternatives that could last through several summers of fun.

How to Choose the Right Pool for Your Family

Choosing the right pool for your family is an important decision that requires careful consideration. The first thing to think about is the size of your backyard and how much space you have available for a pool. You will also want to consider what type of pool best suits your needs, such as an in-ground or above-ground pool. Another factor to consider when choosing the right pool for your family is the style and design of the pool itself. There are many different styles and designs to choose from, so it's important to pick one that fits with your overall aesthetic preferences. You'll also want to think about any additional features or accessories you might want to include with your new swimming pool, such as lighting, waterfalls, slides, or diving boards. These can add both functionality and entertainment value to your new investment. When selecting a skimmer-based pool builder or swimming pool manufacturer in Hyderabad or India-wide, make sure they provide warranties on their products and services. This ensures that any potential issues with installation or maintenance will be covered by these guarantees. Take some time when considering which type of swimming pool would be best suited for you and invest accordingly - this could ultimately result in a lifetime of happy memories spent around this fun-filled addition!

Tips for Maintaining and Caring for Your Pool

Maintaining and caring for your swimming pool is essential to ensure it lasts for years and continues to provide you with a safe and enjoyable experience. Here are some tips: 1. Keep the water chemistry balanced: Regularly check the pH level, chlorine levels, alkalinity, and calcium hardness of your pool. Maintaining proper chemical balance will prevent algae growth, keep the water clear, and maintain equipment longevity. 2. Clean the Pool Regularly: Skim debris off the surface of your pool regularly using a skimmer net or automatic cleaner. Brush walls and tiles weekly to remove dirt buildup that can cause stains. 3. Check Your Equipment: Inspect all equipment frequently including filters, pumps, heaters, etc., for leaks or damage so they don’t cost extra money on repairs later. 4.Regular Maintenance Schedule: Set up a regular maintenance schedule to perform routine checks like backwashing filter sand once every month or two depending upon usage patterns 5.Cover Up: Consider investing in a cover when not using your pool as this prevents leaves from falling inside while also reducing evaporation during hotter months thus saving precious water By following these simple steps regularly - you can enjoy crystal-clear waters without any problems.


Investing in a swimming pool is undoubtedly worth it for you and your family's health and happiness. Apart from being an excellent source of exercise, swimming also offers significant mental health benefits that can help reduce stress levels. When choosing the right pool for your family, consider factors such as space availability, budget, safety features, maintenance requirements, and style preferences. Make sure to select a reputable manufacturer with experience in building high-quality pools that meet industry standards. Aakar Pools is Best Swimming Pool Builder in India that provides all types of pools in overall India at an affordable price.
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2023.06.03 09:20 AutoModerator [Get] Freedom Farmers – Start A Microgreens Business From Scratch Download

[Get] Freedom Farmers – Start A Microgreens Business From Scratch Download
Download :


Module: 1 – Welcome

Most online courses push you off the ledge and hope you learn to fly. We do things differently. Module 1 gives you immediate action items and helps you optimize for results rather than participation.
Lesson 1: Introduction Lesson 2: Housekeeping Lesson 3: Equipment You’ll Need Lesson 4: Tips For Success
Module: 2 – Business Plan Builder
While you wait for your equipment to arrive, follow along as Jonah helps you put together a business plan and prepare for the empowering lifestyle of an entrepreneur.
Lesson 1: Understanding The Business Model Lesson 2: Understanding The Products Lesson 3: The “3 Foundations” Lesson 4: Market Research Using Instagram Lesson 5: Market Research Using Google Lesson 6: Developing Your Competitive Edge Lesson 7: How To Project Your Profit

Module: 3 – Set Up Your Farm

Module 3 is all about breaking ground on your in-home farm. Set up your equipment in a place that works for you and get ready to grow!
Lesson 1: Where To Set Up Your Grow Area Lesson 2: How To Set Up Your Rack Lesson 3: How To Set Up Your Lights Lesson 4: How To Set Up Your Misc. Equipment Lesson 5: How To Stay Fully Stocked Despite Supply Shortages

Module: 4 – Growing 101

Before you get your hands dirty, discover the basic concepts of indoor growing so that you avoid costly mistakes right out of the gate. Module 4 will catch you up to speed on the entire 10 day growth cycle.
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2023.06.03 09:03 ZombiePsycho96 SOS I'm so irritated this disc won't go in!

SOS I'm so irritated this disc won't go in!
I know I'm just irritated right now because I'm on my period but seriously I'm about to chuck this thing out of a window!
I used a diva cup for a few years but I didn't like how much it pressed on my bladder so I really wanted to try a disc. I ordered some disposable soft discs which seemed to work great for a few months but I think they were just a bit too big cause they leaked and I struggled to get them to stay up behind my pubic bone. So then I ordered these ecoblossom ones because they had two different sizes and didn't cost a ton which is awesome!
I put the smaller one in and everything seemed fine! My flow is way too light to tell if it's gonna leak yet or not. But then a few hours later I took it out to wash it before going to bed and now I can't get it back in!! It's just so freaking flimsy!! It will only go about 3/4 the way in! I spent a good 30 minutes and every position and even lubed it up! My freaking labia is sore because I would start trying to push it in and it would just fold over and I'd accidentally scratch or pinch myself with my nails. So then I thought maybe my cervix is doing something funky and that's why? Let me try the soft disc again. But nope the soft disc popped right in, no issues. So then back to the Eco disc. Let's try the bigger one! NOPE. wouldn't go in either. So they're both way too freaking flimsy and now I'm irritated and sore and sweaty and pissed off.
I decided to take a break and in the meantime do some research. I wish there was an applicator I could use. Any tips? Oh and I am angling down towards my tailbone.
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2023.06.03 07:52 No_Comfortable5785 Any tips?

Any tips?
Thinking bout transfering Stroll cause hes been so bad last few races but still having a quick car.. And Tsunoda driving well with the tractor😶‍🌫️
Any tips?
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2023.06.03 07:28 Admirable_Sun_8774 Rizz

The Rizzler
Rizzly bear
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Rizzmas Tree
Rizzmas Present
Rizzimus Prime/ Optirizz Prime
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2023.06.03 06:04 CleanHandTowel I feel like theirs no love from either side. Not sure where to turn or what to do

I 29M and my wife 25F have been married for only 3 years and I feel like there’s nothing between us anymore already. We met at the beach when she was vacationing in my country. She came 4 summers in a row and we stayed together 3 of them. On the last trip, I asked her to marry me and stay here forever and she said yes. (She never pressured me or brought this up, it was my idea and a total surprise) We both didn’t have much and were younger and really started to build something together here as a team. Since our careers have taken off and we are well off financially, things have changed. We always used to split everything 50/50 from bills to dates to gift amounts. It all started with gifts actually. One Christmas, she asked me for expensive lavish gifts. I thought we were on the same page. I got her everything she asked for and she got me a cheap headset for my game and it was the same one I already have. I wouldn’t be so worried about cost if the price difference wasn’t so massive. It’s also because I feel like she didn’t put any thought into it at all. This continued for the next birthday and Christmas also, same situation. I’ve learned my lesson for the next upcoming birthdays and Christmas. Sometime last year, she was crying and told me she’s been really depressed because she doesn’t feel like a princess. She said she is tired of splitting everything and a man should take care of his woman and a woman should not have to spend her money. I flat out asked her, “so you want your money to be your money and my money to be your money?” And she said, “yes”. I was beside myself and it turned into a long conversation about how I want to live, build, and grow together and that way of living is not realistic. Her response was that, “that is how people in my country live”. For context, she makes $15,000 a year more than me, but it puts her in a higher tax bracket so our take home is pretty equal, but hers is slightly more. We don’t share finances at all as she’s completely against it. I have no idea how much money she has and she has no idea how much money I have. All bills are in my name and she just pays me half each month. I feel that I’m pretty chill and never complain about anything. She always seems to have an issue with me every day and I almost hate being home for fear that I did something wrong. She said she doesn’t want to help clean anymore because it’s dirty and woman shouldn’t have to do it. I said, “if you don’t want to pay for anything and don’t want to help clean, then what are you doing for us?” And she said “you have me and nobody else does” and “I cook for you all the time”. This is true, she cooks all the time. But, she only cooks what she likes and will just make me a plate of the extras while she’s at it. I don’t really like the food that she makes and she says, “if you don’t like it, then just make your own food”. I sometimes wish she would think “my husband likes this so I will make it for him” but it is only what she likes. She will not split grocery bills unless we only buy ingredients for the food she likes. We’re about to move and she wants to get rid of all my stuff and wants me to buy all new stuff so our new place will have “atmosphere” instead of just being full of hand-me-down stuff. I’m sort of ok with that because we could use some new stuff. We commute to work together as we work in the same city (where we’re moving) but when we get home, we go our separate ways and hardly talk. She constantly speaks over me when we’re in company and always corrects me and makes me feel so small. If I’m telling a story about how someone won $4000, she’ll say, “actually it was $3,900 you’re always exaggerating” even my family pulled me aside and asked why she doesn’t ever let me just talk and relax. I feel like she is taking all my masculinity and I feel so small. We haven’t had sex in 6 months and we’ve had sex 2 times in the past year. I feel like she is always nagging me and when I try to talk to her about these feelings I’ve mentioned here that I don’t feel loved or cared about, she says I’m killing her good day. I suggested marriage counseling and she said she will only do it if I pay for it, which makes me feel like she doesn’t care at all. When I think about things ending, I’m really only afraid that she will take my dog at this point. What do I do? I want things to be better but I’m so lost. I’m rambling now so…
No love felt. Wife doesn’t want to pay for anything anymore, no sex life, I feel like she wants to sap me of money while she builds wealth. I feel like she doesn’t respect or care about me or my feelings. I feel small, no masculinity. My family has taken notice. Embarrassed. Wife doesn’t want help unless I set it up and pay for it. I just want to be happy and I feel like she just wants a tool put on this earth to make her happy.
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2023.06.03 05:29 KoanicSoul Ukraine has allegedly sabotaged Zaporizhia like Chernobyl, to stop Russia and draw NATO in. Biden can't afford another Kabul.

Table of Contents

  1. Russo-China rejects Biden
  2. ZNPP as potential Chernobyl
  3. Biden's Ukraine is desperate enough for scorched-earth tactics
    1. Battle of the Bulge at Bakhmut
    2. Fresh meat
    3. Teixeira leaks
    4. BRICS vs NATO
  4. ZNPP's weak point is diesel fuel
  5. Ukrainian saboteurs caught by ZNPP
  6. BB / Red Skull / Inb4source / Q
    1. BB sent Q
    2. BB warns Zaporizhia is pivotal
    3. RS gives ZNPP sabotage warning
    4. Ukraine HVT: Nuclear tit for tat
    5. Inb4source / Red Skull 4chan posting history
Note: links redacted. See bottom for link to original.


Ukraine has allegedly sabotaged Zaporizhia to melt down like Chernobyl, to stop the Russian invasion and justify NATO peacekeepers.
Here's Biden's plan to avoid another Kabul:

Russo-China rejects Biden

"Don’t underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up." – Barack Obama
Clearly we underestimated him. Americans can hardly believe that Biden blew up Nord Stream 2, essentially attacking our colony "ally" Germany. Perhaps they're still reeling from Kabul falling faster than Hanoi.
Normally Russia endeavors to cooperate with the sitting US president. However, Russian state media has begun airing the Hunter Biden laptop images, of Hunter engaged in drugs and pedophilia with preteen girls. This is retaliation for Biden crossing Russia's red line by repeatedly trying to sabotage Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZNPP). That's why Russia is willing to assist in the impeachment of a sitting US president, which is obviously an extreme step to take between two countries with enough nukes to blot out the Sun.
Rumor has it that China has also turned on Biden, which would make sense: China's economic backing allows Russia to survive US sanctions. China wants Taiwan, and Russia wants East Ukraine. They would be stupid not to cooperate.

