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2023.06.03 14:11 rxauf Game-Changer

The most underrated tool you never knew you needed for your air bnb, the Welcome Book. Trust me, every Airbnb host needs one, and here's why:
Impress your guests: Imagine the look on your guests' faces when they arrive at your property and discover a beautifully crafted Welcome Book. It's like rolling out the red carpet! From essential home details to local recommendations and hidden gems, it's the personal touch that creates a lasting impression.
Elevate guest satisfaction: With a Welcome Book, you provide your guests with a wealth of information right at their fingertips. They'll have all the ins and outs of your property, from check-in procedures to using appliances, and even recommendations for the best local spots. It's like having a dedicated concierge service in their hands!
Streamline communication: Say goodbye to repetitive questions and endless messages. The Welcome Book becomes your go-to guide, answering common queries and ensuring a seamless stay for your guests. It saves you time and ensures a stress-free experience. Boost your ratings and bookings: Happy guests mean rave reviews and increased bookings. By providing a comprehensive Welcome Book, you showcase your commitment to guest satisfaction and professionalism. It sets you apart from the competition and turns your property into a highly sought-after destination.
I personally get mine done by an agency and it's been one of the best decisions I've made but you could do it yourself as long as you have the time and skillset. This is my go-to place for getting my books done:
Whatever you choose to do, don't miss out on this gamechanger of an addition to your air bnbs, trust me.
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2023.06.03 14:11 Dazzling_Jicama2059 Is this a good way of addressing the need for a relationship with a girl

So, this post is opposite my previous ones, but I walk up tonight with a different view of relationships.
I am 25 years old, living in Central Europe. I I am not fat, actually I hit the gym regularly, I am now pursuing a PhD in Stem and work for a big financial firm, renting a biggish place in a good neighbourhood.
Truly I believe all I want to add to the list is IN A Relationship and I mostly want it To FEEL complete. Now there is the need for company at night, someone to talk to etc, but mostly I want it in my bucket list. But probably I shouldn't, because this is the only goal not dependent on me only. It's like I believe that if I get the bucket list full I will get validated and envied by other (the same way I envy happy couples like my many young neighbours, that spend weekends laughing on the balconies and stopping me from sleeping ). I probably won't receive the validation and despite being in a relationship is important few would care.
So I need to accept I am on the right path and even if I am single I should be proud of my accomplishments. This probably leads to red pill incel bull.. that I might have tendency to go to unfortunately, but I don't hate women and this is the only viable solution I see for my mental health.
I still want a relationship and share a bed with someone, but I won't let it define me.I am not going to put it on my bucket list.
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2023.06.03 14:11 Sea-Contribution-662 A few things that 170 scorers do differently

Hey all. I wanted to make this post to share some of the things that 170 scorers do that help them achieve such a great score. These are things that I did myself and things that my students that score in the 170s do, so they may not apply to every 170 scorer, but they apply to a lot of them. If you are interested in tutoring or just have LSAT questions please reach out to me.
-Practice under realistic conditions. Take your practice tests under real conditions. Don't give yourself a few seconds extra or a long break between sections. On the real LSAT you don't get these things so you don't want to get used to them while you are practicing.
-Blind review extensively. Blind review is going through the test untimed after you have taken it. The goal of blind review is to understand why every answer is right and why every answer is wrong. Blind review is your chance to grow as a test taker. It is your chance to learn from the mistakes you made on the test. So, take it seriously.
-Treat the LSAT like it is a job. It can sometimes be tough to find the motivation to study. What I did to combat this is act like the LSAT was my job. I wouldn't show up late to my job or just skip a day. So, whatever I decided my schedule was I would stick to it. For the first month or two, I would go to a coffee shop every morning to make sure I would study and not go back to sleep or get distracted at my apartment.
-Be excited to take practice tests. Being happy to do something often makes you a lot better at it because it puts you in a positive mindset. For me, the way I got excited was to treat the LSAT like a challenge. I wanted to beat the test makers. So, find a way to get pumped for the LSAT and you will see your score increase.
I hope this information is helpful. This is not an exhaustive list by any means. If you have any questions or are interested in tutoring please reach out to me.
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2023.06.03 14:10 the-bakers-wife Newborn Baby in NICU. Had to miss work - asking for $108 rent assistance