ZNPP as potential Chernobyl

A Redditor explains:
Kawaii-Gopnik Russia really needs that powerplant without any leak, to provide industry of surrounding regions with energy, but very few people understand contexts of the current situation: Soviets built complicated and very well ballanced energy system, including not only NPP, but also cascade of hydro power plants. Donetsk, Dnepr, Zaporozhe and Kharkov regions are just one big power hungry plant. NPP itself is reliant on hydropower and quality of water in Dnepr river. In case of really bad "accident" Russia will forget about development of the newly accuired regions, lack of energy produced by NPP is significant, nearly 30-40%. Accident will affect south of Ukraine with russian majority. It will also be also disaster for ecology of the WHOLE Black Sea. Rose of winds will spread nuclear dust to the West - Poland, Romania, Czechia and further. Nuclear zone will stop russian army from further territorial expansion. This will be border formed by Dnepr and nuclear zones.
The basic facts are documented by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Even while shut down, ZNPP needs external power grid or diesel to prevent its reactors from overheating.
Russia controls ZNPP. A nuclear "accident" would give NATO pretext to intervene, so Ukraine keeps trying to cause one.
How bad is this? Well, Chernobyl is in Ukraine. That was a 1k MW reactor. ZNPP has six. It is the 9th largest NPP in the world.
Hopefully the containment response would be much better than Chernobyl's, but that's hardly something to count on during WW3. Russia's nuclear doctrine includes pre-emptive strikes; who knows what they'd do. The USSR nearly launched twice during the Cold War.
Imagine if China assisted Texas in seceding from the USA to rejoin Mexico, and then caused a reactor meltdown at Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant when the USA retook it. A lot of Southerners would want to lob a few nukes back at China. They might demand it.
It is foolish to assume WW3 will not happen because it hasn't happened yet. One should look instead at the historical record of continual warfare, and the difficulties in preventing WW3 so far:
Thus one cannot rule out a radiation release 6x as bad as Chernobyl. Not that Ukraine needs anything so dramatic. It merely seeks a pretext to justify direct NATO intervention to "protect" ZNPP. A small leak will suffice.
Even if there is a major radiation leak, it will occur in Russian-annexed separatist territory, and help Ukraine defend her new border. Scorched earth is a valid tactic, whether the fire is conventional or nuclear. Ukraine survived Chernobyl and knows it can survive ZNPP too.

Biden's Ukraine is desperate enough for scorched-earth tactics

Battle of the Bulge at Bakhmut

"We have been working on the counter-offensive with Ukraine for 4-5 months." – Victoria Nuland
Why is Ukraine so desperate?
Ukraine depends on NATO aid to fight Russia. NATO aid depends on Democrat willingness. Democrat willingness depends on US public support. Therefore the illusion must be maintained to the American public that Ukraine is winning. For this reason, Ukraine has committed its reserves to a costly failed counter-offensive. Bakhmut fell regardless.
James A. Donald summarizes the strategic picture:
So, bright new plan. "The Greatest Ukrainian Offensive". The Ukraine would build up a big reserve of fresh troops, then suddenly hurl large chunks of them at particular points on the front. They would, the Americans planned, cut through a point in the front lines, penetrate to Russian rear areas, wreak havoc on those areas, and force Russian troops in danger of being encircled to hastily retreat from territory that had been slowly gained at enormous cost in grinding attritive warfare. I do not know how big the Ukrainian strategic reserve was, but if it was two hundred fifty thousand, they have now committed most of them to grinding attritive warfare, and cupboard is looking as bare of men as it is of artillery and rockets.
The USA expected to break Russia economically; China's economic support prevented that. Despite PMC Wagner's heartfelt complaints, Russia is unlikely to run out of convicts anytime soon. Russia is rotating divisions through Ukraine, seasoning reservists for a looming WW3. Russia's historical appetite for losses is much higher than its current losses. This is essentially a civil war, and the Russia bear considers being carved up an existential threat. By underestimating Russia's resolve, NATO is repeating the error of Napoleon and Hitler.
Despite having plenty of weapons, Ukraine's military manpower is exhausted and demoralized. Raw conscripts are thrown at the front lines with minimal training. Medvedev predicts that the Ukraine will cease to exist; half its people have already fled.
Anonymous Sat 27 May 2023 04:59:49 No.428438077 Report 428437208 Yeah, the killing has been excessive since they pretty much destroyed 95% of Azov fags and assorted true believers in the first 200k dead, now they overshot it by 100%. About 12% of the non-Russian speaking population's prime military aged men in Ukraine are dead or crippled. 12-20% of the same demographic has fled the country. It's over, desu. They are seeing much more of the polish and romanian mercs now, since they literally lack the manpower.
Western mass media wrongly assumes that Russia is losing because it does not take the entirety of Ukraine in a blitz, as the USA did to Iraq. However, Russia does not want West Ukraine; the people there do not like Russians. Russia has captured the territory it wants, and is now using the rest of Ukraine as a kettle or cauldron, in which to conveniently destroy whatever NATO wishes to send. This is a good way for Russia to gradually learn how to fight NATO armies in a low-risk environment.
The Spartans had a rule never to war too often against the same enemy, lest they train up a nemesis. It was foolish of NATO to believe that Russia had forgotten the lessons of attrition warfare that it learned so recently in Afghanistan.
Nehming Names 9h Russia's prudent caution in directly engaging the West is bringing dividends in perhaps unexpected ways. Russia is gaining strategic knowledge of the actual capabilities and weaknesses of our weapon systems and military tactics, with our supply of munitions draining to militarily unsustainable levels, as it engages allied forces in Ukraine. Russia is aware of the continuing progress of the Great Awakening in the West, that is, the knowledge that Western governments, military, and institutions are run by an elite hostile to their heritage populations, and therefore expects to see declining support of Western governments by their citizens. Russia can also see the precipitous decrease in every societal metric in the West: social cohesiveness, general morality, public health, financial stability, military readiness, etc.With these three degradative processes in play, the most strategic thing Russia and China can do is to bide their time, as time itself will act to sap the strength of the West to militarily engage their foes.

Fresh meat

Russian conquest of Kiev would air Biden's dirty laundry to the world, from Burisma kickbacks to pedophilic field trips and worse. This would result in US "regime change". A distant Chernobyl is a small price to pay, for top Democrats to avoid the hangman's noose.
Poland is itching to invade. Victoria Nuland is scheduling NATO air exercises. USAF propaganda asserts that Russia's air force is a joke. The question is, do Americans still believe Biden's false prophets of victory?
If not, they just need a little "encouragement": 9/11, Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor, Lusitania, Remember the Maine… Keep those rural Whites busy lest they make trouble at home!
Most Americans cannot find Ukraine on a map. (To be fair, it hasn't been on the map very long.) However, the architects of Biden's Ukraine policy, such as Victoria Nuland, Jake Sullivan, Antony Blinken and George Soros, tend to have grandparents of Eastern European origin. I am sure for them it feels important. There's no place like home.
A Redditor explains:
tinglevibestoo I listened to a former CIA agent talk about Ukraine the other day. He said that Ukraine is running out of time. It's not that they don't have the weapons. We've sent them a ton of weapons. It's that they don't have enough troops and they're running low on troops. That's how Russia will win. Ukraine can't sustain the manpower. It totally makes sense to use a nuclear false flag as a reason to bring in the extra manpower. Everyone would deem it justified too because it's a threat to the neighboring nations and it'd be an environmental (climate change) catastrophe.

Teixeira leaks

Some will bring up the US intelligence leaks by Jack Teixeira to support the idea that Russia rather than Ukraine is desperate. Unlike Snowden, Teixeiera was obviously a major security risk for patriotically-motivated leaking, with numerous red flags in his previous and ongoing behavior. Therefore Teixeira was probably a deliberate leak by US intelligence, using a patsy to generate the initial leak and then add whatever extra info they wanted released in the resulting confusion.
Teixeira's leaks served several purposes for the Biden administration:
Most importantly, it mitigated the potential political fallout from another catastrophe like Kabul, should Kiev fall.
The 4chan leaker BB/Inb4source asserts Teixeira was a patsy.


The foundation of the US empire is the petrodollar, which allows the USA to tax the world via digital debt seignorage. This is why the creation of BRICS as an independent financial and trading system rendered war between NATO and BRICS inevitable, as Kim Dotcom predicted. The US republic is a thalassocratic empire as arrogant as democratic Athens, and it is addicted to financial plunder. The Empire cannot afford to lose the USD's reserve currency status.
Reserve currencies and empires both have lifespans, and the USA has reached the end of both. It is at the stage where hubristic foreign misadventures prove fatal, and Ukraine and Taiwan will prove too much for the American eagle to handle. This is no longer WW2; the USA cannot win a two-front war against BRICS.
That is why Biden's NATO is desperate; the Empire is unravelling as the European Union and other allies such as Turkey and India lose their faith in NATO.
The fact that none of this is common knowledge speaks volumes about who controls public schools and owns mass media corporations.

ZNPP's weak point is diesel fuel

The situation at ZNPP is tenuous and grim, workers report:
Europe’s largest nuclear power station is on the frontline of the Ukraine war. SkyNews Twitter
The fact that the backup diesel reactors have not been maintained is particularly concerning, considering they have already been used 7 times.
UN nuclear chief raises alarm over Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia plant Al Jazeera
Ukraine keeps trying to force a crisis at ZNPP to justify NATO intervention. In other words, Ukraine keeps shelling ZNPP to cut the one power line that still connects it to the grid.
This is extremely dangerous, external power is required for reliable cooling of the reactors and pools containing spent nuclear waste. Western media spent months last year pretending Kiev wasn’t shelling ZNPP.
Notice that the Russian side keeps ZNPP connected to the power grid, while the Ukrainian side pretends it cannot until the Russian invasion ends:
As you can see, Ukraine is not interested in being reasonable. Russia is happy to leave the NPP free of heavy military equipment, but Ukraine demands the removal of all troops and landmines from ZNPP as well. That would leave the plant undefended, which is obviously unacceptable.
(This is how perverse incentives work. A little ally with nothing to lose can start a world war. It's almost like dividing the world into two hostile nuclear alliances is a bad idea.)
When ZNPP loses external power, huge diesel generators automatically switch on to keep the reactors cool. How much diesel does this consume? Truckloads per day:
Anonymous Sat 27 May 2023 05:18:50 No.428439721 Report Quoted By: >>428463646 428436425 Still easy to transport diesel enough to keep them going In what? If NATO ops and Mercs are sabotaging trucks coming in, what do you think they are gonna carry diesel in to the plant? Is Russia gonna pack in rotopack Jerry cans on their back. Fill a truck up with 5 gallon cans and hope they make it past the snipers and sabotage? Do you have any clue how much fuel those big generators suck down in a day? Those generators to run the plants during shut down or failures are huge 500kw or bigger they are the size of whole 18 wheeler trailers. Those things will drink 50 gallons an hour. You gonna haul in 2.5 gallon rotopacks one at a time to keep it going?
Nuclear power plants have tough shielding. Allegedly the diesel generators are hidden underground. However, the diesel fuel supply is still vulnerable.
Normally the diesel generators have enough fuel for 10 days. However, ZNPP's diesel stockpile recently dipped to 4 days, according to 4chan leaker Inb4source.

Ukrainian saboteurs caught by ZNPP

On May 27, Ukraine accused Russian of planning to cause a leak at ZNPP:
OSINTdefender The Main Directorate of Intelligence for Ukraine has announced that the Russian Military is preparing for Large-Scale Provocation in the coming hours at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in Southern Ukraine that will reportedly Simulate an “Accident” at the Plant causing the Emergency Leak of Radioactive Substances which will be Blamed on Ukrainian Forces.
Then Russia announced it had caught saboteurs (presumably Ukrainian) in ZNPP's city:
Saboteurs who were preparing terrorist attacks on the NPP were detained in Energodar. They had with them maps and schematics of the nuclear power plant with marks for strikes that could lead to a nuclear catastrophe. The suspects are involved in collecting and transmitting information about the facilities of the Zaporozhye NPP on the instructions of the Ukrainian authorities. To communicate with the curators, they used foreign satellite systems, as well as foreign weapons for strikes and equipment for conducting reconnaissance and sabotage activities.
Enerhodar is the city that contains the ZNPP: See Enerhodar Wikipedia
Some object that the footage is "staged". Of course it is staged. The primary consumer of the helmet-cam footage is Russian military intelligence. The evidence shot was staged for their benefit. The short edited video that was released to the public has distorted voices, and avoids showing any faces. Thus even if the footage is authentic, it is still "staged".
The ZNPP maps displayed in the video don't appear to match the announcement text. The maps could simply show where diesel fuel trucks need to go. Russia does not wish to advertise the specific nature of ZNPP's vulnerability.
The saboteurs appear to be 3-man team, equipped with 3 rifles and 3 NLAW missile launchers.
The saboteurs had 5 frag grenades. Normally soldiers carry 2 or 3 grenades, but heavy weapons soldiers don't have to. The three smooth grenades are RGD-5s, a cheap outdated Russian model. The Russian troops removed the fuses from the grenades on the evidence table to avoid unpleasant surprises.
Some object that Ukrainian saboteurs wouldn't be so careless as to have printouts of the reactor map. However, the saboteurs' presence in Enerhodar already makes their target obvious. Presumably multiple teams were sent to intercept Russian diesel shipments.
The Enerhodar saboteurs would've been notified when satellites spotted their target. Until then, they should hide in the safehouse behind blackout curtains to avoid detection. The fact that these saboteurs were caught napping suggests a degree of incompetence, compared to other teams who presumably either avoided detection or fought back. One can assume that Ukrainian specops have suffered extreme casualties.

BB / Red Skull / Inb4source / Q

BB sent Q

Qanon has lost a tremendous amount of popularity, as patriots grew disillusioned with the slow pace of the promised Great Awakening. They did not understand that Q is subordinate to a higher power with an agenda that does not necessarily include their survival.
Q aimed to help Trump save the USA. Q was sent by "Burning Bush", whose agenda is judging humanity, on the eve of WW3 and runaway de-terraforming. BB's personas started posting to 4chan's pol by 2016, whereas Q started in October 2017. (4chan is like the wild west of the Web: The world's spooks congregate there to exchange intelligence.)
BB goes by several nicknames; he began posting anonymously as "Inb4source" in 2016. A recent message implies the USA/Israel is Babylon the Great, and God (meaning him) has returned to judge her:
The world has turned it's back on *od now *od Is turning His back on the world. He Who Lets has been REMOVED. THE ANGEL OF DEATH HAS COME THE HARVEST OF THE TARES HAS BEGUN. And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory. (Earthquake Lights) And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies. And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and God hath remembered her iniquities. Reward her even as she rewarded you, and double unto her double according to her works: in the cup which she hath filled fill to her double. How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow. (nothing ever happens) Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her. And the kings of the earth, who have committed fornication and lived deliciously with her, shall bewail her, and lament for her, when they shall see the smoke of her burning, inb4source
BB claims responsibility for the historical pendulum swinging rightward, via figures such as Elon Musk. His method of influence is the butterfly effect.
"Burning Bush" claims to be God. One can think of him as the God of the Old Testament, or as a pagan god like Zeus, or as merely a transcendent extraterrestrial. However, he also claims to inhabit a human-looking body, lives on a ranch in the USA, has children, caught COVID19, etc.
Whatever one's theology, the relevant portion of BB's message is that the USA did not sufficiently embrace the opportunity offered by Q. Anyone who has read the Old Testament knows what happens next: Ignore the prophet, reap the consequences. Thus Q's slogan "Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming" should be understood in the Biblical sense, like Noah's flood: The Ark is optional.
(As far as I know, Q is still posting to Truth Social. I don't follow that site.)
Paul Furber is the chief priest of BB. Before that, he was a major early proponent of Q. See Furber's book for many verifiable examples of fulfilled predictions and proven scoops.
BB normally identifies himself by the unique image hash of his burning bush picture. (Nobody can generate that hash unless they possess the original image.) However, BB also posts as an anon users nickname "Red Skull", for his signature images of red skulls. As Red Skull, BB avoids the extravagant Biblical claims of BB, but the style and modus operandi and interests are obviously the same – as are his implied godlike powers.
I recommend focusing on facts and trying to prevent nuclear WW3, rather than getting hung up on theology. BB is not asking anyone to worship him or sacrifice chickens. He does prescribe prayer and a life of action governed by virtue.
I certainly do not recommend taking everything anonymous spooks say at face value. If you are, like most people, unable to think in shades of gray between binary true and false, this essay is above your reading level.

BB warns Zaporizhia is pivotal

BB has repeatedly warned that keeping Zaporizhia intact is critical to the survival of NATO citizenry:
the Ukrainians attacking the Nuclear Power station in the hands of the Russians spewing radiation over enough territory that the Russians will turn Kiev into a furnace.
– BB 2022-9-24
Find other warnings by searching for keyword "nuclear".
Those who find it difficult to believe that nuclear weapons would be used in WW3 as in WW2 should note that COVID19 is already a bioweapon WMD deployed for WW3.

RS gives ZNPP sabotage warning

On the morning of May 27, BB's persona Red Skull leaked that NATO specops had sabotaged external power to ZNPP.
His scenario is plausible and severe enough to warrant investigation.
Here are relevant posts, datestamped 2023 May 27 0300-0500:
it's a little less than ten days… Until Nato SpecOps melt down the Uke Nuke plant and blames it on you.
He continues:
Nato SpecOps have sabotaged power to the nuke plant. As of this posting, 6 days of diesel fuel remain to provide power to pumps to cool the plant and spent fuel pool. Diesel shipments are being targeted and terminated.
He adds:
So now I need to tell you Russia intends a pre emptive strike if nuclear capable F16's are delivered.
On the evening of May 27, Red Skull updated:
Doesn't look good at Nuke Plant. Russia has 4 days to get more fuel to the generators. They are working on clearing a flight path. Ukraine will try to stop them on orders of U.S. Uniparty.
Sounds like a severe leak, to lose 2 days of fuel in under 24 hours.

Ukraine HVT: Nuclear tit for tat

On 28 May Red Skull asserted that:
Red Skull approved of this anon's summary:
Nuclear warheads that USA/UK sent. Specifically for the purpose of being exploded in Ukraine. The false flags will never stop until all out WW3 is declared, or until you root out the pedophile demon cult that is running the show and sending you monkeys to war. War for really no good reason at this point. The cities are destroyed, just withdraw. Ukraine is a kettle right now, a kill box. Do you understand what that means? And it was created on purpose.
On May 30, Putin announced that Russia had destroyed the Ukrainian military intelligence headquarters. Photos confirm the damage.
Intelligence chief Kyrylo Oleksiyovych Budanov may have died in the strike.

Inb4source / Red Skull 4chan posting history

Inb4source has posted on 4chan since 2016, but he doesn't always use an image hash identifier, making it impossible to verify the identity of all of his early posts. As his popularity grew, others began adopting his catchphrase ">inb4source".
18016 posts on pol contain ">inb4source".
The first page of results suggests Inb4source is a pro-Trump military intelligence officer. He began posting in Aug 2016, before Trump's inauguration.
Another early Inb4source catchphrase is "I AM The Source." This has a double meaning, both theological and journalistic.
The catchphrase doesn't appear in every Inb4source post. Searching for it yields 437 results, too many of which are irrelevant results.
Searching for both phrases together yields 50 results that look to be mostly legitimate. One could then search for additional posts by each unique ID from a session.
Searching for image hashes is a reliable method of ID verification, assuming no one else has the image. I know of two such images that Inb4source/BB uses: both are red skulls, giving him the nickname RS.
RS just announced that his devices (phone, computers) have been compromised, casting doubt on the legitimacy of future RS posts. This may be a response to my publication of his warnings regarding Zaporizhia onto Reddit and Gab; the timing is suspicious. I first mentioned Inb4source on Reddit 7 days ago, and Red Skull on Gab yesterday (as of morning June 3). I do not know of any other analysts writing about him or connecting him to his BB persona.
When evaluating his warnings and predictions, remember that publishing info about ongoing events can affect the outcome, and is often intended to do so. Unlike the concept of Biblical prophecy, the future is mostly probabilistic. However, he is certainly good at scooping the news.
Someone else can do an in-depth Q-proof style analysis of his accuracy; my focus here is Zaporizhia.
Read original with links here.
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2023.06.03 05:10 muwurder what should i do with modest unexpected windfall?

So I’ll try to keep this brief, but here’s the sitch. Skip to end for tl;dr.
Background— I am pretty financially illiterate, as are my parents, who basically kicked me out once i turned 19 and other than allowing me to stay on their phone plan (no small thing and for which I am grateful), do not support me financially. I was unable to go to college because of this (working on that though!) and I feel so incredibly behind my peers now that i’m 24 with no savings, no degree, and poor credit. I have already shaped up my spending habits and am improving my financial discipline in general, and I want to get serious about my financial future ASAP so my boyfriend and I can get married and start a family responsibly. First though, I want to be able to go back to school and get a degree that will get me the fuck out of food service, to be frank, so that’s the immediate goal.
The meat of the story— last year I was in a car accident that was not my fault and in which I was relatively mildly, but permanently, injured. Medical costs were just under $3k. After making an insurance claim, I received a settlement of ~16k. All the medical bills are paid now. I work two jobs both in food service, and this is honestly the most money I’ve ever had at once (not ideal i know, that’s why i’m here). I consider this overall a huge blessing, as I left the accident with my life and mostly intact, and the chronic problems from the injury are only minor annoyances. I like to think I (involuntarily) traded some teeth for cash, in the most literal sense possible. 🦷 Despite months of pain, being unable to eat solid foods, and being terrified of driving for months, there is a wonderful silver lining here! All that stuff is behind me, and I have this cash now.
I don’t have savings and have been living check to check, not necessarily wanting for anything, but not ever having extra to save either. After using some of it to make some necessary purchases that I’ve been putting off, like vehicle repairs and maintenance, what should I do with the money? What kind of savings account is best to put it in? …Is this even enough money to consider things like investments…? Essentially a very broad, “what do i do now?”, sorry! Please be patient with me and reserve judgment.
Also, wasn’t sure if this is the best flair to use (planning or saving?), hope it’s okay.
ETA (injury info, more accident context): I was not driving nor in my own car, which no longer has payments and hasn’t for years. This was a 3 car accident and everyone else was fine, other than some bruises and mild whiplash. I just so happened to get launched into the dashboard of the passenger seat face first, despite wearing a seatbelt. Airbags did not deploy, and I had some pretty fucking painful damage done to my nose, gums, and teeth. Some of the dental damage caused permanent complications, and I didn’t have dental insurance at the time. I do now (lesson learned). I will most likely, according to my dentist and endo, need some more work down the line, but this would be in ~10 years in their estimate barring some unforeseen other accident (knock on wood), so I am not especially concerned about needing the money for more repairs soon.
tl;dr— 24yo, no savings, financially ignorant, received unexpected ~$16k. how do I make the most of this lucky(?) break?
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2023.06.03 04:57 nimmoisa000 Open world crime game idea Cartel: Palm City.