Hi. Our beautiful baby was born on May 22. The night we were supposed to discharge, our baby’s breathing started to speed up and his lungs were so tired he wasn’t able to eat without gasping for air. He was becoming more and more exhausted and losing weight. In a flurry of events, baby was rushed to the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) across town in an ambulance with dad and I tearfully rushing behind to meet them at the bigger hospital. Daddy had to miss 6 days of work which was to pay our $108 rent. We discharged from the NICU 4 days ago with instructions that if his breathing started speeding up again, we were to return to the PICU. Well.. Today we are back at the PICU, needing $108 for rent by May 5th. I am on maternity leave recovering from childbirth. We are stretched so thin with a sick baby and having to have dad miss work at the end of the month has been a huge blow and is about to be a big issue. Anything will help. Thank you so much.
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2023.06.03 14:08 FuzzyBlonde34 My husbands coma the bed sharing twins and now triplets

Hello guys I posted here a while ago about yelling at my toddlers cause my husband was in a coma and I do have an update the original post is:
In the days following the incident I didn’t do a lot to make up for it I feel I probably should have but I just didn’t have the time, I did sit them down and apologise and explained that I was under stress and that I will always love them the I gave them some hugs and kisses I also put some extra treats in their lunches for play school, I didn’t really step back from the 3 businesses even though I should have but one Redditor reached out to me in private u/Mom2surprises and as it turns out we live like 20 mins away and my husband’s agri garage is her husbands go too and that he also uses my husbands agri contracting business, she’s on maternity leave but she’s a corporate accountant and was able to call in a few favour to get me some help on the financial side of the company’s which was great, the internet is big but sometimes it’s small :)
I was still however exhausted and so I took a day off but then the twins play school closed due to an emergency so the day off wasn’t a day off I ended up passing out on the stairs and falling down them thus breaking my wrist, I’m writing this with 1 hand, the twins didn’t really do anything to help although what could they have done they’re 3, they got mad that they couldn’t use my phone for their hour of screen time because I was unconscious so I couldn’t unlock it, my mom arrived as a surprise and found them both throwing a tantrum jumping and stomping on my back
She called an ambulance and took the twins to hers to stay with my dad, I woke up confused and dazed in the hospital I had a cast on and was in a fair bit off pain, they asked me if I wanted to go for a ride in the wheelchair and said it was more of a request, I was taken to the coma ward where my husband was and he was awake he apparently woke up around 12 which was when I fell down the stairs it was now 6pm
Emotions where high, they still don’t know unfortunately why he was in a coma the leading theory is that his body was so broken after the cancer that it needed time to heal so it shut him down to focus all energy on healing, he’s majority ok he has a limp and needs a cane but the docs say that it will fade as it’s because he was off his feet for so long his muscle memory weakened
Another bombshell that was dropped on me in the hospital was that they did a blood test to find out if any other factors caused me to faint and the tests revealed some interesting things so they did an ultrasound, I’m not ready for this but I was 6wk pregnant with not one not 2 not 3 but 4 babies although the 4th is very small and likely wouldn’t make it as it’s not implanted properly and will likely just be absorbed. We went back a week later and the 4th had unfortunately died, i guess I was so busy I kinda forgot about my period they where conceived the day my husband got the all clear, we honestly thought he’d be sterile for a few weeks while he recovered from radiation I don’t know how we are gonna handle triplets but so long as my husband is ok I think we’ll be fine, not looking forward to being the size of an apartment complex though, so I could really use some triplets parents advice
As for the twins we are sleep training them we have fitted padding to the back of the door and put a lock on it so when they go to sleep we lock them in the room, we have a monitor so we can see and hear, the first night we woke up to see them screaming and yanking at the door and hitting it which is why we put the padding on we watched them for a few minutes then we rolled over and went back to sleep, in the morning we found them asleep on the floor it’s been a few days now and they have finally stopped trying to leave the room, I know it sounds wrong but it was satisfying to see them not leave the room and get annoyed about it kinda the same way I got annoyed with them for leaving the room, we never had this problem with our 5 year old singleton and I hope to god we don’t have it when the triplets arrive
Thank you everyone for your advice it meant a lot I think things are finally going to get better although I didn’t reply to all your comments I did read them all and I appreciate everyone of them except for the big feelings one I’m sorry but the term big feelings annoys me so much it’s a dumb term I find it easier to actually name the feelings wether it be me or the kids, but thank you really I don’t really cry a lot but the support made me cry
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2023.06.03 14:08 MylittleponySpawn Reporting fraud-JJ & JL