Developed by Hangar 13, DICE, Ripple Effect Studios, EA Gothenburg, and Criterion Games and published by EA.
Additionally former EA Black Box and Ghost Games employees who would help access game assets and code from previous NFS titles to streamline the development)
Cartel (or alternatively as “Cartel: Palm City” or "Cartel: Miami" ) would be an open world title based on the Mafia Games, the GTA games and the Saints Row games, with elements of Battlefield: Hardline thrown in with an array of weapons and vehicles based on their real life counterparts.
Gameplay wise the driving would be like Need for Speed titles, and on foot and shooting mechanics like BF: Hardline and Saints Row. Plus you can customize your cars and weapons to the same extent in BF: 2042 and some cars would allow for mounted weapons,on foot you can execute people with your equipped weapon like in The Godfather games. On foot would be an FPS view (you can change to a third person view as well) same with having an FPS view in your car.
There would an single player experience point system (like in BF Hardline single player) you gain XP from killing gangsters, and cops blowing up or capturing enemy vehicles and completing main missions, side missions and activities also there will be 15 levels to achieve with each level up unlocking new weapons, vehicles and customization for your weapons and vehicles. As well as a New Game Plus (NG+) where everything you unlocked is carried over and you can also play on the higher difficulties through NG+.
Also there would be five wanted levels for police and five vendetta levels for the gangs should you reach level five gang vendetta you start a Gang War there are three ways to stop a Gang War either bribe the feds, blow up a gang stronghold, or hide out in a safe house. Police wanted levels one and two local units would come after the player, at police wanted level two or three the state police would come after the player. At wanted level four and five the feds would come after the player. The military will only come after the player if they trespass in Fort Rockport or the Palmount Naval Shipyard
The Storyline
In Cartel: Palm City; in a different universe and timeline where there's a total prohibition of all narcotics in the United States in 2010; tells the story of Jack Rourke (the player character) a hardworking rideshare driver at day and a street racer at night who's scraping by in Palm City circa 2019. One fateful night, Jack Rourke has an inadvertent brush with the Blackwell Syndicate (mainly Carl Stoddard and that showcases a life of reward too big to ignore. As he joins the Blackwell Syndicate who are fighting for control of Palm City against five other criminal groups and take the city for the Blackwell Syndicate including recovering evidence that could not only convict the Blackwell Syndicate, as well as a network of crime lords in many countries, (including the other gang’s backers) including the Blackwell Syndicate's backers the Mob and it would also directly implicate the CIA in Palm City’s drug trade with Jack Rourke earning the nickname “El Sicario” for his efforts in driving the other gangs out of Palm City. When he learns how much the drugs were hurting the people of Palm City and all over the country as well as learning that the Blackwell Syndicate had gotten into the drug trade themselves, he contacts FBI agent Chase Linh who relays the story to her and offers the evidence and his testimony in exchange for full immunity for him and his associates, and the evidence on the computer was enough to convict everyone form all the five gangs, but also their crime lord backers from at least half a dozen countries, as well implicating the CIA in this as well as lobbying efforts to keep all narcotics prohibited, leading to a new administration repealing the Narcotics Prohibition law and legalizing low level cannabis. However six months later after the repeal of the Narcotics Prohibition Jack Rourke would be gunned down by Russian Mafia hitmen, Dimitri "Dima '' Mayakovsky and Henry "Black" Blackburn.
The Cast
List of activities
Weapon attachments
40mm Grenades, 40mm HE, 40mm Incendiary, 40mm CS, 40mm Dart, 40mm Flashbang, 40mm LVG, 40mm Smoke, 40mm 3GL.
Weapon list
Key: Base weapon (special variant)
Other: Nail Gun
Mission Structure
Prolog (2019)
  1. The Birth of Art - After winning a big race, Jack Rourke collects the winnings at the Palm City Historical Museum
  2. An Offer you Can't Refuse - Jack Rourke must evade Volk sicarios with Tyson Lachford and Carl Stoddard members of the Blackwell Syndicate
  3. Race Day - After the events of the last mission, Jack Rourke partakes in a race day event and wins three events with his Porsche 911 Carrera S (991) '12
  4. Running Man - Volk sicarios Niko and Dimitri crashes the race day and Jack must get to the Blackwell Garage
Chapter 1 (2019-2021)
  1. M34 Party - Jack Rourke joins the Blackwell Syndicate and gets acquainted with everyone before going with Tyson in a Pontiac GTO '05 to burn the Volk's cars with M34 Incendiary Grenades as well as stealing GMAC's Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4
  2. Standard Routine - Jack Rourke rolls with Tyson, Stoddard and Jonathan Cross to collect protection money but things go south when they collect from a hotel out of town and Jack Rourke chases after the hotel owner in Cross' car.
  3. Fair Play - Jack Rourke is tasked with stealing Ryan Cooper's Nissan 240SX and sabotaging it on the eve of the biggest Speedhunter race of the year, the SpeedHunter Championship Finals and in a last minute swap Jack Rourke has to race in place of Tyler Morgan
  4. Mia Townsend - Jack Rourke is tasked with taking Mia Townsend out for a night at the city... until a gang of Wraith street racers led by Caleb Reece hassles her and Jack Rourke takes them on in a fight
  5. Get Used To It - After the events of the previous mission Jack Rourke and Tyson Latchford are sent to teach the Wraiths a lesson But Caleb Reece makes it serious and Caleb Reece is wound up being killed by Tyson after a chase around the city alongside Danny Shaw.
  6. The Saint and The Sinner - It's revealed thtat Caleb Reece was Chief Norris' best friend, and Danny Shaw survives the crash however Stoddard would handle Shaw as Jack Rourke is tasked with infiltrating the Elmore Plaza Hotel and has to kill the manager, Nikki Morris and bomb the hotel before escaping to a funeral and confronts, Danny Shaw and Frank Mercer who are also in attendance. Jack Rourke kills Shaw and nearly kills Frank as well. But Frank tasers Rourke and escapes. It would be revealed that some of the Volk sicarios recognized Sotddard and had to deal with them, then the two escaped in a hearse.
Chapter 2 (2021)
  1. A Trip to the Countryside - In order to get a large supply of cannabis from Mexico, Jack Rourke takes a team to retrieve the Mexican from Mexican smugglers only to be ambushed by Los Zetas L.S 16 and Volk sicarios, then it's revealed that Roman had paid off the FBI to go after Rourke and his teammates then they came off with the cannabis killing their pursuers in the process.
  2. Code of Silence - The evidence that Tyson and Stoddard had ripped from the Volk had fallen in the hands of Hector Maio who cut a deal with the FBI, total immunity for the evidence and Jack Rouke is tasked with killing him and retrieving the evidence
  3. Visiting Rich People - Jack Rourke is tasked with sabotaging a federal proscutor's case against The Mob, the Blackwell Syndicate's backers as well as killing the federal prosecutor in charge of the case.
  4. Visiting Powerful People - Jack Rourke is tasked with meeting and protecting a powerful member of Palm City's elite, the owner of Prefered Outcomes Julian Daws... though he more than meets the eyes of Jack Rourke
  5. Agent Dawes - Julian Daws is revealed to be a CIA agent who is tasked with keeping the flow of drugs to Jack's surprise and that he is backing the Blackwell Syndicate through Prefered Outcomes.
  6. The Drug Trade - Julian Daws walks Jack Rourke through Palm City's drug trade and how the illicit street racing scene is used as a cover to smuggle drugs.
  7. Great Deal - Tyson Lachford scores a major deal with a drug farm in Georgia who promises to supply them with large amounts of drugs in exchange for access to databases concerning highway patrol routes; however when the deal goes down at a parking garage, the Volk and L.S 16 ambush them.
  8. Bon Appetit - Jack Rourke drives Eva Torrez, Marcus Blackwell and Julian Daws to the rebuilt Elmore Plaza Hotel for brunch only for Niko and Dimirti with a Volk hit squad to blast the entire lobby with gunfire and C4 explosives, Jack Rourke vaults over with Eva Torrez, Marcus Blackwell and Julian Daws, there Jack Rourke and Eva Torrez rush out through the side entrance and confronts the hit squad with Jack Rourke killing both Niko and Dimirti. However Blackwell wants Jack to confront Jonathan Cross at a doughnut store and reveals that the Volk threatened to turn him over to IAD and is chased throughout the city with Marcus Blackwell putting Cross on permanent retirement by killing him with a Lupara.
Chapter 3 (Finishing the other gangs and downfall of Jack Rourke) (late 2021)
  1. Happy Anniversary - Jack Rourke is tasked with completing a contract hit against Frank Mercer at the fifth anniversary of the formation of the High-Speed Task Force by firing a sniper rifle stashed in a bathroom
  2. You Lucky Bastard - After a failed attempt to kill Razor; Roman's personal driver and #2 of the Volk, Jack Rourke is given the contract to kill Razor, first by car bomb but ends up killing Deputy Chief Jack Keller. instead of Razor. Jack Rourke, Tyson and Stoddard would later find Razer at a Burger King. In this Rourke can choose to kill or spare Razor. Rourke would spare him after he tells him that the CIA is deeper in Palm City's drug trade than Jack Rourke is led to believe
  3. Creme de la Creme - Marcus Blackwell plans to kill Roman, Niko, Demintri and Chan Wu in front of the city's Creme de la Creme, the mayor, the police chief, the FBI director and even the city's richest elite. However things go south and Jack Rourke chases Roman and Niko at the airport where they get to a private jet but is shot down and crash lands on the Cross Mermeroral Bridge Chan Wu is still alive and Jack Rourke executes him and leaves before the cops show up.
  4. Plugging the Chief - After the events of Creme de la Creme; Chief Norris places to take on the Blackwell Syndicate and to dismantle them, and a contract hit is placed on him where Jack Rourke accepts the contract and kills Chief Norris.
  5. Election Campaign - The State Governor had launched his reelection bid with the promise get tough on the cartels that had plagued Palm City and like Chief Norris has a contract hit out on him which Jack Rourke is tasked with taking, using a sniper rifle
  6. Just for Relaxation - Marcus Blackwell tells Jack Rourke about a shipment of Cuban cigars as well as a hidden shipment of diamonds (hot ice) straight from Africa however and Jack Rourke takes a crew to retrieve the shipment from federal customs however it's revealed that instead of diamonds it's Cold Shot... the same drug being pushed by the other gangs.
  7. The Truth - Jack Rourke and Kahi Minh Dao eavesdrop on Marcus Blackwell and Julain Daws and they learn the truth.
  8. Moonlighting - Jack Rourke after knowing about the truth takes Tyson to rob the Palm CIty First National in order to retire from the sicario lifestyle and gets into a massive shootout with the PCPD Heat-style.
  9. The Death of Art - After the heist of Palm City First National Jack Rourke finds Tyson dead and meets Stoddard at the museum only to find out that Stoddard knew about the heist, and used his share of the drug money and clout at Prefered Outcomes to buy out The7 as his personal hit squad, however Jack Rourke manages to kill every member of The7 but spares Stoddard (the player can also kill him but canonically Jack Rourke spares him)
Epilogue (2022)
After the trial and the repeal of the Jack Rurke is placed in the Witness Protection Program in Lakeshore City but six months later after the repeal of the Narcotics Prohibition Jack Rourke would be gunned down by members of the West Side Club, Dimitri "Dima" Mayakovsky and Henry "Black" Blackburn.
The Gangs of Palm City
L.S 16 (Los Salmos 16) - Also known as The Salmos. Backed by the most powerful Mexican drug lords and the most powerful arms traffickers in the world, L.S 16 once ruled all of Palm City In fear until The House stepped in. They’re also the strongest gang in the game with access to military grade weapons and vehicles and each gang kill from them awards 500-1,500 XP depending on the enemy type. They are led by Neil Roark.
The House - The House is a gambling gang with strong ties and backed by the Sicilian Mafia; they run the street scene and the casinos in Palm City. They’re pretty strong but weaker than L.S 16, and they have access to military grade weapons and vehicles each gang kills from them awards 250-800 XP depending on the enemy type. Headed by Lina Navarro.
The Volk - The Volk is a Chinese-Russian gang led by Roman Barkov with Niko Barkov as their enforcer backed by the Triads (Chan Wu), the Russian Mob (Dimitri Glebov), and GMAC's crew (Gregory "GMAC" MacDonald, Rose Largo) for cars who control the weapon smuggling and arms dealing in Palm City. With this backing and access to military grade weapons. They are a mid tier gang and each gang kill from them awards 200-600 XP depending on the enemy type. They are also the ones who go after the Blackwell Syndicate the most.
Palm Kings - The Palm Kings (PKs) is a Black gang made up of Black nationalists who controls Palm Harbor’s rackets and extorts store owners. Led by Benny King, they’re equipped with police-grade weaponry and has strong ties with the PCPD despite this, they are the second weakest gang in the game and each gang kill from them awards 150-500 XP depending if it's a regular to elite
Dixie Paladins - The Dixie Paladins are a white supremacy gang and a militarized version of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) who controls the Gold Coast Mountains in the mountainous regions of Palm City. they’re the weakest gang in the game and each gang kill from them awards 100-250 XP from regular to elite members. They are led by Tony Alpert
Blackwell Syndicate - The Blackwell Syndicate is a underground criminal organization based in Palm City and is led by Marcus Blackwell with Julian “Julius” Little as underboss, Hector Maio before "Code of Silence" and Zack Maio after "Code of Silence". Nick Mendoza. Khai Minh Dao and Carl Stoddard are caporegimes and Tyson Latchford, Tyler "Ty" Morgan, Sean "Mac" McAlister, Jessica "Jess" Miller as soldiers. Other members include Ravindra "Rav" Chaudhry as the gang's car expert Rachel Teller as the gang's customization expert, Marcus “Boomer” Boone as the gang's weapon experts. The Blackwell Syndicate would be the gang that the player would join. In Act 1, they're an outside and fast tracked to soldier, but in Act 2 the player would be a capo until the end of the game. They are secretly backed by both The Mob and the CIA through Agent Dawes. Jonathan Cross and Mia Townsend are also on the gang's payroll until "Bon Appetit" where Marcus Blackwell executes him with a 870P Magnum to the head. Also Mia would also go with Jack Rourke as well
The police/military force
PCPD - the police force of Palm City/Miami if the player does hostile acts (killing civilians, firing unsuppressed weapons in public, etc) will attract police attention and each kill from them awards 50 XP for regular members and 100 XP for armored members, However the player can bribe the PCPD to look the other way or will even help the player fight the other gangs but would be the target of higher level police forces. (Sort of like it was in The Godfather game) The player can also buy favors from them as well. Also they’ll deploy stronger units at higher heat level alongside the FBI. The cars PCPD drives are the Ford Crown Victoria, Dodge Challenger, Pontiac GTO, and the Chevy Grand Sport
Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) - The state police force and Only appears in wanted levels 3 and above, Each kill from them awards 75 XP for regular state troopers and 150 XP for tactical state troopers. Regular state troopers drives Ford Mustang GTs tactical state troopers drives Nissan GT-R
FBI - Only appears in wanted level 5 the FBI will be called in if the player continues to retaliate against the PCPD. Each kill from them awards 125 XP for regular agents, 250 XP for FBI SWAT and 375 XP for FBI HRT, Like the PCPD the player can bribe the FBI to look the other way, or even help the player fight gangs, or the PCPD but at the second highest price. The FBI also has the second widest array of favors the player can buy. regular agents drives the Nissan 350Z or Porsche 911 GT3 RS, FBI SWAT drives the - Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster or Ford F-150 SVT Raptor L.E. and FBI HRT drives the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X or Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR
Military - Only goes after the player if they trespass in Fort Rockport or the Palmount Naval Shipyard. Each kill from them awards 200 XP for regs, 400 XP for experienced troops and 600 XP for elite troops. Like the PCPD, State Police and the FBI, the player can bribe the military to look the other way, or even help the player fight gangs, the PCPD, State Police or even the FBI but at the highest price and The military also has the widest array of favors the player can buy in large part due to Agent Dawes’ connections in Washington.
Multiplayer portion of the game would take place during the five cartels war where the Blackwell Syndicate, The Volk, Palm Kings, Dixie Paldines, Los Salmos 16, and The House (basically where Jack Rourke glosses over saying "It was non-stop chaos for weeks")
Also there would be a free ride mode where the player can explore the city at their leisure or pick a fight with either other cartels or the cops.
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2023.06.03 04:23 StopAffectionate9226 asked ai to write me a poem about aaryn.

In the realm of shadows, a story unfolds, Of a pornstar's journey, in darkness untold. Neglect and self-loathing weave through her tale, As she roams the depths, a ship without a sail.
Manic whispers echo within her mind, A turbulent storm, emotions intertwined. She craves the spotlight, narcissism her guide, Leaving her child behind, lost in the tide.
A mask of beauty hides her self-loathing deep, Her heart, a void, where compassion cannot seep. Mean-spirited words fall from her poisoned tongue, No care for others, her cruel acts are flung.
In her reflection, a shattered soul laments, Lost in the maze of her own self-repugnance. She yearns for solace, but it's always amiss, As she clings to darkness, caught in its abyss.
Her child, a forgotten heart left in despair, Longing for a mother's love, a tender care. But the pornstar's selfishness blinds her sight, Leaving her child adrift, lost in the night.
Oh, may she awaken from this callous trance, And see the devastation born of her selfish dance. For in her hands lies the power to heal, To nurture her child's heart, let empathy reveal.
Let love's tender touch spark a fire within, To banish the darkness, let forgiveness begin. May she shed her ego, embrace compassion's plea, To find redemption's path, to set her child free.
In this tale of sorrow, may lessons arise, To remind us of the cost when selfishness flies. For in each soul lies the capacity to care, To love, to heal, and to be self-aware.
Let us remember, as we gaze upon this scene, The power of empathy, where love intervenes. And may we nurture kindness, our hearts alight, Guiding lost souls back from their darkest night.
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2023.06.03 03:48 sambot863 Looking for advice on PCIE to SATA expansion

I'm trying to gather the things I need to build a 4 bay 3D printed NAS (with the potential to expand to 8), but I'm seeing a lot of conflicting information from my searches on what I need to buy to get more SATA ports.
I'm using an NVIDIA Jetson Nano as the computer for the NAS. Way overkill in GPU, and maybe a little lacking in RAM, but it's just what I have on hand that should hopefully work decently well, it's effectively just a Raspberry Pi with a big GPU. The only expansion it seems to have is an E key M.2 slot, where I figured I could just buy something like this. After passively reading a few posts here, I read that those are very flimsy and could overheat, have reliability problems, etc, and that a PCIE to SATA card would work better.
So.. I found this, and this (only supports PCIE x1, but I'm fine with that). Having already purchased them, after naively thinking that I'd done enough research, I just found out they could potentially be bad for reliability and that I should get an "HBA" SAS card, like this? What I bought has shipped already, and I imagine the cost to return it would be too much to be worth bothering about, so is what I got really that bad compared to an HBA card, enough that I should sort of just chuck out what I bought and just get an HBA card?

TLDR: Need extra SATA connections from an E key M.2 slot. I bought this and this, but as they've already shipped, I can't cancel the order, or really return them... so, is it risky to use it? Should I just forget about what I bought and buy the proper hardware? I'd rather spend double what I expected than find all my data corrupted one day.
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2023.06.03 02:43 nouramarit How can and should I ask my GP for a referral?

So I'm 15 years old, about to be 16 in a month. I have an appointment in three days with my GP so my mother and I can discuss my difficulties and ask for a referral to a professional who can diagnose ASD. I feel totally unprepared and I don't know what I should tell my doctor and how I should explain my thoughts without sounding like a self-diagnosing teenage girl who's just seeking attention. My mother is an immigrant who speaks the local language poorly, and since I'm fluent in that language, I will be the one who'll talk the most.
So some of my difficulties are very obvious social deficits. I don't have any friends at all, and the last time I had one was in 4th grade of elementary school. Even before that, I could not maintain friendships. As a toddler, I would shout at other children for changing the order of anything in the house, as a preschooler, I would stare at the features of blocks instead of playing with others, as a Kindergartner, I had a friend, but I didn't play with her because she often played house with other kids and I didn't, so our friendship didn't last beyond Kindergarten, in 1st grade, I used to walk with some other girls during recess until they told me that they didn't understand why I always walked with them and why I couldn't pick up that they didn't want me to be with them. In second grade, I was mostly alone. I continued to have friendships that only lasted very few months, and the longest friendship of mine lasted a year.
I struggle greatly at school when it comes to interacting with my peers, I don't make eye contact with anyone and can barely force it, my body language seems awkward and I often misinterpret social cues, I just fidget with my hands and look at the wall, which makes me come off as rude. Other times I don't understand what my peers mean when they say something, e.g. when a classmate was criticizing the fashion choices of a guy and was angry that I didn't understand that that meant that she liked him. I have difficulties with conversation. I often treated or wished to treat people as "props" with whom I can share my interests with, thus just talking and leaving no room for my partner to communicate. Other times I'll just listen and not answer questions, or just answering with a "hm". I often don't initiate conversations anyway, and I don't have an interest in forming friendships or other relationships with others. I remember often being confused or annoyed when I realized that other people weren't like me, they didn't share the same thoughts and for some strange reason, I disliked them having a different voice than mine and being their own person. I would rather talk to a clone of my own self.
My lack of social skills have caused me issues. I was bullied relentlessly from 5th-8th grade. I live in Germany and you transition from elementary school to "middle school" (not exactly but it's not that important) and the transition was very difficult for me. I didn't socialize with my classmates, I stood out due to my behavior of often being overwhelmed in class, fidgeting or drawing lines in my notebook and not following the lesson. We were about 20 children in my elementary school class, but in 5th grade, we were about 30. My classmates being children, they were very loud and I remember resting my head on the desk and covering my ears. That then turned into my classmates spreading rumors about me, telling them to the teachers and the teachers believing them. I was excluded and whenever a classmate was ordered to work with me as partners, they refused. I was sent to the school counselor as the bullying affected me more and led to many absences. My school counselor advised my mom to take me to a psychologist or therapist, which she did. My mom brought up my hair pulling and social difficulties to the therapist. My therapist talked to me and advised me to simply make friends, even if they did not share my interests and determined that I did not suffer from a diagnosable mental health condition, but that I would benefit from therapy. I didn't continue seeing her. Years later, I still struggle with absence from school, burnout and sometimes, school refusal. I can only function academically for a certain time until I go into burnout. Nowadays school is just sitting alone in the corner, covering my ears and asking the teacher to turn the lights off, if I go anyway. If you're absent from school, you're told to ask a classmate to bring you everything you missed, but that obviously doesn't work for me because I don't have friends to do that, neither is it easy for me to ask. No teacher has ever sympathized with that. One teacher even blamed me for being bullied once, saying that I was the one responsible as I was "making myself an outcast". School is really difficult, and no matter how hard I try, it stays difficult, mainly due to my sensory issues, fear of change, burnout and lack of social skills.
Another thing that is really bothering are my sensory issues. My sensory issues are annoying everyone around me. I can't handle noise, I can't handle bright lights, I can't handle many textures of food (e.g. red meat feels like a carpet, mixed foods are too much, so is a burger, for an example), I can't wear shirts that aren't 100% cotton, I can't sleep with tank top or a t-shirt because I hate the feeling of my blanket on my bare skin. I can't go to a store without having to cover my ears and close my eyes, I fight with my family on a daily basis because I want them to be quieter or to turn the lights off, because even the light in my own house can send me into distress. Too much sensory stimuli can send me into an outburst of uncontrollable screaming, crying, and throwing things. For an example, I had a sports event at my school in late April this year. Fans could win a prize if they were the loudest, so logically, people were shouting, jumping, and there was loud music. I had to cover my ears, close my eyes and twitch physically, until I got home and had to deal with a loud family and light, until I had an outburst. This happens so frequently that my mom has a name for these outbursts. My family expects that I simply "give up" my "habits" and just stop bothering them with my sensitivity to light, to sound and to textures. But I can't. I can't just decide not to. My mom refuses to buy me noise-cancelling headphones, even the cheapest ones that cost like 20€ because she considers them to be a waste of money.
But I'm really struggling. I really need a diagnosis, even if it's not an ASD diagnosis but something else. Self-diagnosing would bring me no benefits because I want to be accomodated, not to identify with some kind of disorder. My mom "wanted to talk" a month ago and she told me that she thinks that I have Asperger's syndrome. I researched ASD and do think that an assessment would be helpful. Any idea on how to explain all of this to my doctor? Should I translate what I wrote and print it out? Should I go into detail like I did here?
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2023.06.03 02:17 Not_Placeholder Garage work SE Calgary

Hey Guys
I just bought my first home and want to finish my Garage and Fence work asap. (Moved from Ontario) I want to be educated on lessons learnt from other homeowners on how to approach the project. A few insights on the following will be awesome
  1. Additional information to include in the Contract (cleanups etc)
  2. Approximate project cost for a garage considering 20x20 double with electric and gas linings
  3. Inclusion of retaining wall or not
I'd also appreciate any personal recommendations for contractors. Please dm incase any additional info might help
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2023.06.03 01:30 Lerajes About The Global Order Of Satan - FAQ

The Global Order of Satan is an international collection of communal Orders, helping to grow Satanic idealism and self worship, while protecting those who are oppressed by overbearing religious hegemony.
As atheists we believe in neither gods nor devils. Our ideology is instead rooted in courage, compassion, science, the self, and in rituals of introspection. These ideals are enshrined in our Founding Pillars.

The Six Pillars

Satanism helps define how we live our lives & interact with other people. The founding pillars of a Satanic organisation guide and empower you to live a Satanic lifestyle. No single founding pillar should be raised higher than any other. Our actions should be guided by them collectively.
  1. Self-fulfilment and personal understanding allow us to support ourselves and therefore others.
  2. Respect the inviolable body, autonomous will, and sovereign right of every individual to guide their own life and being; remembering that enjoyment of these rights is predicated on respect for the same in others.
  3. Science, evidence, reason, and critical thinking should guide our beliefs about our universe. Truly critical thinking can only be achieved by challenging your own preconceptions and opinions, providing a more balanced outlook to help us make better informed decisions.
  4. Act with empathy, compassion, and wisdom towards yourself and others.
  5. Justice always takes precedence over laws, institutions, and religious texts, as long as the pursuit of it does not countermand the pillars.
  6. All people make mistakes. Allow them to correct those mistakes, as we seek acceptance in others over our own.


Do you believe in / worship Satan?

No. We are atheists which means we don’t believe in the existence of the supernatural. This means no god, no demons, no angels, no ghosts (holy or otherwise) and no devil. Worship is an expression of adoration to something which one reveres. In our case, we revere ourselves as individuals capable of the greatest human expression of compassion and empathy. We have hearts and minds that are imbued with warmth, rationale, and a quality of curiosity that can reason, resolve, and navigate profound existential experiences. That’s essentially the heart of Satanism. This philosophy can be thought of as a type of selfism.

Do you sacrifice animals?

Of course not. Satan doesn’t exist, so there’s nobody to sacrifice to. Besides, animal cruelty or the mistreatment of animal remains would be against everything we stand for. There are plenty of other religions (and troubled teenagers) that kill animals with the intent of achieving some misguided ritual “purpose”; despite what lazy journalists would have you believe there’s nothing in modern Satanism that would encourage such an act.

If you don’t worship the devil then why do you call yourselves Satanic?

Buddhists don’t worship Buddha, but they follow those teachings. The name Lucifer actually means lightbringer, and nothing is more illuminating than knowledge. In fables, Satan was the first to speak out and voice rational inquiry to an authoritarian god that demanded blind obedience, and for it he was cast out. Of course we don’t believe this actually happened. But, historically, we know that those who speak out against the injustices committed by governments, religious dictators, and corporations that consistently prioritise profits over people are often imprisoned, killed, or branded incendiaries. So we believe the allegorical teaching of Satan is the need to use one’s own voice as an honest tool of evidence-based dissent against corrupt regimes where one sees it. Use of the name also requires individuals to think about what it is that they actually believe. To its detriment, much of the world’s cultural experience is informed by religious dogma and institutional influence and it can be hard to disentangle what one actually believes from what one has been told to believe. Associating with something typically seen as forbidden and characterised as evil when evidence shows that thing to be ethical and charitable for the benefit of all mankind, requires a level of rationality and critical thinking that we encourage in our membership. And if people and governments and leaders can do horrible things in the name of God then we can most certainly do beautiful and inspired things in the name of Satan.