I wonder if they realize that they could be reported for fraud? There's plenty of evidence circling around that they lied just to get money off of people.
Someone should make a tiktok and or instagram page calling these shit heads out. Lying to get money so that you can pay for your rent and she can't even send her daughter $1.
It sickens me that now they are taking advantage of people's kindness. Man, I hope karma gets them. I hope it bites them in the ass for real.
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2023.06.03 14:08 -Zord- Auto drivers are a freaking menace

My college is like 2km from our apartment.
  1. Nobody ever accepts Ola/UbeNamma early morning. So going to the auto stand right outside our apartment is the only option. Mfs charge a base price of ₹70 for 2km. With 70 being a rarity. 80 is the average but it wont go less than 70.
Oftentimes they demand 90-100 for 2km ride. And guess what? That’s till our college gate. They need an extra 10-20 rupees for an extra 25m till the lobby entrance. I never agreed to pay 90 ever or extra cash. But this is irritating. Their comeback is ‘its just 10 rupees na’.
  1. Territoriality is even shittier. Each time some Ola/UbeNamma driver comes to our place, these morons start fighting with them. Literally thuggish behavior. These bastards charge 80-90 and get pissed when other auto drivers charge 40-50.
  2. Even Ola auto drivers aren’t any better. Most of them never accept any requests. And when they do, they call first and demand more money for the ride. Lot of sketchiness around number plates too.
  3. Bastards lying to those with language barriers is even worse. A friend of mine was sick and returning with her friends. They booked an ola auto. Her friends asked the auto guy to drop them at college and take my friend to her flat as it’s in the same route.
₹55 ride for 1km. No lefts and rights. College was in the same route as her flat. Bastard cancelled and asked ₹100. Once her friends got off he said ‘my destination was till college, till flat i want 200’. Being sick she couldn’t even argue + she didn’t know kannada.
How to even deal with these morons. Dammit.
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2023.06.03 14:07 Stock-Attempt-5368 PA is not worth it…. (Mostly)

Just wanted to express caution seeking a PA role speaking as a PA for about a year in a half. Took me about a year to become a PA. You are a manager without the pay in one department and a overpaid ambassador in another. Its adult babysitting. If you are not a people person, PA is NOT for you. Even with a lively personality you leave the shift mentally drained. Its not worth it for most. Yes you get paid slightly more (with a new step plan) My site starting $21.75 and less physical work. Your experience as a PA is entirely up to: Department, AM, OM and the people and culture at your facility. Some PA spots are the most relaxed jobs in the world. On the other hand, they can be one of the worst. Point is, use caution as if you become a PA you can be thrown anywhere. Shift, Department ETC. Your mostly blind to the experience you will have and you have little to no say. A lot of people like to think they can handle it but dont realize the full scope of our job. The worst thing about the job, You get it from both ends, AM’s OPS and T1s. Youre the middle ground, point of contact. Its not a job id recommend long term unless operations is a career path you with to pursue as its great for moving up internally. If you have 0 intentions on becoming an AM. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME
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2023.06.03 14:06 Character_Court_8775 Roommate moved out, BF moved in. Lease implications?

Hey all - my roommate moved out in May and my boyfriend moved in. All on good terms, no issues. 2 months remaining of our 1 year lease, we intend to stay here when it turns month to month.
My landlord is really nice. He is super quick to attend to issues, proactive about things, etc. I didn't tell him about the switch in tenants because I was worried it would trigger a new lease or some sort of issue.
He is aware my roommate is NEVER here (even before she moved out she was neverrrrrr home.) and my boyfriend is quite regularly here. He's been here almost every time my landlord has come by for things.
My landlord is coming on sunday to install ACs in the bedrooms. It will be obvious my roommate is gone and bf is living here.
Have never missed a rent payment and are excellent tenants.
I don't expect he would cause an issue with the change, but I want to be prepared knowing my rights/legal ramifications. If I should have told him last month I will apologize.
ETA: if it matters, our rent is all inclusive. It's a duplex and not metered separately.
Thanks in advance for your insight!!
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2023.06.03 14:06 babette5211 Why tf do I get this gross "rip renters off" ad???