So then you’re activists, not Satanists?

We are Satanists, make no mistake. It is the lessons of the literary Satan that we follow –the importance of dissent, rational inquiry, vigilant self-assessment, and the continuing struggle for justice. Because we’re committed to acting on our beliefs, this philosophy can take the form of activism. And like anyone else who calls themselves religious, it’s our commitment to these deeply held convictions that our organisational identity represents. So, yes, we’re Satanists – and activism is just our way of doing the devil’s work.

Won’t the name Satan make it harder to accomplish your goals? Wouldn’t it be better if you called yourself something else?

People can be superstitious and reactive as individuals and in groups which is often a symptom of ignorance or entitlement and we’d like to change that way of thinking. Of course it’s an uphill battle, but every movement towards social equilibrium requires those on the forefront. If the world would take steps to shift its collective approach to differences away from defensive and protective, making an intentional movement towards vigilant integrity in our approach to truth, understanding, and self-awareness, then we might realise we’re far less vulnerable and capable of great adaptability which is empowering.

So you don’t have rituals or kill babies?

What most people think they know about Satanism comes from Roman Polanski films like Rosemary’s Baby and The Ninth Gate, The Omen trilogy, and Hammer Horror films like The Devil Rides Out. It’s not surprising – those are great films – but that’s fiction, folks. We do perform rituals, but so does everyone else in their daily life. Crossing the street is a ritual in which you look both ways beforehand. Checking your email can be a ritual if you have a routine for it – do you check it in when you first wake up…with coffee? Do you play music and dance around the kitchen while cooking supper? That’s a ritual too. We ritualise life because it provides comfort and it can be a hallmark for important events of recognition, such as the ritual of marriage. Global Order of Satan performs rituals too, but it isn’t black magic, it’s just a celebration of life.

I’ve heard that becoming a Satanist will grant me money, fame and power. How do I join you and get all this?

We’re sorry to disappoint you, but joining Global Order of Satan does not grant you money, or fame, or power. If you read through the rest of this FAQ and site, you’ll find that we’re an atheist group, who don’t believe in a god, or a devil, and also laugh at the concept of doing some kind of deal with a supernatural entity for a secret way to make money, become famous or powerful. We stand for those oppressed by mainstream religions, and provide a community for those who agree with our philosophy – we’re not a cult, there’s no direct line to grant special favours from Satan, and we’re very sorry you’ve been lied to.

Are you related to the US-based Church Of Satan or The Satanic Temple?

We have no current affiliation with either. We have similar beliefs but we also have different policies and principles. For example, membership with Global Order of Satan is always free. We also don’t ask for money from our members or chapters and we put into practice our ideals about autonomy and the importance of rebellion. Because we have more of a global reach, as we currently preside over Europe, Australasia, and the Middle East, our concerns are global ones and not restricted to our locale.

So do you hate religion?

Religious practice can be a source of immense emotional gratification. We’re a religion ourselves, so -no- we don’t hate religion. What we hate is abuse and bullying. When Catholic Charities are taking social welfare money earmarked for HIV prevention but hide the condoms because they don’t believe in them, that’s a type of moral bullying with epidemic consequences. When families in one of the most dynamic capitols in the western world burn to death in substandard housing because of greed supported by casual classist attitudes, that’s economic bullying and a form of genocide. And if you’re a bully, especially one who uses religion as a get-out of-jail-free card in place of compassion and reason, then we’ll probably be seeing each other soon.

Do I have to be a goth/like metal music to join?

Absolutely not – we believe in individuality & free expressions, and appreciate the value of diversity.

Does it cost anything to be a member?

Membership is free, and we will never pass around a collection plate.
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2023.06.03 00:52 AutoModerator HERE’S Where To Watch ‘Nefarious’ (2023) Free Online On Streaming At ReddiT

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2023.06.03 00:46 player_vsa General Questions about how/what to drive for a comute as an expat and how to properly register the license.

Hey there,
After going through the Wiki and some research within the sub and outside, I think I ended up with more questions then I started. I'll try to sumarize it here, but if necessary I break it down into other posts.
My goal is: to understand what license I can get and to decide for a bike for commuting, from home to work, for 2 people, me and my wife. I'm taller(185 and 150cm) than her and also I'm on the heavy weight side (110kg). Distance is about 10km (20km round trip) every workday. I have the chance to pass through the A12 (highway?), to arrive faster at home. I'm opting for a smalleweaker bike just for the commute and maybe ocasional drive though the country/areas close by Antwerp, performance and reparability are top priority. Longest trip might be to the coast. I have a B license since 2012. I haven't done any course here in Belgium, just exchanged the license from my country to here.
I learned how to ride many years ago(on a motocross bike, I don't remember the model). I don't have that much knowledge about the topic (maintenance, how to investigate issues on the bike, etc) but I'm also not completely ignorant to it. I like to dive into this area (my father was also a mechanic).
Questions about the license are:

General questions about motorcycling.

Suggestions for a first timer.

Apologies if the questions are silly or dumb, is just that I have no contacts or close friends to explain how things here in Belgium work, and the driving school I contacted is not getting back to me.
Thanks a lot in advance, your support is much appreciated.
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2023.06.03 00:28 Dardanos304 Dealing with intense bouts of loneliness and it seems impossible to get friends

I've spent the last hours once again as a complete mess unable to do anything, so I might as well ramble into the void to get my frustrations off my chest. Beware, here follows my life story so far.
So I'm getting increasingly frustrated with me getting overwhelmed by loneliness in awfully regular intervals. I'm already fucking 30 (and male) and feel like I'm not getting anywhere when it comes to figuring out how having a social life works. I never had friends. I grew up in a shitty village, had been bullied from Primary School to High School and ostracized by every villager because of it. I guess I started out having a couple classmates I considered friends, though it had always been rough with me disengaging from groups to avoid the violent psychos who'd attack me for shits and giggles and then rejoining again once those walked away. But it really started when a boy I considered my best friend all of a sudden decided to be a "cold-hearted ghetto gangster" from one day to the next. Consider that picture, a scrawny third-grader with glasses all of a sudden only wearing hoodies and kicking down onto the stutterer from the parallel class to improve his social standing! I pointed out the ridiculousness to him and hoped to make him stop bullying by pleading that he should be better than this, but he perceived that as moral grandstanding and that turned out friendship into utter hatred with him now making me his main target and obsessively spending every spare minute to make me miserable in the eyes of everyone. I was only known as "the victim" and under the constant barrage of harassment and physical attacks everyone else I considered non-hostile saw themself forced to turn against me and join in the bullying in order to avoid getting victims themselves. That had been so long ago, but it taught me a valuable lesson that people are only willing to put up with you as long as you don't become a burden and so I've been extremely guarded about all my issues ever since. It also made me extremely hesitant to use the word "friend" lightly.
At least if anything, I'm stubborn. My coping mechanism was to throw myself at studying and getting good grades to escape that hell hole. I decided that even though my life sucked so far, the least I could do is to dedicate my life to make things better for other kids, so I studied to become a teacher. Unfortunately that was when my home life also exploded. My parents were... not the best, but also not the worst either. My father considers himself a failed professional soccer player who lucked into a well paying job because his company needed a player for their soccer team. We were financially comparably well off thanks to that, even though he was very distant, always at work and when he was there he very harshly complained about me being a failure because of my lack of interest in sports. I should mention that I adored him as a little kid, but soured quite quickly because of that and have a very bad opinion of all things sports because of that. My mother in the meantime was rather doting, kept fighting for me in endless school conferences to make the bullying stop, all in vain (but also vetoing me asking to change schools because she feared the other high school in the next town over was on the brink of getting shut down).
Then... on the day before prom my mother found out that my father was cheating. After a confrontation he fled to his lover and pretended to be dead, making it impossible for her to pay the rent of their house on her own. Since I was in the process of moving out to attend university, she quickly followed me into my tiny two-room apartment. The years following that were... intense. They contained a horrific mud-slinging contest at court since my father refused to pay alimony, then proceeded to stalk us, following us home in his car hurling insults at us and waiting for me at train stations to tell me how much of a failure I am. My mother was turned into an emotional wreck, we kept fighting because she kept mistaking my stoic focus on my studies for indifference for her plight while she was crying day and night and sitting at my bed all night rambling about my father. Ever since her one guiding emotion has been fear. Fear about money, fear about me leaving her, fear about her future. It has become slightly better after they finally divorced after years of insanity, but when I tried to bring up that we should now split so that I can work on my independence, she exploded at me for wanting to abandon her to live on the street. I have come around by now that her plan for me to buy a house with an accessory apartment for her is the most prudent course of action, even though I can't quite disentangle it from a thorough sense of hopelessness about how many years I'm wasting until I've finally got space to live for myself.
In any case, all of this... naturally didn't do wonders for my mental health and social ineptitude. During my university time I found myself utterly unable to make lasting friendships. I felt like a social ghost, only existing to people as long as I was right in front of them, but afterwards immediately forgotten. Nobody ever messaged me back if I wasn't initiating conversations, during conversations I felt forced to avoid any and all subjects regarding my past and current home situation, nobody invited me to stuff, however when whole groups were invited that included me... an increasingly louder voice in my head yelled at me that I don't belong. I've developed something along the lines of social anxiety, though reading more into stuff, I never really had the physical symptoms attributed to it, with my behavior more being along the line of Avoidant Personality Disorder. In short, my flight reflexes started to go haywire, especially when I was already down about other things, and I fled what little opportunities for socializing I had.
And now I'm out of university and doing my job for four years. And I feel nothing has changed. Well... I'm trying to focus more on my mental health. I've tried practicing Mindfulness techniques, I'm trying to force myself to smile more even though I had abandoned the idea back in school when I was attacked for smiling and even some girls who weren't hostile to me told me I look like Mr. Bean whenever I did. I worked out more at home, went jogging and swimming. I've been trying to get out and go to conventions, making Cosplay, though it cost me a lot to overcome my mother's fears and nagging. I joined Discord groups for the cosplay thing and my writing hobby that I had before. But... it's all pretty much for naught, I still can only make very superficial acquaintances. I have had two online friends from a forum, but they have started dealing with severe lovesickness issues wrecking their lives for several years now, which makes me unable to further talk with them about my issues since I don't want to trigger them, but our conversations have either completely died down or thrown into an endless barrage of misery where I am completely out of my depth to help them.
This is especially bad because I, when I was 28, really started to panic about my age and about all the crucial life experiences other people had that I had been unable to make. Particularly when it comes to dating. I had one crush in high school, but I swallowed it down so hard I forgot it even happened for several years before I got reminded of it again. Since then I never felt any feelings for any other specific woman. It wasn't helping that all of my conversations with female university acquaintances inevitably touched the subject of their super awesome boyfriends, so I ended up with the rather irritated conclusion that there simply were no female singles around anyway. Well, now I thought I could at least try and signed up at a couple of online dating platforms, thinking that at least there there everyone signed up to search for love. Yeah... no. After half a year of near utter silence, instant unmatches after matching, or girls blowing up at me for messaging too much or too little and unmatching because of it and in the end my only 'date' being a city tour with a bored foreign student who then stood me up at a second meeting and ghosting me anyway, I gave up this dating bullshit as it was only a massive drain on my self-esteem and reminded me that even if I successfully hide my issues, I'm still unattractive as hell and can't possibly make any hearts flutter. Not to mention that I also endlessly worry that because of my issues I may be unable to give a partner the affection they'd deserve or throw myself into a codependent relationship and ending up resenting them even though I crave a relationship of equals where either part has a space to retreat to, but am too concerned about getting dumped if wasn't always giving 150% all the time.
And so I arrived at my 30th birthday with still no friends, never having had a relationship, nothing. And get increasingly irritated about these regular bouts every second week or so where I'm completely paralyzed by loneliness and dread as I feel just extremely socially starved and hopeless to be able to change that. There is a distinct disconnect with my coworkers, all their topics being about their families and children, about traveling and sports, all things I don't have and don't do because of my circumstances and anxieties.
Sorry. Just... felt the need to shout that out into the void. Damn... I really shouldn't be so hung up on the past and be just in the moment, but I cannot avoid the fear of getting judged for pretty much any step of this.
submitted by Dardanos304 to offmychest [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 23:39 MeiliCanada82 Opinions on Opinion Piece

Hey all,
First Happy Pride! I post motivational and opinion pieces for my work and since we are in Pride month they have a queer theme to them and I just wanted some constructive criticism on my first piece so I can see if I am hitting the mark I want to hit or not while still toeing the professional line. If you are willing to read and critique me below I would appreciate it.
"You don't have to be gay to be a supporter - you just have to be human." - Daniel Radcliffe
Truer words have never been spoken Harry Potter 🙂 I don't understand why people think that in order to support a community, you must be a member of that community. Whether its the queer community, poc community, women, it costs you nothing to support a community that needs you.
Yes we are perfectly capable of fighting our own battles (look at history) but if people who are not members of the community come forward, stand up and say "HEY, these are our family, friends and neighbours and we will NOT let you treat them like that" imagine how powerful of a message that sends.
There is that famous quote from the poem First They Came:
"First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me." —Martin Niemöller
This is important whether you are a member of the queer community or not. Allowing one community's rights be stomped on because it doesn't affect you is a domino effect until finally the community you are a part of has their rights stomped on and you wonder why no one is speaking out for you.
Don't be quiet. Don't sit back and let rights be taken away from your friends, family and co-workers, your voice is just as loud and proud as mine.
#speakup #silenceisntgolden
submitted by MeiliCanada82 to lgbt [link] [comments]

2023.06.02 23:17 The_Alloquist [A Lord of Death] - Chapter 54 (Aya)

[←Chapter 53] [Cover Art] [My Links] [Index] [Discord] [Subreddit] [Chapter 55→]
The day had slid by Aya like so much water off of a duck’s back. It took a particularly hard prod by Frare to dislodge her from a slurry of inattentiveness. As she looked around she realised the barricades had been almost completely disassembled, with only scraps remaining on the church floor. The pieces of broken glass and masonry were being carted outside by the villagers that remained.
Currently there was a lukewarm debate around the command table, dragged to the centre of the hall. Aya’s consciousness glossed over Sorore reprimanding her brother for bothering her, as well as the various arguments over logistics and provisions. She half-heartedly listened to discussions of various threats on various roads, and then quickly forgot about it.
Without really realising it, she found herself peaking at the parchments spread over the table. The lined scrolls held no real meaning for her, but the centre map with its pins certainly did. It was a large and fairly extensive map of the continent, with various cities illustrated with flowing script too elaborate for her to read. Slowly her eyes flitted from north to south, and found the curl of a mountain range bleeding into a peninsula where she assumed Karkos was.
“What about here?” she said, pointing to the location through the greaves of the captains before her.
Most turned to look with amused confusion, and she quickly felt a flush creeping up her neck.
“It’s a city,” she said.
The officers continued to look at her, awaiting elaboration.
“Y-you could get food there,” she offered weekly.
She almost added ‘I’ve heard the food is quite good’, though fortunately for her dignity the phrase died on her lips before it could enter the world. Naia, almost directly across from her, looked down and stroked his beard.
“It’s far from the worst option,” he said, “in fact, it’s probably one of the better ones.”
“It charges an arm and a leg, just for the usage of one ship. The cost of transporting all of us will be steep,” one soldier protested.
“The mountains are blocked off with the Alonshaze destroyed. None of the other passes can be reliably quickly traversed, even in summer,” Naia countered, “going the land route right now would be asking for trouble. The flatlands at the base of the Alonshaze have always been unstable, but ever since Ein’elen broke up it-”
“Sharaloch would be another option,” spoke up Damafelce, without much enthusiasm.
“You want to bet on a city of pirates and mercenaries for transport?” exclaimed another captain.
“Unwise, especially with such valuable persons,” Naia said, “we’ve already had enough headaches. The last thing I need is a hostage situation while sailing the strait.”
“You get what you pay for in Karkos,” yet another captain offered, with general murmurs of assent, “though with what gold we have I-”
“The gold’s not the issue,” said Naia, “if necessary, we can issue bonds in the name of Angorrah, or the paladins can in the name of the church.”
Niche, glum and surly, still nodded at the implied question.
“The general would not be happy. You know how possessive they get over money on a mission,” said Damafelce.
“We’ve been attacked multiple times, crossed half the continent, and found a long lost bequeathed, all with about a hundred men,” snorted Naia, “with all due respect to my betters, they can take their complaints and shove them-”
“If we’re going by speed and stability, Karkos is the best way,” cut in Niche through the laughter of the soldiers, “the safety of the Bequeathed should be our top priority. A good ship will get us there in under a week.”
“A ship to Espala, then Inalthia. Draskar forest is a nightmare at any time of the year,” Naia said, leaning over the map. With a subtle motion, he moved Aya’s finger northwest, and she realised with horror that she’d been pointing to the wrong end of the peninsula where some lesser settlement stood.
“Captain Deckard, I assume those that don’t want to come for pilgrimage will be returning to the fort?” he continued without giving any sign that she’d done anything wrong.
A new man, eyes blazing underneath furry dark brows nodded fervently.
“Well, I suppose we’ll have to clear out. I want everyone ready by sunset - it’ll be just under a week before we reach Karkos. Get what sleep you can - we’ll be riding out the next morning.”
There were a few finer points of debate that were bandied back and forth, but the conversation largely seemed to be settled. Niche and Damafelce both seemed to be locked in a staring match as Naia approached her.
“A good suggestion, my lady,” he said, “it’s been a long time since I’ve been in the city, but it might be just the place after this string of close calls.”
Aya tried to take what credit she could with a burning face.
“Now, there’s one other piece of business I have to attend to, I think,” he said, “where is the mage?”
“He’s on the roof,” she blurted, “I can show you.”
“No,” he said, holding up a gauntlet, “I think we’ll be just fine by ourselves. You should go and rest. It’s been a long night.”
He and Damafelce walked away from the table and vanished through the side door. Aya returned back to the altar with Niche, who was muttering some unkind things under his breath. It wasn’t more than a half hour before Naia returned with his captain, looking troubled. Before she could ask any questions, however, he quickly exited through the front of the church.
The rest of the day was largely spent on routines of amusement, the Bequeathed and the children of the village playing little games and telling stories among each other. The paladins, though they kept an eagle eye upon their charges, were not in a talkative mood that day. Lillian’s face was particularly dark, and she often muttered things that no one cared to listen to.
When evening came, any residual fears of the monsters returning were put to rest. The icy fear was no more, the villagers placed back what intact pews there were, and the flow of people from the medical bay slowed to a trickle. A simple meal, and a dreamless sleep, and Aya awoke in the early hours of the morning. Pulling herself up to one of the broken windows, she could see the summer green of the trees, their vibrancy somewhat damped by a light blue-grey fog.
Before they left, a service was held to bury those who’d been slain. The dead were laid side by side, wrapped in simple drab cloth, in a large pit just outside the doors of the church. Niche stood over the graves, eyes shut, pronouncings the blessing and peace that these brave defenders would lie with. Aya took the time to say a silent thanks as she gazed at the cloth-bound bodies.
As the remains were covered with soil, Niche shifted into a louder, older language as he sang in a husky tenor. Some kind of funeral liturgy, she guessed, though it was unfamiliar to her. The villagers cast tears into the ground with clouds of earth as they passed along the pit, then they left for the wall and the village beyond.
Aya’s concerns as she reentered the church shifted to more material things - hunger, cold, the lack of bathing over the last few days. At least some of those needs were addressed by the paladins in the next hours, with furs and food. But soon enough, they were on horses, walking in a line down to the south over open fields before the forest.
The first morning passed with very little conversation between anyone as they passed underneath the trees. That was all the better for Aya, who found herself enjoying the crisp air and the rapidly warming sunlight. It did take a bit of a turn for sorrow when she remembered that she often swam with her mother on mornings like these in the mountain lakes. Still, she was determined to extract what happiness she could on such a wretched journey. It was a resiliency that Frare seemed to share, while his sister still glanced nervously at the trees around them. Aya wondered if the girl was still seeing the creatures from last night in every shadow.
When they reached a clearing around midday, the children were made to sit before Niche as he handed out various meagre components of meals. As they began to eat, Lillian joined him, and both cleared their throats in unison.
“Right,” Niche began, “I realise the last few days have been less than smooth. Hardly a time for lessons, unfortunately.”
His dry chuckle was not reciprocated by any of the listeners, so he quickly moved on.
“But, given the nature of what happened, I think it’s advisable to speak on magic and mages, and what the scripture says about them.”
Frare, at the word ‘scripture’ audible groaned, which was followed by a hiss as his sister seized his ear.
“We have been forced into a position where we needed the help of a mage,” Niche said, picking his words with care, “it was not something we did willingly. It wasn’t a choice, but rather the product of circumstances beyond our control.”
You mean, the commander overruled you, thought Aya, though she elected not to voice such thoughts.
“If we had another choice,” Lillian chimed in, “we would’ve taken it. Survival, however, takes precedence, especially for you three. The choices were made, we might not be proud of it, but we’re all still here and that’s what matters.”
“That being said,” Niche said, fumbling in the interior of his breastplate and withdrawing a small booklet, “it would be good for you to understand what exactly underlies our choices.”
Aya’s eyes flicked over to the twins - Sorore was sitting upright and attentive, while her brother was a glum and slumped mirror. Niche thumbed through a few pages, focused in on the one he’d selected and once more, cleared his throat.
“And thus it was found, a great conspiracy, conspired against the children of Angorrah, conspired with creatures both great and small, but terrible all, in darkness and stagnant pools, where the profundity of their sin would go unnoticed by the decent and pious. Hated and proclaimed sinner, traitor, rebel against the Lost themselves. Three Boons would be taken, and three Houses be condemned to dust.”
Sorore perked up, for she clearly already knew the story and was excited to hear it yet again. Aya waited with a tempered anticipation, hoping at least there would be a half-way interesting tale, despite its lacklustre delivery. The story progressed into a broad parable, describing how three houses arose in rebellion against the church, and how three holy items had been robbed from the sepulchre of the ‘roiling cathedral’.
Apparently, they were ferried into the hands of mages, who perverted their holy functions until they burned the most sacred tree on the continent, one laid by Nafthtazia herself. For all of Aya’s doubts about the moral, she couldn’t deny the enjoyment of a good piece of history.
“Magic exists beyond the purview of the church,” Niche began, then quickly corrected his error, “rather, it is a part of the mystery of the Lost, but others can access in inappropriate ways. Some speculate that it should be left entirely to the Lost, not handled by mortal hands. Regardless, the church has taken upon a sacred duty, to ensure that what magic is used is done so sparingly, and with the utmost care.”
He closed the book with a flourish, clearly pleased at the depth of his instruction. Frare’s eyes were fluttering, which prompted a painful poke from his sister.
“So, magic is evil?” said Aya, trying to square that conclusion with all she’d seen.
Niche puffed out his chest, no doubt about to exclaim that it was in the strongest possible terms. Lillian however, had her own thoughts to add before he could.
“Not… inherently,” she said, “But it is broadly forbidden and for good reason. It is less evil, rather a great risk for evil. That is, far too easy to put it towards evil ends. That’s why mages are, as a rule, cruel, selfish, and dangerous creatures. Perhaps it is better put that magic attracts evil, even if it can be used for good.”
Aya stewed in that statement for a while - clearly the church was deeply knowledgeable, expanding and attending to her own, meagre education on the matter from the local priest. Still there were holes, obvious holes, or so she told herself.
“It might be hard to understand,” Niche said, “it might seem a little strange that the church forbids something that could be so useful. There are very good reasons both in scripture and in history that proves the point - magic is not to be used with abandon, and thus must remain under the Church’s eye.”
He patted the sigil of the church, engraved on his breastplate.
“That is one reason why the Light Lords were created in the first place,” he said, with thinly veiled pride, “we are the watchers, investigating the use of magic and capturing the perpetrator that would harm or cheat with it.”
“It was a decision made long ago,” added Lillian, “it was a sort of… half-agreement between the church and the army. We kept the peace that was broken by the mages during the Night of the Burning Tree.”
“So there are mages in Angorrah?” said Aya, drawing a strange, near insulted look by Sorore at the question.
“Well…” said Lillian, sharing a look with Niche, “a handful at most, who operate under the strictest scrutiny.”
Sorore’s face twisted at this, but whatever comment she would’ve liked to make stayed in her head.
“The point is that mages are faithless and concerned for themselves above all else. They are to be engaged on only the most necessary basis. They may be directed towards good in service to the church, but never on their own.”
The rest of the lesson served as constant reinforcements and examples of the danger of mages. There were one or two arguments between Frare and their teachers that Sorore was too slow to suppress. Before long they were off again, the leaves shaking above them as a wind blew from the south. The evening camp mercifully spared them another lecture and after a simple dinner, both twins made their excuses and retired.
Aya huddled beside the fire as the temperature dropped. Around them were a circle of waggons, some covered by a framework of canvas, others bare, all loaded with supplies. The gifts of the grateful villagers, granted to the commander who had saved them.
The paladins were busy doing maintenance, carefully laying out arms and armour, scrubbing, polishing and sharpening. Aya got up, murmured a good night to the paladins, who nodded curtly. They were so absorbed that they didn’t seem to notice Aya slipping away.
She poked her head into one of the ‘empty’ waggons, scanning the darkness for any sign of movement. Save for a handful of small crates, there lay the crumpled form of the mage just as they’d loaded him. Aya felt her breath still as she looked at Inniaylsia’s amber eyes. Even from this distance, she could see the subtle inner flames of reds and yellows softly illuminating them.
“Yes?” came the voice of the older woman, curt and snappish.
Aya started to speak, then stopped, realising that she had no real reason to be here, at least not one that she’d thought out.
“Come out with it child,” came the voice again.
Aya was put in mind of a line of children, heads bowed before a grandmother picking detritus from their scalps.
“I- I-” she said, “I was wondering if…”
“No. There’s been no change in this old bag of bones,” said Innie, her voice softening slightly, “though I’m sure he would appreciate your concern.”
Aya stood there for a moment, awkwardness rising, before setting her jaw, looking behind her, and upon seeing the paladin’s backs, clambered in as quietly as possible. The cat sat attentively and silently, regarding the young girl before her. Aya began in a hushed whisper, talking about the Night of the Burning Tree and the lessons of the paladins from the morning.
“If you want to ask a question about history,” interrupted the cat, “you best ask this sod when he wakes up. He proves irritatingly well-versed on that. Considering his age, he might've lived through it.”
“I thought you were old as well,” Aya said, trying to remember where she got the notion from.
“I am. Older than him. Old as half the company put together,” she said, “but I rarely venture outside of the forest. This is the furthest south I have been in decades, perhaps a century or two.”
Aya paused to try and get a grasp on the scale of time the creature had just casually gestured at.
“So my dear, if you’re going to ask me about the great deeds of men or the history of cities, I’m afraid you’re out of luck,” said the cat, tail bobbing this way and that.
“But that’s not exactly what I…” said Aya, taking a deep breath before continuing, “I wanted to ask about magic.”
The cat cocked its head, the speed of the tail picking up.
“What about magic, child?” she said.
“Well, I was wondering, just for a start, what is it?” Aya said.
“You should sit down,” said the cat, “this might take a while.”
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2023.06.02 22:58 Joadzilla America Is Headed Toward Collapse