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2023.06.03 14:05 Chad_Wife Help understanding how much I can earn / save on PIP & UC - LCWRA

Hi all. I am just shy of 25 (lowered UC rate for under 25s) in receipt of UC - LCWRA (609 total per month) and PIP - standard daily living (252 per month). I receive Housing Benefit as I am in supported accommodation- this will be moved to UC housing element when I turn 25 and move out. Due to PIP I qualify for the 1-bedroom rate.
UC and PIP are subject to change as benefits increase this/next month. I also recently began working and am waiting for this to impact my UC. I work 15 hours per week at £655 per month.
I would really like to begin saving. I have never had housing stability and my only dream in the world is to have a home (flat, studio, whatever) that I won’t lose if/when my health progresses and I cannot work at all.
I understand that there are savings limits for UC - if I have savings over £16,000 I will not qualify, and if I have savings over £6,000 my payments will be reduced.
However I’m struggling to understand this.
If I stop receiving UC I will not be able to afford my housing costs - however I need to save at least £12,000 in order to try and get a mortgage (on a very small home somewhere remote).
If I have £6,000 in savings (triggering my UC to be reduced) and I am working part time (also triggering my UC to be reduced) will I still receive UC?
Thank you for any advice. I am not trying to bend the system at all - I believe I would “cost less” in benefits if I were able to save up for a deposit on a home, rather than if I continued to rent and avoid saving for the rest of my life. It seems like a more logical use of everyone’s money.
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2023.06.03 14:05 Isabellemnl What’s the best CCTV to be installed at home?

For those who live in a condo / apartment with kids, what CCTV camera have you installed that is both efficient and cost effective?
I have been researching on this but still unable to make an informed decision. Thanks in advance for the suggestion!
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2023.06.03 14:04 UnusualTruck1569 How can I forget her?

Hi! I’d been thinking this for a handful of months and I really can’t get over her. We’d been together for almost 8 years, on and off since 2015, btw she is my first girlfriend. I am an ofw, a seafarer, so since our relationship begun we just have a 3-5months na magkasama pag nasa Pinas ako. In October 2019 when I am abroad she fell out love sakin she became cold and nagbago na, she wanted to break up with me but di ako pumayag tinakot ko sya na magpapakamatay ako so our relationship continues hangang sa sumuko na ko and binitawan ko na sya December in that same year. I really thought distance was the culprit why she fall out love rather she fell in love na pala sa iba, they have a secret relationship that last for months, their romance didn’t work out because the man whom she fell in love was her boss and married also having a child pero hiwalay sa wife nya. I knew it all along but I still communicate with her pa rin kahit nasa barko ako, I knew it because I hacked her account. That feeling was my lowest moment of my life, I cried multiple times pero kinaya ko at kinakausap ko pa rin sya that time, she didn’t knew that time na alam ko na.
Then pandemic begun, My ex resigned from her work. Umuwi na rin ako finishing my contract, nagkabalikan kami despite sa mga nangyari samin. Fast forward late of 2022 naghiwalay ulit kami habang nasa abroad ako for the reason of my trust issues. Away-bati and toxic na. And again this April of 2023 pagkauwi ko from abroad, nagkita kami to talk personally. All along my mindset was for the closure, to move forward and face the reality na wala na kami. But things changed when I saw her after 10 months abroad, until now di ko alam kung anong patutunguhan ng situation namin. I know deep inside me na I still love her, we still meet quite sometimes and nag uusap pero walang “kami” sa ngaun, we are complicated right now. I want her again but she was hesitant and di nya alam ung nararamdaman nya. I want to forget her, I try all the things you imagined para makalimot or maka move on but at the end the day I still want her back. Naguguluhan ako sa nararamdaman ko. I’m 28 and feeling ko nasasayang ung oras ko sa mga ganitong bagay na dapat magfocus sa career and to be successful in life which is my main goal.
How can I forget her?
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2023.06.03 14:04 UltimateNekoX 44 [M4F] #Montreal, Canada - Older man looking for younger girlfriend for serious relationship.