History shows how to stave it off.
How has America slid into its current age of discord? Why has our trust in institutions collapsed, and why have our democratic norms unraveled?
All human societies experience recurrent waves of political crisis, such as the one we face today. My research team built a database of hundreds of societies across 10,000 years to try to find out what causes them. We examined dozens of variables, including population numbers, measures of well-being, forms of governance, and the frequency with which rulers are overthrown. We found that the precise mix of events that leads to crisis varies, but two drivers of instability loom large. The first is popular immiseration—when the economic fortunes of broad swaths of a population decline. The second, and more significant, is elite overproduction—when a society produces too many superrich and ultra-educated people, and not enough elite positions to satisfy their ambitions.
These forces have played a key role in our current crisis. In the past 50 years, despite overall economic growth, the quality of life for most Americans has declined. The wealthy have become wealthier, while the incomes and wages of the median American family have stagnated. As a result, our social pyramid has become top-heavy. At the same time, the U.S. began overproducing graduates with advanced degrees. More and more people aspiring to positions of power began fighting over a relatively fixed number of spots. The competition among them has corroded the social norms and institutions that govern society.
The U.S. has gone through this twice before. The first time ended in civil war. But the second led to a period of unusually broad-based prosperity. Both offer lessons about today’s dysfunction and, more important, how to fix it.
To understand the root causes of the current crisis, let’s start by looking at how the number of über-wealthy Americans has grown. Back in 1983, 66,000 American households were worth at least $10 million. That may sound like a lot, but by 2019, controlling for inflation, the number had increased tenfold. A similar, if smaller, upsurge happened lower on the food chain. The number of households worth $5 million or more increased sevenfold, and the number of mere millionaires went up fourfold.
On its surface, having more wealthy people doesn’t sound like such a bad thing. But at whose expense did elites’ wealth swell in recent years?
Starting in the 1970s, although the overall economy continued to grow, the share of that growth going to average workers began to shrink, and real wages leveled off. (It’s no coincidence that Americans’ average height—a useful proxy for well-being, economic and otherwise—stopped increasing around then too, even as average heights in much of Europe continued climbing.) By 2010, the relative wage (wage divided by GDP per capita) of an unskilled worker had nearly halved compared with mid-century. For the 64 percent of Americans who didn’t have a four-year college degree, real wages shrank in the 40 years before 2016.
As wages diminished, the costs of owning a home and going to college soared. To afford an average house, a worker earning the median wage in 2016 had to log 40 percent more hours than she would have in 1976. And parents without a college degree had to work four times longer to pay for their children’s college.
Even college-educated Americans aren’t doing well across the board. They made out well in the 1950s, when fewer than 15 percent of 18-to-24-year-olds went to college, but not today, when more than 60 percent of high-school grads immediately enroll. To get ahead of the competition, more college graduates have sought out advanced degrees. From 1955 to 1975, the number of students enrolled in law school tripled, and from 1960 to 1970, the number of doctorate degrees granted at U.S. universities more than tripled. This was manageable in the post–World War II period, when the number of professions requiring advanced degrees shot up. But when the demand eventually subsided, the supply didn’t. By the 2000s, degree holders greatly outnumbered the positions available to them. The imbalance is most acute in the social sciences and humanities, but the U.S. hugely overproduces degrees even in STEM fields.
This is part of a broader trend. Compared with 50 years ago, far more Americans today have either the financial means or the academic credentials to pursue positions of power, especially in politics. But the number of those positions hasn’t increased, which has led to fierce competition.
Competition is healthy for society, in moderation. But the competition we are witnessing among America’s elites has been anything but moderate. It has created very few winners and masses of resentful losers. It has brought out the dark side of meritocracy, encouraging rule-breaking instead of hard work.
All of this has left us with a large and growing class of frustrated elite aspirants, and a large and growing class of workers who can’t make better lives for themselves.
The decades that have led to our present-day dysfunction share important similarities with the decades leading to the Civil War. Then as now, a growing economy served to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. The number of millionaires per capita quadrupled from 1800 to 1850, while the relative wage declined by nearly 50 percent from the 1820s to the 1860s, just as it has in recent decades. Biological data from the time suggest that the average American’s quality of life declined significantly. From 1830 to the end of the century, the average height of Americans fell by nearly two inches, and average life expectancy at age 10 decreased by eight years during approximately the same period.
This popular immiseration stirred up social strife, which could be seen in urban riots. From 1820 to 1825, when times were good, only one riot occurred in which at least one person was killed. But in the five years before the Civil War, 1855 to 1860, American cities experienced no fewer than 38 such riots. We see a similar pattern today. In the run-up to the Civil War, this frustration manifested politically, in part as anti-immigrant populism, epitomized by the Know-Nothing Party. Today this strain of populism has been resurrected by Donald Trump.
Strife grew among elites too. The newly minted millionaires of the 19th century, who made their money in manufacturing rather than through plantations or overseas trade, chafed under the rule of the southern aristocracy, as their economic interests diverged. To protect their budding industries, the new elites favored high tariffs and state support for infrastructure projects. The established elites—who grew and exported cotton, and imported manufactured goods from overseas—strongly opposed these measures. The southern slaveholders’ grip on the federal government, the new elites argued, prevented necessary reforms in the banking and transportation systems, which threatened their economic well-being.
As the elite class expanded, the supply of desirable government posts flattened. Although the number of U.S. representatives grew fourfold from 1789 to 1835, it had shrunk by mid-century, just as more and more elite aspirants received legal training—then, as now, the chief route to political office. Competition for political power intensified, as it has today.
Those were cruder times, and intra-elite conflict took very violent forms. In Congress, incidences and threats of violence peaked in the 1850s. The brutal caning that Representative Preston Brooks of South Carolina gave to Senator Charles Sumner of Massachusetts on the Senate floor in 1856 is the best-known such episode, but it was not the only one. In 1842, after Representative Thomas Arnold of Tennessee “reprimanded a pro-slavery member of his own party, two Southern Democrats stalked toward him, at least one of whom was armed with a bowie knife,” the historian Joanne Freeman recounts. In 1850, Senator Henry Foote of Mississippi pulled a pistol on Senator Thomas Hart Benton of Missouri. In another bitter debate, a pistol fell out of a New York representative’s pocket, nearly precipitating a shoot-out on the floor of Congress.
This intra-elite violence presaged popular violence, and the deadliest conflict in American history.
The victory of the North in the Civil War decimated the wealth and power of the southern ruling class, temporarily reversing the problem of elite overproduction. But workers’ wages continued to lag behind overall economic growth, and the “wealth pump” that redistributed their income to the elites never stopped. By the late 19th century, elite overproduction was back, new millionaires had replaced the defeated slave-owning class, and America had entered the Gilded Age. Economic inequality exploded, eventually peaking in the early 20th century. By 1912, the nation’s top wealth holder, John D. Rockefeller, had $1 billion, the equivalent of 2.6 million annual wages—100 times higher than the top wealth holder had in 1790.
Then came the New York Stock Exchange collapse of 1929 and the Great Depression, which had a similar effect as the Civil War: Thousands of economic elites were plunged into the commoner class. In 1925, there were 1,600 millionaires, but by 1950, fewer than 900 remained. The size of America’s top fortune remained stuck at $1 billion for decades, inflation notwithstanding. By 1982, the richest American had $2 billion, which was equivalent to “only” 93,000 annual wages.
But here is where the two eras differed. Unlike the post–Civil War period, real wages steadily grew in the mid-20th century. And high taxes on the richest Americans helped reverse the wealth pump. The tax rate on top incomes, which peaked during World War II at 94 percent, stayed above 90 percent all the way until the mid-1960s. Height increased by a whopping 3 inches in roughly the first half of the 20th century. Life expectancy at age 10 increased by nearly a decade. By the 1960s, America had achieved a broad-based prosperity that was virtually unprecedented in human history.
The New Deal elites learned an important lesson from the disaster of the Civil War. The reversal of elite overproduction in both eras was similar in magnitude, but only after the Great Depression was it accomplished through entirely nonviolent means. The ruling class itself was an important part of this—or, at least, a prosocial faction of the ruling class, which persuaded enough of their peers to acquiesce to the era’s progressive reforms.
As the historian Kim Phillips-Fein wrote in Invisible Hands, executives and stockholders mounted an enormous resistance to the New Deal policies regulating labor–corporate relations. But by mid-century, a sufficient number of them had consented to the new economic order for it to become entrenched. They bargained regularly with labor unions. They accepted the idea that the state would have a role to play in guiding economic life and helping the nation cope with downturns. In 1943, the president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce—which today pushes for the most extreme forms of neoliberal market fundamentalism—said, “Only the willfully blind can fail to see that the old-style capitalism of a primitive, free-shooting period is gone forever.” President Dwight Eisenhower, considered a fiscal conservative for his time, wrote to his brother:
Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance, and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group, of course, that believes you can do these things … Their number is negligible and they are stupid.
Barry Goldwater ran against Lyndon Johnson in 1964 on a platform of low taxes and anti-­union rhetoric. By today’s standards, Goldwater was a middle-of-the-road conservative. But he was regarded as radical at the time, too radical even for many business leaders, who abandoned his campaign and helped bring about his landslide defeat.
The foundations of this broad-based postwar prosperity—and for the ruling elite’s eventual acquiescence to it—were established during the Progressive era and buttressed by the New Deal. In particular, new legislation guaranteed unions’ right to collective bargaining, introduced a minimum wage, and established Social Security. American elites entered into a “fragile, unwritten compact” with the working classes, as the United Auto Workers president Douglas Fraser later described it. This implicit contract included the promise that the fruits of economic growth would be distributed more equitably among both workers and owners. In return, the fundamentals of the political-economic system would not be challenged. Avoiding revolution was one of the most important reasons for this compact (although not the only one). As Fraser wrote in his famous resignation letter from the Labor Management Group in 1978, when the compact was about to be abandoned, “The acceptance of the labor movement, such as it has been, came because business feared the alternatives.”
We are still suffering the consequences of abandoning that compact. The long history of human society compiled in our database suggests that America’s current economy is so lucrative for the ruling elites that achieving fundamental reform might require a violent revolution. But we have reason for hope. It is not unprecedented for a ruling class—with adequate pressure from below—to allow for the nonviolent reversal of elite overproduction. But such an outcome requires elites to sacrifice their near-term self-interest for our long-term collective interests. At the moment, they don’t seem prepared to do that.
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