Let’s get this wall of text started!
First of all, I am looking for a serious relationship with one little girl or two as I was offered that in the past and curious but I have no issue with only one. It surely can start online but it has to become irl at a point in the near future (let’s say 2 years max).
I’m in no hurry to find the right someone.
Location is open to anywhere as long as the previous condition is met. Of course finding other Canadians would make things much easier. But I’ve met some really nice people from elsewhere in the years online so I’m keeping it open.
Now about me. I would describe myself primarily as loving and caring. I will take care of you, I will spoil you (trust needs to be established first and that can take some time. I’m more than happy to discuss it). Dominant and can be quite stern when needed. I have quite the dark and sarcastic sense of humour. I am also non politically correct. I used to walk on eggshell talking with girls on here but not anymore. I shall speak my mind freely for better or worst.
I am in no hurry to find my next good little girl. Hobby wise, I play video games and I currently play on Xbox and PC. Would love to find someone to play with (especially irl). It’s okay if you don’t play games, as long as I can play and you could play with another joystick while I do. I am also a mini cat shelter in my apartment. I love my feline children and they are non negotiable. I love Music, I dabble in GarageBand once in a while. I write stories when inspiration strike.
We can discuss kinks and all the sexual stuff in private.
Now enough about me, let’s see what I’m looking for shall we? I want someone sweet, loving, honest, submissive (I’m flexible on the level of submission up to TPE). I enjoy a fairly large age gap normally. So be of legal age and up. This relationship will be sexual so please don’t be looking for Platonic only ( I can do platonic friends tho). There is one rule that is hard enforced: communicate everyday unless otherwise warned in advance.
I thing that covers pretty much all of it. Send a chat/DM with basic info like your name, age, location and what you’re looking for if you wanna chat.
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2023.06.03 14:04 AwesomeAryan007 Download problem

Download problem
Just shifted to a new apartment with a new wifi Also got the series x and the problem is I can’t download stuff like it just shows like 90 mbps for some time and goes downhill and stops downloading for no reason Tried everything possible but can’t find a solution Ik it’s not a problem in the Xbox It’s a problem with the router so plz tell me what to do.
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2023.06.03 14:04 Noiice_Smoort99 What to do? Ang hirap naman magdecide kapag pagraduate na ng junior high :(

What should I do? Upcoming grade 10 student here.
In just a few months grade 10 na ako and for so long, I've been in and STE Class. Ngayon, I'm really thinking of transferring sa model sections because things got messy and ang hirap magbuild ng bonds and makipagsocialize sa kahit sino sa section ko. Should I go for it? Naiisip ko kasi na I'd be left out next yr since wala na kaming madadagdag na classmate.
I've been thru hell with the section to the point na since march pa lang pinagiisipan ko na yung transfer. I know na yung advantage yung nasa STE ako especially magsstem ako after junior high. Though I really want to start fresh kasi after ng mga ganaps, I've reflected on things and changed myself for the better. Though rocky pa rin minsan, I try to be as good as I cam be.
Just been really overthinking if I should go for the transfer especially may friends din naman ako outside section ko and they're great out there. Wala, nakakasakal na rin kasi yung katoxican ng classmates ko to the point na I don't even see myself being happy there and growing individually. Lagi na lang nagpapataasan (understandable) and it always gets personal. Nakakadrain sya tbh. Need ur advice guys pls sana matulungan nyo ako, really scared of making the wrong decision rn :/
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2023.06.03 14:03 Kal-ElofKrypton Been out of it for a while. Taking a big trip next week.

I grew up on dirt bikes. Had a BMW R1200 for a while. I've ridden countless other bikes, and even took my dad's Goldwing Trike from VA to FL 9 years ago for him when they moved. He's since sold the trike.
Dads now 82, and his age is catching up. When he had a bike, I didn't. When I did, he was in another state.
Our family is driving down to Florida next week, and dad and I are taking a trip from Lakeland to Key West and back. It'll be our first and probably only big ride together.
I'm renting a HD Road Glide Special and Dad is renting a Can-Am Spyder. He can handle that better with his physical limitations. We're both renting from Riders Share.
I was able to take a test ride this week at my local HD shop on a Road Glide, and also tried out a Road King. It was my first time on a HD. Lots of power, great ride, and I didn't expect that I'd enjoy the noise and vibration, but I did.
I can't tell you how excited I am about this trip. It's only 2 days down and back, but memories will be made.
Any tips or pointers for the bike or the ride?
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2023.06.03 14:02 Brief_Chance_8674 AITA For kicking my brother out of a business plan we were doing together?

So I had this idea a while back for a business and my brother came to me one day with a similar idea so we decided we would pursue this business together.
We draw out a plan of the things we need to do to get each part off the ground and decide we are going to aim for speed to get the product out there. My role is to build out the application, since I am a developer myself and have worked with the technologies used then this makes the most sense. My brother works as a dev but is very junior and doesn’t have experience in the technologies for the app. He comes to me one morning after I mention my progress and says he is going to look into something for the pricing as he has some experience in that area. I say that I will look into it myself and then he kicks off about it saying that it’s a part that he wants to do and I’ve already got the app side. But all I am wanting to do is to have a look myself?
This then proceeds to be an argument and he says that I am trying to be controlling of the way this all goes. But it seems that he is just being egotistical because he can’t stand me having a look myself.. I then tell him that I don’t want to work with him and that I am going to do it myself, because I can do it without him and he just kicks off and gets annoyed and argues all the time.
He then says that I am emotionally manipulative and toxic.. saying I always escalate it to unnecessary levels. Saying that’s not what a friend or brother will do, bring up the fact that I said I was going to move out (we live together) because of an argument we had a couple of months ago. I pay more on the rent for a slightly bigger room and office, but he wouldn’t be able to afford a place like this, or even to live away from our parents if he didn’t live with me..
This all ended in a big falling out and me saying some things about how he can’t hold onto a relationship (recent breakup) and him saying that I will be lonely and without friends if I don’t switch up my attitude. Slamming doors and not speaking to one another.
Am I the asshole? I think he is too emotional and has an ego that he won’t let go when i try and do things. But I could be wrong.
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2023.06.03 14:01 honey-smile Buying first multifamily home - dumb idea?

My partner and I just put an offer in on a multifamily home in a M/HCOL area and it looks like it’s going to be accepted. Some numbers:
It also comes with an adjacent lot that we would build another multifamily home on in the next 3-5 years. We would likely be making ~$4K/month on that building once it’s up, but not entirely sure of costs and everything.
I don’t expect this to be incredibly passive - I know we’ll be doing a ton of work, especially in the first few years as the previous owners haven’t been doing much upkeep. And that the majority of the “profits” will go back into repairs on the building for those first few years as well. After we get it up to snuff, I’m anticipating that ongoing maintenance costs will be ~$4-5K/year, so we’ll be making ~$11K max/year in profit. I can do most of the maintenance myself (grew up with architects and contractors as parents), but I’m sure there will be things we need to bring I a specialist for.
The units all currently have long-term tenants, but even if we plan for a 75% occupancy rate per year, we’d still come out ahead. The area is going through a ton of growth and gentrification right now as well, so we definitely have some room to grow with the rents (especially once we make some much needed updates).
I tried to include the relevant information, but feel free to ask me about anything I didn’t include.
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2023.06.03 14:01 Intelligent_Nobody14 Moving to WPB

I'm planning on moving to west palm beach for a job. I live in south florida, but I'm not familiar with WPB at all. Eventually, I'll take a trip there to check some places out, but rn I'm looking online to get an idea. I'd like to find a decent 2bedroom apartment (budget: $1,900-2,200) in a relatively safe area. What are some streets/areas that I should avoid? There's a place on Belvedere rd off the turnpike that I was looking at, but I don't know if that is a good area or not. TIA for any advice! :)
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2023.06.03 14:01 thegoodfriend1994 Is there such a thing as a "private due process"

Hi, I'm not from Europe, but I'm doing some research and I'd like to know whether there, in Europe, a principle or right that could enshrine a "private due process". I mean, a principle or right that requires not only public entities to respect the notion of due process (e.g. reasoning decisions) but also private entities or individuals.
In other words, is there any possible approach —apart from anti-discrimination laws— that allows one to assert that private entities or persons (for instance, an insurance company) should "reason" their decision affecting other individuals? There are probably specific sectoral laws requiring that (e.g. insurance laws). I'm not really interested in that. I need to know whether there is a law principle or fundamental right that could be interpreted in such a way ("due process", "equality of arms", etc.).
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